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Welcome one and all. We are here to join this man and this woman, and this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Marriage is a sacred institution based on trust, love, and mutual respect. Should anyone present see any reason why these two Excuse me, why either of these two out of the four should not be wed.

Speak now or forever hold your peace. Who left that part in?

Well then. Wait a minute!

I have something to say.

So I tell you that Sona and I are having a baby and that I’m happy about it? And all you can say is that at least Nicole’s not the mother? What, what are you supposed to say? How about congratulations? Look, Sammy, I gotta go. Kate and dad are here. Yeah, I’m sure Kate wishes you well, too. Bye. Sorry we’re late, but it’s for a very good read.

Yeah. Abe is coming home from the hospital. We went to help Paulina get everything ready. Well, he’s well enough to come home. That’s great. Best news ever. I’m sure Paulina’s just excited. Oh, she is. She is. The only thing, Abe still has amnesia, so unfortunately he doesn’t recognize, he doesn’t know who she is.

Yeah, but he’s alive and he’s coming home, we’re gonna do everything we can to make sure he recovers his memory, you know, lots of visits and reminders of how much we love him and make sure that he knows everybody’s there for him. Yeah, of course, that’s great, and I’ll do whatever I can to help. I know you will, sir.

Well, I have some good news to share myself.

I’m gonna be a dad.

My test results were already picked up. That’s what it says right here. Well, that’s impossible because I’m Nicole Walker and I did not pick them up. May I see your ID? Seriously, please.

Look, there is obviously a mistake. My baby’s father got a call from Dr. Sorenson’s office saying the test results were ready. And I came right over. So you lost them in what, a matter of 15 minutes? I’m sorry. Sorry isn’t good enough. What the hell happened to my test results?

So there it is in black and white. Nicole really is having Eric’s baby.

I mean, as soon as she sees these results, she’s gonna know the truth.

And it’s all gonna blow up in my face.

Well, this isn’t our expected turn of events. Well, not completely unexpected. What the hell are you doing?

I’m sorry, Gwenny, I can’t let you marry this man. Like

sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So, slow news. I think the word you’re looking for is pregnant. Are you sure? Yeah, we’re sure. We took a test and we’ve seen her doctor and… We’re happy about it, and I hope you are too. So Sloane didn’t want to be here when you told her? No, she wanted to be here, but she had something she had to take care of.

Okay, don’t panic, don’t panic. So what, Nicole finds out Eric’s the father, I mean… He’s your father too, little angel, and I mean, we’re in love. And Nicole’s ensconced in a mansion. I mean, It’s a stupid piece of paper. It doesn’t mean we’re gonna lose him.


does it? Is it possible the father picked up the results himself? No, he’s at a wedding. Well, I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened to them, but if you wait here, I’ll print out another copy for you. Ho ho, Nicole’s missing all the fun. I wonder what’s keeping her. Dammit, Matty, what are you doing? Look, I just think I know what you think.

In fact, I’ve heard nothing but what you think about Dimitri for the past few weeks now. And none of it’s consistent. Excuse me? One minute it’s, don’t marry him, and the next minute it’s, oh, you’re gonna be so happy together. I know, I know, I’m sorry. Excuse me, remember us? Hey, the OG bride and groom here. I didn’t want a double wedding in the first place.

I certainly did not want this psycho drama. I’m so sorry. No, it’s not your fault, it’s his fault. Please stop sniveling or get out, because I’m getting married to Stefan, right here, right now. No. Look, Mattie, Tell me. Come on, tell me. Just talk to me. Just tell me what’s wrong.

Thank you. But printing out a copy doesn’t explain what happened to the original genetic test results, that they’re kind of private on personal. Um, my colleague just went on a break. Let me see if I can track her down and get some answers. Yeah, okay. You do that, and you might want to tell her to forgo her break because the baby’s father is EJ DiMera.

No. He’s a certain amount of clout in this town. Tell me.

Here. I’m gonna call Nicole. Something’s wrong. I’ll be back. Gabby, I’m sorry. Really, I am. Not as sorry as you’re gonna be. Talk to me. Look, it’s just, you’re my best friend. You’re my only friend. But if you are her friend, then you will trust her and her decision. Now, I know that you don’t trust me, but I promise you I am not going to hurt her.

