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Esther: Hi there, what can I get you?

Claire: Um, I’m actually not sure. What would you recommend?

Esther: Well, the double mocha latte is very popular and so is the butter pecan swirl. Oh, and the caramel macchiato. And you give it some zhuzh, extra whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and you’re good to go.

Claire: Rainbow sprinkles?

Esther: Yeah, you only live once, right?

Kyle: Hey, esther. I’ll have what she’s having.

Summer: Mom?

Phyllis: Hey! Oh, hey, did you get harrison to his lunch and safe?

Summer: Yeah, we did. He actually literally nodded off over his grilled cheese. I mean, he’s so exhausted since the kidnapping. I feel like it’s going to be a while before he’s back to 100%.

Phyllis: Yeah, but at least he knows we all love him very much and we want to make him feel safe.

Summer: You were great, by the way, in the park earlier. How you showed claire that there are boundaries when it comes to harrison.

Phyllis: Oh, well, I definitely saw what you were talking about. And harrison seems to be, like, a little obsessed with her. She’s not doing anything to deter that, which bothers me.

Phyllis: And even though she knows how you feel about her, she practically invited herself to lunch.

Summer: Hey, thank you. And kyle is doing nothing to shut it down.

Phyllis: Oh, trust me, I saw that too, okay? Now, diane’s not going to be help.

Summer: Why do you say that?

Phyllis: Because I ran into her and I thought that maybe she’d want to do something to protect her grandson. But she wasn’t interested.

Summer: I just hope that claire has finally gotten the hint and will actually keep her distance.

Cole: Hey. I was hoping you were victor.

Nick: Sorry to disappoint. I thought he might be home.

Cole: Ah, well, apparently that’s the case, but no one is exactly sure where he is.

Jordan: Oh. Victor. Victor. Victor. Victor… get me out of here, okay? Please? Time to let me go.

Victor: You’re in no position to make demands.

Jordan: You said you had a plan. So, what is it? I’ll do whatever you want. What do you want? Do you want mayhem? Chaos? Blood? I’m a woman. Nobody does it better. So, just tell me what you want.

If you have wet amd,

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… the best moments deserve the best eggs.

Esther: Two drip coffees, no whipped cream, no foam, no chocolate sprinkles and no… fun.

[ Kyle and claire chuckle ]

Claire: I promise you, I will order something extra decadent next time.

Esther: Okay. I’ll hold you to that.

Claire: Thank you. So much for living large. You could have ordered something a little bit more interesting, though.

Kyle: This is exactly what I needed. You care to join me?

Claire: I don’t know.

Kyle: Well, if you’re worried about summer showing up, we could sit at two different tables and just sort of yell a conversation back and forth. Sound good?

Claire: It sounds loud.

Kyle: Yeah, one table it is then, if you have time.

Claire: I do. But do you? I mean, shouldn’t you be at the office?

Kyle: Oh, I get plenty of work done without the distraction of office drama.

Claire: Mm, what kind of office drama, if you don’t mind me asking?

Kyle: Nothing that won’t be solved sooner rather than later.

Summer: So, you don’t think I’m overreacting about claire?

Phyllis: Absolutely not. Listen, I had a refresher course in a life lesson. I’ve learned this lesson millions of times. When am I gonna finally get it? But people cannot be trusted to do the right thing. You have to watch out for yourself.

Summer: Exactly. That’s all I’m trying to do, and I’m trying to watch out for harrison, too.

Phyllis: I know you are. I’m really proud of you. Hey, I am glad that one of my kids is taking my advice.

Summer: Wait, was that a dig at daniel? Did something happen between you guys?

Phyllis: No, nothing happened. It’s just, you know, he didn’t show a lot of sympathy toward me when I told him that danny broke my heart and rode off into the rock and roll sunset. That’s all.

Summer: So, it’s about you and danny?

Phyllis: No. No, it’s about daniel. He was really off. He was kind of unhinged. I’ve seen it before. I’m just worried about him, to be honest.

Summer: Well, lily just fired him and– and basically stole omegasphere and now he’s in the middle of this huge lawsuit. Of course, he’s feeling down.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, that makes sense. He’s not the only one who’s down. I’m out of work, too.

Summer: Wait, they fired you too?

Summer: Didn’t fire me. I quit.

Summer: Mom, you quit your job for daniel?

Phyllis: Yes, of course I did. I told you, I will always have my kids’ backs.

Summer: Why did you do that? What are you going to do now?

Phyllis: I’m going to order champagne.

Nick: I’ve looked everywhere. I can’t find him. Ranch security and the staff are pretty convinced he didn’t leave the property.

Cole: Well, the same thing happened when victoria and i came by. We were told that he was here and he wasn’T. And then when he finally showed up, he said he had gone down to the stables.

Nick: You don’t believe him?

Cole: You know, nicholas, I don’t think it’s my place to say.

Nick: Cole, you’re pretty close to family at this point. If there’s something bothering you, just say it.

Cole: Do you think it’s possible that victor’s keeping a secret?

Nick: Absolutely.

Victor: You know, it’s a beautiful day today. Spring day. Fresh breeze. I love to breathe in the air.

Jordan: Stop torturing me.

Victor: I’m just discussing the weather, that’s all.

Jordan: You said you had a plan.

[ Victor chuckles ]

Victor: I said we might have a plan.

Jordan: Then, let’s get it going. Unleash me. Tell me what you want and I’ll do it. And then I’ll go to prison for all eternity. As we agreed.

Victor: We have agreed to nothing.

Jordan: So, what do you want? What do you want? You want me down on my knees? Okay. Okay, okay. I’m on my knees. I’m on my knees. Humble. Humiliated. What do you want? You want me groveling at your feet? Done.

Victor: You tried to kill me. You tried to kill my family. Now, get up. Get up!

Jordan: I’m just– I’m just trying to tell you that–

Victor: Huh?

Jordan: I’m just trying to tell you that I’m ready to do whatever you want. So, what do you want? Because I’M… I’m a woman. I can do it better than anyone. I’m the bullet in your chamber. Pull the trigger.

Victor: Good talk! I love that. The bullet in my chamber. You’re full of it. You’re a pathetic creature. Can’t do nothing but harm to people, destroy people! Let me remind you. You ain’t in control. I’m adding downy unstopables to my wash.

Cole: So, you agree. Victor’s sitting on some kind of secret.

Nick: Cole, I think my dad’s got a secret like 99% of the time. Now, I don’t have anything specific at the moment, but I’m guessing you do.

Cole: It’s more of a feeling that I get from victor. On a couple of fronts.

Nick: A feeling?

Cole: Something that victor said to victoria and me. I mean, she’s afraid that he’s planning something against jack because of what happened to nikki.

Nick: No details?

Cole: Just that he wants all of the newmans to stay away from the abbotts, jack in particular.

Nick: Well, I mean, no surprise there. Dad hates the guy, especially right now. Um, what is the other front that’s worrying you?

Cole: Nick, I just, I don’t want to upset victoria unnecessarily, you know, because of everything that she’s gone through.

Nick: Yeah, I get it, but you can certainly tell me.

Cole: That’s why I’m coming to you. It’s jordan.

Nick: Jordan’s dead, cole.

Cole: That’s the thing. I think that there’s something off about victor’s claim that she died in that chase. Something doesn’t quite fit.

Nick: Okay, well, as long as she’s gone and no longer a threat, what does it matter?

Cole: Well, until her body is found, I feel like I need to protect victoria and claire. And I even expressed my concerns to victor.

Nick: What’d dad say to that?

Cole: He was very confident that jordan was out of our lives for good. He insisted that we’re safe and there’s nothing to worry about. But, nick, he wasn’t even bothered by the fact that her body hasn’t been found.

Nick: Well, there’s your answer right there.

Cole: Then, why am I even more concerned?

Jordan: Look at you. So smug. Doesn’t the master of the universe want to show off what he’s accomplished? Nikki would love this.

Victor: Don’t you mention her name again, okay?

Jordan: Nikki would let me out. Nikki saved my life. She could have stood there and watched me die.

Victor: Nikki is compassionate.

Jordan: Nikki is weak. She couldn’t finish the job.

Victor: But i am not compassionate.

Jordan: Well, you can’t keep me in here forever.

Victor: Why not?

Jordan: Well, because people will wonder. Wonder where I am.

Victor: Why the hell should they wonder where you are? You’re dead, as far as they’re concerned.

Jordan: I am very much alive. What did you do?

Victor: When you were going to meet nikki in the alley to make a deal, I had my security team follow you. You got scared. You ran away in a panic. You ran across the galewood river bridge. You slipped. You plunged into the cold water 100 feet below. Dark, cold water. Ooh. By now, they’ll think you’re in lake michigan.

Jordan: You bastard. None of the good stuff for me? Nikki drink it all?

[ Jordan grunts ]

Victor: For the last time, don’t ever mention nikki again.

Jordan: Oh! I’m sorry. I’m sorry, victor! Come back! Victor! Victor! Victor! I’m– I’m sorry.

Claire: Your mom was married to my grandfather.

Kyle: And my dad was married to your grandmother.

[ Both chuckle ]

Claire: You have seen a lot of marriages.

Kyle: And divorces and affairs.

Claire: Your parents seem happy.

Kyle: Yeah, they are. But it took them a while to get there.

Claire: It’s good that you know what love looks like, though. That’s why this living at the ranch with my mom has been so wonderful. I finally get to see real love close up. And it’s even better than in every book I’ve ever read.

Kyle: You were a little bookworm.

Claire: Still am. And, yeah, I just, I craved that kind of love all my life. Who knew the real thing would be even better? Parents. A family that’s kind and accepts you, even though there’s a lot to forgive. And nikki and victor. I mean, after all these years, everything they’ve been through, good and bad, they still find a way to look at each other like they’re the only two people in the room.

Kyle: Goals, right?

Claire: Yeah.

Kyle: Yeah. In the meantime, I’m busy focusing on harrison and jabot.

Claire: And I am just as focused on getting a job. As generous as my family has been, there’s no way that I’m going to live off of them.

Kyle: Yeah. Look, I can’t tell you how sorry I am that that job isn’t with harrison.

Phyllis: Here we go.

Summer: Mom, quitting a perfectly good job? It’s a little extreme, even for you. I mean, I know you like to go big, but even for you.

Phyllis: I don’t know. Devon was talking about me breaking my confidentiality agreement or something.

Summer: Wait, I thought that you said that you quit in solidarity with daniel.

Phyllis: Yes, yeah, he was probably going to fire me anyway.

Summer: Mom.

Phyllis: I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction. Come on, toast to me for standing up for myself and all that blah, blah, blah stuff. You’re not very enthusiastic.

Summer: You’re unemployed, so.

Phyllis: You know that lily and devon were going to axe me anyway. They got rid of daniel without just cause. They weren’t going to keep me around. It is so unfair. Your brother gave his heart and soul to that company, and for them to throw him out like a piece of garbage? I think someone should make them pay. Depression is a journey.

Summer: Okay, but you don’t mean you, right? You’re not going to be making lily and devon pay. You’re talking about hypothetically, karmically, if the world were fair. You’re not actually going to be plotting revenge against chancellor-winters, right?

Phyllis: Uh, well, we both agreed that we should take care of ourselves, right? I vote for justice.

Summer: Yes, and that will happen. There is a system in place. Just trust that.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. I’ll trust the system. Sure. Listen, lily fired your brother because she got her feelings hurt and that’s the only reason that happened. He gave everything to that company and what’s she doing? She’s keeping his games, she broke his heart and, um, she’s going to make millions off of my son’s brilliance. That is wrong. It’s so wrong. I can’t ignore it.

Summer: Okay, but what about you trying to be a better person? You’ve been doing so well, mom. Why ruin a good streak?

Phyllis: Summer! I am being a good person. I’m protecting my son and I’m fighting for my son. How far would you go for harrison?

Summer: Harrison is a kid. Daniel can take care of himself.

[ Phone pinging ] Oh, my gosh. Uh, I gotta go. I gotta check in on harrison. Mom… please do not burn chancellor-winters to the ground.

[ Phyllis chuckles ]

Phyllis: No. Well, my password still works. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is.

Nick: I’m not sure where you’re going with this, cole. Are you suggesting my father had something to do with jordan’s death?

Cole: Jordan has gotten away from the authorities, from victor, too many times. If she actually did fall into this river, I would think that victor would have his men dredging it 24/7 until they found her body, that he would want solid proof with no doubt that jordan is out of our lives for good. But instead, he’s not even concerned that we don’t have any evidence of her death.

Nick: There were several witnesses who claimed to see jordan fall into the river.

Cole: All on victor’s security team.

Nick: Okay, cole, um… I hear you. After everything this family has been through, I really think you should let this one go.

Cole: Understood. But if there’s even the slightest chance that jordan is still alive, there’s no way I’m letting my guard down until we have all the answers.

Victor: Gentlemen.

Nick: Dad?

Cole: Hey. We were just wondering where you were.

Victor: I just went a few rounds with the old bag.

Nick: That a boy.

Victor: You know. Did you come here for the sifton contract, son?

Nick: Yeah. You done with them?

Victor: I signed it all, and thank you for taking care of that.

Nick: No problem.

Victor: Yep.

Nick: Have you heard from mom?

Victor: Yeah. She’s getting stronger.

Nick: Good. I can’t wait till she gets home.

Victor: Well, join the club, son.

Nick: Yeah, I gotta jump on this. Thank you.

Victor: Thank you for doing it. Yep.

Cole: Thank you, nick.

Victor: So, cole, what can I do for you?

Summer: You had another bad dream? Tell me about it.

Harrison: The witch. She wanted to get me again. I’m scared, mommy.

Summer: Oh, sweetie. Everything is okay. You’re okay.

[ Summer sighs ] Hey, why don’t I text your dad, get him to come home? Maybe a little bit of family time will help you feel better. Yeah? Okay.

Claire: Do not apologize. It’s not up to you or your family to employ me. I will figure it out.

Kyle: Oh, I have no doubt you will. I wish summer liked the idea. I mean, harrison likes you. He trusts you. You both went through a terrifying ordeal and came out the other side. He needs someone like that, someone who knows what he went through, he can relate with. Shouldn’t that be the priority? Not summer’s irrational worries, what’s best for harrison?

Claire: I– I appreciate your belief in me. But… maybe you could go easy on summer.

Kyle: Really?

Claire: Since the kidnapping, sometimes… I can hear my mom open my door when she thinks I’m sleeping, and she just… watches me for a few minutes. Make sure I’m there, I’m safe. Harrison’s a little boy. I can’t imagine what summer went through when he was missing, how terrified she must have been. So, I’m a reminder of that, along with my past. If summer doesn’t want me around… I have to understand that. And I hope you can too.

[ Phone pings ]

Kyle: Um, I have to go, but I hope we can talk again soon.

Claire: I’d like that. Give harrison my love.

Kyle: I will. I would’ve called yesterday.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Kyle: Oh! Oh! Hey, buddy. Heard you had a bad dream.

Harrison: Very bad.

Kyle: You wanna talk about it?

Harrison: The witch wanted to take me away.

Summer: You know that she can’t do that, right? Your big, strong dad is not gonna let her or anyone else hurt you ever again.

Kyle: Mom’s right. You’re safe here.

Harrison: But what about claire?

Summer: What about her?

Harrison: She might have the same bad dreams.

Kyle: Why would you say that?

Harrison: The witch took her away and left her someplace dark and scary.

Claire: Did claire tell you that?

Harrison: The witch told me. She said if I wasn’t good, she’d take me to a scary place.

Kyle: You know that’s not gonna happen, right, buddy? No one will ever get to you again. Your mom and I will make sure of that.

Summer: This right here is the safest place in the world. Got that?

Harrison: Can claire come over so she can feel safe too?

Cole: So, I was thinking about giving claire some riding lessons.

Victor: Oh.

Cole: It’s been a while since I’ve been the ranch hand around here.

Victor: Yeah.

Cole: I was hoping maybe you could steer me in the direction for the right horse for her.

Victor: That’s a wonderful idea. I’d love to help. There’s our girl.

Cole: Hey. How was crimson lights?

Claire: How weird is it that getting a coffee is still an adventure?

Cole: It’s not weird at all. But speaking of such, I have another idea for an adventure.

Claire: Yeah?

Cole: I was thinking about giving you riding lessons. I mean, if you’re interested.

Claire: Yeah, that would be amazing.

Cole: Yeah? All right.

Victor: I got the right horse for you. Midnight blue. Steady horse, strong stride. You’ll fall in love with him.

Claire: I don’t know what any of that means. I love him already. But what if I’m not any good?

Victor: Don’t you worry about a thing, okay? Riding is in the newman blood. It’s in your genes. Both victoria and nikki are wonderful riders. And you’ll follow in their footsteps.

Claire: I hope so.

Victor: I know so. So, why don’t you, both of you, join us for dinner? Victoria will come over soon. All right?

Cole: Hey, well, that sounds good.

Victor: You better bring a good appetite, because the cook is preparing a prime roast with brussels sprouts.

Claire: I’ve never had brussels sprouts.

Cole: Really?

Claire: Yeah.

Cole: Never?

Claire: No, no. Jordan despised them with a passion. So, the smell of them would make her retch. I’ve never had them.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

[ Chuckles ] Well, that’s interesting. Anyway, why don’t you two go down to the stables, meet midnight blue, all right? And the other horses.

Cole: You’re more than welcome to join us.

Victor: Well, I appreciate the invitation, but I have something I must attend to first.

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: Hey. Hi.

Nick: Hi. What are you doing?

Phyllis: Nothing.

Nick: Yeah, that’s what it looked like.

Phyllis: No, really, I’m doing nothing.

Nick: Yeah, I saw the chancellor-winters logo before you nearly broke your computer slamming it shut. It is not a secret that you work there.

Phyllis: I don’t work there anymore.

Nick: Oh. They fired you?

Phyllis: I quit. Why does everybody think they fired me? Although, they would have fired me or anybody else who’s connected to daniel. Lily and devon are going all scorched earth.

Nick: So they fired you.

Phyllis: I quit.

Nick: But you logged on, and you don’t want anyone to see that, so I can’t shake the feeling that you’re about to scorch your own earth.

Phyllis: I’m just looking for justice for my son.

Nick: What kind of justice?

Phyllis: A virus or two, maybe. Some not-so-flattering comments left on the chancellor-winters site, or maybe diverting some omegasphere players to another game.

Nick: You cannot be serious.

Phyllis: I’m not serious. Of course– of course I’m not. Nothing has been done yet.

Nick: All right. Well, what are we waiting for? I’m in. Let’s do this. I told myself I was ok

Summer: Well, mrs. Martinez’s cookies saved the day again. Harrison had one in each hand.

Kyle: That’s my boy.

Summer: If only they could take away his bad dreams.

Kyle: Hmm.

Summer: Kyle, what are we gonna do?

Kyle: For starters, I think we should bring on claire as a trial run for harrison’s nanny.

Summer: Are you joking me right now? Our son is having nightmares and you wanna talk about claire? Can we please just focus on harrison for now and we can discuss claire later? Or you know what? Better yet, just let her own family deal with her, okay?

Kyle: Summer, you saw harrison and claire at the park. The trauma they went through has bonded them. He feels as safe with her as he does with us. Isn’t that important?

Summer: Of course it’s important.

Kyle: Okay, then what’s– what’s your idea? Given what the boy’s been through, do you–

Summer: Can you…

Kyle: Do you really think it’s a good idea to introduce him to a stranger and ask him to trust her? How do you think that will go over? And you know how picky he is with who he likes, and now his trust issues are on a whole other level.

Summer: Okay, you do not need to explain our son’s issues to me.

Kyle: Then you see the wisdom in my suggestion. Claire isn’t a threat. She’s a solution. And maybe, maybe if you stop fighting it, we can hurry up and help our son.

Summer: Wow, so I’m the bad guy in this?

Kyle: No. No. No, no one is the bad guy in this, and I’m sorry if I’ve made you feel that way. I just see our son upset and I wanna fix it.

Summer: Well, so do I.

Kyle: I know you do. And claire has made it clear that she understands how protective you are and she respects what a good mom you are.

Summer: When was– when are you two having all of these conversations?

Kyle: Summer, the point is, claire isn’t chasing the job because she puts harrison’s bond with you, his mother, first. Isn’t that what we want in a nanny?

Phyllis: I know what you’re doing. It’s reverse psychology. It’s not gonna work on me.

Nick: No. No, I am down. I cannot wait to hear about all your deepest, darkest revenge fantasies.

Phyllis: Well, what I was thinking of doing, since you’re interested, is just creating enough havoc so that lily and devon regret firing my son.

Nick: And you, of course.

Phyllis: Of course. But mainly daniel. And they beg him to come back, and they give him a huge raise, along with me, and fancier title.

Nick: Hmm. Well, I mean, it sounds great. Uh, I’m just wondering if you have considered what the fallout may be. Like, what happens when chancellor-winter’s cybersecurity team traces the virus back to you?

Phyllis: Please. Please. Ugh. I’m not an amateur. I cover my tracks.

Nick: Okay, so a virus just happens to show up in their system shortly after one of their top programmers gets fired.

Phyllis: Their top programmers? I was their top programmer. And they’re gonna find out the hard way.

Nick: Well, I’m just saying it’s gonna be very difficult to take that victory lap when they confiscate your laptop. Then they’re gonna haul daniel’s butt in for questioning, and then our daughter’s gonna have to deal with the fact that her mother is on the most wanted list yet again.

Phyllis: Ugh. Okay. Ugh. How do you do that? I mean, how– how do you make me realize that what I’m doing is wrong? Okay, I’m not– I’m not– I’m not gonna do this. I won’t plant a virus.

Nick: You’re angry.

Phyllis: Yeah. Okay. So…

[ Sighs ] I won’t plant this virus. I won’t do anything like that. So, now what? Now what do I do?

Nick: Well, I’m not gonna solve all your problems for you. What would be the fun in that?

Phyllis: Do you know anybody who, you know, wants a professional pot stirrer? Because I think I’d be really great at that.

Nick: I think you should aim higher than that. Great color on you, by the way.

Phyllis: Thank you. It’s electric.

Hey! Asthma’s

got you going through it?

Summer: You say that it’s all about harrison, and then you make it all about claire. Look, I wish her the best. I really do. But the fact is, she has had serious issues, and I find it hard to believe that, poof, all of a sudden, she’s totally sane, all better, and we should trust her with our child.

Kyle: Summer, claire has been through hell. And she somehow still has so much kindness in her and she’s finding her way in this.

Summer: You know what? If you wanna help claire, you go do that. That’s great. Take on your charity project. Just leave our son out of it. Why are you so invested in helping claire, by the way?

Kyle: Again, this isn’t about claire. My goal is to help harrison. Have you ever seen him so open and relaxed with someone he just met?

Summer: Kyle, we will find another someone. Hey, buddy. Oh. Whoa. Is that cookie number three? Okay, now that your belly’s full, do you wanna go outside and play, or do you wanna read a story?

Harrison: Can you call claire to make sure she’s okay?

Kyle: We can do better than that. How would you like claire to be your new nanny?

Harrison: Yay!

Cole: Victor, listen, I just wanted to check that… victor? Victor, you here?

[ Loud clanging ]

[ Jordan gasps ]

Jordan: Oh!

Victor: Want some food?

Jordan: No. Whatever– whatever that is, take that away. Take it away.

Victor: Oh, you complained about the menu before. So I brought you some wonderful food. Full of fiber. Makes you strong. Brussels sprouts.

Jordan: Oh, god. Oh, god. I can’t breathe. Just bring me something else. Anything. Anything.

Victor: Beautiful. Mmm. Mmm. I love it. Mmm. Mmm. Bon appétit.

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless…

Ashley: This place isn’t open for hours, so we have all the privacy in the world.

Ash: Oh, no! Are you gonna kill tucker right now?

Cole: I think you’re hiding something. I don’t know what it is or why you’re doing it, but every time I talk with you lately, I don’t feel like I’m getting the whole truth.

Nikki: Victor? Are you home? Victor?

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, May 16, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Daniel: Oh! Uh-oh. I’d, uh, say hello, but, uh, are we allowed to even have a conversation without our lawyers present?

Abby: You know, that’s funny, but there’s probably a little bit of truth to that, too.

Daniel: Yeah. We’ve known each other forever, huh?

Abby: Yeah.

Daniel: Who would’ve thought that the two of us would wind up on opposite sides of a lawsuit?

Abby: Mm.

Daniel: And I hope you know that I don’t hold any of this against you. I mean, how could I? We’ve always had each other’s back. I just– I’ve been trying to figure out if anybody else on the board voted against this little lawsuit. You know, I– I don’t know how billy would have voted. I can’t be sure what jill was thinking.

Abby: Daniel, I, um…

Daniel: Oh, you know what? I– I’m sorry. I’m not trying to put you on the spot. I’m not gonna try and get inside information out of you. Unless this is maybe one of those little safe gray areas. No, look, I– I’ll be honest. Knowing that someone over at chancellor-winters is on my side, that– that means a lot.

Abby: You know, daniel, you’re right. We have been friends for a long time. And I can’t lie to you.

Audra: What makes you so optimistic that your relationship with devon will be repaired if you do him this favor?

Tucker: I’m not completely, but it seems like the door has been cracked a little.

Audra: But don’t you think it’s strangely out of character for devon to make a deal like that? And all you would have to do is get billy out of chancellor-winters. Devon’s been so adamant about keeping you out of his life, and suddenly, there’s an opening.

Tucker: Yeah. He didn’t go so far as to actually broker the deal with me, but…

Audra: Okay. Now, the truth comes out. You could help devon with billy and wind up getting nothing. Tucker, no. Please.

Tucker: Remember, audra, I am a master at risk analysis.

Audra: Did devon ever actually ask for your help?

Tucker: He is clearly at odds with billy. So much so that he’s willing to do something underhanded to get him out. In which case he’s come to the right guy, ’cause obviously my specialty is underhanded.

Devon: So, if we pull this off, we can stop billy’s sudden rise to power, but we have to do it fast before he causes any damage.

Nate: Sounds good. Count me in.

Devon: Lily, I know you’re a lot closer to jill.

Lily: No, I’m in. I have been very loyal to jill, and this is a complete betrayal, so we have to respond accordingly.

Nate: You do realize she’s going to explode when we do this, right?

Devon: I don’t care. She dropped a bomb on us, and we’re gonna return the favor.

“The darkness of bipolar

depression made me feel like

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Daniel: Okay, so you can’t lie to me, I can’t lie to you. Yeah, that’s kind of how a friendship works. You’re talking about something specific though, aren’t you?

Abby: It’s about chancellor-winters.

Daniel: Right, I figured.

Abby: Look, I can’t tell you what happened in the board meeting except for one thing, and I thought that you should hear it from me.

Daniel: Okay.

Abby: When the board voted to settle the lawsuit with you or fight it in court, I voted to fight.

Daniel: Oh. To fight me?

Abby: Oh, uh… to fight for chancellor-winters’ intellectual property, not to fight you per se.

Daniel: Not me per se, that– that’s good. Thank you. So, some of the board members wanted to settle. I mean, they were willing to offer some kind of deal to make this whole thing go away. And if that deal was good enough, and I was willing to take it, then I could be getting on with my life instead of gearing up to go to court?

Abby: Look, like I said, I can’t talk about what happened in the meeting. I just– I didn’t want there to be any misunderstandings.

Daniel: Well, that’s– that’s good. Yeah, we wouldn’t want any misunderstandings, you know. You wouldn’t want me doing anything stupid like thanking you for having my back.

Abby: Daniel, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I– I had to put my personal feelings aside.

Daniel: Even after years of friendship? All of that, to just put it aside?

Abby: I had to do what was best for the company.

Daniel: Yeah, I keep hearing that, had to do what’s best for the company. God knows they’d never survive without my games, right?

Abby: Well, that’s why I was put on the board.

Daniel: Devon put you on the board, right?

Abby: For my own merits.

Daniel: Maybe he put you there to vote exactly the way he wanted you to vote. You know, to– to hell with morality and years of friendship, or what’s decent.

Abby: Actually, everyone voted to put me on the board, so I could help support chancellor-winter’s financial stability and their status in the marketplace. How devon feels, it doesn’t enter my mind when I vote.

Daniel: Yeah, but how could you think that it was right to vote against me?

Abby: Look, I have to get back to the office. If you would like to discuss this further, just let me know.

Audra: Well, I can’t argue with that. You can absolutely do underhanded with the best of them. But do you honestly think devon will respond well to you getting blackmail material on billy or whatever else you’re planning?

Tucker: Yes, I do. He desperately needs my help, whether he wants to admit it or not.

Audra: Well, I don’t like to see you let down. You deserve better. But I also don’t wanna argue about this because I have exciting news to share.

Tucker: I guess you do. What is it?

Audra: I managed to move our flight up. So, since we are packed and ready to go, we can leave for the airport now. You can deal with this whole billy situation when you’re back.

Tucker: Yeah, audra, I think when we’re back, it’s gonna be too late for the billy situation, so if you could just let me handle this right now, I’ll be yours. All yours, after.

Audra: Now. Are you serious? You’re canceling our trip? Again?

Phyllis: Ah, oh, no. No, blegh. No, mm-hmm.

Daniel: Not a fan of what you were listening to?

Phyllis: Oh, ah, I am not. I was just having a great morning, and then I was listening to some music, and– and a song of your dad’s came on. Ow, my ears. Not a fan. Ow, not a fan at all.

Nate: Looks like everything’s all set. I hope this goes off without a hitch.

Abby: Hi. I’m here, what’s going on?

Devon: Hey.

Abby: Hi.

Devon: How you doing? Listen, I’m sorry to spring this on you right now, but we didn’t have time to waste, and we had to call for a board meeting.

Abby: Wait, a board meeting?

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: But billy’s not here. He’s out visiting other offices, according to the email he sent out.

Devon: I know. That’s the point.

Abby: Okay, I don’t think I like where this is headed. Do you really think it’s fair to pull off whatever this is behind his back?

Devon: No, because billy was given power behind our backs. So, this is on them. We’re just trying to fix it, and we’re going to have a vote.

Abby: Wait, a vote? What is this about?

Jill: Oh, for god’s sake. What now? When did I call leaffilter?

Tucker: Let’s just take a beat.

Audra: No, I– I am sick and tired of being runner-up to everyone else. People that don’t even care about you!

Tucker: You are not runner-up to anyone else! We can still take our trip. I just have to do this one thing quickly first, okay?

Audra: First? First as something or someone else always comes first. Look, you already canceled our trip once when you wanted to stay and save ashley from herself. And don’t even give me that pathetic excuse that the business partners weren’t available the first time. We could’ve gone without the damn meetings. We could’ve taken an actual vacation anywhere in the world.

Tucker: Yes, and we can still take it.

Audra: When? You said that last time and I am still waiting. You just can’t do that for me, can you? For all I know, devon is just a cover story. Maybe this is just all about ashley.

Tucker: I have an opportunity. Listen to me. I have an opportunity to prove myself to him. Do you expect me to blow that? If you knew me at all, if you care about me at all, you would not.

Lily: Welcome, jill.

Devon: Thanks for joining us on such short notice.

Nate: Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll leave you to it. Nice to see you, jill.

Jill: All right. What’s going on here? Why are we calling this secret last minute meeting?

Abby: I’d like to know that as well. I am as much in the dark as you are.

Jill: Lily, I thought I explained this all to you when we spoke. I gave billy my complete authority and my voting rights so I could step back. And yet here you are, calling a meeting without him. This is exactly the kind of situation that I was wanting to avoid.

Lily: You made yourself very clear, but this is an emergency and we can’t reach billy.

Jill: Well, of course you can’t, because you know full well he’s traveling.

Devon: Jill, if you recall, we entered into this merger between my company and your company in good faith and a full partnership, correct?

Jill: Yep, devon. We all know how we got here. What is your point?

Devon: The point is, you brought chancellor industries to the deal. And the key word there is you. Lily and I signed an agreement with you and not with billy abbott. So, in light of that, I’d like to make a motion to clearly define billy’s power within the company. He does not get veto power or unilateral decisions. And we expect all decisions and ideas to pass through lily and myself first. And if it’s a no from us, it’s a no across the board. And this is all happening because billy is not you and he never will be you, jill.

Phyllis: I don’t know, I just think it’s kind of disgusting that your dad is touring with christine all over the world. I just think it’s gross. I just don’t understand it. I mean, why he would pick christine over having a real adult relationship with a real woman?

Daniel: I think that dad and christine seem quite happy and I think that their relationship is very mature and very adult.

Phyllis: Oh, really? Oh, okay. So, are you paying attention? Because it’s obvious that they’re trying to go after some sparkly version of the past. I think your dad is actually losing his mind. What’s going on with you? I’m talking disparagingly about your dad and you’re not doing it. What is going on with you?

So tell me about

your heart attack.

Phyllis: Why are you laughing right now? Are you mocking me?

Daniel: No, no, no. I’m not– maybe. I don’t know. Maybe a little. Yeah. Yeah, it’s– it’s– it’s just amazing how self-absorbed and involved you are. Anytime that my life is just falling apart, I can just– I can count on you to be you. That’s for damn sure.

Phyllis: Are– are you upset?

Daniel: A little, yeah. No. I don’t– I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a little numb because of everything that’s going on right now. Let me ask you something. Am I a jerk? Do you think that I’m a jerk?

Phyllis: What? No. Don’t be ridiculous.

Daniel: I’m asking you, not as my mother. I want your honest opinion here.

Phyllis: Uh, why are you asking me something like that?

Daniel: Well that, I don’t know. I just seem to be managing to infuriate everybody that’s around me recently. I pissed lily off so bad that she fired me. You know, she– she took away the games that I created, won’t give them back. She knows how much they mean to me. She knows that one of them basically saved my life. That’s how bad I pissed her off.

Phyllis: Okay, listen, listen. I know lily is upset right now, but that is not your fault. It’s not your fault you were following your heart. And I– I think– I think lily’s gonna to come around. I really do.

Daniel: Okay. What about abby? Hm? I just found out that my long-time friend voted against me. You know against a possible settlement and a lawsuit that I’m involved in. Why would she do that? Why would she turn on me? When did I become the person that everybody wants to hate?

Audra: Because I don’t wanna be overlooked by you means i must not care about you enough. Get real. You have that backwards.

Tucker: Hey, I didn’t ask devon to come to me with this now when we’re about to go to paris. And believe me, if I felt i could put it off, I would.

Audra: Yeah.

Tucker: Yes, I would. But you know what I saw in his eyes, audra? I saw– I saw a look of intense urgency. He needs my help right now. He’s in trouble right now. And if I help him out, there’s a chance, just a– a chance, that he will let me back into his life. Into my grandson’s life. And you know how important that is to me. They are the only family I have.

Audra: There it is. I am not family to you.

Tucker: Oh, god, you know what I mean.

Audra: No, what we have isn’t as meaningful as your connection to people who say they want nothing to do with you. Why? You know, if I accepted your proposal, you’d consider me family then, wouldn’t you? So, this is just you punishing me.

Tucker: No!

Audra: If I don’t bow to your commands, you can’t be bothered–

Tucker: Bow to my commands?

Audra: Showing me an ounce of respect. Tucker, I am tired of this!

Tucker: Hey.

Audra: I– I’m done with your little game.

Tucker: This is not a game. This is no game to me. Do you know what? Hey. Do you know what he says to me every time, every time I see him? “You cannot be trusted, tucker. You are a pathological liar, tucker. You– you– you only think of yourself, tucker.” And no, this is not the scenario that I dreamed of that might bring us back together, but it is a chance. It’s a shot at having a future with him.

Audra: And what about our future? We plan and plan and plan, and when it comes down to it, you cancel because you can’t keep your word. And it is time you ask yourself why.

Tucker: I just–

Audra: No, you know what? I’ll tell you. Deep down inside, you don’t want this.

Tucker: That’s not true.

Audra: You don’t want us.

Tucker: No, I don’t want us because I want to salvage my relationship with my son?

Audra: If you don’t want to go to paris with me, I will go without you!

Tucker: Come on. Audra.

Jill: I cannot believe the two of you. You do realize that this is nothing less than an ambush, don’t you?

Devon: We’re just following your lead, jill.

Abby: You could’ve at least given me a heads up.

Devon: I know, I’m sorry. We didn’t have time.

Jill: That you two would try to pull a number on billy and me like this is outrageous.

Lily: This is not against you, jill. This is what is fair. If billy has voting power, his votes and vetoes should not override ours. When you and I brought this partnership into play with hamilton-winters, it was on equal footing. And now with billy involved, the balance has shifted. So, we should all have equal voices.

Jill: Right. Equal. Meanwhile, you and devon have already made up your little voting block. This move practically neutralizes billy and anything he would put forward.

Lily: I wanted to discuss billy’s role and boundaries in the meeting the other day. But the meeting got side-tracked and we never got back on track.

Jill: So, you decided not to bring it up until this very moment, huh?

Devon: Jill, billy’s barely been back here and he’s already causing instability in the company. We’re spending more time in these board meetings than focusing on the work that we have at hand. And we need to get back on solid ground.

Jill: And this is the way to do it, you think, devon? By stripping billy of all his power and in effect stripping me of mine?

Devon: No, you stripped yourself of that power when you handed it to billy without telling anybody. And this is us trying to rectify it. So, let’s have this vote.

Jill: Why are we even bothering to take a vote? We all know how it’s gonna turn out. It’ll be devon and lily against jill and billy. And there’s no doubt which way abby’s gonna vote. So, are we done here? Because I wanna call my lawyer and figure out a way to fight this.

Abby: Jill, there’s no need to call your lawyers.

Jill: Abby, if you think I’m just gonna roll over and accept this ambush, you’ve got another thing coming.

Abby: No need for that either. Because I’m voting with you and billy.

At dot’s an ordinary pretzel

just isn’t enough.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue… this way and do not try the wise choice, abby.

Jill: Thank you for making the wise choice, abby. And lily and devon. Nice try, but I’m afraid you’re stuck with billy. And do not try this again. There will be no more board votes without billy present. I’m sorry you both feel this way, but this is the way I want it. So, make it work.

Devon: That’s great.

Lily: Well, I guess I should’ve voted for nate to join the board.

Abby: You know what? I’m sorry, lily. And now I know what it feels like to have no warning about a consequential decision.

Devon: Babe, I’m sorry that I sprung it on you, but why would you vote against me?

Abby: Why did you just think I would automatically vote with you? You didn’t even discuss it with me first. You took my vote for granted.

Devon: I didn’t mean to take your vote for granted, but I thought you understood the situation and you agreed that billy’s power needed to be neutralized.

Abby: Okay, even if I did agree with you, it doesn’t mean that I think your solution would meet that goal. I did what I thought was right.

Devon: How could anybody think that billy being forced down our throats is right?

Abby: You know, my whole life, I have been forced to choose between the people that I love. Between the newmans and the abbotts. Between family members on the same side. The last person that I thought would put me in this position is you.

Audra: Sally.

Sally: Shouldn’t you be on your way to the airport?

Audra: Whiskey. Neat.

Sally: Uh oh. What happened? You look upset.

Audra: Well, the fact that tucker is a complete jackass might have something to do with it.

Sally: Oh, god. What happened?

Audra: Oh, you know, nothing new. Just tucker’s chosen to put someone else’s concerns ahead of mine.

Sally: Ashley?

Audra: No, this time it’s devon. Tucker’s chosen to take on some doomed mission for his son instead of honoring his promise to me.

Sally: Okay, hold on. Walk me through what happened.

Audra: We were all ready to go to paris, but no. This entitled egomaniac just managed to wriggle out of it once again, claiming some opportunity to get back in devon’s good graces. Does he honestly think he can put everyone else first and I’ll just stick around? I am not some toy to be played with. I will not be treated this way and I will not stand for it anymore. What? Can’t you see what a thoughtless bastard tucker’s being?

Sally: As your friend, I get your frustration. But this time, I can kind of see tucker’s point of view.

Phyllis: You’re questioning yourself because of something abby did?

Daniel: Well, I consider her a friend, a good friend.

Phyllis: She’s not a friend.

Daniel: She is.

Phyllis: No, she’s not. She is a newman and an abbott. She’s a spoiled little rich girl who’s never had to really work like the rest of us. And who was she raised by? Victor and ashley. Who pounded into her brain that family comes first. The family business will always come first.

Daniel: And that’s gonna take precedence over supporting me?

Phyllis: Okay. Yes. Yes. As for lily, she’s gonna come around. She’s not the type of person to hold a grudge.

Daniel: Yeah, I don’t know if it’s that simple. I can’t just sit back and wait for lily to come around. This is bigger than that.

Phyllis: How’s it bigger than that?

Daniel: I don’t know what I am gonna do if I can’t get my games back. I mean, I have built my life around them. I moved back to genoa city thinking that I could start over here with people I loved. And with people that I thought loved me. But, you know, everything just– it– it feels different.

Phyllis: Hey, no, it’s not different. Everybody loves you.

Daniel: No, come on. And I barely see kevin anymore. I love being with heather and lucy, but we live in the same building as my ex. You know, and– and our breakup, it has definitely affected them. It’s definitely alienated them and isolated them. And something is just off there, and I don’t know what it is. I can’t put my finger on it, but I can’t fix it either.

Phyllis: Listen, listen, listen. You need to calm down. It’s a rough patch right now. And you’re gonna go home. You’re going to see your daughter, and she’s gonna tell you about her day. And then the three of you, maybe you’ll watch a movie or something. Something you like to do. And you’re gonna realize that you have a good life.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. Maybe you’re right. But maybe, I don’t know, what if this is as good as it gets for me? And I just have to accept the fact that I got to try and start my career from scratch and now my ex, she owns the game that pretty much helped me put my life back together. Yeah. Just accept that, right?

Phyllis: No, I never said you had to accept it.

Daniel: You know what? I think maybe I just need to get out of here. I need to go and I need to get my mind off this. I’ll go paint. Or I’ll sketch. Or, I don’t know, maybe I’ll try and come up with a new game. That would be good, right? That would show everyone. I don’t know. Just something to make me feel normal. Something to make me realize that this too will pass, right?

Phyllis: Hey, it will pass. It will pass. I want you to believe in yourself.

Daniel: It’s okay, it’s okay. You’re so talented, daniel.

Tucker: What happened to the good old days when kids actually listened to their parents. If advanced lung cancer

Phyllis: I never listened to my parents. I doubt you did either.

Tucker: Yeah, you’re probably right. Hey, I realized that normally we, uh, nice. We trade insults. But I could really use a parent-to-parent bonding moment right now. Go ahead.

Phyllis: List– I just wanna be honest with you. If that’s what you want, I don’t think I’m your person.

Tucker: Okay. It’s just, trying to reconnect with devon. He’s so preoccupied with work.

Phyllis: Is he? Ah, wow. Well, he’s probably trying to find a replacement for my genius son that he unceremoniously fired.

Tucker: Oh, that’s right. I forgot you work with chancellor-winters now. And daniel was fired? I didn’t know that. You know, it’s really too bad he didn’t take me up on my offer to market his video games. He’d be sitting pretty right now.

Phyllis: Okay, that wasn’t an option and you know it. You know, I believe in billy. I think that billy is going to convince the powers that be to rehire my son.

Tucker: Really?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: Billy has that much influence?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Jill transferred all of her corporate power to him. So lily and devon, they don’t get to do what they please anymore.

Devon: Look, you’re absolutely right, okay? I shouldn’t have just put you in the middle of it. We were running out of time. And, you know, that’s not even an excuse. I should’ve taken the time and I should’ve talked to you. I’m sorry.

Abby: Thank you for seeing my point. But you and lily should know that I did have legitimate reasons for voting against you.

Lily: Okay, well, let’s hear it.

Abby: There is enough tension in this company. And putting handcuffs on billy is only gonna create more. And denying jill autonomy in her own role is a fire starter.

Devon: Yeah, but she lit the match when she gave billy her power without telling us.

Abby: Jill brought chancellor into this partnership. A more established and, quite frankly, better endowed entity. You and lily have clearly benefited from the deal. So putting limits on billy only puts limits on jill. I mean, is that really how you want to treat your partner?

Devon: I mean, lily and i considered all those things before we went ahead with the plan and we thought it made the most sense.

Lily: Yeah, I mean, this would’ve definitely been the easiest way to deal with it, but I guess that’s not really an option. Maybe there’s a silver lining to this motion not passing.

Devon: What would that be?

Lily: Well, I think weakening billy’s power might’ve made him more dangerous.

Audra: I can’t believe you’re siding with tucker.

Sally: No, ultimately, I am always on your side. I’m just saying that I can also see where tucker is coming from. And I’m saying that to you out of support and friendship so you don’t always feel like an afterthought in his life.

Audra: Except I am, sally.

Sally: Totally separate is that he is desperate to reconnect with his son and grandson. And this does seem like a potential golden opportunity.

Audra: Yeah, okay, maybe. But this isn’t the first time he’s canceled on me at the last minute.

Sally: Yes, maybe. But this seems different. Look, when I was little, my parents basically ignored me. I would give anything for them to spend more time with me. I’m actually a little jealous of devon that he’s got a devoted parent who wants to go out on a limb and show how much he cares.

Audra: Well, I think devoted is kind of a stretch for tucker. But I know what you’re saying. Look, I’ve had my share of family sob stories. But that’s still no excuse for how tucker treats me.

Sally: He loves you, audra. And he has faith in your feelings for him. That is not him taking you for granted. That’s trust.

Audra: Yeah, but it’s being shoved aside because he just assumes I’ll stick around. You know, devon’s cut him out of his life because he is sick of tucker’s methods always crossing the line. Methods tucker will continue to use, claiming that it’s on devon’s behalf. And he’s just willing to throw away everything he has with me just to make things even worse with his son.

Sally: But you don’t know that for sure.

Audra: But I know tucker and I know how he operates. This thing is destined for disaster. And mind you, all of this is happening right after he already canceled my trip for ashley.

Sally: I still think you might be conflating the two situations.

Audra: And why shouldn’t I? Tucker has always taken me for granted. Everyone else always comes first. And I don’t know why. Does he think that I’m just less important or– or more forgiving? Or maybe he just assumes that I am desperate, but I am not having it.

Sally: Okay, so what– what are you gonna do?

Audra: You know, maybe I’ll use our trip reservations, go to paris, and turn the glissade board of directors against him and convince them to appoint me as his replacement. That seems like a great idea.

Sally: You’d actually go there?

Audra: Well, it wouldn’t be the first time I consider taking his company away from him. You know, tucker thinks he has all the power in this relationship. But I refuse to live with that. I won’t live with that. I am done.

You’re the one that I want!

[ Knocks on door ]

Abby: Hey, do you have a second?

Lily: Uh, sure. Come on in.

Abby: I just– I wanted to make sure you understood the reason why I voted the way I did.

Lily: I do. I appreciate you bringing your own perspective, even if we disagree.

Abby: Well, I wish everyone felt that way. And no, I’m not referring to devon.

Lily: Who are you talking about?

Abby: Daniel. I ran into him and I told him I voted against settling the lawsuit with him.

Lily: Okay, um, I’m sure that was hard, but you shouldn’t discuss board business with people outside of the board, especially someone that we’re in a legal battle with.

Abby: I understand, but i only told him the way I voted, nothing more.

Lily: Yeah, but, uh, it’s still confidential, so you probably shouldn’t share that information. But anyway, I’ll, um, I’ll share something with you.

Abby: Okay.

Lily: Uh, daniel came here and was pleading his case again. And I don’t know, it kind of got to me. I know there’s gonna be a lot of bad publicity following this trial, which is something that we definitely should avoid.

Abby: Yeah, it could get pretty ugly before it’s all over with.

Lily: Yeah, so I’m trying to find a way that we can maybe have some middle ground and avoid this whole legal battle.

Abby: Like what?

Lily: Um, I don’t know, maybe we do give him one of the games and we keep a portion of the revenue. Maybe he’s an outside consultant and, you know, he can make a cut of the profits. Given that the platform is performing really well right now, it’s a pretty good deal.

Abby: Yeah, that sounds like a very fair compromise. We have enough to deal with the way everything’s blowing up right now.

Lily: And no doubt, it’s only gonna get worse from here.

Nate: Uh, hello, ladies.

Sally: Nate, good to see you.

Nate: You as well, sally. Uh, look, I hate to interrupt your conversation, but do you mind if I steal audra away for a minute?

Sally: Not a problem. I actually have to run anyway. Good luck.

Audra: Thank you. So, uh, how much of that did you hear?

Nate: Enough to know that I’m not surprised. I tried to warn you that tucker couldn’t be trusted. He’ll always put himself and his own interests first, audra.

Audra: Okay, yeah.

Nate: You, not so much.

Audra: The last thing that I need right now is your I told you so speech, or the implication that I’m a sucker because you just wanna make yourself feel better, so…

Nate: That’s not my intention at all, okay? You are one of the sharpest people I know, audra. So, what do you plan to do now?

Audra: Well, I’m deciding whether to use our reservations to fly off to paris without tucker.

Nate: I have a much better idea. Why don’t you skip the trip? Stay. Have dinner with me.

Tucker: That’s really surprising. So, jill has essentially handed over power of the company to billy. Huh. And I’m sure he’s wielding his newfound power all over the place.

Phyllis: All over the country.

Tucker: What do you mean?

Phyllis: He’s on a national tour right now promoting chancellor-winter’s divisions.

Tucker: No fooling.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: Uh, excuse me a second.

Devon: Hi, can I get a small decaf? Thanks.

Tucker: Hey, um, billy is out of town. So, it’s the perfect time to deal with him. We could circumvent any trouble he’s planning to cause with jill’s share of the company.

Devon: How do you know that billy’s out of town? That’s not public information.

Tucker: Well, you know me. I always have my ear to the ground.

Devon: Ear to the ground. Hang on a second. Hey, phyllis.

Phyllis: Hey.

Devon: How you doing?

Phyllis: Great.

Devon: Good. Did you just happen to tell tucker about billy’s new position and him going out of town?

Phyllis: Excuse me?

Devon: Where’d you find out about that?

Phyllis: Uh, from billy.

Devon: From billy? And you just decided to violate your confidentiality clause?

Phyllis: Yep, I did.

Devon: Wow.

Phyllis: Yeah, and since we’re breaking rules here, I might as well tell you I’m very disturbed that you fired the head of my division. Not only that, to add insult to injury really, you stole his creations. Who does that?

Devon: It’s funny you should bring that up, actually, ’cause I was wondering how you would even want to still work at the company.

Phyllis: Yeah, I was wondering, too. Uh, let me cut to the chase. I’ll save you the trouble. I quit. You don’t have to fire me.

Devon: Really?

Phyllis: Your business, by the way, is toxic.

Devon: That’s good to know. And I accept your resignation. Thank you for making my job a lot easier.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Ashley: What’s wrong?

Alan: I– I– this isn’t a good idea.

Ashley: Who says?

Alan: I– I just can’t, okay?

Ashley: Why not?

Alan: Well, I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Ashley: Well, it was a good idea a second ago. What changed?

Alan: Look, you are a beautiful woman, but I just can’t have this kind of relationship with you.

Ashley: But you still haven’t told me why.

Alan: Anything that happened between us romantically would be unfair to you. That–

Ashley: Oh. Are you seeing someone?

Alan: Uh, no. No, that’s– that’s not it.

Ashley: Okay, well, then I don’t get it. Why is it unfair for us to see each other? What aren’t you telling me?

Lily: Esther, hi. Have you heard from billy today?

Esther: Uh, no, he hasn’t been in.

Lily: Okay, I’ve been trying to reach him, and nobody seems to know where he is.

Esther: Sorry, I wish I could tell you.

Lily: It’s okay. Um, let me know if he checks in, okay?

Esther: Will do. Oh, wait, lily, I wanted to tell you. I got this weird e-mail from jill earlier today.

Lily: Oh, god. What did it say?

Esther: She told me that she wanted me to forward all her chancellor-winters correspondence to billy. But I wanted to check with you first. Is that right? Is that what I’m supposed to do?

Lily: Yeah, unfortunately, yes.

Esther: Really? You’ve gotta be kidding. What does that mean? Oh, is jill retiring?

Lily: No.

Esther: Is there a man? Oh, there’s gotta be a man. Wait, is billy taking over? Oh, no, no, am I gonna have my–

Lily: Esther, esther, everything is fine. Everything is fine, okay? No one’s leaving, all right? Let me know if billy calls you.

Esther: Okay.

Nate: So, uh, any news?

Lily: Yep, I spoke to jill. Everything billy said was legit.

Nate: Wow.

Lily: Yep. And now, I haven’t heard from him. He’s unreachable. Hasn’t even showed up to the office today.

Nate: Okay, so what do you think this means?

Lily: I don’t know. First day nerves?

Nate: With billy? Right.

Lily: I mean, what terrifies me is that billy abbott has just been handed the keys of the kingdom. And apparently, he’s blowing us off.

Devon: Is this a good time to talk?

Audra: You know, if you came here to blast your father or blame him for something, then no, it’s not a good time.

Tucker: Audra.

Audra: Aren’t either of you tired of it? Of you always asking for forgiveness and you shutting him down.

Devon: I’m sorry, is he your dad or mine? Can he speak for himself?

Audra: Very funny, devon. That’s up to him.

Tucker: Why don’t we just hear what he has to say.

Audra: Fine, I’ll give you two some privacy.

Devon: Thanks.

Audra: I’ll be upstairs, packing for our trip.

Tucker: After you.

Devon: So, where are you two headed?

Tucker: Paris.

Devon: Really?

Tucker: Yeah.

Devon: That’s sudden. You gonna be gone for a while?

Tucker: Is that idle curiosity or wishful thinking?

Devon: It’s just a question.

Tucker: Uh, we’re going for a little while for business. Mixing in some pleasure. But your reaction made me wonder.

Devon: About what?

Tucker: Would it bother you at all if I left town for good?

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Devon: Tucker, this is not the time for this.

Tucker: Sorry, the time for what?

Devon: To… to test me on how I feel about you.

Tucker: No, no, no, I don’t mean it as a test. It’s a simple question. If I were no longer here, would it matter to you?

Devon: I mean, I– I’m used to you being gone. So, you know, you’re always traveling the world. You’re clearly comfortable living in different places. So, it probably makes sense for you to leave town, considering how things stand for you right now.

Tucker: You mean considering most of the people in this town can’t stand me? Including my own son?

Devon: You know, I’m just trying to answer your question.

Tucker: So, what’s on your mind?

Devon: I want you to be honest with me about something. I want to know what your original plan was with mamie to get jill out of chancellor-winters. I wanna know what you were gonna do.

Tucker: Well, that’s old news.

Devon: I’m aware.

Tucker: I have no designs on your company whatsoever, with or without mamie.

Devon: And I believe that.

Tucker: But someone else does. Is it coming from inside or outside?

Devon: Inside.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. Which leads us to which power-hungry insider with a perpetual chip on his shoulder would have the stones to pull off such a thing? Billy. You want him out, don’t you?

[ Knock on door ]

Audra: Sally!

Sally: Hi, neighbor.

Audra: Hi.

Sally: I just wanted to stop by. Are you busy?

Audra: No, no, no, no. Come on in.

Sally: Are you sure? ‘Cause I don’t wanna, like, interrupt anything.

Audra: No, it’s fine. I’m just checking and rechecking my suitcase for the thousandth time to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.

Sally: Are you going on a trip?

Audra: Paris. Uh, paris, among other european destinations to be decided later. We’re actually leaving tonight.

Sally: You’re finally going.

Audra: Yeah.

Sally: Wow, I’m happy for you. I’m jealous, also. But now I get why you’re in such a good mood.

Audra: Um, no, still not engaged. I think tucker is counting on the romantic pull of the city lights to change my mind, but I can be just as stubborn as he is.

Sally: Well, it’s all wonderful, engagement ring or not. I’m really happy for you, audra.

Audra: Thank you. Is there something on your mind?

Sally: No. No, I don’t want to bother you with it before your trip, so…

Audra: No, sally, we’re friends now. You can bother me with anything. What’s going on?

Sally: I wanna get your advice. How do you know when it’s finally time to cut and run?

Ashley: So, you think I’m crazy?

Alan: Ashley, you know I don’t use words like that.

Ashley: Right. But I must be a delicate flower, and you just can’t cross that line.

Alan: It’s– it’s not about you, all right? Obviously, you are a beautiful, intelligent and fascinating woman.

Ashley: Well, I definitely felt an attraction. And I felt it from both sides.

Alan: I just don’t think it could go anywhere.

Ashley: So, stop dancing around it. Tell me why.

Alan: This is not my home. And, uh, you know, I can’t stay here indefinitely. And it is your home. Your family lives here. And I just don’t see how it could work out.

Ashley: Are you actually telling me that I’m geographically undesirable?

Alan: I wouldn’t use that phrase exactly. But, yeah, it would be a long-distance relationship. And in my experience, those kinds of things rarely work out.

Ashley: I don’t buy it.

Alan: What?

Ashley: Well, who’s to say I wouldn’t move to paris if someone, you know, made me want to?

Alan: Well, I couldn’t ask that of you.

Ashley: Then, why are you here at all?

Alan: Ashley, I–

Ashley: You’re here because you wanna psychoanalyze me. Just admit it, alan.

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Ashley: Well, I feel foolish.

Alan: Ashley, I– I–

Ashley: This whole time I’ve been throwing myself at you and you’re just interested in what makes me tick.

Alan: No. You are a good friend. All right? And I’ve obviously hurt your feelings. And I’m very, very sorry for that and–

Ashley: What are you sorry for? Leading me on?

Alan: I’m sorry you think–

Ashley: I really– I thought that you changed your plans for me ’cause you were interested in me and not my issues. Well, I guess the joke’s on me, isn’t it, alan?

Alan: I do care about you.

Ashley: Yeah, just like you care about all your patients?

Alan: No, it is not like that.

Ashley: Goodbye, alan. And trust me, the next time i need a shrink, I will call you.

Alan: No, ashley, I…

Lily: Great, thank you.

Nate: So, what happens now?

Lily: Well, until we know where billy is and what his plan is, nothing.

Nate: Mm. I warned devon to back off with billy, that it wasn’t gonna end well, and it would just piss him off.

Lily: I know.

Nate: And here we are.

Lily: No, it’s okay. We all could’ve handled things better. This is where we are, right? Just gotta figure out how to move forward without killing each other.

Nate: I’m all for that, but it’s kinda hard to make plans when one of your key people is missing in action. Did billy give you any idea about what he wanted to do?

Lily: No. I was hoping to find that out today.

Nate: Well, I am pretty sure I know where I stand with the guy. And that’s nowhere.

Lily: No, I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Nate: Come on, lily. He voted against my rejoining the board.

Lily: That’s because it was a dig at devon, okay? And– and he and jill were worried that our family was trying to push them out, which kind of turned out to be true.

Nate: She must’ve been reading aunt mamie’s mind.

Lily: Well, I mean, I wouldn’t put anything past those women, including clairvoyance.

Nate: You know, maybe we shouldn’t have been so hard on aunt mamie. We might need her down the road.

Lily: No, no. She needed to back off. All mamie wants to do is just go after jill at all costs. So no, we have to keep her out of the loop until we have a plan.

Nate: Agreed.

[ Cell phone buzzes ] What is it?

Lily: It’s from billy.

Nate: And?

Lily: It is not good news.

Tucker: Am I right? Is billy your target?

Devon: Good job.

Tucker: Yes. I will help you in any way I can.

Devon: Yeah?

Tucker: I’ve never had much use for billy anyway.

Devon: Well, just know I’m not looking to have a partnership with you or form an alliance over this, okay?

Tucker: Any way you wanna play it.

Devon: That’s how I wanna play it. I’m just looking for information. Nothing’s changed between us.

Tucker: Well. I would disagree there.

Devon: Well, if you disagree with that, then maybe this is a mistake.

Tucker: No, no, no. It’s not a mistake. Wait a minute, devon. Wait a minute!

Devon: What?

Tucker: I was about to say that I disagree that nothing has changed because as far as I’m concerned, maybe this is an opportunity to prove to you that I have changed.

Ms. Abbott: Face it, sweetie. Your plan didn’t work. Time to hand this over to someone who can get it done quickly and painlessly.

Ashley: No, I am not giving up on love. It is the only way to fix ashley’s heart and her mind. Now, I’m gonna have a little tasty bit of tequila.

Traci: Ashley, hi. I thought I heard you come in. Uh, wow. Who– who were you talking to?

Ashley: Myself. Is that a crime?

Traci: No, sorry. Just asking. Um, how are you?

Ashley: Fine.

Traci: Good. Um, where did you go?

Ashley: Out.

Traci: Yeah, I– I know you went out, ashley. I’m just curious. Did you have a chance to see alan?

Ashley: And wouldn’t you like to know?

Traci: I’m just making conversation.

Ashley: No, I know what you want. You wanna know if alan has fixed me, right? You wanna know because, uh, god forbid ashley have any feelings or emotions. I mean, the family just gets so uncomfortable when she’s like that, right? She’s just so much to handle. Ashley’s just too much, period. Isn’t she?

Traci: No. No one in the family thinks that at all about you.

Ashley: The hell, you don’T. You say you love me. You’re trying to convince me something’s wrong with me, traci. That’s not love. That’s hurtful. But I’ve accepted you. I’ve accepted jack. I’ve accepted all of you. So, why is it different for me? Why can’t you accept me?

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your heart attack.

Devon: All right. Fine. If you want to use this as a way to show that you’re a changed man, talk and prove it.

Tucker: That’s all I ask.

Devon: Just know this is not gonna be a quid pro quo situation. We’re not gonna be exchanging favors.

Tucker: I haven’t asked for any.

Devon: Yeah, you did. You did. You just asked me and abby if you can go to dominic’s performance.

Tucker: Oh.

Devon: All right. And those are the kind of things I’m talking about. Either you’re gonna help me or you’re not.

Tucker: That’s fine. Yeah. I agree to that.

Devon: Good.

Tucker: I just ask you to keep an open mind.

Devon: Well, that depends on how this goes.

Tucker: Okay. So, just so we’re clear, we’re talking about billy, yes?

Devon: Yes, we are.

Tucker: Well, frankly, I’m not surprised he’s become an issue, but he’s no fool. This would need to be handled quickly, but most importantly, carefully.

Devon: All right. But just to be clear, again, I don’t want you handling anything, okay? I just wanna know what you were gonna do, and if you had any leverage over jill that I can turn against billy now. That’s all I want from you. It’s all I need.

Audra: Well, talk to me. What’s going on? Are– are you and adam having problems?

Sally: No, no, no. No. No, it’s not about that at all, actually. Adam and I are more than great.

Audra: Good.

Sally: Yeah. He’s sweet, attentive. He’s challenging, but so brilliant.

Audra: Hm. Challenging and so brilliant. That is not the kind of man you can just walk away from.

Sally: No, it is not. I agree. No, I’m– I’m– I’m talking about my interior design business.

Audra: Oh. Uh, yeah. Startups are never easy, sally. But– but sit down. Let’s talk about it. Um..how isour business struggling? I– I’d love to help.

Sally: We’re not struggling. We are sinking.

Audra: Oh.

Sally: And I’ve actually been paying a lot of our bills out of my personal account.

Audra: Oh, wow.

Sally: Yeah. Yeah, I know. Not supposed to do that, but I did.

Audra: Yeah.

Sally: And between us, I’m actually really afraid that this is a hole we can’t dig ourselves out of.

Audra: Okay, well, let’s just slow down a bit. Let’s go over your options.

Sally: Okay, so chloe and i talked about cutting our losses and going back to our first love, which has always been fashion.

Audra: Oh. Well, I mean, there you have your answer, sally. Listen, I always love what you’re wearing, okay? You have superb taste. Why not just go for it?

Sally: Thank you. Um, it’s just not that simple.

Audra: Why?

Sally: Nick invested money in this business and I’m really afraid that I’m gonna let him down.

Audra: Well, if he’s as good a guy as you keep telling me he is, I think he’ll understand. Plus, he’s a newman, girl. They have money. He can just report it as a business loss on his taxes, and that’ll help mitigate the expense.

Sally: I know. I know. But there’s also the fact that I’ve had numerous businesses over the last several years and I… I don’t know. I just really want to find a lane and stick to it.

Audra: Yeah, I get what you’re saying, but… it just seems to me that you are capable in a lot of different areas. Okay, you’ve done, uh, fashion, interior design, you’ve ran newman media and I bet you could run a baseball team if you put your mind to it.

Sally: Yeah, and design their uniforms for free.

Audra: Already cutting costs.

Sally: Yeah.

Audra: Okay, jokes aside, you are good at a lot of things, sally, okay? But it all comes down to what you really wanna do with your life, what your heart tells you to do.

Sally: Yeah. It’s a simple question. Just wish it was a simple answer.

Traci: Ashley, we are not the enemy. All any one of us wants is what’s best for you, what will make you happy.

Ashley: And you don’t think I want that.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Traci: Ah. Alan, oh, my goodness, what a nice surprise.

Alan: I hope this isn’t a bad time.

Traci: It’s not. Please, come in.

Alan: Thank you. Hi.

Ashley: Hello.

Traci: Um, so, I have a meeting with my publisher on the phone in just a few minutes. Could you both excuse me?

Ashley: Definitely. Hm. So, what are you doing here?

Alan: Well, I, uh, I wanted to, um, continue our conversation.

Ashley: You did? Why? Did you have a change of heart?

Alan: Well, I– I just want you to know that I am here as your friend, ashley. Now, I– I am a professional, and there are concerns, but you and I have been friends for a very long time…

Ms. Abbott: You know why he’s here, it’s because you overplayed your hand. He’s on to you. They’re all on to you. You had your shot, and you blew it. Now, it’s my turn.

Alan: …Anything I said–

Ashley: I don’t wanna hear this!

Alan: Ashley, are you– are you all right?

Ashley: Of course, I’m all right. Why wouldn’t I be? ()

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue…

Audra: Did you know I used to be an artist?

Sally: No, I did not know that.

Audra: Oh, yeah, I– I loved it. You know, the– the art life. I painted, uh, sculpted, experimented. It was all very intense, uh, but fun. And not at all profitable.

Sally: What happened?

Audra: Well, you know, as i got older, I– I started looking at other people’s work and thinking, “you’re okay, but could you really make a career out of this? So, I had to be objective and honest about my work. And it was– it was heartbreaking to come to that realization. Yeah. And who knows, you know? Maybe I could have made it in the art world. Been the next frida kahlo. I don’t know. But what I did know was that i was down to my last few packets of ramen noodles. And girl, paint is so expensive. So, I had to choose. Do I want a life of struggle or do I want security? So, I went with business school.

Sally: Do you have any regrets?

Audra: Zero regrets. You know, my heart wasn’t in it. I was miserable trying to become this person I wasn’t meant to be. Besides, most artists’ work only becomes valuable after their death and I need to taste my success. You know, the business world is where I practice my art now. And I am as good as anybody.

Sally: The thing is… I’ve always known who I’m supposed to be. I think it’s just really a matter of reclaiming that passion and sticking to it.

Audra: Exactly. Sometimes, you just need someone to remind you.

[ Alan sighing ]

Alan: Look, I’m sorry I keep asking how you’re doing, but it seemed like you were in distress just now.

Ashley: I have a lot going on.

Alan: Do you wanna talk about it?

Ashley: No, I don’t wanna talk about it. I think we’ve talked enough.

Alan: Okay, I’m– I’m sorry I’ve upset you.

Ashley: I’m not upset. I’m bored. All this probing you’re doing into my feelings and my emotions, it’s exhausting. Frankly, you’re exhausting.

Alan: Well, I’m sorry you feel that way. I thought our friendship was strong enough to handle honesty.

Ashley: Hm. Well, maybe our friendship has run its course.

Alan: Wait, ashley, where are you going?

Ashley: I have a life, alan.

Alan: No, ashley, wait.

Ashley: No, listen, I do not need you to take care of me, okay? I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I don’t need to be rescued. Thank you so much.

Alan: Ashley.

Traci: Ah, I thought I heard the door slam. Did, um, did ashley leave?

Alan: Yeah.

Traci: Oh. All right, what do you think? How is she?

Alan: Well, I’m afraid it’s worse than I thought. There’s obviously more than one personality at play here, and the one I just spoke to is rather concerning.

Tucker: I wish I would’ve had a silver bullet to take down jill and billy, but the fact of the matter is there was no specific plan.

Devon: I find that really hard to believe.

Tucker: Why would I lie to you about that now?

Devon: I have no idea. You lie about a whole bunch of things that you don’t need to lie about, so…

Tucker: I’m telling you the truth. I– I very often just wing it and trust that the solution will present itself at the right time. And sometimes, that works. Sometimes, it doesn’t, you know. It does keep people guessing. Which is nice.

Devon: Yeah, but what did you expect to happen?

Tucker: I thought once mamie was inside chancellor-winters, she could dig up some dirt on jill that I could use to do my thing, but obviously that didn’t happen.

Devon: ‘Cause mamie turned on you.

Tucker: And then you turned on me, so I just abandoned the whole deal. And you can ask mamie if you don’t believe me.

Devon: No, that’s not an option right now, so I’m gonna have to take your word for it.

Tucker: Oh, really? Is there some family drama going on?

Devon: No, it’s– no, it’s nothing that would concern you.

Tucker: Well, it might if you’re asking me to be involved.

Devon: It’s just we’re not seeing eye-to-eye on some business issues and I’m gonna leave it at that.

Tucker: Hm. I am sorry.

Devon: For what?

Tucker: A lot of things. Uh… I’m sorry that I can’t give more help to you in this situation. I feel like I’m letting you down.

Devon: No, this is not you letting me down. You don’t have to be sorry for this. I just… it was a long shot and I need to find a different angle, that’s all.

Tucker: Yeah. Maybe– maybe I have one. Let me take care of billy.

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Lily: “Sorry for the abrupt departure. I figured you could use the time to cool down and come to terms with my new position at the company. Maybe even get devon to put those gloves back on. Meanwhile, I’ll be taking a trip to various company offices to wave the chancellor-winters flag and get to know them a little better. All in the interest of fostering strong communication. I’ll be in touch, billy.” I mean, what do you think?

Nate: I can’t believe the guy’s already taken the victory lap.

Lily: No, this is more serious than that. He’s using this trip to gather allies. He’s probably gonna charm them and– and flatter them and make a lot of promises that we’re gonna have to deal with. He’s fired the first shot.

Devon: No, tucker. I don’t want you going after billy abbott or anybody at chancellor-winters, and especially not on my behalf, okay?

Tucker: Hear me out, at least. Consider it.

Devon: What?

Tucker: I can take actions that you can’t, or would rather not. And I just have way more experience in this kind of thing than you do. And it’s in your best interest to think about this as a long-game strategy. This is not gonna be a quick-fix type of thing.

Devon: What would your long-game strategy be? What would the plan be?

Tucker: Well, once I got rid of billy, you’d still have jill to deal with and she is going to be thoroughly pissed that billy has been kicked to the curb. And if she finds out you had anything to do with it, she is gonna be out for your blood. And believe me, that woman knows how to hold a grudge.

Devon: Okay, yeah. So, what would the plan be? Are you gonna do all the dirty work and I get to keep my hands clean?

Tucker: Perfect, isn’t it?

Devon: Not if she finds out that we had this conversation. Which wouldn’t be a stretch for jill because she knows that billy and I have issues.

Tucker: Ah, but you would resolve those issues, devon. You would make a big show, a public show, of, uh, your one-for-all, all-for-one feelings about billy. And meanwhile, I would remain the bad guy in town. You would be the honorable son who wants nothing to do with me. Billy’s out of the picture. And you have one less obstacle in your way.

Devon: Right.

Tucker: What do you think?

Devon: I think– I think it sounds complicated. And it’s messy, clearly. And I think it would probably blow up in our face.

Tucker: It’s definitely gonna be complicated. You can’t just ask billy to leave.

Devon: Yeah, I know, I’m aware of that. But I didn’t– I didn’t come here for this. I came just to get information from you. I don’t want you to make new problems for me, okay? But I do appreciate you and your willingness to help me. It does mean a lot. And I thank you for the information. But, no thanks.

Tucker: Okay. Um… I’m sorry that I couldn’t be more helpful to you.

Devon: It’s okay.

Tucker: Uh–

Devon: See you.

Tucker: Yeah.

Sally: Well, thank you, audra. You’ve really given me a lot to think about.

Audra: You’d do the same for me.

Sally: I would love to see your art one day. Did you keep any of it?

Audra: It’s in a storage somewhere. I don’t even think about that part of my life anymore.

Sally: Well, I’m sure you’re a lot better than you give yourself credit for.

Audra: I’m where I’m supposed to be and you will be too. Just keep believing in yourself.

[ Cell phone buzzes ] Yes! [ Laughs ]

Sally: What is it?

Audra: Uh, the airline found us an earlier flight. Which means I better hustle and finish packing.

Sally: Oh, yeah. I will not keep you.

Audra: Uh, no. You can stick around.

