GH Short Recap Friday, March 31, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Maxie gets even more stressed out when a reporter tells her during an interview that one of the magic wands in the Magic Milo act dropped out of the show. Lucy is watching the news and since Maxie isn’t answering her calls she sneaks out of the safe house again to go save the Nurses Ball.

Spencer meets with his Uncle Victor who tells him that they need to get enough evidence against Esme so that DA Scorpio will reopen the case against her. Victor doesn’t tell Spencer that he plans to kill Esme to ensure that she doesn’t raise baby Ace.

Sonny tells Anna and Valentin to wait until he can find another safe house for them and not to leave town because Victor could find them sooner and he could kill them. Sonny assures Anna that Victor will pay for killing Luke and he will not have any influence over Spencer.

Ava tells Esme that she will be watching her and if her memory does return she will pay for everything she has done to her. Carly and Nina call a truce for Willow’s sake since Willow needs to be free of stress since her bone marrow transplant is tomorrow. Carly can tell that Nina is having a hard time dealing with the reality of Sonny’s business and she tells her that if she can’t handle Sonny’s business it means the end of their relationship.

Lucy suggests to Maxie that Mac replace the magic wand dancer that dropped out of the show. Maxie refuses to let her step-father be one of the magic wands and rushes Lucy out of the Metro Court before anyone can recognize her but Maxie is unaware that one of Victor’s men has followed Felicia to the Metro Court and has recognized Lucy. The man tells Victor that he saw Lucy at the Metro Court and she left in a fancy car from a car service.

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