I will make sure he keeps his word. Leo, I know how much you love Gwen, and vice versa, but you will always be a part of her life, which means that you and I are kind of stuck with each other, and I’m hoping that someday, even we could be friends. Heartwarming. Now can we shut up and get along with this thing?

And I know that this marriage is going to enrich all our lives.

Your blessing means so much to me.

Okay. Blessings upon blessings. Thank you. Actually, that means a lot. No, actually what that means is that we can proceed with this wedding. Now, please, one more time with feeling. Right, um, so where was I? Um, oh yes, um, if anyone for any reason Okay, no, no one does. Just move on. Gabriella and Stephan, Gwen and, remind me of your name.

Dimitri. Dimitri. Marriage is a commitment to life. The best that two people can offer. It brings out growth and development unlike any other relationship. It is a physical and an emotional relationship that is promised for a lifetime.

Thanks, but there’s no point. I’m sure it’ll get… Straighten out soon. Or else I’m going to kill someone. Well, This is, uh, Certainly unexpected. Actually, it was planned. Really? You want the details? No, I don’t. Eric, I’m sorry, I’m just surprised. And not pleasantly. You know, usually with an announcement like this, I would have expected to hear Congratulations, I’m really thrilled for you, son.

For the record. I’m told that I’ll be a grandfather again and I’m happy for you because I know how much you wanted to be a father. Yeah, well that was carefully worded. Oh, come on Eric, you know, Sloane is not my favorite person. Because she didn’t like the chowder? No, because she terrorized Paulina and Chanel and then gave her damn playbook to her demented brother.

Alright, honey. And he’s the reason why my best friend Abe has no idea who in the hell he is. So I apologize. I’m so sorry. I’m so damn sorry. Yeah, right. Yeah, well, I thought you were just having a fling with that woman, not having a baby with her. Now you are. That’s a hell of a commitment. What the hell changed, Eric?

That dream, that nightmare, this is coming true. Eric’s gonna find out that Nicole and I are both having his baby. And he’s gonna go right back to Nicole. She’s probably on the way to pick these up right now. There’s only one thing I can do.

Gabriela and Stefan, have you come here to enter into marriage without coercion, freely, and wholeheartedly? We have. Gwen and Dimitri, have you come here to enter into marriage? Without coercion, freely, and wholeheartedly? I have. Yes. I have.

Do you, Stefan, take Gabriela to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, from this day forward till death do you part?

Si. Quiero. I do. Do you, Gabriela, take Stefan To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, from this day forward till death do you part. I do.

By the power vested in me. I now pronounce you husbands and wives. You may now kiss your wife.

Stefan, you may now kiss your wife. I

know you don’t approve of me and Sloan, and you believe that we’re doing this all for the wrong reasons. But once upon a time ago, you had to welcome E. J. DeMere into the family, and I’m sorry, Kate, but let’s not forget about Lucas who frickin kidnapped Sammy. Okay, no, that’s fair. And, Eric, I did encourage you and Sloane to have a baby, if you recall.

You did? Yes, I did. I encouraged them both to go ahead and do it. Life is short. Seize the day and all of that. I would be a hypocrite if I expressed disapproval right now. So, I want you to know, I’m very happy for you. Thank you, Kate. I really appreciate that. Unfortunately, my father doesn’t feel the same way you do.

Don’t go away then!

Ma always said that every child is a blessing, and what could be better than a new breed? That’s right. I know this baby is going to be loved, and it’s going to be cherished, and it’s going to be spoiled like crazy. So congratulations, Eric. To you, and to your child. Who will be as lucky as hell to have the best father any kid could ever ask for.



to my colleague. She said she gave the test results to Nicole Walker. No, she didn’t. I am Nicole Walker. You saw my freaking ID. Uh, so who the hell did she give it to? Me. Thank you,

Dad, for coming around. Yeah, well… Thanks to Kate for being happy for you and for me remembering Ma’s words. Look, I admit that I had misgivings when I first heard, but this is obviously something you want very badly. So I want it for you.

Especially since I know how disappointed you were when Jada decided to Terminate her pregnancy. Yeah, I was, but… Sloane and I’s decision to have a baby had nothing to do with that. Or Nicole having EJ’s child. Dad, you know it’s been a hard year for me, and Sloane’s been through it all with me. Does… Does Gina know about the baby?

She does. I, uh… I told her earlier today, and she took the news very well. But she and I have both moved on.