Sally: Um, no. Really, I– I– I– it’s fine. But please bring me back a souvenir.

Audra: Ooh, you got it. Boy, I can’t wait to say au revoir, genoa city and au revoir, ashley.

Traci: So, you’re talking about multiple personalities. Is– is this an official diagnosis?

Alan: Well, to be clear, it’s too early to say for sure if it’s did. Dissociative identity disorder.

Traci: Oh. I– I– I had no idea. I– I– I mean, I was so afraid when I was watching her, but i didn’t wanna think it was this extreme.

Alan: Well, you’ve seen it as well as I have. One moment, she’s flirtatious, coquettish even, and then she’s rigid and dismissive. These identities are all a part of ashley.

Traci: So, are they competing with each other? Are– are they working together? And more importantly, can they hurt her?

Alan: Well, it’s too early to say, but if in fact this is did, these personas are usually developed in order to help protect ashley’s psyche.

Traci: Protect her psyche from what?

“The darkness of bipolar

depression made me feel like

Audra: Okay. All right. Hey.

Tucker: Hey, mi amor.

Audra: So, how did it go with devon?

Tucker: Better than I would’ve hoped.

Audra: Huh. So, he was civil?

Tucker: Yeah, he was. He wanted a favor.

Audra: Hm. Well, that makes sense now. I– I hope you didn’t give it to him. Not after all the times he’s pulled a rug out from under you. He doesn’t deserve it.

Tucker: That’s for me to decide, isn’t it?

Audra: So, what’s the favor?

Tucker: If I can succeed at getting billy abbott out at chancellor-winters, devon says he’s willing to give me another chance as a father.

Nate: It sounds like billy to want to go off and play a visiting hero, but what does he hope to prove?

Lily: That he’s in charge? That he’s the man to see?

Nate: Yes, but you’re still ceo.

Lily: Well, I guess maybe he’s gonna try to play–

Devon: Hey.

Lily: Nice of you to join us. Where have you been?

Devon: I had an errand to run.

Lily: Was it more important than billy and jill shaking up the entire company?

Devon: I was trying to find a solution to that problem.

Lily: And how’d that go?

Devon: It didn’t go. It didn’t go at all. Nothing came of it. What’s happening here, though?

Nate: Uh, billy has taken off on a goodwill tour to visit some of our regional offices and spread the word that he’s moved up in the world.

Devon: Good.

Lily: No, it’s not good. While we’re stuck here trying to figure out what to do, he’s putting himself out there as the face of chancellor-winters.

Devon: Let him. We’ll use it to our advantage. ‘Cause the longer he’s gone, the more time we have to figure out how to cut him off at the knees before he gets back.

Alan: Well, at this stage, I can’t really say what ashley’s personas are protecting her from, but most likely it’s something they don’t want her to cope with, which means we can assume it’s substantial.

Traci: Well, what can we do?

Alan: Well, we need to get her into a controlled, protective environment and I mean, that’s really the only place where treatment can work.

Traci: You’ve seen how she’s been acting lately. I– I– is that even possible?

Alan: The real ashley is in there somewhere. We just need to reach her and bring her to the surface and get her to agree to get the help that she needs.

Traci: And what if we can’t?

Alan: Well, I’m afraid there aren’t a lot of good alternatives.

Ashley: God, these stupid clothes.

Ash: Hey, what’s up?

Ashley: God, you little brat. I thought you were gone.

[ Ash laughs ]

Ash: You can’t get rid of me that easy.

Belle: And why on god’s green earth were you so mean to alan? He came over to apologize.

Ashley: Don’t you start with me, you tramp.

Belle: Now, you call me that one more time.

Ash: So mean, and she thinks she’s in charge.

Ashley: Shut up, both of you! Stay in your place. I’ve got work to do. It’s time for tucker mccall to die.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Knock on door ]

Daniel: Hey. Is this a bad time?

Lily: What are you doing here?

Daniel: Well, I texted you asking if I could stop by, but I never heard back, so…

Lily: Well, I’m busy.

Daniel: Right. But I checked with esther and she seemed to think that you might have some time in between your meetings.

Lily: Well, she thought wrong. I don’t have time for whatever this is.

Daniel: I wanna discuss the lawsuit. The arbitration date’s coming up.

Lily: Yes, I am aware of that.

Daniel: I think that if you and I could just talk one-on-one, you know, before this all gets completely out of hand–

Lily: There’s nothing to talk about. You’re suing chancellor-winters and we’re gonna fight back.

Daniel: Lily, you know this isn’t right. I’m not asking for everything. I am just asking for the pieces of omegasphere that are closest to my heart.

Devon: Gosh, dominic’s gonna be a little mountain climber, isn’t he?

Abby: Oh, my gosh, he’s obsessed with the monkey bars. It took a while for him to get the hang of ’em, but now he is a pro.

Devon: I know. Nothing stops him either. He’ll fall down, scrape himself up, get blisters and bruises.

Abby: Oh, yeah, he just dusts himself off and gets back up again.

Devon: Where do you think he gets that stubbornness from? You or me?

Abby: Hm. Okay, I might be a little bit stubborn, but you…

Devon: I know. I can take it to another level.

Abby: I think it’s a good thing, though.

Devon: Really?

Abby: Yeah. So, before you mentioned that there were some things going on at work? No, what is it? Was it mamie?

Devon: No. It’s, uh, billy, actually.

Abby: Billy, yeah. Of course. What did he do this time?

Devon: He told lily and me that jill handed over all of her power at chancellor-winters to him.

Abby: Wait, what?

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: All of her power?

Devon: All of her power. She’s taken a step back and he has control.

Abby: Okay, well that doesn’t make any sense.

Devon: No, it doesn’t make any sense at all. Which is why I don’t think jill made this call on her own.

Abby: What do you mean?

Devon: I mean that this feels like a move by billy to assert his control over us. And I’m not gonna stand for it.

Ashley: Hi. Well, hi. Fancy meeting you here.

Audra: Oh, look who it is.

Ashley: Yeah, so please tell me you’ve wised up about tucker.

Audra: Oh, my god, we’re back to that?

Ashley: I know, I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I really can’T. I mean, I just don’t understand why you’re so taken with him. Oh, well. I guess everybody has their blind spots.

Audra: Um, of the two of us, I’m the one with the issues here.

Ashley: You know what, here you are all by yourself, right? A grown woman ready to take on the world. So maybe you really have ditched that snake?

Audra: Sorry to disappoint you, but tucker and I are solid. We’re connected.

Ashley: Aw.

Audra: We’re actually leaving town for a bit.

Ashley: Travel? I love that. Where to?

Audra: You know where.

Ashley: No? Seriously, you’re going to… what? I mean, oh, I know, because tucker’s relationships always work out so well for him in paris.

Tucker: Hey, doc.

Alan: Ah, alan will do. Good to see you, tucker.

Tucker: Good to see you too. Leaving so soon?

Alan: Um, yes. I have business elsewhere.

Tucker: So, you’re just gonna leave your friend, ashley, in the lurch here?

Alan: Is that how you see it?

Tucker: Yeah. That’s how I see it. She needs help. Desperately. You gotta do something about it. Hellmann’s real mayonnaise.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… -you got this buddy.

-During an asthma attack,

Alan: And what kind of help do you think I can offer ashley?

Tucker: You’re the psychologist. You’re her friend. I am asking you to stay on top of this. Don’t go on your merry way now.

Alan: This matters a lot to you.

Tucker: It’s not really about me, though. Give her some insight. Give her some guidance. Be her therapist. Be her friend. Whatever. Just do something.

Alan: Look, I don’t think ashley would be very comfortable with me discussing her with her ex.

Tucker: All right, then consider me a concerned friend.

Alan: Okay. Well, what makes you so certain that she needs psychological therapy? There must be some kind of signs you’ve seen to bring you to this conclusion.

Tucker: Oh, man, I could give you a play-by-play of all her disturbing and bizarre behavior since our honeymoon in paris.

Alan: I know. I understand that didn’t end too well.

Tucker: No, it did not. She convinced herself that I would behave violently toward her. And it took her months to realize she was mistaken about that. But ever since, it’s been one wild personality swing after the other.

Alan: Well, people are entitled to their emotions.

Tucker: It’s deeper than that. I mean, given your profession and how well you know her, you have to have seen that. And her family is absolutely terrified for her. Has, um, uh, traci or jack approached you?

Alan: Do you think it’s possible that some of what ashley’s going through might be a result of your behavior, or…

Tucker: I will admit to you that I was not the perfect husband in the short time we were married. And I’m very sorry for the ways we hurt each other. We both made mistakes. Um… and I probably could’ve been a little more supportive.

Alan: Have you told ashley that?

Tucker: Alan, whatever is going on with ashley is not gonna be solved by a kind word from me. So, you can catch your flight or you can stick around and do something to help her. She is not gonna get well if left on her own.

Audra: Do you find this entertaining? Because I find it boring.

Ashley: Oh, I’m just trying to make friendly conversation.

Audra: Well, maybe you can find someone else to have it with. You know, someone you haven’t insulted a dozen times.

Ashley: I totally get that.

Audra: Look, lady, I am not trying to be rude, but I just don’t see the point. I– I don’t know what you want from me.

Ashley: I don’t want anything from you. I really don’T. I just– as you know, I think you can do better. I mean, tucker’s not worth the trouble. That’s all.

Audra: Yeah, for you, obviously. But tucker isn’t trouble for me. We have something real and honest and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever had before.

Ashley: Unlike anything you’ve ever had and that’s a good thing?

Audra: You know, you either don’t want to see how solid tucker and I are or you just can’t understand. But I don’t give up on him when things get tough. I don’t give him mixed messages or patronize him. That’s the difference.

Ashley: Wonderful. Love should be cherished and celebrated and I wish you only the best.

Audra: You know, maybe that visit from your therapist friend is helping. You seem a little more even-keeled.

Ashley: Alan, mm. He’s a charmer, isn’t he?

Audra: You might wanna be careful there.

Ashley: Oh, why?

Audra: Well, you know, the whole doctor-patient thing. Might not be the best idea to get involved with your therapist.

Ashley: Look at you. You’re gonna give me dating advice? Now, that’s adorable.

Abby: Okay, yes. I understand why you would be suspicious of billy. The method and the timing of the announcement is quite strange.

Devon: Yeah, I’d say so. Especially since jill hasn’t mentioned a word of it. And we’ve been on calls with her and in meetings about the daniel lawsuit and about mamie and nothing.

Abby: Okay, so what’s jill’s explanation?

Devon: Oh, we don’t get to hear it. You know why? ‘Cause billy told us she’s unreachable while traveling.

Abby: Okay, that is odd.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: So billy drops this huge bomb and jill’s not even around to corroborate it?

Devon: Nope. It’s classic billy. To do something that’s underhanded with an ulterior motive.

Abby: Okay, look. Let’s say that billy is telling the truth and jill has handed her role over to him. Is it so she can focus on her personal life instead of business? She has earned the right to do that.

Devon: Sure she has, but she wouldn’t do that without talking to me and lily first. We’re her partners.

Abby: Well, that would’ve been a much better way to handle it instead of having it come through billy.

Devon: You think so? Yeah. And also, if she did do this, why blindside us? Why blindside lily? Those two are close. She put lily in charge of chancellor industries. Just gonna pull the rug out from under her like that?

Abby: I don’t know, but she must have a good reason.

Devon: But she also is aware of the tension between me and billy. So to just hand him power like this, a grenade like that, without warning me? Come on.

Abby: Jill is smarter than that. So she’s either being careless or…

Devon: Or she wants to go to war.

Lily: I don’t know why you don’t understand this, but omegasphere is not yours. It belongs to chancellor-winters.

Daniel: That platform wouldn’t exist without me. It was my vision and my direction that made it successful.

Lily: Yeah, your vision and your direction because of our offices and our capital and our resources.

Daniel: I made princess louisa for my daughter. I made it so I could feel close to her when she was far away from me. I–I made it to prove to her that I loved her. To prove to her that I deserve to be her father. Are you really just not sympathetic to any of that?

Lily: Just because you want something doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to have it.

Daniel: Well, I was hoping that maybe you had changed your mind.

Lily: Why would I do that?

Daniel: I don’t know. You know, I thought maybe just with a little bit of time, things would’ve cooled off between us.

Lily: Oh, you mean after you cheated on me?

Daniel: What happened between us–

Lily: No, nothing happened between us. I was gone, remember? Helping my daughter in california while you were sleeping with heather behind my back. And now you want me to do you this very expensive favor? For what? Old time’s sake?

Daniel: So you think it would be better just to punish me by taking away everything that I made?

Lily: You didn’t make it on your own. And you definitely don’t get to keep it.

Daniel: Okay. You know, I am sorry that I hurt you. I am. But we need to keep this separate.

Lily: It is separate.

Daniel: Is it? Because it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like you’re only gonna be happy if you crush me. It feels like this is just all about revenge.

Hey! Asthma’s

got you going through it?

Lily: We really shouldn’t have this conversation without lawyers present.

Daniel: Okay, look, if it’s not about revenge, then tell me. What is it?

Lily: Fine. I mean, I’ll– I’ll tell you, even though I don’t owe you anything.

Daniel: Please. Thank you.

Lily: You wanna maintain a portion of omegasphere and I’m not gonna allow that for the good of the company. It’s nothing personal.

Daniel: Okay.

Lily: And you signed a contract. You agreed to the terms in the deal.

Daniel: I am not hurting the company by asking for what I deserve.

Lily: Well, you kind of are, because we’ve invested a lot of time and money and resources into omegasphere and the games on it.

Daniel: No one’s disputing that.

Lily: And it’s of great value to the company.

Daniel: It is to me, too.

Lily: And per the contract, we own the ip. So, if we hand you back bits and pieces for free because you can’t afford to buy us out, that undercuts our bottom line.

Daniel: Okay. That’s what it’s about, right? The bottom line.

Lily: Yeah. Gotta start over from scratch. It’s gonna decimate what you created. I mean, is that what you want?

Daniel: I get it. You’re just looking out for the company.

Lily: Yeah. It’s my job.

Daniel: You know, you have a lot of logic and the law behind you, but it’s also something for you to hide behind.

Lily: Okay.

Daniel: Lily, I’ve known you almost my entire life. We’ve always had each other’s back. We’ve always been there for each other. We’ve even loved each other, and now I’m coming to you as a friend, and as someone who adored you, and I am begging you. Please do not take this from me.

Abby: Okay, I don’t think we should jump to conclusions or make any assumptions about what billy and jill are up to.

Devon: It’s kind of hard not to, given the circumstances, ’cause I know that jill has no reason to give up control.

Abby: And the way this whole thing was delivered, I mean, it’s definitely very odd.

Devon: Yeah. To say the least.

Abby: So, if it’s true, if jill really is handing all of her power over to billy, what do you wanna do?

Devon: I don’t wanna let my mind go there until lily and I actually have a conversation with jill. That’s what I’m gonna do.

Abby: You’re frustrated.

Devon: If this is real, yeah, I am.

Abby: I know– I know there have been a lot of changes at chancellor-winters recently, and it has been chaotic, to say the least.

Devon: Yeah. And it all started when lily went out of town. And billy was brought in, and then chance was brought in, mamie started causing issues. We’ve just never found our footing.

Abby: At least chancellor-winters has remained profitable.

Devon: Yeah, but how long can that last? You can’t do good business when management is unstable like this. What?

Abby: Through all the changes and the tension that it’s brought, how do you think neil would’ve handled it?

Audra: Believe me, I have no desire to interfere in your romantic life.

Ashley: Hm, much appreciated.

Audra: You know, not that I’m an expert on ethics, but isn’t it unethical for a therapist to be involved with this client?

Ashley: Alan’s not my therapist. We’re friends.

Audra: Oh, of course.

Ashley: Oh, don’t tell me you don’t think men and women can be friends.

Audra: Well, I’ve seen you with him, and it definitely looked more than just friendly.

Ashley: You think so?

Audra: I do. And I think I know what you’re after.

Ashley: What’s that?

Audra: You lure alan in, charm him, flirt with him, maybe even try to get him to fall in love with you. But it’s all a distraction, you know, because he’ll be too busy crushing on you to focus on your psychological problems. But it’s a con, and he’ll never see it coming.

Ashley: That’s quite the juicy plot you’ve cooked up, sister.

Audra: I don’t know, it can’t be easy to hide whatever is happening to you. Not with a psychologist hovering.

Ashley: Okay, look, is alan brilliant at what he does? Yes. And is he attractive? Yes. And have I noticed? Of course. But see, we’re not involved in a professional way, so nothing to be concerned about.

Audra: Well, I’m not concerned. But does that mean you– you won’t pursue him?

Ashley: Well, I’m always open to whatever the universe has in store for me. Bye.

Tucker: Ashley’s attitude towards me is constantly shifting. Uh… one minute, she will approach me and wanna reconnect with me and she’ll intimidate audra, telling audra that ashley’s the one that should be with me. And then the next minute, she’ll just reject me outright. She’ll lash out, she’ll imply threats.

Alan: You mean threatening violence?

Tucker: Yes, uh, audra told me about an incident where ashley seemed to be talking about herself in the third person, saying that she was out to get me. So, yeah, something needs to be done, and immediately. Someone needs to step up here, whether it’s you or her family.

Alan: Well, all of this, um, it does sound concerning, but it could be just a misunderstanding.

Tucker: I bet you’re good at poker. What hand am I holding right now?

Alan: I’m afraid I don’t follow.

Tucker: What am I thinking?

Alan: I don’t do parlor tricks or play games, tucker.

Tucker: Humor me.

Alan: All right. You’re guilty.

Tucker: As in, I’m to blame?

Alan: You’re worried that ashley’s suffering from severe trauma, pain she’s carrying from how you treated her, and you’re hoping she will seek help.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. And that would benefit me how?

Alan: Well, if ashley does get help from me or from someone else, then, well, you’re off the hook for having hurt her. A lot of new dry eye patients

Tucker: That’s an interesting take, doc.

Alan: You don’t agree?

Tucker: I’ve already accepted my responsibility for hurting ashley. I’m not entirely to blame here.

Alan: I’m sure that’s true.

Tucker: I really want her to get help and get better for her own sake and for her family. Oh, and by the way, I’ve moved on from her romantically. And I sleep very well at night.

Alan: Well, obviously, I’m not as good at reading people as you thought.

Tucker: But what about ashley? How do you read her?

Alan: I’m not prepared to discuss ashley with you.

Tucker: But…

Alan: Thank you.

Tucker: Did you forget something? Or have you decided to stay and booked another room?

Alan: Well, my business can wait. I’ve just arrived here in genoa city. I see no reason to rush off.

Tucker: Love it. So, you have decided to stick around and help her. That decision was made before I sat down, wasn’t it?

Alan: Was it?

Tucker: You’re good, alan. I sat here and gave you all this information and you just ate it up with a spoon, didn’t you? I like your style.

Alan: I wish you well, tucker.

Tucker: You too.

Devon: Neil would tell us that we need to cut through our issues and figure out how to work together or walk away.

Abby: But you don’t wanna walk away. You already tried to do that.

Devon: I would love to walk away. I really would. But I can’t do that. I can’t do that to lily. And our partnership is too important to us. And I– I would feel awful taking a step back and just watching everything that we worked for fall apart.

Abby: So, there’s no way that you and billy can work on things?

Devon: I don’t know how because billy’s not interested in changing his ways.

Abby: No way for the two of you to just hash things out?

Devon: Honestly, I don’t want to. I really don’t want to ’cause I feel like he is a threat to the company and he needs to be gone.

Abby: But if jill wants him in that role…

Devon: Then we need to figure out a clever way to get him out.

Abby: Now, I’m worried.

Devon: The only thing you need to be worried about is the damage that he could do if he stays. ‘Cause what billy’s doing is underhanded and I need to figure out how to undercut him in return.

Abby: Devon, that is not who you are. You do not play dirty.

Devon: Well, I am gonna do whatever it takes to protect the company, all right? ‘Cause this is war that billy’s declared. And if I don’t do something, we could lose everything.

Lily: Well, if I didn’t know any better, I would say that sounded like a guilt trip.

Daniel: I know that I’m pushing, but I cannot walk away from this.

Lily: There is nothing I can do.

Daniel: Just give me princess louisa. That game is like a love letter to my kid. Let me hang on to that and–

Lily: It’s not my call. The board voted to keep all of omegasphere’s intellectual property. I can’t just undo that.

Daniel: I understand that, but if you backed down, said you changed your mind, then other members might follow.

Lily: Well, there’s no guarantee.

Daniel: Oh, come on. Devon and nate, they’ll do whatever you think is best. Jill, she respects your perspective. So does billy.

Lily: There are more factors at play.

Daniel: Okay. They know this is about you and me and they are just trying to make this easier on you.

Lily: That might be your perception, but it’s not true. It’s about the company.

Daniel: Okay, well I still think other board members would follow your lead.

Lily: Listen, we have enough things on our plate right now.

Daniel: You’re stressed about something. You wanna talk about it?

Lily: With you? No.

Daniel: Fair enough. Look, I know I am asking a lot, but this is as big as it gets for me. I believe that we can figure out a solution.

Lily: Look, no promises, okay? I can revisit it with the board when it’s convenient and that’s all I can tell you.

Daniel: That’s all I can really ask for then. Thank you for that much. Right. Good luck. With whatever else it is that you’re dealing with.

[ Lily sighs ]

Jill: Hello, lily. Sorry for the delay.

Lily: Jill, what the hell? Did you really give billy all of your power behind our backs? It was one thing when my mom got alzheimer’s,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Audra: You won’t believe this.

Tucker: Try me.

Audra: Ashley just wished us well.

Tucker: As in, I wish you well as I watch you plummet to your deaths after I push you off a cliff?

Audra: She said she hopes we have a wonderful life together.

Tucker: And how did this come about?

Audra: Well, I– I ran into her at society. At first, she told me that I could do better than you.

Tucker: No question about that.

Audra: Well, after I defended our relationship and connection, she backed down. She said she was glad that we were happy and had each other.

Tucker: I’m sure she is.

Audra: You know, it’s such a weird switch from before. When she insisted she was your one true love, you know?

Tucker: Mm-hmm.

Audra: You know, she’s all over the place emotionally. Well, I don’t wanna make it worse by giving her a hard time.

Tucker: Aw, such a kind person.

Audra: You know, maybe this shift has something to do with her therapist friend. Maybe he really is helping her.

Tucker: It’s possible.

Alan: Ah, hello.

Ashley: There you are.

Alan: I am so sorry. There was a delay in getting into my new room.

Ashley: No, that’s okay. I’m just so happy you’re sticking around.

Alan: Oh, me too. You know, um, I had a little bit of a run in with your ex-husband.

Ashley: Ah! He’s just such a selfish pig. Don’t you think? I mean, honestly, he just likes to hear himself talk and yap, yap, yap, yap, yap.

Alan: Well, he did seem genuinely concerned. I think he carries a lot of guilt over what happened between you two.

Ashley: Please. Tucker does not do guilt. He doesn’t do any emotion, really.

Alan: But he may care about you more than you realize.

Ashley: Well, poor him. I am only interested in better things.

Tessa: Can I help you?

Daniel: No. Uh, I’m– I’m sorry. I’m just a little distracted.

Tessa: Oh, that’s okay.

Daniel: I recognize you.

Tessa: Um, we have mutuals on social media. You’re summer’s brother, daniel. I’m tessa, mariah’s wife. Uh, cassie’s sister.

Daniel: Yes. No, all of that is true, um… what I meant is I am a fan of your music. I’ve actually played some of your songs on repeat.

Tessa: Oh my gosh, thank you. I– I really appreciate that.

Daniel: I appreciate it. It’s helped me get through some rough times.

Tessa: Well, that’s what music is for. Not to be pushy, but is now a rough time?

Daniel: That’d be an understatement.

Tessa: Well, I mean, I can’t play a song here, but there’s drinks and food to cheer you up. I’ve also been told that I’m a good listener, if you need someone to talk to.

Daniel: That’s okay. I’m sure that you’re busy. I didn’t even realize that abby had hired you on staff.

Tessa: Well, I’ve been told I’m a fabulous manager and also a good listener. So, I don’t know… why don’t you give me a shot? I might surprise you.

Jill: I assume that billy explained to you what’s happening?

Lily: Yes, but I wanna hear it from you. You’re stepping back and just giving billy control?

Jill: That’s right.

Lily: But why would you do that? Why– why now?

Jill: Because devon is determined to push billy out of the company.

Lily: Jill, I wouldn’t have let that happen.

Jill: Please, lily. Devon is determined to get him out. And I had to make sure that that wasn’t possible. And that’s why I didn’t warn you and devon about my decision.

Lily: Oh, so you just blindsided us. I mean, I thought we trusted each other.

Jill: Devon forced my hand. He has never given billy a chance. He’s never taken him seriously. Well, now he has to.

Lily: Because billy is the new you.

Jill: This move is binding, lily. And I believe it will help the company.

Lily: How?

Jill: By limiting arguments. Billy now has my role and my power equal to that of you and devon.

Lily: So where does that leave you?

Jill: I’m not walking away. I will still be available as an advisor.

[ Lily scoffs ]

Lily: And that’s that?

Jill: That’s that. So, now you and devon and billy will all be forced to work together. And we can get back to business.

Lily: No, jill. You are wrong. This is not a solution. You have made things so much worse. When you have chronic kidney disease,

Tessa: And for the record, I am a fan of yours, too.

Daniel: Really?

Tessa: Yeah. Princess louisa is the best. And it’s all your vision, right?

Daniel: It was.

Tessa: I heard you named the character after your daughter. Such a cool tribute. I write songs for aria, but it’s mainly about bath time and important things like that. But someday, I would like to write an album for her, about how much we love her.

Daniel: A love letter? I was talking to lily about the game earlier and that’s what I called it. A love letter to my kid.

Tessa: And that upset you?

[ Daniel sighs ]

Daniel: Well, I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but I am no longer working for chancellor-winters. And since they own all the rights to omegasphere and its games, they are no longer mine.

Tessa: Oh, no. I’m so sorry.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. Lily and I aren’t together anymore. That ended badly between us.

Tessa: How badly?

Daniel: I cheated on her.

Tessa: Oh. Ouch.

Daniel: Basically, I don’t have a leg to stand on, but you know, I just– I don’t wanna let go of the work that I created. Everything’s pretty much just a giant mess and it’s all kind of my fault.

Tessa: Hm. I can relate to that feeling.

Daniel: So, you’ve ruined your own life, too.

Tessa: Um… yeah, I mean, it felt that way, but, ah, it all worked out. I’m just saying that I have plenty of experience of causing trouble for myself and the ones around me.

Ashley: I wanna make you a promise. I am never gonna scare you off again because I want you to stay around as long as possible.

Alan: Well, that sounds lovely.

Ashley: Good.

Alan: You know, tucker seemed intrigued that I was staying in town, too.

Ashley: Oh, yeah? Intrigued how?

Alan: Well, he seemed to think it was for professional rather than personal reasons. Started asking a lot of questions.

Ashley: Oh. Did you humor his curiosity?

Alan: I didn’t see a need to.

Ashley: Ah, good answer.

Alan: Tucker is the kind of man who, um, well, if he wants something, he thinks he deserves it. He’s entitled. And I, uh– I’m not inclined to help.

Ashley: I like that about you. But I don’t care what tucker says or what he does. I just wanna focus on what’s right in front of me.

Tucker: We have to move on from the issue of ashley. It won’t seem to move on from us.

Audra: Yeah, she’s suddenly all up in my face. I never know which attitude I’ll get next.

Tucker: All right, let’s let it go. Right now, okay? Let’s– let’s make a conscious effort to drop the subject of her. No more. Now and forever, right? ‘Cause I– I just wanna concentrate on us. And I wanna get the hell out of this town. Let’s book an earlier flight, right? ‘Cause we’re ready to– yes! We’re ready to go. We’re packed. Let’s do it. You dis– what, you disagree?

Audra: About this trip? Uh… you’re not trying to run away from something, are you?

Abby: I really don’t wanna think the worst of billy. And I hope his intentions aren’t as bad as you think they are.

Devon: Yeah, but what if they are?

Abby: If billy is doing all this without jill’s approval, then he would essentially be gaining more power and control for himself.

Devon: Exactly. And if he gets exposed, then jill will be pissed and lily will never trust him again.

Abby: Okay, but what would billy have to gain from that? He’s smarter than that. So before you draw up battle plans, you need to figure out what he’s really up to.

[ Phone buzzes ]

Devon: Well, this is lily. Hey.

Lily: Hey. Jill finally called me back.

Devon: And what’d she say?

Lily: Everything billy said is true. She handed him her control.

Devon: Wow, wow, wow. Um, okay. Uh, there’s something that I need to take care of first and then I’m gonna come straight to the office.

Lily: Well, make it fast. We don’t have time to lose.

Devon: All right.

Abby: Yeah, uh, go. Dominic and I will be fine.

Devon: I’d much rather be spending time with you guys than dealing with this.

Abby: I know. But what’s so urgent that you have to do that before you stop by the office? Please don’t do something that you’ll regret.

Devon: I won’T. I promise. I love you.

Abby: I love you too.

Devon: Gonna say bye to dominic.

Abby: Yeah.

[ Doorbell rings ] You must be isaac.

Tessa: Work and romance can definitely be messy when they intersect. Picture it. An awesome trip to san francisco to a music festival. Me and noah newman. Mariah and devon.

Daniel: Not you and mariah?

Tessa: No, we were very much not a couple back then. I was seeing noah. Mariah was seeing devon. And there was chemistry between mariah and me. But I was signed to devon’s label. Not selling well. And in some really deep denial about mariah. And in a truly brilliant move, I used her journal for inspiration without her permission. Yeah, that mistake cost me a job, a friend and a boyfriend.

Daniel: Wow. Yeah, no, that is a mess.

Tessa: Yeah. My whole world fell apart.

Daniel: But it didn’t stay that way.

Tessa: Hm. But I had help putting the pieces back together for the best life possible.

Daniel: Well, you know, if you could tell me how to do that, step by step, if possible. I would forever be in your debt.

Ashley: This is so pretty. Definitely one of my very favorite places.

Alan: Ah, it’s absolutely lovely. I– I saw that it was named after a woman named, uh, katherine chancellor. Did you know her?

Ashley: Yeah, I did. Somewhat, sure.

Alan: Then she must’ve been quite a powerful figure in town.

Ashley: Quite the mogul. Why can’t I remember ashley’s past?

Ms. Abbott: Because I want you to fail, you dumbass.

Alan: Are you– are you okay?

Ashley: Yeah, I’m just enjoying the sunshine. The company. It’s been a while since I’ve been so at ease, you know.

Alan: Ashley, I, uh–

Ashley: I really wanna kiss you. I’ve been wanting to kiss you ever since you first came to town.

Audra: You know, you never answered my question.

Tucker: Audra, I am not running away from anything. I just– I wanna get away. With you. Focus on you. You’re all that matters.

Devon: Hey. Do you have a second? ‘Cause I can use your help.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, May 13, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Knocking on door ]

Sally: Hi. I brought coffee and muffins. I figured you’d be exhausted from your trip.

Adam: That is very sweet of you.

Sally: Come here.

Billy: Lily? Hey.

[ Billy sighs ] Hey, lily, it’s billy. Uh, can we meet? I need to talk to you about something very important. Asap. Thanks.

Chelsea: Hey.

Billy: Hi. I thought you were going straight to the office.

Chelsea: Uh, yeah, I was going to, but I just– I need to talk to you, if you have time.

Billy: Yeah, of course. How’s connor?

Chelsea: Things are so much worse for connor than we thought.

[ Chelsea sobs ]

Nate: I haven’t seen aunt mamie that upset in a while, if ever.

Devon: I think she’ll cool down.

Nate: I’m not so sure about that.

Devon: What were we supposed to do? Just let her keep causing issues?

Nate: It had to be said, but by all of us at once? I see how she felt ganged up on.

Lily: I mean, she did seem surprised we weren’t willing to push out jill and billy.

[ Phone pings ]

Devon: Well, I mean, she brought it all onto herself.

Lily: Like, what’s the fallout gonna be? Is she gonna cause more trouble?

Nate: I’m gonna go with yes. She obviously felt betrayed and made it clear she wasn’t gonna take it.

Devon: I think the easiest solution would be to buy her out.

Nate: You heard her. She has no intention of letting go of her investment.

Devon: That’s right. Well, I thought we had to fend off tucker, but it’s the internal threats within chancellor-winters that we have to worry about.

Phyllis: Well, looky here. Shouldn’t you be working on your super important case?

Christine: Ah, shouldn’t you be minding your own business?

Phyllis: I guess you’re drowning yourself in coffee and muffins because danny’s about to hit the road.

Christine: You don’t have to worry about me. I’m getting plenty of cardio these days.

Phyllis: Hm. Slacking off, I see. You know, if I were your client, I’d be mad. I would think I wasn’t getting my money’s worth.

Christine: Well, you couldn’t afford me and…

[ Christine laughs ] …I would never defend you. So, actually, I’m doing exactly what I should be at the moment.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness, so I guess your important case wasn’t really that important after all.

Christine: You’re right about that.

Phyllis: You didn’t really want danny, did you? You just wanted to make sure I didn’t get him.


Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Christine: As usual, you’re shooting off your mouth without knowing a damn thing.

Phyllis: Oh, I know plenty. I know how to read you. You’re like an open book regarding danny and me.

Christine: Here he is, right on cue.

Danny: Hey.

Christine: Hi.

Danny: Hi. Phyllis, good to see you.

Phyllis: Good to see you, danny. I was afraid I wouldn’t get to say goodbye before you hit the road.

Danny: Yeah, finally hitting the road today.

[ Phyllis laughs ] In fact, I just said my goodbyes to daniel and lucy.

Phyllis: Oh, great, great. Well, I will let you guys say your goodbyes. You know, I bet it’s gonna be exciting going in front of all your adoring fans and washing the stink off of an old flame. Somebody who chose work over romance.

Danny: You didn’t tell her?

Christine: No, she was too busy reading me like an open book.

Phyllis: Tell me what?

Christine: Uh, a little plot twist. I turned down the case. I’m going with danny after all.

Nate: I don’t see aunt mamie as a threat to this company. Mad as she is, she wouldn’t do anything to hurt it. She’s as invested as we are, emotionally and financially. Her whole agenda has been to unite us.

Lily: [ Laughs ] Well, we were united, just not in the way that she hoped.

Nate: Look, aunt mamie doesn’t have the power to cause any corporate instability, even if she wanted to.

Lily: I mean, I feel bad upsetting her, but I think that, you know, we were right telling her to back down.

Nate: She came back to town guns blazing. Not just ready for a fight, but trying to pick one.

Devon: And?

Nate: And even though she’s on our side, she never really tried to work with you two. And I’ve tried to tell her that, over and over.

Devon: Yeah, she just came into town trying to call all the shots without ever getting our buy-in.

Lily: I think we were right to tell her that we all feel like she’s overstepped.

Devon: There is one thing that she said that I agree with, and that’s that we need to figure out how to get billy out of the company.

Sally: Talk to me. What happened?

Adam: The doctors at the residence are still trying to find the right medications for connor.

Sally: He has to be on more than one?

Adam: I don’t know. They’re– they’re not sure. You know, it’s trial and error. As they explained it, uh, they have to see how he responds. There could be side effects. You know, sometimes they augment drugs that they think could be helping, and then they have to take family history into account.

Sally: Sounds really scary. For connor and for you and chelsea.

Adam: Yeah, and it could be months before they know if it’s working. In the meantime, the drugs that he’s on are messing with his sleep. You know, there’s just so much at play, there’s so much that we didn’t understand. We were right there. We were so close. And we didn’t even get to see connor at all.

Chelsea: The doctor said connor is tired and groggy because of his new medication. It’s affecting his therapy sessions. He can’t concentrate.

Billy: It’s slowing down his progress.

Chelsea: His ocd is raging, billy. He’s not getting better. He’s getting worse.

Billy: Okay. Is that why they said that it’s not a good idea to see him?

Chelsea: They’re trying to understand the psychology of what’s causing these intrusive thoughts and then hoping that the medication will reduce them.

Billy: Yeah, I’m sure that’s a delicate balance.

Chelsea: Everybody keeps saying that. But if he’s this upset– we can’t even be in the same room with him. We can’t hug him, tell him that we love him. I mean, where is the stability they’re talking about?

Billy: It’s– it’s gonna come, okay? It’s gonna come. It didn’t get this bad overnight. It’s gonna take some time to– to work it out.

Chelsea: We are part of the problem. Adam and me. To know my son is in this much pain… that he would be worse if we’re with him?

Adam: The main reason why they couldn’t take the risk is because… connor started punishing himself.

Sally: Blaming himself for the thoughts?

Adam: Physically. He started punching his legs.

Chelsea: They said he has bruises… on his thighs.

[ Chelsea crying ]

Billy: Chelsea. I’m so sorry.

Chelsea: He’s in so much pain. So much pain. I mean, when is it gonna end? Is my son gonna be suffering every day for the rest of his life? Depression is a journey.

Lily: Look, I’m sorry, but I don’t think that ousting billy is the right move.

Devon: I bet you don’T. Why are you so loyal to that guy?

Lily: It’s not loyalty. But if we go after billy, jill’s gonna feel like we’re coming after her. And that’s gonna start a war.

Devon: So you really think that he’s more dangerous to us outside the company than inside?

Lily: Why do you always look at him like a threat in all the ways that he can hurt us? I mean, think about how he can help us. I know that you hate admitting this, but he actually has some good ideas.

Devon: Yeah, like putting his name on the side of the building. That was an awesome idea. How do you not see that the guy is just after more control and more power in the company?

Lily: Okay, you know, I don’t wanna talk about this right now. Billy actually texted me and said it’s urgent, so I have to go find him.

Nate: Just the two of you? No devon? What’s that about?

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: I don’t know, nate. I’ll find out when I go talk to him.

Devon: Huh. Well, that sounds like divide and conquer to me. I’m sure whatever it is, it’s not good.

Adam: I feel so powerless.

Sally: I get it. And maybe you can’t cure him, but you and chelsea are doing everything you can. He’s in a great place with leading experts on this. They will be able to help him. You have to trust that.

Chelsea: The doctors say if he continues like this… hurting himself, they’ll have to send him to this thing called “inpatient.”

Billy: But he’s in a residential facility already.

Chelsea: Well, they isolate him for weeks so they can watch him more closely. It’s– it’s what they do in cases of– of self-harm.

[ Billy sighs ]

Billy: Okay, look, well, um, it sounds like they’re on top of it. Okay, and– and I can only imagine how difficult it is for you, but there’s a treatment plan, so hopefully the medication kicks in and hopefully he stops hurting himself.

Chelsea: What if he doesn’t, billy?

Billy: I–

Chelsea: And they send him to this inpatient facility. His ocd doctor isn’t allowed to treat him there. So, he will be more alone and he will be more terrified. How does that help?

Adam: All of the advances that he has made so far… could backslide.

Sally: Hey, your job as his dad right now is not to jump to worst-case scenarios. Just try and remain positive.

[ Adam laughs ]

Adam: How can I do that? The doctors are already prepping us for this.

Sally: Does connor know what could happen?

Adam: No. No, not yet. But I already know if it comes to this, it’s just gonna make him feel even worse. I just– I know it. He already feels embarrassed and ashamed. They say he’s always trying to cover ’em up. He doesn’t want anyone to know what he’s doing to himself.

Sally: My heart breaks for him.

Adam: Yeah, and he told the therapist that he feels guilty that we have to pay for him to be there. As if that should even be a concern at all. He’s just– he’s terrified that he’s not gonna be able to fix what’s wrong with him. That’s how he puts this. As if he’s broken.

Billy: The doctors given you any sign of hope?

Chelsea: Just that they’re starting to get into the– the main manifestation of connor’s trauma.

Billy: Which is?

Chelsea: Basically that he has no self-worth. That he– he thinks he’s a burden on everybody else. I mean, how can he think that?

Billy: That’s the ocd talking. That’s not connor.

Chelsea: No, that is connor. Those are connor’s thoughts. Deep down. Haunting him.

Lily: Hey, I got your text. Oh, sorry, am I interrupting?

Chelsea: I’m sorry, I interrupted billy’s work day.

Billy: No, no, there’s no need to apologize. We can go somewhere else and keep talking.

Chelsea: Uh, that’s okay, I– I need to get to marchetti to approve some designs. Sorry.

Lily: Um, billy, uh, told me that you went to see connor, and I hope his treatment’s going well. I’ve– I’ve been thinking about him.

Chelsea: I appreciate that.

Lily: Yeah.

Billy: You sure you don’t wanna go get a coffee, anything?

Chelsea: No, I’ll be okay.

Billy: Sure.

Chelsea: I’ll see you later.

Lily: Are you sure you don’t wanna go with her? ‘Cause I’m sure what she’s feeling is more important than what you wanted to talk about.

Billy: Um, actually I think work would be a good distraction for her. And what I need to tell you can’t wait.

Phyllis: You’re going on tour with him.

Christine: It’s like you said, sometimes you have to put aside work for the people you love.

Phyllis: No, you didn’t put aside any work. The clients dumped you.

Danny: Uh, phyllis, I, uh, I would really love to go on tour, you know, on a good note. Right? You’ve come a long way. And I– I’ve seen the change. I’ve witnessed it.

Phyllis: I know you have. You see me, danny.

Danny: Yeah, and I’d like to go on tour with that phyllis in mind.

Phyllis: Is this for real?

Danny: It’s real. We’ve had more than one long talk about our lives, our dreams, our futures.

Christine: Our passions.

Danny: Yeah.

Christine: All night long, into the morning.

Danny: Some of the best and most important discussions of my life.

Christine: But our night was about so much more than just talking.

Sally: I wish I could take your pain away. And connor’S.

Adam: So do I. But I’m finally starting to get there is no easy fix. And the doctors keep saying it’s a long process. He’s gonna have to manage this for the rest of his life, and I just– I hate that. But the sooner that I can accept it, the more I can be there for him.

Sally: Sounds incredibly wise.

[ Knocking on door ]

Chelsea: Hey, sorry, I should’ve called, but I was on my way to work, and I– I just– I don’t know, I couldn’t face it. Oh. Hi, sally. You know what? I’ll just call you later.

Adam: No, you know what? Just stay.

Sally: I was just leaving.

Adam: It’s okay.

Sally: I’m so sorry for what connor’s going through.

Chelsea: Me too.

Sally: You two are doing amazing. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but you really are navigating this whole thing with a lot of courage. I know you’ll get connor through this. I will check in after my meeting.

Adam: All right.

Sally: Okay.

Adam: Sounds good.

[ Chelsea sighing ]

Chelsea: I’m a mess. Anyone says anything nice to me lately, I just– I just burst into tears.

Adam: Yeah, I get the feeling.

Chelsea: I’m sorry. I’m sorry to just, like, bust– bust in here like that.

Adam: Look, I– I– I’m glad that you came.

Chelsea: What sally said, I don’t feel brave. I feel just the opposite. You know, billy tried to give me a similar pep talk earlier.

[ Adam scoffs ]

Adam: It’s excruciating.

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah, it is. It just makes it worse because it’s obvious I’m falling apart when I should be keeping it together.

Adam: I know. We’re supposed to be seeing the big picture and staying positive for connor’s sake and believe he’s in the right place.

Chelsea: When really, I justwanna ream or crawl into bed and just cry.

Adam: Yeah, and I hate that I keep dumping it all on her. And I resent the words of encouragement because in my head it’s all lies, but that’s on me. That’s not on her.

Chelsea: I do nothing except cry to billy lately. I’m sure he’s run out of things to say to me. I mean, when does it get to be too much?

Adam: And I know that this is killing her. Not knowing how to help. The truth is we are the only ones who know exactly what we are going through. We have to talk to each other.

Chelsea: But we didn’T. We didn’t talk to each other the entire way back from maryland. You were silent. So, I’m– I’m here because I wanna ask. Do you blame me for all this?

Devon: I do not like this one bit, man. I wanna know what the hell billy’s up to.

Nate: Asking to see lily alone, it does back up your suspicion he’s trying to work her in some way.

Devon: Yeah. Maybe he heard about what happened with mamie, and he’s trying to figure out how to work that situation to his advantage.

Nate: How would he be able to do that? He hasn’t exactly been on aunt mamie’s side. He even told her that he agreed with jill, that they see her as trouble. And aunt mamie wouldn’t buy it if he suddenly tried to align himself with her.

Devon: Maybe not. I don’t know, I just wouldn’t put it past the guy to work any situation to his advantage. That’s what he does.

Nate: Maybe part of what aunt mamie’s saying was right. That there’s a level of paranoia that’s starting to infiltrate our thinking. And it’s doing more damage to us than billy can.

Lily: Is this personal or about work?

Billy: Work, mostly. But, you know, maybe a little bit personal. But everything is around here.

Lily: Yeah, family business comes with the territory.

Billy: Yeah. Didn’t mean to make light of it, because it is serious. Um, look, I wanted to tell you this first before I break the news to everyone else because I feel like I owe this to you.

Lily: Why do I feel like I’m not gonna like this?

Billy: Well, I hope you do. Because we’re gonna have to live with it. Jill made a very major decision. She has decided to step away. And she’s handing all of her decision-making power to me. I told myself I was ok

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Billy: Well, I know you heard me, so you should probably say something.

Lily: I’m– I’m shocked. I mean, I– I didn’t know that jill was even thinking about something like this.

Billy: Neither did I.

Lily: Really? Are you sure about that? That’s not why you were trying to convince me to do a joint power grab with you?

Billy: Trust me, lily, I didn’t know this was coming, okay? I was just as surprised as everyone is going to be when they hear the news.

Lily: Okay, so, sorry. That– that’s it? She’s– she’s gone?

Billy: Well, I mean, it’s jill, right? She’s never going to really be gone forever, but she did hand the reins over to me. Of course, she’s going to keep her board seat.

Lily: And did she say why?

Billy: She did. She said it’s time for me to shine.

Lily: “It’s time for you to shine.”

Billy: I’m glad you find that funny.

Lily: I mean, this is– I– this is very, very suspicious.

Billy: Really? You think I’d make something like this up? You think I would lie about something like this, lily?

Lily: Billy, I don’t know. This is weird, right? It’s weird, why wouldn’t jill tell devon and me directly?

Billy: I don’t know.

Lily: I mean, this feels a lot like when mamie came to town with all of her secrets and the games that she was playing. I didn’t like it then, and I definitely don’t like it now.

Devon: Do you think I’m being paranoid to be suspicious of billy’s motives?

Nate: I’m not saying we shouldn’t keep an eye on billy, but now you’re all so worried about aunt mamie.

Devon: Well, we all are.

Nate: Yeah, and just a few days ago you were doubting lily, reading into her glances with billy. Upset that she voted against her and stating me on the board, thinking you were losing control of the company because she wasn’t necessarily agreeing with you.

Devon: Right, okay, I– listen, I get that you don’t mind that she voted against you, and you don’t think I should ever go against my sister. You’ve made that clear.

Nate: I’m just saying you spend an awful lot of time spinning conspiracy theories about internal threats. And I admit, I am guilty of that as well. I am not innocent here. But what if we put that energy towards building bridges instead of blowing them up?

Devon: Yeah, I mean, sure, I can admit that maybe I’ve gotten caught up in corporate politics.

Nate: Yeah, thank you. Thank you for admitting that.

Devon: For sure, yeah. I might be, you know, seeing threats that aren’t really there, or I’m exaggerating ones that are. Either way, though, I really would like to know what kind of bomb billy’s about to drop right now.

Nate: You and me both.

Devon: ‘Cause I doubt it’s about building bridges. So, why don’t we go stand side-by-side with lily, and hear what it is?

Adam: I– I don’t blame you for any of this. And I’m trying like hell not to blame myself either.

Chelsea: Well, the doctors tell us not to, but–

Adam: I’m– I’m doing my best to listen, okay? And I hope you are too. This is exhausting enough without us beating ourselves up. Oh, god, I’m sorry, I’m– that was a terrible choice of words, okay?

Chelsea: It– it used to just be a figure of speech.

Adam: I just don’t understand how this is happening. I don’t understand how connor is literally beating himself up.

Chelsea: His little hands– his little hands, they used to wrap around my– my fingers when he was a baby. The– the hands that we would hold while we’d help him cross the street. How can he be using those hands to hurt himself? And how is this not our fault?

Adam: Chelsea. Look, we can’t keep going there. I know it’s hard not to do that, but we– we can’t keep asking, “why connor? Why our son?” Blame is not going to get us any closer to figuring out how to help him.

Chloe: Well, I got your favorite, but you probably want to get a new one. It’s definitely cold.

Sally: Is that your way of saying I’m late?

Chloe: Well, look, I don’t blame you for wanting to put this off because you are busted. I found you out.

Sally: What are you talking about?

Chloe: I know that you have been paying our business bills from your personal account. Don’t deny it.

Sally: I had to. Do you want our company to flatline?

Chloe: We’re not there yet.

Sally: Our account will be tapped out by the end of the month. And look, I’m trying to buy us some time, so that we can survive, at least on paper, for a little bit longer. Maybe give us some time to find a solution.

Chloe: Look, I’m– I’m not angry. At all. I mean, I’m touched. But, you know, that is a really big sacrifice, investing your own money. So, this is going to be a loan. One that will be paid back.

Sally: I’m fine with that. I’m not looking to be broke and a failure. So… how do we find financing to save our firm?

[ Chloe sighs ]

Chloe: I don’t believe I’m going to say this, um… maybe adam’s idea is our best and last shot. Joining newman enterprises.

Sally: So, now you see the logic.

Chloe: Well, desperation brings clarity.

[ Sally laughs ]

Sally: It– it doesn’t matter. Victor shot it down, and he doesn’t seem to have reconsidered.

Chloe: Well, maybe we find a way to change his mind.

So tell me about

your heart attack.

Christine: After our amazing, earth-moving night together, I realized there was no other choice, and danny was so sweet. He kept asking me over and over again if I was sure. But I have never been more certain. There will be other cases, and I just didn’t want to lose out on our romantic momentum.

Phyllis: Seriously? You want to be a groupie?

Danny: Oh, come on, phyllis.

Phyllis: No, I mean, who’s gonna– who’s gonna know that you’re a hot shot lawyer? And you’re a do-gooder. Who’s going to know that?

Christine: I’ve been doing plenty of good for danny.

Phyllis: This is just a slap in the face for me. You know that I’m more than willing to show up for danny. And you’re trying to block me from doing that.

Christine: Phyllis. Me going with him has nothing to do with you. This is about us falling back in love.

Billy: Look, I don’t know why my mother does the things that she does, okay? But if you don’t trust me, why don’t you get on the phone, and call her yourself, all right? Might be a little bit hard to get a hold of her because she’s on a plane going to live her life.

Lily: Oh, that’s convenient.

Billy: Lily, do you really think I’m that stupid to try and make a move like this on you and my mother? I mean, what do I have to gain from that? In fact, I have everything to lose. Look, I get it, it’s a shock. But honestly, I’m not giving up on this opportunity. Especially when I believe that this company’s heading in the wrong direction with all the warmongering from devon and mamie.

Lily: Okay, please don’t go there right now.

Billy: Fine, not the best time to go there, because this news is going to be enough to process with everyone, and I get it, okay? Your brother, he’s not going to be happy about this.

Lily: I cannot believe that jill would make a decision like this without even discussing it with me first.

Billy: She should have, okay? But she didn’t, and we’re here now.

Devon: Hello. I mean, I assumed that me not being invited was an oversight. So, what’s going on?

Lily: Well, you might want to sit down, because um, it’s a shocker.

Chloe: There’s one way it could work. We enlist adam. Oh, my mouth even hurts just from saying the words.

Sally: Absolutely not. Adam is going through hell right now and I’m not about to pull him into our problems.

Chloe: Yeah, I know, chelsea told me about the troubles they’re having with connor. It’s terrible. But, I mean, it was adam’s idea. I mean, he may be up for the challenge. Maybe it would be a good distraction for him.

Sally: Not going to happen.

Chloe: Okay, so what about nick? He thought it was a great business move, and he could help us with victor.

Sally: That is the desperation talking.

Chloe: Okay, well, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m giving you all the solutions and you just keep on shooting them down.

Sally: You know what? Maybe this was a mistake.

Chloe: Wait, what do you mean? That we should just give up? That our partnership is over?

Chelsea: You’re right. We need a plan. A new one. Knowing connor thinks all of this is happening because he thinks he’s worthless, and not being able to tell him that’s not true because it’s not healthy for us to be in the same room with him right now. We have to figure this out.

Adam: Look, when I said that we need to get closer to finding an answer, I didn’t mean you and me. Okay, as much as I– I hate to say this, I don’t think that we are the people who can find that answer. We have to leave it to the people with the experience and the education in this.

Chelsea: Are you giving up?

Adam: No, I’m– I’m giving in to reality. Okay, our knee-jerk reactions and our parental instincts are not helping him. They might be making it worse.

Chelsea: So, it is our fault.

Adam: No, we are reacting the way any parent would, the way a parent does. Doctors have told us that. You know, they’re not surprised they have parents questioning their techniques all the time, because we want to help our son. You know, and I’m more guilty than you are. I mean, I’m the one who’s flown off the handle, and I wanted to yank him out of there.

Chelsea: Maybe you were right. Maybe he needs a new care team, a new facility.

Adam: No, chelsea, you were right. You’ve been right. Okay, you were the one that talked me down. You told me, “trust the process.” Well, I finally see it. Or I finally admit that I don’t know how to fix this, so we have to have faith in the doctors, and we just– we have to get the hell out of their way.

Chelsea: I know in my heart you’re right. Because I had to accept the same things, and trust that my doctors were going to help me.

Adam: Well, seeing connor go through this, it’s– it’s given me a better understanding of your struggle. And now I realize how much you had suffered before you got well.

Chelsea: That’s why I just want to take my son’s pain away. Because I’ve lived it. I can’t watch our son suffer anymore, adam. I really can’T.

Adam: I know.

[ Adam sniffles ] I’m jonathan lawson,

Phyllis: What? You’ve fallen back in love? Okay, I just, um– ah, great, I– I think I lost my appetite.

Christine: Are you sure you don’t want a muffin? You look a little pale.

Phyllis: No, trust me, I may never eat again.

Danny: Well, hey, um, you take care, phyllis.

Phyllis: Yeah, you take care. Listen, I’ll look after our son. I– I’ll try to stop him from making tremendous mistakes, unlike his father.

Danny: Oh, come on, please.

Phyllis: Really, no, no, it’s fine, it’s fine, at least, I know I’m not going to run into cricket any time soon. So, um, have a good tour. Have fun, um, what do you say? Break a leg. Ugh.

[ Danny sighs ]

Danny: Wow, I’m, uh– I’m really sorry about that. You know, obviously she doesn’t know you’re not supposed to say “break a leg” for a rock tour. That’s more of a broadway thing.

Christine: Okay, well, of course she knows. But, like, I don’t even care. Because nothing can spoil my excitement.

Danny: She is right about one thing, though, you know. Being on the road can be tough.

Christine: I am here for it. Our next adventure. On the road. And back. In love.

[ Danny sighs ]

Danny: Yeah. To the start of our next chapter together, my love.

Sally: No, you goof. Our partnership is not a mistake.

Chloe: Oh, okay. Well, thank you, geez.

Sally: I– I meant, maybe we made a mistake stepping outside our comfort zone. We know fashion. We’re great at it. Maybe we shouldn’t have drifted too far from our calling.

Chloe: Okay, wait a minute. Are you saying that we abandon our interior design business, and go back to fashion? Again? And– and with what capital? I mean, you’ve been dipping into your piggy bank. And what is nick going to think about losing his investment?

Sally: I– I don’t know, okay? I don’t have all the answers, I’m just starting to think about it.

Chloe: Okay, well, we’re running out of time, I mean, you said it yourself.

Sally: Yeah, which is exactly why we have to make a move fast or nick will lose his investment for sure, and we will be out of a job, so, we have to be proactive and we do not need nick or victor or adam to do it, okay? We are smart, we are experienced and we are creative. We can dig ourselves out of this hole on our own, okay? Are you with me?

Chloe: A hundred percent. But we are going to need damn big shovels.

[ Sally chuckles ]

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Chelsea: Sorry. Sorry, I lost it. I seem to be doing that a lot lately.

Adam: Well, your way of losing it is a lot better than mine. It’s a lot less destructive.

Chelsea: Yeah, I was actually impressed you really held it together when our visit fell apart. I was– I was expecting you to run past those doctors, find connor, and make a run for it.

Adam: Well, I may have checked the exits, and looked for a way to dodge security, you know?

Chelsea: Well, who knew? You were the calm one.

Adam: A rare occurrence. I really do mean it, though. We have to trust the doctors. Pulling connor out now would mean we would have to start all over, and that’s not fair to him. And I don’t think we could take it as a family. The only real option is forward.

Devon: So this is not a joke. That’s what you’re saying. Jill’s out, billy’s in, no one discussed it with her partners?

Billy: That about sums it up.

Devon: Is this another one of your power plays, billy?

Lily: Okay, let’s not make accusations until we talk to jill.

Devon: Well, apparently that’s impossible to do because she’s unreachable and traveling the world, right?

Billy: I get it, okay? I was just as surprised as you are. But it’s happening, so we’re just gonna have to make it work.

Devon: No, we don’t have to do anything, actually, until we speak to your mom. We’re not just gonna let you get away with this.

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Y&R Transcript Friday, May 10, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Claire: They were so big, I couldn’t believe it.

Summer: This is unbelievable! It’s exactly what I told kyle I didn’t want. Claire all over harrison.

Phyllis: Yeah, I mean, they’re feeding ducks. Maybe it’s harmless.

Summer: That is so not the point. Kyle knows how I feel about her being around him. And– and so does she.

Claire: They were fighting.

Phyllis: Yeah, I get it. I get it. What do you wanna do?

Summer: I’m definitely not going to walk away.

Jack: Wait, you want to leave?

Diane: I don’t want to leave. I just don’t see any other way to get through this. I’m so angry at you, jack. For the risk you took for to your sobriety, and your life, and I won’t take the chance that that anger could push you back into a bottle of pills.

Jack: I will say it again. I’m not going to relapse.

Diane: You don’t know that.

Jack: You’re really thinking of leaving because of what happened to nikki? I made a judgement call that saved her life.

Diane: Yeah, and you almost lost yours.

Jack: No, I’m very much alive.

Diane: You were unconscious! You overdosed! The emts needed to revive you. The only life that needed saving was yours. And thank god nikki was sober enough to call.

Jack: It could just as easily have been nikki who was unconscious in that room. I knew I could come back from the pills. Nikki might not have been so lucky had alcohol poisoning set in.

Diane: Oh, please. You could have taken away her vodka bottles.

Jack: No, that’s not the way it works.

Diane: Oh, really, jack? Then, tell me. Is swallowing a bunch of pills in front of her how it works?

Jack: It was a last resort.

Diane: What if you walked into an aa meeting and you shared what happened? What do you think the members would say? That you did the right thing or that you made a horrific mistake?

Jack: You’re right. I’m willing to accept that taking pills was foolish. If I had thought it through, perhaps another, safer option for help nikki might have presented itself to me. I did not have time. It was an emergency. I made a choice. In the moment. A hail mary. And it worked. I’m sorry I put you through this. I mean that. I wish– I wish I could make it up to you.

Diane: So, is that what this is? An in the moment hail-mary?

Jack: What are you talking about?

Diane: You will say whatever it takes to keep me from leaving.

[ Jordan laughs ]

Jordan: I knew it. You need me. You’re not just let me rot in here when I have something that I can offer you. I have a skillset that you need.

Victor: I don’t need you. I’m merely considering my options right now.

Jordan: Okay. Okay. Okay, victor. Then, you tell me. You tell me, okay? Whatever it is, I’ll do it.

Victor: It’ll be at a time of my choosing.

I have type 2 diabetes, but I manage it well

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Summer: What a surprise!

Harrison: Mommy!

Summer: Hi, buddy!

Victoria: Well, we were having such a lovely day.

Summer: How are you doing?

Harrison: Having fun.

Summer: I bet you are.

Phyllis: Hey, do you have one of those hugs for me? Oh, my goodness! Oh! You have grown like three feet since I last saw you.

Harrison: I was kidnapped. So was claire. By a witch.

Phyllis: Whoa! You are so brave.

Harrison: Claire says I’m the bravest boy she ever met. Right?

Claire: Brave and amazing and strong.

Harrison: Because I had my lucky charm. Claire found it for me.

Summer: Honey, you didn’t need a lucky charm to be the brave boy you are.

Harrison: Claire used to have a lucky charm when she was little, but she lost it. We could give her a new one, right, mom?

Phyllis: So, how did this little get-together come about?

Kyle: A happy coincidence.

Summer: Really?

Victoria: Claire and i were just out enjoying the beautiful day.

Claire: And we were lucky enough to run into these two.

Harrison: Claire and i fed the ducks.

Victoria: It’s nice to enjoy a little bit of nature.

Summer: Really nice you could fit all this in before going to the office.

Phyllis: I’d like to introduce myself. I’m harrison’s very protective grandma.

Jack: What do I have to say to you to convince you I regret what I did? The last thing I wanted was to upset you.

Diane: Oh, stop it, jack. You weren’t thinking about me at all. You acted so recklessly. You put yourself in so much danger. Without thinking about to the consequences to your family, or to your wife.

Jack: For which I am profoundly apologetic.

Diane: [ Sighs ] You know what? Your apology is hindsight. Your instinct was to put nikki first. Not me. Not your life. And I– I don’t know what to do with that.

Jack: And the answer is running away?

Diane: I am not running away. I’m doing what is best for us. I don’t want my anger to cause you to relapse.

Jack: What happened was a one-off. It was intentional. We don’t have to worry about me being hooked again. The only thing I am craving right now is a chance to regain your trust!

Diane: How can I not be concerned about your sobriety moving forward?

Jack: What, my word isn’t enough?

Diane: No! You say it was a one-off!

Jack: It was!

Diane: Yeah, but what if it wasn’t? What if you liked that feeling? Being high on pills.

Jack: Oh, come on, don’t do this.

Diane: Oh, no, no. Maybe saving nikki was just an excuse to feel that again. Or, maybe a test to see how strong you are against your old demons.

Jack: You are taking things out of context.

Diane: Well, what if I’m not? You keep saying how strong you are, but jack, this is unknown territory. And what– what if this tension between us is too much, and it puts a crack in all that strength of yours?

Jack: I get my strength from you. Your love gives me strength.

Diane: What about my anger? Hm? I don’t want to do anything that could put your sobriety at risk.

Jack: I had–

Diane: So, I think the best thing is for me to remove myself from this situation.

Jack: Diane, I–

Diane: I need my husband. And harrison needs his grandfather, healthy and present after everything he’s been through.

Jack: And your answer is to walk away?

Diane: No, I just… I just need time. To– to think about what’s happened. And to figure out what’s ahead. And you do too.

Jack: No, I don’T. I don’t need time. I know what I want. I want the two of us to find a way to work through this together.

Claire: It’s wonderful that harrison has so many people who love and protect him.

Phyllis: That’s what family does, right?

Victoria: I assume you’ve heard that claire is family as well?

Claire: Yes, I’m victoria’s–

Phyllis: I know who you are.

Victoria: I was telling clair earlier about all of the interesting characters around genoa city like katherine chancellor. But, I guess I failed to warn her about everyone in town.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Well, that’s the thing with warnings around here, not everybody’s really paying attention to them.

Jordan: “Your choosing?” What, is this a damn chess game, now? Why don’t we just sit down and play some checkers? Get on with it.

Victor: I call the shots.

Jordan: Oh, that’s abundantly clear. But I would settle for just a little hint.

Victor: I don’t know. Considering the various options, you know. If I even decide to… go ahead with the project.

Jordan: Oh, surely. Surely, you don’t doubt my capabilities. My ability to take risks, push the limits. I have a special talent for you. Only I can do… what I can do. You know that. I can smell fear, I can manipulate it, I can weaponize it. Just ask your lovely wife.

Victor: You’re a delusional, vicious bitch. And don’t ever mention nikki again.

[ Jordan laughs ]

Jordan: Whatever the great and powerful victor newman wants. But I think that you want me to do your dirty work. And I think… I’m right. I mean, what is it? My hands are already awash in blood. What’s a little more? ()

Victoria: I’m just happy that claire’s made a real friend.

Harrison: Let’s go to the playground!

Summer: Uh, you know what, honey, I actually think that we need to get you home for lunch.

Harrison: Can claire come too?

Claire: Uh, oh, I would really like to, but I have plans already. Maybe we can do it some other time.

Victoria: Yeah, we should get going.

Claire: Well, I will see you later, alligator.

Harrison: After a while, crocodile.

Victoria: Kyle, please just think about what we discussed earlier.

Phyllis: Well, harrison, why don’t you show me the playground? What do you think of that?

Harrison: Okay.

Phyllis: All right.

Summer: How could you do this to me?

Victor: I’ll let you know what I decide.

Jordan: Don’t you turn your back on me after dangling my freedom in front of me.

Victor: Just… a little distance away. Like your freedom, yeah?

Jordan: Oh, you’re a damn cruel bastard.

Victor: You make it easy. Now, isn’t that pretty?

Jordan: I need food! Not more vodka! Oh!

Victor: I decide what you’ll get. Now, cheers.

Jordan: Damn you, come back here!

[ Jordan panting ]

Diane: I hate that we’re even having this conversation.

Jack: I am totally to blame for this. What can I do to reassure you that I am– that I am okay? That our future together is safe?

Diane: All right, well, why don’t you go some 12 step meetings? No matter what the reason, you broke your sobriety. And you keep saying you have it under control, but you let that poison back into your system. And there’s no telling how, or when, it could become a craving that you can’t say no to.

Jack: You’re right. I will go to a meeting today. And tomorrow and the next day. Will that change your mind?

Diane: Jack, you can’t do it for me. It has to be for you, or what’s the point?

Jack: I know, it is for me. But I would be disingenuous if I didn’t say it is also for us, for our happiness.

Diane: You’ve always been very good at knowing exactly what to say.

Jack: It kills me that I have hurt you this deeply.

Diane: It’s going to take more than an apology for me to be okay with what happened.

Jack: Okay, I understand, but loving you and being loved in return have brought me more joy than I– I knew existed. That I would do something to destroy that… crushes my heart. Please, I’m asking you please, don’t leave.

Victoria: Oh, good, you’re here.

Cole: Hey. I didn’t expect you back from the park so soon. All the fun that claire and harrison were having, I thought that that would’ve spilled right over into lunch.

Victor: Yeah, well, then summer showed up and that was the end of that.

Cole: So, is she still tense with claire?

Victor: That’s putting it mildly.

Cole: What did she say?

Victor: Summer didn’t have to say anything. No, no, not at all. She was perfectly and excruciatingly polite. But she couldn’t wait to get harrison away from claire. It was infuriating, and insulting, and it didn’t help that phyllis showed up with her dragon breath to play back-up.

Cole: How did claire take all this? You know, I just– I just hate the thought of our daughter feeling unwelcome.

Victoria: She tried to take it in stride, but she shouldn’t have to.

Victor: Well, this is a pleasant surprise.

Cole: Hey, victor.

Victoria: There you are, daddy. Hi. Good to see you.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Victoria: You know, I saw joan when I walked in, and she said that you were here, but she hadn’t seen you. Where were you at?

Victor: I just went down to the stables. To feed califa some carrots.

Victoria: Aw, that’s so nice. That’s something that you and mom would love to do on a day like today.

Victor: And hopefully, will do soon again, you know.

Victoria: Yeah. You know, I know that she needs to be in rehab right now, and I want nothing more for her to get better, but I miss her so much.

Victor: So do I. It’s very, very upsetting. Anyway, the two of you wanted to talk to me about something? Please sit down.

Victoria: Yes, thank you. Yes, cole and I, we were talking and we wanted to discuss something about claire’s future. We wanted to run it by you.

Victor: Sure.

Cole: Victor, I think that you’re aware of how much it meant to claire when she helped with the children at the hospital.

Victor: I heard that she read to some child.

Cole: Yes, yes. Exactly.

Victor: How sweet.

Cole: Yeah. You know, it gave claire such a sense of purpose. And she enjoyed it so much, she’s talking about finding a job working with kids.

Victor: Huh, wow.

Victoria: And as luck would have it, kyle and summer happen to be looking for a new nanny for harrison. Who adores claire and she loves the idea of working with him. And actually kyle seems very open to the idea as well.

Cole: It just seems like a perfect fit.

Victor: Huh. So, what’s the problem?

Victoria: Summer, actually. She’s still wary of claire and she’s having a problem overlooking her history. And I was thinking that maybe if you could, you know, talk to her about it. I know that she would listen to you and maybe if you could vouch that maybe, maybe summer would change her mind about it.

Victor: Hm. Well, I won’t do that.

Victoria: Why not?

Victor: As much as I would love to help claire, every which way, I do not want her to be subject to the toxicity of the abbott household.

“The darkness of bipolar

depression made me feel like

Diane: I’ve gotta get to the office. I have that presentation.

Jack: No, not like this. You’re upset.

Diane: You know, it’s just too much, okay? Harrison being kidnapped, and then all this mess with ashley. And then all–

[ Diane sighs ]

Jack: And then what?

Diane: Nothing. Nothing. It’ll work itself out.

Jack: No, let me help.

Diane: I– I’ve got it covered. So jack, you’ll– you’ll go to that 12 step meeting?

Jack: I will go to the meeting.

Diane: Okay.

Jack: Diane… please reassure me that we are in a slightly better place than we were when we started this conversation.

Diane: I still need time.

[ Door closing ]

Victoria: Okay, dad, I know there’s no love lost between you and jack, but claire would mostly be dealing with harrison.

Victor: Okay, I understand that, but she’d be in close proximity to both jack abbott and diane jenkins. Jack abbott’s a fool. Diane jenkins is an opportunist. Nothing more.

Victoria: Jack wasn’t partying with mom. He took those pill to shock some sense into her.

Victor: Cole, were you filled in on what happened?

Cole: Victoria told me everything.

Victor: Do you know how close they were to it becoming a total disaster? No, I don’t want claire to be subject to that, okay? I don’t want any of my family to have anything to do with the abbotts ever again.

Victoria: Okay, well we both know that summer is never gonna go along with that.

Victor: That’s another story, okay? Claire has no reason at all to involve herself with that family. Ever.

Kyle: Again, seeing claire was unplanned.

Summer: I got it. But you didn’t have to let him run off with her alone.

Kyle: Harrison was so happy to see her. He wanted to feed the ducks with her.

Summer: Oh yeah, and nothing bad could possibly happen to a small child near a large body of water.

Kyle: Okay, you’re blowing this out of proportion. They were barely out of sight.

Summer: The last time claire was barely out of sight with harrison, he was kidnapped.

Kyle: Summer, you can’t tell me you’re still holding onto the idea that she was involved in that.

Summer: I get it. She was a victim. But she’s still a reminder of everything that harrison went through, and he’s still recovering from the trauma.

Kyle: Yeah, and outings like today will help get things back to normal. Today, I saw a very happy little boy who totally bonded with someone who shared and survived a difficult experience with him.

Summer: Kyle, I was very clear on how I felt about claire spending time with our son.

Kyle: Yeah, and I couldn’t just blow her off once harrison saw her.

Summer: So, you blew me off instead? Just completely disregarded my feelings?

Kyle: Come on, summer.

Summer: No! Negotiating custody with you was difficult enough. I… I don’t know why you’re fighting me on this.

Kyle: I am not fighting you on it.

Summer: You are! I asked for one thing. That you keep claire away from harrison. I didn’t even insist that it be forever, even though that would suit me just fine.

Kyle: That’s hardly fair.

Summer: Do you realize that harrison’s not the only one that’s dealing with trauma? Kyle, every time I see her, I am right back in that place. Terrified that I’m never gonna see my son again. Desperate to find him. Maybe I need to not see claire’s face so that I can recover from the trauma too. I just, I really didn’t think that that was too much to ask. But did you– did you even try to respect my wishes?

Kyle: Summer, I wasn’t–

Summer: No, it was one day ago that I requested this of you. Were you even gonna tell me about this if I hadn’t run into you?

Kyle: I honestly didn’t think it was that huge a deal.

Summer: Right, so my feelings, what I want, just not a big deal to you.

Kyle: Okay. Don’t you think it would have been more upsetting to harrison if we ignored the friend he adores? That if we somehow treat claire as a villain, that it would be confusing to him?

Summer: It’s not that hard. All you had to do was say hi and keep moving.

Kyle: Understood. It’s over. Can we please be done talking about this?

Summer: Yeah, sure. We can be done talking about it. As soon as you tell me what victoria meant before she left. What was that about? (Vo) it’s shrimp your way.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Kyle: Uh, victoria just wants people to give her daughter a chance.

Summer: That’s great. Doesn’t have to be us.

