Days Short Recap Monday, April 3, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Andrew was confident he could get Harris released from custody. Harris wasn’t sure it was a good idea. He thought he might still be under Megan’s influence. He said he was a killer too. He felt he should have to answer to that. Andrew reminded him that he was Megan’s victim and he had a lot to live for and that included Hope. He didn’t think he could live up to her ex-husband. Andrew knew Hope would always have a place for Bo in her heart, but he’s dead. He wanted to know who Harris was competing with as far as Hope is concerned. Hope demanded that Megan tell her and Steve where Kayla was taken. She said it was a name they were familiar with and she said it was Thomas Banks. She told them that she didn’t give the order to take Kayla. She said “Thomas” went rogue. She didn’t understand it because she gave him a good life there. She cried and said she sacrificed everything for him and he didn’t care about who he hurt. Hope wanted to know why it hurt her so much. She said she expected loyalty. She said she held up her end of the bargain. Steve told her that she better be telling them the truth. He was going to hold her responsible if something happened to Kayla.

Stephanie cried when she heard her mother’s voice. Stephanie told her that John and Steve went out to the island and found out that she was kidnapped by a henchman. Kayla told her that it wasn’t a henchman who kidnapped her. She told her it was her uncle Bo. Their connection started breaking up. Kayla told her that she was in Greece, but the phone was acting up. She managed to say they were at Victor’s childhood home. Bo grabbed the phone from Kayla. He was disappointed in her. She wanted to know why he was doing that. He had to let go of the past if he wanted to start a new life. Stephanie told Chad that her mother was in Greece. She couldn’t hear everything else she said. She tried to call her back, but the call didn’t go through. She was worried because she thought someone was hurting her mother. She called Steve. Hope assured Steve they were going to find Kayla. She wanted to check on Harris. Steve answered Stephanie’s call. She told him that Kayla was in Greece. Hope was in Harris’ room while Andrew uncuffed him. Andrew told her that his evaluations proved that Harris wasn’t under Megan’s control anymore. He said Harris’ path was his own.

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