Boy, that Leo, he, he really likes attention, huh? Oh, yeah. But I will say that by Salem standards, the wedding was relatively drama free. Couldn’t you

have given me a drama queen at my wedding.

Why did you do that? I’m gonna leave. No, please. You did what you thought was right. And it would kill me to know that the two of you stopped being friends because of me.


you. So, how long do you think they’ll last? Gabby and Steph?

Well, going by their statistics, somewhere south of six months. You want to play the odds? I’m trying to be a supportive brother. You’re no fun. I noticed that Gabby is wearing Daphne DiMera’s sapphire necklace. I assume you gave it to her? I loaned it. So I’m not the only one trying to make money. I was feeling charitable, since the good news.

Now that you share joint custody of Rachel. Mm hmm. I also want Gabby to see me as a friend, not an enemy. If you said the same thing about Megan and look how that turned out. Stefan followed your advice and agreed to a double wedding. He figured it was no skin off his nose to ingratiate himself with our nephew.

Of course, you didn’t foresee Leo Starr’s nonsense. Don’t suppose you know what that’s about? I have no idea.

Gabby, you look beautiful. Especially when you were yelling at Leo. Can you believe that nincompoop? You know, it looks like you’ll be in a body bag by now. Well, overall, I feel like the wedding was beautiful. I thought so too. Thank you. And what was up with Leo? You know what? It doesn’t even matter. Because what I remember is saying I do, and the justice of the piecing, and your man and wife.

That’s all that matters. Definitely. All that matters.

Hey, hey, hey. Oh, I’m so sorry. Hey, Jay, I’m sorry. Um, don’t worry about it. It’s okay. Uh, anyway, I, uh, heard you’re having a baby, so congratulations. Uh, thank you. And, uh, Nicole, is she coming back? Because I’d like to congratulate her in person. Uh, I hope so. Um, Excuse me. Thank you. Thank you again. Yep. So, you want to congratulate Nicole?

Taking the high road. But, you know, since she’s not here, I’ve actually had enough Salem weddings for one day, so, uh, maybe we should just, uh, take off. I don’t think Gabby would mind. Yeah, I don’t think she would either. Let’s go. You

sure you’re protected?

Why do you have my test results? Well, Eric and I are having genetic testing done too. So I came to see if our results are ready and she must have just given me yours by mistake.

It’s open. Look, I’ve been having a lot of anxiety. I just, I’m sorry. I didn’t even look at the envelope to check the name.

Thank God. What is it? Um, no genetic anomalies. That’s wonderful. Yeah, I can’t wait to tell EJ that, uh, our baby’s fine.

Okay, that should do it. Presto change o! No mention of EJ not being a genetic match for Nicole’s baby.

I guess I don’t need to print another copy after all.

So, man and wife again. Congratulations. Thank you, and thanks for standing up for me today. Oh, I didn’t do much. You took the job. That means a lot. And I have to say, I’m very happy about joining this family again. I know you don’t feel the same way, but Stefan wants to be close to his brother, so maybe we could have a fresh start.

I’d like that.

Aren’t you gonna toss your bouquet? Shall I aim it in your direction? Thanks, but I still have some wild oats to sow. You know, I was thinking it would probably be a bit more civilized, seeing as we’ve got two bouquets and two single women here, that I should just give mine to Jada. Have you seen where she went?

We need to talk. Have you seen Jada?

Um, I think she and Wraith, uh, snuck out. Oh, alright then. Here you go. What is this for? Well, you are the one single woman left here. Auntie Kristen. Please do not call me that. I am your niece. Okay, sorry, it’s the last time. Mm hmm, alright. I wonder if Leo’s feelings for Dimitri have been, um… But

to bed, shall we say? Well, Dimitri’s really been great. He’s, um, really smoothing things out with Leo. Actually,

I’m back. Oh, Miss Walker. Did you get everything straightened out with the test results? Yes, we did. I’m sorry. I can’t imagine. All’s well that ends well, right? Did you park in the garage? Let me walk you out. Come. Okay.

What are you doing with that? Gwen gave it to me. Since I am the only single woman in attendance. I hope Nicole doesn’t have her heart set on being the next bride. Well, she hasn’t mentioned it, but… Who knows? Hmm. What the hell was what? Oh, you know damn well what I’m talking about. That sudden attack of conscience.