Kyle: You say that like we’re two random people on the street. You two are cousins, family. I mean, after everything claire’s been through, victoria’s just trying to protect her daughter like you were trying to protect harrison.

Summer: Harrison’s a child, kyle. Claire’s an adult. She can take care of herself. She has the entire newman family to show her love. She does not need you getting involved and dragging our son into it.

Kyle: At the risk of you shoving me into the lake, you’re overreacting.

Summer: So, that’s just it? You’re making unilateral decisions now? No more co-parenting, no more respecting each other’s wishes when it comes to raising our son? You’re just gonna ignore all of my boundaries when it comes to harrison from here on out?

Phyllis: Hey, guys, sorry to interrupt. Um, this little guy wants lunch. I’ll take him if you’d like.

Kyle: No, I’ve got it. How about a dad-style grilled cheese?

Harrison: Yeah.

Kyle: Yeah, let’s do it. We’ll finish this conversation later.

Summer: Oh, I’m gonna come to the house with you just in case claire decides to stop by for another surprise visit.

Victoria: I don’t think we should just dismiss this idea of her being harrison’s nanny just because you’re angry with jack.

Victor: Look, I have my own idea about my granddaughter’s future, all right?

Cole: You do?

Victoria: Oh, yeah, of course. I should have seen this coming.

Cole: Uh, well, does someone want to clue me in?

Victoria: Dad wants for claire what he wants for his children and his grandchildren, of course, to be a part of his legacy.

Victor: My idea is that the best use of claire’s intelligence and skills would be to follow in your footsteps. So, whenever you return to newman, she could become your assistant.

Victoria: Well, there’s a major problem with that.

Victor: What’s the problem?

Victoria: I haven’t decided if or when I will even return to newman.

[ Diane sighs ]

Diane: Not today.

Phyllis: I haven’t even said anything.

Diane: Yeah, well, whatever it is, I don’t want to hear it.

Phyllis: I want to talk to you about kyle.

Diane: What is it?

Phyllis: I just saw him at the park with harrison and claire. I got a problem with kyle.

Diane: Well, stand in line.

Phyllis: Are we possibly on the same side? Do you share summer’s concerns?

Diane: Summer’s concerns?

Phyllis: Yeah, with claire, victoria’s daughter. Um, I thought at first summer was being a little overprotective and high-strung about the whole thing. But, uh, yeah, I just saw them at the park with my own eyes. Claire’s being all palsy-walsy with harrison is very inappropriate. This is, you know, right after harrison was kidnapped by her aunt. I just think it’s weird. That’s all.

Diane: Well, claire was just as much a victim of jordan’s as harrison.

Phyllis: Um, yeah, whatever.

[ Phyllis sighs ] Don’t you think it’s weird? Someone with claire’s history. She just got out the psych ward, diane. That she’s spending so much time with harrison, a sweet, vulnerable little boy. I mean, what exactly is that about? (Vo) you might be used to living with your albuterol asthma

Victor: You’re not returning to newman? You can’t mean that.

Victoria: Not anytime soon, at least.

Victor: Don’t you realize that claire’s just in the process of finding herself? And you should damn well come back to newman, for heaven’s sake.

Victoria: Daddy, I want to focus on claire. I want to get to know her better. I mean, this is all just still so new.

Cole: With jordan dead, along with her threats, this is a chance for us to really help claire settle in with her new life. To help her figure out just what her purpose is going forward.

Victoria: The kids are going to be home soon. I want her to know them. I’ve got to prep her for that.

Victor: None of that prevents claire from working at newman enterprises. And none of that prevents you from coming back. I want claire to have a structured life. A job where she has fun, where she’s excited, she’s challenged. That’s the way you have felt at newman enterprises ever since you’ve worked here.

Victoria: But claire isn’t me and I want her to do what makes her happy.

Victor: Oh, come on now. This damn nanny job, what the hell kind of job is that? That’s not a long-term job. That’s not how you plan your future. She belongs at newman. With you. As your assistant. And I don’t want her anywhere near jack abbott.

Cole: Why not?

Victor: Because I said so.

Victoria: Dad?

Victor: What?

Victoria: Are you planning some kind of retaliation against jack for what happened to mom?

Victor: That son of a bitch almost ruined your mother’s life.

[ Summer chuckles ]

Kyle: Oh. You really didn’t need to come.

Summer: Well, there’s no place I’d rather be. Hanging out with my favorite little guy.

[ Summer laughs ] Jack. Didn’t expect to see you home on a work day.

Kyle: Dad’s working from home today. You all right?

Jack: Yeah, how could I not be? My favorite grandson just walked in. How were things at the park?

Harrison: We fed the ducks.

Jack: Oh, lucky ducks.

Harrison: You’re funny.

Summer: And now I think it’s time for someone to feed himself. Ready for that grilled cheese?

Harrison: Yes.

Summer: Let’s go.

Kyle: Dad, are you sure you’re all right?

Jack: Yeah, I’ll be fine.

Kyle: Hey, you know I know you pretty well. Putting me off only makes me try harder.

Jack: I don’t want to drag you into all this.

Kyle: Too late. I’ve never seen mom this upset with you. I want to help.

Jack: Your mother’s dealing with a lot of stress right now. Harrison’s kidnapping took a lot out of all of us. She’s still struggling. She’s on edge.

Kyle: That might be part of it. But you did almost die last night.

Jack: And I’m sorry she told you about those details.

Kyle: And I’m glad she did. The idea that we almost lost you… dad, thank god we didn’T. It makes sense that mom’s upset, but her anger towards you… the hurt? I mean, it’s next level. Is there something else you need to tell me? Is your relationship in trouble? Because if it is, I hope you know you can talk to me about it.

Diane: Phyllis, I just don’t want to get into this with you right now.

Phyllis: Oh, wow. Okay, I’m sorry. I’m expressing concern about our youngest family member, our grandbaby. So how awful of me, right?

Diane: No, you are stirring up trouble because you just can’t help yourself and you’ve decided that claire is your latest target.

Phyllis: We could have a situation on our hands.

Diane: We don’T. You have no restraint, no boundaries. Well, I am drawing one right now.

Phyllis: Claire could be a threat to harrison.

Diane: Or not. You know what? My family just went through a terrifying ordeal, and we’ve had enough drama, so why don’t you just stay in your own lane?

Phyllis: Um, summer’s my daughter, so I’m very much in my lane. She needs to know what her kid is up against.

Diane: Well, apparently you and your daughter have already decided that claire is a problem. Why don’t you give her the benefit of the doubt?

Phyllis: Are you kidding me? Her aunt is a lunatic. In and out of the psych ward? This girl could be a psycho in training for all we know.

Diane: Oh, my god, phyllis, do you hear these words coming out of your mouth? You and I have both been seen as psychos at different points of our lives. Oh, yes, we have. So all this finger pointing, it’s not a good look for either of us. ()

Phyllis: Listen, you, before you go off on me, from somebody who’s been epically demonized and criticized for my truth, I really wanted to see claire’s point of view.

Diane: It all comes back to you.

Phyllis: I understood claire. You know, empathized with her. I really did. And I told summer, stop being so overreactive, take a step back, don’t judge her, but… honestly, this girl… tried to kill her family. She’s a wild card.

Diane: She was brainwashed, and she’s gotten help, and the newmans have welcomed her with open arms.

Phyllis: Yeah, but the newmans are adults who can fend for themselves with a wild card. Harrison cannot do that.

Diane: Yeah, but it’s not up to you.

[ Phyllis sighs ]

Phyllis: Listen, I wish, I wish that claire’s completely rehabilitated. I really do. But that doesn’t mean she has to be involved with our grandson.

Diane: I really don’t see that happening.

Phyllis: Hey, did you know that kyle thought it was a super-duper idea to have claire be harrison’s nanny?

Diane: What?

Phyllis: Yeah!

Diane: Kyle wouldn’t put his son in danger.

Phyllis: Oh, really? Well, listen to this. Summer wanted to err on the side of caution, so she politely requested to kyle to keep that woman away from her son, and guess what happened?

Diane: I don’t know, but you’re dying to tell me.

Phyllis: Yeah, I was just at the park, and um, kyle was there with harrison and claire. They’re out there looking at ducks or something, despite summer’s very, very reasonable request to keep claire away from harrison.

Diane: All right, phyllis, this is up to kyle and summer to figure out.

Phyllis: I know, but you see, kyle doesn’t really care what summer has to say, so now we have to intervene. You and me, and possibly jack.

Diane: No, no, no, no, that’s enough. We are not going to intervene about any of this, and I am not about to tell jack about it either.

Phyllis: What is going on with you?

Diane: Nothing. I am– I am late for a meeting at the office.

Jack: Your mother feels I went too far, chose to put my life on the line to save nikki, of all people, and needless to say, that didn’t sit well.

Kyle: You saw a friend who needed help. You did what you thought you had to do to save her. I understand why you did it, even if I hate you took the risk.

Jack: I know it seems extreme, but I just felt I had no options.

Kyle: Mom doesn’t feel that way.

Jack: No, she does not.

Kyle: And she’s really broken up about it. Playing into all the what-ifs, how it could have gone wrong, even if it didn’T.

Jack: I understand her upsets. I regret hurting her, I really do, but some part of me wants to think she will eventually understand why I did what I did.

Kyle: What if that doesn’t happen?

Jack: When I walked in on the two of you earlier, you seemed to be dealing with a lot more than her anger toward me. When I talked with her later, she brought up another thing that was bothering her. Could you perhaps be that other thing?

Kyle: Mom’s convinced herself that I am trying to undermine her at work. I try to help her when she makes mistakes, but instead of seeing it as teamwork or showing gratitude, she accuses me of being out to get her.

Jack: She’s not making mistakes, kyle. Her work has been impeccable. You are the one creating this scenario.

Kyle: That makes no sense.

Jack: It makes sense if you are still feeling resentful about my choosing your mother over you for the ceo position.

Victor: I am not planning a damn thing, all right? I want to protect my granddaughter as I protect everyone in this family. Jack abbott is this far away from being addicted again. What if he starts popping pills? Do you think I want claire near that?

[ Victoria sighs ]

Cole: Okay, well, I guess we know where he stands.

Victoria: Classic dad.

Cole: Now listen, is this really about jack being sober or not?

Victoria: I think this is about jack being the reason that mom is serious about getting sober.

Cole: All right, is it passive resentment or is it something else?

Victoria: There’s definitely nothing passive about this. Dad can deny it all he wants, but he is definitely planning something and he doesn’t want us anywhere near the abbotts when it happens.

Jordan: Victor! Victor! Tell me what you want and let me out of here!

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Alan: Well, I’m afraid it’s worse than I thought. There’s obviously more than one personality at play here, and the one I just spoke to is… rather concerning.

Lily: I have been very loyal to jill, and this is a complete betrayal. So, we have to respond accordingly.

Nate: You do realize she’s going to explode when we do this, right?

Devon: I don’t care. She dropped a bomb on us and we’re going to return the favor.

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, May 9, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Phyllis: You seem tired and run down.

Summer: Um, I’m okay. I’ll be okay. Yeah.

Phyllis: Harrison? How’s harrison?

Summer: Harrison’s actually seeming to do pretty well. I’m keeping a very close eye on him for any signs of the trauma that he’s been through, but he seems okay so far. I, on the other hand, am still a little bit on edge.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. I understand that. I understand. I would be too. I’d be very cautious.

Summer: Yeah, we’re gonna keep harrison out of school for another day just to see. And kyle’s spending some one-on-one time with him this morning.

Phyllis: Oh, good. That’ll be good for them. Both of them.

Summer: Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Summer: I just really want things to go back to normal so that we can put all of this behind us.

Phyllis: Yeah, uh, that’s gonna take some time. You gotta be patient for that, but it will take time. Just wait it out.

Summer: Unfortunately, harrison keeps on asking about claire. Kyle’s doing nothing to discourage it.

Phyllis: Well, do you want him to?

Summer: Yes, absolutely.

Phyllis: I– I just– from what I heard, is that claire was as much as a victim to jordan as harrison was.

Summer: Mom, please don’t tell me that you’re gonna side against me on this.

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh, no, never. Hey, listen, if there was any side to be on, it would be your side, always. I just heard, I was told that, you know, claire’s not to blame in any of this.

Summer: Maybe not directly, but in my mind, claire is never gonna be innocent. Never.

Victoria: This is nice, you know? The two wo of us just getting to spend the morning together.

Claire: Yeah, it’s a beautiful day. It’s a beautiful park. I saw a plaque back there that said katherine chancellor, that the park was named after her. Did you know her?

Victoria: Yes. Everybody in genoa city knew katherine. She– she was an icon. She was loved and respected all around the world. She was my godmother.

Claire: Well, I wanna know more about her and her connection to the newmans. I wanna know everything that I’ve missed over the years.

Victoria: Don’t worry about it. It would be my pleasure to tell you everything and anything that you wanna know. We have all the time in the world for that.

Claire: All the time. I can’t help but wonder, mom, if maybe that’s a mistake.

Victoria: A mistake? What– what do you mean? Spending time together is a mistake?

Claire: No, no, of course not. I love spending every moment we can together. It’s amazing. You’re amazing. But jordan’s dead now, and I’m beginning to find my footing. I– I’ve been thinking of getting a job of my own.

Victoria: Oh, well, that’s good. That’s a good thing, right?

Claire: Yes, it is. And it’s why I think maybe you don’t need to be so worried about me and think about getting back to work. I want to see you back in action.

Kyle: Hey, bud. You about ready? I got your duck feed here. It’s one more day of hooky and then back to school for you, young man.

Diane: Well, you sound like you’re in a good mood. Hearing you so happy and relieved almost helps my own.

Kyle: Well, not so much, I see. Doesn’t look like you got much sleep.

Diane: Got a little.

Kyle: I’m guessing you’re still upset about dad not coming home the other night? I mean, what actually happened? I feel like I’m missing something here.

Diane: He was gone all night. Does there need to be anything more?

Kyle: And I’m guessing the friend he was helping out was nikki. That’s why victor was over here the next morning, furious. And it’s why you still are upset about something.

Diane: I am.

Kyle: So, I can’t believe I’m about to ask this, but, um, look, it– it’s out there. Dad and nikki, they’re just– just friends, right?

Diane: Kyle, I don’t think your dad cheated on me with nikki newman. But what he did was just as bad. Maybe even worse.

Jack: I know you’re angry with me, victor. I’m not here to argue that. But can you at least tell me how nikki is doing? Wanna know a secret?

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Kyle: Let me get this straight. Dad contacted his old dealer, my former friend, kieran, to get his hands on some pills he used to be addicted to.

Diane: Yeah, it was this ridiculous plan to save nikki, who apparently was on some drunken bender. And I swear to you, kyle, I have tried to understand the risk your father took. I’ve– I’ve gone over it again and again, but the more I think about it, the more I realize I’m not– I’m not just upset, I’m furious.

Kyle: It’s a lot.

Diane: It’s outrageous. And I– I can’t stop thinking about what could’ve happened.

Kyle: But it didn’T.

Diane: Yeah, but that’s not the point. An addict willingly took pills.

Kyle: I know. And– and to a certain extent, I guess I can see where you’re coming from.

Diane: To a certain extent? Do you even hear what I’m saying? Your father risked everything. He– he risked our marriage, our future, his– his family, his sobriety, even his life. Everything. I mean, yeah, yeah, I’m– I’m so happy that nikki’s okay and that she’s finally getting the help she needs. But your father’s actions make it clear that he thought of nothing and no one beyond that. How could he have put us through that? How could he have taken that chance without a moment’s hesitation?

Kyle: Well, clearly, he thought it was an extreme situation. And he saw no other way out of it. So, he did what he did.

Diane: He mixed pills with vodka. I mean, is that what you would’ve done? Is that what anyone in their right mind would’ve done in that situation?

Kyle: Mom, dad knows nikki in a way you and I don’T.

Diane: Oh, so what? He could’ve suffered fatal consequences. That’s why what he did was stupid. And it was incredibly selfish.

Kyle: How can you consider that selfish when he only did it to save nikki’s life? I mean, he could have died. And that’s horrible to even think about. But selfish? Come on.

Diane: Why would he have done something so reckless when he has a family who loves and needs him? I mean, tell me, kyle, how would you feel if you had found out that your dad had died, that he had od’d in some athletic club suite? No. What he did was selfish. He put everything at risk.

Victor: How my wife is doing is none of your damn business.

Jack: I’m her sponsor, of course it’s my business.

Victor: You’re a hell of a sponsor. Your actions drove her into hell, from which she was afraid she would never return.

Jack: But she did return. And she decided what was best for her.

Victor: And you give yourself credit for that? Is that it? She had to call the damn paramedics to save your ass. Now, you turn around and make it as if you saved her life?

Jack: Okay, I’m not gonna argue this with you. Nikki finally made her own decision about going to rehab.

Victor: And that was up to me to convince her to do that.

Jack: No one decides when or how nikki gets sober. Only nikki can get herself there. And she did. Isn’t that what matters?

Victor: And what you did was unconscionable.

Jack: My conscience is clear.

Victor: That only shows me how delusional you are.

Jack: Hold on.

Victor: Is your ego that big and that fragile, you can’t admit that you made a huge mistake?

Kyle: Again, mother, dad did what he had to do for the sake of his friend. Was it the best choice from our point of view? Absolutely not. But I guess I can see how it came from the right place.

Diane: How? So, if he had died, at least I could say his heart was in the right place?

Kyle: Mom, we just went through hell with jordan. And I admit, I wasn’t thinking straight. All I wanted to do was bring harrison home. And yeah, I promised you and dad that I wouldn’t go after jordan alone. But if I had seen her going into that motel instead of leaving it, there is nothing that would’ve stopped me from charging in there to save harrison.

Diane: Well, that’s completely different. You can’t even compare the two. Harrison was in danger. Nikki was drunk. And not for the first time, I might add. Yes, eventually, she might’ve been able to drink herself to death, but she wasn’t in any immediate danger. Jack overreacted.

Kyle: Okay, I’ll give you that. I’m just saying I understand his motivation to act quickly to save nikki from going off a cliff.

Diane: Do you realize that we could be planning your father’s funeral right now? All because he had to rush in and save nikki from herself. He just had to be her hero.

Kyle: Really, mom? I wonder if this anger isn’t coming from jealousy. Don’t you know how much dad loves you? Depression is a journey.

Summer: I just don’t understand why kyle has so much sympathy for claire. Yes, I know that she was abducted with harrison. And I know that she didn’t directly contribute to him being stolen from his bed in the middle of the night, but she is, in her own way, responsible for it. Claire was jordan’s front woman in town to begin with.

Phyllis: Okay, all I’m saying is, come on. Jordan was the psycho here. I mean, she’s the one obsessed. And she would’ve found her way here with or without claire. You know that.

Summer: But she could’ve never pulled off all of the horrific things that she’s done without claire, her willing accomplice. And everybody just can forget all about that? How she poisoned practically the entire newman family, and they’re just all perfectly okay with it now?

Phyllis: I understand what you’re saying. No one’s perfectly okay with it now.

Summer: Mom, what does that say about her level of psychosis? That she was willing to murder five people? How does somebody even get to that point? How are we supposed to know that she can’t get there again?

Victoria: You want to see me in action? Oh, well, um, you’re looking at it.

Claire: This is it?

Victoria: Yeah, this is it. I– I took time off from newman because I wanted to spend time with you. You’re my number one priority. And when the kids get home from school, spending time with the three of you will be my number one priority. You know, maybe we can, um, we can talk to reed, maybe visit him, and we’ll have the summer adventure of a lifetime. Yes, I actually have thought about this a little bit, as you can tell.

Claire: But you could be doing so much more. You could be running newman enterprises.

Victoria: Listen to me. I– I just got you back. I wanna focus on you. I– I wanna get to know you, the daughter that I never had the opportunity to know.

Claire: But I know how much you loved being the head of the company. Don’t you miss it?

Victoria: Well, you know, growing up, I always looked up to my father, this powerful businessman that everyone respected and I loved the idea of working at newman enterprises so much that I started in the mailroom and I worked my way right to the top. But these past few months have given me perspective. And this time, leaving the corporate world, it’s different. This time I feel like I have a different purpose. And I have enough excitement in my life without getting bogged down with all of the office drama. No, thank you.

Claire: Well, I can understand that.

Victoria: I’m gonna tell you what I think.

Claire: Tell me.

Victoria: I think that maybe you’re trying to push me out of the nest because you’re actually ready to fly yourself.

Diane: Jealous of nikki? That’s what you think this is. You could’ve been left without a father and me without a husband, but no, no, no, mom’s just being jealous.

Kyle: What if it had been me? What if I had been in the state dad found nikki and it’s obvious he thought her life was at risk. So whether you see it that way or not, pills aside, it’s dad’s perception of the moment that really matters. What if he did what he felt like he had to do for my sake? How would you feel then?

Diane: It’s not the same thing. Jack would’ve come to me and we would’ve worked together to get you the help that you need to get through it because you’re our son. Nikki has her own husband and her own kids to come to her rescue.

Kyle: Nikki is one of dad’s closest friends. I mean, you wouldn’t expect him to just turn his back on her and walk away, would you? What’s the difference when you care for someone so deeply?

Diane: Turning one’s back and foolishly risking one’s life are two completely different things.

Kyle: Okay. As scary as it is, dad must’ve felt like he had the situation under control. I don’t know, mom. You know him. He doesn’t act recklessly.

Diane: Well, that’s why I’m so shocked by this.

Kyle: Mom, look at the bigger picture here. Harrison is safe. Nikki is safe. Dad is safe and I can’t imagine about to get hooked on pills again, so can we please just appreciate the moment here?

Diane: Oh, my god. So, you think I should just forget about this? Because an addict who just took pills again promises he’ll never take pills again? Really? Or do you just feel the need to always find the contrary position to mine?

Kyle: What? I don’t even know what you’re talking about.

Diane: Oh, come on. For months now, you’ve been disagreeing with everything I say at work. And now this? It’s like you won’t even try to see things from my perspective. (Man) it’s a little somethingi’ve done every night

Jack: My giant ego? Isn’t this about your giant ego and your being shattered that you did not know how far gone nikki was? Isn’t that why you’re coming after me?

Victor: Don’t you turn this back on me.

Jack: All I care about is that nikki survived. Had I not stepped in at the rate she was going, she would be drinking herself to death right now. Victor, I know how much you love her. Isn’t that the most important thing? She found the help she needs.

Victor: I want her to become strong and healthy around professionals, not amateurs like you.

Jack: I never claimed to be a professional, merely a friend trying to help someone I care a great deal about.

Victor: You put her life in jeopardy.

Jack: Nikki is okay.

Victor: She was absolutely petrified when you collapsed on that– she called the paramedics for heaven’s sake. You could’ve died!

Jack: None of that happened.

Victor: Let me tell you something. I’m warning you. Do not ever put her in harm’s way again because you would wish that you’d died in that damn hotel room. You got it?

Claire: I’m not trying to push you out of the nest.

Victoria: No, no. Of course you’re not trying to get your dear old mom off your back.

Claire: No, I’m not. I just– I don’t wanna see you holding yourself back for my sake. Even if you don’t wanna go back to newman right now, maybe there’s something else that you could get involved with to focus your drive and ambition.

Victoria: My ambition is getting to know you and to make sure that you feel secure and loved. What about the second part of what I said though? I’m not trying to pressure you and cole and I, you know, we want you to feel like you’re ready, but I mean, do you feel like you’re almost ready to fly?

Claire: I’m getting there. I feel strong and optimistic about my future, even if I have no idea what it might hold.

Victoria: I will be there. I will be there to cheer you on.

Claire: And I am so grateful to have you. But I wanna cheer you on too. I just– I really wanna see you get back to the normal life that you used to lead.

Victoria: Normal? I mean, this is normal. In fact, I have never felt better in my entire life than I do right now.

Kyle: Wait, what? How did you even get here?

Diane: You second guess every single thing I do at the office. You look for ways to undermine me at every turn, even though my work has been exemplary. And you know what? It’s bad enough that you’re doing it at jabot, but now you’re bringing it home. You won’t– you won’t even try to consider seeing my side.

Kyle: Mom, I’m sorry. Now, you’re just being unfair. Of course, I consider your viewpoint. I just don’t always agree with it.

Diane: Oh, well lately you never seem to agree with it.

Kyle: Okay. Now, you’re sounding paranoid. I don’t try to undermine you at the office. That’s ridiculous.

[ Door slams ]

Jack: I get the feeling I walked in on an argument and I’m willing to bet it’s about me.

Victor: I see you followed my suggestion. Ah. How many more bottles do you think I need to bring you before you… before you die? Before the world is rid of you? You’re poison. Nothing but poison. So I didn’t think I needed swiffer,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue…

Diane: Kyle, do you mind giving your father and me some privacy?

Kyle: Harrison and I were going to the park anyway, but before I go, dad, I wanna tell you something. Even though I hate it had to go so far, I understand why you had to take such desperate measures.

Jack: You told him what happened with nikki?

Diane: He’s not blind, you know. He knows that you’re her sponsor, he knows something awful happened, so he started to put the pieces together.

Jack: I wish you hadn’t filled in the blanks.

Diane: Well, too bad. You might need to keep nikki’s secrets, but don’t expect me to keep yours when you almost kill yourself.

Phyllis: Listen, I understand why you would have– no thanks. Um, concerns about claire. I get it, um…

[ Summer sighing ] Victoria and nikki, even victor, have accepted her. I don’t know what to say. You should consider that or maybe talk to them.

Summer: If it was just about them, you know what, maybe I would. But it’s not. This is about my son. And protecting him and I’m scared. I am scared that kyle is gonna let claire into his life. I mean, just the other day, she stopped by the abbott house to check in on harrison, just casually, and now she wants to see him more often. Oh yeah, sure, just go– go spend as much time as you want with my son. And kyle’s willing to let her do that, until I put my foot down.

Phyllis: You put your foot down about claire seeing harrison?

Summer: Yes.

Phyllis: Okay.

Summer: I don’t want her to see him. There’s no reason for it. I know that kyle claims that she and harrison have some sort of bond, but I don’t care. She is the reason that my son went through a trauma, and I don’t want him to be around that. Honestly, just the thought of her being near him makes me sick.

Cole: Hey.

Claire: Dad, hey.

Victoria: Hey, you made it.

Cole: Yes, and with something cool to drink.

Victoria: Thank you.

Claire: Total hero.

Cole: Yeah, right.

Claire: I was just telling mom that she needs to get back to work. I feel guilty that both of you have neglected your careers because of me. You haven’t been writing because of me.

Cole: Claire, my writing isn’t going anywhere. It’s gonna be there for me when I’m ready to get back to it. Besides, all that’s on my mind right now is just hanging out with you, all right? And you’re not– you’re not trying to get rid of me, are you?

Victoria: Yeah, exactly. That– that is exactly what I was afraid of.

Cole: Yeah, what’s up with that, claire?

Victoria: Is there something that you’re not telling your parents right now?

Cole: You’re not trying like to ditch us, are you?

Claire: No, of course not. I swear.

Cole: All right, good, good, because your mom and I are all about you right now.

Victoria: Absolutely, and while I think that it is fantastic that you’re being optimistic about your future, you know, I want to be available to help you chart it, if needed, and I’m sure that your father feels the same way, don’t you?

Cole: Yeah, yeah, all of those hours that we were– we didn’t know where you were. We were worried that jordan might’ve done something terrible to you. That was the worst feeling in the entire world.

Victoria: It was terrifying, not knowing if we were ever gonna see you again.

Cole: Yeah. So, you’re just going to have to grin and bear us hovering over you right now.

Harrison: Claire, hi!

Cole: Well…,

Victoria: So cute.

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asthma breathe

Phyllis: There you go. All right, listen, I wanna be really clear. I understand how you feel. I understand. I know what it’s like to not want someone who you know is very dangerous around your kid. I get it. Just take some time is all I’m asking.

Summer: Believe me, mom, time is not gonna change how I feel about this.

Phyllis: Okay, okay. I’m just gonna say this. Don’t you think maybe you’re being a tad overprotective?

Summer: Well, that is just funny, coming from the most overprotective mom on the planet.

Phyllis: Exactly, you’re right. I am the most overprotective mom on the planet. You and your brother say that all the time. Yes. I also know what it’s like to want a second chance. I’ve begged everybody in this town for a second chance, a third chance, a fourth, fifth chance.

Summer: Okay, mom, I know that you’ve done insane things in your life and probably more that I don’t know about, but if you tried to kill five people and you were willing to watch them die, that is news to me.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, I’m not saying that claire and i are the same.

Summer: My son was kidnapped. I’m allowed to feel this way. I’m allowed to be on edge.

Phyllis: Of course you are. I agree with you, but it just seems like everybody has forgiven her and people that you love and trust.

Summer: That’s because they all feel sorry for her. It doesn’t change the fact that she could still be dangerous.

Phyllis: Listen, the newmans may be a lot of things– thank you very much. But they are not pushovers. And victor has her living at the ranch and your father has totally forgiven her. Same with victoria. That says something. You should just talk to them. That’s all I’m asking. And let me ask you this. Have you noticed any bit of psychosis from claire yourself?

Summer: It doesn’t matter. I’m not gonna take a chance. Not when it comes to my son. And– and kyle’s willing to let claire be harrison’s new nanny? I mean, in what world does that make any sense?

Phyllis: Wait a second. Kyle wants claire to be harrison’s nanny? That is ridiculous. That’s taking it too far. I absolutely agree with you on that.

Summer: Thank you. So, there is absolutely no reason to force this issue about claire spending time with harrison. ‘Cause actually there is no issue. Over my dead body will I ever let that happen.

Victoria: Hi, harrison.

Cole: Hey, man. You are looking pretty cool.

Harrison: Hey claire, wanna go see the ducks?

Kyle: Oh, buddy, claire’s hanging out with her parents right now.

Victoria: No, it’s fine. Yeah, go ahead. Go.

Claire: Well, it’s too bad we don’t have any bread to feed them.

Kyle: Well, we’ve been reading up on ducks and we brought some treats to surprise them. They like peas and oats.

Victoria: Oh!

Cole: You learn something new every day.

Claire: It sounds like you and your dad already have big plans.

Kyle: Well, you two go ahead. I’ll watch.

Claire: Thanks. I wonder if we’ll find which duck is the hungriest.

Kyle: Hey, stay close now.

Victoria: Look at the two of them. I mean, look, they’re smiling and safe even after everything they’ve been through.

Cole: Hm.

Victoria: I love how harrison has taken to claire. She’s so good with kids.

Kyle: Yeah, apparently so.

Victoria: I know that the kidnapping and all the confusion surrounding it, I know that it’s– it’s left a lasting impression on summer.

Kyle: Yeah, I won’t lie. Summer’s worried that claire will be a reminder of the trauma harrison went through, but I haven’t seen any signs of that at all. If anything, it seems he feels more reassured around her.

Cole: Well, actually that makes sense. They both went through something scary and miraculously came out on the other side pretty much unscathed. That’s a strong bond for two people to share.

Victoria: Which is why it would be great for claire and harrison if maybe you and summer would try her out as your nanny? I mean, wouldn’t that be wonderful if it worked out?

Victor: By the way, were you ever good at playing chess? It’s all about figuring out your opponent’s next move, you know?

Jordan: Shut up and let me out of here.

Victor: You certainly played the long shot, didn’t you? I mean, you raised claire long enough so she’d finally get access to my family.

Jordan: Are you listening to me, victor newman? Let me out of here. I can’t take this anymore.

Victor: But you screwed up, didn’t you? You walked right into my trap. If advanced lung cancer

Kyle: I don’t argue that claire would be a good fit, but summer’s gonna need more time. Her feelings about claire are still pretty raw. I mean, she was traumatized, as we all were, when harrison was taken, but it’s been hard for her to get past the belief that claire was in on it.

Victoria: But she knows for a fact that that’s just not true.

Kyle: Intellectually, yes. She knows she was wrong, but she had a deep, visceral reaction when harrison was taken, and she needs more time for that fear to fade.

Victoria: Well, I mean, I understand. We were equally horrified when claire disappeared. It’s not something that you easily forget.

Kyle: So, as much as we need a nanny and claire is interested, summer needs to be completely comfortable and on board to hire her.

Cole: No decisions have to be made today. I mean, right now, they’re just two pals that are feeding some ducks, which is a lot more than we could’ve expected not too long ago.

Victoria: You’re right. You’re right. Claire was trying to get me a job, and here I am trying to find her one.

Cole: Yeah, well, all in due time. You know, things will happen when they’re supposed to.

Victoria: Right.

Cole: You know, actually, I have to–

Victoria: Oh, you have to take off?

Cole: Yes, I do. So, I’m going to see you and claire later on today. Kyle, really good to see you. And I couldn’t be more happy that your child is home safe.

Victoria: Yeah.

Kyle: Same here.

Cole: Take care.

Victoria: Okay, see ya. Look, uh, regardless of the job, if there’s anything that I can do to put summer’s mind at ease where claire is concerned, I mean, we’re family, and I would hope that we could all get along, you know?

Kyle: I know. This is something summer’s gonna have to get past on her own. And I honestly can’t guarantee she really will.

Phyllis: Hm. I thought you said that kyle was spending time with harrison.

Summer: Yeah, they were supposed to be feeding the ducks.

Claire: We definitely found the hungriest duck.

Kyle: Ah.

Jack: I know you’re upset, but I don’t know what else I can say except I’m sorry and nothing like this will ever happen again, I promise.

Diane: Well, I certainly hope not because next time, you might not be so lucky to survive it.

Jack: Oh, okay. I realize I may have pushed things a bit too far.

Diane: You know what? I don’t think you do. I don’t think you’ve grasped the severity of what has happened. You know, I– I agreed for you to be your ex-wife’s sponsor, even though I didn’t like it, and I was worried about your own sobriety, and I have bitten my tongue every time you ran out of here at the drop of a hat because nikki called or nikki texted, but this goes way beyond that, and– and I can’t ignore the alarm bells ringing.

Jack: I understand that you’re hurt and angry.

Diane: No, jack, I don’t think you get it. This isn’t just hurt and angry about an argument or something. You risked everything we have, everything we value, everything we’ve worked so hard to achieve. We went through hell to be together and then– and then you would just throw it all away like that? Why?

Jack: I don’t know how many ways I can say this. I had things under control.

Diane: Until you didn’T. You know, this whole thing has really made me question your judgment. It’s made me question everything that I thought we had.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. Please don’t feel like that.

Diane: Oh, god. You have no idea how I feel. What you did was an outright betrayal of our love and our trust.

Jack: That was never my intention.

Diane: Well, it might not have been your intention, but it’s what happened, and– and honestly, I don’t– I don’t know how I’m going to get past this.

Jack: Wait. What do you mean by that?

Diane: I– you know, I– I need some– I need some time on my own, time– time away from you, so I can sort through this and– and think the whole thing through.

Jack: I don’t know what there is to sort through. What happened, happened. It’s over. I promised you nothing like that will ever happen again.

Diane: Yeah, but can you really promise me that? I mean, I– I think I need some distance for both of our sake.

Jack: But why?

Diane: Why? For your sobriety. If I stay here in your face all hurt and angry, is that gonna send you back to the pills? Or maybe if I walk away, that will be the trigger. I mean, I don’t know. I just feel– I just feel so hurt and confused and I just don’t know the right thing to do.

Victor: Taunting your jailer. Not a good idea.

Jordan: Shut up. Shut up, hear me?

Victor: Want some more booze? Maybe I should administer to you intravenously. How’s that? As you did with nikki.

Jordan: Okay, I get it, I get it.

Victor: What do you think?

Jordan: I hear you, all right? You’re satisfying your god complex by keeping me trapped here, so go ahead. Go ahead, gloat. Gloat all you want. But you know what? You could’ve ended my life by now, but you haven’T. And why not? Do you think there’s a chance I might still escape?

Victor: You think you have a chance?

Jordan: Let me out of here and just put me in an actual prison.

Victor: Hm.

Jordan: Come on, damn it, what do I have to do?

Victor: I have an idea.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Audra: Thank you.

Nate: Hello, stranger.

Audra: Nate!

Nate: It’s been a while.

Audra: Yeah, you know, I’ve been meaning to call you, but I’ve just been–

Nate: Busy, yeah, yeah, I get it. Me too, me too. So, uh, where’s, uh, tucker?

Audra: Hm. I don’t know. Around.

Nate: Ah, well, you two are usually joined at the hip. Hope that means you got wise and kicked him to the curb.

Audra: Oh, well, sorry to disappoint you, but tucker and i are as solid as ever.

Nate: Ah, too bad.

Audra: Is it?

Nate: Isn’t it?

Audra: Well, we’re independent people who do independent things, which i think it’s healthy in a relationship. You should try it sometime.

Nate: Ooh, smack.

Audra: Well, you deserved that.

Nate: Look, look, I didn’t come over here to argue with you, audra. Um, truth is, I miss our friendship.

Audra: Then stop badgering me about tucker.

Nate: Tucker mccall is a cold, ruthless s-o-B. He deserves a lot worse than badgering.

Audra: That’s a good start.

Nate: I just hope you see it one day. Tucker cares about tucker. Always has. Always will.

Audra: Well, sorry to disappoint you, but, um, that ruthless son of a bitch turned this entire restaurant into a café in paris where, uh, he proposed to me. I have to say, I’ve never seen him more loving and tender.

Nate: And you don’t see that as a giant red flag?

Audra: No.

Nate: Come on, audra. You’re smarter than that.

Audra: Oh, come on.

Nate: Look, all tucker was trying to do was recreate a better version of his failed paris honeymoon with ashley, which doesn’t surprise me at all. What does surprise me is you not seeing it for what it really is.

Alan: Ashley? Hi.

Ashley: Hello, alan.

Alan: Um, I just want to let you know I checked out of the hotel and I booked a flight for europe this afternoon.

Ashley: You’re leaving. How sad.

Alan: Well, it’s a couple of hours before my flight takes off, so I was wondering if maybe I could see you before I go.

Ashley: Um, a couple of hours to psychoanalyze me. Isn’t that what you really mean?

Abby: So, mamie called an emergency meeting at chancellor-winters today. Why? What is it about?

Devon: Your guess is as good as mine. Billy wasn’t invited, whatever that means.

Abby: Well, that might be a good thing. And lily?

Devon: Oh, yeah. She’ll be there. And so will nate. One big happy family.

Abby: Don’t engage. Don’t engage.

Tucker: Hi.

Devon: Hi.

Tucker: You two are looking well.

Abby: Thank you. Now, is there anything else?

Devon: Abby.

Abby: Devon, I’m sorry, but you know exactly what’s gonna happen. He’s gonna pull out his nice guy act and try to butter us up. I’ve seen it far too many times.

Tucker: Actually, you’re right, abby. I was hoping to at least temporarily soften your opinion of me.

Abby: Too late.

Tucker: There’s a favor I would like to ask of you both.

Lily: Great. Keep me posted. Thanks. Hi. Uh, you’re early. I thought we weren’t meeting for half an hour.

Mamie: Well, I was hoping that we could talk beforehand.

Lily: Okay.

Mamie: The last time that we spoke, things got a bit heated, and I regret that. I’m just hoping that we’ll be able to push through, you know, because the stakes are so high.

Lily: Yeah, I– I would like to make peace, too.

Mamie: Good. I’m glad to hear that.

Lily: So, what is this meeting about?

Mamie: Oh, well, I– I would prefer to wait until everyone’s arrived. I promise. It’s gonna be worth it.

Limu emu…

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Audra: Thank you. I think you’re reaching.

Nate: For what?

Audra: Hm. Anything to justify your completely inaccurate analysis of tucker’s and my relationship.

Nate: If you say so.

Audra: I mean, are you forgetting that I’ve known tucker for years? That we have our own history in paris long before that clown show with ashley. So, your thesis is missing a few facts.

Nate: You can tell yourself whatever you want to, audra, but it won’t change the outcome. And did you say yes, by the way?

Audra: Yes to what?

Nate: Tucker’s marriage proposal. You’re here casually discussing it with me, so that gives me hope you weren’t foolish enough to say yes.

Audra: Why the hell do you care so much about what I do with tucker?

Nate: I thought we were friends, audra, and– and that’s what friends do. They tell each other the truth.

Audra: Are you sure that’s all it is, nate?

Nate: What else would it be?

Audra: Oh, I don’t know. But if I had to make a solid guess, I might wonder if there’s some secret infatuation going on with me here.

[ Nate chuckles ]

Nate: Okay, um, hypothetically speaking, would it matter to you if I told you there was?

Abby: See? You just made my point. Can we go now?

Devon: Listen, we’re not in any place to be handing out or taking favors from each other, okay?

Tucker: Just hear me out, at least. You can give me that much, can’t you?

Devon: Sure.

Tucker: So I’m still on dom’s music class email list, and I heard about a performance coming up. I would very much like to attend it.

Abby: No.

Devon: Yeah, I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’m sorry.

Tucker: May I ask why?

Devon: Yeah, ’cause we want that day to be about dominic, and not about you trying to force your way in and cause a scene.

Tucker: Cause a scene?

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: I– I just wanna attend the performance.

Devon: Well, what about after the show? Like when the parents want to get together and take the kids out and get ice cream and stuff. Are you gonna guilt us into including you? Or are you just gonna show up and clap and support him? ‘Cause you know nothing’s changed since the last time I asked you to keep your distance. You’re still the same guy.

Tucker: Uh, uh… wait a minute. Before you go, abby, I wanted to ask you. Is your mother doing any better?

Abby: Better than what?

Alan: Ashley, I am not trying to analyze you. I, um, I’m sorry you still see it that way. My hope is that we can be friends above everything else. That’s the only reason I came to help.

Belle: I know you can hear me, ms. Abbott. Alan is ashley’s safe way home, not your nutty idea.

Ashley: There’s somebody at the door. Excuse me.

Belle: Killing tucker is just sheer madness.

Alan: Ashley?

Ashley: Hold on.

Belle: This is how we save ashley. She needs to fall in love again. Why can’t you see that?

Alan: Um, are you still there? Ashley?

Ashley: Yeah. Hi. Where were we?

Alan: I’m not sure.

Ashley: I think you were just saying that you had a couple of hours to kill before your flight. And you wanted to see me, didn’t you?

Alan: Yes.

Ashley: Okay. Great. Well, I would love to see you. I mean, if the invitation is still open.

Alan: Um, well, great. Okay, should I come to you or–

Ashley: No, I’ll– I’ll go to your hotel, okay?

Alan: I look forward to it.

Ashley: Yeah, me too. I’ll see you soon.

[ Southern accent ] Oh, yeah. Woo! Feels so good to be free. Oh, y’all are gonna be so grateful you let me out. Here I come. Depression is a journey.

Abby: Why are you asking me about my mother?

Tucker: Concern. Just hoping she’s found her footing.

Abby: Well, if you’re referring to the incident that happened between the two of you in paris, where no one can figure out what actually happened, that’s ancient history.

Tucker: Have you seen her lately?

Abby: I talk to my mom all the time, tucker.

Tucker: In person?

Abby: Wait, how does this concern you? Wow, it really is an amazing sense of entitlement how you just put yourself in areas that don’t concern you at all.

Devon: What are you getting at? Why are you even asking?

Tucker: I think you might wanna check in on her a little more regularly. Take care.

Abby: So he’s– he’s talking to me about family? Why? Because he’s so good at it?

Devon: I don’t know. Everything’s a game with that guy. He’s always trying to make people think he’s a changed man.

Abby: Well, he’s still talking about my mother, which means he hasn’t changed at all.

Audra: You know, I would be so flattered if you were secretly pining away for me, nate.

Nate: Oh, really? Are we going to ignore the fact that I said this was hypothetical?

Audra: So you’re not into me? Not even a little bit?

Nate: Uh-huh. Fishing for compliments.

Audra: I’m just on the hunt for the truth?

Nate: If I were, which I’m not, I wouldn’t be so subtle about it. You’d know.

Audra: Whatever. I’m just giving you a hard time.

Nate: And I’m trying to figure out what it would take to pull you away from that man. As your friend.

Audra: Hm. I know you’re my friend, nate. And I am grateful and touched that you’re so protective of me. But if it does make you feel any better, I did turn down tucker’s marriage proposal.

Nate: I figured as much. But it’s good to hear.

Audra: Well, not because I don’t want to be with him, but because marriage to me is an archaic institution.

Nate: Is that like a campaign slogan of yours?

Audra: Uh, I mean it. Okay, I– I don’t need some contract to be with the person I love.

Nate: I’m not saying you do. But most folks get around to it sooner or later. Who knows? You might change your mind.

Audra: Well, thankfully, I’m not most folks.

[ Cell phone pings ]

Nate: Uh, I really want to finish this conversation.

Audra: Yeah, but when the topic of marriage comes up, look who’s running. Now you know how I feel. And that won’t change.

Nate: I bet it might if the groom weren’t named tucker mccall.

Audra: What if he was named nate hastings?

Nate: Look, audra. You need to take those blinders off. You know you can’t commit to a man like that. A man you can’t trust. Tucker will break your heart, audra. The fact that he had to recreate paris and substitute you for ashley should tell you everything you need to know. I know you deserve better. I hope you know it too.

Audra: Nice seeing you, friend.

Ashley: Hi.

Alan: Oh, hello.

Ashley: I am so happy to see you.

Alan: Well, I was beginning to wonder after our last visit.

Ashley: I have to apologize for my very unpleasant behavior. It’s living with this family. You know, they’re just picking at me and prodding me. It’s like living under a microscope, you know?

Alan: Yeah, that must be– that must be difficult.

Ashley: Yeah, I have no words for it. But here I am treating you like you’re their guard dog instead of my dear friend. I hope you can forgive me.

Alan: Of course, I forgive you.

Ashley: Okay, ’cause the last thing I want is for you to think that I’m pushing you away.

Alan: Well, not too long ago you did tell me to pack my bags and head off to vienna.

Ashley: Don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to me at all. No, that was just me in the heat of the moment dealing with horrible siblings that don’t believe anything I say. I mean, I’m not mad at you. Honestly, I feel like you’re the only person in my life I can actually trust.

Alan: I’m very glad to hear that. And I want you to know that I am here to listen to whatever you have on your mind.

Ashley: Yeah?

Alan: Sing away.

Tech: Does your windshield have a crack?

Lily: Perfect. Thank you. Uh, mamie, I am sorry. I have to pass on your meeting today. I am way, way behind schedule.

Mamie: Lily, no. You can’t miss it. You must be here.

Lily: Okay, then what is this about? Why is it so important?

Mamie: When everyone has arrived–

Lily: Yes, yes, all will be revealed. I know, I know. Okay, well then, please, no surprises like last time, right?

Mamie: No, no surprises.

Lily: Okay, because it doesn’t exactly build trust.

Mamie: You have my word.

Lily: Okay.

Abby: Mamie, hi!

Mamie: Oh.

Devon: Hello.

Mamie: Abby.

Abby: So good to see you.

Devon: Hey, aunt mamie. How you doing?

Mamie: And how is my brilliant great-nephew?

Devon: Dominic’s doing fantastic.

Mamie: Oh.

Nate: Aunt mamie.

Mamie: Nate, my goodness, you seem to get more handsome every time I see you. So, well now, we are all here.

Lily: Uh, billy’s not here.

Mamie: Yeah, well, he won’t be coming.

Lily: Well, he’s a member of the board. So if this meeting’s important, then he should be here.

Mamie: This meeting is for family only, and I’m including abby in that.

Abby: Well, thank you very much. That means a lot. But I don’t think now is the time to separate camps. Billy is my family, too.

Mamie: Okay, good point. But in every family, big decisions have to be made for the greater good. And especially now, because this family business is really dysfunctional. I’ve stayed in the background. I’ve given you enough time to settle back in.

Lily: Okay, well now that I am settled back in, what are you thinking?

Mamie: Why don’t we all sit down, hmm? I believe that it’s time for us to reassess.

Devon: Reassess what, exactly?

Mamie: There’s been a splintering inside of this family. And I believe that it is billy and jill that have been causing you to turn on each other. And that is just not acceptable. That’s why I’m here. I’m going to fix this.

Ashley: I might have to find just a little–

Alan: Yes, please, have whatever you like there.

Tucker: Ashley?

Ashley: Oh, hi.

Tucker: Hi. Hi, tucker mccall.

Alan: Alan laurent.

Tucker: Alan, nice to meet you.

Alan: Nice to meet you.

Tucker: So, uh, you two know each other how?

Ashley: I don’t think that’s any of your business.

Alan: No, it’s– it’s okay. We met in paris years ago and we’ve been friends ever since.

Tucker: Oh, you know, come to think of it, I do recall ashley mentioning you before. What is it you do again?

Alan: Oh, just some academic work, guest lecturing, that sort of thing.

Tucker: Oh, well, I suppose if you’ve been friends for years, you know who I am.

Alan: Yes, we have, uh, discussed your relationship.

Tucker: Oh.

Ashley: Actually, alan is being very modest. He’s a brilliant psychologist. An even more brilliant friend. Actually, alan is the one that made me realize I was wrong about that fight we had in the café, remember?

Tucker: Thank you.

Alan: Happy to help.

Tucker: And you’re here now to…

Alan: I am just here as a friend.

Tucker: Well, I think, uh… I think your timing couldn’t be better.

Nate: Aunt mamie, we all appreciate your emotional and financial investment in this company, but I think you’re overreacting.

Mamie: Not from what I’ve been seeing and hearing. Do you know what it took for me to get all of you together in this room?

Lily: Well, we have disagreements, like any other company, but we work them out.

Mamie: Like you denying a seat for nate on the board of chancellor-winters.

Lily: Because it’s too soon.

Mamie: So, you’re still punishing him.

Lily: I’m not punishing him. We’ve talked about it, we’ve moved on, and I think you should, too.

Mamie: Is that right, nate? Have you moved on?

Nate: Look, I’m not gonna deny that I was upset at first. Yes, I was hurt, angry. I can admit that. But I thought about it and I talked it over with lily, and I saw her point.

Mamie: Well, then, I think that you deserve a medal for turning the other cheek, honey.

Nate: Aunt mamie, what I did was unconscionable, okay? You weren’t here. You didn’t see it or experience it. I betrayed this company. And worse than that, I betrayed my own family. And quite frankly, the only reason I’m sitting here is because of lily and devon’s forgiveness and generosity. And of course, I owe a lot of that to you. And I hate saying this, but if there’s any tension going on around here, I think it’s coming from you.

Mamie: Me?

Nate: You hate jill, and by extension, you distrust billy.

Mamie: Nah, wait a minute. I do not hate anyone. I do have some trust issues with the two of them, which is why I want them out of this company. So that we can return chancellor-winters to the family business it was intended to be.

Devon: Yeah, but jill brought chancellor in with the merger. So, this was never meant to just be about our family. You know that.

Mamie: I don’t think it’s wasted on any of us that you are the only chancellor sitting in this room, devon.

Nate: Okay, now you’re cherry-picking details, aunt mamie. Creating a war to get what you want.

Mamie: No, you’re just exaggerating.

Nate: Oh, no, I don’t think so. This whole rally the family against billy and jill meeting tells me I’m not.

Mamie: And is that what you think too, lily?

Lily: Yeah, I think things are starting to get out of hand. And, you know, listen, I agree. I think that billy has an agenda.

Mamie: Finally, someone who gets it.

Lily: But I think devon does too.

Abby: Wait a second, that’s not fair.

Lily: Well, no, what I’m trying to say is that it’s not the point. We can resolve these things. But I don’t think that’s what you want, mamie. I think that doesn’t fit your agenda, right? And I think that nate’s right. I think that you want a war. And you don’t care if it brings this whole place crashing down on us. If you spit blood when you brush,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue…

Ashley: Tucker, aren’t you a busy man? Don’t you have things that you should do? Go run along and do them, maybe?

Tucker: I’m not that busy at the moment. And I’m always happy to meet new people. Especially a brilliant psychologist. And lecturer, you said?

Alan: On occasion.

Ashley: I know what you’re thinking and alan has assured me that he’s not here to crack open my skull and take a peek inside.

Tucker: I wasn’t thinking that at all.

Audra: Ugh.

Ashley: Thank goodness she’s here.

Audra: There you are.

Ashley: Oh, what great timing. Your boyfriend just barged in here and made himself right at home. Can’t you keep a closer eye on him so he doesn’t wander off without you, please?

Tucker: Uh, audra, this is dr. Alan laurent, um, ashley’s dear friend. Brilliant psychologist, from what ashley said.

Alan: I mean, she flatters me and it’s nice to meet you.

Audra: You too. It sounds like ashley’s in very good hands. We shouldn’t intrude.

Tucker: No.

Audra: Oh, and, um, thank you for your helpful advice.

Ashley: Sure.

Audra: Have a nice day.

Ashley: Bye. See you soon.

Tucker: All right. Nice to meet you, alan.

Alan: Nice to meet you.

Ashley: So, where were we before we got so rudely interrupted?

Mamie: Oh, now, so suddenly I’m the problem.

Lily: Well, it’s not suddenly. I mean, the truth is, jill probably wouldn’t have brought billy on board if you hadn’t created so much dissension. And now you’re undermining everything that I have worked so hard to build up.

Mamie: And that’s exactly my point. What you built up, lily. Not jill, who is off somewhere all the time. The devil only knows where. Riding on your coattails while you and devon and now nate are doing all the heavy lifting.

Lily: Jill does a lot for chancellor-winters, and even if she didn’t, half the company is hers.

Mamie: Devon, now you know I’m right, don’t you? We’re all gonna be the better for it if we can just figure out how to get jill and billy out for good. You know you want billy gone. Has jill ever executed the vision that you and neil originated for this company? I think we already know the answer to that one.

Devon: Yeah, sure, we do have some issues with billy and jill. But the reality is, we didn’t have any of them before you showed up in town. And you keep trying to find these problems when I think, and I say this with all due respect, I think that the problem might just be you.

Mamie: Huh.

Audra: So, what did you think about ashley’s shrink friend? The fabulous dr. Freud.

Tucker: Hm. I don’t know, he didn’t really make an impression on me in one way or the other.

Audra: Well, he certainly seemed to be making an impression on her.

Tucker: He’s an old friend, apparently.

Audra: A friend that makes her smile like that? And you never picked up on it in all the time she’s known him.

[ Tucker laughs ]

Tucker: It never came up.

Audra: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if ashley had a mad, passionate affair with him and went to live on an island somewhere?

Tucker: It hardly seemed like a romantic interlude.

Audra: But a girl can dream, can’t she? Look, I know in my head, ashley’s in a very bad place, but that doesn’t mean I’m not tired of running into her. And not to mention, I never know which of her many moods I’ll be dealing with.

Tucker: Doesn’t that tell you how sick she is?

Audra: I don’t know, tucker, but if she’s that unwell, why isn’t someone doing something about it? And I don’t mean lunch with a shrink.

Tucker: I totally agree. I saw abby, she doesn’t even seem aware that anything is wrong with her mother.

Audra: Or maybe because it’s no one’s business but ashley’S. You know, she could be getting treatment at this very moment, but we just don’t know about it because it’s private.

Tucker: She certainly doesn’t seem like someone on the path to recovery.

Audra: Well, she did seem to me less outwardly hostile. I would even call her chipper.

Tucker: Ashley doesn’t do chipper.

Audra: I think she does now. Are you pretending you didn’t pick up the vibe down there?

Tucker: Audra, my focus was on the doctor and whether or not he’s helping her.

Audra: You know, meanwhile, she looked like she was about ready to devour the poor guy. You know, if ashley gets her way, there will be more than therapy between those two.

Before apoquel chewable

Mamie: I never thought I would see the day where my own family would treat me like this. I’m heartbroken.

Devon: We don’t want you to feel that way, all right? This has nothing to do with our feelings about you, mamie.

Nate: Of course, aunt mamie, we love you.

Lily: Yes, we all do. That will never change.

Mamie: I’m only here to build things up, not to tear them down.

Nate: You literally said it was time to blow things up.

Mamie: I never said that.

Devon: Okay, regardless of what you said, there’s just a little too much at stake for us to let you take a swing at billy and jill the way you want. All right? ‘Cause we know for a fact that chance and billy were only brought in ’cause jill felt threatened by you.

Mamie: Jill felt threatened by tucker.

Nate: Who you were in cahoots with when you first came to town.

Lily: Do you see how it all keeps coming back to you, mamie?

Mamie: No. What I see are three overly entitled, under-experienced, wannabe adults who are willing to take a pay-off because they are just too afraid to take a leap of faith with me, their longest living relative and staunchest defender. You are all looking for someone else to blame for your own insecurities. Well, that is not me. And I’m appalled by your cowardice. You know, I may be the only person in this room who knows what family really means. And right now, in case you didn’t notice, I am pretty disgusted with mine.

Tucker: Sorry, audra. I did not see any vibe between alan and ashley.

Audra: Come on. It was there for anyone to see. It’s called body language, tucker. She wasn’t holding back. Now, she’ll really mend if she hasn’t already.

Tucker: I certainly hope not.

Audra: And why is that, tucker? I know you don’t want to be with her anymore, okay? But that doesn’t mean that you wanna see her with someone else. Look, I know you still care about her, and that’s fine. I’m not threatened by ashley.

Tucker: Right. You never had any reason to be.

[ Audra sighs ]

Audra: Well, let’s just say I’m not. Anymore.

Tucker: Good.

Audra: Don’t be mad.

Tucker: I’m not mad. Not at you, anyway. At myself, yes. I keep telling you I’m moving on, I’m letting it go, blah, blah, blah, and then you walk in the room and I’m sitting there with her. But it’s not what I want, and i know it’s not what you want.

Audra: Yeah, I would be thrilled to never hear or mention her name ever again.

Tucker: I know. I’m sorry. But what you said is right. It’s because I still do care about her, and she seems alone in this. Her family, they’re obviously in denial, and I just– I wanted to make sure this alan guy was there for her.

Audra: So, what do you wanna do now?

Tucker: I wanna think about you. I have a surprise for you.

Audra: Oh.

Alan: You seemed amused by your encounter with tucker and his companion.

Ashley: Oh, I suppose so. Audra’s so pretty, and she’s so smart. She’s way too smart to be with somebody as horrible as tucker, but she’ll figure it out.

Alan: It was all quite fraught. A lot of strong emotions under the surface.

Ashley: Right, probably.

Alan: Subtextual comments on your mental health.

Ashley: Why should they be any different than anyone else in my life, right?

Alan: How’s that make you feel?

Ashley: Well, thanks for being so concerned. I’m fine.

Alan: An ex moving on with someone else can be quite traumatic if the relationship hasn’t been resolved.

Ashley: Oh, it’s been resolved. Put away in a drawer, never to be opened again.

Alan: No lingering conflicts?

Ashley: Lingering conflicts and subtextual comments? Should I pull up a couch?

Alan: I’m sorry. It– it’s an occupational hazard.

Ashley: That’s okay. Trust me. Tucker is where he belongs with whom he belongs. So am I. If advanced lung cancer

Ashley: So, have I changed your mind about leaving genoa city prematurely? I hope that my apology’s done the trick.

Alan: Now, you want me to stay?

Ashley: Oh. Haven’t I been clear as a bell? Of course, I want you to stay, as long as you possibly can. We have so much to catch up on.

Alan: Yes.

Ashley: Ooh, so you’re staying?

Alan: Shouldn’t be a problem to have a colleague cover for me at the conference in vienna.

Ashley: Yay.

Alan: So, yes. I would like to spend more time with you.

Audra: So, what’s my surprise?

Tucker: Well, I have spoken to all the heads of the companies we have acquired in europe.

Audra: Uh-huh.

Tucker: And everything’s back on track. So you and I are going to paris.

Audra: Oh. That’s great.

Tucker: That’s, uh, not quite the reaction I expected. I thought you’d be, uh, happy about it.

Audra: No, I am. It’s just, um… can it be more than just paris?

Tucker: Just paris?

Audra: You know what I mean. Um, monte carlo or portofino. Can we go to other places in europe, too?

Tucker: My love, our itinerary can be wherever and whatever your heart desires. I’m doing this for you. For us.

Audra: And just like that, we’ll go wherever I want?

Tucker: Wherever you want. I don’t know if you’ve been listening to me this whole time, but my intention is to fulfill every desire you have from this minute forward until forever. Well, now. Happy?

Audra: Hm, yeah. I am very happy. You know, this trip will be so good for us, tucker. One thing, though.

Tucker: Yes?

Audra: I don’t want any pressure about this marriage proposal, okay?

Tucker: Done.

Audra: I mean it.

Tucker: I do, too.

Audra: Mm.

Tucker: Although…

Audra: Oh, god. Here it comes.

Tucker: No, I just– I– I should be allowed the hope that, uh, europe will have its own kind of seduction. You know, the magic, the romance.

Audra: Mm-hmm. That ring will never be on my finger, okay? But I am open to whatever seduction and magic you can manage. Come on.

Tucker: I don’t know. I can manage quite a bit.

Abby: Okay, look, why don’t we all just take a step back and just calm down?

Mamie: No, no, thank you, abby. It’s a little bit too late to move these waters. You’ve all made it perfectly clear that I am not welcome here.

Devon: That’s not true at all.

Mamie: Oh, so we haven’t spent the last half hour with me listening to how I am the destructive force here? By my own family, no less. Who I’ve loved and supported my entire life.

Lily: Look, mamie, just because we don’t want office chaos doesn’t mean that we don’t want you. Okay, we’ve never let the corporate world get between us, so please, don’t do that now.

Mamie: And even you, nate. You know you wouldn’t even be in this room if I hadn’t intervened on your behalf. You know, because that’s what families do. They stand by each other.

Devon: That’s what we’re trying to do right now. We’re trying to stand by each other and look out for each other by drawing a line between professional and personal issues.

Mamie: This is betrayal, and I’m never gonna forget it. I am angry and hurt beyond words. However, I have a big stake in this company, and I have no intention of letting go of that. So, whether you like it or not, you’ll be seeing more of me.

Nate: I think we just made another enemy.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Jack: Hi, nick. Morning.

Nick: Hey, jack. Morning.

Jack: Any news on your mother? She shared with me that she had decided to go to rehab. Very brave decision on her part, but I wondered how she’s settling in.

Nick: Yeah, dad dropped her off, uh… said she was gonna get organized and then head off to her first meeting. Said she seemed a little nervous, but determined.

Jack: If anyone can do it, nikki can. I really believe that.

Nick: Last night, dad told me what happened. How you got mom to, uh, finally seek the help she needs.

Jack: I take it he didn’t spare any of the details.

Nick: Said you drank with her. Then hit up your old dealer and had him drop you off some pills.

Jack: I did.

Nick: He said mom told him that it was just to shake some sense into her. Is that true? It was just about saving my mom and not about you falling off the wagon?

Jack: Nikki had given up. She had no fight left in her. I could not get through to her. At that moment, I would’ve done anything.

Nick: Dad said the paramedics were there. You had passed out.

Jack: Yeah, that part’s a little hazy.

Nick: So, it’s true. You took the pills and sabotaged your own sobriety.

Jack: It was a necessity. Hey, I saw a friend in danger. I went out on a limb. Maybe too far out, but at least it succeeded.

Nick: You know it was crazy, right? It’s a crazy thing to do, jack. I can’t even wrap my head around a gesture like that.

Jack: I take it you disapprove.

Nick: It’s not my place to judge you. I mean, my mom is finally in rehab and you seem to have made it out the other side. You okay?

Jack: Yeah. Oh– oh, yes. I’m okay. This is a one-time thing. I’m not going back down that rabbit hole.

Nick: Famous last words.

Jack: Crazy as I know this may sound, it was a tactical move to achieve a crucial outcome.

Nick: Then, I’ll take you at your word.

Jack: You can.

Nick: All right. I’m relieved to see you’re okay and that… I’m very grateful my mom’s in rehab, so thank you for what you did for her and my family.

Jack: Well, that’s very kind of you. I imagine your father doesn’t share your gratitude.

Nick: No, he does not.

Jack: Well, I wish victor would understand why I did what I did, and I am concerned that any progress victor and I may have made was destroyed by that decision. He probably hates me more now than he ever did.

Claire: Victor, I didn’t know you were coming by.

Victor: Well, I just came to see how you were doing.

Cole: Hey, victor. Did you come down to check on our girl?

Victor: Cole, my goodness. How nice to see you.

Cole: You too, victor.

Victor: Yeah.

Cole: So I’m just, uh, spending some quality time with my daughter.

Victor: Well, yeah. How are you doing?

Claire: Feel pretty good.

Victor: Well, now, considering the ordeal your aunt has put you through, how do you really feel?

Sally: So, tell me about your video call with connor. How’d it go?

Adam: It was tough at first. You know, I was a lot. I was talking a lot. I was saying all the wrong things. I was, um, kind of desperate.

Sally: How desperate?

Adam: I checked myself. It’s a steep learning curve, figuring out how to deal with the, uh, ocd. What to say, what not to say. But he does seem to be adjusting to the residential treatment.

Sally: You can tell?

Adam: Yeah, he seems more comfortable, more confident. He’s setting his boundaries with us. Trying to do the work. My kid, telling his parents what he needs.

Sally: Well, he’s finally letting you in, not keeping it all to himself. He’s learning to look out for himself. That’s amazing.

Adam: Well, he politely schooled chelsea and me on words like disassociation and reassurance.

Sally: Well, you guys will have to play catch up, now that he knows more than you.

Adam: I just wish it was about video games or soccer moves. But I guess I’ll take it. I can see in his eyes how badly he wants to get better. And I wanna hold onto hope.

Sally: You should. Let him see that.

Adam: I’m not sure what else to do. You know, I feel like an observer in all of this. You know, letting an outsider look after my kid.

Sally: But you feel like connor feels empowered. Like he has a say in all this.

Adam: Well, he feels like they get him. He’s not alone.

Sally: That’s positive. You know, you’re– you’re feeling your way through this. And so’s connor.

Adam: Yeah. I guess.

Sally: Why do you say it like that?

Adam: Just, I feel like my son is moving on without me. He’s leaving me behind.

Billy: What you looking at?

Chelsea: Did I tell you I get these daily emails from connor’s team now? Just little glimpses into his day. You know, signs that he’s eating and coping, staying active.

Billy: That’s good, right? It’s nice to know he’s doing regular kid things.

Chelsea: Yeah– yeah, I’m– I’m grateful. I live for these. I check my inbox first thing in the morning and then I proceed to check it all day long.

Billy: Of course, you do. You miss your son.

Chelsea: I just wanna hold him. Make sure he’s okay.

Ashley: I’m sorry I had to push our meeting back. I hope I haven’t kept you waiting long.

Alan: No, not at all. I don’t mind waiting, especially for such a charming dining companion.

Ashley: Have you ordered yet?

Alan: Uh, not yet, no.

Ashley: Oh, good. This won’t be but a minute. Hi.

Alan: All right. I’m still, uh, surprised to hear you, uh, call it a meeting after last night. I thought this would be less business, more pleasure.

Ashley: Yeah, there’ll be none of that, alan. I’m done playing games. When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd

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Chelsea: I am so spent, billy. I’m so anxious. I can barely breathe. Constantly second guessing myself that I’m– I’m gonna do something that’s gonna set connor back emotionally or myself.

Billy: Chels, you’re doing the best you can.

Chelsea: Yeah, oh, and then also I have this ex that I have to rein in. So, I’m constantly worried adam’s gonna lose it in front of connor or his doctors. I mean, that is a full-time job in and of itself.

Billy: Okay, well, adam’s an adult. You can’t control him. He needs to do that. So, do your best to free yourself of that burden.

Chelsea: I’m trying. It’s not easy.

Billy: No. But you’re both going through this. And you’re doing everything you can to take care of yourself. He has to do the same. At least for connor’s sake.

Adam: I hate saying it. I– I– I hate thinking it.

Sally: You’re afraid to lose your son. That’s a normal reaction to something so huge.

Adam: But it’s just– it’s so selfish. You know, it’s not about me. It’s about getting connor well and making him better.

Sally: But at the same time, you’re overwhelmed and you’re scared. It’s okay to admit that.

Adam: I just spend so much time blaming myself for what he’s going through and thinking it’s gotta be my fault somehow when my focus should be on him.

Sally: What if you let yourself off the hook for a minute?

Adam: I’m not sure that I know how to do that. I can’t find my footing.

Sally: Well, that is what I’m here for. To be your anchor.

Adam: I’ve dumped enough on you already. And at the same time, I don’t know what I would do without you.

Sally: Well, you can tell me anything. Things you can’t say to anyone else. Just don’t hide from me or push me away. This is my job in connor’s recovery, to be there for you so you can be there for your son.

Alan: You seem, uh… you know, less comfortable with me than before. Did I do something wrong?

Ashley: Oh, of course not. It’s all my fault. I overstepped and, uh, I apologize.

Alan: Well, no need.

Ashley: Oh, please. I was flirtatious. I’m assuming it’s because of all the champagne we drank. And, uh, I was inappropriate. And, I’m so sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.

Alan: Not at all. In fact, I enjoyed our time together last night. Look, I– I just wanna… I am content just being here with you in your hometown. That’s all. And, um, I’m hoping you might indulge me, since I’ve heard so much about the place. And maybe you’ll show me some of the sights here in– in genoa city.

Ashley: We’re friends, right? We can be honest with each other.

Alan: Of course.

Ashley: Okay, let’s not pretend. I mean, you’re not here so much as a friend of mine. You’re here as a psychologist because traci asked you to come visit, correct?

Alan: Ashley–

Ashley: So don’t patronize me. I made light of it last night, but I don’t like it. And I want it to stop.

Victor: Claire, I came by to let you know that whatever you need, my family will help you.

Claire: I appreciate it. And you’re right. It hasn’t been easy.

Cole: Well, honey, you don’t have to do this now.

Claire: It’s okay. Last night, I had a nightmare that I was still in the storage locker. It was so dark and so cold. I had no idea how much time passed when I was in there. I was so scared that I’d never see you or mom again. Now that I have my family for real, it’S… the idea of losing that…

Cole: We were never going to stop trying to find you and bring you back home to us. And I’m just so sorry that my aunt was able to get to you and able to hurt you like she did again. I failed to keep you safe.

Claire: Dad, no. You didn’t fail anything. Jordan is a monster. Was. Jordan was a monster. But I don’t wanna waste any more time thinking about her. And she doesn’t get to keep ruining my life.

Victor: Damn right she doesn’T.

Claire: I might not be able to handle the heavy bag like you, but I can hold my own. So you can believe me when I tell you I’ll be okay.

Cole: Of course you will.

Victor: We’ll see to it.

Claire: I just wish they’d hurry up and find her body. Has there been any news?

Victor: Well, you know, the current of that river is very strong. And by now, I imagine that she’s in the middle of lake michigan. You know? She’ll never come back again, I promise you. If I were you, I would not worry about her one more minute.

Jordan: Victor! Victor, victor, where’d you go? Do you have cameras in here? I bet you’ve got cameras down here. And a listening device. Am I your favorite new reality television show? So, come on, victor! I’m gonna disappoint you because I am not gonna drink myself to death. No, no, no, no. You know, I am much stronger than nikki. Or any of you. Why don’t you– why don’t you ask me what my poison is, huh? Ask me. Maybe I’ll even tell you. You want me to drink? So come, come, join me at least. Anybody? Somebody come have a drink with me because I am– I am not going to die alone here.

Marshalls buyers have a very

particular set of skills.

Nick: For what it’s worth, I told my dad that he should be thanking you for the incredible lengths you went to for my mom.

Jack: Oh, how did that go over?

Nick: About as well as you could expect. He said you two were pretty wrecked when he found you together in the suite.

Jack: Two addicts, booze and pills. It wasn’t pretty.

Nick: It must’ve been very hard to see my mom like that. And you.

Jack: Your mother has worked very, very hard to shield her family from the worst of this, and believe me, this was the worst of it. If victor blames me, it’s okay with me for nikki’s sake.

Nick: Yeah, he may come around once he realizes mom’s finally getting the help she needs because of this crazy risk you took.

Jack: Oh, this ceasefire with victor has been pleasant for a while, but it never… it never seemed to make much sense.

Nick: Yeah, you two are never gonna be boys, you know? You’re never gonna go and catch a game together.

Jack: And matching team jackets?

Nick: I can’t even imagine that. Um, I’m betting my dad’s anger slowly goes away as my mom recovers, you know, and he will understand that the benefits far outweigh any residual anger he may still be feeling.

Jack: Yeah, I think you’re underestimating your father’s ability to hold a grudge.

Nick: I’ve seen my father’s grudges up close my whole life. Look, I hope you know, because of this, I will always have your back.

Jack: Well, thank you. I can handle whatever comes my way. I have dealt with victor’s wrath before.

Nick: I know you will risk it again to help my mom.

Victor: So, cole, you’ve been spending a lot of time at the ranch lately. Are you moving in or what?

Cole: No. Uh, I just want claire to know that her entire family has her back and that she can count on me.

