GH Short Recap Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Britt’s friends and family gather for her memorial service inside the hospital chapel. Terri shows everyone that Britt’s picture will be put on the hospital’s memorial wall where hospital staff who have died are remembered.

Spencer tells Trina that he has decided not to show Nikolas’ confession video to the police yet.

Heather tries to persuade Esme not to sign away her parental rights to Nikolas because he is lying to her when he says it will only be temporary. Elizabeth is livid with Nikolas because he tried to use her mother to suppress Esme’s memory. Elizabeth tells Nikolas she is done with him.

Laura manages to persuade Nikolas to become the good man she knows is inside him. Nikolas tells Laura he is going to concentrate on being a good father to his soon-to-be born child and mend his relationship with Spencer.

Elizabeth tells Finn she was never pregnant with Nikolas’ child.

Laura and Nikolas arrive at the chapel after the memorial service has ended and Spencer asks Trina to let him talk to his family alone. Spencer tells Nikolas he has disappointed him one more time by sinking to a new low.

Heather tells Ryan that Nikolas wants to take their grandchild away from Esme. Heather also tells Ryan that Dante and Sam are going to London to look for Esme’s nanny Maggie. Ryan gets a scared expression on his face that makes Heather ask him if Maggie knows that he is Esme’s father. Ryan blinks his eyes yes and Heather tells Ryan that they must break out of Spring Ridge and take Esme with them.

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