GH Short Recap Monday, October 23, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Lois is happy to hear that Brook Lynn might have signed an important music client, but she tells her that Tracy wants to give her controlling interest in Deception. Brook Lynn is shocked but not interested in the job.

Kevin and Mac catch up. Mac tells Kevin that the way Cody rescued Sasha reminds him of when he was younger and rescued Dominique. Scott drops by when they mention his name and insists on joining them.

Cody visits Sam to give her a gift – a softball signed by the U.S. Woman’s Softball Team – to thank her for all her help with Sasha. Sam is grateful for the gift. He tells her about Sasha leaving town and also about Max being his dad.

Tracy visits Deception and tells Lucy and Maxie that they to hire Sasha back as the Face of Deception, even though she’s leaving town.

Dante visits Sasha to let her know that he’s been through some similar circumstances and that has friends and family who love her.

Cyrus tries to express his sympathy and regrets to Portia, but she’s not having any of it and warns him to stay away from her family. Cyrus tells Scott that he still needs his services.

Dex fills Sonny in on what happened with Mason. Selina visits because Sonny summoned her. He’s not pleased with the fact that she never told him about Glady’s gambling problems. She apologizes and promises to keep an eye on Cyrus for him.

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