Victor: Claire, would you mind if I spoke with your father privately for a moment?

Claire: Not at all. I actually have plans to be meeting mom.

Cole: Hm.

Claire: Timing’s perfect.

Cole: Ah. Nice to see you, honey.

Claire: Yeah. Thank you both for everything.

Cole: Thank you.

Cole: All right, victor. Should I steel myself for a warning of some kind?

Victoria: How’s your relationship with victoria? Has something changed?

Alan: Ashley, I am not trying to deceive you. I’m– I’m just here because I wanna see you.

Ashley: And because traci was worried about me. I thought it was a good idea. I did, in the beginning. I admit that.

Alan: Well, look, clearly your siblings care about you very much. But as I understood it, you wanted help and you were open to receiving it from me. And this isn’t the first time we’ve done this on a nonprofessional basis.

Ashley: Yes, I’m aware of that. You helped me before when I was in paris and I thought you might be able to help me again.

Alan: But then it was friendly, nonconfrontational. That does not seem to be the case now.

Ashley: Well, I was open to speaking with you, and I have done so. But now it feels forced and contrived. And frankly, I feel uncomfortable. I feel like my siblings have influenced your perspective of me.

Alan: And why would they do that?

Ashley: Gee, I don’t know. Maybe because they think I’m unhinged. It’s so insulting. Like I’m a problem they need to fix.

Alan: Traci and jack said that you were afraid of what was happening to you. Is that not true? Is that wrong?

Ashley: No, there’s been some issues. I can handle it. On my own terms.

Alan: Okay. What are the terms? What can I do?

Ashley: Nothing. I’m fine.

Alan: Ashley, as you say, we’re friends, and friends should be honest with each other, right?

Ashley: Uh-huh.

Alan: Well, since we’re being straightforward and no longer hiding behind flirtation, I feel like I should be honest with you. Ashley, I’m not sure at all that you’re fine. You can feel it when your dream becomes a pursuit.

Adam: I’m so happy that you’re here. And that you put up with me. I just– I hate that we lost time because I can be an idiot.

Sally: Well, I could argue with you about that last point.

Adam: Except, it is true.

Sally: What I think is we had to be apart to know that we wanna be together. We learned. We grew. Yeah, there was a lot of grief and anger. But we came out the other side, and we are a much stronger team now.

Adam: We are a team, aren’t we?

Sally: We are. And I know you’re gonna get through this with connor.

Adam: Yeah, I just have to go against my instinct and try to not lose my mind in a knee-jerk reaction.

Sally: Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah, that would definitely be a good first step.

Adam: Mm-hmm. I can’t just talk the talk, I gotta follow through. Especially if chelsea and i go see connor.

Sally: I didn’t even know that was on the table. That’s wonderful.

Adam: Yeah, the doctors think that he might be ready for a weekend visit. And I am all for it. But I– I think chelsea might be scared.

Sally: To see connor?

Adam: I don’t know. I’m not really sure where her mind’s at. You know, I’ve been very, um, up front about all of my feelings, so she may feel like she had to compensate by stuffing down all of hers.

Sally: Or maybe she’s just processing it differently than you are.

Adam: Yeah, but if she’s hiding her feelings again, last time she did that, it almost cost her her life. So, what if she slides again, you know?

Sally: Hey. Will you promise me something? Have more faith in chelsea and in yourself. You are both way stronger than you think.

Chelsea: Adam is a great father. He can and will figure this out. He has to.

Billy: Well, props to you for being open to that.

Chelsea: Hm. Do I really have a choice?

Billy: You are the strongest person I know. I’m just here to remind you of that.

Chelsea: You’re so good to me. Always boosting me up. When does it get to be too much?

Billy: What do you mean?

Chelsea: Well, I mean, how many times in our relationship have you supported me? Have you encouraged me? And just like it’s not my job to keep adam on track, I don’t want you to feel like it’s your job to do the same for me.

Billy: Oh, no, no, no, no. No, those are two very, very different things. I love you, okay? I wanna be here to listen to you, to support you. I want you to know that I love you. There’s no place I’d rather be than beside you, right here. Whatever you need.

Victoria: Jack.

Jack: Hey.

Victoria: Hi.

Jack: How are you?

Victoria: Okay?

Jack: Um…

Victoria: What you did for my mom.

Nick: Yeah, we were just talking about that and dad’s reaction.

Victoria: You took such a risk. I mean, your own sobriety.

Jack: Your mother chose to get the help she needs. That’s the end of the story.

Victoria: Thank you for being there for her.

Claire: Mom, hi.

Victoria: Hi, sweetheart, hi.

Nick: Welcome home.

Claire: Thank you.

Jack: So, it’s great to see you safe and sound.

Claire: And so is harrison. Very, very grateful for that.

Jack: Yeah, kyle said you stopped by to see him. That was very thoughtful of you.

Claire: Well, he’s my buddy. We bonded over good luck charms. I just hope we can get back to those good memories.

Jack: Yeah, harrison is very fond of you.

Claire: Well, it’s an honor.

Kyle: Well, kyle and summer have struggled for a while now to find a new nanny now that linda left town. I wish they could find someone who connects with the boy the way you do.

Victoria: Oh, I didn’t know that kyle and summer were looking for childcare. Hey, maybe you could throw your hat in the ring.

Ashley: Such a shame. I mean, obviously, traci and jack have gotten to you and, uh, have made you see things that aren’t there.

Alan: Ashley, your demeanor has changed drastically from just yesterday.

Ashley: Well, that was last night. Now, it’s the light of day.

Alan: But– but even today, I mean… there– there’s something unfamiliar about you. I’ve known you for years through all your ups and downs, but you’ve always been yourself.

Ashley: And I’m not myself now? Is that what all your years of training is telling you?

Adam: Last night, you couldn’t remember how we met.

Ashley: Alan, we had a lot of champagne, correct? Come on.

Alan: Okay. But, you know, you were being playful, interested in my professional take on your demeanor. It was like a game to you. And today, look, you’re completely different. Cool, deflective, even indignant that I’m here at all, as if you are threatened or something.

Ashley: Look, I admit it. I was teasing you a bit. But I really don’t want you to feel insulted just because I don’t feel like playing today.

Alan: All right, well, where does that leave us if you’re no longer interested in my professional take on your demeanor?

Ashley: I’m not.

Alan: And you regret the flirtation?

Ashley: I do.

Alan: And do you think there’s any reason for me to stay in town?

Ashley: I don’T.

[Stomach growling]

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue…

Ashley: I’m really not trying to chase you away.

Alan: Well, it certainly feels that way.

Ashley: You’re right. But can you blame me? I mean, look at you, you’re just always studying me. And if that’s going to continue, then I think you should go to vienna and attend your conference.

Alan: Ashley, I– I just feel like we got our wires crossed here somehow.

Ashley: I don’t think so. It was great catching up with you, alan. Safe travels.

[ Alan sighs ]

Claire: You want me to be harrison’s nanny?

Victoria: I don’t know, it’s just an idea. I mean, you did say that you might like to work with kids, that it might be a vocation for you.

Claire: Well… yeah, after I spent time with the kids in the hospital.

Victoria: But you’re so good with them. And harrison likes you so much. And you’ve probably bonded, you know, after everything that you’ve been through together. Maybe you can talk to him. Maybe he would feel comfortable talking with you about it.

Claire: Honestly, I can’t think of a better job than taking care of that munchkin.

Victoria: I think it’s wonderful.

Claire: But I doubt summer would be on board.

Victoria: Claire does have a point. I’ve noticed that summer has, uh an attitude towards her cousin. Has she said anything to you about that?

Nick: I think summer’s having a hard time adjusting to having a new addition to the family. And I think harrison’s kidnapping makes it a little bit more complicated.

Victoria: Well, claire had nothing to do with that. Summer should see that by now.

Jack: Well, I’m not promising anything, but if you like, i would speak to kyle and summer.

Claire: That would be amazing.

Jack: Okay, well, I’ll catch all of you a bit later. Um, please give nikki my best.

Victoria: Oh, we will.

Nick: We will.

Jack: Take care.

Nick: Bye.

Victoria: Good for you going for the job. I think it’ll be good for you and for harrison.

Claire: Time to look to the future.

Cole: Victoria and I have gotten closer. We’ve reconnected.

Victor: Hm.

Cole: Now, is that a sound of disapproval? Because I know at one time that you were against the idea.

Victor: Yes, I was.

Cole: And now?

Victor: Well, cole, you seem to be very protective of both victoria and claire, and I like that.

Cole: Claire’s my only child. She’s a chance at joy that I never saw coming. And victoria… I love them both very much.

Victor: I’m very glad to hear that, cole.

Cole: And I’m willing to stick around as long as they’re happy.

Victor: Nice to know.

Cole: But, victor, there is something that I hope you can be honest with me about. It’s regarding my aunt’s death. Her fall into that river. Is there something that we don’t know?

[ Jordan sighs ]

Jordan: This bastard thinks he can– thinks he can beat me? Beat me? I’ll show him. I’ll show him. Whoa. Ow. Ow. What? What? What’s going– oh. Oh. Stop biting. Stop– stop it, stop it. Oh, oh. Oh. Oh. Victor! Victor, stop it! No spiders. No spiders. No spiders, please. No spiders… oh. Oh. Okay. Okay.

[ Jordan exhales ]

Jordan: Just one swig. That’s all. Just one swig. Oh. Oh.

Tech: Need to get your windshield fixed?

Chelsea: Okay. Well, since you are so sweet and supportive and perfect…

Billy: I’m gonna need you to put that in writing.

Chelsea: Um, there is a little more advice I need, if you can swing it.

Billy: Okay. Hit me.

Chelsea: The doctors at conner’s program, they– they say that he might be ready for a visit.

Billy: That’s great. That’s good, right?

Chelsea: Yeah, so I’m considering going to the east coast this weekend.

Billy: Only considering? Why is that?

Chelsea: What if he’s not ready? And what if I go and he doesn’t want to see me? Or… or I go, and he does see me, and it undoes all the progress he’s making.

Billy: Hm. Yeah, I– the doctors are saying it’s a good time to come. I think I would trust them. You know? Maybe you’re overthinking it a little bit.

Chelsea: I am, right? Yeah. Yeah. I just don’t wanna underthink it and then screw everything up.

Billy: Yeah. But you want to see your son, and they’re saying it’s a good time to come, so…

Chelsea: Right. I just have to make the best choice with the knowledge I have.

Billy: Yeah. And look, conner feels like he’s ready. Doctor’s saying it’s a good time. Let’s take yes as an answer. Okay? And if anything goes wrong, then the doctors are there to support both of you.

Chelsea: Okay. I like that. Conner seems stronger and I– I think he’s prepared for this.

Billy: Maybe this is part of the healing process for all three of you.

Chelsea: What would I do without you?

Billy: I don’t know. But the good news is you don’t have to worry about that.

[ Door slams ]

Jack: For you.

Diane: Thank you.

Jack: How’re you doing?

Diane: I’m okay. I was reading with harrison in his room, but he fell asleep a few minutes ago.

Jack: Well, he needs some rest.

Diane: Yeah, yeah. He’s, um, he’s been sleeping a lot lately, but I guess that’s normal for someone who’s been through what he’s been through.

Jack: All we can do is reassure him that he’s safe now.

Diane: Yeah. So, how are you feeling?

Jack: I think it was good that I got out. Some fresh air. Fresh perspective. Look, I know you were upset by my actions.

Diane: Upset? You spent all night in a hotel suite with nikki newman, and you took pills, jack, as a recovering addict.

Jack: I told you, that was strategic.

Diane: Oh, my god, it doesn’t make it any less dangerous. And your refusal to admit that is alarming.

Jack: Okay, I– I really just wanted to say I’m sorry.

Diane: Are you sorry for what you did, or are you sorry that I’m mad?

Jack: What would it take to lessen this anger?

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Diane sighs ]

Diane: Hi, ashley.

Ashley: Oh, tippy-toe, tippy-toe. Please stop. It’s so annoying the way you tiptoe around me.

Jack: Have you seen your friend from paris this morning?

Ashley: Well, yes, jack, I did. We had breakfast together.

Diane: Oh, how was that?

Ashley: Fine. I told him to go ahead and go to vienna, attend his conference.

Jack: Why would he cut it short now?

Ashley: Because he sees me as a patient and not a friend. And I know that you and traci were hoping that he would covertly psychoanalyze me, right? That failed.

Adam: Hey. Uh, what’s going on?

Chelsea: Is this a bad time?

Adam: Um, no, no, it’s all right. Um, come in.

Chelsea: Hi, sally.

Sally: Hey.

Billy: Hi.

Adam: Did, uh, did something happen? Is everything okay with connor?

Chelsea: Connor’s okay. Um, I’ve made a decision and I want to talk to you about it.

Sally: I will leave you guys.

Adam: No, no, no, I– I want you to stay. Please stay with me.

Dupixent helps people with

asthma breathe

Adam: Um, what is it?

Chelsea: I wanna go visit connor. I think we should go together, if it works for you.

Adam: I mean, are you sure?

Chelsea: I miss him so much, adam. And if the doctors are saying it’s okay–

Adam: I agree, I think that we can– we can do this. I know we can do this.

Chelsea: Yeah, but, you know, we have to be able to hold it together.

Adam: Of course. Because that’s what connor needs and that’s what he deserves.

Victor: You gotta trust me when I tell you that everyone knows all there is to know.

Cole: Wait, wait. That sounds like a dodge, like you’re trying to protect us from something.

Victor: Cole, if I thought she were alive, don’t you think I would put a security detail on every member of my family? That woman is gone, she’s dead. All right? So stop worrying.

[ Jordan panting ]

Jordan: Get off me! Just get off. Get off. Ooh.

[ Jordan panting ]

Jack: Traci and I did not conspire against you. In fact, you were on board with him coming to visit before he ever arrived.

Ashley: Yeah, well, I had a change of heart.

Diane: Why is that?

Ashley: Because I don’t need him here.

Jack: I want him to stay a little longer.

Ashley: Well, that’s just tough, jack.

Jack: You don’t want me walking on eggshells. Fine, I will be direct.

Ashley: Go ahead.

Jack: You are not well, ashley. This family is going to do all we can to make sure you get the help you need, no matter what it takes.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, May 6, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Victor: Hey, son.

Nick: You’re back.

Victor: Yeah, I am.

Nick: Uh, how’s mom? She settled in?

Victor: Yeah. Couldn’t stay with her very long.

Nick: And how about you? Did you get some sleep? I know this is very hard for you.

Victor: Much harder for your mother.

Nick: I know, dad. But mom made the decision to go to rehab, all right? Everybody knows how hard you worked to be there for her and to support her, but now it’s time we let the professionals handle this.

Victor: Easier said than done.

Nick: Yeah. Well, while mom’s getting the help she needs, you gotta take care of yourself, too. And remember, that other threat is dead and gone. We take the wins where we can, no matter how we get them.

Diane: Jack. Thank god you’re home. Where were you all night? I– I was so worried. And then I finally got your message this morning.

Jack: I am sorry. I should’ve called to tell you I was okay. Time got away from me.

Diane: Yeah, but where were you? I mean, I– I even tried the office and you didn’t pick up.

Jack: Diane.

Diane: What?

Jack: I wanna tell you everything, but you need to hear me out before you react.

Diane: Why do you sound like that?

Jack: Because I don’t think you’re gonna like what I have to say.

Phyllis: Hey, pretty. Hey.

Summer: Oh, mom.

Phyllis: I was hoping I’d see you.

Summer: Hi.

Phyllis: How you doing? You wanna have a coffee or breakfast, or… did you sleep last night?

Summer: Um, I slept at the abbott house. I– I just didn’t wanna be away from harrison.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Summer: Honestly, being here right now feels off.

Phyllis: Oh, I– I totally get it. Well, I mean, I’ll go back to the house with you, if you… or not. Listen, it’s your call. Whatever. You should be alone with harrison. He needs you right now.

Summer: Yeah, we will spend time together, the three of us, soon, I promise.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. Hey, listen, I want you to know that I’m really proud of you. You’ve been incredible. Very strong. Brave. Yes, brave. You’ve been a warrior, and most importantly, you’ve been an amazing mom.

Summer: I don’t feel brave. Last night, I slept next to harrison’s bed, and I just– I kept on jerking awake, just to make sure that he was still there. I’m only here now to see about getting some help for him.

Phyllis: Of course. Of course.

Summer: I mean, kyle and i keep on reassuring him, telling him that we love him, but I just– I don’t know that that’s enough.

Phyllis: It’s enough. Hey, listen, if you need anything from me, you just say the word, okay?

Summer: Thanks, mom. I actually mean professional help.

Phyllis: Oh, of course. Well, hey, you’re being proactive, and that’s great. Looking for a therapist, make sure it’s someone warm and kind and empathetic to a child that age.

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Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Victor: I hate all this, son. Leaving your mother there by herself, all alone with strangers. I’m her husband, for heaven’s sake. I should’ve been there. Help her through this.

Nick: You know that’s not how this works. Dad, you can’t fix her ms. You can’t help her with this. She went to rehab willingly. There was no intervention. She made this decision on her own.

Victor: Well, it wasn’t on her own. She was with a jack abbott.

Nick: What does jack have to do with this?

Victor: The son of a bitch almost killed her.

Diane: We promised to never keep secrets from each other, so whatever it is, just, um, tell me.

Jack: I saw nikki last night at the athletic club. She was drunk, as drunk as I’ve ever seen her. Tried everything I could to get her to sober up. I begged her to leave with me, to go to a meeting. I tried everything I could to get through to her, and she was just so detached, so distant, so defeated.

Diane: Defeated? But jordan’s gone, and claire and harrison are safe. I– I’d think she’d be relieved.

Jack: I guess the stress had finally gotten to her, the accumulation of all the things that had piled up around her. These relentless attacks from jordan have ended, but this has been a fight she’s been battling for months and months without any sign of if or when it would end.

Diane: Well, it’s– it’s a lot for anyone to face, even someone without an addiction.

Jack: Well, nikki is definitely an addict, and I– I could not do anything to pull her back from the cliff she was on.

Diane: Well, is she all right? What happened?

Jack: I was scared. I was guilt-ridden. I’d failed her as a sponsor. I’d– I had to do something to save her, and there were no half measures. And I came up with a thought. An extreme thought, perhaps unthinkable, but if it worked, if I could make it work, I had to try it.

Diane: All right, jack, stop. Just tell me what you did last night.

Summer: I mean, the horrible things that she said to harrison, the lies that– that we never wanted to see him again.

Sharon: That is the cruelest thing you can say to a child when their parents are their whole world.

Phyllis: Oh, she’s a sick bitch.

Sharon: Phyllis, um, you know, maybe you should rein in your anger a little bit when you’re around harrison. I know that this is difficult, if not unbearable, but harrison’s already been through enough stress as it is.

Phyllis: Okay, I’m not clueless. Sharon, I would never talk like that in front of harrison, but we’re adults here, and it’s very emotional, and I think the entire world would agree with me if they knew what jordan did to that little boy.

Summer: Mom, I love you.

Phyllis: I love you, too. Do you want me to just chill out?

Summer: Please. Thank you. We are all on the same team here. We just want what’s best for harrison, right? That’s why I asked sharon to meet me here.

Sharon: Yeah, I think it’s a great idea to think ahead for anything that could happen, you know, especially in a situation like this, so I would be happy to recommend a therapist who would be a great match for harrison.

Summer: I just wanna know what to look out for, keep an eye on the fallout, you know?

Sharon: Okay, well, I will text you her name and contact information. This woman is wonderful. She’s highly skilled in dealing with children.

Summer: Thank you so much, sharon. I’m– I’m gonna go call her right now. Excuse me.

Phyllis: You’re very good at that. You know, being soothing and talking, even though you’re not in the therapist business anymore.

Sharon: Well, thank you. I’m always happy to help. And if you need any help, someone to talk to…

Phyllis: You?

Sharon: Well, no, not me somebody else.

Phyllis: Yeah, somebody else, of course, I figured.

Sharon: You figured, right?

Phyllis: Yeah, that would be crazy. When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd

Sharon: I, uh, I know how much summer means to you.

Phyllis: Yes, it’s just– it’s hard when she’s upset and I can’t do anything to fix it.

Sharon: Well, I can imagine how worried you must’ve been about summer and harrison. Um, but everyone is safe now. And from what I can tell, summer has turned out to be a great mother.

Phyllis: Yeah, she really has. Mariah seems like a great mom, too. Look at us. But harrison and summer, they’ll be all right, right?

Sharon: Well, you will make sure that they are. Um, I’m sorry. Could you tell summer that I had to run?

Phyllis: Yes, to your tech empire, right? The one I didn’t get a job at.

Sharon: That’s the one. Um, please do remember to give summer my goodbyes and tell her to keep me posted.

Phyllis: No thank you.

Summer: Sharon left?

Phyllis: Yes. Yes. Coffeehouse owner, tech mogul, she left. Um, did you get in touch with the doctor?

Summer: I did, yeah. I actually think that she’s gonna work out. And if she doesn’t, then we will find someone who will.

Phyllis: Definitely. That is the spirit.

Summer: You and dad always fought for me. I’m never gonna stop fighting for harrison, either.

Nick: This doesn’t make any sense. Mom was out overnight. Then she comes back and says she’s ready for rehab, but jack could’ve killed her? How?

Victor: When I was with you and your sister, I got a message from our security team saying that they had spotted your mother at the athletic club.

Nick: Yeah, they thought that she was drinking.

Victor: She was in a room to do just that.

Nick: But jack was with her, trying to get her to go to a meeting or something?

Victor: When I walked into the room, the paramedics were there.

Nick: Did she have alcohol poisoning or something? Is that why she decided to go to rehab?

Victor: No, apparently they were there for jack abbott. He and your mother had done shots together. And he took some damn pills and opioids, collapsed and your mother called the paramedics.

Nick: This doesn’t make any sense, dad. Jack has been sober for years.

Victor: Your mother claims that jack abbott planned all this in order to shock some sense into her.

Nick: Oh, my god. Okay, so… jack takes pills as some sort of… if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em gesture to… I guess show mom a mirror of what she really looks like so she’ll be worried about him the way he’s worried about her?

Victor: Yeah. Insane and idiotic.

Nick: I guess it worked. I mean, mom seemed committed to getting sober when we saw her earlier.

Victor: Your mother should never have chosen him as a sponsor, all right? Jack abbott failed one more time. He fails at everything.

Nick: Yeah, but if mom’s committed to getting the help she needs now, does it really matter what he did?

Victor: Yeah, it does matter. She could’ve been the one who needed the paramedics. He could’ve killed her.

Nick: Well, it sounds like jack could’ve died too. He risked his life to save mom’S. And now, mom’s willing to get the help she needs because of jack.

Jack: No, I’m saying I couldn’t get through– hey, how’s my grandson?

Kyle: He’s a little on edge, but he’s settling in. Said he was happy his mom spent the night.

Diane: Yeah, I’m glad they had each other.

Kyle: What about you? I know victor was here earlier. It sounded like the two of you were getting into it.

Jack: Oh, you know victor. I’m always to blame for something.

Kyle: So what exactly is victor blaming you for?

Jack: You know, could we discuss this another time? I– I– your mother and I need some time to talk.

Kyle: Um, are you dodging me? Because I get the feeling that there’s something more going on here.


Diane: What more could possibly go on? Everyone’s already been through so much.

Jack: Your mother’s right. Victor sometimes needs a punching bag. Old habits die hard.

Kyle: Okay. I’m gonna go to the office, grab my tablet and I promised harrison a surprise.

Diane: Oh, that’s nice. He can focus on a surprise. Oh, do you want me to sit with him for a while?

Kyle: No, no. He’s upstairs watching a movie. I hope he’ll feel safe enough to relax and doze off.

Diane: He’ll get through this, kyle. We’ll make sure of it.

Kyle: I’m gonna ask mrs. Martinez to keep an eye on him while I’m gone.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no. You don’t have to do that. I’m– I’m gonna work from home. If he needs anything, I’ll take care of him.

Kyle: So you’re not going to the office at all? Wow, must’ve been a rough night. Hope you’re okay.

Diane: You know, I can see why your dad probably needs some down time. He’s been pulled in so many different directions lately. Worrying about harrison and ashley. Nikki. Work. He could probably use a break.

Kyle: So does that mean you’re not going to the office either?

Diane: No, I am dressed and ready for that r&d meeting this afternoon.

Kyle: Yeah. Glad you remembered.

Diane: Ha.

Kyle: Well, let me know if harrison needs anything. I’ll be back as soon as possible.

Jack: Even with all the chaos, there’s still tension between you.

Diane: Uh, we’re fine. I really wanna get back to that conversation that we were having before kyle walked in. About whatever it is you need to tell me that you clearly don’t want him to know.

Jack: No. You’re right. I don’t want him to know.

Diane: Jack, you’re making– you’re making me nervous.

Jack: You have to understand why things happened the way they did.

Diane: When you were with nikki all night.

Jack: Nikki had bottles of vodka lined up. It was clear she was going to drink herself into oblivion. I thought of everything I could, and the only thing I could come up with that might jolt her into hearing me… was joining her.

Diane: So, you drank?

Jack: Yeah.

Diane: Oh, well, I– I can imagine that a sponsor isn’t supposed to drink in front of an alcoholic on a bender, but that’s hardly extreme, and I can’t imagine that it worked.

Jack: No, it– it didn’t work. And that’s when I made the second decision… to arrange to get some opioids.

Diane: What? Have you lost your mind?

Jack: I told nikki if she was determined to go to rock bottom, I would go there with her. It was like old times. I made the phone call, the pills were delivered.

Diane: Oh, please tell me that it was just a threat, that you didn’t actually plan on going through something so insane. Jack. How could you do that to yourself? How could you do that to me?

Nick: I got your message. Have you talked to summer today?

Phyllis: Uh, yeah, she was just here with sharon, no less. Uh, she wanted to talk to sharon about a possible referral for someone, um… someone for harrison to talk to.

Nick: Our daughter’s on top of things. She’s rising to the occasion.

Phyllis: Definitely. I’m not sure she’s really processed everything that’s happened.

Nick: Well, you know, it’s, um… it’s tough when you’ve been running on fear and panic and adrenaline for so long. It’s probably very difficult to settle back into a nice, normal life. There is a chance that it’s a crash landing instead.

Phyllis: Yeah. I think we have to keep our eye on her. We keep our eye on her, and she keeps her eye on harrison.

Nick: So, how are you? You okay?

Phyllis: I mean, I would’ve been happier if I saw jordan die. You know, I would’ve been happier if I saw her drown and fight for her last breath on her way to hell. And it’s the truth, it’s how i feel, and I would only tell you something like that.

Nick: Yeah, it’s probably best if you keep that to yourself. I would’ve called yesterday.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue…

Phyllis: You know what this whole thing reminds me of? Thank you.

Nick: Thanks.

Phyllis: Some psycho bitch going after a kid to get back at another adult. You know what it reminds me of?

Nick: Right there with you. Patty.

Phyllis: Patty. She knew about summer’s peanut allergy. So crazy and deranged, self-pitying. Patty, I mean, she made sure it was in summer’s system, those peanuts. Put her in a coma for a long time.

Nick: You know, we thought we were gonna lose summer, but we got her back.

Phyllis: Yeah, but it was hard. There was so much time that went by with no oxygen, and she had such a hard time bouncing back. And she couldn’t talk or read or respond.

Nick: Who got her through that?

Phyllis: We both got her through that.

Nick: No. No, that was you, phyllis. You took her to that clinic. You were by her side every hour, every minute, every second of the day for months and years. It was you. Summer remembers so little of that time. It might be that way for harrison, too. You don’t know.

Phyllis: Oh, I remember. I think summer will remember, too, you know? She’s calling for harrison, getting him ready for school and he doesn’t answer. She’ll remember. The only thing I regret is that I wasn’t able to take that jordan psycho to hell myself. And I know it’s not pretty. I know it’s not nice, it’s mean, but it’s how I feel.

Nick: You’re just being honest. And it’s not like you’d be going up against a lesser opponent, you know? If jordan had somehow survived and you two ended up in a ring together, I certainly would be cheering for you.

Phyllis: Well, thanks.

Nick: For what?

Phyllis: For always having my back. And you do always have my back. And for getting me. Thanks. Supergirl’s a supermom. We did good. Despite it all, we did good.

Kyle: Sharon, good to see you.

Sharon: Kyle, nice to see you, too. Um, I just met with summer.

Kyle: Oh, you’re helping her find someone for harrison to talk to?

Sharon: Yes, I think she may have even spoken with her already.

Kyle: Well, that’s great, thank you. I was just gonna pick harrison up a surprise.

Sharon: Well, don’t forget to take care of yourselves, too. I mean, that goes for summer as well. All of you have been through a really terrible ordeal and it may take some time to heal.

Kyle: The entire time harrison was gone, my stomach was in knots. All I could think about was how scared he was and I felt helpless, not knowing where he was or if he was even alive. It was the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced.

Sharon: And yet you saved him, kyle. Hold on to that. You saved him before jordan was able to cause him any more harm.

Kyle: But how do we know how much harm she did cause him?

Sharon: Well, I’m sure the therapist will walk you through all of that. But he’s young, kyle. He’s resilient and he’s surrounded by love and support. Oh, summer, hi. I’m sorry I had to run before you finished your call.

Summer: No, please, you are great. Just giving me the contact information and talking things through a little.

Kyle: Same for me just now. Thank you.

Sharon: You’re both very welcome. And if you need any more help, just don’t be afraid to ask.

Kyle: Thank you, sharon.

Summer: Thank you so much. Um, what’s harrison doing? Who’s watching him?

Kyle: Um, he’s at home watching a movie I figured he needed time to decompress.

Summer: Who’s watching him?

Kyle: My folks and mrs. Martinez are keeping an eye on him.

Summer: Okay. Good. Uh, that’s– that’s good. That’s good.

Kyle: Were you able to actually speak to a therapist?

Summer: I was, yeah. She seems really amazing. She said that she can talk to harrison directly or she could talk to us, walk us through how to talk to him about everything and what to look out for. She’s just gonna let us take the lead.

Kyle: That’s great. Thank you for handling that. It’s better to be safe than headed off of the pass.

Summer: I totally agree. Which is why there’s something else that I really wanna discuss with you. And I hope you’re not gonna fight me on it.

Kyle: Okay. I’m listening.

Summer: I don’t want claire anywhere near harrison. At least not anytime soon.

Jack: I wanted to shock nikki. She knows vodka isn’t my downfall. Pills are. So, I had to come up with some way to open her eyes.

Diane: And you were willing to risk your life to do that? Pills mixed with alcohol?

Jack: I know my limits.

Diane: How do you know the pills weren’t laced with something, huh? You don’t know what they’re putting in them these days.

Jack: Any drug could be tainted with something potentially lethal. It wasn’t like it was my first time. So, I called my dealer. My old dealer.

Diane: Oh. Okay. That’s comforting. You’ve kept in touch with a drug dealer? I thought you said you hadn’t used pills in years.

Jack: I haven’T. I haven’t talked to him in years. But his stuff is pure.

Diane: Oh, my god. You trusted your life with a career drug dealer?

Jack: I took a risk, and it paid off.

Diane: What do you mean, it paid off?

Jack: Nikki has agreed to go to rehab. She has admitted that’s the only way she’s going to get clean. And it took my downfall to do it.

Diane: What, and you couldn’t have just pretended to take a pill? You know, stick one in your mouth and then spit it in the trash?

Jack: Believe me, I thought of that. No, nikki, even drunk, is too savvy for me to pull that kind of stunt. I’m not that good an actor. So, I had to go for it for real.

Diane: How– you took an incredibly foolish and dangerous risk with little or no regard for me or for your family. No wonder you didn’t want kyle to know about this. The fact that you could’ve died doing something so– so stupid is just beyond my comprehension.

Jack: It wasn’t like that.

Diane: Yes, it was! You put nikki newman’s sobriety above your own. And you might think that what you did was so courageous and so noble, but you know what? I think it was incredibly selfish. Schwarzkopf

Kyle: You can’t be serious right now. How can you still think claire’s a part of this kidnapping?

Summer: That’s not what this is about, kyle.

Kyle: No, this is what this is about. Claire is just as much jordan’s victim as harrison was.

Summer: Okay, that’s my point. Claire is an obvious reminder of this horrific experience for harrison. If what she’s telling us is true.

Kyle: If?

Summer: Then that means that harrison actually saw her get drugged by jordan. How could he not think of that every time he sees her?

Kyle: Right, no, I think you’re focused on the wrong issue here. Harrison may need to talk to somebody to put things into perspective. If that’s the case, we will absolutely get him that. But you saw how happy he was to see claire this morning. Maybe it’s good for him to see that she’s actually fine.

Summer: We have to be the parents here, kyle. We have to make the decisions, okay? Harrison might wanna eat brownies for every meal, but we’re not gonna let him do that because we are the ones that have to create boundaries for him. He might want to hang out with claire. We don’t know how that’s gonna affect his recovery.

Kyle: Okay, did you ever think that maybe the opposite is true? That it reinforces, despite what they went through, that they’re both actually fine? That we hear and respect his needs and wants? You’re going to an unnecessary extreme here.

Summer: Is that even a thing when it comes to protecting your child?

Kyle: Are you implying that I don’t wanna protect my child? Of course, I do. Harrison means the world to me. I would give up my life for him.

Summer: Okay, then why does it matter so much to you? Claire might be fine, but why does she need to be in his life? Why? So many people are gonna come in and out of his orbit, but we are the constants. Our bond with him is the thing that matters the most, and it’s time to focus on that. Nothing else.

Diane: What if I had lost you? Did you even think about that for a minute? What if I had woken up today with the news that you were dead, that you had od’d in some hotel suite with nikki newman? Can you imagine what that would’ve done to me? To our family? Did you even consider that?

Jack: It was never going to come to that.

Diane: You don’t know that, jack. No matter how much you wanna argue, you don’t know how things might have turned out.

Jack: The important thing is it worked, and I am here now, safe and– and alive, and nikki is in rehab.

Diane: You know, I just– I just feel like there’s a hole in this story. What– what exactly happened that triggered nikki’s wake-up call?

Jack: I passed out.

Diane: What?

Jack: Nikki saw me lying there unconscious, and it shook her to her core. It literally scared her sober. She’s the one that called the emt’S.

Diane: You passed out? Oh, my god, jack. You did overdose. You really could’ve died, and you’re standing there telling me that you had it under control?

Jack: I did have it under control.

Diane: Oh, did you know that you were gonna pass out? Did you know that you were gonna need medical help? Was that part of your stupid plan?

Jack: I may have made a small miscalculation.

Diane: Oh, my god. Last night, alone with a drunk woman, you lost consciousness.

Jack: I have been there before.

Diane: Yeah, and now you’ve got that poison in your system all over again. You have to fight those urges all over again. Do you realize what you’ve done? You have thrown away years of sobriety for nikki newman.

Jack: My sobriety is not at risk. I promise you, that will not happen.

Diane: And how can you be so sure, huh? How do I know you don’t have pills on you right now?

Jordan: Victor. Please. Tell me what I have to do to get out of here. I’ll do anything. Anything, please. I can’t take it any longer. Please.

“The darkness of bipolar

depression made me feel like

Kyle: Okay, don’t get me wrong. I’m not arguing that we are the two most important people in harrison’s life, but you, claire, and our son are family. All newmans. And now you’re suggesting that we keep the two of them apart forever? It’s not realistic, summer.

Summer: Okay, well, I’m not– I’m not going through it again. I’m not. I can’t keep feeling that panic over and over again. That is how I feel every time I see her. You can’t tell me that harrison doesn’t feel some of the same. The fact that I don’t want her near our son should be enough for you to agree with my decision.

Kyle: I still think you’re taking this too far.

Summer: Kyle, we almost lost our son. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t ever need to see claire or hear about her ever again.

Jack: I don’t have any pills. Nikki insisted I give them to her before she left, and I did.

Diane: But you still have that dealer’s number, and apparently you’ve held onto it all this time.

Jack: But you have to believe me. This is a one-time occurrence. I only ingested those pills to shock someone, to– to– out of necessity.

Diane: Necessity? You risked your life to save nikki’S. What about me? Hm? Aren’t I a necessity to you? Didn’t you stop and think about me for one minute?

Jack: You have… you’re right, maybe– maybe I– I was selfish and maybe it was– maybe it was foolish of me to– to risk that chance of going back into that world.

Diane: Maybe, hm.

Jack: I never wanted to go there. You have to know that.

Diane: Think about what you would’ve put me through if you hadn’t survived.

Jack: I never thought it would ever go this far. I would never intentionally put you through that.

Diane: And that’s what scares me the most, jack. You didn’t think.

Jack: I love you. I never wanna risk what we have together. I never wanna lose you, ever.

Diane: I hope that’s true. Because I never wanna lose you, either.

Jack: What we have means the world to me. I did what I had to do. It saved nikki. Can you find some way to just trust the rest of it?

Victor: What makes you think that I would negotiate with you about anything?

Jordan: Do you really wanna keep trudging down here to see me? Someone’s gonna find me, and then we’ll both end up in prison. Me for my– my things, and you– well, you for unlawful imprisonment. So, why don’t we just call it a day, okay? No harm, no foul.

Victor: Good try.

Jordan: So, how much longer are you gonna torture me? What– what do you want from me?

Victor: You have nothing I want. Both harrison and claire are home safe and sound. No thanks to you.

Jordan: Okay, I– I know I– I– I went too far. And I know that I need to be punished for my transgressions, but why– why don’t you… why don’t you just put me in a– a proper prison, okay? Don’t leave me here in this black hole.

Victor: This is it. Get used to it. But… I brought you a present.

Jordan: What am I gonna do with a– a bottle of booze?

Victor: You’re gonna drown yourself in alcohol. That’s what you’re gonna do. The way you wanted my wife to perish. So drink to your heart’s content… until you croak.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, May 6, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Nick is glad to see Victor has returned from checking Nikki into rehab.  Victor is very quiet and looking depressed. Nick thinks Victor should be looking on the bright side, that Nikki is getting help and that Jordan is dead.  Victor blames himself and Jack for Nikki going into rehab. Nick presses him for details about how Jack is involved, so Victor explains that Jack almost died by drinking and taking pills, to shock Nikki into sobriety.  She had to call the paramedics.  Later, Victor visits Jordan down in his homemade jail in the basement. She begs him to let her go, and then she tries to reason with him, but he is undeterred. He gives her a bottle of liquor and tells her to drink herself to death, like she tried to do to Nikki.

Diane is happy to see that Jack returned home, since she couldn’t get hold of him all night. He explains to her what happened the previous night with Nikki – that she was drinking herself to death, so he drank and took pills, to shock her so much that she would go to rehab. She had to call the paramedics to save him. Diane is upset and angry that he would risk his life for Nikki. She calls him selfish for OD’ing.  She’s worried that he wasn’t thinking when he did this and could easily fall back into addiction. He apologizes and admits that maybe she’s right. He tells her that he loves her, and they hug. He hopes she can forgive him.

Kyle comes in during the explanation, but they cover and tell him that Jack is working from home today. Jack says he’ll check in on Harrison, who is upstairs, while Kyle leaves for work. Kyle can tell something is wrong, but he leaves.

Phyllis sees Summer at the Athletic Club. Summer is still worrying about Harrison. She tells her mom that she spent the night at the Abbotts just to watch him. Phyllis compliments her and tells her how brave she is. They meet Sharon there to get a recommendation for a good child therapist for Harrison. Sharon gives her a person’s name and number to call. Later, Nick runs into Phyllis there. They discuss Summer and Jordan, which leads them to talk about the past when crazy Patty poisoned Summer with peanuts, putting the child into a coma.

Kyle runs into Sharon and thanks her for helping them with Harrison (with the therapist).  Later, Summer and Kyle have an argument when she demands that Claire not be allowed anywhere near Harrison. He objects because Claire is a Newman and thus family. Summer feels panic again every time she sees Claire and doesn’t want to go through that again.


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Y&R Transcript Friday, May 3, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Victoria: What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Nick: I just– you know, I’m making sure you’re okay.

Victoria: You better say that I look fine, because I finally slept all the way through the night last night.

Nick: Great, vic. You needed sleep.

Victoria: Yeah. You know, I just keep reminding myself that jordan is dead and there’s nothing that she can do to hurt us again. But she’s popped out of the shadows so many times and just done so many hurtful things that, um, you know, it’s hard to break the habit of being on high alert. How’s summer?

Nick: Um, you know, like a coiled spring. I don’t think she thinks this is really over either.

Victoria: I’m sorry to hear that, nick. You know, I hope she understands that claire didn’t have anything to do with harrison’s kidnapping.

Nick: Oh, I’m sure she does. But in all fairness, she had her doubts about claire. You know, we all did. That includes me.

Victoria: Well, sad to say, I had a moment where I doubted her as well.

Nick: Really? You never showed that.

Victoria: Ah, it was more me questioning myself, wondering if maybe there’s something that I missed. Maybe jordan was able to get to her somehow. But then I talked to cole and he brought me back to the truth. You know, he just– he just talked to me and, you know, he reasoned with me. He was my rock through all of this. For sure. And he kept me well-fed.

[ Both chuckling ]

Nick: Okay.

Victoria: What?

Nick: Uh, you know, it’s just, every time you talk about cole, you get this look in your eye.

Victoria: Shut up.

Nick: You shut up. Seriously. It’s like a dopey look of affection.

Victoria: Oh, come on. You are truly annoying sometimes.

Nick: How long until the two of you pick out furniture and move in together?

Victoria: Okay, now you’re done.

Nick: Not until you admit it.

Victoria: Admit what?

Nick: Vic, I can do this all day long.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Okay, maybe we had a slight, very slight romantic reconnection. But that’s it, nothing else.

Nick: Was that so hard?

Victoria: He’s just been there for me, nick, in so many different ways. When I didn’t think that anyone or anything would be able to get me through it, you know?

Nick: You don’t have to sell me on cole. I know he’s a good guy. The way he’s dealt with our family and newfound fatherhood, couldn’t be easy. And if something romantic does happen between the two of you and it’s what you really want, then I’m happy for you.

Victoria: Thank you.

Victor: Excuse me.

Nick: Hey, dad.

Victor: Have either of you seen your mother this morning?

Victoria: No. Why?

Victor: She didn’t come home last night.

Nikki: How is he? He has to be okay.

Paramedic: We gave him a shot to counteract the opioids, but he’s gonna need to follow up with his doctor.

Nikki: Yes, of course.

Paramedic: Ma’am, have you taken anything?

Nikki: No. No, I– I haven’t had any pills. But I– I have been drinking.

Kyle: Yes, his name is jack abbott and I just wanna know if he was in last night. Can you ask the matre d’? He knows who he is. Oh. I understand. Well, if he stops in, can you tell him his family’s looking for him? Thanks.

[ Knock on door ] Claire. Hi.

Claire: Hi. Is this a bad time?

Kyle: No. No, come in. Are you okay to be out and about?

Claire: I’m okay. Still a little shaky, but okay.

Kyle: Yeah, I only heard bits and pieces about what happened to you, but I’m so glad you made it home safe. Harrison will be too.

Claire: That’s actually why I came by. I wanted to make sure he was okay. Or as okay as can be expected after what jordan put him through.

Kyle: Yeah, he’s holding up better than I could’ve hoped.

Claire: You don’t have to say that for my benefit.

Kyle: No, I know. I mean, yeah, it was horrible and traumatic and it makes me sick that it happened, but harrison’s a tough little kid. He’s getting a lot of love and reassurance, and we’re gonna make sure he has everything he needs to get through this.

Claire: Loving parents make all the difference. Anyway, that’s why I stopped by, so, um, give him a big hug from me, will you?

>>Kyle: Well, that’s a short visit. [ Chuckles ]

Claire: I figured it’s probably best if harrison doesn’t see me. The last thing I want is to remind him of what happened with jordan.

Kyle: You know, actually, I think it would be good for harrison to see you. I mean, he kept asking about you, wanting us to find you, to save you.

Claire: That’s so sweet.

Kyle: I mean, he’s sleeping right now, but he should be up pretty soon. Claire, this wasn’t your fault.

Claire: People keep saying that.

Kyle: Because it’s true. You were just as much of a victim of jordan’s madness as harrison was. Everybody knows that now.

Claire: It still doesn’t make me feel any less guilty.

Kyle: Why would you feel guilty? You had nothing to do with it.

Claire: I did have something to do with it, kyle. I had everything to do with it. Why was jordan here? Why did she go after an innocent little boy?

Kyle: Why would she do anything? Because she’s pure evil and wanted to do as much damage as possible.

Claire: That’s true. But I was her trojan horse into genoa city. She never could’ve snuck into town if it weren’t for me. Started this insane war against everyone. I’m the reason that she could terrorize your family and my family, and I will never forgive myself for that.

Paramedic: Make sure he doesn’t take anything else. Next time he might not be so lucky.

Nikki: I’ll make sure. Jack? Jack. Wake– wake up. Wake up for me.

Jack: What happened?

Nikki: You passed out from all the pills and alcohol.

Jack: Pills?

Nikki: Well, they gave you something to counteract it, but it was touch and go for a while. I am so glad you’re okay. Damn it, jack. What the hell were you thinking? I’ll be honest.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… blue-emu gave me my hobbies back.

Victor: No sign of her anywhere.

Nick: I don’t even wanna say this, but is there a chance jordan survived that fall and somehow got to mom?

Victoria: Don’t say that, nick. Don’t even think it.

Nick: They never found a body, vic. That woman’s got, like, a thousand lives.

Victor: Son, jordan is dead, okay? And there’s no way she has a hold of your mother.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know what to do. I think your mother’s still suffering from what jordan has done to her.

Victoria: She’s been drinking again.

Victor: Yes, I’m afraid she has.

Victoria: Damn it. I knew it.

Nick: Did you try all the restaurants and bars?

Victoria: Hospitals?

Victor: Everywhere I can think of.

Victoria: Daddy, if there’s anything that we can do to help, just let us know.

Victor: Hold on for one second here. Oh. Thank god.

Victoria: What is it?

Victor: My security team thinks they found out where she is, okay?

Nick: Well, that’s great.

Victor: I’ve got to go.

Victoria: Oh.

Kyle: I’m sorry. I’m not gonna let you beat yourself up over this.

Claire: Kyle…

Kyle: No, how many people tried to stop your aunt and couldn’t?

Claire: Yes, but that night…

Kyle: She is a monster. And you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Claire: But if I had been on alert, if I reacted more quickly, I could’ve done something.

Kyle: No, no. Don’t go down that hole. There’s nothing good down there. I almost went down it myself. Where was i when harrison was taken? Jordan got into the house. She got you and harrison out of the house, and I didn’t hear. So maybe I’m the one who should feel responsible.

Claire: That is ridiculous.

Kyle: I know. Because there’s only one person to blame. I hate to say it, but justice finally found jordan. How do you feel about that?

Claire: About what?

Kyle: Jordan’s death.

Claire: At first, I couldn’t believe it. Then I was relieved. Then I was scared.

Kyle: Scared?

Claire: That it wasn’t true. That somehow she had managed to escape death yet again, so that she could punish me, punish everyone. That’s why she took us both, you know. So that people would believe that I was in on her plan. I turned my back on her, so she wanted everyone to turn their backs on me. You believed it at first, didn’t you?

Kyle: I won’t lie. It was hard not to. I mean, the way it looked, the timing of it all.

Claire: I would’ve believed it too. That’s how sick she was. This was another way to keep me from my real family, from a normal life. That’s what tortured me. What I thought about every second that I was in that storage unit. That I… wouldn’t make it out to tell everyone I wasn’t involved. That I would die there and no one would ever know.

Kyle: Yeah. You and harrison made it home safe. That’s the only thing that matters.

Claire: And I’m grateful. I just wish I could’ve protected him from her.

Harrison: Claire, you’re okay! My lucky bunny charm worked!

Nikki: Do you remember anything about last night?

Jack: Ah… I remember you trying to drink yourself to death.

Nikki: Yeah.

Jack: You certainly seem more sober now.

Nikki: Well, your collapse knocked some sense into me. I’m going to rehab. I– I’m powerless over alcohol. And god knows my life has become unmanageable.

Jack: You remember step one.

Nikki: Always the most important one.

Jack: I’m glad. It’s wonderful. I’m proud of you.

Nikki: I’m so sorry about the horrible things I said to you last night. I– I just wanted you to leave so I could keep drinking. But you wouldn’t let me.

Jack: I couldn’T.

Nikki: But you put yourself at such risk. Why would you do that?

Jack: I don’t know. Instinct? I had to get you to open your eyes. I was convinced you were gonna try to drink yourself to death. And I was gonna try anything, anything to stop you.

Nikki: Thank you.

[ Door slams ]

Victor: What’s going on here? It ain’t my dad’s razor, dad.

Claire: Hello, summer.

Summer: Claire. It’s, uh, good to see that you’re back.

Claire: Thank you.

Summer: I heard that it was quite the ordeal.

Claire: It was, but everything is all right in the end.

Summer: Yeah, let’s– let’s hope so.

Harrison: Claire never got to read to me because of the witch. Can you read now?

Claire: I would really like to. But I think your mom wants to do it. She missed you so much. She just wants to spend as much time as she can with you right now, but… I can read to you some other time if you like.

Harrison: That works.

Summer: Ready to go upstairs, sweetie?

Harrison: I’m happy claire’s back. You too, mommy?

Summer: Yeah, me too. Let’s go.

Kyle: What did I tell you? Harrison’s thrilled to see you. You’ve taken a weight off his shoulders.

Claire: How does that little guy have such a big heart? It’s really a testament to you and summer.

Kyle: Yeah, he’s definitely your biggest fan.

Claire: It’s really amazing to see him with the two of you. What it’s like to grow up with parents who adore him.

Kyle: We do. He makes everything worth it. Especially when something goes wrong. ‘Cause something always does.

Claire: Is there something else?

Kyle: Ah, probably not. I’m just a little on edge.

Claire: Well, I understand that very well. Even when you are finally safe, it’s hard to really accept it.

Kyle: So, what’s next? Moving forward.

Claire: You mean now that the witch is finally, really dead? I might start by sleeping for a week.

Kyle: And after that? I mean, you’re free, claire. You have a big, new life in front of you. Have you given any thought about what you wanna do with it?

Victoria: Poor mom.

Nick: And poor dad.

Victoria: This is killing him.

Nick: Look, mom’s beaten alcohol before and she’ll do it again once she locks in and decides that’s what she really wants.

Victoria: And with jordan finally dead, she has nothing else to focus on except for her recovery.

Nick: Yeah. I’m sorry about that.

Victoria: Sorry about what?

Nick: For even suggesting that jordan might still be alive.

Victoria: Yeah. Where did that even come from? Look, I know jordan’s escaped from prison and many other places, but… I mean, she’s not immortal, nick. She can’t escape death.

Nick: I know that, but they never found any proof.

Victoria: There’s no way anyone could’ve survived a fall like that. So, until we find the body and we drive a stake through her miserable heart, that’s just gonna have to do.

Nick: Yet the damage she did still lives on.

Victoria: We wouldn’t be chasing mom from one bar to another if jordan hadn’t shoved alcohol down her throat, knowing full well what the outcome would be.

Nick: Yet mom still saved her life after jordan took that poison.

Victoria: Maybe that’s what really drove her over the edge, knowing that she could’ve ended all of this if she had just let jordan die.

Nick: Do you remember when mom told us that alcoholics never need an excuse to drink?

Victoria: [Sighs ] I just hope we can find an excuse to get her to stop.

Nikki: What are you doing here?

Victor: What do you think I’m doing here? I’ve been looking for you! All night! They told me you’d be here. The paramedics were here.

Nikki: I’m so sorry, victor. I– I don’t know what to say.

Victor: I bet you are. So, you and abbott had a little party?

Nikki: No, nothing like that.

Jack: Victor, things got out of control. I’m sorry. None of this is nikki’s fault. The ambulance was for me. Your wife saved my life. Sometimes, the lows of bipolar depression

Jack: Victor, you have every right to be furious.

Victor: You have no idea how I’m feeling right now.

Nikki: This all started with me. He was just trying to help.

Jack: No, no, don’t make excuses for me. I slipped. This is not nikki’s fault. No, I should’ve been protecting her. I should’ve been her sponsor. I got messed up. I own this.

Nikki: That’s not how it happened.

Victor: I don’t give a damn how it happened. How are you feeling?

Nikki: I’m finally ready to go to rehab.

Victor: About time.

Nikki: I know I must disgust you right now. I’m so sorry.

Victor: Never mind any of that. Just get cleaned up. I’ll take you home.

Nikki: I– you two, leave each other alone.

Victor: Don’t worry about it. Kindly get cleaned up.

Nikki: I’ll be right back.

Victor: So, you’re supposed to protect my wife, right?

Jack: I know. I– I saw her drinking again, realized how I had not been there for her again. I couldn’t take it. The pills were supposed to be the answer. They were supposed to make those feelings go away.

Victor: I don’t give a damn about feelings. What you did was unconscionable.

Jack: You’re right. For me to break after all– all this time, it’s an embarrassment for me even more that you know it. But nikki has turned a corner here. You heard her. She’s ready to make the next huge step. And once she’s back from recovery, once she’s clean, I will make it up to her somehow, but she saved my life.

Victor: I would not have saved your life.

Claire: Whenever I would dream about a future, jordan was always there to remind me who I was and where I stood. That my life wasn’t my own. It was just about her and her mission.

Kyle: Well, I promise you, when it finally hits home and you realize your life is entirely yours, it will feel like christmas and new year’s and your best birthday all rolled into one.

Claire: I hope so.

Kyle: I know it. And you deserve it.

Claire: Second chances are hard to get. Genoa city has been far kinder to me than I ever could’ve hoped and I’m not going to waste it.

Kyle: Good.

Summer: Kyle, harrison wants you to come upstairs and check out the house he made for his lucky bunny.

Kyle: Another architect in the family.

Claire: Well, I’d better hurry. I’ve already taken up enough of your time.

Kyle: All right.

Claire: And if it’s okay, I would like to see harrison again.

Kyle: Yeah, of course. He would love that.

Claire: If he talks about jordan or what happened, I would be more than happy to talk him through it. I can relate. I can remind him that I’m okay and he’s okay too.

Kyle: Yeah, I hadn’t thought about it like that, but yeah, I mean, that makes sense.

Claire: Anyway, um, bye. Thanks again for letting me see him.

Kyle: So, let’s see that lucky bunny house he built.

Summer: Just a second. I– I wanna talk to you, alone.

Kyle: Okay.

Summer: Look, I know that harrison seems like he’s totally okay, but he’s not. Not after everything that he’s been through. And we’re not doing him any favors by not dealing with it right now.

Victor: Are you ready?

Nikki: I think so.

Victor: When we get home, I’ll make arrangements for a rehab facility. Got a problem with that?

Nikki: I’m not comfortable leaving jack here alone.

Jack: No, no, no, no. You go. I– I’ll be fine. Um, I won’t leave until I’m feeling stronger. Promise.

Nikki: Before I go, I need you to give me the rest of the pills. (Male announcer) an important message for americans age 50 to 85.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue…

Victoria: Claire? Claire?

Kyle: Did something happen upstairs?

Summer: Well… he made a house for his bunny, right? But then he started talking about how he needs to add doors and locks to keep all the bad people out. Then he was asking me about claire. And if I really think that she is okay. And when is she coming back?

Kyle: He was worried about her.

Summer: I think it’s more than that, kyle.

Kyle: Then what?

Summer: It’s like– it’s like he needs to make sure that she’s safe. To convince himself that he’s safe.

Kyle: Okay, it just happened, summer. It’s gonna take some time.

Summer: Yes, I know. But I’m worried that he’s talking about claire and not himself. It’s like he doesn’t know what to do with all these feelings that he has. I think he needs to see someone.

Kyle: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I agree.

Summer: Good. As soon as possible.

Kyle: I’ve already made some calls. And we need to find him a new nanny too.

Summer: Uh, no, I’m– I’m gonna watch him for now.

Kyle: What about your work?

Summer: I’ll figure it out. What we need to do right now is to make sure our son feels safe again. Whatever it takes. Nothing else in my life is more important than that.

Victoria: No, cole. I got home and claire wasn’t here. She didn’t mention that she was going anywhere, so I thought she might be with you. I checked with security already and they said that she’s not up at the ranch either. I’m trying to stay calm. It’s just that something that nicholas said earlier just– it has me freaked out. Well, what if jordan survived somehow? No, I know it sounds crazy, but I– oh, thank god. Okay. She’s fine. She just walked in. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I dumped all of this on you. I’ll call you later. Okay. Where were you?

Claire: I– I wanted to check on harrison. See that he was okay.

Victoria: Never scare me like that again.

Victor: Should never have allowed jack abbott to be your sponsor.

Nikki: I keep telling you it wasn’t his fault.

Victor: Of course, it’s his fault. He matched you drink for drink.

Nikki: Because he didn’t know what else to do.

Victor: Oh, really? He admitted himself that he was responsible.

Nikki: That’s because he didn’t wanna humiliate me in front of you.

Victor: Oh, what a big heart. His gallantry knows no bounds.

Nikki: All right. Do you wanna know the truth or do you wanna keep blaming jack because you can’t bear the thought that your wife is a hopeless drunk? I was already wasted by the time jack got there.

Victor: What? And he didn’t call me?

Nikki: No, because he knew it would kill me to have you see me that way.

Victor: Oh, really? So he just stood by and watched you?

Nikki: No, he didn’T. He tried to distract me with everything he could think of. I had lost hope. I was just ready to drink myself into oblivion. Jack was desperate to save me, so he decided to… try to shock me out of my binge by joining me.

Victor: What? What a stupid idea. And then what? I could’ve lost you.

Mike had a heart

attack a year ago.

Victoria: So what was it like being back there?

Claire: Strange. I tried not to think about jordan having been in the house waiting to grab us both. Hey, do you think harrison might forget? That it might seem like a bad dream and fade away?

Victoria: For his sake, I do hope so. I wish the same thing for you too, claire. But jordan is gone. We don’t have to worry about her anymore. So, um, was kyle okay with you coming over?

Claire: Yeah, he couldn’t have been nicer, more supportive. He doesn’t blame me at all for what happened.

Victoria: And nor should he. In fact, if anyone tries to hold you responsible for what happened, I want you to tell me. You’re a victim in this. And if someone can’t see that–

Claire: What, you’re gonna set them straight?

Victoria: Well, don’t laugh. I do know how to make a point. So, was summer there?

Claire: She doesn’t wanna be away from harrison right now. She loves him so much.

Victoria: Did she say anything to you?

Claire: She was civil.

Victoria: Oh, really? That’s all?

Claire: Well, it must be hard for her to see me at the house, anywhere near harrison. She didn’t exactly trust me before any of this happened and that’s never going to change now.

Victoria: Oh, well, you know what? A mother’s first instinct is to protect their child. And once the threat is gone, then eventually, they let their guard down. Just, you know, give your cousin a little time.

[ Phone pings ] What a relief.

Claire: What?

Victoria: Ah, nothing. Your grandmother’s finally home.

Claire: Home from where?

Victoria: Ah… it’s a long story, and I will– I’ll fill you in later, okay? But right now, I have to get up to the main house.

Nikki: I’m sorry I put you through this again. But it made me realize that rehab is my only option. I wanna get sober again. For you, and– and the kids, and most importantly me.

Victor: I’m relieved to hear you say that, okay?

Nikki: But it did take jack’s actions to wake me up.

Victor: Do me a favor. Do not mention that man and his idiotic plan that almost got you killed, okay?

Nikki: I don’t wanna argue with you.

Victor: I don’t want to hear his name again, period.

Nikki: Well, um, I’m gonna go upstairs and pack a bag.

Victor: You’re doing the right thing.

Nikki: I know I am.

Victor: I’m sure you’ll come out of this stronger and healthier than ever. I love you, okay?

Nikki: I love you.

Kyle: Dad, thank god, you’re home. Where have you been? Are you okay? Nothing comes close to this place in the morning.

Nikki: Oh. Hi.

Victoria: Mom, are you okay?

Nick: We saw dad earlier. He’s pretty worried.

Nikki: Yeah, I know, and I’ve apologized to him for that. It was a terrible night. The worst one yet. But an important one. I’ve decided to check myself into rehab.

Victoria: I’m relieved, but we didn’t realize that–

Nick: We just didn’t know it had gotten that bad.

Nikki: Yeah, well, I’ve gotten pretty adept at hiding my problem. But there won’t be any more hiding. It’s time for me to face this head-on.

Nick: Well, I hope you know you have our support, 100%.

Victoria: This is a good thing, mom. And anything that you need.

Nikki: Ah, actually, there– there is one thing.

Nick: Name it.

Nikki: Please be particularly kind with your father. This has really shaken him. So, promise me that you will look after him and make sure he stays steady and calm. I love you.

Victoria: I love you.

Nikki: I love you too, darling.

Jack: Of course, I’m okay. Why would I not be?

Kyle: ‘Cause you look like hell. And you’ve been out all night. You know, mom’s been worried sick. I’ve been making calls, leaving messages.

Jack: Yeah. A friend needed help. Everything’s fine now. Except I need a few hours of sleep.

Kyle: That’s it? That’s all.

Jack: How’s harrison?

Kyle: Summer is worried about him. Wants him to see a child therapist to make sure he’s processing his feelings and not pushing them down.

Jack: I think that’s the right thing, good. I’m glad the two of you are doing everything you can.

Kyle: And claire came by.

Jack: Oh, how did that go?

Kyle: He was happy to see her. Relieved that she’s okay. Those two were buddies before, but their bond is even stronger now.

Jack: Such a shame they had to go through what they did.

Kyle: Yeah, it’s a shame a lot of us doubted claire in the first place. She knows what people thought, what they may still believe. It’s been rough on her, on top of what she went through.

Jack: I get it. I am sympathetic.

Kyle: People had a lot of knee-jerk reactions.

Jack: It’s unfortunate. But you know, when someone you love is in danger, you just react. Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re wrong. In the moment, all you have is your instincts. You get through the crisis and you deal with the repercussions later.

Kyle: Dad, are you sure you’re okay?

[ Knocking on door ]

Jack: Hold on.

Victor: I’m giving you this warning once, and once only. Don’t you ever come near my wife again.

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless…

Nate: I thought we were friends, audra. And that’s what friends do. They tell each other the truth.

Audra: Are you sure that’s all it is, nate?

Lily: What is this meeting about?

Mamie: Oh, well, I– I would prefer to wait until everyone’s arrived. I promise. It’s going to be worth it.

Victor: How’s your relationship with victoria? Has something changed?

Diane: You have thrown away years of sobriety for nikki newman!

Jack: My sobriety is not at risk.

Diane: How do I know you don’t have pills on you right now?

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, May 2, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Nikki: Leave me alone!

Jack: Let me in, nikki. You’re not okay. None of this is okay.

Nikki: Pretend you didn’t see me.

Jack: No, I saw you.

Nikki: Well, I don’t want to see you, so get out of here.

Jack: I am not going anywhere. I am your sponsor, remember? A job you asked me to do.

Nikki: I am fine. And you’re fired.

Jack: No, you can fire me once you’re sober. Let me in. Come on. You can’t even stand up here. Don’t make me push the door in.

[ Nikki grunts ]

Nikki: Fine. You asked for it.

Jack: My god. What happened here?

Nikki: Oh, what’s the matter, jack? You were just trying to beat my door down a second ago, and now you’re running scared?

Jack: Give me that. Give me that.

Nikki: Hey– well, gee, thanks. What a gentleman. Make mine a double, will ya?

Jack: This is over.

Nikki: Oh, no, it is not. You are not the boss of me. I am the boss of me. And I want a drink, so either pour or get out of here.

Jack: You have had plenty to drink. I’m not going anywhere until I sober you up and take you to a meeting. We can still make the late night meeting.

Nikki: I’m sick of meetings. All those sad sacks. My name is nikki and I’m an alcoholic. God, how many times have I said that in depressing church basements? And where has it gotten me? Huh? Right here. Well, I’m done. It doesn’t work.

Jack: No, it works if you work it–

Nikki: Oh, shut up. I’m not going to a meeting and I’m not going to get sober.

Jack: Nikki.

Nikki: No. Get away.

Jack: Nikki, stop.

[ Nikki pants ]

Nikki: I can’t do it, jack. Not this time. I give up.

Jack: No. No, you are not giving up. Not on my watch.

Nikki: Hey, turn those lights back down. You’re ruining my mood lighting.

Jack: This room is a mess. You are a mess. Your breath reeks of alcohol. It’s oozing out of your pores. Look at yourself.

Nikki: Wow, that’s your idea of a pep talk? Cuz it stinks. I know what I look like. I know what all this looks like, and it’s what it is. It’s a bender. And you’re not invited.

Jack: Could you please send up two bottles– make it four bottles of water, a pot of coffee and an omelet, some sourdough toast and potatoes. And put a rush on it, please. I’ll pay for it.

Nikki: I sure hope that’s for you because that sounds disgusting.

Jack: Well, hopefully, it’ll sober you up.

Nikki: That’s so not true, jack. I mean, why does everybody think that? It just makes you wide awake, drunk with a sick stomach.

Jack: We’ll see who’s right when you eat. Lauren is looking for you. Victor is looking for you. You’re ignored at all my calls.

Nikki: Uh-huh, uh-huh. I got the messages.

Jack: Nikki, talk to me. How did you end up here like this?

Nikki: Well, same way I always do. I am me.

Jack: No, I don’t understand. The whole nightmare with jordan is over. Wait, maybe you haven’t heard. Cole and victoria found claire. She’s okay.

Nikki: Yeah, I know. I got the texts. I– I’m glad that she’s safe. Let’s do a toast to claire.

Jack: Yeah, thank you. Claire is okay. Harrison is home. Jordan is dead. Now, you can stop drinking.

Nikki: None of that changes anything for me.

Jack: Was this just a celebration? Is that what it is? An excuse to get hammered again?

Nikki: I don’t need an excuse.

Jack: Why didn’t you call me when you first got the urge to pick up a bottle again?

Nikki: There’s no point. I mean, it would have just been a huge waste of time for you, just like now is. Don’t you get it? I’m a lost cause. (Vo) you might be used to living with your albuterol asthma

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Jack: Nikki.

Nikki: Hey.

Jack: Listen to me. You are not a lost cause. That is the booze talking. I’m not going to listen to it and neither should you.

Nikki: Get off of me!

Jack: They’re going to bring up food soon. Why don’t you go splash your face with water?

Nikki: Oh. Yeah, you’d like that. I know what you’re doing. You want me to take a good hard look in the bathroom mirror and recognize that I have hit rock bottom and need to pull myself up and all that, but you don’t understand. It is too late. I’ve been here so many times and here I am again.

Jack: You know what? I don’t want to hear this anymore. I don’t know who you see in the mirror. I see a strong, compassionate woman who has been tortured for months by jordan. It has been harrowing, yes, but I know one thing about you. You always come out on the other side of these battles stronger and better.

Nikki: Well, not this time. My family hates me. I’ve let them all down.

Jack: Where is this coming from? Your family could not be more supportive. They’re probably worried sick about you right now, and where you are. In fact, we should give them a call.

Nikki: What? No! No, don’t you dare, jack! Don’t you do that!

Jack: Stop!

Nikki: I had a dream. Do you hear me? I had a dream and I– I saw the future. My whole family hates me and they’re– they’re sick of me and my crap choices, and I made those even when I was sober, and they finally had enough. I– I ruined everything, so the least I can do is let them move on without me, right?

Jack: Nikki, it’s a dream. It’s a vodka-soaked nightmare. I know it feels real sometimes. It’s not. It is your fears and you can’t put any stock in it.

Nikki: You’re right. There is only one thing I can count on and I can’t let it down. I can’t hurt it. I can’t break its heart and it can’t break mine. Will you stop it?

Jack: It will break your heart every time, nikki. It will. That dream was not telling you the future. That dream was warning you what would happen if you don’t stop drinking. All that you could lose, a family you adore, a family that loves you, adores you. They depend on you more than you know. You are the rock of that family and your dear friends count on you as well.

Nikki: My dear friends are gone, jack. Katherine, neil.

Jack: If katherine and neil were here right now, what would they say? They’ve given you some tough love over the years.

Nikki: They’re not here.

Jack: No, I am, and so is lauren, and so is michael, and so many other people who come to you for guidance.

Nikki: Anybody who would count on me now is an idiot. You can tell them I said so.

Jack: No, I’m not going to do that. No, you want to sober up and tell them yourself, knock yourself out, because you and I both know once the vodka’s out of your system, you’re going to think straight again.

Nikki: No, not going to happen.

Jack: I’m not going to let you give up, nikki.

Nikki: Really? What are you going to do to stop me?

Jack: I think we need to talk about rehab.

Nikki: Oh, no, no. No way.

Jack: I know you thought you could handle it.

Nikki: No way. Uh-uh.

Jack: This has progressed, nikki. You need more than me and meetings. You need the constant care and help of professionals in a facility.

Nikki: It’s not going to work, jack. My god, do you know how many times I’ve been down this– well, yeah, you do. Been around for decades. First was my riding accident, then my intervention. I’ve tried everything.

Jack: And they worked.

Nikki: Until they didn’T.

Jack: Nikki, relapse is part of recovery. You know that. You have to let the program work for you again.

Nikki: It won’t work, jack, because I know all the right words to say, okay? I– I can do anything to make people believe I am working the program, but I won’t be. It’s all an act.

Jack: So you fake it ’til you make it.

Nikki: Will you shut up with your stupid sayings? I am trying to be honest here. You have to want to get sober, but I don’T.

Jack: Why not?

Nikki: I’m sorry I let you down. And don’t take it personally. I let everybody down.

Jack: The only important person here is you. Do not let yourself down, nikki. You can do this. I know it seems bleak now. I know it’s scary. I have been here myself. But it can turn around. You know it can turn around.

Nikki: Yeah, let me guess. This too shall pass?

Jack: Yes, and without it being a miracle from heaven.

Nikki: Oh, stop it. Your damn positivity. You can’t turn on a few lights and say that everything is going to be okay and make it so.

Jack: That is not what I expected.

Nikki: You know what I’m doing right now? I am trying to figure out how to get you out of here so I can open another bottle.

Jack: Too bad. I got nothing but time on my hands. I have nowhere I have to go. I’m going to sit here and listen to you until you agree to go to a meeting.

Nikki: Oh, my god. Your ego. I mean, you are so damn smug. You really think that you can fix me? Why don’t you go to an al-anon meeting? I mean, maybe they can knock it into your thick skull that you can’t change anybody, especially me.

Jack: Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop thinking you know the future. We are here. This is now. And you can leave those bottles unopened just for tonight. That’s all you have to think about.

Nikki: Ah, there you are.

Jack: Nikki.

Nikki: Come to mama.

[ Nikki sighs ] Damn it.

Jack: Nikki, I know this is terrifying. I know some part wants to just give up and drown yourself. It’s seductive. But it also fools you into believing this is what you want, that this is what you deserve. The booze is telling you you’re not strong enough. The booze is telling you you failed. You have to find a way to drown out that noise.

Nikki: I don’t want to find it, jack. I– I can’t fight this anymore. It’s 24-7. I mean, will I drink or will I not drink? And then– and then, when I take a drink, then all that goes away. I mean, don’t I deserve to have a little piece and quiet?

[ Bottle shatters ] Type 2 diabetes?

Nikki: Oh, you’re still here.

Jack: Hey, yeah. Room service came, cleaned up a little bit. Why don’t– come have something to drink?

Nikki: Oh, that’ll be vodka.

Jack: I don’t give up that easily. Come on, have a little bite to eat.

Nikki: No, I’m not hungry. Smells nauseating.

Jack: Ah, that’ll go away after the third bite.

Nikki: Oh, are you a doctor now? Or just playing one on tv?

Jack: Just a few forkfuls. Here. Have some coffee.

Nikki: Um, I really don’t feel well. Could you get me a cold towel in the bathroom?

Jack: So you can get another slug? No, that’s not going to happen. No, I know all the tricks. Come on, drink.

Nikki: I don’t have the strength to fight this anymore. I mean, look what I’ve done. Harrison could have been killed. Claire, too.

Jack: Nikki, nikki, that’s over. Jordan is gone.

Nikki: I can’t even celebrate that. The damage is done. How many years does poor harrison have of horrific nightmares? As for claire, who knows what jordan did to her, how that will affect her.

Jack: I don’t have any of those answers. No one does. We’ll only know with time. But I will say ’til I am blue in the face, you are not to blame for jordan’s actions.

Nikki: I should have let her die when I had the chance.

Jack: If you insist on being responsible, why not do what you do best?

Nikki: Hand me that bottle and I will.

Jack: Pulling yourself together to help your family.

Nikki: Yeah, I’m a real mother teresa.

Jack: Think, if you were able to take all of the energy you’re using to convince me you should drink to fighting for something else, for people you love, for organizations you believe in.

