GH Short Recap Thursday, December 14, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Carly advises Ava that if she is in trouble because of Austin, she should tell Sonny so he can help her get out of trouble.

Kristina tells Sonny she is going to be Molly and TJ’s surrogate and he advises her to find some time for herself in between her two jobs and being Molly and TJ’s surrogate.

TJ tells his Aunt Stella that he is worried Kristina won’t follow through with her commitment to him and Molly. Aunt Stella tells TJ to trust the sisterly bond that Molly and Kristina have and know that Kristina would never break Molly’s heart.

Monica and Tracy listen to Finn’s course of treatment for Mr. Muldoon and they both agree that Finn did nothing wrong when he treated Mr. Muldoon. Monica and Tracy are going to recommend to the hospital board that they not give a separate settlement to the Muldoon family and back Finn in the malpractice suit. The hospital lawyer wants to say that Finn acted without the knowledge of the hospital. Monica tells the lawyer to find another approach to defend the hospital.

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