And you know damn well it wasn’t sudden. My conscience has been giving me splitting headaches since we hooked up. Not to mention acid reflux and acute insomnia. And I have been telling you ever since we hooked up that Gwen is going to be fine, okay? I’m going to inherit millions of dollars. And the three of us are going to live happily ever after.

So you get to have your cake and eat it too? Share and share alike. I don’t want any. Oh, come on.

Just eat it. Come on. It’s good, huh? It’s a little sweet. Cake is supposed to be sweet. But you, uh, you got a little too much of it. I see. You got it? Yeah, I think I got it. What’s going on here?

Whoa! Well, look at you two. You look fabulous. Well, thank you. This came from Gabby’s wedding. Ah, did you catch the bouquet? Uh, they didn’t throw them. They, them, what do you mean? Well, it turned into a double wedding at the last minute. Yeah. Dimitri von Leutzner married Gwen Rischek. Well, that sounds like a marriage created in heaven for the Macbeths.

Yeah. Anyway, we did not mean to interrupt, so if you’ll excuse us. Of course. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Thank you. You too. All right. Good to see you two. I think they make an adorable couple.

Jane looks happy. Yeah, I think she does. So, how far along is Sloan? Uh, just a few weeks. I’m surprised you’re telling people so early. Well, why not? I mean, she’s young and she’s healthy. I’m sure the whole thing is going to be smooth sailing. So?

What are You caught us. We were working on the surprise for the wedding. Oh, right. The surprise. Well, now that we’re married, I finally get to hear what that is. So, what’s the big surprise? What perfect timing. I love surprises.

So, what is it?

I think we should take this party upstairs. It’s our wedding reception. I don’t think anyone’s going to miss us. Yeah, and actually, who cares if they do?

Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be nosy. Oh, no, no, no, not at all. Uh, you’ll all know soon enough, I suppose. I was, I was just asking Leo here for his advice on our honeymoon. And he told me that, well, that you have always wanted to go to… Iceland! Iceland, Iceland. Oh, how do you remember it? Iceland. Oh, the blue lagoons and the ice caves.

The um, the land of fire and ice. That’s the documentary that sparked my interest. Oh, you are so thoughtful. You’re so generous, and I love you so much. Oh! Well, I think that’s my cue to leave. Mine, too.

Nicole, thank God. I was about to send out a search party. Did you finally get the test results? Yes. And they were delayed because, never gonna believe why. The nurse accidentally gave them to Sloan Peterson.

Hey, you made it. Sloan, come over. We’re toasting a new baby. They’re happy for us. Can I get you something? You know, a burger, something to drink? Non alcoholic, of course. No, no, nothing. Thank you. What’s wrong? Is your brother okay? Uh, no, I actually, I never went and saw my brother. Eric, there’s something I need to, to tell you.

For coming with me today. Thanks for having me. I had a really nice time. I know, even though you didn’t get to read your book. Well, the day is still young.

Wanna come in for a little while?

Simone, what is it?

I lied to you about going to see my brother.

I was feeling really anxious after I had that nightmare this morning. Like something could be wrong with the baby. So I went to the hospital, and I just wanted to see if our test results were ready. Why didn’t you tell me? I would have gone with you. Because I knew that you were having lunch with your dad and Kate, and I didn’t want you to worry, too.

Didn’t the doctor say it was going to take a few days? Yes, and the results weren’t ready, but… Just, I’m feeling a lot better now. You are? Yeah. See, I, I ran into Nicole while I was there. And, um, the doctor put her results on Rush, and she found out everything’s okay with the baby. That’s great. I’m sure she and EJ are happy.

Yeah. And I think just hearing her, you know, have positive news about her baby, it made me just I feel really good about ours, and I just, I know everything’s gonna be okay now.

It’s good news, EJ.

Oh, thank God. It’s, it’s been hard to believe that everything’s gonna be okay. But now it’s starting to seem real. Uh, we’re gonna have a baby. Our

perfect little miracle. A miracle indeed. And now, we can stop worrying and enjoy the ride.

Congratulations. Thank you. And once you get your inheritance after your pending birthday, I’m sure you won’t forget your Aunt Kristen. Of course not. Good. And a word to the wise, I wouldn’t consider changing my name. Dimitri DiMera to alliterative.

