GH Short Recap Thursday, March 9, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Trina talks to Ava about her situation with Curtis and Taggert and Ava advises Trina to take a DNA test so she can know her identity. Ava tells Trina that it won’t change her relationship with her father at all.

Nina advises Curtis to let Trina make the decisions about their relationship. Nina also sees why Portia kept the truth from him, Taggert, and Trina. Portia was afraid to lose the people she loved.

Cody and Sasha bond over their love of horses and Sasha agrees to come ride the Quartermaine horses to give them some exercise. Cody accidentally tells Sasha he thought she had sold Brando’s garage because she heard someone talking about it.

Gladys tells Sonny she sold Brando’s garage to Selina Wu but, Sonny wonders if Sasha is okay with her selling the garage to Mrs. Wu.

Maxie enlists Bobbie’s help to plan the Nurse’s Ball to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the hospital

Anna, Lucy, and Valentin are getting stir crazy at the safe house and Lucy gets upset when Felicia tells her Maxie and Bobbie are planning the Nurse’s Ball.

Deputy Mayor Ashby tells Laura that Victor isn’t performing in the bedroom, so she won’t be able to seduce him to get information on his plan.

Selena Wu calls Holly to tell her that something is bothering Victor and it could have something to do with the powder she gave her to put in his drinks.

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