Nikki: Oh, god, jack. You think doing charity work will make me sober?

Jack: I think if you stopped wallowing in self-pity for long enough, you would realize that it has helped you in the past to be there for others. Think of how you have helped new hope. Think of all the fundraising you’ve done for ms.

Nikki: Well, I’ll just do another concert. Then, all my troubles will be over.

Jack: That is not you talking. You are a kind, thoughtful person. That is liquor talking.

Nikki: I’m just letting the real me out and it’s a damn relief.

Jack: So, what about the people you’ve helped? People whose lives you have literally changed. Katherine and neil would tell you, you changed theirs. You helped them at very low moments in their lives. Why not do the same thing for your great-grandson? Create happy memories for him to block out all those nightmares. Help claire so she doesn’t backslide. Hug her. Welcome her. I think you’ll be surprised at how helpful all that is.

Nikki: You’re right. I– I should help them. They deserve it. They deserve all of me. They deserve for me to pour this down the sink. And call that rehab.

Jack: Wait, do you mean that?

Nikki: Nice try, jack, but I can’t help anybody.

Jack: Don’t do this, nikki. Don’t do this. Trust yourself. Trust the program. Trust your higher power. That bottle can’t do a damn thing for you. I know you, nikki. You can beat this.

Nikki: That nikki is gone. And you’re going to have to rip this out of my hand to stop me. You can feel it when your dream becomes a pursuit.

Jack: Nikki, I’m not going to wrestle you for that bottle.

Nikki: Well, that’s too proper for you. Don’t want to get down in the mud with me.

Jack: Come on, let– let me take you to a meeting.

Nikki: Oh, that would be pretty. All those people I’ve poured my heart out to looking at me like this.

Jack: No one is turned away. You are always welcome in that room.

Nikki: I am not going anywhere.

Jack: Okay, okay, okay, fine. Let– let me distract you. Talk to me. We can talk about happy memories. Memories we share.

Nikki: You think I haven’t done that? It’s a landmine. I mean, for every happy memory, there’s one ten times worse.

Jack: Okay, okay, then let’s talk about family. You have a great family. A husband who would follow you to the ends of the earth. Children who adore you. Who would be devastated if anything happened to you.

Nikki: Will you stop it? You’re just making things worse. You can’t fix me.

Jack: Here, give me.

Nikki: Hey!

Jack: Give me.

Nikki: Stop it. You said that you wouldn’t wrestle me.

Jack: No, if it takes getting down in the mud with you, I will make it happen.

Nikki: Fine. Pour it down the sink if you want. There’s plenty more where that came from.

Jack: Nikki, please.

Nikki: None of your lectures have worked. I– I’m sorry I picked you as my sponsor.

Jack: Wait, don’t say that.

Nikki: Why? Why? Because it makes you feel bad because you failed? The great jack abbott finally met a problem he couldn’t solve. Well, don’t blame yourself. That– that’s my fault. I mean, I– I let you talk me into it against victor’s wishes. Something else I screwed up. But he was right. You couldn’t help me and now he can say I told you so.

[ Nikki sighs ]

Nikki: That feels good. Don’t look so sad, jack. It’s a buzzkill. You either join the party or get out.

Jack: Fine, I will. Wow, that is smooth. I see you sprung for the triple distilled.

Nikki: Yeah, well, my life might be in the gutter, but I still have my standards.

Jack: Well, then you won’t mind my taking one of these bottles for myself.

Nikki: And do you really think you can stop me from getting drunk by drinking half my supply?

Jack: Just watch me.

Nikki: Put the glass down, jack. You’re making a fool of yourself.

Jack: You know what? We should call room service. See if they can send up some vermouth, some olives. I’ll make us a martini. Well, that’s not the kind of drinking we’re doing now, is it?

Nikki: What is your plan? Because I am not amused.

Jack: Oh, you want to be amused? Come on, let’s see if ol’ smilin’ jack can have fun again.

Nikki: I doubt that.

Jack: Oh, you don’t think so? Okay, I got a better idea. We got it in here somewhere. Oh, there it is.

Nikki: What are you doing? You can’t have me committed, you know. You don’t have the authority.

Jack: Relax, this isn’t about you. Kieran, it’s jack abbott. Yeah, yeah, it’s been a long time. Um, could you make a delivery to the genoa city athletic club, room 428? Yeah, same stuff. Thanks, buddy. You know what? You’re right. I have been wound too tight for too long. It is time to get loose. Struggling with the highs and lows of bipolar 1?

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue…

Nikki: Who was that? Who did you call?

Jack: Patience, my dear. All– it’s fine.

Nikki: Whatever you’re up to, it won’t work.

Jack: I am merely doing what you asked. I’m joining the party.

Nikki: You know damn well it’s not a party.

Jack: Oh boy, do I know that well. But as you so kindly pointed out, I have been a failure as your sponsor. So, to hell with it.

Nikki: Don’t try your reverse psychology on me. I want you out of here right now.

Jack: Or what?

Nikki: Or I will start screaming.

Jack: No, I don’t think you’re going to do that. No, I think you’re curious how far I’m going to take this. No, you can’t drink all that liquor yourself. My god, it puts you in the hospital, and that’s not part of the plan, is it? You said no rehab, and that’s exactly where the hospital would send you. And after an ugly detox, the strongest drink they serve you is apple juice. No, I’m doing you a favor, helping you with this, so you don’t overdo it. So come on! Let’s have a little fun here. Let’s have some toast. Come on. Come on! You want to do the first toast?

Nikki: No.

Jack: Okay, I’ll do it. To jordan’s reign of terror. She fell to her death running from her own damn crimes.

Nikki: For god’s sake, stop this.

Jack: Okay, okay, okay. We’ll lighten it up. It’s family. Talk about… no, your 40th anniversary. Victor would be pissed if we left him out of this. I mean, speaking of that, what about our marriage? You want to drink to our marriage?

Nikki: Jack, no, I–

Jack: No, no, no, stop, stop. I know just the toast. Please, please. To our enduring friendship. A lifetime together. As friends. Through thick and thin, no matter what.

Nikki: I don’t wanna toast. I want you to leave so I can drink in peace.

Jack: But, wait, it’s just getting started.

Nikki: Now you’re mocking me. Trying to get me to see what I look like. Well, don’t bother. I know how pathetic I am.

Jack: Oh, please, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Did it ever occur to you this isn’t all about you? Maybe I’ve been experienced some hell these past few months. Harrison is my grandson. I almost lost him. I spent countless hours with victor newman, of all people, looking for him. And claire. And that’s just the half of it. Ashley is a mess and she won’t ask for help. Kyle and diane are doing some tug-of-war over their jobs at jabot, with me in the middle. And then… and then, there is you. My lifelong friend who I could not help. I’ve been juggling a million balls in the air. Trying to be there for everyone. I can’t do it. It’s not working. And then, I see you. I see you drink and… all the relief you get out of a drink. It kills me. I want some relief.

Nikki: Well, there’s just one thing wrong with your pitch, jack. Alcohol was never your problem.

Jack: No, you mean it was never my solution. No, alcohol will calm me, yes. Now, to take away the pain, I need something stronger.

[ Knocks on door ] Wow! Talk about timing. This is first-class delivery.

Nikki: You better not be trying to pull something.

Jack: This is about me, not you. Thanks. Now, this is what hits the spot. Schwarzkopf

Nikki: Stop this, jack. What you’re doing is very dangerous.

Jack: I know what I have to do now. It’s crystal clear. I have to put myself in your shoes. I haven’t been doing that as a sponsor. No, I’ve been lecturing you with empty platitudes and slogans. And that’s not enough. No, I have to remember what it feels like. And alcohol is not my drug of choice. Now, these. When I hold these in my hand, that gives me comfort. The ease they can give me.

Nikki: What about the harm they can do? You know that too.

Jack: Well, it doesn’t matter. Once the urge is triggered, the pull is too hard, right?

Nikki: Well, make a damn gratitude list.

Jack: I am grateful for you. I am grateful for the bond we have. I would do anything for you.

Nikki: Yeah, but not like this. You– you can’t ruin your life to help me.

Jack: I am your sponsor, nikki. I will do whatever it takes. I would follow you to rock bottom so we could climb out together.

Nikki: Is your ego so big? You– you hate failure so much that you would do something so stupid? Are– are you telling me that– that you still have your dealer’s number after all these years? Why would you do that?

Jack: For the same reason you have a bottle of vodka at the newman ranch. Just to know it’s there. A little test we give ourselves, we addicts. Just to know we have the power over our addiction. Until now.

Nikki: Well, you’re not as weak as I am. You’re strong. You’ve got too many years under your belt. Too much to lose.

Jack: I said that to diane. She didn’t know I had a pain pill problem. I confided in her when I agreed to be your sponsor. And you know what she said? She was worried that helping you might tempt me. Draw me back to the pills. I told her there’s not a chance. And then the stress builds and builds until I’m dealing with a maniac who’s with control of my grandchild. And for the first time in I don’t know how long, I thought just one pill would give me some release. Just– just to ease the tension. It would help everyone else. If they didn’t have to deal with my tension. If they didn’t have to deal with mr. Uptight.

Nikki: Nobody thinks of you that way.

Jack: You do. You said it yourself.

Nikki: That was just because I was mad at you. And I want you out of here.

Jack: I don’t want to go anywhere. I want what you have! I want to just drink and wash it all away. You do that. You’ve survived. I just want it for me. For one night.

Nikki: You know that’s not how it works, jack. That’s crap. That’s the disease talking. It’s the rationalization.

Jack: Wow, who’s handing out the platitudes and advice now?

Nikki: Well, that’s because you’re the one with the family who needs you. I mean, they count on you. You’re the glue that holds them together.

Jack: I said that about you.

Nikki: Yeah, but that was a lie. My family blames me for this whole nightmare with jordan. You saw it on summer’s face when I told her that I had saved jordan’s life. Oh, she tried to deny it, but it was obvious. She blames me. I saw it in her eyes.

Jack: No, no, no. No, no, no. I did not see that.

Nikki: Well, I don’t want to hear it. And I don’t want any company on my trip to rock bottom. Do you understand? This is my world. My nightmare and I don’t want company. You’re not welcome.

Jack: Too bad. You’re stuck with me. Come on! Let’s do this together.

Nikki: You are being incredibly cruel.

Jack: Oh, that is rich. I give up and join you, and I’m the cruel one. You level vitriol and accusations at me all night long. What do you expect me to do? Just turn my back on you?

Nikki: I expect you to get the hell out of here.

Jack: We’re in this together now.

Nikki: You’re trying to make me feel more worried about you than I am about myself.

Jack: No, no. But you don’t have to worry about me. I can handle it, just like you say you can.

Nikki: Okay, that’s it. That’s it. You’re out of here, buddy. Now. Or I am going to start screaming and I’m going to call the police, too. Jack! No! I can’t let you do that.

Jack: How’s it feel? To not be able to stop someone you love from hurting themselves?

Nikki: Jack! ( )

Nikki: You didn’t really take that pill. It was all an act. You were trying to show me what it’s like to not be able to stop you, right?

Jack: There is something liberating about just giving up.

Nikki: Jack, you– you have no reason to give up. I mean, you– you have everything. Your– your life is perfect.

Jack: On the outside, yeah. You don’t know my inner life.

Nikki: It’s because I’ve been too selfish to ask.

Jack: I let you down as a friend, as a sponsor. I know you blame yourself for what happened to claire. I blame myself for your slip.

Nikki: No, please, don’T. Don’t do that. Jack, please, listen. Listen to me. I– I am going to get sober, okay? I’m going to have some coffee and a little something to eat, okay? Come, come join me.

Jack: No, no, this feels too good.

Nikki: Jack, jack, no, please, stop. I’m begging you, please, give me the pills. Give me the pills. You– you can’t mix them with alcohol.

Jack: You’re giving me advice now? I like that.

[ Phone ringing ] What? What? I got it!

Nikki: Oh!

Jack: It’s victor. It’s a missed messages. Missed, mixed– can’t say it.

Nikki: All right. Give me my phone–

Jack: No, what, you don’t want me answering it? Hello, mr. Mustache. It’s me, mr. Uptight. You would not believe where I am. You should come join us for the fun.

Nikki: That is so not funny.

Jack: Can you imagine how he would react if he saw us here? It would be fun to see the look on his face– yeah, okay, yeah. Maybe we should leave him in the dark. He’d just disapprove. Give me that look. Why does he do that with his eyebrow? Hey, hey. Hey, what? Hey, let’s just stay here. Our own private paradise. You and me, okay? Look out for each other.

Nikki: Jack, jack, jack, I– I– I was wrong. You’re right, I– I– I’m sorry. I do need a meeting. I– I need you to take me. You need one, too.

Jack: Dance with me.

Nikki: No, no, no.

Jack: No, come on, dance with me.

Nikki: I don’t feel like dancing, jack.

Jack: Dance with me.

Nikki: Please, jack. Oh, my god. Jack, jack, wake up. Oh, my god, wake up. Jack, wake up, please. Jack!

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Billy: Hi.

Abby: Hi. Thank you for meeting me.

Billy: Of course. I can’t turn down an invitation from my favorite niece.

Abby: Hmm. Even though I didn’t vote the way you would’ve liked at the board meeting about daniel’s lawsuit?

Billy: I don’t think it’s in the best interest to get into a legal battle at this time with chancellor-winters. But that’s business, right? Although it does get a little tricky when you mix corporate politics and family politics. I’m sure that was a little uncomfortable for you.

Abby: Well, I’m not a rookie at this. And I have maintained my seat on the jabot board despite any family conflicts, and I’ve enjoyed it. Yes, it may get complicated, but that’s part of the fun, right?

Billy: It definitely is. I take it that was your first board vote alongside a romantic partner? It’s a whole new ballgame, isn’t it?

Nate: So, are lily and abby joining us?

Devon: Not this time.

Nate: Oh. Well, this seems to be a little more serious than a casual drink with my cousin.

Devon: Yeah. Yeah. That’s, um– it’s as serious as it gets. ‘Cause I need to know that I can trust you.

Nikki: [ Slurring ] Uh, victor? Victor? Jack? Lauren? Jack? Oh, can’t you people stop calling me? Can I have one damn moment of peace? I mean, is that so much to ask?

[ Grunts ]

[ Sighs ] That bitch is finally dead. I deserve this. I earned it.

[ Cell phone buzzes ] God, who now? Oh… well, victor again. “I’ve been trying to reach you. “Where are you?” Right where I wanna be. Yep.

[ Exhales ] Right where I wanna be.

[ Both laughing ]

Ashley: I’m having more fun than I have had in ages.

Alan: Well, maybe you should get out more often.

Ashley: Well, that is the truth. I hate to use this pun, but you are just what the doctor ordered, doctor.

Alan: Even though your brother and sister want me to–

Ashley: Examine me? Oh, yeah. Examine away. I’m an open book. Could we get through all the boring things, though, and get down to the good stuff? Especially if there’s a happy ending involved.

Alan: Your voice.

Ashley: What– what about it?

Alan: Well, it’s just, uh– there’s something different about it. Like, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Ashley: I find that when I’m in france… [ Laughs ] … I tend to speak more carefully and more distinctly. You know? I get back into the good ol’ usa, and back comes the american accent. It’s kind of like taking off a too-tight high heel and putting something more comfortable on.

Alan: Well, it’s, uh, very charming.

Ashley: Ah, thank you. Almost out of bubbles.

Alan: Oh, no.

Ashley: Do you wanna order another one?

Alan: Ah, hmm…

Ashley: What do you think?

Alan: I’m not sure it’S…

Ashley: Uh…

Jack: I hope I’m not interrupting.

Ashley: What are you doing here? I didn’t think diane let you out after dark.

Jack: I was working late. I thought I might drop by for a drink.

Ashley: Ugh. Liar, liar, pants on fire. Traci snitched on me, and now you’re here to wreck my date. Try killing bugs the worry-free way.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Jack: You must be ashley’s friend, alan.

Alan: Alan laurent.

Ashley: Yeah, this is my brother, jack.

Alan: Oh! Yes, jack. Nice to meet you.

Jack: Hope it was an easy flight.

Alan: It was. Thank you very much for the ticket.

Jack: How long you visiting genoa city?

Alan: Uh, not long. I’m guest lecturing at a psychology convention next week. I’ll be due in vienna, so…

Ashley: Unless I can talk you out of going. People tell me I’m pretty good at getting what I want.

Alan: Of that, I have no doubt. Would you like to join us?

Ashley: Oh, don’t feel obligated.

Jack: Thank you. I think I will. So, ashley has kept you under wraps. I know you’re friends, but not much more. How long have you two known each other? When did you meet?

Ashley: Go ahead. Why don’t you tell that story?

Alan: No, I think you would do it justice.

Ashley: Well, damn. Nobody told me there was gonna be a pop quiz.

Abby: Yes, serving on the board alongside devon is different, but I’m up for the challenge.

Billy: No doubt about that. It does have its benefits, of course.

Abby: Do I like where this is going?

Billy: Look, I just mean that I’m not devon’s favorite person right now, so I’m sure he knows I’d be a little reluctant to sit down with him and break bread. So maybe that’s why we’re here. Maybe you’re here to deliver a peace offering. Or maybe it’s a warning.

Abby: I’m gonna try not to be offended, because you clearly don’t think I have a mind of my own.

Billy: That’s not how I meant that.

Abby: But because you are my favorite uncle, I’m gonna let it slide. The fact is, devon does not know I’m meeting with you tonight.

Billy: That’s interesting. Under the radar. Why’s that?

Abby: I just wanna give you a heads up.

Billy: So this is a warning?

Abby: No, it’s not a warning. I’m just– I’m concerned. I care about you and devon very much, and I don’t like where I sense this is going.

Devon: I’m worried about a situation that could be a threat to the company, and it concerns lily.

Nate: Lily?

Devon: Yeah.

Nate: Wow. For a second there, I thought you were about to say billy.

Devon: Well, that’s who I’m talking about. Billy is the threat. ‘Cause you and I both know that he’s been trying to flex his power around the office lately, and I feel like it’s a part of his agenda right now to get close to lily and get her to side with him.

Nate: How do you know that? Do you have proof?

Devon: I don’t have anything concrete. It’s just something I picked up on between the two of them that I felt before, and I can usually trust my gut.

Nate: But that’s not a lot to go on, no matter how strong a gut feeling you have. And this is lily we’re talking about here.

Devon: Right. It’s not just that, though. There’s more. She’s upset with me because of the fact that I knew what was going on between daniel and heather while she was out of town, and I didn’t say anything.

Nate: Ah. So she was hurt and upset when she realized it.

Devon: Yeah.

Nate: But, again, lily isn’t the type to hold grudges. And you did vote with her to fight daniel’s lawsuit.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Nate: I don’t see what you have to be worried about.

Devon: I’m worried that i can’t count on her vote anymore. And that if she keeps siding with billy and jill on everything, I’m gonna lose all say in my own company.

Nate: Okay, so what do you wanna do about it?

Devon: I wanna figure out how to get billy out of the company.

If you have chronic

kidney disease you can reduce

Nate: Trying to oust billy? That’s a big move. Jill will raise hell.

Devon: Not if it’s done right. And I’m starting to get to the point where I feel like we don’t have a choice, nate.

Nate: Um, so figuring out how to work together isn’t an option?

Devon: Why would I want to? I mean, really, you’ve witnessed firsthand how he is. He challenges every single thing that I have to say, and the only thing he cares about is putting his family stamp on the company. There’s nothing productive about having him with us.

Nate: Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m wondering if your concern is more personal than for the good of the company.

Devon: And why would you say that?

Nate: Well, you’re upset with billy because he’s challenging you, challenging your authority, authority you wanna hold on to.

Devon: You know, though, that I’ve built this company, half the company, from the ground up with neil. So I’ve earned that authority. What’s billy done? What does he do besides waltz in and out at chancellor-winters whenever he wants and make demands and think that he’s due respect that he hasn’t earned? Nobody wants to work with somebody like that. And if nothing changes in regards to him being there, I’m gonna have to really start thinking about pulling myself out altogether and taking half of the company with me.

Nate: What? You’d really go that far?

Devon: I absolutely would if I was pushed to it. This is about me being worried that billy is getting to lily. ‘Cause if that happens, everything we built could fall apart.

Nate: Why would you think that? Lily’s allegiance has always been to her family. Unless you don’t trust your own sister?

Abby: Look, billy, I don’t know how this is gonna play out. But I don’t think it’s gonna be pretty. And you and devon are the eye of the storm.

Billy: Look, abby, we butt heads. Okay, but that’s business. We’re not gonna agree on everything. We don’t have to agree on everything.

Abby: I get that. But this seems personal.

Billy: Why do you say that?

Abby: Devon seems to think that you’re making power plays to try to gain more control of chancellor-winters.

Billy: Did he say that?

Abby: And I told him of course not. But, billy, I need to know the truth. What are you really wanting out of chancellor-winters?

Ashley: We were two americans in paris, and we met at a café.

Alan: It was a museum, actually.

Ashley: The louvre.

Alan: The d’orsay.

Ashley: I know. [ Laughs ] We were looking at a monet.

[ Alan clears throat ]

Alan: It was a van gogh.

Ashley: And you were there all by yourself, just looking at the paintings and just–

Alan: Actually, I was there with a colleague. We’d just come from the office.

Ashley: Her name was antoinette.

Alan: His name was jean-claude.

Ashley: Of course, I recall. You know– you know, that whole day just kind of pales in comparison of meeting my– my dear friend, alan.

Jack: Well, that’s some story.

Ashley: And I am still so blessed that I can call you my friend.

Alan: It’s nice to catch up.

Ashley: It really is.

Jack: Well, it’s good you’re here, alan. I won’t interrupt your evening anymore. I hope to see you before you leave for europe.

Alan: I look forward to it. Your brother’s very charming.

Ashley: No, he isn’T. That was a fishing expedition. He’s dying for an update about my mental capacity, or lack thereof. So how am I doing, doctor?

Nikki: [ Slurring ] Why can’t you people just leave me alone? I’m so sick of it. Sick of it. The way you all look at me. “Poor nikki. “So brave. “So strong. “So drunk. “And so weak. “Can’t trust her, though. “Don’t trust her, she’ll make “everything worse. “And so stupid.” It’s all my fault. All my fault.

Nikki: I– I– I shouldn’T. I need… I need jack. I need help. Ah…

[ Exhales ] Victor? Victor, are you here? Victor? Oh, thank god you’re here.

Victor: Wait, wait, wait. Who the hell allowed you on the ranch? How did you get in here?

Nikki: What?

Victor: Get out! You didn’t live this strong,

Nikki: Get out? What are you talking about?

Victor: I will call security if you don’t get out right now.

Nikki: No, no, no, don’t– don’t do it like this. I– I– give me another chance.

Victor: What do you mean, another chance? I’ve given you more chances than one can shake your fist at!

Nikki: I’ll stop drinking, I promise.

Victor: You’re drunk right now!

Nikki: No, I’m not.

Victor: You’re lying.

Nikki: Victor, please…

Victor: Why don’t you go see jack abbott? Your sponsor. Your savior. The man I detest. Is that why you brought him on?

Nikki: You know it’s not.

Victor: And then you brought jordan into our lives.

Nikki: Well, I– I–

Victor: Didn’t you?

Nikki: I didn’t mean for that to happen.

Victor: And you know what happened, right? She traumatized our great-grandson. And who knows what our granddaughter’s going through right now. She may be fighting for her life! You did that!

Victoria: Mom!

Nick: What are you doing here?

Nikki: Please. Please talk to your father. Tell him how sorry I am. He’ll listen to you.

Nick: You’re sorry?

Victoria: You think sorry is enough? After the hell you’ve put our family through?

Alan: There is no diagnosis, ashley. You and I are friends, just like we were in paris.

Ashley: Right. But there’s an agenda.

Alan: Look, your family’s worried about you. All right? Just like you were concerned about your memories around tucker, and we talked it through then, and I believe it helped. Maybe we can do the same now. You know? So I– I would love to spend some time with you and, uh… you know, just go over what’s on your mind.

Ashley: Okay. Well, um… we don’t have to get another bottle here. We could go somewhere else. I happen to know a lovely little jazz club that is in the hotel that you’re staying in. It’ll almost remind you of paris.

Alan: Hmm. That does sound tempting.

Ashley: Okay, say yes.

Alan: Unfortunately, the jet lag is kicking in. I’m gonna have to call it a night.

Ashley: How about since you don’t know anything about this city, I escort you back to your hotel, okay?

Alan: Sounds lovely.

Ashley: Okay.

Alan: Allow me.

Ashley: Thank you.

Billy: What I want is for chancellor-winters to be as successful as it possibly can. And I want my mother’s position, her contribution, and her legacy to be represented.

Abby: Devon respects jill very much, and he knows how valuable she is to the company.

Billy: Oh, sure, as long as he doesn’t have to publicly acknowledge it beyond a pat on the back.

Abby: That’s unfair.

Billy: What I think is unfair is that my entire focus has been on what’s best for this company. It’s devon that is taking it personal, as if everything I’m doing to help this company is a direct competition to his kingdom.

Abby: That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think?

Billy: Abby, devon’s mo has always been complete autonomy, okay? And given the corporate structure of this company, it’s not conducive to that. Yeah, have I shaken things up a little bit since coming here? Have I challenged his authority here and there? Maybe. But it’s been for good reason. And now, I’m the newest threat to his control.

Abby: Well, devon thinks you want complete autonomy. So that’s the problem. How do I fix this? How do I facilitate a truce between two of my favorite guys so you can work together?

Billy: I hate to break it to you, but I think we’re past the point of hugging it out.

Devon: I trust lily. Completely. Billy’s the one I have a problem with. All right? ‘Cause I know that those two have a history together, and I know that she’s vulnerable right now because of what daniel just put her through. She’s probably trying to figure out who she can trust, and billy is right there whispering in her ear.

Nate: But wouldn’t she be looking for absolute stability? Meaning family. Instead of someone like billy, who’s let her down how many times now?

Devon: That makes sense, yeah. You’d think so. But like I said, she’s vulnerable. And billy knows this, and he’s gonna use it.

Nate: Against you?

Devon: Okay, I’m the one he doesn’t like. Yes.

Nate: Look… have you ever considered that maybe you’re overreacting?

Devon: No, I haven’T. Why, do you think I’m being paranoid?

[ Nate sighs ] Okay. I mean… uh… I don’t even know what to say. Maybe this is what billy wants. He wants us to turn on each other.

Nate: No, I– I’m not turning on you, devon. I’m just stating an opinion that’s different from yours.

[ Sighs ] I wonder what neil would think about all this infighting. Who was more about family than your father?

Devon: I completely agree. Which is why all I’m trying to do, and all I’ve ever tried to do, is protect this family’s legacy through the company. And I think that we need to be prepared to fight if it comes to that. So I’m just asking if I can count on you.

Nate: Well, you’re doubting lily, and you’ve gone back to questioning my loyalty. So if this is the direction things are headed in, and billy’s the cause, well, I agree with you on one thing. We have to get abbott out of the company. This skinny pop is amazing.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Chance: Take it I wasn’t supposed to hear that.

Devon: We don’t mind you hearing what we said. We’re not keeping any secrets. And I know where your loyalty lies.

Chance: Oh, you do, huh?

Devon: Yeah.

Chance: Okay, well, what happened to loyalty to chancellor-winters, devon? Because that’s where my loyalty lies. I don’t know about you, but this infighting, this petty, personal bull that’s going on, I want nothing to do with it. So if you want to let me go for having an opinion that you don’t like, I will gladly pack up my office now.

Devon: Nobody’s saying that at all. Not at all. I think that you just– you’re not understanding what’s at stake.

Chance: It mostly sounds like your egos.

Nate: I’m with chance on this. One way or another, we have to stop turning on each other. The only way we can help chancellor-winters shine is to get past this conflict and work as a united front.

Devon: Okay. I will– I’m a little confused now ’cause of what you’re saying. I feel like I can count on you about as much as billy can count on chance.

Billy: Devon wants to run this company on his own, the way he always has been. He’s not interested in working together for the greater good.

Abby: Chancellor-winters has been very successful.

Billy: It has been. Maybe despite devon, but not because of him, okay? Time and time again, he’s proven he doesn’t wanna work together. He sees any sort of disagreement, any sort of difference of opinion, as a mutiny. We can’t stand for that if we want chancellor-winters to see its full potential.

Abby: It sounds like you want devon out. Would you actually do that?

Nikki: Darling, you don’t mean that.

Victoria: Why did you let her in?

Nikki: Are you turning on me too?

Victoria: I may never see claire again because of you.

Nikki: I– I was just trying to help.

Victoria: You only pretended to accept her.

Nikki: No, I did accept her.

Victoria: You blamed claire for getting you hooked on alcohol again and this mess that you’ve become.

Nikki: That is not true.

Victoria: Then you whine that it’s everyone else’s fault, that you’re a drunk, but it’s what you’ve always been. It’s who you’ve always been.

Nikki: Nicholas, you know that that’s not true. Please tell her. Tell your father.

Nick: You made my daughter’s life hell. She almost lost her son because of you. He’s barely speaking because of you.

Nikki: I’ll talk to summer. I’ll explain it to her.

Nick: Mom, she doesn’t wanna see you ever again, and neither do I.

Nikki: What?

Victor: Why are you doing this to our children?

Nikki: I– I– I just wanna fix things.

Victor: Some things can’t be fixed.

Nikki: Please, just let– let me make things right.

Victoria: The only way that you can make things right is to stop embarrassing yourself. If you don’t call security, I’m going to.

Nikki: Nicholas. Nicholas, please.

Nick: Mom, you brought this on yourself.

Nikki: Why are you doing this? We’re family.

Nick: Because you’re a drunk.

Nikki: And– and I wanna get sober. You know I do, but I– I can’t do it alone. I need you.

Nick: Mom, we’ve given you every chance imaginable!

Nikki: This time is different.

Victoria: It’s not gonna be different than any other time. We have offered to help you, but you’ve always been too proud, too strong.

Victor: The only support you ever wanted is jack abbott’s support. I came to you many times. You pushed me away. You accused me of hovering over you. Didn’t you?

Nikki: Well, jack is– is my sponsor–

Victor: I don’t give a damn what he is. I can’t stand the guy. You ran to him every time.

Nikki: But, darling, I love you.

Victor: You disgust me.

Nikki: Please don’t say that.

Victor: You reap what you sow! Live with it!

Nikki: But, victor, please–

Victor: Get the hell out of here! I can’t stand looking at you! Out!

Ashley: I swear.

Alan: Okay, murders, uh, kidnapping, and an explosion. That’s quite the history this hotel has. And all those scandals. Are you sure you didn’t make some of that up?

Ashley: I am. And I may have participated in one or two, but I’ll never tell.

Alan: Your secrets are safe with me.

Ashley: Are they?

Alan: This– this is me. I assume no scandals happened here.

Ashley: Not yet.

Alan: Ashley, I do miss hanging out with you.

Ashley: Yeah?

Alan: You are more entertaining than ever.

Ashley: Entertaining? I was going for irresistible.

Alan: Oh.

Ashley: And, um, I bet you have one or two champagne splits in your minibar that have corks that are just dying to be popped. I’ll behave myself. I’ll even take a peek at your inkblots.

Alan: I would be terrible company.

Ashley: Not possible.

Alan: I promise I will be good as new in the morning.

Ashley: Okay. Well, then I am officially inviting you for breakfast. You can’t say no.

Alan: I wouldn’t think of it. Mwah. Mwah. A demain.

Alan: Jack?

Jack: Look, I’m sorry for the intrusion, but I have to ask. How does my sister seem to you?

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asthma breathe

Alan: I just have to spend more time with ashley before I can give you any real insight as to what’s going on. But there is definitely a different dynamic coming from her than I am used to seeing.

Jack: In what way?

Alan: Well, I mean, ashley is very sophisticated, brilliant. Wry, cool as a cucumber. Today, she’s flirtatious and bubbly, completely out of character. On the other hand, she is, uh, recovering from a broken heart and the trauma of a breakup, and maybe this is her way of handling the stress that she’s been going through.

Jack: Stress may be the underlying problem here, but believe me, there is more than one dynamic at play here.

Alan: Yes, traci told me about that as well, that ashley’s behaving like a teenager at times.

Jack: Young, impetuous, overly earnest.

Alan: But the commanding, more aggressive personality is coming forward as well.

Jack: These days we have no idea which ashley we’re gonna get.

Alan: Well, eventually I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of it, but like I said, it’s not gonna happen overnight.

Jack: Ashley leaves the house these days, I’m scared. Will she return? She admits to losing time, where she was, how she got there, what she’s done. One minute she’s ready to go to therapy, the next she runs away.

Alan: Yeah, well, that kind of inner conflict is really not that unusual.

Jack: Listen, I have been so desperate to do something, anything, I have actually considered committing her to treatment. What kind of brother does that?

Alan: One who cares. All right? You were trying to help. It is a normal reaction.

Jack: Ashley deserves to live a normal, healthy life. Look, I– I saw how comfortable she was with you, and I gotta say, it gives me a lot of hope.

Alan: I promise you I will do my best.

Ashley: Now, where’s the tequila? What kind of a bar is this anyway? No tequila? Well, that’s no bar at all. Now, what the hell are you doing here?

Ms. Abbott: I’m getting stronger every day.

Belle: Oh, yeah, I can tell. I like your jewelry.

Ms. Abbott: How could you be so stupid? Botching that story of how you first met alan?

Belle: I did just fine.

Ms. Abbott: Well, the hell you did.

Belle: I played it like it was a game. Alan played along, he enjoyed himself, I could tell.

Ms. Abbott: And the entire time he was taking notes. And there you were. Hi, I’m just a bubble-headed idiot. Oh, please, kind sir, won’t you please pour me some more champagne so I can screw this whole thing up even more?

Belle: It was a date. That could lead to something wonderful for ashley.

Ms. Abbott: It wasn’t a date, you moron. It was a psych evaluation over drinks. He’s looking for information so he can take us all down!

Victor: You disgust me!

Nick: You are a drunk.

Victoria: You whine that it’s all their fault that you’re a drunk. But it’s what you’ve always been. It’s who you’ve always been.

Victor: You get the hell out of this house! You get the hell away from all of us!

Nikki: No. My moderate to severe plaque psoriasis held me back…

Nate: You absolutely can trust me to be on board with whatever’s best for chancellor-winters.

Chance: And I second that. I can be counted on when it matters. But when it comes to the bickering, I’m out.

Devon: Okay. And I– I understand that, gentlemen. I get completely where you both are coming from. But my bottom line is, I don’t think billy belongs at the company.

Chance: Okay, so this isn’t about what’s best for the company. It is personal.

Devon: No, that’s not true. It’s both. It’s always both. But since my name’s on the company, it’s always gonna be personal. It’s as personal as it gets. And as the ceo of the winters side of the company, I don’t want billy to be a part of it. And you can let him know that if you like.

Chance: I’m not your messenger.

Devon: I didn’t mean it that way, all right? I’m just saying, I’m not gonna slink around and talk about people behind their backs the way billy abbott does. He can know. In fact, I’m sure he already does know that I don’t want him there.

Abby: Chancellor-winters means everything to devon. He built the winters part with neil. It’s devon’s legacy. It’s my son’s legacy. And you wanna take that away from him?

Billy: Abby, I understand all that, okay? And I’m not trying to push devon out. I simply wanna make a little bit of room at the table.

Abby: You know, I wish I believed you, billy. I really do. But I don’T.

Jack: Given your background, your history with ashley, it gives me a lot of hope.

Alan: Well, I’ll– I’ll do whatever I can.

Jack: Listen, I won’t take up any more of your time. Thank you for indulging me.

Alan: Well, we all want the same thing. Ashley healthy.

Jack: I could not be more grateful that you are here. Hopefully, ashley won’t do another disappearing act or something more troubling.

Ashley: You are just blowing everything out of proportion. And you refuse to see the danger you are putting us all in.

Belle: Please. I have half a mind to jump on that jet with that very handsome doctor, go to paris and never look back.

Ms. Abbott: No. You can’t do that.

Belle: I don’t know why not.

Ms. Abbott: I’ll tell you why. Because you’re gonna find yourself in a situation that you can’t flirt yourself out of.

Belle: Huh! And what are they gonna do? They’re gonna commit me just because I couldn’t get one silly story straight?

Ms. Abbott: This wasn’t just one story. They’re building a case against us. You were being tested. And you failed.

Belle: Says you. You forget. I have a plan.

Ms. Abbott: Dating the doctor is not a plan.

Belle: Neither’s killing tucker.

Ms. Abbott: I see what you’re doing. You just want an excuse to party. Guess what? It’s over now.

Belle: Well, I got news for you. I’m a lover. Not a fighter. And I’m not gonna stand by and let you ruin our lives.

[ Chuckles ]

Ashley: It always comes back to me. I have to do everything on my own. I’m the only one that knows how to get things done.

[ Sighs ] Hmm.

[ Door opens ]

Nikki: Ah. Uh. No!

Jack: Nikki?

Nikki: No!

Jack: Nikki?

Nikki: Go away!

Jack: Come, nikki,

Nikki: No, go, get out!

Jack: Let me in, nikki! Nikki!

Nikki: Go away, jack!

Jack: I’m not going anywhere. Let me in!

Nikki: Go away.

Jack: Nikki, don’t make me do this.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

sleep on the plane, so thank you very much for the first class ticket.

Traci: Mm-hmm. And thank you for coming all the way from paris on short notice to talk to my sister.

Alan: Well, I’m always happy to have a chance to see ashley, but I’m a bit concerned about this one. I was worried about her after I last visited paris.

Traci: So, you did sense that there might be something else wrong?

Alan: Well, at the time, I attributed it to, uh, the emotional turmoil of the breakup of her marriage. But afterwards… I just began to worry that something deeper was brewing.

Traci: Well, I’m afraid we are at full boil.

Diane: Ashley, having a little afternoon pick-me-up?

Ashley: Yes. I thought I would treat myself to something strong and frothy. You know, I love mrs. Martinez to death, but her coffee can be weak.

Diane: Oh, I never thought so. Hm.

Ashley: And yet, here you are.

Diane: Oh, I’m picking up some brownies for harrison. They’re his favorite.

Ashley: Diane, you don’t have to explain yourself to me.

Diane: Huh. How are you feeling?

Ashley: I’m feeling fine. How are you feeling?

Diane: Uh, I’m good, and I’m glad to hear it. You– you’ve had your ups and downs lately. It’s been quite a roller coaster. For jack and traci, too.

Ashley: Yeah. If I didn’t know you so well, that butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth routine might actually work.

Diane: I’m not pretending to be concerned.

Ashley: Oh, don’t be that way. It’s a compliment. Kill ’em with kindness has always been my motto, too.

Michael: Okay. Thanks for the update.

Victor: Have you found anything?

Michael: No sign at all of jordan’s body. They searched the area of the riverbed below the spot you said she fell.

Victor: Michael, please, stop wasting time looking for a dead woman, all right? It is clear what you’d be looking for.

Michael: Victor, if by some chance jordan is still alive, she would be key to the–

Victor: That woman is gone. She’s of no use to us anymore.

Michael: Vict– victor, we have nothing to go on. Jordan’s body could be a clue. An address in her pocket, a number on her phone.

Victor: I am telling you to look for claire. She may well be fighting for her life as we speak.

Cole: How could you possibly recognize these keys?

Victoria: From the colors. Billy had a set just like this. I remember because katie used to play with them all the time.

Cole: Wait, wait you– you think they’re billy’s keys?

Victoria: No, but they could be from the same place. He had, um, he had a storage unit there. I remember. One opened the parking gate and the other one was for the front entrance. And then the other one was for the actual unit. This one says 23. Oh, my god. Is it possible that this is where jordan was holding claire? Type 2 diabetes?

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Michael: Okay. Message received. I’ll pull the team off of the search for jordan’s body and focus solely on other avenues for finding claire. Security cam footage, canvassing. We’ll go old school and door to door with flyers.

Victor: Go get to it, okay?

[ Phone ringing ] Yes, cole. Any update?

Cole: Well, I may have some good news. We found a set of keys that were hidden inside a doll like the ones my mother used to collect. Now, you may recall that nikki mentioned seeing one like it at the lake house. Victoria has seen something about these keys that she recognizes and she thinks that they could belong to a storage facility that billy used to use. She’s tracking down the address right now.

Victor: And do you think this is where jordan may hold claire hostage?

Cole: I hope so. If not, maybe we can at least have a clue.

Victoria: Billy, hi, it’s me. Um, listen, I need the address to that storage facility that you used to use. You– you know, you remember the one where katie used to always play with the keys? Can– yes. Can you text that to me? Okay, thank you. I’ll– I’ll explain later. Okay. Oh, I got it.

Cole: We’re headed there now.

Victor: But listen, be careful. I’ll send backup, all right? Well, I think we may be getting somewhere. It seems that victoria and cole have found a set of keys. Keys to a storage unit. Where perhaps jordan is holding claire hostage.

Michael: Well, hang on. That’s– that’s a lot of assumptions. Uh, jordan rented that motel room under an assumed name. And it was rented to a couple before her. Uh, it could be their keys.

Victor: But they found those keys inside a doll, a similar doll that jordan had at her lake house.

Michael: Okay. So, more likely, it’s connected to her. But it still could be a trap or a misdirect.

Victor: Wait here. I’ll find out.

Michael: Well, where are you going? Victor? Victor!

Traci: I was so worried about ashley while we were in paris. She shared with you the, um, argument she had with her ex-husband at the cafe?

Alan: With tucker, yes, his explosion. And then the visit you two made there. At first, she thought the staff was paid off to back up his version of the story.

Traci: Yeah, that was the theory. Obviously, it turned out to be wrong. And then she had to accept that she misremembered the whole argument. That she exaggerated his anger and the violence.

Alan: Yeah, she came to see me that visit. And obviously, it upset her quite a bit, realizing that what she recalled and reality were two different things.

Traci: Yeah, it’s a lot to navigate.

Alan: Yeah.

Traci: Honestly, I– I thought once she got home and accepted that, and that things were over with tucker, she would be able to just go on with her life. But that’s when things got very worrisome.

Alan: In what way?

Traci: My sister has been having mood swings.

Alan: Uh, highs and lows, or?

Traci: No, um, more like personality shifts. For example, uh, she will be extremely confident.

Alan: Well, that’s ashley.

[ Both laugh ]

Traci: Yeah. So, take that ashley to the nth degree. And at the next moment, she’ll be almost childlike. And then last night, we got a new one. Uh, uh, tequila shots and live it up. But the most troubling is when she is our ashley. She’s so fragile. And she’s confided in me that she’s having blackouts.

Alan: Wait, from alcohol?

Traci: I don’t think so. The– the time I know about for sure, she insists she had nothing to drink.

Alan: Blackouts. What else does she say about the blackouts?

[ Traci sighs ]

Traci: Well, she sort of describes them as big chunks of time that are just missing, like she’ll wake up somewhere and not know where she is or how she got there. The family is really worried.

Alan: Well, that’s an understandable reaction.

Traci: Yeah. My brother billy suggests that maybe she’s experiencing splintering of her personality, you know, triggered by the trauma of what happened with tucker.

Alan: Well, that is a serious diagnosis. Is billy a psychiatrist?

Traci: No, but… he’s experienced something similar himself.

Alan: Oh.

Traci: He says he can recognize the signs. Now, we’ve tried to get her to see a doctor, and she agrees. And at the last minute, she changes her mind.

Alan: Hm. Well, I’m– I’m glad you reached out to me. And I’ve known ashley a very long time and in the past, she has confided in me that she has a history of psychosis. So maybe it was triggered somehow, brought to a new level.

Diane: Kill ’em with kindness, huh?

Ashley: Words to live by.

Diane: I hope you don’t feel the need to be that way with me.

Ashley: Oh, diane, I’ve never felt the need to be anyone but myself with you.

Diane: Well, good. Then, maybe you’ll be straight with me and tell me how you’re really feeling.

Ashley: Oh, well… I’m tired of all the questions and the overwhelming concern and the sad looks from jack and tracy.

Diane: Well, that’s because they care about you.

Ashley: Yeah, it’s so suffocating. Makes me want to go elsewhere for my coffee.

Diane: All right, to be fair, you admitted to all of us that you didn’t know what was going on with you. You seemed genuinely lost, frightened, desperate for answers. No, really. And then you ran from that doctor’s appointment that traci and sharon worked so hard to make for you. Why did you do that? Were you afraid of what the doctor might find out?

Victor: Hello. How was your night?

Jordan: The accommodations stink. The food is worse.

Victor: You know, that’s the review I was aspiring to.

[ Jordan laughs ] So… where’s my granddaughter?

Jordan: Okay. Okay. You win. I prefer a chteau in france. Same deal as before. My freedom, a new life, and you get claire’s location.

Victor: You have… tendencies to be delusional, don’t you? There’ll be no deal. You know why? We know where claire is. We found the keys to the storage room. Rather sloppy on your part.

Jordan: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Victor: You know exactly what I’m talking about. When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd Happy mother’s day! Some things never change. Like a mother’s love. Get something as timeless as a mother’s love at harryanddavid.Com. Life is a gift. Share more.

Traci: Jack and I didn’t know what else to do. And then I thought of you and your friendship. And I was hoping that you could talk to her, urge her to get treatment.

Alan: Well, of course, I’m happy to find out more about what’s going on with her, but I– I can’t treat her. I retired and my american license expired when I moved to france 10 years ago, so.

Traci: Yeah, I didn’t expect that you would be her doctor. I was just hoping you could get her past whatever is stopping her from getting help.

Alan: I certainly will do my best. We’ve been friends a long time. I care very much about ashley.

Traci: Oh, thank you. The family appreciates any help. And I just want my sister back.

Alan: Ah, of course. And does she know I’m here?

Traci: Yes, yes. I t– I told her that I had reached out to you. And honestly, I was worried she might think I overstepped.

Alan: Well, understandable, knowing ashley.

Traci: Yes, but she was really good with it. Um, I think she prefers the idea of talking to you over a doctor she’s never met before. So, I don’t think you’ll get any resistance unless…

[ Traci sighs ] Honestly, my sister’s moods can change on a dime.

Ashley: Don’t you have better things to do than harp on me about decisions I’ve made for my own well-being?

Diane: I’m not harping about anything. I’m just asking you.

Ashley: Then, what are you doing here? I mean, why are you fetching brownies for your grandson?

Diane: Ashley, I’m not looking for a fight.

Ashley: You are the co-ceo of jabot cosmetics. By the way, you never thanked me for letting you slide on in there without any kind of a fuss. Are you looking to get out, maybe? Because I could try to help you get fired if that’s what you really want.

Diane: I’m trying to be nice. If you don’t want my help, fine. But I can’t butt out completely. You see, I care about jack, and jack’s worried about you. So, that makes you my concern as well.

Ashley: Oh.

Jordan: Do you really think that I’d be so stupid to leave a set of keys lying around? [ Chuckles ] You’d better make a deal with me right now if you ever want to see your precious granddaughter alive again.

Victor: You should have taken my deal. You’d be lounging right now in some chteau in the south of france. Instead, you’re going to… die slowly… in this… luxurious place.

Jordan: You’re wrong, victor. You still need me.

Victor: I have you. No one knows where the hell you are. I’m the only one. And this time, I promise you… there’s no way out.

Jordan: You won’t find claire! You’ll be back! You’ll be back begging me to help! Victor!

Victoria: Oh, this is it. Number 23.

Cole: Hang on, hang on.

Victoria: Don’t worry.

Cole: I gotta check– I gotta check for signs of a trap. Here.

Victoria: It’s so quiet. What are you looking for?

Cole: There could be a wire. A trigger. Trigger for something here. Anything that looks suspicious. Okay. All right. It looks okay.

Victoria: Hold on. Wait, wait, wait. I’m– I’m scared… of what we might find.

Cole: Listen, I am, too. But we can’t wait any longer on this.

Victoria: Okay.

Cole: All right, listen. Maybe– maybe you just– you should step back, just in case, okay? Just… claire?

Victoria: Claire? Claire, are you in there? It’s mom and dad!

If you’re taking

an antidepressant,

Victoria: Claire? Sweetheart?

Cole: Okay, we gotta go in. Do you have the flashlight?

Victoria: Yeah. It’s here.

Claire: Here. Help me.

Victoria: Oh, my god!

Cole: Claire!

Victoria: Claire!

Ashley: Oh, please, diane. Just back the truck up. Drop the third degree, counselor. When you’ve all decided how I’m supposed to behave, and when I don’t behave that way, you get your shorts in a twist. I’m not some ice queen. I’m a red-blooded woman who had her heart broken. Does that mean I have to have professional help?

Diane: You asked for it yourself the other night. I was there.

Ashley: The more I thought about it, the more I realized it’s just heartbreak. I’ve gotten through it before, and I will get through it now.

Diane: Well, it doesn’t mean you don’t need professional help to do so.

Ashley: I will find my balance if it will get you all off of my back. I’ll try very hard not to be too extra. Although, I do find it very interesting that all of you people can live your lives however you want, messy as they are, without any kind of intervention. Well, I plan on doing the same. I’m gonna have some fun. So, you can either join my party or get out of my way.

[ Phone ringing ] Oh. Tell me something good.

Traci: Ashley, I’m here at the house with your friend, alan. He’s arrived from paris. He’s eager to see you.

Ashley: Oh, that is the best news I’ve had in ages. Tell him I can’t wait to see him. Gotta run.

Diane: What’s the rush?

Ashley: Well, finally, somebody in this town that I can have some fun with. I gotta go carpe some diem.

Diane: Ah, enjoy.

Ashley: Thanks. Oh, diane. Thank you so much for your concern. I mean, if it’s sincere.

Diane: And why wouldn’t it be?

Ashley: Oh, honey. Because you’re you. Ta.

Michael: Where the hell did you go?

Victor: To talk to my security team.

Michael: Well, why not do that with me?

Victor: Do I need my lawyer to talk to my damn security team?

Michael: But, victor, you need to find out–

Victor: Will you stop asking questions, for heaven’s sake? I think I found the answer. Seemingly, that jordan woman used the same alias… renting a hotel room as she did when she rented that storage unit.

Michael: So, you think cole and victoria are correct, that this is the place that jordan stashed claire?

Victor: Yeah, I’m certain of it.

Michael: But it still could be a trap.

Victor: I know how her mind works.

Michael: All right, then we need to get a security team down there. Victoria and cole shouldn’t face this by themselves.

Victor: They’re already on their way. I just hope in time to rescue claire.

Victoria: Oh, my god.

Cole: Claire.

Victoria: Cole, she’s in there, she’s in there. Help me!

Claire: Please get her off. Please, dad, get her off.

Victoria: Get her off!

Cole: Okay. Oh, my gosh.

Victoria: She’s not breathing.

Cole: Come here.

Claire: I can’t– I can’t– I can’T. [ Sobs ]

Victoria: Be careful. Please be careful. Come on, I got you.

[ Claire sobbing ]

Cole: Oh.

Victoria: Come here, I got you. You’re okay now.

Cole: You’re okay, baby.

Victoria: We got you.

Cole: You’re okay now.

Victoria: We’re gonna take you home. Shh, it’s okay.

[ Claire sobs ] No, it’s okay. I’ve got you. This skinny pop is so delicious.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Victor: Nikki, call me back, please. Third time I’ve left a message for her. She has not called back. It’s not like her.

[ Phone rings ] Yes, darling?

Victoria: We found her, daddy.

Victor: You did?

Victoria: She’s alive. She’s really shaken up, but she’s okay.

Victor: That makes me very happy, sweetheart. Are the police there? Is my team there?

Victoria: No, no, not yet. Uh, but cole will talk to them. I need to get claire some food. Daddy, I really don’t think she’s up to answering any questions right now, no matter what the police want. Cole will handle that, okay?

Victor: You bring claire home as soon as you can. All right? This makes me so happy.

[ Michael laughs ] Wow.

[ Ashley gasps ]

Alan: Ashley!

Ashley: It’s true! You’re really here.

Alan: In the flesh.

Ashley: Oh, I’m so happy to see you.

Alan: Oh, me too. You look wonderful.

Ashley: Did you follow me? Honestly, they are keeping me on such a short leash these days.

Diane: I said I was picking up brownies for harrison. If I’d have known you were coming back here, I would have had you deliver them yourself. Ah, I’m diane, traci and ashley’s sister-in-law. I’m jack’s wife.

Alan: Alan laurent, nice to meet you.

Diane: Nice to meet you. Are you two old friends?

Ashley: No, diane, that’s not going to happen. Alan flew all the way from paris to see me and I’m going to take you out to lunch. Please tell me you’re hungry.

Alan: I am famished.

Ashley: Oh, let’s get out of here. Bye-bye.

Diane: Bye.

Ashley: Bye-bye. I’ve got this great place, you’re gonna love it.

Diane: And that is?

Traci: Ashley’s psychologist friend from paris. I had hoped that he would be able to talk to her one-on-one, but she seems pretty amped up.

Diane: Ah, yeah, I just had a little run-in with her at crimson lights.

Traci: Do you mean a confrontation?

Diane: No, no, not exactly, but I– I think I met one of her alters. She was feisty, but if I’m being honest, a little fun.

Traci: Alters? Are you making a joke? I thought you were trying to help.

Diane: I am. Gosh, I’ve been nothing but supportive, and I have taken my fair share of hits from ashley even before these personality swings of hers.

Traci: Well, you’re being awfully flip about something that is dead serious. It’s almost like you’re enjoying seeing her like this.

Diane: Traci, do you really think that of me?

[ Diane scoffs ] W– when will this family stop punishing me for my past and stop assuming the worst about me? Do I really need to still prove that I’m being sincere?

Traci: Apparently, you do.

Victoria: All right, here you are. Listen, why don’t I make some tea? And– and you can go upstairs and take a hot shower.

Victor: Sweetheart.

Victoria: I imagine you want to get some sleep.

Victor: My goodness, come here. Come here. Tell us what happened.

Victoria: Daddy, she really hasn’t said very much. She’s– she’s shaken up.

Cole: Yeah, we probably should let her get some rest first.

Victoria: Yeah.

Claire: It’s okay. Now, that I’m here, safe with all of you, I… I think I can talk about it. I want to. I want– I want to get it out.

Victor: Okay. Then, why don’t you do that? Sit down, let’s do it, okay?

Claire: After your anniversary party, I went to return harrison’s good luck bunny. He’d shown it to me earlier and… I found it at the lounge. Jordan must have followed me somehow. Gotten into the abbott house. I was upstairs. Harrison had asked me to read him a story. And then, he went to the bathroom and… jordan appeared out of nowhere. She… she chloroformed me.

Victoria: That must have been so terrifying.

Claire: The next thing I knew, I… I was being dragged into that storage unit. I knew if jordan had her way, that was going to be my only chance to escape, so… I fought back hard. I almost got away. But then… that woman collapsed on top of me. I think she must have had a heart attack from all the exertion. I was pinned down. I couldn’t get her off of me. I was trapped underneath her dead weight.

Cole: What, you– you were trapped like that all that time?

Claire: I really thought I was going to die there, too.

[ Claire sniffles ] If you’re one of the millions of people with diabetes

Alan: Ah, thank you.

Ashley: So–

Abby: Mom!

Ashley: Hi!

Abby: Hi. I love this outfit.

Ashley: Thank you.

Abby: Wow, it’s good to see you.

Ashley: You, too. This is alan, my friend from paris. And this is my daughter, abby. She owns this fine establishment.

Alan: Nice to meet you.

Abby: Nice to meet you, all the way from paris. I’m sure you two have a lot to catch up on, so I won’t interrupt. But, um, I’ll send over all your favorites.

Ashley: Perfect.

Abby: Enjoy.

Ashley: We will. So, tell me. How is paris faring without me?

Alan: Well, the city of lights is a bit dimmer.

Ashley: Oh. [ Laughs ] What about you? Are you surviving?

Alan: Oh, I’m managing to get through retirement. Tackling all those home projects I’ve been putting off for years. Getting through that pile of books that’s been haunting me.

Ashley: Yeah.

Alan: How about you? Last time we saw each other in paris, you were, uh… on edge. Upset about your breakup with tucker.

Ashley: I put all that behind me. I’m a new woman, can’t you tell?

Alan: You do seem happier.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Alan: But I have known you a long time, and you don’t have to pretend with me.

Ashley: Oh, honey.

Abby: Well, this is a new vintage that we’re trying here. I’m sure being from france, you’re a champagne connoisseur.

Ashley: Oh, listen, they drink it like water over there. And you know what? It is the best remedy for jet lag, right?

Alan: Yes. Well, then let’s have some.

Ashley: Okay.

Alan: Mm. It’s very good.

Abby: Hm. Mom, what do you think?

Ashley: Mm. I have never met a glass of bubbles I didn’t like.

Abby: Well, great. Uh, then, it’s on the house.

Ashley: Oh, that’s so sweet of you.

Alan: Oh. Thank you. Would you care to join us?

Abby: You know, actually, um, I’m covering for my manager. So, rain check?

Ashley: Okay, next time.

Abby: Yeah. Bye.

Ashley: Yeah. So… where were we?

Alan: I believe you were telling me how you were doing.

Ashley: Mm. No, I think I was trying to evade that question, actually.

Alan: You’ve been doing a very good job of that so far.

Ashley: Well, we both know that traci and jack flew you here to analyze me, right? They want you to probe my deepest, innermost feelings and thoughts. Is that what you want to do, alan?

[ Michael smooches ]

Lauren: Oh, my goodness. I didn’t think you’d be able to join me. I thought you’d be all tied up with the search. But in the event you were going to show up, look what I ordered you.

Michael: Oh, bless you. Bless you.

Lauren: Oh.

Michael: Good news, finally. They found claire. Alive.

Lauren: Oh. Thank god. Oh, nikki’s going to be so relieved. Jordan dead, claire found. Maybe this nightmare can finally be over.

Michael: Well…

Lauren: And you must be relieved as well.

Michael: Here’s hoping that we’re even more relieved once we get news from los angeles that sheila is indeed very dead.

Lauren: Is that what has you so unsettled? That you’re hoping, like I am, that it really was sheila in the morgue?

Michael: That and, um… I think victor is keeping something from me.

[ Lauren laughs ]

Lauren: Well, of course victor is keeping something from you. That’s how he operates. He always keeps a little detail to himself.

Michael: True. But this time, I don’t think it’s a little detail. I’m afraid it’S… it’s about jordan. About her death.

Lauren: You said that she fell into a river from a height that no one could survive.

Michael: Yeah, that’s what victor told me. But I haven’t been able to confirm it.

Lauren: Oh, you think he’s lying about that?

Michael: Just a sense I have. But I’ve known that man a long time.

Claire: But I knew I had to stop. I couldn’t let myself think about what might happen being trapped there like that. So, I… I imagined being free. Back out in the world. Being here. With you. Being safe in my room. And I got angry. Thinking about jordan. Everything she’s done to me. To all of you. That anger gave me the strength to maneuver myself so that I could get the phone out of that woman’s pocket and I could call you. But then the phone died and I… had to try not to panic all over again.

Victoria: The call was garbled. I– I couldn’t hear anything but a faint voice. I couldn’t make out what you were saying. Just one word. Mom.

Cole: Your mother. She knew it was you. She insisted that we go to that motel room where they found harrison. And even though the police said they had searched it, she knew there had to be a clue. There had to be something there that was going to tell us where you were.

Claire: Motel? Oh, my god, she took harrison too? Is he okay?

Victoria: He’s okay. He’s safe.

[ Claire exhales sharply ]

Claire: How did you find me?

Victoria: There was a doll in the room and…

Cole: It was like the ones that my mother used to collect.

Victoria: Jordan had hidden a set of keys in the back of the doll. And they looked like the ones that billy had from that same storage facility.

Cole: We took a gamble. You know the rest.

Claire: Harrison’s okay? You promise? Can I see him?

Victoria: He’s safe, I promise you. I don’t think that kyle and summer are going to let him out of their sight anytime soon, but he’s safe.

Claire: He must have been so scared. He must still be so scared. That… that trauma. Where is she? Where’s jordan? Did they arrest her? We can’t ever let her hurt that sweet boy ever again.

Victor: The bitch is dead.

If you have chronic

kidney disease you can reduce

Ashley: In spite of the fact that none of my siblings actually has a medical degree, they’ve decided that something’s wrong with me. And that’s why you’re here. They want you to figure out what that is.

Alan: Yeah. I’m aware of the reasons your family has very suddenly offered me a first class ticket here to genoa city. And I believe you are too.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. So, you mean to tell me that the only reason you’re here is on a professional level?

Alan: Well, look, of course I, um, want to know how you’re doing. Last time I saw you, you were struggling and that concerns me. But, as I told traci, I’m retired, I no longer have a license to practice in the united states, and I would never treat a friend.

Ashley: Hm. We are good friends, aren’t we?

Alan: Yes. I took their offer so I could be with one of my favorite people. Your last trip to paris was very brief and, well, I wanted to see the place you called home. It always brings you back. But, if you don’t want me here, it is– it is an open ticket. I can– I can go back any time.

Ashley: Oh, no, I want you here. I really want you here. And of course, I’m thrilled to show you around town, but I just have to let you in on a tiny little secret. The rumors about my, uh, mental breakdown? Highly exaggerated.

Alan: Well, I’m glad to hear that.

Ashley: Oh, of course. Oh, my sweetie, you are the answer to my prayers. The perfect solution for ashley. This visit will not be clinical at all. Time for some joie de vivre.

Lauren: Well, if sheila is lurking in the shadows, she better not come anywhere near me or she’s going to be sorry.

Michael: Ooh, my warrior wife.

Lauren: Well, luckily I have other things to focus on. I’m very busy at work. This morning, I filled in for nikki on a big meeting. I mean, she just felt like it was too much coming into the office today, which is completely understandable given everything that’s been going on. She was very confident that you and victor would find claire, but it was just, you know, waiting on that news was having her worried sick.

Michael: What? She didn’t show up at the office, where’d she go?

Lauren: She went home. Why?

Michael: Just now?

Lauren: Hours ago.

Michael: I’ve been at the ranch with victor all morning. She wasn’t there and victor’s been trying to reach her.

Lauren: Nikki, it’s lauren. Call me as soon as you can.

Michael: Straight to voicemail?

Lauren: Yes.

Michael: That’s what victor was getting.

Lauren: Jack, hi, it’s lauren. Have you seen nikki? I– I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. Call me when you can.

Claire: The fact that she kidnapped harrison, an innocent child, just proves she was beyond redemption.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Claire: I’m glad she’s dead. I’m grateful. For the sake of everyone that she’s hurt, who just had to live in fear of her.

Victoria: That would be all of us. But mostly you.

Claire: Is it true? Am I really finally free of her?

Victor: I promise you, she’ll never hurt anyone again.

Jordan: You will not win. You will not win. You will not win. You will not beat me. You will not beat me. I will find a way out of this hellhole. And I will make you pay… victor newman!

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Y&R Transcript Monday, April 29, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Adam: Hey.

Chelsea: I just got a call from the doctor. Connor wants to talk to us.

Adam: Yeah, I, uh, I got the same message.

Chelsea: Yeah, this is a big step.

Adam: Yeah, considering a week ago he didn’t wanna have any communication with us at all.

Chelsea: Right, um, but we can’t make this bigger than it is.

Adam: I’m not.

Chelsea: Right, well, you tend to do that. Sometimes, adam, you know, you project things the way you want them to be without realizing this is a process. You know, this is just the beginning. We have to tread carefully so connor doesn’t tune us out.

Adam: And are we now talking about me or are we talking about you?

Chelsea: Both. We can’t screw this up. There’s too much at stake.

Nikki: Oh, jack! I’m so happy that harrison is home. Is he okay?

Jack: Doctors checked him out. Physically, he’s fine. Time will tell about everything else.

Nikki: Poor little baby.

Jack: He keeps calling jordan “the mean lady” and “the witch.” Not that we’re encouraging him to talk about it.

Nikki: Oh! It’s lucky we got him back when we did.

Jack: How are you doing? Any news on claire?

Nikki: Uh, no, but victoria got a call last night that she thought could’ve been claire.

Jack: Maybe they found her?

Nikki: Unfortunately, no.

Jack: Oh, this is agony. I am so sorry.

Nikki: Yeah, so am I. For ever thinking that claire had anything to do with this.

Michael: So that was the one word you could make out?

Cole: “Mom.”

Michael: And you’re sure the call was from claire?

[ Victoria sighs ]

Victoria: It was muffled, but it had to be her.

Michael: And no chance this was something arranged by jordan before her demise?

Victoria: Michael, it was claire.

Victor: It wasn’t from a landline. And they’re checking all the cell towers right now. It’s gonna take some time.

Victoria: Well, that’s time that we don’t have, dad. What if claire’s hurt and that’s why she didn’t call us back?

Victor: Sweetheart–

Victoria: We have to find her. We have to do something.

(“Holiday road”)

Announcer: Additional

sponsorship provided by…

Adam: You’re right. And it’s good that you’re reminding both of us that we need to move slowly. But I–

[ Chelsea groans ]

Chelsea: I hate when you say “but.” It makes me very nervous.

Adam: I was just gonna say, chelsea, that I could use any good news right now.

Chelsea: Of course. So could I. What are you doing?

Adam: I’m setting up the video call.

Chelsea: Adam, can you just wait one second? I think that we should go over the guidelines the doctor suggested. Things to avoid talking about. Words that could be triggering for connor.

Adam: Okay. Gotta have the rules.

Chelsea: There are these things called reassurances we’re supposed to avoid, which seems really weird because as a parent, all you wanna do is reassure your child. But the doctor says that they will only feed and validate his fears, so we have to avoid that.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Okay. I got it. No reassuring. Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: I’m sorry. Am I boring you, adam?

Adam: No. You’re just telling me things that I already know.

Chelsea: Okay. Then I’ll repeat them to myself. Because I’m crawling out of my skin, and I would appreciate it if you didn’t get offended by every damn thing I say.

Adam: I’m sorry. Okay? You’re right.

Chelsea: We are both nervous. We both have a lot at stake, okay? But I have to know that we’re gonna be a team. Adam, we have to be.

Adam: We are a team. And just so you know, I’m not taking offense. It’s just– it’s my way, you know?

Chelsea: Yeah. Your defense mechanism is anger. Mine is, um, quiet panic and anxiety. None of which are any good for our son.

Adam: And I hear you, chelsea. This– it’s all about connor. Okay? We have the rules, and we can do this. You ready?

Chelsea: Let’s, uh– let’s make the call.

Cole: Well, there could be a whole other explanation for claire not calling back. Maybe the phone died. It’s possible, isn’t it?

Victoria: But cole, she sounded panicked and desperate.

Michael: Do you think claire knows about jordan?

Victor: I doubt it. We kept the press out of it.

Michael: Then she could be unaware that harrison’s been rescued?

Cole: What are you getting at?

Michael: I’m fond of claire. You know that. I’ve defended her in the past. But this is a girl who’s spent her entire life doing jordan’s bidding.

Victoria: Are you saying that she still is?

Michael: No, I didn’t say that.

Victoria: Well, it certainly sounds like you’re implying that, michael.

Michael: I’m merely laying out possibilities. If claire still believes jordan has harrison, then that phone call last night could’ve been a smokescreen, could’ve been part of a plan.

Cole: To what end?

Michael: To divide us, to distract us.

Victoria: Didn’t you hear what harrison said about jordan hurting claire?

Michael: Again, that could’ve been jordan and claire putting on an act for an impressionable little boy.

Cole: Wait a minute. Are you serious right now? Because this whole train of thought is a distraction. It’s a complete waste of our time.

Michael: I’m simply trying to manage expectations.

Cole: We don’t need you to manage anything, okay? Our daughter is missing. She could be in terrible danger. And the only thing I wanna hear from anyone right now is how do we get her back?

Michael: All right. I’m sorry. Sometimes my lawyerly skill at arguing both ends of an issue are– well, it’s inappropriate. Please forgive me.

Victor: Let’s calm down. All we know is that claire’s alive. That is more than we knew before.

Victoria: But where? Where, dad? The one person who might be able to tell us is dead.

Jack: Yeah, I’m sorry I doubted claire, too, but given her background and who she was raised with, I had trouble believing she could turn everything around so quickly.

Nikki: Yeah, it was hard for all of us, except for victoria. She just always knew.

Jack: Mothers and daughters.

Nikki: Yeah, I’m sure victoria wishes her mother could be more helpful.

Jack: Wait, why do you say things like that?

Nikki: I don’t know. I just feel particularly useless.

Jack: I guarantee you, victoria does not see you that way.

Nikki: No. She sees me as a fragile flower that needs to be watched all the time. She knows I’ve been drinking again. I denied it, of course, but she knows. I just hate that I am so damn weak. I’m so damn weak!

Jack: You are one of the strongest people I have ever known.

Nikki: I certainly don’t feel that way right now.

Jack: Because you’ve just been put through hell, nikki. You have endured things that would bring most people to their knees, and you are still standing. And piling more blame and stress on yourself is not the answer.

Nikki: The stress I can handle. It’s the guilt that’s overwhelming.

Jack: The guilt? What guilt?

Nikki: Jordan. All of this.

Jack: Why would any part of you blame yourself for what jordan did?

Nikki: Because none of it should have happened, jack. Claire and harrison would not have been kidnapped if it weren’t for me.

Summer: What do you mean, grandma? What did you do? When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd Harry & david makes mother’s day easy. Share a gift, made with love, with the mom in your life. Choose from hundreds of stunning baskets and towers. It’s the perfect way to say thank you – for everything. Harry & david. Life is a gift. Share more. At tj maxx, you can afford to turn your closet

Chelsea: Hi! Connor, it’s so good to see your face.

Adam: Hey, buddy. How’s it going?

Connor: It’s going okay, I guess.

Adam: What have you been up to? I mean, have you made any friends? Is the, uh– the therapy working out?

Connor: Maybe. I don’t know.

Adam: Well, you must know if you’re feeling better, right? I mean, why don’t you tell us about the doctor? Do you feel he’s someone that you can talk to?

Chelsea: Hey, you know what? Your dad is anxious to know all these things because he loves you and misses you so much. We both do. That’s why we have all these questions. But you just take your time. Whenever you’re ready to tell us, we’re here to listen.

Jack: Your grandmother feels horrible about what has happened to harrison, but she is in no way responsible for the actions of a psychopath.

Nikki: Thank you for trying to protect me, jack. But there’s more to it than that. None of this would have happened if I had made different choices.

Summer: What do you mean? What choices?

Nikki: When jordan took that poison in front of us, claire asked if we should even bother saving her life.

Summer: Claire was willing to let her aunt die?

Nikki: Oh, yes. I mean, she has known her aunt her whole life. She knows how evil she is and all the things that jordan did to her and to many other people. Claire didn’t think that anyone else should have to suffer like that.

Summer: I– I guess I’m surprised to hear that.

Nikki: Because you thought that claire was involved in harrison’s kidnapping. That crossed my mind as well. But I now know that claire was once again jordan’s victim. And I set it all into motion by calling 911 and let her live.

Summer: Grandma, I– I don’t understand. After everything that jordan did to you, did to our family, why– why would her life mean anything to you?

Nikki: Trust me, I’ve asked myself that so many times. And in the end, I simply couldn’t let her die in front of us. And letting her go out on her own terms seemed like letting her win. I wanted her to face her punishment. I– I didn’t know that she was going to escape again and then bring more chaos to our family. But if you’re looking for someone to blame, blame me. I’m sorry, summer. You have every reason to hate me for this.

Victor: Look, you all, jordan is exactly where she should be. We’ll find claire and she will be where she should be. But we won’t give up.

Victoria: I’m not giving up. I’m just tired of sitting around here doing nothing, waiting for the phone to ring.

[ Victoria sighs ] Look, cole and I were talking on the way up here, and we want to go to the motel where jordan held harrison.

Victor: But sweetheart, the cops have combed through that hotel. Up and down. They found nothing that leads to claire.

Victoria: Dad, maybe they didn’t know what to look for. They don’t know claire. We do.

[ Victor exhales ]

Victor: All right. You two go down there, do what you have to do, and, uh, I’ll see to it that no one interferes with you.

Cole: Thank you, victor.

Victoria: Thank you.

Michael: You’ll run that by me again, victor?

Victor: Run what by you again?

Michael: How exactly did jordan die? My mental health was better.

Chelsea: Why don’t you tell us how you’re adjusting to the new place?

Connor: Well, the main doctor’s pretty cool. She gets it, you know?

Chelsea: Gets what, honey?

Connor: My moods, stuff like that. Things she calls disassociations.

Adam: Whoa, that’s a– that’s a mouthful.

Connor: Like, sometimes I don’t remember things, and I get all mad at myself and frustrated. But the doctor says that’s just my brain going, “nope, not going there.”

Chelsea: So it’s– it’s kind of like you get overwhelmed?

Connor: Yeah, but more. The doc says that some people with ocd have that, so they’re teaching me to slow down and recognize when it happens and not to get so impatient with myself.