No. No, excuse me. Hello. Well, why would the judge wanna see me? What about Rachel’s custody? Okay, I’ll be right there. So I would like to quote the bard and say, you know, uh, parting is such sweet sorrow, but right now it feels about as sweet as a horseradish pickle. What Gwen? I’m already feeling bereft of you.

Will you just stop with the melodrama already? The Sailor Moon is just three miles away. Who’s gonna wake me up singing in the shower off key every morning? Trust me, if you are late, you will hear from me. And you’re not gonna miss me at all, are you? Oh, come on. Of course I am. I’m gonna miss you terribly.

Don’t worry. We’ll be seeing plenty of Leo, I’m sure. We’ll have him over all the time. Yes, absolutely. Well, I suppose I wouldn’t mind spending more time at Chez Demure if they’ve got a basement full of this stuff. Let’s go open another bottle. Yeah, I’m gonna get you some water first.

Oh, Stefan, wait, when did you do this?

How? I have my ways. Oh, Stefan, this is so romantic. Thank you, but, uh, do you mind if I? Oh, I don’t mind at all. I love you, Mrs. DiMera. Calm my heart. Find body and soul.

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GH Transcript Monday, July 31, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


 yeah, I need you to find out everything you can about gordon stevens. Uh, he did a little time in pentonville. He, uh, took two bullets outside of G.H., And I want to find out who’s responsible.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Is this seat taken? Oh, well… it is now.

[ Chuckles ] I’m glad you got out of the house, ’cause I was worried about you. The last time I saw you, you were…a bit off. Yeah, I was. I got tired of hiding out at home, though. Tired of eating cereal for dinner. You know, I’m not very good in the kitchen, and with valentin gone, it’s highly possible that I could starve. I’m surprised valentin hasn’t come back from his trip. Especially with what’s going on with you. I’m fine on my own. I don’t need him to protect me. You may not need him, but does he know the wsb is trying to kill you?

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Elevator doors open ] Hold the elevator! You’re welcome. How’s the patient?

[ Sighs ] Mom, you’re making way too much out of this. Okay? I missed a step and fell down the courthouse stairs.

[ Smooches ] It was klutzy, and I’m — I’m more embarrassed than I am hurt. That boot says otherwise. I’m your mommy, and I want to take care of you. So let me, for no other reason than to make me feel better. I just wish I could go back to work. You need to take a minute. Do you need anything? I’m good. Sam came by and made sure the fridge was full, and krissy even offered to shop for me. Good. I figured the girls would get you groceries. Oh, kristina didn’t actually bring any food. She came with something much better. What? Remember this little guy? Aww. Why am

I lucky enoughto get a visit from my sister? Don’t try to flatter me. Answer the question.

[ Sighs ] Okay. You want to know why I’m so hard on nina? That’s not what I said. I asked why you’re being such a bastard to her. Okay, well, let me ask you a question. Uh, why are you always so damn nice to nina? Look, michael, I know that our family was hurt by what happened between dad and nina, but they’re engaged. She’s a part of our family now, so you got to get over it.

[ Sighs ] “Peace I leave with you. My peace I give unto you. Not as the world giveth give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” Lord, make me a channel of thy peace.

[ Grunts ] No one around to help you, old man. No warden. No guards. You’re all alone.

[ Quietly ] Not even god can help you now. Drew: But I can. Get the hell away from him.

I imagine things are hectic at deception. Oh, that’s an understatement. I-I feel like I’m just swamped. You know, we’re all scrambling to do massive damage control. Yeah, I-I feel so terrible for poor sasha and cody. I’m just glad he’s going to be okay. It could have been a lot worse. Yeah, you’re right. It could have been a lot — a lot worse. We just don’t know what happened. It — it was so sudden. I mean, really, sasha’s life was on track. She was doing fine. She was happy. And I think she was thrilled to be doing the interview, and then… she just lost it. I mean, really. Boom. And sasha’s meltdown — it could have tanked deception completely. It could have sent our stock tumbling. But thankfully, we have the deceptor. The sales are incredible, and I think it’s gonna save the company. Yeah, at least that’s good news. Yeah. [ Sighs ] It should be. But it’s not? It’s just, I-I can’t help it. I-I discuss — I bring up the deceptor and all I think about is martin. He’s the one that was the inspiration for me to create it. And the problem with that would be? I just can’t stop thinking about he is getting $50,000 every month in alimony from ex-wife number three. And why didn’t he tell me that? Why keep that a secret? And what else could he be hiding from me? “You’re welcome” for what, exactly? I held the elevator door open for you. The polite response would be “thank you.” Oh, I’m so sorry, emily post. I didn’t realize that you expect to be thanked for a basic courtesy.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, so you are familiar with the concept of “basic courtesy”? You hide it well. Yeah, monica. I’m on my way up to the restaurant. Although I wish I’d taken the stairs. You’re canceling? Monica, could you have given me a little warning?

