GH Short Recap Tuesday, May 16, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Holly and Diane have an honest talk about their feelings for Robert. Diane tells Holly she won’t compete with her for Robert, and Holly tells Diane she doesn’t want her to be hurt when Robert lets her go. Robert asks Anna to help him decide between Diane and Holly so Anna tells him the pros and cons of both women but he still can’t decide what he should do.

Mrs. Wu wants to make another deal with Holly because the last deal they made was beneficial to both of them. Robert sees Holly and Mrs. Wu talking and wonders why the two of them are talking to each other.

Sasha gives a great presentation of the Deceptor because Cody forces the Home and Heart Channel to turn off the sound effect of the crying baby they piped into Sasha’s earpiece or he will take off his clothes and streak across the set.

When Lucy finds out what home and Heart did to Sasha she threatens to sue the network. The network gives her products five more appearances in prime time. Cody threatens to make trouble for the network if they pull a stunt like that on Sasha again.

Mrs. Wu wants Gladys to pay her the money she owes her or spy on Sonny’s organization. Gladys has twenty-four hours to repay the money she owes Mrs. Wu. Gladys overhears Sasha tell Brook Lynn she doesn’t think she needs a legal guardian anymore.

Nina apologizes to Carly because she blamed her for causing the distance between her and Willow. Nina also tells Carly she is grateful to Carly for being a mother figure to Willow. Carly tells Nina she won’t stand in the way if Willow wants a relationship with her. Nina gets upset that Carly won’t advocate for her with Willow, and force Willow to have a relationship with her.

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