Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, October 18, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Mamie wonders if Nate would return to Chancellor-Winters if she manages to push Jill out of Chancellor- Winters. Nate tells Maime Jill will never leave the company because Chancellor-Winters is too important to her.

Phyllis tells Tucker to leave her alone because she is using Mamie and LBB Investments to have a stake in Chancellor-Winters. Tucker agrees to leave Phyllis alone for now. Audra arrives to see Tucker just before Phyllis leaves Tucker’s room and Phyllis wonders what Audra is doing visiting Tucker so late. Once Phyllis leaves, Audra tells Tucker that she wants to team up with him and that Kyle may betray his family and help him too.

Kyle overhears Jack tell Tracy that he thinks Kyle has made some bad decisions lately and he needs a reset so he should work his way up from the bottom at Jabot. Kyle sends a text message to Audra that he is in, but Tucker tells Audra to be careful because Kyle could be setting a trap for her.

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