Days Short Recap Friday, December 15, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Harris woke up next to Stephanie. He woke up filled with regret over what they did. Stephanie woke up too and wondered what happened. He promised to tell her what happened later. She snuck out of the pub, but Leo saw her leaving. He became suspicious of her sneaking out of the pub. He saw Harris walk out of the pub too. Roman and Marlena talked about Eric and Sloan at the pub. They wondered if she would be too busy to take care of their grandchild. Sloan and Eric woke up to Jude crying. She offered to take care of him, so she took him out for a walk. While she was in the square, Leo called her and went off because Dimitri was sent to maximum prison. She said there was nothing she could do about it. He demanded money and power. Sloan wanted more time to figure things out. Leo threatened to expose her secret. She begged him not to tell it. After their conversation, she realized she didn’t have her wallet. She went back to Sweet Bits to get it. When she got back, she realized Jude and the stroller were gone. Sloan called for help and said someone stole her baby. Eric arrived at the square. Rafe and Harris also showed up at the square. They wanted to get a statement from Sloan. She explained what happened. Rafe wondered if Sloan knew who would have taken him. She didn’t know who did it. Eric told Rafe that Nicole took a baby once. He hated the idea that she could have taken him. Rafe decided to go to the DiMera mansion to talk to her. Eric called Marlena and told her that his baby was kidnapped.

At the station, Sloan blamed herself for what happened to Jude. Marlena assured her that it wasn’t her fault. She thought it was important that they find the baby. Leo showed up at the station with the stroller. Sloan accused Leo of taking the baby, but he denied doing it. He said he found the stroller in the alley without the baby in it. Leo said she was his lawyer and got him out of jail. He had no reason to do it. Leo believed he owed her everything. When they were alone, Sloan confronted Leo about taking her child. Leo said he was innocent. He told her that if she thought that, she would have told the police. She would have told the police what his motive would be for taking Jude. He said she wouldn’t do it because everyone would know the truth. Leo could tell her where the baby was, but he refused to do it. He told her the time was ticking. EJ received an alert that a baby was missing. He tried to call Nicole, but she didn’t answer. He was about to call her again when Rafe arrived. He wanted to talk to him about Sloan and Eric’s baby being kidnapped. EJ assured him that Nicole didn’t kidnap the baby. He got upset when Rafe assumed she did it. EJ tried to locate Nicole’s phone, but it was still in the house. Rafe noticed her car was parked outside. He realized the square was near the lake. EJ thought his wife was kidnapped too. He demanded that Rafe find her. Later, Rafe went back to the station. He updated Harris about what happened at the mansion. Sloan realized it was time to confess. Nicole found EJ in the tunnels with Jude. She apologized to EJ for what she did.

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