Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, April 4, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Devon and Abby declare their love for each other, but Abby tells Devon she needs time to think about moving in with him.

Victoria talks to Tucker intending to offer him anything he wants to buy his company but, after talking to Tucker she decides not to buy McCall Unlimited.

Nick and Daniel both think Jeremy had something to do with Phyllis’s death. Daniel punches Jeremy and tells him that he will make him pay if he is responsible for Phyllis’s, death.

Chance interviews the paramedic who was the only survivor of the crash. The paramedic tells Chance that he drew Phyllis’s blood and it could have survived the fire because it was in a metal cooler. Chance sends a police woman to the hospital to ask them to run a fox screen on Phyllis’s blood to see if Phyllis had a drug in her system that could have led to her death.

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