Days Short Recap Tuesday, November 7, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ yelled at someone on the phone to have Wei Shin call him. Nicole saw him on the phone and took it from him. she wanted to consummate their marriage. He wanted that too but was upset about what Stefan and Gabi did. Nicole assured him that they will get everything back from them. She reminded him that it was their wedding night, and she could take him mind off his problems. Tripp covered Li’s body with a sheet. Wendy was upset and asked him if he heard what Li said before he died. Tripp confirmed that Li said Gabi did it. Wendy was upset that Gabi killed her brother. She wanted to make her pay for what she did. She realized she had to tell their father what happened to him. She knew her father would want revenge. Tripp assured her the cops would get justice for Li. Stefan told Harris that Gabi didn’t kill Li. Harris told him that Gabi was holding the knife and Li identified her as his attacker. Harris handcuffed her and bagged the knife. Gabi begged Stefan not to let them arrest her. He promised not to let anything happen to her. He assured her that everything would be okay, but he wasn’t sure about that. Paulina arrived at the DiMera mansion and asked EJ to be Deputy Mayor. He rejected the position because he wanted to work for the family business. She reminded him that he didn’t have a job and she wanted to look out for him. Paulina wanted to look out for him because their children are dating.

Jada filled Rafe in about Li at the station. Harris brought Gabi to the station. Rafe questioned Gabi in the interrogation room. Gabi assured him that she didn’t do it. She told him what happened when she found Li’s body. Rafe believed her. She let him know that she was being framed. Rafe wanted to know why Li texted her. She told him that she used Rolf to blackmail Li so he could give up his shares. Melinda was shocked when she found out what happened to Li. She saw Wendy and Tripp and offered her condolences. Wendy didn’t believe her. She knew Melinda tried to take him down. Melinda assured her that she liked Li. She regretted putting her professional life before her personal life. Tripp got a call that the police were finished at the apartment. Gabi defended blackmailing Rolf. They argued about it until she said she needed him. She couldn’t go back to prison after what happened the last time. Gabi begged him to help her. He told her that she would be okay. Rafe let her know that Li wanting revenge gives him a motive to set her up. He let her know that Li was obsessed with her. Rafe reminded her that she took everything but revenge. She didn’t think the jury would buy that. Later, Rafe told Jada and Harris that Gabi was innocent. He hoped someone else’s prints were on the knife. Stefan arrived at the station and assured Gabi that he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her. She wants to find out who set her up for murder. EJ arrived at the station and told Stefan and Gabi that he’s the new DA. He looked forward to making Gabi his first conviction.

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