Days Short Recap Tuesday, July 4, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John thought about seeing Abe on the docks. He let Marlena know that he felt like he let Abe and Paulina down. He flashed back to Abe helping him when he found out he was Roman. John wished he were a better friend to Abe. Marlena assured him that he was a good friend. John wanted to know how she was doing with it. She felt like everyone would need each other to get through what happened. Whitley got nervous when she saw the paper. She noticed Abe’s picture on it. Abe saw her and wondered what she was doing with the paper. She covered up his picture and told him about a man drowning at the docks. He wanted to read the story for himself. She didn’t want him to stress out and have another seizure. He apologized to her. He didn’t realize how stressful that was for her. She let him know that she was doing everything for him and got ready to go to work. Theo read about Abe’s presumed death. Theo told Eli that he kept losing people he loved. Lani showed up and said that he didn’t lose her. She let him know that she was granted furlough for Abe’ funeral. She had to wear an ankle bracelet. Steve and Kayla were going over the evidence. Steve found it hard to believe that Abe fell off the docks and drowned. He thought it was too easy. He mentioned that no one saw Abe until the exact moment he fell. He wondered how he survived on the street if he was so weak that he fell in the water. Theo arrived at Steve and Kayla’s place. Steve apologized for not coming through for him. He knew that Steve did the best he could. He thanked him for his donation. Theo didn’t understand how Abe suddenly disappeared and drowned. He didn’t think it made any sense.

Whitley was getting ready to leave when Abe told her that he was lonely when she leaves. He wanted to know if Theo could come over more. She lied to him and told him that he went back to South Africa. Abe couldn’t believe that he left without saying goodbye to him. He wanted to know if Chanel could come over. Whitley said that she would love to visit, but she’s busy at the bakery. Lani surprised Paulina. She let Paulina know that she didn’t think Abe was really dead. Paulina didn’t think it made any sense either. She wondered how they are supposed to have a homegoing when they didn’t have a body. Paulina thought they declared him dead too fast. She wanted to look at the evidence herself. Eli thought it was against policy. Lani gave him a dirty look and he thought Rafe wouldn’t mind. John and Marlena went to Steve and Kayla’s place. They offered their condolences to Theo. Steve and John felt like they should have done more to find Abe. Marlena assured them that they did their best. She said Abe would feel the same way if he were there. John felt like it was better to blame themselves than to accept that Abe was dead. Marlena thought it wasn’t guilt that was bothering them. They know that something is wrong. John and Steve wanted to get back to work. Eli and Lani were at the station. He showed her the evidence they have concerning Abe’s  disappearance. Abe watched the soap and noticed that a character on the show looked like Theo.

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