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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie told Alex that Victor was going to make him CEO until he got a call from Leo. She said Leo asked him about Alex’s threesome and how his affair with Allie ended her relationship with Chanel. He said that didn’t have anything to do with him being able to do the job. She said his personal life was a liability. He mentioned all the people who could be CEO. She said it was none of them. He wondered who was left. She said she was. He wondered what experience she had. She said she ran successful restaurants and picked up a couple of things from Victor. She said she had a lot to learn but she was hoping he would help her if she needed it. He wanted to call Victor to confirm what she said. He still couldn’t believe what was happening. She said she had good instincts. He asked if she had killer instincts. She ended up firing him. She told him she was kidding. She said she knows people will doubt her, but this was her family too. She said she would do anything to keep Titan on top. He said she was smart, but she wasn’t ruthless. She said she heard his issues but wanted to know if he wanted to move forward or not. Jack went to see Gwen at the Salem Inn. He gave her the keys to the paper. He told her not to turn his and Jennifer’s legacy into a cheap tabloid. She said she would do her best to live up to the standard they set. He said a part of him was grateful one of his children was looking out for something that meant so much to him. He let her know that he and Jennifer were going back to Boston. He said he would always love her. He said he hoped it would be easier to love each other with distance between them. He said he hoped she find happiness.

Jennifer talked to Julie about the paper. Julie asked if they lost their minds. Jennifer told her that Gwen and Xander blackmailed them. Jennifer told her about the hit and run. Julie wanted to finish the job. Jennifer stopped her from doing it. Julie said none of this would have happened if Jack kept it in his pants. Jack walked in while she was talking. He said he missed her. Jack and Jennifer told Julie goodbye. Julie said Gwen would answer to her if she did anything. Justin told Xander the clerk misplaced the paperwork, so his divorce wasn’t processed. Justin said he printed the paper over and needed him and Sarah to sign them again. Xander said he would look over the paperwork and get back to him. Gwen and Leo went to the Square. She told him that she might have made a mistake choosing Xander over Jack. Leo said he was certain Xander loved her. He told her to have faith. He said they would be together and soon as the divorce papers were processed. Justin showed up and told them the paperwork wasn’t filed. He said Xander seemed hesitant to sign the divorce papers. Sarah told Rex she was pregnant. He said it was amazing. He said they were having a baby. She said the baby was Xander’s. She said she didn’t know what she was going to do. He told her about the job opening at his hospital. He said the job was hers if she wanted it. She looked up the job and said it sounded great. She said things were complicated right now. Xander showed up. He asked Rex if he could speak to her alone. When Rex left, Xander told her the divorce didn’t go through. He asked if she really wanted to get the divorce before they signed the papers. He said it might have been a sign that they should give their marriage another chance. She touched her stomach. She said she got a sign too when he walked in. She said Rex told her about a job in Chicago and she was going to take it. She said the universe was telling her they should go their separate ways. She asked him for the papers. He gave her the papers. She signed the papers. He signed the papers. She said she would make sure the papers got filed properly. He wished her luck in Chicago. Xander ran into Leo and Gwen at the Square. Leo asked why he didn’t sign the divorce papers. Xander said he did. He said Sarah was leaving town with Rex. He said once the divorce was finalized there would be no connection between them. Sarah told Rex she was taking the job. She said she didn’t tell Xander about the baby. He asked if she was sure. She said she didn’t know what to do about the baby. She said this would give him a chance to figure out what to do without Xander breathing down her neck.

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