GH Short Recap, Monday, October 2, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Kevin and Laura prepared to leave Switzerland (?) to head to London. Kevin wonders if Laura should keep chasing Nikolas when it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t want to get caught, but she insists on searching for her son, anyway.

Martin visits Valentin, who tells him that Charlotte vandalized Anna’s room, and he thinks she tried to burn down her house, too. He wants Martin, who is shocked to hear all this, to prepare in case Charlotte gets arrested. Valentin then phones Laura to ask her to stop back home before she heads to London because her granddaughter needs her.

Anna phones Sonny to thank him for giving her bodyguards. Later, Anna and Jordan catch up at the Metro Court. Anna then walks into Valentin’s new house, asking if this is where he’s been hiding.

Dr. Montague tells Nurse Janice that he’ll be leaving soon and can’t treat Sasha any more. Later, he phones her and asks her to search for a file he left behind (so she can get by her desk without her seeing him).

Sasha tries to get used to being in her Ferncliff room again. A nurse tells her that she can’t have visitors and wants her to take her medication, but Sasha refuses. Sasha has a nightmare about Dr. Montague. Later, he comes in her room and tries to inject her, but she tries to get away. He grabs her and she screams for help. He’s about to inject her when someone walks in.

Gladys is about to skip town when Sam arrives. Sam accuses her of everything that she’s done to hurt Sasha. Sonny arrives and listens to all of Gladys’ lies while Sam gets annoyed.

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