Days Short Recap Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe brought Sloan to the police station for questioning. Nicole was happy to see her being interrogated. Trask arrived and demanded to know what was going on there. Sloan let her know that Rafe and Jada were accusing her of a crime she didn’t commit. Trask went with Rafe to the squad room and he told her what happened to Paulina’s office. Trask told him that Sloan is a pain so he better have an iron clad case against her. She can’t look as if she’s attacking her because she’s an enemy. EJ gave Li him a card for a room at the Salem Inn. He said that he would find Stefan there. Stefan stopped kissing Gabi. He felt like EJ and Nicole set them up. Gabi couldn’t believe she didn’t see through Nicole’s actions. She thought they could still enjoy the room. She wondered what would happen next. Stefan had an idea. After Trask left, Rafe interrogated Sloan about Paulina’s office. she said she was home alone and there was no evidence against her. Rafe and Jada let her go, but they warned her to stay away from Paulina. She warned them about harassing her and walked out.

Eric left a message for Justin when he noticed Nicole. Nicole thought it was funny how he called a lawyer for his criminal girlfriend. Eric reminded her that her criminal record was as long as EJ’s. Nicole talked about how his morals changed. He reminded her about the things he’s lost. EJ walked in the room. EJ and Eric talked a little before Eric left. Nicole and EJ celebrated the idea of Li finding Stefan and Gabi together. Li went to the hotel room and saw Stefan with a dark-haired woman. Her back was to him, but he told him to get away from his wife. Stefan got up to get dressed. Li demanded that Gabi looked at him. Melinda Trask rolled over and asked Li if he was happy now. Melinda put on her robe. Li wanted to know what was going on there. Stefan and Melinda told him that he was the one breaking into hotel rooms. Stefan said he was moving on since he couldn’t have Gabi. Li walked out of the room. Stefan appreciated Melinda’s help. Li went home and was surprised to see Gabi there. He asked her about her dinner with Nicole. She said that Nicole set her up to get caught with Stefan, but she wasn’t going to mess up her chance to run DiMera.

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