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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe and Jada arrested Kristen. Kristen said she was innocent. He said they had her confession on tape. Brady said she was getting what he had coming. Jada took her out of the apartment. Rachel came out and wondered where her mother was. Brady told her Kristen might be going back to prison. He tried to make her feel better, but she told him she didn’t want him. She said she wanted her mother. Jada and Rafe played the confessional tape of Kristen confessing to Johnny. She said it was someone who sounded like her. Jada said Johnny was willing to testify against her. Kristen said she wanted a lawyer. Stefan talked to EJ about Kristen. Stefan got an alert that Kristen was arrested. Stefan said he didn’t understand why EJ would let her move back in the mansion. EJ said she was family. Kristen called EJ. She told him to make this go away. She told him she would sell him out if he didn’t help her. He told her he wouldn’t help her. He put her on speakerphone. She told him to take her off speakerphone. He said he was done playing her games. He told Stefan that he knew Li had Rolf brainwash him.

EJ hung up the phone on Kristen. He told Stefan everything that happened. Stefan said he thought he finally had an ally among the vipers. He said it turned out EJ was the king of vipers. EJ said he couldn’t let Gabi take the company from him. He apologized for what he did. Stefan said he was sure their father would have approved. EJ asked if they could work things out. Stefan said he would be willing to move on if he made him co-CEO of the company. EJ said he would fire Li so they could run DiMera together. Stefan said he knows they don’t trust each other, but he knew Stefano would approve of what they are doing. When EJ left, Stefan planned to get revenge of him. He said EJ wasn’t going to see it coming. Chloe went to see Brady. He was emotional over Rachel. He was upset that he didn’t do more to save Marlena. Chloe hugged him. Rachel came out and saw them hugging. Rachel told Chloe to stop hugging her father. She said she hated Chloe. He told Chloe that this might be the universe telling them they shouldn’t be together. Kristen told Rafe and Jada that she couldn’t get a lawyer. She said she didn’t want a public defender. They said they wanted to know everything Li did to Stefan. She said she wanted the murder charges dropped in exchange for the information. She said she wanted immunity. Rafe said they would talk to her after she tells them about Li. She said she wanted a lawyer first. Chanel talked to Johnny at the hospital. She asked him about Marlena. He told her it was bad. He told her he helped the police arrest Kristen. He said she was the reason why Kate and Kayla were dead. He said he was scared Marlena would be next. John told Marlena that he couldn’t take her home in her condition. She said she didn’t want to die at the hospital. He said the doctors are buying her time until the orchid was found. She told him to get her out of there. She reminded him how he has been through this with Isabella. He said Isabella had to go back to Venice. Marlena said she didn’t want Venice. She just wanted to go home. He had a plan for her. He went to Johnny and Chanel to get their help. They helped him set up the roof on the hospital so he and Marlena could be together. Johnny and Chanel talked about his grandparents’ love. He said he didn’t want to lose his grandmother. She said she would always be his friend. They hugged each other. While John and Marlena spent time together, she passed away.

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