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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Megan walked in the secret lab and looked at Marlena, Kayla and Kate in their pods. She said there was so much work that needed to be done. When Marlena and Kayla woke up, they noticed that Kate was missing. Kate was tied up in a chair in another room with Megan. Megan told her Phase 2 of her plan was about to begin. Kate asked her what was going on. Megan told her not to upset her. She said Kate’s involvement in her next plan was non-negotiable. She said Kate and the others were pawns in a game they don’t know about. Megan pulled out the orchid. She said she used it to counter Orpheus’ poisoning so she could save their lives. She said the flower could heal more than just the one toxin. She said she needed to fix her own condition and someone close to her. Kate said Megan didn’t look too great. She said Megan might still be sick. Kate kept making fun of her. Megan told her she was going to be her guinea pig to test her serum in case it is deadly. Kayla told Marlena that she wondered if Kate left to save herself. Marlena didn’t think she did, but she wondered if Kate was a part of Megan’s plan. Marlena saw a curtain and opened it. They saw Bo’s pod. Marlena thought the pod was older than theirs. They wondered who Megan could be saving. Kayla thought it could be Stefano. She said he would be an empty shell because his soul was a microchip that got burned so it couldn’t be him. She said it didn’t matter because Megan had Kate. She said they needed to get smart about getting out.

Andrew wanted to know why Steve was in Washington. Steve said he needed help to find Megan. Andrew said she wasn’t his case. He said he could give him the name of the agent in charge of Megan. Steve said he felt like he was getting the runaround with him which was why he came to see him in person. Andrew told him that he and John didn’t have clearance. He said they did enough dirty work for the ISA. He said forget about clearance. He said there was concern that he and John were compromised. He said they were brainwashed so how could the ISA know they weren’t still brainwashed. He questioned whether the DiMeras were involved. He said he didn’t believe it. When Steve was ready to leave, Andrew pulled out Megan’s file. John went to see Paul. John told him about Megan. He said he was hoping Andrew could help. Paul said he and Andrew weren’t talking anymore. John told him he should have tried to make things work. While they were talking, Steve called him with news about Megan. Paul offered to go with John. He said he could tell it was dangerous and wanted to help. John said he and Steve needed to do this on their own. Paul understood and wanted him to let him know what happens. Roman went to see Lucas. He told Lucas about Megan. Lucas didn’t know who she was. Roman told him about Megan’s history. Roman said he was there to find out what he knew. Roman said he hoped Kate might have mentioned something to him about Megan when she was with Stefano. Lucas said she didn’t. Roman said Megan was after Kayla and Marlena. He said Kate was collateral damage. They ended up talking about Lucas losing Sami. Kayla puled a spring out of Bo’s pod. She used it to pick the lock. When the door opened, she and Marlena were shocked. John and Steve looked through a DiMera location. They opened a door and were surprised. Megan had the serum and told Kate that she hasn’t fully recovered from being dead. She said the serum should fix her. She said it was time to use the serum. She said if Kate didn’t die, it would have good effects. She asked if Kate had any last words. Kate told her the ropes weren’t tight and punched her. When she walked out, she saw Bo.

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