Adam: Mmm.

Chelsea: Yeah, but, you know, that– that happens to me too sometimes. It’s like my mind races ahead, and I suddenly forget where I’m even going.

Connor: Really?

Chelsea: Yeah. Oh, yeah. So I just have to slow down and regroup. I– I think it’s called, um, staying in the moment.

Connor: And just dealing with it no matter how hard it is.

Chelsea: Exactly.

Adam: I mean, I– I don’t know, I– I– I get that, yes, but does everything have to be a struggle? I mean, isn’t it okay to sometimes, you know, check out when the world is coming at you at 100 miles an hour?

Connor: No, dad, you can’T.

Adam: Okay, well, I just meant that–

Connor: The doctors told me that it’s called reassuring. It’s like saying the ocd part of my brain is doing all the right things. Like it’s normal. But it’s not. It just makes the ocd dig in harder.

Adam: You see, there I go again. Connor, there– there’s just– a lot of this stuff you’re gonna have to explain to me, because, um, your hard-headed old man already thinks he knows everything. So whenever I open my big mouth, just go like this, okay?

Connor: I can do that.

Jack: I’m sure summer doesn’t blame you for what happened. She holds one person responsible. Jordan.

Nikki: Is that right, summer?

Jack: You– you know what? I think you and I should get out of here and get to a meeting.

Nikki: Uh, I wish I could, but I have another appointment.

Jack: More important than a meeting?

Nikki: I’m meeting with lauren. We have a lot of newman media work to do.

Jack: Your family has been through hell, nikki. Claire is still missing. Work can wait. Come on.

Nikki: But– but it helps me to not think about everything, and I desperately need that, even if it’s just for an hour. I– I will go to a meeting afterwards. I promise.

Jack: Okay. Okay.

Nikki: It’s okay to blame me, honey. I blame myself.

Summer: No. Jack’s right. Jordan is the only person responsible.

Nikki: Thank you for that. Please give harrison a hug from me. I’m– I’m so grateful that he’s home.

Summer: I will.

Jack: I’ll walk you out.

Summer: I’ll see myself out.

[ Door clicks open ]

Victoria: You know, I’m trying, but I just cannot wrap my brain around this. How someone could terrorize a child.

Cole: This is the same woman who raised ours.

Victoria: That makes me sick just thinking about it. What is it?

Cole: Nothing.

Victoria: You can tell me. It’s okay.

Cole: Remember back at the house? When you brought up losing baby eve? Claire? All those years ago. It just took me right back there. And I remember being sad, heartbroken, just like you. We never had the chance to be with her. We never knew her. It was almost like she wasn’t real. But she’s very real. And I would literally walk the length of the earth to bring her back. I would– I would exchange my life for hers in a heartbeat. And never, ever, have I had that feeling… about anyone.

Victoria: It’s called being a parent.

Cole: Yeah. I know that now.

Victoria: Sometimes it, you know, can feel like it’s a bit too much.

Cole: Claire is the greatest gift that I’ve ever received in my life. And when we find her, I’m gonna bring her home. I’m gonna hold her tight. And I’m gonna tell her that nobody’s ever gonna hurt her again. That her father will always be there to protect her.

[ Cole sighs ] For people who feel limited

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Connor: I’m playing

soccer again.

Chelsea: Oh.

Adam: Yeah? That’s great.

Connor: I’m pretty bad at it

’cause I haven’t played

in a while, but my friend mike

likes to run drills,

so I figured, “why not?”

Chelsea: Yeah, you– you made a new friend?

Connor: Yeah.

Mike’s pretty cool.

Adam: And is his– his treatment like yours?

Connor: Privacy, dad.

Adam: Yes, of course. Uh, well, thank you for the heads up.

Chelsea: Yeah, it sounds like you’re in the right place.

Connor: It’s all right here.

I just want to get better

soon and come home.

Adam: And we want that too. You know, we miss you, and we love you so much.

Chelsea: So, so much.

Adam: And we promise that we will take our cues from you, and from the doctors.

Chelsea: Yeah, we will listen.

Connor: I love you guys too.

Anyway, I better get going.

Chelsea: So soon?

Connor: Yeah, I’ve got class

in a few minutes.

Chelsea: Oh, okay, well, we understand.

Adam: All right, well, um, this was great, you know? Thank you.

Chelsea: We’ll talk to you soon, okay?

[ Chelsea sighs ] Okay, well, I have to email the doctor about these reassurances because I don’t really get it. So, if we tell connor that things are going to get better, that’s not a good thing, that’s going to stress him out even more? I just don’t really understand. Don’t, adam.

Adam: Don’t what?

Chelsea: Go wherever it is you’re going right now. It’s not going to help.

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Adam: Is this what his life is going to be like? Worrying about things like– like reassurances and disassociations? I mean, he shouldn’t even have a word for that.

Chelsea: If it helps him understand what he’s dealing with, I don’t care what they call it.

Adam: God, just taking the same brutal hits over and over.

Chelsea: Until he gets better. I mean, that’s what the whole exposure and response prevention thing is all about.

Adam: Yes, but the disassociations–

Chelsea: What, adam?

Adam: I went through it, chelsea. When I was a kid, I blocked things out, too. I erased the memory of seeing a man die right in front of me because I thought that I was responsible for it. And now my son is going through his own version of the same damn thing. So, is my life all he has to look forward to? I mean, is he going to grow up angry? Is he going to struggle to fit in? Is he ever going to believe that he deserves to be loved?

Chelsea: Adam, stop. This is an illness we don’t understand. And it’s just the beginning. We are going to be hearing things about it that are difficult for us to hear, that make us afraid. But we– we have to be ready for it. We have to stay calm and– and be strong and be unified.

Adam: Okay, well, that is a very nice speech, chelsea. But you are forgetting one very important thing. We are connor’s parents. He shares our dna, so everything that we are or have been is passed down to him. And that scares the hell out of me. And I am sorry, but you can’t convince me that you’re not being eaten up by it too.

Victor: I told you already. As I and my security team approached the motel, that jordan woman saw us coming. She panicked, she ran away, tried to cross the gamewood bridge, she slipped and fell into the river.

Michael: But no body was discovered.

Victor: Well, they are still searching. What are you getting at?

Michael: You know, well, as your attorney, I just want to make sure there is nothing that could come back to negatively impact my favorite client.

Victor: I told you exactly how it happened. It was a fortunate accident. Why can’t you just let it go?

Michael: I’d like to. I– I really would. But knowing you and working with you for all these years, I’ve developed a pretty good sense of who you are and how you operate, and right now, my senses are screaming that there’s a lot of this story you haven’t told me.

Cole: I haven’t seen

one of those in a while.

Victoria: Oh, my god.

Cole: Sweet, huh? You know, my mother had one just like this. She collected them.

Victoria: Uh, I think it’s hideous, actually.

Cole: Well, that’s the whole point. The creepier, the better.

Victoria: Wait a minute. Mom mentioned jordan tormenting her with a doll at the lake house. Um, do you think it could be like this one?

Cole: Hang on a sec. What is this? There’s something– there’s something inside here. Oooh! I can’t wait for this family getaway!

Cole: [Indistinct]

Victoria: Yeah, thank god.

[Indistinct] What could these possibly be for?

Cole: Well, they have to be just something important. Otherwise, jordan wouldn’t have taken the trouble to hide them like that.

Victoria: Maybe they could lead us to claire.

Cole: Yes, yes.

Victoria: But we still don’t know where she is, cole.

Cole: We have to keep looking, I mean, the answers have to be here somewhere, I know it.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Lauren: You must be exhausted.

[ Nikki sighs ]

Nikki: I am, it’s been a brutal last few days.

Lauren: I’m so sorry, nikki.

[ Nikki sighs ]

Nikki: We get through one nightmare and then there’s another one around the corner. I feel like I’m going to wake up and everything will be normal, you know, and claire will be safe.

Lauren: I wish that for you. You deserve it. And in the meantime, honey, you need to rest.

Nikki: If it were only that easy.

Lauren: I know it’s difficult. But I’m really worried about you, my friend.

Nikki: Thank you. And you’re right. I desperately need some sleep.

Lauren: All right, well, you know, forget about our meeting. Just turn around, go home, and get some sleep. I’ll text victor, and tell him you’re on the way.

Nikki: Oh, no, don’t do that. He’s putting all of his energy into finding claire. I don’t want to distract him.

Lauren: Okay. All right.

Nikki: Well, thank you for meeting me.

Lauren: You promise you’re going to go straight home, right?

Nikki: Where else would I go?

Victor: Michael, on my honor and our friendship, I am in no way responsible for that jordan woman’s death. Okay?

Michael: Now, that actually sounded sincere. Thank you.

Victor: Then let it be. All right? We now need to focus on finding my granddaughter.

Michael: Well, we’ve already got the whole town looking for her, and nothing’s turned up, she could be anywhere.

Victor: That means we need to double our efforts. I’ve got to be honest with you. The thought has occurred to me… that time may be running out for claire.

Chelsea: Of course this is upsetting to me. It’s agony, watching connor suffer the way he has, but I can’t give in to it. He needs me too much.

Adam: Then it will consume you.

Chelsea: Only if I let it.

Adam: Listen to me, chelsea.

Chelsea: And I’m not going to let it.

Adam: Why won’t you just talk to me?

Chelsea: I am talking to you.

Adam: Yes, with a bunch of buzzwords and to-do lists. Nothing about what’s really inside. Nothing about how you feel. Who would understand about any of that except me? This is our son. If we can’t talk to each other–

Chelsea: I’m terrified, adam. I’m terrified. But I’m afraid if I fall into that well of– of shame and guilt, I won’t be able to crawl out. I want to kill this thing that’s hurting our son. I want to destroy it. And of course I blame myself. I blame myself for my– for my weakness and my illness. And I– and I hate myself. And I’m not strong enough to stop this.

Adam: Yeah, well, I– I was not there for a big part of connor’s life. And when I was there, I created chaos. Do you know what I was thinking when he said he would just forget big chunks of time? I was thinking, yeah, I know, because that was me too.

[ Chelsea sniffles ]

Chelsea: I don’t know. Of course, I’ve had dark, intrusive thoughts. And there were moments that I hated myself. But it’s not about what you’ve been through or what I’ve been through. Connor is dealing with something different. And even though we can’t fully understand it, we still feel fully responsible.

Adam: Well, we’re not even sure if we’re what made it happen.

Chelsea: Adam… even if we didn’t cause it, does that even matter? Our son is still suffering.

Adam: I just wanna tell him that everything’s gonna be okay. I want to tell him that he’s gonna have a perfect, you know, average, utterly boring, normal life. But us telling him that everything’s gonna be okay is just us giving him our wishful thinking.

Chelsea: Yeah, I don’t think he wants to hear that from us.

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Adam: Yeah, well, I wouldn’t mind being reassured every once in a while.

Chelsea: Yeah. [Sighs] Yeah, neither would I.

[ Chuckles wryly ]

Adam: Well, maybe when things get tense or complicated or just plain scary, we could reassure each other.

Chelsea: I’d like that very much. Struggling with the highs and lows of bipolar 1?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] So, how did you know?

Adam: Know what?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] That I needed to… unload.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Oh. Well, I guess because I’ve been needing to do the same thing. You know, he’s such an incredible kid. I just wish that all this–

Chelsea: I know. And I’m glad that we can be there for each other, talk to each other in a way that’s, you know, different than before.

Adam: It’s a better way.

Chelsea: Like as grown-ups?

Adam: Well, I was going to say friends.

Chelsea: That, too. You know this is just the beginning, right? Connor’s going to have his ups and downs, and so are we.

Adam: Hmm. I’m not going anywhere.

Chelsea: Good. Neither am I.

[ Chelsea sniffling ]

Jack: Hey. How’s harrison doing?

Summer: Um, he’s still a little bit more clingy than usual, but that’s to be expected. I– I told him that we could do all of his favorite things today, and that made him smile.

Jack: That’s a start.

Summer: Yeah.

Jack: Listen, now that your grandmother is gone, how do you really feel about her letting jordan live?

Summer: My son… has bolted awake from nightmares twice since he’s been home. Jack, he might be scarred for life. What am I supposed to say when my grandma tells me that this could have all been avoided? I wish she had let jordan die. And if that makes me a terrible person, I don’t care. It’s the truth.

Jack: I’m not here to argue with you. But I have a favor to ask. Could you please not tell nikki that? Look, she’s in a very fragile state right now, and I’m worried knowing that might take her over the edge. Could you do that for me?

Summer: I don’t– I don’t plan on saying anything. I will always love my grandma. And I will always wish that she had let jordan die when she had the chance.

Nikki: [ Exhales deeply ]

Cole: Vic, can you think of any other place where jordan might have stayed?

Victoria: No.

Cole: Well, there– there has to be something here that’s gonna help us out. I mean, there has to be a map, an address, there’s something.

Victoria: Wait a minute.

Cole: What?

Victoria: I– you know, I’ve been racking my brain for the last five minutes trying to figure out if I’m imagining this or if it’s real. And it’s real, cole. I’m sure of it.

Cole: What’s real? What are you talking about?

Victoria: The keys! I recognize them. I’ve seen them before. I think I know where we have to go.

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Y&R Transcript Friday, April 26, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Tessa humming ]

Mariah: Look at you!

Tessa: What?

Mariah: Glowing with career and personal satisfaction.

Tessa: Can you tell?

Mariah: Yeah, it’s the humming. That’s your tell. You sing when you’re happy.

Tessa: With good reason. My life is beautiful. But if I’m humming too much, please tell me and I’ll tone it down.

Mariah: No, no, no. It’s– it’s amazing. In fact, why don’t we try to find a way to make you happier?

Tessa: Is that even possible?

Mariah: I think I can make it happen.

Lily: Okay, send me the contract when you’ve made the changes. Thank you.

[ Lily sighs ] Why am I always running into you? [ Chuckles ]

Billy: Because we work in the same office. We live in the same town. I’m actually glad I ran into you.

Lily: No, no.

Billy: No what? You have no idea what I was just going to say.

Lily: I know exactly what you’re going to say and I’m not going there with you.

Billy: Going where?

Lily: I’m not going to revisit your conversation of us running the company together.

Billy: Okay, fine. I can take a hint. I know when to back off. Plus, I believe you’re going to come around on your own anyway.

[ Lily sighs ]

Audra: So, of the three companies we’ve acquired, I think we should launch a marketing campaign for the one with the highest sales and most shelf space first. You know, that way we can hit the ground running with a well-known…

Tucker: No.

Audra: …And somewhat successful–

Tucker: No, no, no. That’s a dumb idea.

Audra: I mean, you’re dumb.

Tucker: What we do is divert more capital to the one that needs the most support, repackage their signature products, implement a new marketing spin.

Audra: Hm. [ Clicks tongue ] Right. Shore up the weakest link first. Kind of like you in our relationship.

Tucker: Right. We turn each company around, one by one, and then we push them on the marketplace with a new look.

Audra: While we build up our own products for a more affluent clientele.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. And we market the hell out of those and then bingo, we’ve got our boot on the neck of the industry. And they beg for our mercy.

Audra: Wow. You know, I almost forgot what a cold-blooded, ruthless, horrible person you can be.

Tucker: Oh, thank you, sweetheart.

Audra: Glissade can actually rival jabot. And in time, even surpass it.

Tucker: Salud.

Audra: Salud.

Traci: Uh, w– wow, that’s quite a dress.

Ashley: Thank you. Sometimes, retail therapy is the only therapy you really need, right?

Traci: Uh, well, I’m glad that you decided that you would come up and have a bite to eat.

Ashley: Sure. I’m a little bit hungry. I’m peckish.

Traci: Uh, well, let’s see. Everything’s good. What– what do you think? Your usual?

Ashley: Uh, it doesn’t really matter so much. What I could use, though, is maybe a little shot of tequila.


Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… now I can be myself again.

Tucker: Listen to you, talking about glissade surpassing jabot. I thought that you wanted our focus to be solely on our company and not about some personal rivalry. You were very adamant about not wanting the drama, if you recall.

Audra: Yeah, I do perfectly recall what I said, but since then, I’ve had an epiphany of sorts.

[ Tucker clicks tongue ]

Tucker: What sort?

Audra: Well, I think we can be the biggest cosmetic entity out there. Because, I mean, why not?

Tucker: Hm.

Audra: Look, I don’t need any other motive besides wanting to dominate the market. Whereas your reasons are suspect.

[ Tucker sighs ]

Tucker: If you’re referring to ashley abbott, you are mistaken.

Audra: Ugh.

Tucker: She is not my motivation. Not anymore. Although, I would love to crush her sanctimonious brother and nephew. Take them down a couple notches.

Audra: Hm.

Tucker: With diane as collateral, that would be fun. And good business.

Audra: Yeah, I agree. Taking on one of the biggest cosmetic companies in the marketplace could serve to set our goals even higher. When you aim low, you run the risk of hitting it. The odds are much better when you shoot for the moon.

Tucker: Yes. Your drive and ambition give me certain sensations. Have I ever mentioned that to you?

Audra: Tucker, I think everything gives you sensations.

Tucker: Yes, well, what can I say? I’m very sensational.

Audra: Hm.

Traci: Ashley, I don’t think you need anything else to drink. I mean, at least have something to eat first.

Ashley: Oh, bless her little heart. I’ll just humor the poor thing. You’re right. I’m just going to have an iced tea.

[ Traci sighs ]

Traci: Ashley, um…

Ashley: Hm?

Traci: Jack and I have been trying to get a hold of you. And we’ve been very worried that you haven’t gotten back to us. Are you not getting our messages?

Ashley: I did not get your calls. I’m so sorry. I turned my phone off. I know. I’ve been trying to do just a little cell phone detox, you know, to get rid of all the stress that I’ve been carrying around.

Traci: Oh, well, I guess I could understand that under normal circumstances. But ashley, considering everything going on with you, blackouts, I think everyone would be a little more comfortable if you would leave your phone on. Uh, we just get so worried when we can’t reach you.

Ashley: I get it.

Traci: I do have some good news, though. Harrison is home from his ordeal. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t tell you about it at the time. But you were in such a precarious situation, we didn’t want to add to your burden.

Ashley: Oh, I understand completely. But, I get it, again, you know, and I think the most important thing is that that precious little boy is okay.

Traci: Yeah, and I don’t know how he did it, but kyle was able to track that– that woman, jordan, and figure out where she was holding him, and now he’s home, safe and sound in his own bed.

Ashley: Gotta count our blessings.

Traci: Yeah, I suppose. Now, we can concentrate on you.

Ashley: Son of a bitch.

Tessa: Sorry, I was busy being amazing at my job, but I have a minute, and now you can tell me how I could possibly be happier.

Mariah: Okay, so happiness to you equals singing to yourself, okay?

Tessa: All right.

Mariah: So, what if there was a way to have you in front of an audience that is not me and aria?

Tessa: I mean, yeah, I– I– I love it. Always. But touring takes me away from home, and aria’s too yummy to miss a weekend with, and I have a job here, and, you know, you’re okay, too.

Mariah: Hm. Thank you for that.

Tessa: Yeah, you’re welcome.

Mariah: Well, I wouldn’t be a genius for nothing. Uh, no, instead of touring, I’m thinking about local music festivals, you know? It’s getting warmer out. They’re bound to start popping up.

Tessa: That does sound tempting. And I do miss singing in front of a live audience, but–

Mariah: No, no, no buts.

Tessa: However, no festivals have offered me a slot.

Mariah: You know what? I think we can actually change that. Hey, you two! Hi!

Abby: Hi!

Mariah: Hi, it’s so great to see you.

Abby: You too, always. Tessa, I have to tell you, I talked to the seafood vendor, and he says you’re his new favorite person.

Tessa: Aw.

Abby: And I couldn’t even be offended, because of course you are.

Mariah: I know, from singing, to modeling, to managing, she’s just so multi-talented.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: She is.

Tessa: Can you tell she used to be my manager? You know, we really miss you at the label.

Mariah: A-ha!

Tessa: Mariah? No.

Mariah: Yeah.

Tessa: No.

Abby: Uh, are we missing something?

Mariah: Am I crazy, or a singer-songwriter this talented, doesn’t she deserve a showcase at something like, I don’t know, a music festival?

Devon: Hang on.

Mariah: And devon? I know that you know everyone in the industry, so…

Devon: I do. Abby, I love my job, and I’m not looking to leave.

Abby: Well, thank goodness, but speaking of festivals…

Devon: Yeah, we’re actually putting together a festival, and you would be perfect for the lineup.

Mariah: That is incredible. Uh, is it local? Because she’s looking to stay local.

Tessa: Wow, that escalated quickly.

Devon: Yeah, we can definitely keep it local.

Abby: Then, it’s agreed.

Devon: If it works for you.

Tessa: If that works for you?

Abby: I will cut your hours if you say no.

Tessa: Sounds perfect.

Devon: Seriously.

Tessa: Thank you. All of you. Thank you.

Mariah: Well, she’ll have a set list to you very soon.

Devon: We’re looking forward to it.

Tessa: Oh, let me show you to your table.

Abby: No, it’s okay. We got it.

Devon: Yeah. We’ll see you.

Abby: Bye.

Mariah: Bye.

[ Both laughing ]

Abby: Thank you.

Devon: Yes.

Abby: Well, that was a fantastic idea.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Is something wrong?

Devon: Yeah, it’s from nate. He just said, “thanks for the vote of confidence. I appreciate it.” We should be celebrating his seat on the board right now.

Abby: I really thought we would be.

Devon: Yeah, so did I. Until lily voted against me. I did not see that coming.

Lily: So, you’re that confident, huh? That I’m going to come around to your way of thinking?

Billy: It’s only a matter of time.

Lily: Well, I did have an interesting conversation with mamie today. And by interesting, I mean disturbing.

Billy: Let me guess, you didn’t vote the party line? Is that why?

Lily: Oh, no. She went as far to say that maybe I was too emotionally distraught over my breakup with daniel in order to make the right decision.

[ Billy whistles ]

Billy: Damn. That’s just rude.

Lily: I don’t know. Maybe she was being sympathetic.

Billy: Which means you think maybe she wasn’T. So does that mean you’re finally coming around to the idea that your aunt mamie is trouble? ()

[ Audra gasps ]

Audra: I have an idea.

Tucker: So do I. A big one.

Audra: I was considering that we could consolidate production costs by housing the factories of all of our companies in one large facility. The operational cost and overhead would be reduced, especially as we streamline each company’s product line.

Tucker: Mm, I love it when you talk dirty.

Audra: I could consider something else, too.

Tucker: And what’s that? Eh, I don’t know. That wasn’t very convincing. I think I need another one.

Audra: Ah, food first, though.

Tucker: Food first. [ Sighs ] All right. Let’s order room service and eat naked.

Audra: Too much of a chance we’d never eat at all.

Tucker: Yeah.

Audra: Knowing you.

Tucker: Hey, did you know they have a restaurant downstairs?

Audra: What?

Tucker: Yeah.

Audra: Here? Downstairs.

Tucker: Yes.

Audra: In the athletic club?

Tucker: Yes.

Audra: Oh, well, I think we should try it.

Tucker: Let’s do it. I’ll race you down there. Loser buys.

[ Audra scoffs ] Ready? One. Two.

Audra: And I get a head start.

[ Tucker exclaims ]

Traci: I do understand why you changed your mind about your doctor’s appointment. I’m sure that going into therapy with someone you’ve never met before is daunting.

Ashley: She thinks she knows me, but she doesn’t have a clue.

Traci: But before that appointment, you told me that you wanted to get help. So, did something happen? Something specific to change your mind?

Ashley: I panicked. I did. I panicked. I’ve been so confused about everything that’s going on in my head and I– you know, I– I got kind of skittish and I just could not walk through that door.

Traci: Well, I wish you would have told me. And not just taken off. Maybe I could have helped you with it.

Ashley: Yeah, you’re right. You’re right. But that’s why I came here. You know, just to relax and calm down, and boy, did it do the trick. You know what? You deserve a break. [ Gasps ] I know. Why don’t we both get a shot of tequila? It’ll be so much fun. Sisters drinking shots of tequila. I love that.

Traci: Ashley, please stop. Look, I don’t want to say anything that is going to make things worse than they already are, but I have to be honest with you. I am afraid for you. Whatever is going on with you is spiraling out of control.

Ashley: You are worrying too much.

Traci: No, I have a feeling I’m not worrying enough. For you to storm out of a doctor’s appointment and I find you downstairs in the jazz lounge doing tequila shots? Even the way you’re talking to me right now. You told me that you wanted to get help. And if I need to hold your hand through that, I will do it. But for you to avoid the situation, for you to hide behind alcohol and act like this? I– I just can’t back you up like that. Ashley, you have got to step up. You’ve got to get the help that you need before things get even more dangerous.

Ashley: You are right. I have been the queen of denial. And your tough love is exactly what I need. So, I’m going to reschedule that appointment first thing tomorrow.

Lily: Billy, no. I’m not going to say that my aunt is trouble, okay? I don’t like that she’s trying to chop up the company. Because even if we remain chancellor-winters to the public, dividing it would undo all of the work that I did during the merger. And it’s not an option for me.

Billy: No. I get that. I understand that you feel that way, but I think it’s inevitable, okay? Because this war is not going to end. It’s only going to get worse. And in order for this company to survive, it’s going to need two pairs of strong, capable hands like ours to grab the reins and run it together.

Lily: Oh, my god. See? I said I didn’t want to talk about it. And you can’t help yourself. Do you know why? You have no self-control.

Billy: No, no, no. Hold– hold on.

Lily: That’s the issue.

Billy: Okay, I’m sorry. Give me another chance. Okay? I won’t bring it up again. Can I buy you a drink? Somewhere else? Something stronger than coffee? What do you say?

[ Audra screams ]

[ Tucker groans ]

Audra: Ha! You’re paying!

Ashley: Oh, look at you two. Tucker mccall, don’t you have a helicopter to fly or a car to crash? And look at you. Such a waste. I mean, you really are so pretty and so smart. You could do a lot better.

Audra: This is a new angle for you. Flattering me and, uh, insulting tucker.

Ashley: Oh, well.

Audra: Can’t keep up, ashley.

Ashley: Advice is free. Take it or leave it. But if I were you, I would ditch this daddy issue for good. Sometimes, the lows of bipolar depression

Devon: It’s just like every single meeting nowadays is one fight after another, where no decision gets made based off logic or because it’s actually the right thing to do for the company. It’s just everybody picking sides and digging their heels in. And lily and I were really in a good place, or I thought we were, and then she goes and turns it back on me and her family.

Abby: That’s not what happened, at all.

Devon: Really? Did she not just vote against putting her cousin on the board and pretty much disregard what I had to say about it?

Abby: Okay.

Devon: You were there.

Abby: I love you. And I hear you. But you gotta slow down. Just because lily voted against nate, it doesn’t mean she voted against you. Lily has a right to her opinion. But that’s why we’re all on the board. So there’s no unchecked power, and that’s a good thing. And I know you think so, too. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have merged with chancellor. And this isn’t forever. I know that with time, lily can be persuaded to see things your way.

Devon: Well, I thought enough time had gone by for her to trust nate. Maybe she does need him to prove something to her, but I thought she at least could have faith in me to put him on and trust that I know what I’m doing.

Abby: I’m not trying to argue with you. I’m really not. But think of it from lily’s point of view. Maybe lily feels like she has a lot to prove because of everything that happened with daniel. And maybe she doesn’t want to make decisions based on emotions. And so, just because she voted against you, I mean, maybe she just didn’t want to vote to make you happy. I mean, that’s just as bad as firing daniel because of her feelings.

Devon: And I backed her up on that, too, by the way.

Abby: So what? She owes you a vote? I know you don’t believe that.

Devon: No, I didn’t say that. Of course not.

Abby: I was really proud of you for supporting her, for not handing over those video games. You didn’t vote out of spite, and I love you for that.

[ Devon sighs ]

Devon: I love you, too. But I still think there’s more to her voting no against nate. I think the issue is either making a point or hedging her bets on the board members.

Abby: And why do you think that?

Devon: Because I have a feeling billy’s gotten under her skin. That’s why.

Billy: This is nice, huh?

[ Lily chuckles ] Away from the office, away from everything else. Just have a drink, enjoy each other for a second, then go home with enough time to have a game of solitaire and maybe even read a book. Remember those?

Lily: Ah, books, yeah. I can recall one or two, I think. [ Laughs ]

Billy: It’s nice to see you smile. I can see the tension leaving your body already. I told you it was a good idea to come here, by me.

Lily: Oh, my god. Did you always need this much validation?

Billy: Look, I take it when I can get it. I don’t get it all that often, so when I get a compliment, I– I keep it. I put it in my piggy bank and then I smash it open on a rainy day.

Lily: Well, I know you’re joking, but I can tell that something is going on with you. But, you know, you’re charming as always, so…

Billy: As always?

Lily: As a friend, though, I think you’re trying a little too hard.

Billy: Mm. That’s the pitfall of somebody knowing you too well, I guess, huh?

Lily: And?

Billy: It’s– uh, it’s my sister ashley, actually. Things haven’t been good with her since her breakup with tucker. Obviously, she’s better off without him, but–

Lily: Well, yeah, I think everyone is.

Billy: Yeah, but she hasn’t been the same since, and it’s really tough to watch.

Lily: What do you mean, she hasn’t been the same?

Billy: Well, you know, ashley, I mean, she’s incredibly confident. Her focus, the way that she’s so direct with us, painfully direct sometimes, and… I don’t know. There’s a lot going on with her right now. It’s a lot of back and forth.

Lily: Wow, that doesn’t sound like ashley at all.

Billy: No, it doesn’T. And I’m afraid for my sister.

Tucker: Ashley, I– I know you– you don’t want to listen to me, but I hope you will listen to your sister.

Ashley: Thank you so much, daddy issue. Now, excuse me, I’m gonna go to the ladies’ before we hit the road.

Traci: I will go with you.

Ashley: No, you will not. I’ll be back in a second. Excuse me.

[ Traci sighs ]

Tucker: Seems we have an entirely new ashley this evening.

Traci: I don’t know what you mean.

Tucker: Tracy. [ Sighs ] I walked in on a family intervention about getting her help, and it would appear she hasn’t gotten any.

Traci: Look, I am not gonna have this conversation with you, tucker. You or audra. This is a private family matter. And I thought we all agreed that this is no longer any of your concern, so–

Tucker: She did threaten me.

Traci: And I think you can see by her behavior tonight, she couldn’t care less about you. So please, just take this opportunity to let it go.

Tucker: Let it go.

[ Clears throat ]

Audra: Wow. You know, this isn’t even funny anymore. She’s all over the place. And you called it. Something is really wrong with her. And I don’t want you facing her down again or asking any more questions.

Tucker: You seem more disturbed by her behavior than I am.

Audra: Just don’T. You said so yourself, okay? She threatened you.

Tucker: Yeah.

Audra: And, yes, I am a little freaked out by her constant mood swings and how she’s in our face when we just want to grab some dinner. I have had my fill of her. And I want you to stay away from her.

Tucker: I– what do you want me to do? I– I barely said two words to her.

Audra: “Oh, I’m so concerned.”

Tucker: I’m letting it go. But what about you? You– you claim to have had your fill of ashley, and yet here we are. We’re not eating. We’re talking about ashley. Are you going to be able to let it go?

Audra: Are you?

Tucker: Come on, let’s eat.

[ Audra exhales sharply ] (Vo) it’s shrimp your way.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Abby: Lily and billy have a history. They worked at chance comm together. I’m sure they still have some sort of connection.

Devon: Yeah, and they also lived together, don’t forget.

Abby: Look, I know you said you saw the two of them exchanging looks, but I didn’t see any of that. The mood in the room was enough to deal with.

Devon: I know my sister, and I’m pretty sure I know what I saw.

Abby: But you don’t think lily is teaming up with billy, do you? Billy voted against her about daniel’s lawsuit.

Devon: I know, and I– I– believe me, I would hate to think that he’s pressuring her in any way, but I know that she’s susceptible right now. They do have a history, and you and I both know that billy would probably like to get a little more control at chancellor-winters.

Abby: Okay, I know that billy doesn’t have the best track record, but I don’t see him using lily.

Devon: I think that billy is capable of practically anything.

Billy: You know, I would hate for anyone else to actually hear this. I don’t even know why I’m saying it right now, but I have always been afraid of my sister, ashley.

[ Lily laughs ]

Lily: Well, you’re her baby brother.

Billy: I know, I know. She’s so tough, you know? She’s so smart. She’s got that wicked sense of humor. To see her adrift right now is– is– is tough.

Lily: Well, if it can happen to her, what about us mere mortals?

Billy: I would love to fix whatever it is tucker broke inside of her. I really hate that guy.

Lily: Oh, are you kidding me? I hate him more, okay? Things he’s done to devon. But, I mean, ashley doesn’t deserve what he’s done to her. But, I mean, I’m happy that she has you and your siblings to be there for her.

Billy: Mm-hmm. I wish my dad was around. I’d feel a lot more confident about the situation if he was.

Lily: I know exactly what you mean. It’s hard when you lose that touchstone, you know? The person that you always turn to. I will always miss my dad and his advice.

Billy: It’s different with you, though. Like, for me… I’m never gonna be john abbott. Just not.

Lily: No.

Billy: I don’t have the wisdom. I don’t have it. You, though, you– your– your dad would be incredibly proud of who you are. And he’s walking right there, right alongside you. Every step of the way.

Lily: I think both of our fathers are.

Billy: Cheers to that.

Lily: Cheers.

Traci: Okay, um, why don’t you relax and I will make us some tea.

Ashley: What are you doing? Get back here before you ruin everything!

Belle: Well, well, well, miss abbott. Where’s that sweet child, ash? I haven’t seen her in quite some time.

Miss abbott: I sent her away because she’s more trouble than she’s worth. And now here you are, belle. Please don’t tell me I made a mistake by letting you come out and play.

Belle: Oh, honey, I may be a lot of things, but a mistake I certainly am not.

Miss abbott: We need to get something perfectly clear. I am the only one that can protect ashley the way she needs. And that means eliminating tucker. Permanently.

Audra: Look, all I’m saying is that I would love it if we never had to run into ashley again. But unfortunately, that doesn’t seem possible.

Tucker: No, as you pointed out, genoa city is not quite big enough to never run into people you don’t like.

Audra: You know, and I refuse to become a recluse and never go out to eat and shop because I might run into your ex.

Tucker: Say, I have an idea. We keep ashley away from us for good.

Audra: Don’t drag it out.

Tucker: All you gotta do is say yes. When migraine strikes, you’re faced with a choice. Happy mother’s day! Some things never change. Like a mother’s love. Get something as timeless as a mother’s love at harryanddavid.Com. Life is a gift. Share more. Whoah, woah, woah, woah.

Audra: Do you honestly carry that ring around with you? You’re not scared you’ll drop it or get mugged?

Tucker: It’s worth the risk.

Audra: Why, so you can whip it out and hope I change my mind?

Tucker: Yeah. I want to be prepared for that possibility. Yeah, well, I’m gonna keep this puppy handy at all times.

Audra: Tucker, just please… be honest with yourself. I am begging you to dig deep and recognize that you don’t really need or want this marriage any more than I do.

Tucker: I don’t know. To be audra charles’ husband? That’s how I would introduce myself at parties, you know. Hi, I’m tucker charles, audra charles’ husband. Wow. Lucky devil.

Audra: Tempting. But… I’m not gonna say yes.

Tucker: All right. Well, just know if I do get mugged, it’s your fault.

Belle: Homicide? Are you cuckoo crazy? That is something we just do not do.

Miss abbott: So you’re just like that stupid kid, huh? You can’t do the work that needs to get done, then get out of my way and let me handle things.

Belle: You mean sit back and watch you ruin ashley’s life? No, merci beaucoup. That is reckless, that is ill-advised, and I will not have it.

Miss abbott: You don’t like tucker any more than I do. Why are you fighting me on this?

Belle: That’s true. I do think that tucker mccall spells trouble for ashley. But, oh, the blood. The mess. Ooh, it’s just the wrong kind of drama. No, it’s a step too far. Way beyond the pale. Besides, you want to send us all to prison? Stripes are not my thing.

Miss abbott: Who the hell do you think you are, you stupid little slut?

Belle: You are just so full of venom. And your hatefulness is gonna make ashley’s situation, oh, so much worse.

Miss abbott: So what’s your bright idea?

Belle: Well, it’s easy as pie. I think the only way to get tucker out of ashley’s heart is to find her someone new to love. From all the fine talent I’ve seen here in genoa city so far, that’s not gonna be hard. That’s not gonna be hard at all.

If you have wet amd, as a family and creatingnder where the next hassle’s g

Devon: I do still love having you on the board of chancellor-winters.

Abby: But do you still love chancellor-winters?

Devon: No, not so much. Not so much these days, I don’T. I just don’t want to dread going to work every day. You know? And wonder where the next hassle’s gonna come from. And it’s all it’s turned into now. And it was never supposed to be about just working to make money, either. It was about us working together as a family and creating a legacy to leave behind for the next generation.

Abby: And you think all of that’s getting lost in the noise?

Devon: Yeah, I do. I thought that going public and dealing with shareholders was bad, but I think this is probably a little bit worse.

Abby: Yes, maybe in this moment, but it’s not forever.

Devon: I don’t know about that. Because I never banked on billy intruding on things as much as he has. But it just feels like his whole time with us has been one big power play. And I hate being challenged about everything and waiting for our next face-off. Dude brings nothing but conflict to the table. And now that he’s in through his mom, he’s clearly not planning on going anywhere.

Billy: And johnny doesn’t even know I’m in the stands watching him. And he gets a game misconduct. Thrown out of the game off the ice…

Lily: What?

Billy: …Into the locker room.

Lily: No!

Billy: Here’s the best part. I go down there once the buzzer goes off to go check on him. Katie is right in there looking up at this older kid, screaming in his face saying…

Lily: Oh, my gosh.

Billy: …It was his fault that johnny got kicked out. It was like watching a little mini-victoria.

Lily: I can totally see that.

Billy: So then johnny comes in and gets right in between them to try and keep the peace. Which was incredible to me because they used to go at it when they were younger. You know, saw it…

Lily: Yeah.

Billy: …Every once in a while when they would come and stay at the apartment.

Lily: Mm-hmm. I did. I remember that very clearly.

Billy: You were always pretty good about getting them to calm down. You know, you’d give them that look.

Lily: What look? I don’t have a look.

Billy: Come on.

Lily: What?

Billy: You– you have a look.

Lily: I do not have a look.

Billy: You probably perfected it with your twins. And then you’d pull it out on my kids…

Lily: I did not.

Billy:…Every once in a while when they needed it.

Lily: Okay. Well, that was a long time ago.

Billy: Well, you still have it. I’m sure. I’m actually surprised you haven’t pulled that look out on devon and me.

[ Lily laughs ]

Lily: Well, maybe I should. Maybe.

Billy: Yeah. Well, there’s my reminder to stay on your good side, which is the best side, of course. Look or not.

Lily: That’s true.

Tucker: Let me ask you a question. When you were a little girl, did you ever daydream about your wedding?

Audra: Little girls grow up.

Tucker: All right. Just humor me for a second. What if you could have that wedding? The wedding you daydreamed of. The most romantic, spectacular wedding that you could ever imagine. Right? You’re walking down the aisle. You’ve got the perfect dress on. You’d be so beautiful.

Audra: You’re stupid.

Tucker: You’d– you’d have the– the– the diamond tiara, right? And a– and a ten-piece mariachi band. They’d be playing– [ Laughs ] Playing the wedding march. And the entire town, who we’ve invited, would just be absolutely blown away.

Audra: You know, I would love to see the look on some of those faces.

Tucker: Me too. It’d be the wedding of the century. Would you not love that?

Audra: You know, when I was younger, I pictured arriving at my wedding in a horse-drawn carriage. [ Laughs ]

Tucker: I love it. Done.

Audra: Yeah, but we can have all that without getting married. We don’t need anyone else to approve of our relationship.

Tucker: It’s not about everyone else. You know what? Screw the invitations. Nobody. I will get married to you in private. Because for me, it’s about… it’s about a promise to each other.

Audra: Yeah, it’s a promise people break every day of the week. Hey. Come here. Give me your hand. Stubborn. What if I make you a different promise? That I will go with you on a whim to any island you want. Or, when we have our new offices in france, I will decorate a suite for our special meetings. Or, I can just remind you every day that I’m with you, not because of some legal commitment, but because I love you.

Tucker: Say that again.

Audra: I love you.

Miss abbott: Find someone else to love. So, you think matchmaking is the solution to all of ashley’s problems.

Belle: Indeed, I do.

Miss abbott: It’s ridiculous! It’s a stupid idea. Big surprise.

Belle: Well, you can just yakkity yak all you want, sister. You’re forgetting one itsy-bitsy fact. I’m the one in control. And I ain’t letting go.

[ Miss abbott grunts ]

Traci: Okay. A little something. Um, ashley, I’ve been thinking about something. I have a little suggestion, if you don’t mind.

Ashley: Okay, shoot.

Traci: I’m getting the feeling that you’re still a little nervous about seeing a new therapist. Am I right?

Ashley: I suppose I am. Mm-hmm.

Traci: Okay, well, what would you think about your friend in paris? Didn’t you tell me that he was a psychologist? I mean, would you be more comfortable talking to him about your situation?

Ashley: Well, he is just so smart and charming and so attractive. Yes, he could work just fine. By the time I’m done, ashley will be saying, “tucker, who?” I think that would be an incredible idea. I really do. I think I’d feel a lot more comfortable with him.

Traci: Oh, that’s good. Because…

Ashley: Thank you.

Traci: I contacted our paris office and I got his information from your contacts and I’ve left a message for him. I’m waiting to hear back.

Ashley: I love this. Thank you so much. It’s a brilliant idea. It really is. It’s just… fantastic.

Traci: Oh. [ Chuckles ]

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless…

Man: You and I are friends, just like we were in paris.

Ashley: But there’s an agenda.

Cole: Hang on a sec. What is this? There’s something inside here.

Jack: Don’t make me push the door in.

Nikki: Fine. You asked for it.

Jack: My god. What happened here?

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, April 25, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Phyllis: How’ve we not heard anything about harrison yet?

Nick: Well, they say no news is good news.

Phyllis: Well, that’s a lie. Who are they, even? No news sucks. Those two whack jobs, they have harrison. We’re– we’re supposed to just sit around and wait.

Nick: Phyllis, there’s nothing I want more than to just go after jordan myself.

Phyllis: I feel so bad. Summer is so heartbroken. Not knowing if she’s ever–

Nick: Hey, don’t say if.

Phyllis: Not knowing when she’s gonna see harrison again. Oh, god, this is so hard. How am I just supposed to sit here? If I have to sit here any longer… my head is gonna explode. I’m gonna lose it.

Diane: Hey, I– I didn’t mean to sleep so long. You were supposed to wake me.

Jack: Honey, you were exhausted with worry. I didn’t have the heart.

Diane: Well, is there any news at all about harrison?

Jack: Your timing is actually very good. There is, in fact, news. And I believe with everything in my heart, it’s good news.

Harrison: Oh, dad.

Kyle: You’re safe now, buddy. I got you. You’re safe. No one’s gonna hurt you again.

Summer: Harrison, baby. Oh, my god. Oh, my god, let me look at you. Are you okay? How are you, my baby?

Kyle: Were you all alone, buddy? Where’s claire?

Harrison: I don’t know.

Kyle: Okay, I’m gonna go take a look around.

Summer: Okay, let’s go outside. We never have to see this place ever again, okay, baby? What’s wrong, sweetie?

Harrison: She told me you and daddy didn’t want me anymore. The witch. She said you gave me away to her.

Victoria: Oh, I thought I smelled something.

Cole: Ah, something good, I hope.

Victoria: It’s impressive, considering I didn’t know I had anything in the fridge or the pantry.

Cole: Well, some canned tomatoes, a little pasta, a little parm, and I give you pasta al pomodoro.

Victoria: Cole, you don’t have to take care of me.

Cole: No, what? No, no, no. Come on over here. Have a seat. I didn’t make this all just for you, all right? I made myself a plate, too.

Victoria: I know you’re suffering through this, too.

Cole: Well, maybe it’s my way of looking after myself. Just staying busy, making sure that you’re okay. Would you deny me that?

Victoria: No, I never could.

Cole: So, what do you say? You willing to give it a try?

Victor: There you are. You all right?

Nikki: Yeah, you– you texted that there was word on jordan. What’s happened? Why weren’t you home when I got here?

Victor: I was in town, in an alley.

Nikki: What were you doing there?

Victor: I was following you.

If you’re taking

an antidepressant,

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Summer: Harrison, that is not true. Your dad and I love you so much. You are our entire world. You’re the best thing that ever happened to us, okay? Don’t ever doubt that. Don’t ever let anybody tell you anything different. That woman that took you, she was lying to you. We have been searching for you since the moment she took you. Okay? You are everything to us, harrison. Everything.

Harrison: Why did she say it?

Summer: Because there are evil people in this world and that woman is an evil person. And she wanted to hurt us. And to do that, she tried to hurt you. But you’re safe now, okay? She can never come near you ever again. You understand?

Kyle: Hey, no sign of claire.

Summer: Are we surprised?

Kyle: We don’t know anything for sure.

Summer: Okay, somebody else can deal with jordan and claire. I just want to get harrison home.

Kyle: Well, the cops will be here any second, so if jordan comes back anytime soon, it’s over.

Summer: Then I hope the police lock her and claire up and never let them out. Come here, harrison. Let’s go.

Victoria: This is delicious. Really.

Cole: Well, thank you for not sounding surprised.

Victoria: I was, actually. I was surprised at breakfast. But now I’m just grateful. So, when did you learn how to cook so well?

Cole: Well, it’s been a while since you and I have been in each other’s orbits, so I guess maybe I’ve learned a few things since then. And I imagine that you have, too.

Victoria: Hm. Yeah, I suppose. But mostly just hard life lessons that I could’ve done without.

Cole: But look at you. You’ve come out on the other side. Smarter, stronger, even more resilient.

Victoria: I’m not feeling particularly strong today.

Cole: Well, hopefully knowing you’re not alone helps.

Victoria: This pasta certainly doesn’t hurt.

Cole: Yeah. And you know, there’s, uh, there’s one other thing that I’ve learned. Never try to predict where life is gonna take you. I never in a million years would have ever thought that I’d end up back here in genoa city. And with a grown daughter, no less.

Victoria: It’s impossible to predict, right? And she’s just such an amazing wonderful gift. Isn’t she?

Cole: She has to be. We would’ve never found her after all these years just to lose her again.

Nikki: You followed me?

Victor: You bet. I had one of my men follow you.

Nikki: Well, that was not necessary.

Victor: Apparently, it was.

Nikki: So, you spied on me?

Victor: You bet I did. What do you think I would do? Once I heard that you were gonna meet that jordan woman in an alley? Are you kidding?

Nikki: You went behind my back?

Victor: Yes.

Nikki: And you interfered with my plan. Don’t you understand, victor? I’m the one she hates. I’m the one that has to end this.

Victor: Why the hell did you not tell me about your plan?

Nikki: Because I knew you would do everything you could think of to try to talk me out of it.

Victor: You bet. Because you put yourself in danger.

Nikki: Well, it was worth it because this is my fault.

Victor: What do you mean, this is your fault? What nonsense is that? There’s only one woman to blame. It’s that jordan broad. You are as much a victim of hers as anyone is.

Nikki: Yeah, but at least I can fight for myself.

Victor: Oh, come on.

Nikki: I mean, what hope does harrison have against that beast? And I am to blame for what happened to him. So, I wanted to go to jordan and confront her and save claire and harrison. But it doesn’t really matter what I wanted, does it? Because she didn’t show up.

Victor: She did.

Jack: Kyle called. He has a lead on jordan.

Diane: Well, that’s great. What did he say?

Jack: After he greased a few palms at the diner that jordan went to, they allowed him to look at the security footage. Picture of jordan and the car she was driving. He’s combing the neighborhood right now.

Diane: And what? If he finds the car, then he’ll find where jordan might be keeping harrison and claire?

Jack: Yeah, that’s the hope.

Diane: No, no, no. Jordan is dangerous. If kyle confronts her, god knows what could happen.

Jack: I told him not to act alone. He’s already called victor and his security team, as well as ours. He assured me if he finds the location, he will not act without backup.

Diane: To save his son? There is no way that kyle will wait patiently in his car for help to arrive.

Jack: Sweetheart, we just have to pray he makes the right choice.

Diane: We need to go.

Jack: Go?

Diane: Yes. You have the information. We can help find the car and we can maybe help find where harrison is.

Jack: No, no, no. I am not putting you in danger. I’ll go.

Diane: Jack, I can’t just sit here while our grandson is out there somewhere, terrified and– and confused.

Jack: You’re right. The more eyes that are looking, the better. Come on.

Diane: Okay. Harrison!

Jack: Oh! He’s here.

Diane: Oh. A lot of new dry eye patients

Diane: Oh, I am so glad you’re home. I might never let him go.

Jack: It is so good to see you. Were you hurt?

Summer: We looked him over head to toe. He seems perfect.

Harrison: The witch was mean and told me lies, but she didn’t hurt me.

Jack: Well, we are so happy to have you home.

Harrison: Mommy said you were all looking for me.

Jack: Yeah, we were.

Harrison: I’m glad to be home.

Diane: Aw. We’re glad you’re here. So, um, are you hungry? Do you want something to eat? Whatever it is, we’ll get it for you.

Jack: It’s never too late for hot chocolate. Was it cold where you were?

Summer: I think maybe some quiet time would be good. Do you want to go up to your room, see your toys?

Kyle: Yeah, it’s been a long, rough day. But you’re safe now, bud. We’re never, ever going to let anyone take you again, okay?

Summer: Okay. You ready?

Diane: Hey, we will see you in the morning, okay?

Summer: I just might glue him to me for the rest of the night.

Diane: Night.

Jack: Good night. Love you, buddy.

Summer: Let’s go upstairs.

Diane: Oh. He’s home.

Jack: He’s home.

Diane: Thank god. And you. You made it happen.

Jack: So, you found the car.

Kyle: Yeah, sooner than expected.

Diane: You didn’t confront jordan alone, did you?

Kyle: If I had, I would be in jail myself now.

Diane: Well, then I’m glad it didn’t come to that and that you and harrison are home safe and sound.

Jack: I think you and I specifically talked about you not taking her on by yourself.

Kyle: And I didn’T.

Jack: Well, I didn’t get any notice that you asked for backup.

Kyle: Because I didn’t need it. When I got there, I waited until she drove off and then I made my move.

Diane: That’s risky, kyle. She could’ve laid a trap or had an accomplice inside, claire or, for all we know.

Kyle: Mom, none of that happened.

Diane: Yeah, but it could have.

Kyle: I had to risk it. I knocked on the door and called out. Harrison responded, so I broke down the door.

Diane: And there was no sign of claire?

Kyle: Nothing. When I asked harrison where she was, all he said was that he didn’t know.

Diane: Well, that’s not good.

Jack: Well, I’m just glad you got him out of there before jordan came back.

Kyle: Summer was just a few minutes behind me, but I kind of wished jordan made an appearance so I could tear into her, but she never returned.

Jack: I’m glad she didn’T. What about the police?

Kyle: They got there when we were set to go. They questioned us and then let us leave. Said there’d be more to come.

Jack: Yeah, questions probably only jordan can answer.

Kyle: I wish I could’ve seen that psycho before she was hauled off. Before she got locked in a cell where she belongs.

Phyllis: I– I have to call summer. I can’t just take it.

Nick: Phyllis, don’t do that.

Phyllis: Just sitting here.

Nick: Phyllis, don’T.

Phyllis: No, I’m good.

Nick: Put the phone down. Hey, the last thing our daughter needs is her mother in her ear. Just give her the time she needs to handle this on her own. She will call us when there’s news.

Phyllis: So we’re supposed to just sit here and do nothing?

Nick: Everything that can be done to bring harrison home is being done. You heard summer. My dad is on this, jack abbott, both of their security teams, the police. Movement will be happening soon.

Phyllis: Oh, you don’t know that.

Nick: I know that when my father and jack abbott team up, they will never rest until they bring that little boy home. Can you just imagine for one second what those two could’ve accomplished over the years if they’d actually worked together instead of against each other?

Phyllis: Don’t say something like that to try to disarm me. By the way, you should’ve told me about claire and jordan, those two psychopaths. You should’ve told me that she tried to kill you and tried to hurt your family and that she has a vendetta toward anybody who’s remotely connected to a newman. You should’ve shared that with me.

Nick: You know now.

Phyllis: Well, it doesn’t matter that I know now. I could’ve done something to protect harrison and our daughter.

Nick: Phyllis, it’s not gonna do you any good to spin your wheels, okay? The people best equipped to go after jordan are doing exactly that. Just trust the process, all right?

Phyllis: And don’t– don’t do that, too, all right? Because you know it drives me crazy when you do that calm thing.

Nick: Yeah, I know.

Phyllis: And you know it drives me more crazy because it’s right. I just feel so helpless. I just want to do something to support summer, that’s all.

Nick: Summer knows that we love her, all right? Otherwise, she never would’ve confided in us about harrison. We will be her first phone call when she needs us. And we’ll be ready.

Nikki: Jordan actually showed up? You saw her in the alley? Victor, what happened?

Victor: Well, thanks to some security footage and kyle’s tenacity, he found the motel where jordan was staying.

Nikki: He did?

Victor: Well, apparently he saw jordan leave the motel. And he went in to search for claire and harrison. And I hope that we have some good news soon.

Nikki: But what about jordan? Is she back in custody?

Victor: No. She’s dead. Head & shoulders bare clinically proven dandruff

Nikki: Jordan is dead?

Victor: Yes, my baby, she’s dead.

Nikki: How did it happen?

Victor: Well, she saw me and my team approaching, and she had panicked and tried to escape, run away. Across the galewood river bridge, which is close by the motel there. She panicked and slipped and fell over the side of the bridge.

Nikki: So, she drowned. Jordan drowned.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Are you sure she’s dead?

Victor: Well, there’s no way she would’ve survived a hundred-foot plunge into a dark river. Are you kidding? With that current? She probably was dead upon impact.

Nikki: Well, this is jordan we’re talking about.

Victor: I know. And she’s dead.

Nikki: I hope to god she is. But I won’t be convinced until they dredge that river and I see proof with my own eyes.

Victor: And the police and my team are already on top of that search, all right? They’re searching for her as we speak. But I have a feeling that woman finally met the end that she deserves.

Phyllis: Remember when summer became an instant mom? A wedding and a toddler at the same time. Just to be a mom herself.

Nick: You couldn’t imagine what summer’s being a mom made you?

Phyllis: It made me a granny.

Nick: You said it, not me, granny.

Phyllis: I will say that it made me a super-hot granny, is what it made me. She was incredible. Our wild child becoming a mom, I wasn’t actually sure she could handle it.

Nick: Hm. Just between us, I was worried too.

Phyllis: You were?

Nick: Yeah. I mean, our daughter is extremely headstrong. You know, got into a lot of trouble. She stole cars. She married inappropriate guys. Acted out. Always, it seems, with reason. And she always believed she was in the right.

Phyllis: Hm, even when she was wrong.

Nick: But I think she really learned a lot, you know? And somehow, when we weren’t looking, she grew up.

Phyllis: She’s incredible.

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: Wild child to a mom, right? And between baths and story time and co-parenting with kyle after the divorce, I mean, she’s handling it like a pro, isn’t she?

Nick: I gotta hand it to her. As freaked out as she is about harrison being kidnapped, she really kept her head level, you know? So she could be strong for when harrison comes home.

Phyllis: Yeah. He’s gonna come home, right?

Nick: He’s coming home. A happy ending is the only way this story ends.

[ Phone rings ]

Nikki: If kyle found jordan’s hideout, he must’ve found harrison and claire there, too. Shouldn’t we have heard something by now?

Victor: Well, if there are good news, I’m sure I’ll hear about it immediately.

[ Phone rings ] It’s jack. Hello, jack, I hope you have good news.

Jack: Harrison is home.

Victor: That’s wonderful. Harrison is home.

Nikki: Oh, thank god.

Victor: What about claire?

Jack: Kyle said he didn’t see any sign of claire at the motel.

Victor: Are you sure?

Nikki: What about claire?

Jack: Victor, I’m sorry, my team is there at the motel room with the police. Jordan has not returned and we can’t get the answers we need until she does.

Victor: Uh-huh. Well, um… she won’t return, jack. She died.

Jack: What? Wait, she’s dead?

Victor: As my team and I were encroaching upon her, she got panicked and tried to escape across the galewood river bridge. Then she slipped and fell over the side.

Jack: I suppose that’s justice of sorts and a relief. Listen, if my people can do anything to help you find claire, please let me know.

Victor: I certainly shall. Thank you. Thank you, jack.

Nikki: Well, at least harrison is home. Can’t wait to give him a hug, the poor little guy.

Victor: I know. But you know he’ll be all right. We’ll see to it.

Nikki: But where could claire be? I mean, where do we look for her? Jordan took those answers with her. I’m jonathan lawson,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue…

Victoria: I’m gonna clean.

Cole: Hey, that’s not how this works.

Victoria: No, you cooked. You cooked.

Cole: No. No, I got this. It’ll only take a minute.

Victoria: I can’t sit, all of this waiting. I feel like I’m jumping out of my skin.

Cole: Okay. Well, do you want to just head up to the main house and wait there?

Victoria: No, no, this is claire’s home. She may not have had a chance to get used to this place yet, but I want to be here if she walks through the door. I… am I being irrational?

Cole: No. No, no, no. Not at all. Listen, our daughter is smart. She’s resourceful. And who knows jordan’s tricks better than claire does? I know that she’s doing everything she can to protect harrison and get them both back home safe.

Victoria: You’re right. She’s strong, and she’s– she’s kind, and she’s just– she’s warm to everyone. I just– I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t see that. It’s another reason that I don’t want to go up to the main house, because summer will be there, and summer thinks that claire had something to do with harrison being missing.

Cole: Well, listen, obviously I don’t agree with summer. But in the heat of the moment, people just jump to conclusions.

Victoria: Yeah, but she thinks that our daughter is some deranged kidnapper.

Cole: Because she’s a mother. And she’s afraid, just like you. And I know that her child and yours are both gonna come home safe.

Victoria: God, I hope you’re right about that. But this waiting it’s just– I mean, why haven’t we heard something by now, cole? We should’ve heard something.

Phyllis: He looks so sweet, harrison. Tired, but he looks healthy. He looks good, right? Right?

Nick: Yeah. Yeah, snuggled up in his bed, surrounded by his favorite toys. Summer was so sweet to send that. She must’ve known we really needed to see it.

Phyllis: You know, but is it enough to just see this? I mean, shouldn’t we go there?

Nick: Summer said he needs some time.

Phyllis: All right, but we wouldn’t bother them. I mean, we’d just kind of go in and out and just– just– that’s– that’s not true. It’s a lie. I’d want to stay all night.

Nick: Yeah, I know. Summer said she’ll call us when he’s ready.

Phyllis: All right.

[ Nick sighs ] Are you okay?

Nick: Yeah. I was just afraid that, uh, you know, it took everything in me not to go and track jordan down myself, and… yeah.

Phyllis: Hm. So, all the stay calm, all of that, and victor will handle everything, that– that was– what was that?

Nick: It was just talk. Just talking to myself.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: Ger

Phyllis: That’s nice. So– so I was the calm one for you, right? I was the voice of reason for you. I was your hero.

Nick: Sure. We can go with that. I’ll say this. Jordan better hope she ends up in prison for what she’s done. Because if not, I will hunt that woman down and make sure she never hurts my family again.

Diane: It must have been hard for the newmans to hear that claire wasn’t with harrison.

Jack: Victor had some news of his own.

Diane: Oh, does he have information about claire?

Jack: How is harrison?

Summer: He’s asleep. He was– he was exhausted. He was just happy to be in his own bed with his toys.

Diane: Is he okay?

Summer: I don’t know. I mean, he’s been through a lot, but he seems physically okay, yes.

Kyle: Yeah, we’ve already planned to get him checked out by the pediatrician tomorrow. Just in case.

Summer: I’m really worried about the emotional toll on him. I mean, can you believe that that demon told him that we didn’t want him anymore? That we just gave him away to her?

Jack: That is pure evil.

Summer: I had to reassure my own son that I love him and that we were all looking for him this whole time.

Kyle: I mean, what kind of a monster tortures a child like that?

Jack: According to victor, that can never happen again.

Summer: Did they catch her?

Jack: Jordan is dead.

Diane: What?

Kyle: How? When?

Jack: Victor’s men tracked her down, gave chase. She plunged to her death off the galewood river bridge.

Diane: Oh, my god.

Summer: Good. I’m glad she’s dead. I hope she rots in hell for what she did to harrison. But this– this isn’t over. Where’s claire? She still on the loose?

Nikki: You know, I hate to say this, but is it possible that jordan got a hold of claire and claire was an unwilling accomplice and now she’s run off to avoid arrest?

Victor: No. No. There’s no way claire would do that. I have seen the joy in her eye when she realized that she was a part of victoria’s family and our family. There’s no way she would stand against us.

Nikki: Well, then where is she? What– what did jordan do to her?

Victor: I don’t know, sweetheart, but we’ll find out.

Nikki: When will it end, victor? I mean, we’re finally free of jordan, and yet we’re still in the nightmare, which is just what she wanted. It ain’t my dad’s razor, dad.

Nikki: So, how are we going to tell victoria and cole that claire wasn’t found with harrison?

Victor: You and I will go to the tack house and we’ll tell them.

Nikki: No. No, finding claire is the priority. You do what you need to do. I’ll– I’ll tell them.

Victor: You sure?

Nikki: Yeah.

Victor: Look, my baby, once and for all, do not ever do that again without letting me know what you’re up to. You can’t meet a woman like that in a damn dark alley. But having said that, it showed guts on your part, very courageous on your part.

Nikki: Even though I didn’t tell you about the meeting with jordan?

Victor: Yes, because when I think about it, I realize that kyle would never have found harrison. Alone. Without your plan to meet jordan. She left harrison alone in that motel to meet you. So, in a sense, you are responsible for harrison being with us now.

Nikki: Well, let’s hope that claire is safe as well.

Victor: Come here. My baby, jordan will never hurt you again. And we shall find claire. I promise you.

Jack: Victor’s men have seen no information about claire, no sightings at all.

Summer: Well, she’s just as guilty as jordan. She needs to be caught and punished.

Jack: We don’t know that she was involved in this kidnapping.

Kyle: Dad’s right.

Summer: How can you believe that? They were obviously working together.

Kyle: Okay, summer, I admit, in the beginning, I needed to believe that claire was innocent, so I didn’t feel guilty about harrison being taken on my watch. But that doesn’t mean she is, in fact, guilty.

Diane: Wait, kyle, you can’t blame yourself for harrison’s abduction.

Kyle: I do. That’s why I would stop at nothing to bring our boy home.

Jack: Which we are all very grateful for.

Summer: Jordan has paid the price for what she’s done to harrison, and claire needs to be held accountable, too.

Kyle: When I asked harrison about claire, where she was, he didn’t blame her, he didn’t say anything against her.

Summer: That’s because he was terrified. He barely spoke at all. She might have threatened him to stay quiet.

Jack: Maybe we should slow all this down until we have some facts.

Summer: The facts are that claire befriended harrison and made him trust her. Claire is mentally unwell. She tried to kill my grandparents and my dad and my aunt. Claire was the one upstairs in harrison’s room alone. And then they disappeared. He right to believe that she is just as guilty as jordan.

Kyle: Look, I only saw jordan drive away from the motel. Claire wasn’t with her and claire wasn’t in the motel.

Jack: To kyle’s point, yes, all of the texts were from claire’s phone, but all of the demands, all of them, were about jordan’s safety and getting her out of the country. No mention of claire.

Summer: It proves nothing. If claire was really a victim in all of this, why wasn’t she locked up with harrison, grateful to be rescued?

Diane: Because, and this is awful to think about, maybe jordan did something to harm her.

Jack: Oh, god.

Kyle: It’s a possibility. I mean, think about it. Harrison served a purpose. He was a means to an end. Money, freedom. Claire… I mean, jordan groomed her for years, brainwashed her, demanded complete loyalty. To see her become part of the newman family, it’s a complete betrayal. She would never forgive that, and clearly, she’s capable of anything.

[ Knock on door ]

Jack: I’ll get it. Hey, come on in.

Phyllis: Hey. Oh, where’s summer? Oh, baby.

Nick: Where’s our guy?

Phyllis: Are you okay?

Summer: He’s upstairs sleeping. The second his head hit the pillow.

Harrison: Mommy! Daddy!

Cole: Hey.

Victoria: Mom. Oh, my god. Thank god you’re okay.

Cole: Nikki, are you all right? Come on in here. Come on.

Victoria: Come in. You went to meet jordan, didn’t you?

Nikki: What matters most is that harrison is home safe and sound. Jack just called your father.

Victoria: He’s home?

Cole: Oh, that’s wonderful.

Victoria: Where’s claire?

Nikki: My darling, I’m afraid we don’t know where claire is.

Victor: Are you settling in? How do you do? My moderate to severe plaque psoriasis held me back…

Diane: How is harrison? Is– is he all right?

Kyle: He had a nightmare. Probably won’t be his last.

Phyllis: You know, that jordan person, I could kill her.

Jack: Too late for that.

Nick: What does that mean?

Jack: You haven’t spoken to your father?

Nick: Not lately.

Jack: His men found her, went after her. There was an accident on the galewood river bridge. She is dead.

Nick: Wow. Well, after all the misery she has caused my family, that is good news. But I’m gonna need to see a body first to believe it.

Phyllis: And that claire person? I definitely have words for her.

Jack: We have no information on her whereabouts.

Diane: Yes, all that matters to me right now is that harrison is home safe.

Phyllis: Well, I agree with that, of course. We agree. You know, um, kyle, you were a hero today.

Kyle: Thank you.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. Hey.

Summer: Who’s here. See.

Nick: There he is. Up top, man.

Phyllis: Hey, you come here. Oh, my goodness. It’s so great to see you. You were very, very brave. I’m very proud of you.

Kyle: What was your dream about, buddy?

Harrison: About the witch lady. She was mean.

Kyle: Jordan will never be able to hurt you again.

Summer: And neither will claire.

Harrison: Claire didn’t hurt me.

Kyle: She didn’t?

Harrison: The witch hurt her.

Summer: What do you mean, sweetie?

Harrison: Claire’s in trouble, mommy. We have to save her.

Victoria: No one knows where claire is? Come on, this can’t be happening.

Nikki: Darling, don’t worry. We will find her. Your father’s security team is doing everything they can.

Victoria: But what if jordan has hurt her? Or she’s trapped somewhere? Huh? I mean, you don’t think that…

Nikki: Victoria, don’T.

Victoria: How can I not, mom? How can I not? She was furious at claire. She had so much hatred for her, for betraying us, and for becoming a part of our family.

Cole: Okay, all right, nikki is right, all right? Until we have more information, we’re gonna expect claire to come home to us.

Victoria: But if jordan is dead, then how are we gonna find claire? How are we gonna know what happened to her? It’s an unknown caller. Hello? I’m sorry, I, uh, it’s a bad connection. I can’t understand you. I’m sorry? Hello?

Claire: Mom.

Jordan: You bastard.

Victor: I’ve been called much worse.

Jordan: Help! Help! Get me out of here! Help!

Victor: You can yell all you want. No one can hear you. I have seen to that many years ago.

Jordan: You can’t do this to me.

Victor: I can. I have. There’s no way out for you. No poison to take. No fire to set. No way out. Except through me. Now, you tell me where I find my granddaughter.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Daniel: Hello. How do you do? My name’s daniel romalotti, I’m your brother.

Summer: Uh, I– I know.

Daniel: Wow, you do? Oh, good, ’cause you could’ve fooled me, since you know, you haven’t been returning any of my calls or any of my texts.

Summer: I’m sorry.

Daniel: You know, when i don’t return your calls or texts within like the first five minutes, I’m made out to be this awful person who is neglecting his sister. But me, when I’m in the middle of a lawsuit that could literally make or break my career, I get nothing from you, just radio silence. Until today, when you’re like, oh hey, come meet me at crimson lights. Here I am.

Summer: Daniel, stop. It’s harrison. It’s– it’s really bad.

Daniel: Ah, hey.

Nikki: Come on, jordan. I’m right where you want me. Where are you?

Jordan: What’s the matter, honey? Don’t you like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Your new buddy, claire, practically grew up on them. You know, when I think about the life that you led, growing up in a mansion, surrounded by servants and a family of snobs, and you being able to get whatever your heart desires on demand. When I think about what you’ve been through, I could practically weep. So, I am fresh out of caviar, so this is kind of it. You are trying my patience, darling. And so, I think it’s maybe time that you learn one of life’s most important lessons. Revenge never comes cheap.

Traci: Hi.

Jack: Hi.

Traci: Any word about harrison?

Jack: Victor, kyle, and i are working together, exploring every possible lead.

Traci: But nothing new so far?

Jack: No, we are making some progress, but I wish it didn’t happen so slowly. I can’t keep myself from imagining what that poor little boy is dealing with.

Traci: I know, and it breaks my heart. But thinking the worst is not doing us or harrison any good. And– and he’s got these three powerful, smart men who adore him, leading the search. Jordan may be clever, but she is not gonna win. Not this time.

Jack: So tell me about ashley. How’d that first therapy session go?

Traci: It didn’T. The appointment never happened, jack.

Ashley: Well, how do you do? You can make a girl happy with a shot of tequila. And don’t you forget that teeny-weeny slice of lime and that itsy-bitsy bit of salt. Hm.

If you’re living

with moderate

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… eggs make all our family moments better.

Jack: I don’t understand. I thought you and ashley were headed to the doctor’s office for her first therapy treatment.

Traci: Well, we were. That was the plan. She asked me if I would go along with her. I was more than happy to do so. But we only got as far as the waiting room.

Jack: Wait, you made it to the office? And what happened?

Traci: I wish I could explain it. Okay, so ashley was very anxious on the way there. She was nervous and jittery. So, I tried to soothe her. I told her we loved her and that we were behind her in this. And, see, I haven’t mentioned a single thing about harrison because I just wanted her to focus on getting to the bottom of her blackouts and her behavior. She expressed concern about the therapy, sitting down with a stranger, and– well, then we arrived, and all of a sudden, this whole sense of calm came over her. She took my hand and she said, “taking control of my well-being feels right.” And there was so much focus and determination in her tone.

Jack: Did she explain the shifts?

Traci: I didn’t have a chance to ask her. We had gotten as far as the waiting room, and she said she needed to use the ladies’ room.

Jack: By herself, I’m guessing.

Traci: Well, I got up to go with her and she snapped at me. She said I was hovering, so i backed off and let her go by herself. And she never came back.

Jack: And that’s the last you heard from her?

Traci: Not exactly. I did eventually get a text from her. It said that she had second thoughts about the session and that she had to leave and she would meet me back here. So, I raced home, and no ashley, no text, no calls, no word. All of my calls are going straight to voicemail.

Jack: A complete change of behavior once again. A total disappearance once again. Either she’s lying to us about wanting to get help, or something changed her mind.

Traci: Jack, I just can’t keep up with all these mood changes, and even the way she talks. And all the while, I’m thinking about what this could really mean.

Jack: She knows how desperate we are for her to get treatment. She doesn’t want to face us, and risk having us ask questions she doesn’t want to answer.

Traci: I don’t want to make her feel cornered. I mean, she doesn’t need that. But the longer she doesn’t get treatment–

Jack: I know. The longer it will take for her to get well again.

Ashley: Whoo. Yeah. Oh, that’s nice.

[ Cell phone pings ] Oh, lord. Whatever could you want? Whatever it is, jack abbott, it’s just gonna have to wait. I have more important things to tend to. Hit me again, handsome.

Summer: I– I– I– couldn’t talk about it. I wasn’t ready yet.

Daniel: No, it’s fine. I get it. So, you’re saying this jordan woman, she took a child? She and her niece? I– I just– I don’t even understand how people like that can exist. To be that twisted, and that evil. And– and no one can find him?

Summer: No. Everybody’s trying. Everybody. The authorities, kyle, chance, both families’ security teams. Even jack and grandpa are working together on this.

Daniel: That’s huge. I mean, a massive team with all those people. It’ll be unstoppable.

Summer: You would think so. I don’t know if I would call it a team, though.

Daniel: What do you mean?

Summer: Nobody trusts each other. Everybody has a different idea of what the right strategy is. And of course, grandpa just wants to take the lead and not let the police be involved at all.

Daniel: No, not this time. Not when your kid’s involved.

Summer: I know. So chance is talking to his friends at the force. He’s trying to make sure that everything is done by the book so that jordan and claire can’t get off on some sort of technicality or something.

