GH Short Recap Thursday, March 30, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Cameron says goodbye to his family after they surprise him with a special breakfast. Cameron considers not leaving because his family needs him but Elizabeth tells him it is time for him to pursue his dream. Cameron promises Jake and Aiden that he will come back home as often as possible. Cameron also tells his brothers that if they need him all they have to do is call him.

Josslyn tells Trina that she is dating someone, but she can’t tell her who the person is right now, but Trina figures out that the person is Dex.

Selina Wu gives Sonny a box of things that belonged to the man who tried to shoot him. Selina tells Sonny she was unable to find out the name of the man who shot at him but hopefully his things will give him a clue to the identity of the man.

Dex finds Deputy Mayor Ashby’s body in the harbor and Sonny calls the police. Jordan and Laura, arrive and Laura asks Sonny to go tell Valentin that Deputy Mayor Ashby is dead.

Drew is also at the safe house talking to Anna and Valentin. When Sonny arrives, everyone figures out Victor killed Deputy Mayor Ashby after she told him their plan to put him in jail.

Spencer and Esme take Ace to the doctor and Austin tells Esme and Spencer that the baby has colic and with medication to get rid of his gas he will be fine.

Spencer meets with his Uncle Victor because something needs to be done about Esme.

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