Y&R Short Recap Monday, January 30, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Nikki warns Victor that his plans for Adam may lead to disaster, but he thinks he knows better. Victor guesses that Jack and Diane broke into their place in Chicago to set up Stark. Nikki thinks there’s no point in telling the police the truth now, and they both agree that Stark belongs in jail. She blames Phyllis for bringing him to town. Victor is angry at Jack, but Nikki is still blaming Diane for everything.

Kyle looks over Adam’s projects. Summer returns from lunch and wonders what he’s been looking at. Daniel drops by to ask for Summer’s help with something. Daniel and Summer take a walk. He vents about Phyllis. She feels that Kyle is hiding something from her. She fills him in on everything that’s going on with Kyle and Victor, and he tells her what’s been going on with him and Phyllis. They’re worried about how Phyllis has been acting because of her obsession with Diane.

Kyle visits Victor to tell him that he found something that he can use to oust Adam from Jabot. Company reports show that Adam’s work has been mediocre. Victor thanks him and plots how to take Adam down with the info.

Victoria wants to know the secret that Nick is keeping that’s bothering him, but he won’t tell her the truth. He claims that he just doesn’t like the way Victor is trying to interfere with his relationship with Sally. Victoria thinks that Nick is too good for Sally. He lets her know that it’s his choice, so she agrees. Nick takes a phone call from Sally about her presentation with Jill. Nick is annoyed to hear that Jill canceled on Chloe and Sally. He is suspicious that something else influenced Jill.

Nick goes to Victor and yells at him for interfering in Sally’s potential business deal with Jill.

Lauren tells Michael how excited she still is about getting the award, and about Fen flying in for it. They both love Fen’s boyfriend, Trey. Phyllis comes over to say hi, so they invite her to join them. Phyllis tells them that Daniel is angry with her and fills them in on what happened. They can see right away that she overstepped. They think that her hostility toward Diane might be the problem and try to make her see that. Phyllis confides tearfully that Daniel hasn’t been doing too well with his business or family, so this is why the game is so important to them both. Phyllis realizes that she can solve Daniel’s problems by convincing Heather to get back with him, but Lauren and Michael think it’s a bad idea and will upset Daniel more. Lauren advises Phyllis that if she phones Heather, to only try once. However, Phyllis intends to travel to Portugal to chat with Heather.

Nate wants to know how Audra learned that Tucker is after Daniel’s gaming platform. She confides that she visited Tucker. He wonders whose side she’s on, so she assures him that she’s on his side. She fills him in on what Tucker’s plans were for Jabot and Chancellor-Winters, and how he’s interested in Daniel’s game. Nate likes the idea of Audra spying on Tucker for the company. Nate is enjoying playing the corporate games, now that he’s in power. Later, he tells Victoria about his plans for Daniel’s game, the history with Chancellor-Winters and his meeting with Phyllis. Victoria thinks it’s a great idea to get the game if Daniel’s deal with Chancellor-Winters falls through, but he informs her that Tucker is also after the game. He’s got a strategy for him, but Victoria has her own plan for Tucker.

Mariah and Tess show Elena the latest ultrasound from the baby they’re adopting. Elena informs them that she doesn’t trust Audra. Mariah tells her that Audra didn’t treat Noah very well, either. Elena worries that Audra is playing on Nate’s ambition. Mariah advises her to sit down and talk to Nate about her concerns, but Elena is afraid to do that.

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