Daniel: That’s– that’s good. I wasn’t even thinking about the charges or anything like that.

Summer: But jack and grandpa are just focused on bringing harrison home as soon as possible, no matter what it takes.

Daniel: Which could be effective, given who victor is.

Summer: Kyle, all the while, can’t stop defending claire because he is the one that let her into this house. He can’t believe that– that she is in on this with her aunt.

Daniel: Okay, if she was, if she wasn’t, you can figure all that out later. The important thing right now is bringing harrison home.

Summer: They’re trying. Everybody’s doing everything that they can, and I– I love them for it, but harrison isn’t home. And every second that he’s gone…

Daniel: Hey, hey, you got this, okay? Yes, you can– you can– you can do this. You need to grit it out. You need to stay strong. And when you get harrison home, you never let him go.

Jordan: Last chance, little guy. Eat this sandwich or nothing. Eat up, or kiss it goodbye.

Harrison: Go away, you’re a witch! I want to go home. I want my mom and dad.

Jordan: I already told you. Remember? Your mom and dad don’t want you anymore. Your mom and dad don’t love you anymore.

Harrison: That’s a lie.

Jordan: No, it’s not. Why do you think they asked me to bring you here? Why do you think you’re here? Because they got sick and tired of you. So, little guy, I suggest you decide to be nice to your aunt jordan. You better get used to it because I’m all you’ve got now. Schwarzkopf

Jack: Ash, traci and I are at the house. Would you give one of us a call, please, asap? We just want to know you’re okay. We’re not hovering, we’re not judging you for missing your therapy session. We understand it’s hard. Sometimes, you get nervous. We get that. We just don’t want you to have another blackout. Come home as soon as you can, okay? We love you. We’re here waiting for you. She is clearly avoiding both of us.

Traci: We’re not the enemy. She needs protecting from herself, not us.

Jack: How do we make that happen? How do we get her the treatment she needs when we can’t trust her not to disappear in her first session? Maybe we have to force her into a program.

Traci: What? You’re suggesting committing our sister? Jack, oh, my god! Has it come to that?

[ Cell phone rings ]

Jordan: Okay, jordan. Get on your game. Get on your game.

Nikki: Jordan, it’s nikki. I’m waiting for you.

Daniel: Ah, you should be so mad at me. I was kind of a jerk about you not getting back to me.

Summer: No, don’t worry about it. I mean, yes, you were a jerk.

Daniel: Thank you. I don’t think I could’ve lived with myself if you just let me off the hook.

Summer: No, you had no way of knowing what was going on. My grandpa is deliberately keeping everything on the down-low for security sake, and I just didn’t feel like I could call you up and dump everything on you when I was freaking out, but… I don’t know, today, I just… kind of needed my brother.

Daniel: Well, I am right here, and I’m not going anywhere. What about mom? Does she know?

Summer: Yeah.

Daniel: That’s something I could maybe do. You know, I could run interference with her and make sure she doesn’t try and take charge of the situation and make matters worse.

Summer: Believe it or not, mom has actually been pretty good.

Daniel: Mom? Our mom?

Summer: I mean, don’t get me wrong, she obviously wants to go and track them down herself, but she’s holding back. She’s being supportive, both she and my dad. I mean, I know that mom is always willing to fight on our behalf, but for her to just be there for me? It’s been a relief, and I– I needed it.

Daniel: Well, she does keep saying how she’s changed. Maybe it’s time we finally start believing her. Okay, so mom has stepped up. I suppose it’s– it’s my turn. Um, what can I do to help?

Summer: You’re gonna regret offering.

Daniel: Oh, shut up. Come on. What do you need?

Summer: I’m a mess, daniel. All I can do is just pace around or check my phone or lash out or cry. If you could just– I don’t know, um, keep me company for a while.

Daniel: What did I say? I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.

Summer: That means a lot to me.

Daniel: Any time. You know, I– I don’t– I don’t know if it would help, but have you tried saying a prayer?

Summer: You pray?

Daniel: Me, no. But, I mean, you know, you hear about the power of prayer all the time, and there’s so many people out there that swear by it, so… what can it hurt, right?

Summer: It’s worth a shot.

Nikki: Hurry the hell up, jordan! It’s not a trap. I came by myself. Didn’t bring any backup. It’s one-on-one. Just you and me. The way it should be, right? Or are you afraid? Are you scared to face me? Are you a coward, like your sister, hiding behind disguises in the shadows? Show your face, you sick bitch! Want the power of 5 serum benefits in 1?

Jack: Traci, I– I don’t want to force anything on ashley. It kills me to even think about it.

Traci: She wants to get help. At least a part of her does.

Jack: Is that enough? How many conversations are we gonna have about treatment? How many false starts?

Traci: But jack, to talk about committing our sister?

Jack: I’m not saying that’s the next step. God forbid that happens. But if we can’t get her to a doctor, what choice do we have? Watch her continue to spiral? Watch her have more blackouts?

Traci: Um, if we can just find a way to reach that part of her that wants the help.

Jack: How do we do that? Dumb luck? Perfect timing? Keep in mind, the strong part of her wants to avoid therapy altogether. We don’t even know where she is. She could be in another motel room, having no idea how she got there. Or worse still, at the airport, about to board a plane to god knows where.

Traci: I know, I know, jack, and it terrifies me. But if you could have seen her pleading with me the other night. I have never seen her so fragile. She acknowledged that she has a problem. And she wants more than anything else in the world to get to the bottom of it. And to try to get her life back under control.

Jack: We want that more than anything else too. But if forcing the issue is the answer, how can we not do that?

Traci: But forcing the issue takes away our sister’s autonomy. It will alienate ashley. It will make her defensive. We’ll never get her back. There has to be another way.

Jack: Like what? Give me any idea. I am open to any alternative.

Traci: Okay, okay, okay, um, maybe it’s not the therapy sessions themselves that are making her afraid. Maybe– maybe it’s sitting down with a stranger and having to start over from scratch. Having to share all of those difficult emotions and circumstances. The relationship with tucker, the confusion over what happened in paris, the blackouts. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of her painful memories from the past. And all of this is happening when she has got complete confusion over who she can trust right now. She’s got to be completely overwhelmed.

Jack: All that is true. What can we do for her?

Traci: I have been thinking about something for a while now. Um, what if we can get her into therapy with someone who makes her feel comfortable and makes her feel safe?

Jack: Traci, I–

Traci: Wait, wait. What about her friend in paris, the psychologist?

Jack: That could work. He already knows part of her life. If he needed to know more, she might be comfortable telling him.

Traci: Yes. Wouldn’t it be worth a try? We could try to find him and– and maybe he would be willing to come to genoa city as our guest. At least that would give her a choice, a chance to sit down with a familiar face. Before we have to resort to extreme measures.

Jack: No, this– this could work. First, we have to find ashley and get her to come back home.

Ashley: Now bless your heart. I bet you’re wondering something, but you’re just too shy to ask. Yes, I’m single. I know, it’s crazy. It’s a long story. But I bet you’re also wondering how any one woman could smell as irresistible as I do. Well, that’s because I’m wearing this particular perfume. It’s called femme magique. And I created it myself. But I’m not gonna bore you with the details of the complex chemistry that goes into making it. People assume that i named it after myself. Maybe I did. Oh, you have a patron over there that’s requiring your services, sweetie pie. You go ahead. I got a man to talk to about a song. Option number two. I am so happy to see you. You better tell me you take requests.

Jordan: Really, nikki? How seriously do you expect me to take this invitation of yours to meet when it’s such an obvious trap? I thought we’d established that I’m much smarter than that. Besides, I still have all the leverage. What could you possibly do to me if you do lure me into a trap? When I’m the only one who knows where this little brat is. You’d never risk his life. And wouldn’t it be positively glorious to have you as my hostage rather than this unbearable child? Imagine the fun I could have forcing you to get drunk and pathetic again while you moan about your precious victor, the genius who chose an alcoholic stripper over my sister. I can hear you now, crying out for him to save you when there’s not a chance in hell that I’d let that happen. Perfect. I can still rendezvous with you, nikki. And I’m on my way. You keep your mouth shut, okay? Because I’m gonna be right outside, and I’ll hear you if you try anything. And don’t even try to call for help. Nobody’s coming. And because nobody wants you. Kerendia presents the abc’s of ckd.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue…

Traci: Okay, we have a plan. You’re gonna stay here in case she shows up, and I’m gonna go looking for ashley at the places she might go.

Jack: Are you sure you don’t want to just call these places, see if she’s there?

Traci: No, even if I did, what’s to stop her from taking off before I have a chance to get there?

Jack: Yeah, good point.

Traci: No, I’m perfectly fine with this. This is good. And maybe, we’ll get lucky and kyle will show up here with news about harrison. Oh, jack, I’m so sorry. This is really pushing you to the ends of your emotional–

Jack: Don’t worry about me. Don’T. This is family. Nothing is too much. What?

Traci: You reminded me of our father just then.

Jack: That’s about the nicest compliment you could give me.

Traci: Well, I meant every word.

Jack: Do you ever say anything you don’t mean?

Traci: Come on, you’re not the only one that takes after our dad. Oh, jack.

Jack: Hm.

Traci: Okay. I’m gonna go look for ashley, and we will be in touch, okay?

Jack: Yeah. I’ll– I’ll try to find this doctor in france, whatever his name is.

Traci: No, no, no, absolutely not. No, no. You stay here, and you deal with the harrison crisis. I will deal with the ashley crisis, and that includes finding this therapist.

Jack: How are you even gonna start? You know his name?

Traci: No, I don’T. But trust me, I’m a researcher. I will find this guy, and I will reach out to him.

Jack: Believe me, I trust you.

[ Cell phone pings ]

Nikki: All right, jordan. Last call. It’s now or never.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Jack: Kyle, talk to me. What do you got?

Kyle: I lucked out at the diner where jordan met the truck driver.

Jack: What did you get?

Kyle: I slipped the owner a few bills. He let me see the security footage.

Jack: And jordan was on the footage?

Kyle: She was wearing a disguise, but it was definitely her, arriving at exactly the time the truck driver said she did.

Jack: Was there anything else that might lead us to her?

Kyle: A clear shot of the car she drove and parked in the lot.

Jack: I don’t suppose that it had a license plate?

Kyle: No, but I got the make and model. Look, if we can find that same parked car somewhere in the neighborhood, we may have just found where harrison’s being kept.

Jack: Kyle, you did great. Just great, son. We are that much closer to finding your son.

Kyle: I desperately hope you’re right. Wow.

Danny: Traci?

Traci: Danny! Danny!

Danny: Come here, you.

Traci: Oh, danny, I can’t believe it. It’s great to see you.

Danny: Wow, this is– this is amazing. I mean, talk about perfect timing.

Traci: It is, more than you know. Um, I– I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to connect.

Danny: Yeah, well, listen, that’s all on me, okay? And I really do apologize for all those cancellations. I’m sorry.

Traci: Oh, no, no. I’m just as responsible as you are for last-minute cancellations. It’s fine.

Danny: Well, hey, we’re here now, right? And today’s my last day before I head out on tour again. So, if you have a minute, I’d love to buy you a cup of tea or a drink, whatever you like, before I take off. What do you say?

Traci: Uh– uh. Oh, as much as I would love to, I– I, um…

Danny: Are you okay? You, uh, you seem a bit frazzled, um… you know, I do have a shoulder right here you can always lean on.

Traci: I wish I– I wish I could, um…

Danny: What? Tell me.

Traci: Oh, danny.

Danny: What is it?

Traci: You’re still the most amazing person and the most amazing friend. Yes, okay, yes, I would love to stay and sit with you for just a few minutes. But just a few, and you have to promise we’re only gonna talk about happy things. Happy things only and just for a minute, okay? Deal. Let’s go.

Danny: All right.

Ashley: Oh, yeah. Oh, yes, you play it. You just keep playing it. Oh, yeah! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Look at you! Well, that was just too fabulous for words. What do you have for me next?

Piano player: Well, uh, what would you like?

Ashley: Oh, well, now, that’s a question that conjures up all sorts of interesting possibilities. Maybe something fresh and frothy or deep and sultry, but I’m gonna leave it in your capable hands ’cause I know whatever you choose, I will love.

[ Piano music playing ]

Piano player: This work okay?

Ashley: Oh, yeah. You have truly been blessed with brilliant hands.

Piano player: As long as you like it, I’ll keep playing.

Ashley: I like it. I like it. Oh, it feels so good just to cut loose and enjoy myself. I’ve been in a cage. It’s really been like a prison. Three hots and a cot, I should say. But shouldn’t someone have the right to come and go as they please? Someone who means no harm to anyone at all. I mean, that’s just the whole thing. I’m the one who’s looking for the– the pleasant solution, not the messy one. Oh, I just love it here. Everyone having free will to do whatever the hell they want.

Piano player: That’s the idea.

Ashley: Don’t you see, though, that’s the shame of it all. I don’t get to do what I want. No, everybody seems to have a vote in what I do and what I say. And what’s the fun in that, I ask you? None. Looking at me with sad eyes and pity. And I am the last woman on this green planet to need anybody’s pity. You know what? What difference does it make if I can’t remember this or that occasion? It just means that maybe it’s not worth remembering. Or maybe it’s the tequila. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, does it? ‘Cause I’m having fun. And thanks to you, I’m having more fun than I’ve had in ages, so whatever you do, you sweetie pie, don’t you stop the music. Whoo! Yeah!

Kyle: I passed along the information of jordan’s car and her disguise to victor. He’s passing it along to his men. They’re going to comb the area, and so am I.

Jack: Kyle, if you find the car, if you find the house, don’t handle things on your own. You call the authorities, you get security involved, and let them handle it.

Kyle: Got it. Don’t worry about me. I’ll keep you posted.

Jordan: Nikki? Where are you? Don’t play games with me, nikki. If advanced lung cancer

Traci: So, you’re telling me that you were in the middle of a tug-of-war between phyllis and christine, and this is the first that I’m hearing about it?

Danny: Yes. And it was a mess. I see you laughing there. It wasn’t funny, okay, at the time. You’re lucky you weren’t caught in the middle of this, I’m telling you.

Traci: Oh, I wouldn’t have been caught in the middle of it, but I certainly would have straightened you guys out in, like, five minutes.

Danny: Yeah, I– I’m sure you would have. What is it you’re trying so hard not to talk about?

Traci: Oh, danny, um, my family, we are going through a rough patch. Actually, rough on a couple of fronts.

Danny: Sorry. Is it something that we can talk about?

Traci: Not right now. Maybe soon. And on that subject, by any chance, have you seen ashley today?

Danny: Uh, no, no, I haven’T. Why?

Traci: I haven’t been able to get in touch with her for a couple of hours now, and I’ve been driving all over genoa city looking for her. And that’s why I’m here, as a matter of fact.

Danny: Okay, well, let’s go find your sister together.

Traci: What?

Danny: Yeah. Come on.

Traci: Um, danny, that’s so sweet of you to offer, but no, thank you. I– I really think I need to be alone when I find her.

Danny: Are you sure?

Traci: Yes, I am, and… but thank you. This has been so great, and– and I want you to have the most amazing time on tour.

Danny: Well, I will, only if you promise to keep in touch with me and let me know how this goes.

Traci: I promise, I will.

Danny: I love you, traci abbott. I always have and always will.

Traci: Oh, danny. And I love you, my friend. Until the next time and make it soon. You promise?

Danny: Promise. Absolutely.

Traci: All right.

Danny: All right.

Traci: Thank you.

Danny: Okay.

Ashley: Oh, yeah, baby, play it. Whoo! This is exactly what I’ve been missing. Doesn’t it make every single day just that much more delicious? People need to let go. If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right. Whoo! Yeah. Yeah. Whoo!

Summer: What’s this?

Daniel: Ah, yes, I was afraid you wouldn’t recognize it. This is called food and I’m pretty sure that you probably haven’t been eating.

Summer: My stomach is in knots, daniel.

Daniel: I’m sure it is, but would you please just do me a favor and eat the muffin while we’re sitting here?

Summer: Mm… are you gonna nag me if I don’t?

Daniel: No, but I will stare at you like this.

Summer: You’re the worst.

Daniel: I am. I’ll take it.

[ Cell phone pings ]

Summer: Oh, my god. I– I gotta go.

Daniel: What’s– what’s going on?

Summer: Um, I– I will call you later.

Kyle: Harrison?

Harrison: Daddy?

Kyle: Stay away from the door, I’m gonna kick it in. Find a place to hide, okay? Hi, harrison! Oh, my god.

Jordan: Nikki? Nikki!

[ Jordan gasping ]

Victor: You can guess again.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Nikki: Now that we have established that I’m not drinking, will you please give me claire’s number so I can contact jordan?

Victoria: Mom, the idea of putting you in any danger–

Nikki: Honey, I have already agreed that you and cole can be a part of it. After I make contact with jordan, I will tell victor and let the police and our security people handle it. I will be perfectly safe.

Victoria: This is jordan we’re talking about. How do you outsmart a psychopath?

Nikki: Well, she’s desperate, and she’s cornered with very few escape routes. I’m the best chance that she has. We will lure her out of hiding–

Victoria: Using you as bait?

Nikki: But she will have no choice but to hand over claire and harrison.

Cole: If everything goes as planned.

Nikki: We can debate this for hours, but we don’t have that kind of time. Claire and harrison have already been missing for too long. Victoria, if you don’t give me claire’s number, I will go to kyle or michael if I have to, but then that would tip everybody off and ruin the plan. Honey, it’s all up to you. Will you do what needs to be done?

Jack: We have offered you money. You know what the stakes are. There are lives at risk. A little boy and a young girl, they’re family of ours, that we care about a great deal. Out with it. What do you know?

Victor: We can just dispense with you.

Dave: I want guarantees.

Kyle: No, you’re in no position to negotiate.

Dave: How do I know this is legit? You offer me money, I spill my guts, then you turn me in as an accomplice.

Jack: Are you an accomplice?

Dave: No!

Jack: Then, you have nothing to worry about.

Dave: I’m just supposed to trust you?

Victor: Look at me. You’re dealing with guys who are men of their word.

Devon: All right, that’s two votes in favor of nate joining the board of directors and two against it. Lily?

Lily: Well, nate joining the board was not on the agenda today, and suddenly I’m the deciding vote?

Devon: I apologize for just springing it on you like this, but I thought it was important, and I thought that nate has earned this spot.

Lily: I mean, this is a very important decision. I think maybe we should discuss it first.

Jill: No, the vote is in process. We need to proceed, lily.

Abby: Lily, you’ve been dealing with a lot lately. And I know how hard it is being caught between family votes. I’ve had to abstain quite a few times.

Lily: I’m not gonna abstain, abby.

Jill: Well, don’t keep us in suspense. Although, this isn’t exactly a nail-biter. The lines are pretty clearly drawn.

Nate: Uh, lily, if it helps you with your decision, I’m assuming, um, I’ll still have a job, board member or not, so you shouldn’t feel pressured.

Billy: That’s a good point, nate. Lily, go with your gut.

Nate: We’re still family either way. I’m just happy to be contributing to the company.

Lily: Well, I’m glad you feel that way because I’m gonna have to vote no.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Billy: So, that is two votes yay, three votes nay, against devon’s motion to add nate to the chancellor-winters board of directors. The nays have it. Sorry, nate.

Jill: Wow, I really wasn’t expecting this.

Nate: Lily, may I ask, what is it specifically? Do you have issues with my work?

Lily: Nate, no, your work has been great. I just don’t feel like you’ve earned your place back on the board. So I’m sorry, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t revisit it in the future.

Nate: I understand.

Jill: Listen, nate, I am with lily on this. But once you put in your time and the rest of us have gotten past prior events, I would be happy to recommend we vote again to put you on the board.

Nate: I look forward to the opportunity to continue to prove myself. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get back to it.

[ Lily sighs ]

Lily: Well, if there are no more surprises, maybe we can proceed with our actual agenda.

Devon: Do you mind if i talk with you for a second?

Lily: Devon, can we talk later? Because now we’re behind schedule. So, can we get back to why we’re actually here, which is discussing daniel romalotti’s lawsuit?

Jack: So, what’s it gonna be, dave?

Dave: I’m not going to jail. I didn’t do anything.

Kyle: My child is missing.

Jack: If we wanted to turn you in, the police would be here right now.

Dave: I already told them everything I know.

Victor: Hey, dave. This really how you want to play it?

Jack: Dave, look at me. All we care about is that we get the people we love safely home. The woman that took them is a murderer. She is capable of anything. If anything should happen to them, do you really want that on your conscience? We are offering you a chance here to do the right thing.

Kyle: Look, dave, my little boy is seven years old. He thinks a little brass bunny is good luck. He doesn’t go to sleep at night until we have read at least two books. He has told me all about his school, his friends, his favorite subject and every game he has played on the playground. Right now, he doesn’t have his school, his friends, his bed or his parents. So, how can you hear me say this and stay silent?

Victoria: Mom, I hate this.

Nikki: Did I make a mistake in telling you my plan?

Victoria: No! No, of course not. I– cole, what do you think?

Nikki: Why don’t you two talk about it? Maybe cole can convince you it’s the right thing to do. I’ll– I’ll step out and get some air.

Victoria: Mom, no. Mom. I know she feels like she has to do this, but I will never forgive myself if anything happens to her.

Cole: I– I completely understand. But listen, all we’re talking about here is one phone call. That’s it. We can always pull back, go in a different direction after nikki’s made contact.

Victoria: You think she should reach out to jordan?

Cole: I think that the authorities are following leads that have gone nowhere so far. I think nikki’s plan, it just– it just takes– it takes the guesswork out of it. It takes us directly to my aunt, offering her the only thing that might lure this maniac out of hiding.

Victoria: Herself.

Cole: Yes. But we’re not gonna let it go that far. Nikki’s plan might be our best shot at finding harrison and claire.

Victoria: Look, I know you might be right about that, but jordan is such a wild card. I mean, no telling what she might do if she’s provoked. What if she tries to hurt harrison or claire? How can we take that chance?

Cole: We have faith. And we gotta get ready to step in whenever and however we have to. If claire is anything like her mother, I know that she is doing everything she can to try to protect harrison and get back to us. You have to hold on to that. Our daughter is fighting just as hard as we are to end this. I know it. And nikki’s plan can possibly help us get closer to getting claire and harrison back home. If it can, I’m all for it.

Victoria: How do you do that?

Cole: What?

Victoria: You just make me feel, in the middle of this mess, that everything’s gonna be okay.

Nikki: Well, have you made a decision?

Victoria: I’ll send you claire’s number.

[ Nikki sighs ]

Nikki: Thank you.

Victoria: You know, you don’t have to do this, mom.

Nikki: No, no, no, no, no.

Victoria: We can find another way.

Nikki: Voicemail. Hey there, jordan, it’s me. I know that you kidnapped claire and harrison. I assume that you meant to only take harrison, but then claire got in the way? Or maybe you intended to take both of them to make claire look like the guilty party, to punish her for turning on you and to punish my family for accepting claire as one of our own. But I know what you really want, what you’ve always wanted. You want to punish me. You hate me. So, let’s do it, once and for all. So I didn’t think I needed swiffer,

Jill: Before we get to the vote on the romalotti lawsuit, this matter is very personal for you, lily, and I would like you to speak to that.

Lily: Well, I stand by my decision to terminate daniel and heather. And, you know, is there a personal element to it? Of course there is, but I think it’s what’s best for company productivity.

Jill: I wouldn’t hold it against you if you wanted payback. If that’s the case, I mean, I sure as hell would. And you’ve been hurt enough, god knows. But there are legal issues to be considered here, and your decision has got to be a professional one. It can’t be emotional.

Lily: I hope you’re not implying that I would put the company’s welfare at stake because my feelings were hurt. I mean, the attorney said that our contract is ironclad. We own all of the intellectual property related to omegasphere. End of story.

Billy: But it’s not a guaranteed win. Our legal team has already informed us that heather is trying to exploit a loophole that would blow the whole thing up.

Lily: That’s fine. Let her try. Our lawyers are confident that she’ll lose.

Billy: Okay, but we got to think about the optics here because if daniel and heather continue to push the wrongful termination angle, that’s not a good look for chancellor-winters, and that’s the last thing we need right now.

Jill: All right. Let’s look at some alternatives to going to court. How about if we offer daniel a payout equal to the value of the games he wants to take with him?

Abby: No, I don’t think that’s gonna fly. If anything, it’ll offend him, and he’ll take a stronger stance against us.

Jill: How so?

Abby: Because it isn’t about the money for daniel. This is about his connection to his daughter. Princess louisa was named after lucy. This is very, very personal for him.

Lily: Yeah, abby is right. I mean, we’ve already given him a very generous severance package. I don’t think more money is the answer.

Jill: Why not let him have the games he wants to have and walk away.

Lily: Because daniel created them, but we funded the entire project. If we give daniel back those games, we have to start over from scratch, and it would be too much time and too much money lost. It’s a bad business decision, and– and I think it’s a mistake.

Jill: Let me ask you this. Have you thought about what this lawsuit will mean? It could get very, very nasty. Your personal life will be dragged through the courts, splashed across the tabloids. Are you sure you want to open yourself up to that?

Lily: I have nothing to hide, jill. It’s daniel and heather who should be embarrassed to air their dirty laundry and then play victim when they have to deal with the consequences.

Billy: You’ve been quiet. Do you have anything you’d like to add?

Devon: No, I don’T. You guys know where I stand on this.

Jill: Any other observations? Hm? Any, uh, comments? Speak up now. All right, then I propose we put this to a vote. And I vote against going to court. And, lily, I totally understand your point of view, and I respect it. I just feel that the company will suffer less if we just let daniel take his toys and go home. Okay, we take the loss, we move on. We’ve all been through it before. We’ll all be going through it again.

Billy: I agree with my mother. I vote against following through with the lawsuit.

Lily: Well, you know where I stand. We own omegasphere. We made it the success it is. I vote that we fight to keep it.

Abby: And I vote with lily. I think we should fight.

Billy: Well, now. Look who’s the tiebreaker.

Victor: Hey, dave. Look at me. I said look at me! If you won’t make a decision, we’ll make it for you. But I promise you, you’ll be much better off if you now cooperate with us.

Dave: I had no idea what that woman was planning. Sure as hell not snatching a kid, I swear.

Kyle: Okay, when did she approach you? Where were you? Was she alone?

Dave: I was at a bar. She sat down next to me. Out of nowhere, she starts talking about my gambling debts. Something that’s between me and my bookie. How the hell did she know about it?

Victor: She’s a woman who finds out what she wants to find out.

Jack: Is that when she offered you the money?

Dave: She said she needed my truck for a few hours. That she’d give me 10 grand. Five up front, five afterwards, no questions asked.

Kyle: And you agreed? Just like that.

Dave: She swore it would never come back to me. That she’d make it look like the vehicle was stolen from the convenience store parking lot.

Jack: And you just ga– gave her your truck? No curiosity about why she would go to such lengths? What crimes she might commit with it?

Dave: She paid me to make it not my business.

Kyle: Yeah, what a guy.

Dave: I’m in debt up to my eyeballs. It was a way out.

Jack: Then she abandoned the truck. What happened then? How’d you get the rest of your money? Where was the payoff? When?

Kyle: Answer him!

Jack: We don’t have a lot of time, dave. We don’t know how much time we have or what her next move is going to be. All we know is two people we love dearly are in serious trouble and you can help us!

Nikki: You lured me to oregon. You pumped me full of alcohol and wanted me to watch you kill my family. All because you think that your equally twisted sister would have ended up with victor if it hadn’t been for me. That was never going to happen. And I am going to give you the opportunity of a lifetime. You let harrison and claire go and I will take their place. You’re not going to get a better offer. And I promise you, victor will agree to any deal. Will pay any amount of money to get his wife back. I will be in the alley of euclid and seventh in an hour. Let’s end this one way or another.

You’re the one that I want

Victoria: Are you all right?

Nikki: Yes, of course.

Cole: Standing up to jordan the way you just did took a lot of courage.

Nikki: Well, I– I don’t know about that, let’s just hope that it worked. I mean, we wouldn’t even be in this situation if it weren’t for me.

Victoria: No, this is not your fault. You have to stop blaming yourself.

Nikki: I will make it right.

Victoria: No, mom, your part in this is done. That was part of the agreement. You would contact jordan, and then let dad and his team and the police handle the rest of it.

Cole: Yeah, they– they will meet with jordan, not you.

Nikki: Yes, that’s what I meant. Now, I’ve got to get up to the main house, and tell victor what’s going on.

Victoria: Well, cole can run you up to him.

Cole: Sure, sure.

Nikki: No, no, no, no. I’d rather walk. I need the air.

Victoria: Are you sure you’re okay?

Nikki: I’m fine, sweetheart. I mean, I will be once this nightmare is over.

Victoria: Thank you so much for doing this, mom. I love you.

Nikki: I love you, darling.

Cole: Nikki, thank you for helping us bring our daughter back.

[ Victoria sighs ]

Victoria: God. She puts on such a brave front, but she’s– she’s so fragile. You know she still blames herself for letting jordan live. I’m afraid that she– she won’t be able to bear it.

Victor: Now, dave… we can always rescind the offer. And tell jordan that her paid punk ratted out on her. And you can deal with jordan. How’s that?

Dave: Wait a minute–

Jack: My friend does not have a great deal of patience. I suggest you find a way to help us soon.

Dave: She told me to meet her at an all-night diner on fourth street.

Kyle: Yeah, I know it. It’s a dive in a residential area on the east side of town.

Jack: Great, that’s another piece of the puzzle.

Kyle: Okay, what was she wearing? What’d she look like?

Dave: She was dressed in sweats, long, brown, straight hair. Nothing flashy, a ball cap.

Victor: You stay right here. Keep an eye on him. Jordan would want to meet close to where she’s hiding claire and harrison.

Jack: To ensure that they won’t be unattended for too long.

Kyle: If that maniac would leave them alone at all, she must be certain that harrison can’t cry out for help or escape. That means he’s locked up or incapacitated.

Jack: Don’t go there.

Kyle: Unless… claire’s is the one watching him.

Victor: Kyle, claire is no threat. She’d do everything in her power to keep that boy safe.

Kyle: Victor, I want to believe you, but claire’s fooled people before.

Jack: Let’s stick with what we do know. Not start spinning scenarios.

Victor: Jack is right, okay?

Devon: Does this amuse you, billy?

Billy: Oh, I’m just trying to keep up.

Jill: Let’s just stay focused, please.

Billy: Yes, let’s stay focused. So, what is it, devon? How do you vote?

Devon: I’m voting with abby and my sister to fight the lawsuit.

Lily: Good, then it’s settled. Thank you for your support and I think you’ll see this is the best decision for the company. I have a meeting to get to. Excuse me.

Jill: Devon, could you stay, please?

Billy: Hey. Just wanted to say thank you for not urging the board to give me the boot, even though you think I’m a power-hungry ass.

Lily: Well, the meeting got kind of hijacked, but definitely not off the table.

Billy: Maybe I can change your mind.

Lily: Is that why you followed me out here? You think you can change my mind about pursuing the lawsuit?

Billy: I just want to say that I appreciate the way that you voted against adding nate to the board. I think it’s the right decision. It makes me think you thought about what I said earlier about who you can trust and who you can’t trust. And I’m hoping that means you’re ready to join me in taking over chancellor-winters.

A year after

a heart attack,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Lily: Okay, let me make something clear. I don’t agree with what devon did today, but I am not going to betray my family. And all of your talk of jill ready to step down, she does not seem like someone who’s going to pass her crown.

Billy: I think I know my mother pretty well. I know myself pretty well, and I think I know you pretty well. The person they saw in that room is ready to take no prisoners. That person who knows what she wants, who she is and what she’s capable of. Don’t be afraid to go for that.

Lily: Oh, but no pressure.

Billy: The pressure is coming from devon when he surprises you with a vote like that and he expects you to fall in line, and when you didn’t, he didn’t know what to do with himself.

Lily: I didn’t vote against nate because of devon’s tactics. I voted against nate because of our history with him. That wasn’t some signal to you that I’m ready to follow your dreams of the two of us ruling chancellor-winters.

Billy: We’d shake the dust off this company.

Lily: The dust?

Billy: We can take it to the next level, turn it into a powerhouse, how do you say no to that?

Lily: Very easily, because I’m not convinced that’s the direction I want to take this company.

Billy: That’s interesting.

Lily: What?

Billy: Your choice of words. You’re not convinced. Which means you could be convinced. So, with all due respect, I’m not going to give up.

[ Lily sighs ]

Victor: You tell them to search the area around the diner. You got that? Okay.

Jack: If we could just figure out what car she was driving after she ditched the truck, we could maybe spot it there in the neighborhood. You know what? I’ll make that my business.

Dave: I told you everything I know. We good?

Jack: You served your purpose. You will be compensated.

Dave: $100,000.

Jack: That’s what we agreed to.

Dave: And you’ll leave my name out of it.

Victor: Yes, dave, we will. Okay?

[ Dave sighs ] But I suggest to you that you take the 100,000 bucks, get the hell out of town, move somewhere else, all right?

Dave: I like this city just fine.

Kyle: Yeah, well, the woman you dealt with doesn’t like loose ends. Her last useful stranger found his way in front of a car.

Dave: He’s dead?

Victor: Dead like a roadkill. You better pray that we get to her first.

Jill: Talk to me about lily. How is she really doing with this breakup? She seems strong, she seems put together, but I just have to be sure that that’s the case.

Devon: It’s absolutely the case. She was, you know– she was definitely hurt by what daniel did, but she’s fine, she’s solid.

Jill: Well, sadly, it is not the first time that she’s had to deal with a cheating jerk.

Devon: Yeah, I mean, I agree with that, but I don’t think that she’s been acting unreasonable at all. I think that she did what she did because she really thought that it would be best for the morale of the company, and if she believes that we can beat daniel in court, we should trust her. I wouldn’t have voted the way I did if I didn’t believe that.

Jill: You feel the same way, abby?

Abby: I do. I think lily has the company’s best interests at heart.

Jill: Then, I guess I have my answer, don’t I? You two, give dominic hugs from me.

Devon: We will for sure.

Jill: All right, you take care of yourselves.

Abby: Okay, jill’s gone, you can drop the act.

Devon: I know.

Abby: Lily really threw you for a curve, didn’t she?

Lily: Sorry, I’m late.

Mamie: So, how was the board meeting?

Lily: Well, you know, full of surprises.

Mamie: Good or bad?

Lily: Did you know that devon wanted to vote nate back onto the board?

Mamie: No, but that’s wonderful. Nate certainly will have the votes. More power for the winters, where it belongs.

Lily: Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but the motion didn’t pass.

Mamie: And who ruined it?

Lily: I did. I voted against nate.

Mamie: Lily, why would you do that?

Mamie: Nate has done a fine job, surely you can see that.

Lily: Yes, he has, but he has broken our trust in a big way, and I don’t think that he’s earned his seat back on the board yet.

Mamie: Lily, that sounds like an excuse, not a reason.

Lily: Sorry, why are you fighting me on this?

Mamie: Because I’m trying to understand how you could do this to your family.

Lily: Sorry, I didn’t do anything. I made a sound business decision.

Mamie: Jill is already stacking the board against us. She is coming after us. We have to get ready. We have got to have reinforcements before she makes that move.

Lily: My god, mamie, please, this has to stop. All of this– this fighting between you and jill and the division. Enough is enough.

Mamie: I know, you’re right. We’ve certainly had our share. And I’m sure your heart must be broken over this danny romalotti thing and the lawsuit. The last thing you need is a war at work.

Lily: No, it hasn’t been easy.

Mamie: I’m sure it hasn’T. Maybe it’s been the thing that’s been distracting you from what’s really most important at work.

Lily: You did not just say that.

Victoria: Oh, damn it.

Cole: Hey, hey, hey. You are officially off tea duty.

Victoria: No, no, I’ve got this, I’m good.

Cole: No, I know, I know you do. Here, come on. I got it. Come on, let me get it. All right. Have a seat.

Victoria: Do you know, when I gave claire my book on mythology, she compared me to athena. And I bragged and told her that I had actually been known to throw a thunderbolt or two in my time, and now I can’t even pour tea.

Cole: Well, lucky for you, that’s one of my superpowers. And for the record, you have plenty of thunderbolts left in you.

Victoria: Yeah, well, I have gotten through some very difficult things in my life before. And usually, I don’t stop until I get to the other side. But this time, you know, I have to be strong for my daughter. Why do I feel so vulnerable?

Cole: Here we go. Now, to answer your question… the way that I see it is that you’ve been under a lot of stress for a very long time. And you’ve always known how to deal with it. You’ve always known what your next step is. But this, a daughter that we thought we lost? She’s alive? She’s back in our lives, our hearts. All of the love, the– the hope, the need to protect her, it’s primal. And the idea of losing her all over again is overwhelming. It’s enough to pull the rug out from underneath you. I mean, it makes total sense that you’re struggling. But we’re not going to lose her. Claire’s going to come home to us, you have to believe that. And if you need help, I’m here to remind you. But I’m not going anywhere.

Victor: Good. Keep me informed. Well, apparently they’ve arrived at the diner. They’re going to search the area now.

Kyle: Okay, I’ll go to the location where the truck was abandoned, see if there are any houses or businesses with security cameras.

Jack: Well, we could send some of our men.

Kyle: No, jordan took harrison on my watch. Whether claire’s involved or not, this is on me, okay?

Victor: Needless to say, this stays between us. Is that clear?

Jack: I imagine jordan is going to reach out to kyle sometime soon. How do we string her along if she starts making demands?

Victor: I’ll handle her. But you know, I seriously doubt she has shown her full hand yet.

Jack: What makes you so sure?

Victor: Because I know that she loves theatrics. And this time, I’m going to pull down the damn curtain once and for all. Hi, I’m greg.

Victor: Don’t give me all that nonsense. Keep me updated, is that clear? Okay, we need to stay in communication with each other. Time is of the essence. And if it’s the last thing I do, we’re going to get this woman. Where have you been?

Nikki: At victoria and cole’S. Jack, I didn’t expect to see you here.

Jack: How are you holding up, nikki?

Nikki: As well as can be expected, I suppose.

Kyle: I was just on my way out.

Nikki: Kyle, I’m sure that harrison will be found very soon.

Kyle: Thanks, nikki. I’ll be in touch.

Victor: How are victoria and cole holding up?

Nikki: Scared. I wish there was something I could do for them, but really the only thing any of us can do is pray. Uh, if you gentlemen will excuse me.

Victor: Baby, where are you going?

Nikki: We’ll talk about it later.

Devon: Yeah, I thought lily would fully support nate joining the board, so I was definitely surprised when she voted against me.

Abby: Maybe it’s the timing of it all. You kind of sprung it on her.

Devon: Maybe. I think it’s something else, though.

Abby: Listen, I voted in favor of nate joining the board, but I understand lily’s reservations. There are some loyalty issues.

Devon: Yeah, but see, that’s the thing. She was the first person to try to get me to forgive nate for everything he did and welcome him back here. So, I’m having a little bit of a problem believing her loyalty issue. And I think it’s not just that.

Abby: What else is there?

Devon: I think that her and billy have something going on. Just from the looks they were giving each other, and the vibe between them. I don’t know.

Abby: That could mean anything and nothing.

Devon: It could mean nothing, or it could mean that he’s privately working her.

Abby: Working her?

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: How and why?

Devon: I don’t know. Maybe he’s trying to convince her that all the tension that we feel here at the company is coming from me and nate and not him.

Abby: Well, what would his endgame be?

Devon: To get what he wants, always, you know? I just know billy likes playing the victim card a lot, and lily usually buys into it because she’s always had a soft spot for him.

Lily: You know, I can and do run this company separately from dealing with my personal issues.

Mamie: I’ve seen that. You do a superb job, lily. There is nothing easy about helming a company as fractious as chancellor-winters has become.

Lily: Yeah, and who’s contributed to that?

Mamie: So, have you given any further thought to the idea that we divide the company internally?

Lily: You mean the idea that you pitched while I was out of town?

Mamie: Well, short of the ideal, it’s the best solution.

Lily: You know it was my idea to merge the companies, right? So, dividing them would completely go against my vision.

Mamie: There’s nothing wrong with changing your vision.

Lily: Excuse me?

Mamie: Just hear me out. As a family, we have an opportunity to create a true legacy here. Billy and jill, and even chance, they can get in the way of the future that should be ours.

Lily: Mamie, please, please, I’m not going to split this company down the middle.

Mamie: Well, then you better pay attention before it’s too late. Starting with billy. You can’t trust that one, and the sooner you realize that, the better.

Lily: You know, maybe I shouldn’t trust you.

Nikki: Come and get me, jordan. This is what we’ve both been waiting for.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, April 22, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Billy: Hey.

Lily: Hi.

Billy: You expecting anyone?

Lily: No.

Billy: Do you mind if I join you? I hate eating alone.

Lily: Uh, hold on. Not if you’re gonna talk about me firing daniel and heather.

Billy: I come in peace. I promise I won’t even mention it.

Lily: Okay, fine. But if you break that promise, you’re gonna have to leave.

Devon: So, I read your analysis on the kingston acquisition and I agree 100% that they need to bring that number way down.

Nate: Oh, yeah. Way down.

Devon: Yeah. And you can be the one to tell them. But good job.

Nate: Thanks.

Devon: You’re welcome. Hey, pretty lady.

Abby: Hello. Hi! Well, I like seeing this. You two working so well together.

Devon: Oh, yeah. This is a well-oiled machine right here, right?

Nate: Uh, yeah, the machine can use a little extra oil every now and then, but, uh, it’s coming along.

Abby: Well, as the newest board member, I take full credit for all these good vibes.

Devon: Oh, yeah. That’s 100% ’cause of you.

[ Both chuckling ]

Nate: No argument from me there. Well, I, uh, better go make that phone call.

Devon: Yes, and hey, would you mind coming back here in about a half hour?

Nate: Uh, sure thing.

Devon: Thank you.

Nate: All right.

Abby: Half an hour?

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Isn’t that when the board meeting’s supposed to start?

Devon: Well, yes, it is.

Abby: Devon?

Devon: Hm?

Abby: What are you up to?

Victoria: Mom, no. No, it is a terrible idea.

Nikki: It’s the only way to get jordan to come out of hiding.

Victoria: By using yourself as bait? And then what? Huh? I mean, we don’t know what kind of weapons jordan might have or what the fallout might be if she senses that it’s a trap. I– harrison and claire are at this woman’s mercy. No, mom, it is too risky for all of you.

Nikki: You don’t understand.

Victoria: I do understand. I do. You want to help. I– I get that. We all do. But the best thing that any of us can do is just let dad and the authorities, let them handle this.

Nikki: I am the one she wants. I am the one that caused this by allowing her to live.

Victoria: No, mom, we all made that choice. You and me and claire, we made a pact that we did not want to become who she is.

Nikki: And because of that, harrison has been kidnapped. And probably claire as well.

Victoria: Probably? Are you saying that you still have doubts about claire’s innocence?

Victor: Hi, my sweetheart. Come here. Come here. Cry all you want, okay? We’re all here for you.

Summer: I’m scared, grandpa. I’m scared.

Victor: I know you’re scared. But we have a plan. We’re gonna bring harrison home safe and sound, right?

Kyle: Thanks for coming by, man.

Chance: Yeah, of course.

Jack: Were you able to get any information from your friends on the force?

Chance: Nothing new so far, but they’re chasing every tip that comes in.

Summer: And my son is still out there with two insane people.

Victor: Sweetheart, I know.

Summer: This is awful. I mean, who does this to a child?

Victor: I know. We’re doing everything we can. I promise you, we’ll bring harrison home. You’ve got to believe that. Come here. The virus that causes shingles is sleeping…

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Billy: Thank you. So, how’s mattie? Is she back in grad school?

Lily: Uh, yes, she is. Um, she’s doing better. I mean, the struggle for her was real, right? But she’s good. She’s a very resilient, strong young woman.

Billy: Just like her mom.

Lily: Yeah, I don’t know about that these days. But, um, no, I’m just happy that she’s back in school and has her life back.

Billy: How’s charlie doing?

Lily: Um, he’s good. He got a job at a production company in L.A.

Billy: Hm.

Lily: So, he loves it. Says it’s like taking a master class in filmmaking.

Billy: That’s cool.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Billy: It’s got to feel good for you, too.

Lily: Mm-hmm. How are katie and johnny?

Billy: They’re good. Yeah, they’re good. My video chats with them from boarding school don’t last long enough. Half of the time they’re insisting they know more than their old man. And they’re right.

Lily: What, that you’re old?

[ Billy laughs ] No, but, um, I’m actually really sorry about what chelsea’s going through with connor.

Billy: Yeah, thank you. It’s been– it’s been tough on her, you know, talking about resilient. But she’s doing everything she can to stay on track. It’s all about helping connor get through this.

Lily: Are you and adam playing nice?

Billy: As nice as someone can play with adam.

Lily: Well, look, I mean, even if you have to fake it, fake it, right? At least for connor’s sake.

Billy: It’s all about the kid.

Lily: Good.

Billy: Look at us. Sitting here, talking. With all the ups and downs over the years. Like we’re friends.

[ Lily laughs ] Means a lot to me.

Lily: Hm.

Billy: You don’t agree?

Lily: Oh, no, personally, I agree. But professionally? I don’t trust you for a second.

Kyle: I can’t believe the police haven’t found anything solid yet.

Jack: Is that true? They have no leads?

Chance: Well, they actually did locate the driver of the floral delivery truck.

Victor: Have they talked to him?

Chance: Yeah, they took him in for questioning.

Kyle: What did he say?

Chance: He said that he stopped by a convenience store early last night to get a coffee and when he came back outside, the cab was gone.

Victor: Now, did they take a look at the security footage?

Chance: They did. A person dressed in all black, baseball cap on, got in the truck and drove off.

Jack: Was it a man or a woman?

Chance: It’s hard to tell. They tried to blow it up as much as they could, but you can’t really see anything.

Victor: We know who it is. It’s that jordan woman.

Jack: Well, it clearly couldn’t have been claire. She was at the party.

Kyle: Okay, did the security footage show the truck being taken? It must have shown jordan arriving, which means she had to have known that there was a delivery scheduled for the house.

Jack: But she couldn’t have known he would be there, could she?

Chance: Well, the driver is claiming that that stop is part of his routine. He makes it all the time.

Jack: Maybe she paid the driver off. Isn’t that possible?

Chance: Yeah, that is, but if that were the case, I think I would’ve heard about it. Now, this investigation is still at the very beginning. And, trust me, the gcpd has its eyes on everybody that could be involved.

[ Phone ringing ]

Victor: Excuse me for a moment. I’ve gotta take this.

Kyle: Okay, well, the one thing we know for sure is that claire wasn’t the driver. She was at the party and she was at the house.

Summer: And that’s all it means. It doesn’t mean that she wasn’t involved in the kidnapping.

Kyle: I’m just laying out the pieces.

Summer: It doesn’t mean that she wasn’t the point person on the inside who made it easy for jordan to come in and take our son and you are the person that invited in the danger. You let claire walk right through the front door and up to harrison’s bedroom and because of that, our son is gone.

Nikki: Of course I don’t want to believe that claire is helping jordan.

Victoria: But you do think it’s possible.

Nikki: I didn’t say that.

Victoria: No, you didn’t have to. But you’ve made it clear that you think that she could be a part of all this.

Nikki: Well, I think we at least have to consider it. I mean, could jordan have pulled this off on her own?

Victoria: That doesn’t mean that claire helped her. Come on, mom. Jordan has managed to slip through everyone’s fingers more than a few times on her own. So, why not this time?

Nikki: So, you’re saying it was a coincidence that claire was in the house at the exact same time that harrison was taken?

Victoria: I don’t know, okay? But until somebody gives me some concrete proof, I am gonna continue to believe that my daughter has been kidnapped and she’s in terrible danger. And it just scares me to death that nobody recognizes this, especially people in her own family. Claire’s own family. She has a target on her back, mom. God knows what could happen.

Nikki: I’m sorry. I– I know you’re terrified. I didn’t mean to make this worse for you.

Victoria: Look, if you have any more doubts about claire, would you do me a favor and keep them to yourself? Because I don’t want to hear it.

Nikki: Duly noted.

Victoria: Why’d you even come by here anyway? Just to tell me about this crazy plan of yours to lure jordan out into the open?

Nikki: I need claire’s phone number so I can send jordan a message.

[ Victoria sighs ]

Victoria: Mom. What if she doesn’t respond?

Nikki: Oh, she’ll respond.

Victoria: Look, dad is already working on something. Something that is far more logical and less dangerous than you offering yourself up.

Nikki: Your father’s plan is to give her money and safe passage out of the country.

Victoria: Great. Wonderful. What’s wrong with that?

Nikki: Because it won’t work. Jordan’s need for vengeance is too strong for money and freedom to mean anything.

Victoria: Oh, I see. So, all of the risk just comes right back on you.

Nikki: It could be the only way of saving them, victoria.

[ Victoria sighs ]

Victoria: All right. All right, I’ll give you claire’s number. On one condition.


Nikki: All right. What is your condition?

[ Phone rings ]

Victoria: Oh, I have to get that. It might be news about claire.

Nikki: Of course.

Victoria: Hello. Hi.

Nikki: Any news?

Victoria: Oh, yeah. That was just cole. He’s on his way back from talking to security.

Nikki: Good. Then you can tell me your conditions for giving me claire’s phone number.

Victoria: Look, mom, I understand your reluctance to telling dad what you’re planning to do, given what happened the last time that we confronted jordan. Because he’s gonna do everything that he can to try to stop you.

Nikki: That’s exactly why he can’t know.

Victoria: Fine. Agreed. We leave dad out of the loop. All right? But you cannot do this alone. You need me and cole to help you with whatever it is you’re planning. And possibly nicholas, too.

Nikki: Oh, no, no. No. Not happening.

Victoria: Mom, it’s a deal-breaker. Either you let us help you with this or I’m gonna do everything in my power to stop you.

Nikki: I’m fine with you and cole. But I don’t know that I trust nicholas to not tell your father.

Kyle: Summer, I know you’re scared. And I know you’re angry. And if you wanna take it out on me, that is fine. You’re right. I’m the one that let claire in. I just don’t want to believe she is a part of this.

Summer: Why? Because she batted her sad little eyes at you? She told you horrific stories about her childhood? She conned you, kyle! You were her mark!

Kyle: Okay, why would she go along with the aunt she’s already turned her back on? You’re right. We don’t know enough for certain about claire. But we know everything we need to about jordan.

Summer: Including that claire was her accomplice.

Kyle: That’s true. She was. She did horrible things before, but why was there no mention of claire in the hostage demands? Why wasn’t there talk of safe passage for claire if they are both guilty?

Summer: To make people like you believe that she’s not.

Kyle: What purpose does that serve her now? To give up a life of family and freedom? To be a criminal on the run? You know what? I’ll say it. I’m starting to believe she is a victim too. And not only because I’m the one that let her in and hate thinking that I put our son in danger. I want harrison back more than anything and I’m sure victoria wants the same thing for claire. So, if she is in jeopardy–

Summer: I do not care about claire. I care about our son.

Kyle: And you think I don’t?

Summer: No! I think you’re a fool, wasting time worrying about the wrong person.

Jack: Okay, okay. Let’s calm down here. We need to focus on finding harrison more than fighting. Listen, the guilty parties are going to be found and punished. We just have to find them and soon.

Billy: Thank you. Well, that’s harsh. It’s good to know you can still dish it out. And here I thought we were having a nice, friendly conversation.

Lily: We are.

Billy: Let me ask you a question. Who gets up and walks away now? Because technically you broke the rules by bringing work up.

Lily: I meant I didn’t want to talk about daniel and heather.

Billy: Ah, right. My bad.

Lily: Okay, the termination has happened. We’ll deal with the lawsuit and the outcome will be what it’s gonna be. I’m talking about the bigger picture.

Billy: Bigger picture? Are you talking about my suggestion that we run the company together as partners?

Lily: Yes.

Billy: That’s interesting. I thought you were gonna do everything in your power to kick that can down the road.

Lily: No. I’ve thought about it.

Billy: Then, let me guess. You’re not on board.

Lily: Billy, the truth is is that you and I don’t agree on anything, okay? I make a decision and you have a contrary opinion.

Billy: But isn’t that the beauty of teamwork? An honest exchange of ideas?

Lily: If we were partners, we’d disagree on everything. We would never get anything done.

Billy: I would say that’s a slight exaggeration.

Lily: And that’s not the only reason why I wouldn’t do this.

Billy: Okay, there’s another reason.

Lily: I am not gonna betray my family by pushing them down to give you more power.

Billy: Did I ever ask you to do that?

Lily: You didn’t have to. That’s what would happen. And to be honest, I think that’s your plan. Right? Part of the reason why you want to add abbott to the logo, why you antagonize devon, why jill is pretty much absent from everything and leaving it all in your hands. And I think that’s why you’re trying to tempt me with an offer that you think I can’t refuse. But I mean, I have to wonder how long before you push me down in your relentless drive for power. Kerendia presents the abc’s of ckd.

Billy: Do you honestly think that I would betray you like that?

Lily: I’m just being pragmatic.

Billy: I’ve been nothing but open and honest about what I want and what I want for the company. I’m not playing games, and I’m not some random person that you gotta think the worst of.

Lily: Well, that might be true, but this is where I’m at right now. Okay? I’ve been through a lot. So, I have to exercise caution in my personal and my professional life. Which outweighs hurting anyone’s feelings. Which brings me back to you.

Billy: Yeah, what about me?

Lily: Well, when we have the board meeting this afternoon, I’m going to bring up clarifying your role in the company.

Billy: I’m no longer filling in for you, so an actual title would be a good thing.

Lily: That’s not really what I’m talking about. I’m going to urge the board to limit your power and remove you from being an officer at the company.

Victoria: How can you even say that? Look, nicholas may not like what you’re doing, but that doesn’t mean that he’s gonna go running to dad about it.

Nikki: Listen, the more people we bring into this, the more complicated it will get.

Victoria: Nicholas, he can help us in so many different ways, mom.

Nikki: Victoria, please. I am begging you. Let me do this my way.

Victoria: Hey.

Cole: Hey.

Victoria: Anything new?

Cole: Nothing. And I’m trying not to flip out. Hi, nikki.

Nikki: Hey, cole.

Cole: How are you holding up?

Victoria: Well, do you wanna tell him or should I?

Nikki: I don’t care.

Victoria: Mom thinks it’s a great idea to put herself out there as a target for jordan to lure her out of hiding.

Cole: What? Nikki, that’s not happening.

Victoria: Exactly. That was my reaction, too, but she won’t be swayed. So, I insisted that you and me and nicholas, possibly, need to be a part of whatever it is she’s planning.

Nikki: No, nicholas. End of story. Now, we don’t have time to waste arguing about this.

Cole: Nikki, this is too dangerous. With nick or without.

Nikki: I am aware of the risks, but this could be the only way we get claire and harrison home safely.

Cole: Are– are– are you backing up your mother on this?

Victoria: There is a terrible logic behind it. Jordan’s hatred is mostly directed at my mother. She’s jordan’s weak spot.

Cole: Does victor know all about this?

Nikki: No, and he’s not going to know, because nobody’s gonna tell him, including you.

Cole: Nikki, you have a plan, victor and jack have a plan, and no one is telling the police what they’re up to.

Nikki: I don’t care what anybody else’s plan is. This is what I’m doing.

Cole: Listen, I get it, all right, I know exactly how you feel. I would lay my life on the line to bring claire home, but why not involve the police? Victor, jack, I mean, these– these are the ones with the tools and the experience. This is impulsive and it’s short-sighted and it might trigger jordan into doing something terrible.

Victor: I agree with jack. And I agree with kyle’s suspicion. I do think that claire’s being held hostage by that terrible woman.

Jack: Whoa, I’m not prepared to jump to any conclusions here. I think we have to consider every possibility. What makes you so certain that claire is innocent?

Victor: Because I’ve been around claire for a while, and whenever the name of her aunt has been brought up, her hatred of the woman is absolutely palpable.

Summer: Or that’s just a part of her con. We know how convincing she can be.

Victor: Sweetheart, you’ve got to let go of that anger, okay? Jack is right. Right now, we have to do everything in our power to find those two.

Chance: So, what exactly is the plan here?

Victor: What exactly is the plan? We interrogate the driver, see what he knows.

Chance: Well, hold on. I just– I just said the police already did a preliminary interview.

Victor: They didn’t find diddly, did they?

Chance: Well, maybe there was nothing to tell.

Victor: That remains to be seen.

Chance: Victor, any evidence that you find going rogue, you know you can’t use that in a court case, right?

Victor: Chance, I don’t give a damn about a court case.

Chance: Okay, so what’s your plan here? You’re just gonna wing it?

Victor: We’ll do what we have to.

Chance: Victor, families operate on emotion. That’s when mistakes are made. It usually ends up badly, sometimes even tragically. I would let the police do their job.

Victor: When I ask you for advice, you will know. Right now, I’ll do everything in my power to find my granddaughter and my great-grandson. And you stay the hell out of it.

Marshalls buyers have a very

particular set of skills.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Billy: Cutting me off at the knees at chancellor-winters, that’s a bold move.

Lily: It’s just defining your purview.

Billy: It’s tying my hands.

Lily: Look, it’s a conversation we should’ve had when jill first brought you on, okay?

Billy: No, true, but that’s why she brought me on so you didn’t have to think about work, so you could focus on taking care of your daughter. I never tried to replace you. I would never try to crowd you out.

Lily: Yes, I believe you, but not everyone sees it that way, and it’s distraction. So, if we define your role at the company, then we can actually focus on making the company better. Because the stronger the company is, the stronger I am.

Billy: Self-preservation brings out your eyes. We’re good together. You know it.

Lily: Are we good enough for me to give you half my power? I don’t know about that.

Billy: I’m not saying I’m perfect. I shoot from the hip maybe a little bit too much, but that’s something I can work on. But we’re good together. That’s why jill brought us together in the first place. You don’t think she has the same thing in mind this time?

Lily: Did jill actually say the words, “I think you and lily should run chancellor-winters together?”

Billy: With the environment at chancellor-winters? She’s smarter than that.

Lily: Okay, then we’ll bring it up at the board meeting.

Billy: Okay, you want to do this with everyone, not just me and you hashing it out one-on-one.

Lily: Yeah, everything out in the open is the best option.

Billy: So you have your back covered. Lily, I would never betray you.

Lily: Oh, my god. Yeah, famous last words.

Billy: Okay, so clearly, I’m the enemy here, which I’m not, but let’s just say I am. You think your family’s gonna protect you? Mamie’s only out for herself and taking down jill. Devon, I’m not the only one he has a problem working with, okay, ’cause he only thinks about himself, and what he wants to do. He doesn’t give anyone else room and that’s gonna be you next time. When your power gets too much, he’s gonna freak out.

Lily: That wouldn’t happen, but if it did, we’d figure it out.

Billy: I’m the smart bet. I’m the one you should trust. I don’t know why the hell you don’t see that.

Nikki: Victor will not be a part of this call. It’s not up for debate.

Cole: Victor wants to get jordan as badly as you do, so why not let him help?

Nikki: Because then he will want to put me on the sidelines and think I am in too fragile of a state to face jordan again.

Cole: Is he wrong about that?

Nikki: What are you saying?

Cole: You’ve been through a lot, nikki.

Nikki: Yeah, I have, and I am in the best position to know what I can and cannot handle. Thank you.

Victoria: She also believes this is all her fault.

Cole: That’s just not true, all right? You’re not responsible for jordan’s actions.

Victoria: That’s what I said, too.

Nikki: And your continuing to say it does not reduce my guilt or my determination to fix this once and for all. Now, once I make contact with jordan, I will tell your father. And then, he can involve as many security and police officers as he wants.

Cole: All right, listen, listen, by then, it might be too late.

Nikki: You know what? This is what we’re doing! Get it? Now, if my risking my life is the only way to save harrison and claire, I’m willing to take that risk. All right. I’ve met your conditions. So, give me claire’s phone number right now!

Chance: Have you considered that you could be jeopardizing their safety by not working with the police?

Victor: I consider everything.

Summer: Grandpa, chance knows about these things. He has experience.

Victor: The fact that your friend worked for the gcpd doesn’t mean a damn thing to me. Now, you either jump on board, get with it, or you can leave the premises.

Chance: That’s how it’s gonna be, yeah?

Jack: I’m with victor on this one.

Kyle: So am I.

Victor: You find the truck driver, bring him to the ranch. You tell him if he cooperates, he’ll be compensated.

[ Summer sighs ]

Lily: Hello, abby.

Abby: Hi.

Lily: Nice to see you.

Abby: Well, it’s wonderful to be here. I’m happy to contribute however I can. I know how much chancellor-winters means to everyone involved.

Lily: Thank you, I know you do. Um, are we all set for the meeting?

Devon: Yes, jill let us know last minute she’s gonna be joining, uh, via video chat, and then I also asked nate if he would stop by.

Nate: Hey.

Devon: Hey. Thank you for coming.

Nate: Uh, if this is about daniel’s lawsuit, that’s not exactly my turf.

Jill: You are correct. It is a board issue.

Billy: Glad you could join us, mom.

Jill: What’s going on there? Why is nate with you?

Devon: I asked him to come, uh, because before we start the discussion about the daniel situation, I wanted to motion for nate to be reappointed to the board. I would’ve called yesterday.

Lily: Devon, I wish you had talked to me about this first.

Devon: Well, that’s why i brought it up, so we can all discuss it before we take a vote, and I’m sure you’re willing to answer any questions we might have.

Nate: Of course. I’d be happy to.

Lily: So, sorry, did abby know about this?

Abby: Devon and I talked about it earlier.

Lily: Nate?

Nate: Uh, first, I’m hearing about it, but I am humbled and grateful you have such faith in me. I give you my word, I will do my best by the company if elected.

Billy: So, you two were the only ones who knew about this, hm. That’s interesting.

Jill: All right, devon, tell me, how long has that bombshell been percolating in that little brain of yours?

Devon: Well, this actually goes back to what neil wanted, jill, because he put it in his will that nate must be given a seat on the board of hamilton-winters, and I believe that he’s earned that spot.

Billy: But it would have been nice to get a heads up. Seems a little bit shady that you would spring this on us all, especially lily, but then again, that’s probably your idea all along. But hey, we’re here now. So, let’s have a vote.

[ Chance sighs ]

Summer: Chance, wait. Uh, look, I’m sorry about my grandpa.

Chance: No, no, that is exactly what I expected, and you know what I should’ve done? I should’ve reminded your grandpa of all the times he’s gone off without the police and it’s blown up in his face.

Summer: Look, you’ve got to admit, he’s been able to achieve some things that the police haven’t been able to.

Chance: Yeah, illegal things. Dangerous things. Some are things that have put his life in danger. I tell you, this is just one reason why I left law enforcement. People like victor newman think that they can do whatever the hell they want.

Summer: You have to understand, though, that is how he became who he is. He sees a problem, he finds a solution and he doesn’t let anybody get in his way.

Chance: That sounds like you agree with him.

Summer: I’m not saying that. I’m not. Does my grandpa take it too far sometimes? Yes, maybe, but in this circumstance, right now, you have to admit, the police are the ones that keep on losing jordan, and meanwhile, my son is the one that’s out there enduring god knows what. I just want to bring him home. I really don’t care how it happens.

Nikki: Give me the damn phone, victoria! We’re wasting time!

Victoria: Are you all right?

Nikki: What? What are you talking about?

Victoria: You seem really agitated. I mean, you’re almost shaking.

Nikki: Of course I am agitated! Anybody would be agitated having to deal with jordan.

Victoria: I know that–

Nikki: My god, that woman has harrison under her control. She’s got to be stopped. We don’t have a moment to waste.

Victoria: Mom?

Nikki: Why are you making this so difficult for me? I am offering you the best way to get harrison and claire home, and you are fighting me at every turn.

Victoria: Mom, stop!

Nikki: Why are you doing that?

Victoria: Have you been drinking again?

Kyle: Hey. Have a seat.

Driver: Why am I here? I– I already told my story to the cops.

Jack: Now we’d like you to tell it to us. From the beginning. How your truck was stolen.

Driver: The guy said something about compensation?

Jack: Oh, you will be well-rewarded if you help us. Are you aware that your truck was used in the abduction of a seven-year-old boy?

Driver: All they asked me was how my truck ended up empty and abandoned on astor road. And I told them. It was stolen when I was getting snacks for my shift. Security footage backed up my claim and they let me go.

Kyle: So that’s all you know?

Driver: Yeah, that’s all. Why would I lie?

Jack: We never said you lied. We asked if that was everything.

Driver: I told you guys everything that happened.

Jack: To me, you seem like an honest guy. To that man, that is victor newman. And if he thinks you know more than you’re saying, he will turn your life into a living hell. I have seen it happen before. I would hate to see it happen to you. So, when we ask for answers…

Victor: You better answer. Uhhh.

Abby: We don’t have to vote right now. I mean, devon mentioned nate answering any questions we may have.

Billy: I actually have a question, but it’s for devon. This little dance to put nate back on the board, is it payback? Because jill agreed to put abby on the board as long as I got a seat too?

Devon: No, I think I was pretty clear when I explained this is about what neil wanted. And I also believe that nate has earned back this responsibility.

Billy: Right, so nate’s earned it, but mine’s a freebie.

Devon: Those are your words. So, if there are no other questions, we can move on to the voting, and that’s one vote for me to have nate on the board.

Abby: I second that.

Billy: Surprise, surprise.

Devon: Lily? I think with the recent dynamics in the company, this makes a lot of sense for us.

Billy: It does make a lot of sense, stacking the board to vote in line with you. It’s interesting, lily, because we were just talking about undefined purviews, and I’m sitting here wondering, what does this board really do? I mean, what’s the point of voting when you already know the outcome?

Devon: Are you done? Can we move on?

Jill: So, does this mean we get to vote now?

Devon: I would love that.

Billy: Nate, this is not personal at all. You’ve done some really great work since you’ve come back.

Nate: Thank you.

Billy: But for me, it’s a little too soon. The memories of what happened last time are too fresh.

Jill: Yeah, from when you brazenly sold us out.

Nate: I am aware.

Jill: Which is why I think this is premature. I vote no.

Billy: I agree.

Devon: All right. Two yeses, two nos.

Lily: Well… I guess it’s up to me then.

Chance: Hey, hey, hey. Look at me. Look at me. I understand you’re scared right now, but I honestly think that the best and the safest way to bring harrison home is to let the police do it. If it were dominic, that’s what I’d do.

Summer: But it’s not dominic. So, you don’t know what you would do, not really.

Chance: Yeah, I– I guess, you’re right, I’m sorry.

Summer: Look, I don’t know what the right plan is, I don’T. I just want my son to come home safely.

Chance: I know, and you know I’m gonna do whatever I have to do to make that happen, right?

Summer: Yeah.

Chance: So have faith. We might not all be pulling in the same direction, but we all want the same thing. Now, I’m gonna go check in with the lead detective, see if I can find out anything new.

Summer: Okay.

Chance: Okay. It’s gonna be okay.

Summer: Call me.

Chance: I will.

Summer: Okay.

Nikki: No, I haven’t been drinking.

Victoria: The behavior, it just seemed familiar to me, that’s all.

Nikki: Oh, is that how it’s going to be now? Whenever we have a disagreement, I get accused of being drunk?

Victoria: I’m not accusing you. I’m asking you, out of concern. I’m asking out of love.

Nikki: I’m sorry. It’s a sensitive subject.

Victoria: I know.

Nikki: But I do appreciate your caring, I really do. But I promise you… I haven’t been drinking again.

Jack: As to your question about compensation…

Victor: What is your name?

Dave: Dave.

Victor: All right, dave. I’ll offer you $100,000 for inside information.

Dave: You don’t think I was involved, do you?

Kyle: Yes, we do. We know the woman paid you to ditch your truck.

Jack: The woman you’ve been doing business with is a murderer, capable of almost anything. You are very lucky you got out alive.

Victor: So, dave, this is your chance to fix your mistake. To save a child’s life. So, why don’t you tell us everything you know?

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Y&R Transcript Friday, April 19, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Knock on door ]

Adam: Sharon, come in. And thank you for getting here so quickly.

Sharon: How could I not? You said you needed help before you made things worse. I know you, adam. I know that tone in your voice. Is this about connor?

Adam: He’s supposed to be getting help from these people. We’re supposed to trust that they know what they’re talking about.

Sharon: Slow down. Just tell me what happened.

Adam: Sharon, I have never felt so helpless in my life.

Sharon: I understand that. Was there an update or a meeting?

Adam: Oh, yes. Yes, there was definitely an update, and it’s not good.

Summer: Ready or not, here I come! Harrison! Harrison? Harrison? Where are you? Harrison? Harrison, where are you?

[ Summer panting ]

Victor: Michael baldwin will be here shortly.

Kyle: He’s the one who arranged the payoff the first time?

Victor: Yes.

Jack: This time, I insist on upping the offer, adding to this offshore account that she’s supposedly getting.

Victor: Jack, that’s very kind of you, very considerate of you, but I’ve offered her an enormous amount of money.

Jack: I’m sure you did. I would like to add to it. Damn it, this is my grandson, too. I want to do something.

Victor: If it makes you happy, then I’m sure that she’ll be very glad to receive the additional money.

Kyle: Okay, I need to go check in on summer, bring her up to speed. Apparently, traci checked in on her earlier, and she fell asleep in harrison’s bed.

Victor: Please give my granddaughter a big, big hug.

Jack: From both of us.

Victor: And assure her we will not rest until we bring her child home.

Kyle: Will do. Um, dad, victor, thank you. For both of you to set aside your differences to help my son.

Jack: Anything for harrison.

Victor: Anything. For people who feel limited

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… -you got this buddy.

-During an asthma attack,

Adam: Chelsea and i had a video call with connor’s psychiatrist today. She’s the main doctor in charge of connor’s growing team of specialists, and they filled us in on their latest cookie-cutter diagnosis.

Sharon: Well, it can be overwhelming to dive into the deep end of something like this. It’s a lot of information at once.

Adam: Oh, no, I can handle information. Okay, I can do a deep dive with the best of them, but this, it was just jargon. Just a bunch of jargon that was supposed to impress me, sharon.

Sharon: Well, I doubt that’s the case.

Adam: They were throwing around these terms and labels, and we’re talking about an actual child here, not just a collection of some disorders.

Sharon: That’s very true. And I’m sure that connor’s team sees him as the wonderful young man that he is.

Adam: I’m sure that they do.

Sharon: You know, it might help if you trust yourself a little bit more.

Adam: Sharon, I’m not the one that I’m worried about here, okay? According to connor’s cabal of doctors, there’s a whole new aspect to his illness.

Sharon: And what is that?

Adam: Trauma. And guess who’s responsible for it? Yep, you’re looking at him. According to these brilliant specialists, it’s most likely thanks to me that my son’s life has just been one traumatic event after another.

[ Summer sniffling ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Chance: Hey, sorry, I’ve been in and out of meetings the whole day. What’s going on? You okay?

Summer: I need your help.

Nikki: I just came by to see how you’re holding up.

Victoria: I’m– I’m– I’m fine.

Nikki: Oh, darling. Where’s cole?

Victoria: He’s gone to check in with the security team to see if there’s been any updates. I mean, of course, we both know if there were anything, we would have heard already, but, I don’t know, he’s got to stay busy. We both do.

Nikki: I– I wish he hadn’t left you alone. I mean, you could have walked down there with him. Get some air. Why don’t you and i go for a walk?

Victoria: Mom, I appreciate the offer. I really do, but I don’t want to leave, just in case. I’ve actually been rearranging the cupboards in the kitchen, thinking that maybe we would get a few new things, you know? Maybe some of the china that– that we lost in the fire.

[ Victoria sighing ] And, um, I’ve just been debating. I’ve also been going over the last few conversations that I had with claire, over and over again in my head.

Nikki: Yeah, I’ve been doing the same thing, but I haven’t come up with anything that might be helpful, have you?

Victoria: Several things, actually. She just kept talking about how happy she was that we were moving back in here, and she was so excited to meet her brother and sister, and how it was a dream to her that she was finally gonna find out what it was like to have a normal, happy family life. Mom, my heart won’t let me believe that claire would turn her back on that dream. Not for jordan. Not for anyone.

Jack: How’s nikki holding up?

Victor: Well, she went down to check on– on victoria.

Jack: I’m glad they have that relationship. That bond is priceless right now.

Victor: Yeah. You know, parenthetically, I’m very glad that the sponsoring business between you and nikki is moving rather smoothly. I thank you for that. Of course, it was interrupted by that fellow walking to her table and offering her a drink. I’m sure he was prompted by jordan to do so.

Jack: We still don’t know that jordan did that.

Victor: Jack, it was jordan. I promise you.

Jack: And she knew where we were and then orchestrated that disgusting trick.

Victor: You and I know that nikki could have fallen off the wagon.

