Days Short Recap Friday, December 1, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Holly called Eric to see if he would do the DNA test. He agreed to do it, but he wanted to talk to Sloan first. Sloan walked in the room and wanted to know what he wanted to say. Eric got off the phone with Holly so he could talk to Sloan. He told her about his conversation with Holly. Eric was about to tell her about the DNA test when Dimitri texted her. Dimitri wasn’t happy that the charges weren’t dropped the way he wanted. She told Eric that she had to leave. She told him that whatever he wanted to do to convince Nicole the baby was theirs was fine with her. EJ told Nicole he would throw the book at Leo for his role in their baby’s death. She lied to him and said she didn’t think Eric and Nicole’s baby was theirs. She told Holly that she still believed Eric and Sloan’s baby was hers. Holly told her about the idea she had to get a DNA test done. Nicole was happy that Eric agreed to do it. She got her toothbrush for the test. Holly wanted to go with her when she received a text from Tate. Nicole said she could handle it alone.

Dimitri was upset with Sloan because Leo was still in jail. She told him that EJ wouldn’t drop the charges so she filed a motion so the judge could do it. Sloan got a message from the judge telling her the motion was denied. She apologized to Dimitri. Her apology wasn’t good enough for him so he called Nicole. He wanted to talk to her about her baby, but Sloan took his phone from him. She hung up the phone. Nicole tried to call him back, but Sloan declined the call. Sloan told Dimitri that she would get Leo out of jail. She suggested he turn himself in and he would be the only one getting charged. EJ arrived at the station and Leo offered his condolences. He told EJ that the baby was healthy when Dimitri took him to the hospital. EJ didn’t want to hear what he had to say and gladly told him the judge turned down the motion to drop the charges. He told Leo he could make the deal for him if he told him where to find Dimitri. Leo refused to turn on Dimitri. Sloan arrived and told EJ that Dimitri agreed to turn himself in so the charges would get dropped against Leo. Dimitri looked at a picture of Leo. He couldn’t believe he loved someone so much that he would sacrifice his freedom. There was a knock on the door. He didn’t know who it was. Eric brought the baby to the hospital to see Kayla. He asked her to run a DNA test on him. Eric told her what happened with Nicole. She agreed to do the test when Nicole arrived with her toothbrush. Nicole looked at the baby and smiled. Eric and Kayla were concerned. Kayla told them the test would be done in an hour.

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