GH Short Recap Thursday, October 12, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Austin is forced to lie to a judge and tell him that Cyrus is in frail health because of his heart attack and is no longer a threat to society. Austin then calls Mason to tell him to let Ava go. Mason tells him that he can’t let Ava go until the boss tells him to do it. Avery’s nanny Pilar tells Dex and Josslyn that she is worried because Ava hasn’t returned her text messages. Dex sends a text to Michael telling him that Ava is missing but he is going to find her so he shouldn’t worry Sonny on his wedding day. Dex and Josslynn begin to search for Ava.

Willow has another dream where Harmony tells her she has something very important to tell her for her protection. Wiley awakens Willow before Harmony can tell her anything.

Sonny and Nina’s wedding begins with Michael as best man and Kristina and Willow as bridesmaids. Donna is the flower girl and Wiley is the ring bearer.

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