Days Short Recap Thursday, January 12, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas hid his bottle of alcohol from Rex. Lucas and Rex hugged each other. The guard told Lucas he was on thin ice after what happened with Orpheus. Lucas told Rolf what happened with Orpheus. He told Rex that Orpheus gave him the alcohol. Lucas said he would try to stay strong. Rex told him to do it for their mother. He told Lucas to give him the bottle. Lucas gave it to him. He thanked Rex for saving his life. Rex told him that he got in touch with Austin and Cassie. He said Austin was going to get in touch with Billie. Lucas said there was one more person to tell. He said they had to tell Phillip. Rex said Phillip was presumed dead. Lucas said Kate put Phillip in a mental institution. Rex warned the guard no to let Lucas drink or he would have him fired. Chad went to see Stephanie. He told her he knew what it was like to lose someone you love. He asked what he could do to help. She said she appreciated it, but her father was taking care of everything. Chad gave her a card from Thomas and Charlotte. The card said the kids were missing their mother. They hugged each other. She apologized to him. He said he wanted to be there for her.

Chad told Stephanie how much he and Abby loved Kayla. Stephanie said the hardest part was not getting to say goodbye to her. She said she couldn’t believe she missed his calls and messages. She said she didn’t remember turning off the phone. She said she rarely does it. She said she wished she could go back in time so she could get the messages so she could tell her mother how great she was. She broke down in his arms. He told her to call him whenever she needed to. Alex and Sonny talked about Kayla. Sonny told him Will was on his home. Sonny said he hoped Will got home in time to say goodbye to Marlena. He asked if Stephanie got a chance to say goodbye to Kayla. Alex told him she didn’t because he turned her phone off. He told Sonny that Chad was in the way. He said he thought it was another harmless call. He said he couldn’t fix it. Sonny told him to tell the truth. Alex said he couldn’t do that because she would hate him. He said it wouldn’t change anything. Sonny said it would change how they went forward. He asked if Alex could live with lying to her. He asked what would happen if she figured it out. Alex went to see Stephanie. She asked him if he turned off her phone.

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