Jack: Victor, nikki knows this one by heart. No matter what happens, it’s always one day at a time. And I know you and I aren’t too happy admitting it, but you and I have always had one thing in common.

Victor: What’s that?

Jack: Our love for our family. Our loyalty, our devotion to keeping them safe, whether it’s our wife, our children, or our grandchildren.

Victor: And you and I know we now have to get our grandson back. No matter what.

Jack: No matter what.

Michael: Jack, victor, I’m so sorry to be a– a few minutes later than I expected.

Victor: It’s all right, michael. The offer that I made to jordan, does all that still stand?

Michael: It’s all in place. The, uh, offshore account, the new identity complete with a new passport, and social security number, the deed to the house in france. But we never meant for jordan to walk free, obviously, but the documentation had to be legit for her to fall for it the last time.

Jack: That’s smart. It’s brilliant. Thank you for everything you have done. Hopefully, it works this time.

Michael: Unfortunately, this time, there’s a difference.

Jack: How so?

Michael: We don’t have a trap ready to spring on her.

Victor: We’ll set one.


Sharon: Adam, just slow down, and tell me exactly what the doctor said, because I don’t believe for a moment that they’re laying the blame on you.

Adam: Why? Why? Because highly skilled professionals aren’t capable of saying and doing anything wrong? I mean, they sure as hell made me feel like they were laying the blame on me.

Sharon: Well, did they make you feel that way, or are you making yourself feel that way?

Adam: They said that they’re still getting to the root of it, but there is evidence to suggest that connor’s ocd and his– his trauma are going on simultaneously. According to them, some traumatic event might have, I don’t know, pushed his ocd front and center. And you know as well as I do, connor has had plenty of trauma in his life through no fault of his own.

Sharon: It’s true. Connor has had a lot to deal within his short life. And I know all too well what it’s like when your own mistakes end up ricocheting onto your children. But adam, don’t take this all on yourself. That’s not gonna do you any good. It’s certainly not going to do connor any good. And you know what I’ll bet you? That he doesn’t blame you for a moment of it.

Adam: Well– well actually, you’re right, he– he doesn’T.

Sharon: See, there you go.

Adam: Sharon, according to his specialist, he’s at the point where he’s decided that all of the problems in our family are his fault.

Sharon: Oh, no.

Adam: Sharon, my– my son, my– my sweet, innocent, amazing kid. He’s at the point where he’s questioning if he ever should have been born.

Victor: I have two priorities, jack. One is to bring my great-grandson home safely and the other one is to put that bitch into a place from whence she cannot endanger either one of our families.

Jack: I’m with you 100%. Let’s just make sure this time, we lock her up securely.

Victor: What do you mean securely?

Jack: Well, I’m suggesting when we nail her this time, we learn from past mistakes at trapping her.

Victor: Do you have an example?

Jack: Victor, come on. If we hadn’t left her in her own trap, instead of putting her in a jail cell where she belonged, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to poison herself and run out of that hospital.

Victor: If it hadn’t been for the inept security at your home, she would not have been able to kidnap the boy.

Jack: Are you really suggesting I didn’t take enough precautions to protect you from this psychopath?

Victor: You’re damn right.

Michael: Gentlemen, gentlemen. I– I think we’re dealing with enough without having to add this conversation to the mix. I mean, we’re all keyed up here. And why? Because an innocent child’s life is at stake, and we’re worried sick about him. But we’re also all on the same team. Harrison’S. I think that’s something we should remember.

Summer: Kyle, where have you been?

Kyle: Victor and my dad, at the ranch.

Summer: Please tell me that you have some news.

Kyle: I do. I got the demands from jordan.

Summer: You mean the demands from claire.

Kyle: We don’t know that for sure yet.

Summer: My god, kyle, the communications are coming from her phone. She was the last person with harrison.

Kyle: Okay, let’s just not do this right now, okay? Victor filled dad and me in on how he caught jordan the last time around. We’re going to use that same blueprint again.

Summer: Okay, how did he do it?

Kyle: Victor offered her millions in an offshore bank account. And a new identity, complete with passport, birth certificate, all the necessary documents. Safe passage out of the U.S. And a deed to a house in france with her new name. She will be free to live out the rest of her days.

Summer: Oh, my god. No wonder she was tempted. What do jordan and claire want now?

Kyle: Well, she wants him, wants us, to make good on that promise this time. No tricks, no traps. And once she’s safely tucked away in europe, she’ll reveal the location of harrison.

Summer: No. No, absolutely not. We are not doing that. Once she’s safely tucked away in europe? How long is that going to take? Days? Weeks? While our son is god knows where wondering if we’re ever gonna save him? If they even bother to tell us the truth at all once they’re gone.

Kyle: Summer, summer, summer, we will figure it out as we go along, okay? You have to admit, this is a start.

Summer: Give me the phone number.

Kyle: What?

Summer: Give me claire’s phone number.

Kyle: Why? What do you want her phone number for?

Summer: I’m gonna offer myself in exchange for harrison. He will come home. I will be their hostage until all the demands are met.


Adam: I have no idea how to process this, sharon. Connor should be excited about his new video game. You know, playing soccer. Or going to the movies with his friends. He’s a smart, kind, caring kid.

Sharon: Yes, he is. He always has been.

Adam: Yeah, in spite of him never really ever getting a break. You know, it’s not fair. His life has just been way too unpredictable. It’s been way harder than he’s deserved. To the point where he’s questioning why he was even born. It’s too much, sharon. It’s like when I think about this stuff, I can’t breathe. There’s like this– this weight on my chest and it just– it gets heavier and it gets heavier and…

Sharon: Okay, listen to me, adam. That is not connor questioning that, okay? It’s his ocd. It is a demon hiding somewhere in his mind. It’s filling it with ideas like that. Ideas that connor would never have on his own. You have to believe that.

Adam: I do believe that. Because I know exactly what that feels like. I mean, this whole ordeal. This is the demon in my mind, sharon.

Kyle: Summer. I’m not surprised you’d risk your life for our son. But I can’t let you do–

Summer: No, kyle. There’s no buts about this. I’m doing it. I don’t care what happens to me. I just want to bring our son home.

Kyle: Summer, I know. I do. But it’s not going to work.

Summer: How do you know that? Claire hates me. She might jump at the opportunity to trade me for harrison.

Kyle: I will tell you why it’s not going to work. Because I already tried.

Summer: What are you talking about?

Kyle: I sent a text asking to trade places with harrison. It was immediately rejected.

Summer: Why?

Kyle: I don’t know. All I got was a simple “not a chance” as a response.

Summer: You– you don’t think that…

Kyle: What?

Summer: Why– why would they care if it was harrison that they were holding on to? Unless they… they already–

Kyle: No, no, summer, do not go there. Do not let that thought into your mind for one second.

Victor: I don’t want to hear that bs. You keep searching. Is that clear? I don’t pay you to fail.

Jack: Still no luck tracing the cell phone, huh?

Victor: No, none.

Michael: The logical explanation is that jordan knows that a cell phone can’t be traced when it’s turned off. She’s obviously turning it on for a few minutes here and there when she needs to use it.

Jack: There’s got to be some other way to find out where she has taken harrison.

Michael: Jack, they could be absolutely anywhere.

Jack: Argh!

Michael: I’m sorry. Look, jack, I know it’s hard, but you’ve got to hang in there.

Jack: The thought of that poor little boy scared to death with that lunatic hovering over him. I swear to god if she hurts a hair on his head…

Victor: I promise you one thing. That bitch will pay.

Nikki: No matter what claire has or hasn’t done, we both know that jordan is behind all of this.

Victoria: Exactly, mom. She’s been tormenting my daughter from the moment she stole her from the hospital. Since the day she put cole and me through such hell. Thinking that we lost our baby.

Nikki: And she hasn’t changed her colors at all.

Victoria: You know, I think she might just hate claire the most, though. For seeing through her and for rejecting her. Mama, I think that claire might be in as much danger as harrison.

Nikki: I agree. And I need you to promise me something.

Victoria: What is that?

Nikki: That someday, you’ll find a way to forgive me. Even if I never forgive myself.

Victoria: Forgive you? What are you talking about?

Nikki: We stood there and watched jordan collapse after drinking that poison. If I hadn’t called for help, if I had just stayed out of it, she would’ve died and none of this would be happening.

Victoria: No, no, no, no. You can’t blame yourself for having human decency. You saved someone who’s done nothing but torture you.

Nikki: And I keep trying to tell myself that, but there is nothing decent or moral about any of this. How can I look at what’s happening and think that I did the right thing? I mean, even my idea of using our anniversary party to lure jordan out, I mean, that backfired miserably.

Victoria: I know, but mom, you can’t, because you can’t think that way. You don’t think that way. Thank god.

Nikki: Well, maybe it’s time that I learned.

Victoria: What are you saying?

Nikki: When you were a little girl, I taught you that if you make a mess, it’s your job to clean it up. So, the way I see it, this is my mess to clean up. I need to be the one to save harrison and claire and put an end to jordan’s reign of terror once and for all.

If you have wet amd,

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Summer: How am I supposed to shut out these feelings, kyle? How? Did any of the messages include a picture of harrison? A video? Anything? I mean, I need to know that he’s actually okay.

Kyle: There was nothing like that, no. But that doesn’t mean we can assume he’s hurt. Jordan might be avoiding sending a picture because she doesn’t want to give away a clue about his location. Or she might be rejecting a trade because she thinks it’s a trap.

Summer: It’s possible, right? It’s possible.

Kyle: Besides, harrison will be a lot easier to control than an adult. He won’t be looking for a chance to turn the tables on jordan like you or I would.

Summer: Or like claire would. If she actually gave a damn. If she cared about harrison like she said she did, if she was innocent in all of this, she would’ve found a way to get the drop on jordan or at least send us some sort of signal. Wouldn’t she have?

Kyle: Summer, I’m not saying claire is innocent.

Summer: No, you just keep on blaming it all on jordan.

Kyle: Okay, we can work out what claire did after we get our son back, okay?

Summer: Fine. What’s my grandpa’s plan? He’s got to have one.

Kyle: Victor and dad were waiting for michael baldwin when I left. Hopefully, they are working out a plan to bring harrison home safely and put jordan away for good. In fact, I should probably head back over there. See if they’re getting anywhere. And maybe if I can help.

Summer: I’m coming with you.

Kyle: Okay. Chance.

Chance: Hey. I came as fast as I could.

Summer: Go ahead. I’ll meet you there.

Chance: What’s going on?

Summer: I’m afraid I’m never gonna see my son again.

Chance: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Adam: You know, this is happening to connor. It’s just– it doesn’t make sense. You know, none of it– none of it feels real. I keep trying to focus on him, but I can’t get past my own guilt. You know, it’s like I don’t need a team of specialists to make me feel responsible for what connor is going through. I know what I’ve done and what I didn’t do and I should’ve done.

Sharon: What do you mean by that?

Adam: Why didn’t I see it, sharon? From the beginning, you know? When his behavior first started to change. I mean, maybe if I didn’t chalk it up to just a phase or connor’s being quirky, I could have– I could’ve done something about it.

Sharon: Like what? What could you possibly have done?

Adam: I don’t know. But if I was paying the right kind of attention, I could’ve stopped it. But I wasn’t and I didn’T. I didn’T. And how am I ever supposed to forgive myself for that?

Sharon: By accepting the fact that connor has an illness that you knew nothing about and you still don’t understand. Accepting that you are human and fallible and that being a parent is a lesson in humility. We are always going to have moments where we feel like we failed and then we get over ourselves because we know that our children need us. So we have no choice but to keep going and do our best.

Michael: Kyle, any further contact from claire’s phone?

Kyle: Nothing. Still no pings?

Michael: No, it’s just a couple of very brief ones from cell towers that are miles away from each other. So, still no way to pin down a location. I’m telling you, that cell phone is turned off, definitely turned off, when jordan and claire aren’t using it.

Jack: Have you talked to summer?

Kyle: Yeah, at the house. She’s there with chance right now, but she’ll be here soon. She wants to help in any way she can.

Victor: How is she holding up?

Kyle: Exactly like you’d think. She’s a wreck. And it’s come out in anger. Mostly towards me, but if her getting angry at me is what helps her through this nightmare, I’ll take it.

Victor: You’re a good man, kyle.

Kyle: Thank you. Okay, what are our next steps?

Jack: We can’t just sit around waiting for texts and phone calls. We– we have to figure out where jordan has taken harrison.

Victor: And claire. Whatever that lunatic is up to, we have to stay one step ahead of whatever she’s planning. Hellmann’s real mayonnaise.

Sharon: I know you don’t like taking a backseat to anyone, especially when it comes to parenting your son, but I think you need to be realistic about your limitations here.

Adam: What limitations? About recognizing when my own son is in trouble?

Sharon: The limitations about understanding ocd. Even the experts don’t really know what it is. They’re still learning. There’s new research happening every day. What’s happened to connor is scary and it’s unfair, but you are no more responsible for that than anyone else is responsible for the fact that I once had cancer.

Adam: Do you really believe that, sharon?

Sharon: Yes, I do. And I think that instead of dwelling on what you did or didn’t do in the past, you should be giving yourself credit for the fact that right now, you’re doing the right thing. That facility is the right place for connor. Believe it and find a way to overcome your instincts to disbelieve anything the therapists say simply because you don’t like what it is they’re telling you.

Summer: So, as of now, the only people who know where harrison is are the two people who took him. Claire, fresh out of a mental institution, and jordan, who’s a serial killer.

Chance: Summer, I am so sorry. I had no idea. I– I haven’t heard anything from anyone, not even my friends on the force.

Summer: No, I know. My grandpa’s trying to keep it under wraps. We don’t want anything getting out. It seems like jordan has eyes and ears everywhere and we’re not taking any chances.

Chance: Well, the good thing is I think jordan is cautious in her own way. I don’t think anything’s gonna happen to harrison.

Summer: Do you really think that?

Chance: Yes, look, think about it. He’s the only bargaining power that she has. Without him, there’s no leverage. I guess– I guess maybe claire, but harrison likes claire, right? They’re buddies.

Summer: She made sure of that the moment she met him.

Chance: No, no, no, what I’m saying is that connection might get him through this until he’s back home in his own bed. Come here. We’re gonna get him back, okay? And tell me, what’s been done so far?

Summer: I don’t know. My– my grandpa and jack are trying to come up with a plan. I don’t know, chance. You know my grandpa. You know how he is sometimes. I’m– I’m scared that he and jack are gonna do something extreme and send jordan and claire into a panic or something and– oh, my god, I just can’t keep these what-ifs out of my head, and every single one I think of just frightens me more.

Jack: The funds are ready to be moved to the offshore account.

Kyle: Wow, that’s a fortune, dad.

Jack: It’s worth every penny if it saves your son.

Kyle: I know that I can’t thank you enough for putting this much on the line, but you have my word that someday, somehow, I will repay you.

Michael: Well hold off on the repayment plan, kyle. We’re not gonna just hand jordan what she wants and hope that she holds up her end of the bargain.

Victor: I think what we have to figure out is how to lure that woman to us, away from her captives.

Kyle: But how can we do that? She’ll see it’s a trap. It’s too risky.

Jack: Kyle, if we give her everything she wants, we lose our leverage. And she has nothing to lose by covering up her tracks before she disappears.

Victoria: Mom, I am not going to allow you to be the one to fix things with jordan, any more than dad would. Look, I know this is hard for both of us, but we just have to trust dad and the authorities to handle her.

Nikki: We both know full well that your father does not trust the authorities to handle her.

Victoria: Okay, well then, just trust dad.

Nikki: I– I don’t think you understand how personal this has become for me. I will never truly be free of jordan until I stop her myself. I have to do something. And I need your help.

Did you know…

Chance: I really do hope that jack and victor reconsider and decide to loop in the police ’cause victor’s been known to fly solo in the past, and more than once, it’s turned out more dangerous than it needed to be.

Summer: My grandpa has assured me that the police are gonna have a full report on all of this. Kyle is in denial about the fact that claire is involved. He can’t admit it because then, he will have to face the fact that it’s all his fault. It is!

Chance: I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna call my buddies. I’m gonna see what I can find out about the investigation, okay?

Summer: Thank you. And, um, I need to get going to the ranch. Hey, actually, will you, um… would you come with me, maybe? Hear what grandpa and jack have planned and weigh in? Maybe you could stop them from doing something that could make this worse.

Chance: I’m gonna tell you right now, I don’t think victor is gonna be interested in my input.

Summer: I– I think that they’ll take all the help that they can get to bring my son home. And if I’m wrong about that, I will insist that they listen to you. I know that you’re not a cop anymore, but you still have the skills and the instincts.

Chance: All right. If you think it’ll help bring harrison home, all right. Let’s do this.

Summer: Thank you.

Chance: Come on.

Kyle: So, how? How do we lure jordan out of hiding and find out where she’s holding harrison at the same time?

Jack: There has to be some way to trace her movements after she abandoned the truck. She had to have had a car waiting.

Kyle: And someone must have seen jordan or claire with a little boy or something.

Michael: All right, we have a team checking security cameras in the area, but nothing yet.

Victor: I don’t think that jordan is doing this all by herself.

Jack: I’m not sure that ally isn’t claire. Look, I don’t know her, but for jordan to have had that kind of influence on her life as recently as last year?

Victor: Jack, with all due respect, I don’t think claire had a damn thing to do with this.

Michael: Either way, though, jordan must be working with other people.

Jack: Like nikki’s ex-sponsor, who agreed to work with her, and look what happened to that poor man.

Victor: What about the guy who sent nikki a drink at society?

Kyle: Okay, all right, I get it. I think it’s worth tracking down jordan’s accomplice.

Michael: Or accomplices.

Jack: And hopefully, they’re not too afraid of jordan to cooperate.

Victor: Trust me, they will cooperate. Everyone has a price.

Victoria: I’m not sure I like where this is going, mom.

Nikki: Darling, please just hear me out. Now, clearly, jordan hates me even more than she hates victor.

Victoria: Are you sure about that?

Nikki: She initially had claire approach me, not your father, to lure me to the lake house. Not him. I’m the one whose veins were flooded with alcohol. I’m the one that was sent the glass of vodka at society. Don’t you see? She doesn’t really want harrison. She wants me. I am her endgame.

Victoria: And everything that you just said makes my case as far as I’m concerned. We need to keep you as far away from jordan as we possibly can.

Nikki: Your father wouldn’t let me offer myself up as bait before. But this time, I’m not asking his permission. This time, I’m going to do it on my own.

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless…

Danny: Is it okay if I ask you a question?

Traci: Of course. Yes, go ahead.

Danny: What is it you’re trying so hard not to talk about?

Ashley: You can make a girl happy with a shot of tequila. And don’t you forget that teeny-weeny slice of lime.

Jack: I imagine jordan is gonna reach out to kyle sometime soon. How do we string her along if she starts making demands?

Victor: She loves theatrics. And this time, I’m gonna pull down the damn curtain once and for all.

Nikki: Come on, jordan. I’m right where you want me.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, April 15, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Suzanne

Phyllis and Daniel have lunch. They discuss his work problems with Lily. Daniel gets worried that Phyllis has a plan to help him that, as usual, might backfire. She also informs him that she’s moved on with Danny, who chose Chris.

Danny has big plans for them on his music tour, but Chris tells him that an old friend needs her help with a big trial. She doesn’t want to let him down, but she feels this need to help people that she can’t ignore, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime case. It will take months. She’s really torn. They discuss it. Danny understands because he loves what he does, too. She worries that this is their last chance. He suggests that she sleep on it and decide tomorrow. They kiss. After they have sex, he assures her that they’re meant to me, so they’ll always find each other again, no matter what.

At Victor at Nikki’s party, the Newmans are surprised that Jordan never showed up or tried anything.

Jack is shocked when Nikki lets him know that she’s still drinking and that the Newmans were hoping to lure Jordan to the party. However, Nikki realized during the party that she doesn’t need to drink any more. She feels strong and doesn’t need the alcohol any more because of the love of her family. Victor comes up just as she explains that, but they don’t tell him about Nikki’s drinking or her revelation. Jack thanks him for having an alcohol-free party. Victor is proud of Nikki. Victor and Nikki dance.

Sally tries to make Adam feel better as he worries about Connor. Sally admires how much Nikki and Victor still love each other, after all this time. They head upstairs. He asks her where she sees herself in 40 years because he can see them together for longer than that. They kiss and start to undress.

Nick is surprised that the guards let Phyllis in, since they’re supposed to be extra-vigilant now. She tells him that they recognized her. They have a pleasant chat. Summer is also surprised to see Phyllis. Phyllis hints that there are big things in store for her at Chancelllor-Winters, so Nick and Summer worry about what she has planned.

Jordan follows Claire as she leaves the party.

Michael and Lauren leave the party, so they say goodbye to Victor and Nikki. Victor thanks Nick for all of his help. They all hug. Victor vows to Nikki that he’ll catch Jordan, no matter what. They kiss and say, “I love you.”

When Kyle and Harrison go home, Harrison realizes that he’s lost his lucky charm (his bunny). They look around but can’t find it, so Kyle phones , but they don’t find it there, either. Claire arrives, having found the bunny. She confides to Kyle that she used to have a good luck rock, but Jordan took it away. Kyle feels bad for her and invites her to stay. They sit and have drinks. She talks a little about living with Jordan. She’s glad to have a normal life now. Harrison comes in and is overjoyed to see that Claire brought his bunny back. He hugs her and they all smile. She tells him about other kinds of good luck charms. Harrison asks if Claire can read him a book, so she agrees. Kyle phones Summer to let her know that Claire found the bunny. Summer is not happy to hear that Claire is still there and looks very worried.

While Harrison goes to then bathroom, Jordan (now out of her disguise) chloroforms Claire. A little while later, Kyle is frantic and on the phone with 911. Jack and Diane arrive home and wonder what’s going on, so he informs them that he thinks Claire has taken Harrison.


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Y&R Transcript Thursday, April 18, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Billy: Hey.

Chelsea: Hey.

Billy: Hi. Glad you could get away. You want to, uh, you want to grab a table?

Chelsea: No, actually, I just came to tell you I’m so sorry I have to cancel. I only have a few minutes.

Billy: Oh, okay. Is it to do with connor?

Chelsea: Yeah, his therapist wants to do a video meeting today to talk about his status and talk about his treatment.

Billy: Okay, well, hopefully that’s a good thing. At least you’ll know what comes next.

Chelsea: It’s driving me crazy, billy, not being able to talk to my son when I want to.

Billy: Yeah, I know, I hear you. But maybe the doctor will give you a little better timeline on that, you know? When you can actually talk to connor directly.

Chelsea: Yeah, I’m desperate to know what’s going on. What are his days like? Is there any progress? But I’m also so anxious. I mean, there’s so much I don’t understand.

Billy: I hear you, chels. It’s hard to be behind the curve, you know, especially when it’s your kid. But again, hopefully, the doctor tells you something that’ll put your mind at ease.

Chelsea: Well, hearing about connor’s treatment isn’t the only thing I’m worried about.

Billy: Okay, what else is there?

Chelsea: I’m not doing the call alone.

Adam: Are you ready to hear what these so-called doctors have been doing to our son?

Phyllis: Baby, summer, I know this is horrible, but you have to calm down. You have to. Harrison is going to be found between jack and victor and everybody he’s gonna hire. He will absolutely be found. Okay, well, do you know what? Let me come with you. No, just– okay, just for– okay, I won’T. I promise I won’T. You know what? Have you told your brother about any of this? Okay, I promise I won’t say anything. No, I promise. I’ll let you take care of it, really. I won’t do something crazy, I promise.

Devon: Hey, hey.

Lily: Hey.

Devon: You called us in because you want to have a meeting?

Nate: I hope it’s to celebrate our latest earnings report. Pretty spectacular, right?

Lily: Yeah, the numbers are great. But, uh, no, unfortunately, I have bad news.

Devon: What’s wrong?

Lily: Well, daniel is making good on his threat. And he is suing us to keep control of princess louisa and other games on the omegasphere platform.

Devon: Well, that’s great. What does, um, what does legal have to say about our position in it?

Lily: They’re saying the contract is clear and ironclad. I mean, we own all the intellectual property related to our gaming division.

Devon: Okay, that’s a good thing then, right?

Lily: Yeah, but I mean, I’m sure heather, who, shocker, is daniel’s attorney, is gonna try to find a loophole. But our legal team is confident that she’ll lose. And so am I.

Nate: Any chance this will stay out of the business press?

Devon: I highly doubt that. Why?

Nate: I mean, is it worth really going to war with the guy? Maybe we should give daniel what he wants.

You can’t leave

without cuddles.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Billy: You know, these are actual doctors taking care of your kid. You know, respected and accredited.

Adam: This video call is just gonna be the two of us, right?

Chelsea: Right. Billy is not gonna be on the call, if that’s what you’re asking. But he’s right. These are doctors trained to deal with the things that connor’s dealing with.

Adam: But they don’t know our son, not like we do. And I just– I don’t want them to forget that.

Chelsea: You’re right. We’ll make sure we give them insight into our son. Because, yes, we know him better than anybody.

Billy: Okay, well, it sounds like you’re both on the same page, so I’ll head back to the office. I’ll talk to you in a bit.

Chelsea: Bye.

Billy: Bye.

Adam: So, shall we do this?

Chelsea: Not until you promise me you will drop the attitude and the resistance. Adam, you have to go into this with an open mind.

Adam: Of course, I have an open mind. I’ll do my best.

[ Chelsea sighing ]

Daniel: Shouldn’t you be back at the apartment doing some last-minute frantic packing?

Danny: Well, actually, there has been a change in plans.

Daniel: Oh, how big of a change?

Danny: Not small.

Daniel: Don’t tell me that my rock star father’s gonna hang up his keyboard, cancel the tour, and possibly move back to genoa city full-time.

Danny: Sorry, son. Your dear old dad is gonna be a rock star forever. No matter where I live. Some things just never change. But, um, yeah, I, uh, I have had to push my travel schedule a bit while cricket decides if she’s even gonna go.

Phyllis: Oh, while cricket decides. My goodness, cricket is waffling yet again.

Lily: Sorry, you don’t think it’s worth it to fight the lawsuit? I mean, omegasphere is a huge reason why our profits are so great right now. Why would we just give daniel what he wants?

Nate: I am aware of the financial ramifications, but daniel did create the flagship game. Hell, he built the whole division. And you’ve already taken away his job to punish him. Isn’t that enough?

Lily: I’m not punishing anyone. I’m sorry, he was fired for the sake of company unity and morale. Okay, what are you– what are you trying to say? That I should– I should reward him for hurting me?

Nate: No, no, I’m not defending what daniel did or how he handled it. I understand you’re upset, but I want you to take a moment and think about how this could play out. Think about the spin heather would probably put out there. Do you really want to be accused of destroying someone’s career because of a bad relationship? Out of spite? That’s not who you are or what this company should be.

Billy: Oh. Daniel versus goliath lawsuit? With us as the big bad monster? It’s not a good look, which is what I’ve been arguing from the beginning.

Lily: Yes, we know, billy, thank you.

Billy: Makes you look petty, and it opens up the opportunity for people to question your leadership, which does not mirror the trust that we all have in you.

[ Lily laughing ]

Lily: This is ridiculous. Sorry, how did I become the bad guy in this situation?

Chelsea: What? I’m nervous. I don’t wanna look like a mess on the outside just ’cause that’s how I feel on the inside.

Adam: You look good. You look calm.

Chelsea: Yeah?

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: Adam, I know you have doubts about this facility, but you promised you would hear the doctor out. You won’t fly off the handle, right?

Adam: Okay. Are you ready? Okay.

Hammond: Good morning, chelsea. Adam.

Chelsea: Hi, dr. Hammond, good to see you. Oh, I– I didn’t realize you would be alone. Um, did the rest of connor’s care team give you updates and reports?

Adam: Yes, we were hoping to get as much information as we can on how connor is doing. You know, what his day looks like since we cannot talk to him ourselves, to ask questions.

Hammond: I understand. And chelsea, to answer your question, yes, connor’s ocd therapist, his trauma therapist and I are always working in tandem. And I hope to answer any questions you might have.

Adam: Trauma therapist. Why does he need that? I told myself I was ok

Daniel: Are you meeting someone or picking up takeout?

Phyllis: Um, are you saying that you want me to go?

Daniel: No, of course not.

Phyllis: Well, thank you for the invite. I’d love to stay with you. So the bug is backing out, is she? Interesting. I’m not shocked by that. I mean, I’m sure that no one can see her living, you know, a carefree life, living life on the edge, letting it all hang out.

Danny: Phyllis, you don’t know the whole story.

Phyllis: I don’t?

Danny: No, you don’T.

Phyllis: Oh, what am I missing?

Danny: Christine was offered a very important case. And right now, she’s deciding whether or not she should take it.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. So you’re holding up your entire tour on her deciding whether or not she should take a case? Wow. You’re putting your career on hold for the bug. She’d never do the same for you, by the way. Never.

Danny: Not that it’s any of your business, all right, but we’re leaving a little early so we can have a few days before the first concert. I didn’t cancel any shows by pushing the trip back, okay?

Phyllis: I am going to make a bet with you. I’m gonna make a bet, um, an order of empanadas, that she chooses her career over you.

Chelsea: Well, that’s new, isn’t it? A trauma therapist? How did that come about?

Hammond: We’re really still getting to the root of what’s happening with connor. And he’s a smart, funny, charming kid. He’s taking part in activities and watching his nutrition, his caloric and protein intake.

Adam: And– and that is great, but can you tell us about connor’s trauma?

Hammond: In his first sessions with dr. Majors, the trauma specialist, evidence emerged of comorbidity.

Adam: Comorbidity?

Hammond: Two or more medical conditions that exist simultaneously. In connor’s case, it’s ocd and trauma. It’s a bit early to be definitive, but there’s a possibility that the presentation of connor’s ocd was a response to traumatic incidents. I want to be clear. Connor’s ocd doesn’t exist because of traumatic events.

Chelsea: But trauma helps open the door?

Adam: You– you keep throwing around these words, trauma, traumatic incidences. What instances are you talking about? I mean, what did– what did we do?

Chelsea: Adam, please.

Hammond: There’s many ways ocd manifests. And it can be very different from one patient to another. There’s no way to know when or in whom it’ll show up. And no one is to blame. But it does mean we have a couple of avenues to pursue for treatment.

Adam: Okay, so you don’t know what the trauma is or what it is doing to him, so why don’t we first focus on what, if anything, you do know for sure?

Hammond: That’s fair. In connor’s case, what we’ve learned so far beyond his fear of contamination is that he carries an overwhelming sense of guilt. The ocd has him believing that things that have happened between and to his parents are his fault.

Chelsea: No.

Hammond: The pain and concern is complex and deep. It’s led him to question why he was even born.

Lily: How am I the villain in this? Okay, daniel cheated on me with a woman who is now his attorney. Is that not a conflict of interest, right?

Billy: And now, you just fired that attorney for what can only appear to be personal reasons.

Lily: I’m the one who recommended her for the job in the first place, despite her being daniel’s ex.

Billy: But lily, you just fired her for being his current. And unfortunately, I feel like I have to point this out, but this is professional concern for me, not personal judgment.

Nate: I have to agree. Lily, we’re merely pointing out scenarios that could adversely affect the company. Would it be so terrible to just let daniel have what he’s asking for? Let him walk away with what he brought to the table.

Lily: What he brought to the table? Do you know what he brought to the table? He brought an idea, okay, and some artwork. Do you know what we brought? We brought, uh, the team, and coders, and designers, the office space. Okay, we funded the whole platform. And if we take that away, that undermines all the work that we’ve done. And to rebuild one is way too expensive. We lose time in the marketplace. I mean, it doesn’t make sense to get rid of our highly profitable gaming division.

Nate: Omegasphere will survive losing two or three of its video games. The division will be just fine.

Lily: That is not true because we don’t have any games in development to replace the ones that we would lose, okay? We would be stagnant for months, maybe even years.

Billy: Which could still be better than you being painted as a scorned, vindictive co-ceo. You don’t want to be seen that way. As someone that would rather chase after their enemies than run an empire.

Lily: Uh, devon, hello. Can you help me out here? Because I mean, this is smart business, right? If we give up the gaming division, we’re not just losing out on a few video games. We’re losing out on merchandise. Book rights, movie rights, trading cards. I mean, we’re giving up the whole store.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: Right?

Devon: You’re right. Yeah. And I agree with you.

Lily: Thank you.

Billy: If it wasn’t me arguing that point, devon, would you still agree with your sister?


Devon: Uh, billy, are you implying that I’m making business decisions only to contradict you? ‘Cause nate wants to do a deal with daniel. So should I take that personally and make my decisions about him?

Billy: Devon, it’s a simple question. You know what pisses me off the most is that the winters are in here having a meeting about a major company issue without me. No warning, no fair play, nothing. If I didn’t walk by and pop my head in, I would have no idea that this company is headed for a train wreck. Not to mention the pr nightmare when the media gets a hold of this, which shouldn’t be very difficult.

Devon: Billy, you don’t have to act like you have to be a part of every single conversation that happens in this building. Get over yourself, man. Seriously.

Billy: Sure.

Lily: Please stop, okay? This is a huge waste of time.

Nate: Yes, you’re right. We need to keep this from devolving into a shouting match. We need to stay focused on the issue at hand. A decision has to be made on how to proceed from here.

Lily: Yes, nate, I’m aware. But we’re not gonna decide based off the winner of billy and devon’s argument. What we should do is go to the board and let them weigh in their vote. Let them decide if we should give daniel what he wants or take him to court.

Danny: You know, I still can’t believe that lily fired you over what happened with you and heather.

Daniel: I knew that was gonna happen. She didn’t want to see my face at the office every day.

Phyllis: But that was a cheap shot.

Danny: Yeah, your mother’s right. It’s very unprofessional and not like lily at all.

Phyllis: I’m right? See? We see eye to eye. Wow. Let’s ask christine what she thinks– oh, we can’t ask her because she’s more interested in her career.

[ Phone pinging ]

Danny: Hey, you guys, uh, yeah, I’ve got to, um, I got to get going.

Phyllis: Oh, was that the queen bug? Is she summoning you to her castle with all her royalty?

Danny: Goodbye, phyllis. I’ll see you at home, okay, daniel?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: See ya. See ya.

Daniel: Didn’t you say that you had finally accepted the fact that you and dad are never gonna be a thing and you had moved on?

Phyllis: Uh, yeah, and?

Daniel: So, I guess that was just a big old lie, huh?

Chelsea: How could he wonder why he was born?

Hammond: It’s one of his intrusive thoughts, something his ocd says. I know how hard this must be to hear, but I want to be as honest with you as possible so you understand what he’s up against with his ocd.

Adam: The ocd that we caused by the trauma that– that we inflicted on him. Is that what you and your team of specialists believe?

Hammond: Not at all. It’s a lot to process and can feel impossible when you know your child is in pain.

Chelsea: But what trauma are you talking about?

Hammond: We don’t know yet.

Adam: So, what’s the plan here?

Hammond: We think the best approach is to treat each disorder separately, but simultaneously. Oftentimes, the ocd and trauma are feeding off of each other, so we need to address them both.

Chelsea: But how did this happen?

Adam: Yeah, what did– what did we do wrong?

Hammond: As parents, you need to refrain from trying to find blame. It would be unhealthy and unproductive.

Chelsea: I still just don’t understand what we’re supposed to do, like how we’re supposed to help connor get better.

Adam: Yeah, you– you say that he is acclimating, but we don’t have any idea what that looks like.

Chelsea: Yeah, we haven’t spoken with him. We’re not– are we allowed to see him sometime soon or?

Hammond: Connor is a very strong and determined kid. One of the therapeutic tools we use is journaling. We’ve encouraged connor to write down his thoughts and fears. Today’s assignment was to write down the top three things that scare him the most. Writing about them will force him to explore how they make him feel.

Adam: And that’s supposed to help?

Hammond: I understand your concern, but you have to trust the therapy. It’s been very successful with patients suffering from the same disease. This is the first step. It’s what’s known as erp.

Chelsea: Yeah, the, um, exposure response prevention we’ve been hearing about?

Hammond: That’s right. We’ll expose connor to the things he fears so he can slowly build the tools he needs to handle them as others do.

Adam: Forcing him to repeatedly experience the things that trigger his ocd. Now, how is he supposed to get through that without us by his side? I mean, how are we supposed to get through that?

Chelsea: If it’s the thing that’s gonna make our son better, we have no other choice, do we? Slowing my cancer from growing

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. Do I love speed walking?…

Devon: All right, are you sure that you want to take this to the board? ‘Cause I think this is something we should probably handle ourselves.

Nate: I concur. We should hash this out right here without getting the board involved. The fewer people who know–

Billy: And I agree with lily. I think taking it to the board is a good idea. We’ll get the smartest compromise and the fairest solution.

Devon: Which means he thinks the board is gonna vote his way.

Billy: Well, I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

Nate: Sorry about that. Didn’t mean for billy to overhear what I thought was a private conversation.

Devon: It’s– it’s fine. I’m glad you gave your honest opinion, though.

Nate: Thanks.

Lily: Okay, now that it’s just the two of us, be honest with me.

Devon: Hm?

Lily: If billy hadn’t been here arguing against my decision, would you have sided with me so easily?

Chelsea: It’s all so much. How did connor carry this with him for so long?

Adam: Yeah, well, I still have to wonder if they know enough about this disease to know for sure what works.

Chelsea: They have experience, adam. Like with any illness.

Adam: Yeah, ocd and trauma. And they’re gonna work on it separately, but together. I mean, come on. Connor deserves more than just– just guesswork.

Chelsea: It was me, wasn’t it? My issues. The rooftop. This all started with me, didn’t it? I think connor blames himself for my problems.

Adam: Chels, the doctor said that the ocd was inside of him, that it was gonna come out at some point. You know, it’s everything that connor has gone through.

Chelsea: Oh, god, I know dr. Hammond says we can’t blame ourselves, but how can I not?

Adam: I mean, he thought his father was dead, for god’s sakes. And then I just showed up. I mean, he was held hostage at gunpoint. He had to go to therapy for that, too.

Chelsea: No, adam, it all started with me. It started with me that night on the roof. And I put myself into therapy. I told connor the truth, ’cause I thought– I thought that was the right thing. The doctor said that I should be honest, but maybe– maybe that was the wrong thing. That combined with everything, you know, rey’s death, finding out that johnny was his brother.

Adam: We thought that we were protecting him, okay? We tried to see it, but we didn’t, okay? All the chaos that he’s been through. I mean, it’s too much to take for an adult, much less a kid.

Chelsea: It’s no wonder he’s so traumatized.

Adam: Hammond said the word trauma is often misused and overblown, but it’s really not in our family.

Chelsea: How did we not see that our son was suffering so badly?

Phyllis: I have moved on from your father. I have, you know? I just– I do care about him. And honestly, christine will hurt him.

Daniel: Well, dad’s a big boy, and he can take care of himself. He doesn’t need you worrying about him or feeling sorry for him.

Phyllis: Okay, well, I’ll just negate all of my feelings then and shut my mouth.

Daniel: What’s really going on here, hm?

Phyllis: A lot going on.

Daniel: How much of it is work-related? Because I’m sorry. I know you were sideswiped by this whole thing, and your job, it shouldn’t be at risk because of me.

Phyllis: Hm. Let me guess. They know about your lawsuit.

Daniel: Well, they should be worried about the lawsuit. Heather thinks we got a solid case and that we can win it.

Phyllis: Good. You go after everything you can get.

Daniel: I just want what’s fair.

Phyllis: Um, I have some inside information, and your mess is not the only problem at chancellor-winters right now. Just know that. Consider yourself lucky that you got out and you’re moving on to greener, healthier environments.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I hope so. We’ll see.

Phyllis: I wonder what they’re talking about right now. Maybe it’s something that could be useful. Not for you, of course, just for me.

Daniel: Maybe we should slide over a little closer and see if we can eavesdrop a little bit.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness, I’d never do that. Don’t be silly.

Daniel: You’d absolutely do that if I wasn’t here right now. You think that they’re talking about something that could mean good news for you.

Phyllis: Who doesn’t want good news every now and then?

Danny: Hello, gorgeous.

Christine: Hi.

Danny: I was, uh, super thrilled to get your text. So, tell me, have you made a decision?

Christine: Um…

Danny: Oh, I’m sorry. Wait. Before you say it, I– I almost forgot. I’ve got something for you.

Christine: No, you didn’t have to get me anything.

Danny: Oh, no, I did. This is special just for you. It is an official concert t-shirt. Yes, I know it’s cheesy, but I was thinking, you know, you could wear it front row. Or if you don’t, you could do it side stage, in the wings, whatever you prefer. And as soon as I finish my show, I will come straight to you, my love. Wow.

Chelsea: We are here, and connor is there. There’s nothing we can do for him except allow his team to take care of him and do what’s best for him. We can’t sit down and talk to him. We can’t tuck him in at night. And I know he’s been at boarding school before, but this is different because we know he’s not okay.

Adam: They figure out his trauma. They figure out his treatment. I mean, they– they unravel everything that is wrong with him. Then what? What if this treatment leads him to hate us, chels?

Chelsea: Adam, no. Connor wouldn’t hate us. He– he loves us, and he knows we love him. And if– if something happened where he suddenly hated us, we’d work through that, too.

Adam: And what if we can’t? What if we can’t? What– what if this– he looks at us, and– and he blames us for all of this misery.

Chelsea: What– what are you saying? If connor eventually– when he eventually learns to manage his ocd and trauma, and he’s living a happy, healthy life, but yet he– he still hates us anyway?

Adam: Yes.

Chelsea: No, what do you want him to do? Just push everything down, pretend he’s okay, so we’re not worried?

Adam: No, that’s not what I’m saying.

Chelsea: He has to get better, adam. Connor’s ocd is not going away. It is always gonna be inside him. But he will learn to have the tools to get better and live a happy, healthy life, okay? But we can’t make this about us. We can’t make this about our– our insecurities and our fears and our– our guilt. We have to do what’s best for him. We have to do whatever it takes, whatever he needs.

Adam: And what if what he needs is to never see us again?

Connor: 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69.

Chelsea: I don’t believe that would ever happen. They’re not gonna take connor from us.

Adam: If we are the triggers–

Chelsea: They will give him tools to manage that. Our son is coming home to us.

Adam: And what if when he’s 18– what if when he’s 18, he comes and he says, “thank you for the trauma, but I’m never gonna come home again?”

Chelsea: You are being irrational, adam. No, these are your dark thoughts, and I can’t have this conversation.

Adam: Fine. But we can’t avoid this forever, either.

Danny: I really hope that you’re leaning in my favor. Just tell me what I can say to convince you. Please. Anything to, you know, tip the scale my way.

Christine: This isn’t about me not wanting to go with you. You know I do.

Danny: Then just go. I will dedicate every song to you. Put you front and center on stage and I will serenade you every night in front of everyone. Every love song that I’ve written will be sung to you. Anything and everything that your heart desires.

Christine: Oh, gosh, you’re always so loving and generous, and you– you make me feel adored. But, danny, this– this client needs me. I– I can’t walk away from this case any more than you could walk away from your tour.

Danny: Yeah. I mean, obviously, I’m disappointed, but I really do understand. And your client is very lucky to have you. I hope they know that, all right? They are getting– they’re getting the best of the best.

Christine: You’re really sweet to make me feel better. And I wish I could’ve told you what you want to hear.

Danny: I was just really looking forward to us spending time together. You know, I’d been thinking a lot about how much incredible fun that we would have together and…

Christine: Yeah.

Danny: You know?

Christine: Hey, it’s not like this is the end for us.

Danny: No. No. Never.

Christine: Okay, so I was thinking, maybe I can come on weekends every now and then. I mean, that’s better than nothing.

Danny: Yeah, of course. Yes.

Christine: Why don’t we go and, um, and make the most of the time that we have together before you go?

Danny: Well, that’s an offer that I can’t refuse.

Devon: Yes, I would have still sided with you either way.

Lily: Thank god. I really am alone in this, aren’t I?

Devon: No, you’re not alone. You’re not alone at all, because I hear everything you’re saying about us needing to hang on to our valuable ip. Makes perfect sense. But billy and nate also made really valid points. ‘Cause heather has the ability to really make us look bad in all this. And if we settle and give daniel what he wants, we get to avoid all that and avoid going to court. And I think it’s just– at this point, about us trying to not let things get ugly.

Lily: Devon, don’t you realize? Things have already gotten ugly. And I don’t plan to lose out on anything else because of daniel and heather ever again.

Phyllis: Why would you care if I want to exploit some conflict in a company? A company that dropped you like a hot potato.

Daniel: I just don’t understand why you would want to be entangled in an already contentious situation. One that’s only gonna be more complicated by your son’s own lawsuit.

Phyllis: Well, I’m not entangling myself in anything. And don’t think you know what’s going on up here.

Daniel: Oh, no, no, I can see those gears turning.

Phyllis: Can you?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Then watch this. Hello, gentlemen. Hey, I’m gonna go right to the point. Um, I actually am shocked by these firings, my son and heather. I can’t believe that lily and devon would fire them over something so petty. I can’t imagine that the two of you would condone such firings. Hm? Nothing comes close to this place in the morning.

Nate: I don’t see what business it is of yours, what we think. Sure, you want to defend your son. I get it. But this is a business move.

Phyllis: Oh. What do you think about that, chance?

Chance: It’s above my pay grade.

Phyllis: Oh, above your pay grade. Well, congratulations, new on the job, and already mastering the art of corporate doublespeak. Yeah, you know what? I’m gonna ask billy what he thinks. What do you think billy thinks?

Chance: You’d have to ask him.

Phyllis: I will. You see, it’s just interesting because I’ve been hearing that there’s a lot of, um, discontent going on in the chancellor-winters c-suite.

Nate: Oh, there’s nothing going on you need to worry about.

Phyllis: Okay, I won’t worry my pretty little head. I’m still a chancellor-winters employee, nate. So, I guess I’m gonna have to get together with billy and ask him what’s going on myself, see where he stands. Maybe he’ll give me an actual answer.

Devon: Lily, this is gonna get as ugly as you want it to get.

Lily: If I got what I want, daniel would have resigned, okay? And there would be no talk of a nuisance suit.

Devon: Right, but you understand that he has a case, ’cause you fired him without cause, right?

Lily: What do you mean? There was plenty of cause. He cheated on me while I was helping my daughter through an emotional trauma, okay? And did I throw a fit? Did I– did I, you know, break stuff? No, I graciously accepted the situation for what it was.

Devon: Yeah, yeah, I can’t argue with that.

Lily: Okay, and now daniel wants to fight me, all right, and let his girlfriend trash me in the court of public opinion? Well, let them try, okay? Daniel is not walking away with anything. I am tired of playing nice.

Billy: There you go. So, you want to talk about the conversation with the doctor?

Chelsea: There’s no way to know what’s really going on in someone’s head, is there? No matter how much you love them, no matter how many times you’ve held their hand and watched them fall asleep.

Billy: What did the doctor say?

Chelsea: Connor’s been diagnosed with both ocd and trauma. Not only are they treating him for one thing, they’re treating him for two.

Billy: I’m sorry. I’m sorry, chelsea.

Chelsea: Yeah, adam was pretty good on the call. But then afterwards, he, uh, he’s afraid that by pushing connor through this program, we’re gonna lose him.

Billy: What? Why would he say something like that?

Chelsea: He thinks connor’s gonna resent us. Be angry with us for everything he’s going through. Not just the illness, but the treatment. It’s our fault.

Billy: Okay. This is not your fault. Adam is gonna have to figure out another way to process all this without dumping all his panic onto you. That is not what is gonna happen.

Chelsea: You can’t know that. I mean, what if after this whole journey, connor decides he’s better off without us?

[ Phone ringing ]

Adam: Sharon. Hi. Yeah, it’s me. Um, I was wondering if you could, um, can you help me before I make things worse?

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Jack: Nikki, uh, is everything all right? It’s awfully early.

Nikki: I’m sorry to bother you. Just with everything going on, I needed to see you.

Jack: Of course. Come in.

Nikki: I was on my way to the office. I– I’m just so worried about harrison.

Jack: Whoa. Wait a minute. You’re going the office at this hour?

Nikki: I needed to get my mind off everything.

Jack: You’ve been drinking, haven’t you?

Cole: You see anything?

Victoria: I don’t know what I’m looking for.

Cole: I do. You’re hoping claire shows up.

Victoria: Yeah. With harrison. And they’ve been out all night, eating ice cream, and they just forgot to tell anyone.

Cole: Wouldn’t that be great?

Victoria: But that’s not gonna happen, is it?

Cole: I’m afraid not. You know, I should be making you go to bed instead of giving you more caffeine.

Victoria: But you know that I’m not gonna be able to sleep any more than you can. Why haven’t we heard what their demands are? I mean, what? This is like torture.

Cole: Well, it’s jordan. It’s what she does.

Victoria: Over and over and over again. Yeah. I just keep replaying in my head these conversations that I’ve had with claire, looking for some clues.

Cole: About?

Victoria: I mean, I don’t know. Did I miss something? That maybe there was some sign in claire that she hasn’t been honest with us. Maybe she was fooling us. I mean, am I– am I terrible for thinking that?

Cole: No, no. I– I’ve been thinking the same thing.

Victoria: I mean, could we be wrong about claire? Is it possible that she is the one who took harrison?

Nikki: I’m not drunk.

Jack: This isn’t how you usually present yourself first thing in the morning, especially when you’re on your way to the office.

Nikki: Well, you don’t look so hot yourself, and I’m not accusing you of being drunk.

Jack: I am merely concerned, nikki.

Nikki: I’ve been up all night. I am worried sick.

Jack: Well, we’ve been up all night here, too. Some have dozed off, some just trying to get some rest.

Nikki: I assume there’s no update or you would have called?

Jack: No, I’m afraid not.

Nikki: This is all because I let jordan live. I should’ve watched her die and not called 911. This is all my fault.

Jack: You have got to stop blaming yourself. And stop lying to me. Last night at the party, you told me any urge to drink had disappeared. Well, clearly it’s back. No judgment, I get it. But lying to me doesn’t help anything. You said you want to talk. Let’s go somewhere and talk.

Diane: Jack? Nikki, what are you doing here?

Traci: What’s happening? Has something happened?

Phyllis: Wait a second, harrison was kidnapped? Wait, what happened?

Nick: How did this happen? Why didn’t you come to us sooner?

Summer: I don’t know. Because I thought that I would’ve heard something by now, but I just– I couldn’t sit around the abbott house any longer. Everybody went to sleep. I– I don’t even know how. They told me to go sleep in harrison’s room, but I just– I couldn’T. I couldn’T.

Phyllis: Okay, I’m– I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Here.

Summer: No, mom. Mom, I can’T. If you do that, I’m gonna cry again.

Phyllis: Okay.

Summer: And I just can’T.

Nick: Where are we with the search? What’s the next step?

Summer: That is the worst part. We’re just waiting for more instructions from that psychopath, claire.

Phyllis: Look, I– I’m sorry, what kind of instructions? Like ransom? Or–

Summer: I don’t know. Her text to kyle was vague. All she said was that she has harrison and that kyle and I have to help jordan get out of town safely, ’cause she doesn’t trust the newmans to do that.

Nick: And help how?

Summer: Details to follow, was all she said. I just– I can’t even believe that this is real. It can’t be real. Like, my son is in the hands of two monsters.

Phyllis: Okay, wait a second. Who’s jordan? How come I don’t know about this jordan person, and why is it that you two know and I don’t?

If you have chronic

kidney disease you can reduce

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Traci: Seriously, has something new happened?

Diane: Any news about harrison?

Jack: I haven’t heard from security, the police, or the kidnappers. There’s a police detail outside still, but they’ve told me the gcpd has been unlucky in tracing claire’s phone.

Diane: Does victor’s team have any news?

Nikki: I–

Jack: When victor and I spoke last night, he was here, and we promised each other we’d be in touch if anything changed. There’s been no news.

Traci: This must be awful for your family, too. How are you holding up?

Nikki: Not great. Jack, I– I would like to take you up on that offer to talk privately.

Jack: Why don’t we go to the terrace?

Diane: Wait, hang on. Before you go, how’s kyle? He was still up pacing the house when I must have fallen asleep.

Jack: Well, I’ve finally talked him into lying down, convinced him he needed some rest. The state he was in, I don’t think he got much.

Diane: Did you?

Jack: About as much as you got. I won’t be long.

Traci: Okay, why don’t I go make us some coffee, and you can tell me what that was all about.

Diane: Oh, thanks, traci, but I really don’t think I want anything right now.

Ashley: Good morning.

Traci: Hey. How are you feeling?

Jack: Please know, when I confronted you earlier, that was not an accusation. I am your sponsor. I am your friend. But you’ve gotta be straight with me. I can’t help you if you refuse to be honest.

Nikki: Okay, you’re right. I did drink. I– I just couldn’t resist the urge this time. All that strength I had at the party, that was gone in an instant, as soon as I realized jordan had harrison.

Jack: Thank you for telling me that. Look, not that the how matters, but do you have some more vodka hidden somewhere? Do we have to get rid of the temptation?

Nikki: You can search me if you want. You know how resourceful I am. If I want it, I will find it. So… I couldn’t sleep and I thought I would go for a drive just to clear my head. And I– I swear, that– that was my only intention. Well, then I passed a bar. You know, open all night. So, the next thing I know, I’m sitting on a stool ordering a drink. And then another one. And then somehow I was able to stop myself and come here.

Jack: I’m glad you did.

Nikki: I just hate being so damn weak. I mean, god, when I saw that neon sign, I thought, “oh, oh, salvation,” you know? As if alcohol could make my anxiety and my anger go away. Of course, it won’T. It– it just makes it worse, and I know that. So, why do I keep doing this to myself and to the people that I love? And they are under the same amount of pressure that I am? The last thing you need is to be dealing with this.

Jack: No crisis is going to keep me from being your sponsor. This is what I signed up for. And I am incredibly proud of you and incredibly relieved that you came here.

Phyllis: Why is it I’m just hearing about those two psychopaths?

Summer: I didn’t know about jordan and claire until very recently, either.

Phyllis: And– and you, we– we– we had a real talk, and you failed to tell me that that– that jordan person, she poisoned your whole family. And she stabbed you, and she escaped twice.

Nick: I just don’t know why claire would do this. She was so happy at the party last night, like genuinely thrilled to be a part of this family. Why do it? What could she possibly gain from this?

Phyllis: The only thing that matters to me right now is that harrison gets home safe.

Nick: Yes, of course, he is the number one priority.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Nick: But still–

Phyllis: Still what? I mean, I can’t imagine that anything is more important than harrison coming home.

Nick: Look, victoria just got her daughter back after all these years. For this to happen, she’s got to be devastated.

Victoria: I want to believe with my whole heart that claire’s been honest with us. And that she truly has made all of this progress and that she loves being our daughter, but, I mean, summer came at us so hard with those accusations. Maybe that was just our– our nature of response.

Cole: To protect claire, to defend her, because we know her and we love her. But now you’re asking that if we were to look deep down, that all of this is true?

Victoria: I don’t know. I’ve been up all night wondering if it’s possible. Maybe nick’s early hesitation and adam’s nonstop warnings about claire… I mean, what if they were right? What? She went to the abbott house. She was alone with harrison and now they’re both missing.

Cole: You really want to do this?

Victoria: Don’t we have to?

Cole: Okay. If– if I were looking from the outside, I’d have to say that claire looks guilty too.

Victoria: But why would she do it?

Cole: I suppose to help jordan.

Victoria: You see, that’s– that’s where it all falls apart for me. I mean, she’s worked so hard to get past this pain that jordan caused in her life. And she was so happy to move in here. She couldn’t wait. Why would she turn her back on that?

Cole: Listen, I know this makes no sense. But growing up with my mother, you cannot believe how manipulative she was. How she hid all of her instability from me and from the rest of the world. Claire grew up with the exact same thing with jordan. She only saw jordan’s point of view, and she was just a kid. Jordan was the only adult in her life. Claire had to go along to survive.

Victoria: That sounds awful. It’s so lonely.

Cole: Well, if it was anything like me, claire grew up having to walk on eggshells. Feeling like it was up to her to have to manage jordan’s moods. To stop her from raging and lashing out and to humor her just to keep the peace. I mean, this urge is probably pretty deep.

Victoria: Maybe it was harder for her to break out of that grip than we knew.

Cole: I just can’t help but go back to what she said last night.

Victoria: She said that it was the best night of her life. That felt so real.

Cole: It was like she finally felt what life could be like. She finally felt like she was part of a family, the newmans, but more importantly, you and me. We gave her love, and she gave it back. I felt that. I saw it. And she didn’t want to be part of that darkness anymore. I have to believe that.

Victoria: I’ve never wanted to believe anything more in my whole life. Looking for a smarter way to mop?

Ashley: I’m feeling a little fuzzy-headed and, um, a little shaky, actually. Like, I just– I don’t know, I need to get my bearings, I guess.

Traci: Well, how did you sleep?

Ashley: Pretty well. I mean, the last thing I remember is saying goodnight to you.

Diane: How much of last night do you even remember? Well, no, it’s– it’s okay. Go ahead. I don’t care about the things you said.

Ashley: What do you mean?

Diane: Well, it was intense, and you were upset, and you lashed out.

Ashley: At you?

Traci: At all of us.

Jack: First things first, call victor. Tell him you are safe. He will be worried sick, especially with jordan around.

Nikki: Yeah, you’re right. Okay, done.

Jack: Knowing that you are safely here will give him peace of mind.

Nikki: Jack, whatever happens today, I cannot drink.

Jack: You left that bar, you came here. You’re making the right choices.

Nikki: Victor’s gonna be busy with his team trying to find harrison. Victoria is frantic about claire. Summer is beside herself. I wonder if she’s spoken to nicholas. My– my whole family is in turmoil again. And I– I need to be strong, able to help them, but I can only do that if I’m sober.

Jack: Okay, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You only have one person you need to be sober for, you.

Nikki: I am doing it for me. The most important thing in the world to me is to be there for my family, especially if, god forbid, things get even worse.

Jack: No, no, no, don’t start spinning worst case scenarios. It’s only gonna add to your stress.

Nikki: I can’t help it. I’m the one who got us here. First by letting jordan live, and then in my arrogance, thinking that I could lure her out of hiding the night of our anniversary party. Well, that did work, but now she has kidnapped our harrison. The poor little guy, he must be so terrified. All because I was determined to confront her.

Jack: You are not responsible for the actions of a psychopath. We also don’t know that this is jordan’s doing. This could well be claire’s doing.

Nikki: Oh, my god, well, then that’s even worse because that would mean that I made the same mistake twice in trusting her.

Jack: Do not think like that. You didn’t cause this. Victor and i are working together. How often does that happen? We are a force. We will be able to fix this. We will get harrison back home, and we will see to it that the people responsible for this are punished.

Ashley: I was lashing out at you? I’m so sorry. What– what did I say?

Traci: It doesn’t matter, ashley. I– I know you didn’t mean anything by it.

Diane: Yeah, you weren’t yourself. We know that.

Ashley: What does that mean? I mean, who was I if I wasn’t myself? Why can’t I remember any of this?

Traci: I don’t know, ashley. I don’T.

Ashley: It’s like there’s just this big, blank space in the evening, and I– I don’t know. I just– I woke up so confused, and… I’m scared. I want– I want to get some help. And I don’t mean, like, later. I want it right now. I need the help today.

Traci: Okay, that’s– that’s good because we’re waiting for a confirmation call for an appointment for this morning.

Ashley: We are?

Traci: Yes.

Diane: Yes, with one of the doctors that sharon recommended. She’s going to get you an appointment as soon as possible.

Ashley: I kinda remember sharon being here. She showed up right before I went to bed, right?

Traci: Yes, jack had called her.

Ashley: Okay. Okay.

Kyle: Hey, um, has there been any word?

Diane: No, I’m sorry. I’m afraid not. Honey, did you get any sleep?

Kyle: Yeah, I– I can sleep when this is over.

Ashley: What’s going on?

Traci: Um, harrison is sick, and he’s with summer.

Ashley: Oh, no.

Traci: And she’s taken him to the doctor.

Ashley: I’m so sorry.

Kyle: Yeah, um, I need to check in with summer right now.

Diane: Yeah, that’s, uh, that’s a good idea. Why don’t I– why don’t I get you something to eat? More coffee?

Kyle: Yeah.

Diane: Listen, he’s gonna be okay. I’m so sorry.

Did you know…

Cole: You need your energy. We both do if we’re gonna get through this day.

Victoria: I can’t eat. I can’t stop replaying every interaction that I’ve had with claire. Do you remember when she first told us that she was our daughter?

Cole: Yeah, at the lake house.

Victoria: And we denied it. Adamantly.

Cole: Yeah, well, it’s because she poisoned us.

Victoria: Yeah, but even after that, when she was in jail, we still didn’t believe her.

Cole: Well, we had reason for that. We thought she had died, and we hadn’t learned the lie.

Victoria: But what if that harsh interaction left an impression on her? What if it caused a wound so deep that she couldn’t get over it?

Cole: But the minute that we got the dna results, we were all in with helping her.

Victoria: But was it too late? I mean, in her mind, that we were rejecting her again? And prove jordan right? That we didn’t want her to begin with?

Cole: Well, she– she might have felt that way at first. But after she did all of that work with the doctors–

Victoria: But did she really? I mean, did she? Or was that just an act? Did we push her too fast? Did we take her out of the hospital before she was ready?

Cole: I have all of the same questions buzzing through my head. But we can’t believe them. We can’t listen to them. She’s our girl. She is our miraculous, resilient daughter. And even though we didn’t raise her, that doesn’t mean that we don’t know her.

Victoria: She came to us full-grown. She was a young woman with adult problems, and then some. We didn’t– we didn’t just have to play catch up with her. I mean, we had to help her deal with a lifetime of being fed hate and lies.

Cole: Yeah, and we succeeded at that. I know that. And the doctors know that.

Victoria: But what if we failed?

Cole: We still don’t know exactly what we’re dealing with here. Or to what extent claire is actually involved.

Victoria: I’m trying, all right? I’m trying to cling on to some sort of hope.

Cole: You know, I’ve heard something else about this parenting business. That when your kids are in trouble, you have to eat to keep up your strength. So, let’s do it for her. ‘Cause whatever the day brings, I’m pretty sure that she’s gonna need us.

Summer: Victoria refuses to believe that claire did this.

Nick: You saw her?

Summer: Yes, I went to the tack house last night looking for claire. I got into it with victoria and cole and grandma and grandpa. They want to blame it all on jordan, but there is no way that claire is innocent in all of this.

[ Phone ringing ] Kyle, did you get word?

Kyle: No, nothing yet. I just want to check in with you, see how you’re holding up.

Summer: How do you think I’m holding up? My son has been kidnapped, and you let it happen.

Nick: Summer, um, I think you’re being a little tough on kyle. This has got to be tearing him apart, too.

Phyllis: Um, well, he left his son with a maniac, knowing her history, so it’s really on him. If this were up to me, I would have never, ever done anything like that.

Nick: Kyle is not the only person who is convinced claire has changed.

Summer: You are all wrong.

Diane: Kyle, this is not your fault. You have to know that.

Kyle: Yeah. I, um, I need to make some more calls.

Diane: Yeah, um, maybe we should do that upstairs.

Traci: Yes, okay, thank you so very much. All right, we are all set. You are confirmed for an intake appointment for this morning.

Ashley: Okay.

Traci: Do you want me to go with you?

Ashley: I don’t just want you to, I need you to. I want to know what’s going on, but I’m– I’m kind of terrified to find out.

Traci: Oh, well, don’t worry. We will find out together, okay? I’ll be right there with you. I just need a couple of minutes to get ready, and then we’ll go, okay? Be right back.

Ashley: Okay, thank you. I would’ve called yesterday.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue…

Jack: You have nothing to apologize for.

Ashley: Well, hello, nikki. What are you doing here?

Jack: Uh, we had something to discuss. How are you doing?

Ashley: I’m okay. Uh, traci and I have an appointment, and she’s getting ready.

Jack: Well, good. I know she was waiting to hear back on that one spot. Um, I’m glad that worked out.

Nikki: Is everything all right?

Ashley: Yeah, yeah. Should I be worried about you? It’s awfully early.

Jack: No need to worry about anything. Everything’s gonna work out fine.

Ashley: Yeah, well, I hope so.

Jack: Have you had anything to eat yet? You might want to have some breakfast before you take off.

Ashley: That’s a good idea. Uh, would you tell traci I’m in the kitchen?

Jack: Sure.

Ashley: Thanks.

Jack: Uh, ashley? Good luck. And give me a call after the appointment.

Ashley: Sure. Bye.

Nikki: What was that about?

Jack: What?

Nikki: Well, she seems unsteady.

Jack: She’s dealing with the emotional fallout from tucker.

Nikki: Oh, you mentioned you were concerned that she might take him back. Is that what’s happened?

Jack: Uh, no. He’s made it very clear it is over.

Nikki: And she’s upset about it?

Jack: Could we please talk about something else?

Nikki: Okay, meaning it’s none of my business. I really should go anyway because I really do have a family situation.

Jack: You don’t have to go. There are just certain things I don’t want to get into right now. You are not monopolizing my time.

Nikki: Well, thank you for that lie. But, uh, I should go to the office. Lauren is probably wondering where I am. We’re working on reports today.

Jack: Do you really think you ought to go into the office today?

Nikki: I find it to be therapeutic.

Jack: How about I drive you? You couldn’t resist the bar the last time.

Nikki: I’ll be fine. All right, all right, all right. I– I will call lauren and have her meet me at the ranch. We can work there, all right? And as you noticed, I’m really not dressed for the office.

Jack: I like this idea a lot better.

Nikki: And talking with you really did help. But I’m clearly not the only one who needs you today. Kyle and ashley, they need your attention as well, so…

Jack: Promise me you will call if you feel the urge.

Nikki: I will. Thank you.

Jack: Come on. I’ll walk you out.

Kyle: Dad.

Jack: Wait. You heard something?

Kyle: It’s another text. From claire.

Nick: Summer. I know waiting is the worst. But you have to be strong. And I can’t have you running off and doing anything risky.

Summer: That’s why I can’t just sit here. I can’t sit here when my son is the one that’s out there, at risk. And it seems like jordan and claire will do anything to torture the newmans. Harrison woke up in a strange place this morning. I mean, if he even got any sleep at all. He– he has no idea what’s going on, except for whatever lies those two psychopaths told him. I mean, he’s got to be terrified. And we don’t even know what’s gonna happen to him next.

Phyllis: Okay, listen, listen, listen, listen. Stop that. Don’t let those ideas get in your head.

Nick: We are gonna find him and we are gonna bring him home.

Summer: I’m sorry. I can’t be here. I just can’T.

Nick: Summer. Summer, please.

[ Nick sighing ]

Phyllis: We have to do something.

Nick: Damn it. Jordan is gonna pay. And this time for good.

Jack: What did she say?

Kyle: She wants safe passage for jordan. Out of the country.

Jack: Any details?

Kyle: She says ask victor for details about his last offer. What does that mean?

Jack: I have no idea. I’ll call him right now and ask. What about harrison? Any details about the exchange?

Kyle: Yeah, once jordan is safely away, she says claire will reveal harrison’s location.

Jack: Reveal? I don’t like this.

Kyle: Yeah, neither do I. And why isn’t claire asking for anything for herself? This is all about jordan’s safety. I mean, claire has to know she’s facing kidnapping charges. Dad, this doesn’t make sense.

Jack: None of this makes any sense. But we have to remember we are dealing with one, maybe two, deranged women. Look, let’s stick with victor. We’ll share the text with him and find out about this last offer. Head & shoulders bare clinically proven dandruff

Nikki: Oh, lauren, you beat me here.

Lauren: Well, I was already on my way in when I got your message to come to the ranch. Nikki, michael has filled me in. It’s insanity. I can’t believe you’ve already been up and out. You– you must be exhausted. I can’t imagine that you slept much last night.

Nikki: I didn’t sleep at all.

Lauren: You want a drink, don’t you?

Nikki: I can’t keep anything from you. I’ve already had one. Okay, two. In a moment of panic in the early hours. But I managed to stop and I went and saw jack.

Lauren: Thank goodness.

Nikki: Yeah, he was a lifesaver, as usual. Even though his family is dealing with the same situation.

Lauren: I know firsthand how draining living in constant fear is.

Nikki: Yes, of course, you do. Sheila.

Lauren: It’s unbearable. And I certainly wasn’t carrying the added burden that you are. You know what? Let’s put work on hold and– and you go to a meeting.

Nikki: Well, I– I sure could use one, but…

Lauren: Are you afraid you’re gonna miss an update with harrison?

Nikki: Well, that’s part of it. But on the way to the meeting, I pass by two bars and a liquor store and I don’t trust myself.

Lauren: Then, let me go with you.

Nikki: You would do that?

Lauren: I insist.

Victoria: Why isn’t there any news?

Cole: Well, it must mean kyle hasn’t gotten any more instructions from jordan.

Victoria: How can there be no trail on jordan? I mean, this has to be her plan. She either hijacked that truck herself or she arranged for it. And why is there no sign of her on any street traffic cameras? There’s no witnesses? Look, I know my dad’s team is working together with jack’s and the police department, but why haven’t they found anything yet?

Cole: Because jordan is ingenious. She is damn good at being evil.

Victoria: But what are their demands? What– what are they? Why is she dragging this out? This is like agony. And what’s worse is harrison– I mean, come on, he’s just a little boy.

Cole: I– I– I know, and there’s no doubt that jordan is getting some kind of pleasure out of torturing all of us and just leaving us in limbo.

Victoria: Why did she drag the abbotts into this in the first place? Why?

Cole: Because summer. Summer is– is harrison’s stepmom now, and– and she’s a newman.

Victoria: But she’s always directed her hate towards my dad and my mom and you and me and nicholas. Claire’s immediate family.

Cole: Wait, there’s just no point in trying to– to look into the logic when it comes down to jordan. She had no reason to let us believe that our baby died, but she did it.

Victoria: I have to believe that claire is innocent, which means that she might be in danger. What if jordan plans to hurt her? What if she already has? I can’t lose our daughter again.

Victor: My order to you is to keep doing it until you follow up on every lead. Is that clear?

Jack: I take it your team has come up empty as well.

[ Victor sighing ]

Victor: Yeah. All tips leading to jordan’s whereabouts have not panned out.

Jack: Okay, well we have some news.

Kyle: Another text saying we should ask you about a previous offer you made to jordan.

Jack: What does that mean?

Victor: It means that I set a trap. I offered that disaster enough money to move to the south of france and live in a chateau for the rest of her life. With a new identity.

Jack: But she somehow managed to get free?

Victor: That’s because she took her own poison. And then nikki called 911. They took her into custody and she escaped from that.

Jack: Well, apparently, your offer was enticing enough for her to pull this stunt in the hopes of finally getting it.

Kyle: Only this time, she’s using harrison for leverage.

Victor: What about claire?

Kyle: There’s been no mention of anything for claire.

Victor: Ah. That means that claire wasn’t involved in any of this. My dry eye’s made me a burning,

Traci: Okay, are you ready to do this?

Ashley: No, I’m not. I’m terrified.

Traci: Well, ashley, this doctor is gonna get to the bottom of what’s going on with you.

Ashley: That’s what frightens me, what she’s gonna say.

Traci: Well, I’ll be right there with you. And we’re all behind you, 100%. Finding out what’s wrong with you is– is the first step in getting better. It’s the first step of finding some peace.

Ashley: I know. I hope so. I hope you’re right.

Traci: Ashley, I’m so proud of you. Facing this head on.

Ashley: I don’t think you should be very proud of me. From what I understand, I said some horrible things and I would probably regret it if I could actually remember it.

Traci: I don’t care about any of that. I care about you. You’re doing the right thing. You’ve got this. And I am right there with you.

Phyllis: I want to be positive. But when I think of harrison. And then, he’s in the hands of this jordan person after everything you guys told me about her.

Nick: Look, she didn’t beat us last time. She’s not gonna beat us this time.

Phyllis: Oh, god. I just– I’m so frustrated. I want to break something. I just wanna take those bitches out, you know?

Nick: I know.

Phyllis: And then I just want to hug our daughter. I mean, our baby is so, so scared about her own baby. I just want to hold her until harrison comes back safe and sound.

Nick: We have to find her boy. And bring him home.

Kyle: I thought the same thing. This must all be jordan. If claire is a part of this, she has to know she’s blown up her life. There’s no coming back from this.

Jack: It does seem like protection for herself would be part of this bargain.

Victor: I guess there’s only one way to find out. We stand by the deal. As long as harrison is safe.

Jack: Well, that is the hitch.

Kyle: She says they’ll only release harrison once jordan’s safely away. I mean, how can we agree to that? It gives us no leverage.

Victor: Return a text to them and tell them… on my behalf, the deal stands. As long as they deliver harrison to us safely.

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