Days Short Recap Friday, April 14, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole’s vision was blurry as she saw Eric in his priest’s collar. She asked him if he went back to the church without telling her. He asked her why he would do that. She told him he shouldn’t be dressed like a priest. He saw himself dressed up like a priest and was shocked. They went to his room so they could change. He took his clothes off. He thought about her in a bikini. She saw herself in the bikini. He brought up how she used to model for Bella. He pretended to take her picture. They started making out. She stopped them by asking about Sloan. He said she broke up with him. He asked her about EJ. She said he was boring because all he wanted to do was scheme. She said being with Eric was more fun. They kissed and made out with each other. Rafe ate the biscuits from Sweet Bits. Jada came in his office. She said she wanted to make sure things weren’t awkward between them. His vision was blurry. He saw her in a revealing outfit. He said the department rules were ridiculous. She asked if he was okay. He said they shouldn’t let the man dictate their lives. He thought about Jada being seductive with him. He told her how great she looked. When she tried to back away, he kissed her. She pushed him away. Sloan came in the office. She said she was there to turn her phone in. She said they wouldn’t find any evidence on it. While he was talking, he passed out. Wendy wanted to know what was going on between Johnny and Chanel. Johnny reminded Wendy that she was seeing Tripp. He said they could go out after the wedding. She said she thought they had something special. She said she didn’t know he would do something so stupid. She said they were done. He asked Chanel where she wanted to go on their honeymoon. Gabi’s vision was blurred and that Li was Stefan. Li told her they were done. She said they were just getting started. He said he didn’t appreciate being mocked and made tom look foolish. He said he wanted to end their marriage with dignity. She was afraid he forgot their love. She wanted “Stefan” to remember. Li didn’t know why she was calling him Stefan. He went with her to the bedroom. He kissed her but he backed away from her. He said he couldn’t do this. She told “Stefan” they could be together. He said he wasn’t Stefan. She started to see things clearly. He asked if she took something. She said she didn’t take drugs. He said someone drugged her. She threw up on him.

Stefan’s vision was blurry and thought Melinda was Gabi. He told her she was beautiful. She said it wasn’t nice to tease her. He said he adored her. They kissed each other. While they were in bed, he realized she wasn’t Gabi. Melinda yelled at him for humiliating her. Her vision was blurry. She saw him laughing at her. She said she was going to kill him. She threw up and passed out. Eric and Nicole realized what they did. Sloan showed up. She said she wanted to apologize for overreacting. He said he would call her later. She walked in and saw Nicole in the bed. At the hospital, Jada hoped Rafe was okay. Stefan found her at the hospital. He told her he thought EJ drugged him and Melinda. He said Melinda was in surgery. Jada said EJ may not have been responsible. Li and Gabi showed up at the hospital. She was happy to see Stefan. Eric told Sloan he didn’t know what happened. Eric and Nicole said they had sex. While they were telling her what happened, Sloan asked if they were drugged. Talia gave Chanel a glass of water. Jada showed up. She asked if someone could have spiked the biscuits. Chanel thought Sloan did it. She asked who else could do something. Talia flashed back to drugging the biscuits. Jada said she didn’t think Sloan did it. She said she would bring the person to justice.

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