[ Scoffs ] It is always a medical emergency with you. No, monica, I was not aware that you were a doctor. I’ll see you at home.

[ Sighs ] Ladies first. Thank you. I do not want to worry valentin…at all. He has his hands full with laura and kevin and whatever he’s doing. Besides, I don’t believe for one second that the bureau has a hit out on me. You sure about that? ‘Cause we both know they traced the gun back to wsb. Easy explanation is that it was stolen from the bureau and sold on the black market. And the shooter? I don’t know, sonny. A rogue agent. At worst, maybe someone whose family was hurt because of my actions. It was long time ago, but maybe they want payback. Are you still planning to use yourself as bait… to draw them out? Valiant. Where on earth did kristina find him? Where was he hiding? Oh, krissy was going through things in your attic, looking for stuff to sell at the fundraiser, and she opened a box and guess who was sitting there? You used to brush his tail and braid it every night, and then you’d sleep with it, like, right here in the crook of your neck so you’d both fall asleep. And I had to put out carrots in case he got hungry in the middle of the night. Oh, my gosh. I forgot about the carrots. Valiant was a very special pony, and valiant was the only one that could sleep on the bed while the other stuffed animals were relegated to the floor because you believed that valiant was special and needed a place of prominence. Did I really use that word? Of course you did. You had a very, very big vocabulary at 6. You still do. Oh, my god, this pony went with you into every moment — important moment of your life when you were little. You know, you didn’t know this, but I actually overheard you have a conversation with valiant while you were getting ready for junior prom.

[ Chuckles ] And you actually took valiant with you to do your sats. I didn’t know you could do that, but you did. I got to tell you… you know, it was a second ago when you were a little girl and had a stuffed pony, and now you’re my big girl. You’re practicing law. I may be all grown up, but…I still need my mom. Look, kristina, I don’t want to get into this with you. Look, nina has caused enough stress in my life. The last thing I want to do is fight about her with you. Good. I’m not looking for a fight. I am just offering you a simple solution. So what, now you’re giving me advice? Yeah, I am. Y-you can be mr. Big shot business guy here, but we all know I have a sixth sense when it comes to people. Mm. And what is your sixth sense telling you? Uh, that you should drop this grudge and just give nina a chance. A chance… that’s just it, kristina — I’ve given nina chance after chance, and she keeps crossing the line. You shouldn’t even be drawing a line, michael. Make peace. If not for your sake, do it for willow. So I should just do what you’re telling me, and everybody will be happy? Yeah, basically.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Look, kristina, this isn’t about me. This is about willow. And when it comes to nina, whatever willow decides, I’ll support. Wow. Okay. You — you have got serious skills. H-how did you do that? You’ve got to teach me that. Teach you what? This has nothing to do with you. So why don’t you just walk away and pretend you didn’t see anything? I can’t do that. You get involved, you’re going to pay the price. Is this codger really worth it to you?

[ Gasps ] You’re making a mistake. No. You’re the one who made a mistake. You think you have power here?

[ Inhales deeply ] That everyone’s still in your pocket? I… you don’t have any more allies. Those days are gone, renault. I said to leave him alone. I’m gonna give you one more chance to get the hell out of here and forget you saw this. Look, I really don’t want any trouble here, okay? I really don’T.

[ Breathing heavily ] You’re getting weak, old man. We all see it.

[ Grunts ]

[ Groans ] Oh, god.

What, uh, “skill” do you want me to teach you, and, more importantly, why? You never actually committed to giving nina a second chance, and you didn’t even say you would try to get along with her. What you did say was you would leave it up to willow. Right. I still don’t follow. This is a classic move out of the michael corinthos playbook. Keep everything close to the vest. Don’t give anything away. Always keep your options open. It’s very admirable, honestly. Meanwhile, I am over here like an open book, leaping before I look. Impulsive. Doesn’t always bode well for me, professionally or personally, to be honest, right? Okay. Well, you know what, kristina? You’re giving me a little too much credit. Yes, I am, uh, very analytical. I, uh — I think about everything. But you — I mean, you’re, uh — you’re open, you’re honest, you’re a — you’re a free spirit.

