Days Short Recap Wednesday, April 12, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric went to see Sloane and found Jada in her apartment. She let him know that she had a warrant to check her apartment. She let him know that she didn’t find anything, but a drawer with his clothes in it. He got defensive, but she let him know that she wanted him to be happy no matter who he dates. He wanted that for her too. He wanted to know if she was dating anyone. She said she was focused on her work. She wanted him to remind Sloan to go to the station and turn in her phone. Chanel told Paulina about Lady Whistleblower’s article about Sloan being a psycho. Chanel knew it would hurt Sloan because she only cared about her law practice and destroying them. Paulina showed her the text that said her husband couldn’t save her. She said she had another panic attack dealing with Sloan and that she walked away before she found out if she was okay. Chanel was upset hearing that. Paulina was sure that Sloan would get what she deserved. Leo opened his door to Sloan. She was upset by his article about her. She demanded that he retract it, but he refused to do it. He was willing to print her side of the story. Sloan said she was innocent so he didn’t have a story. He wanted some gossip from her, but she threatened to sue him if he didn’t print a retraction.

Gwen was upset at the idea of Xander and Chloe being together. They told her that nothing was going on between them. Gwen showed them a picture Leo took of them together. They continued to deny being a couple. Xander wondered why she cared if they were together. Gwen doesn’t appreciate being lied to by anyone. Xander got fed up with her and admitted that he was with Chloe. He kissed Chloe. Gwen got upset and stormed out of the room. Chloe was upset and slapped him. Sloan and Chanel ran into each other at the town square. They stared arguing and Chanel slapped her. Sloan lunged after her and they started fighting. Talia approached them and had to break them up. Sloan was going to file a restraining order against her. Jada went to the station and filled Rafe in on what happened at Sloan’s apartment. She was glad that she ran into Eric because it made her realize that she was over him. Rafe let her know that her sister showed up there and grilled him about what’s happening between them. She was embarrassed because she knew he didn’t have feelings for her. Rafe admitted that he did have feelings for her. He said he would ask her out if he weren’t her boss. Jada admitted that she would go out with him. They agreed that nothing could happen between them. Gwen went to Leo and demanded to know what happened between Xander and Chloe. Leo believed that Xander was using Chloe to make Gwen jealous. Gwen thought Xander could have feelings for Chloe. Chloe yelled at Xander for assaulting for Gwen’s benefit. She was upset because she thought Leo would print an article about it in his column. Xander apologized to her for doing that. He wanted to be friends with her. He asked for another chance. She liked hanging with him, but he had to keep his hands to himself. Sloan went home and found Eric cleaning up after Jada left. He told her that she had to go to the station to turn in her phone. She said she didn’t have anything to hide. She held out her phone so Eric could see for himself. He said he didn’t need to see it because he believed her. She left to take a shower. Eric picked up her phone. Someone wearing latex gloves snuck into Sweet Bits kitchen. The person dumped liquid from a vial into raw dough that was in a bowl.

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