[ Chuckles ] Y-you go where your heart tells you to go. Uh-huh. And that’s not always a bad thing. And plus, you know what? You — you genuinely want to help people. And I-I admire you for that. Thanks, bro. I’m glad you see them as good qualities, because, honestly, it doesn’T… it doesn’t always get the job done. I’ve got a few ideas. Uh, it’s gonna take a little bit more… investigating before I put a plan in motion, I think. Well, let me know if you need help, ’cause I don’t — I don’t like that you’re alone in that house. We don’t even know where the threat is coming from. I really appreciate you looking out for me, but could you just… call your watchdog off? I see him parked outside my house, and I don’t need that kind of protection. I just don’t want it. I get it. I get it. You want me to stay out of it. You know, you have enough on your plate. Certainly don’t need to add me to your long list of problems. Yeah, I got a — I got a lot going on, but I always have time for you. Hearing you talk about memories from when I was little, you know, it’s bittersweet. And it’s something I may never get to experience. Will I ever be able to, you know, make memories like that with a child of my own someday? It’s just — it’s, you know — it’s something I really want. And tj feels the same way? Yeah, he does. So have you, um, talked about options? Yeah, we have. You know, when we committed to each other, we always thought kids were something in the future. You know, we wanted to establish our careers first, but deep down, I always knew I wanted to be a mom. And we were both so, you know, disappointed when we found out I wasn’t pregnant. For a few short hours, you know, before I took the home pregnancy test, we were just excited, you know, about the thought of… of becoming parents. And then we got hit with the endometriosis news, and I just — I-I couldn’t accept that I wouldn’t have a baby. And that just leaves us with a lot to think about. Well, I-I’m certain that you and tj will make the right decision, because it’s — it’s certainly your decision to make. We already have. We definitely want a baby. But how — how do we make that happen? Table for two? No.Yes. Come on. Live a little. Your dinner date canceled. It wasn’t a “date.” It was my former sister-in-law. Just join me for dinner, please. Well, since you said “please.” Table for two. Right this way. I’ll send your waitress right over. Thank you. Thank you, kind sir. You’re very welcome. See? We’re making progress. I have to ask, is this gonna be a running theme? You do your best cary grant, holding elevators, pulling out chairs, and I’m expected to say thank you every time? What’s next — throwing your jacket over a puddle? Would that be so bad? Torture.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Gasping ] Does this guy have allies, or is he working on his own? Allies. Okay. How many?

[ Stammers ] A-a bunch of them. They know to distract the guards and keep them away. Okay, alright. Well, we got to get you out of here.

[ Grunts ] Can you walk? Uh… alright, we gotta get you to the infirmary, okay? Alright, alright. Come on. Give me your arm. Give me your arm. Come on. Here we go. Here we go.

[ Grunting ] Oh, god. Let’s go. Let’s go.

[ Grunts ]

But now we know that can’t happen since… my eggs aren’t viable. So the next option would be using someone else’s eggs, and that — that could be from a donor, or the surrogate. You have a lot to process. I know. I just can’t help but think that… using kristina — it — it might be the best solution. So what, uh, job needs to get done? This is about the, uh — the foundation that you’re starting? The shelter. Yeah. I am setting up a shelter for lgbtqia+ teens that are at risk. Dad found the site, and he set up all the funding. Oh. That’s — that’s good, right? Yeah, it’s amazing. It’s great. It’s just that I have to get everything off the ground. I’m talking to contractors and architects and securing building permits, and I have to learn all these new tax codes for nonprofits. It’s — it’s a lot. And I’m — I’m just realizing how in over my head I am.

[ Inhales deeply ] How can I help? I thought you’d never ask. I hate what that bastard, victor, did to you. Exposing your past was cruel. Cassadines can be a cruel bunch sometimes. But — but there is a collateral benefit. There is? Well, w-we’re not on opposite sides. Uh, we don’t have to pretend we’re not friends. I never pretended.

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ] Oh. So all the time that y-you were, you know, judging me and digging me about my criminal activity, you meant it? Yeah. Absolutely. Wow. All of it. Okay. But I think, really, I mean, if I’m being honest, I do have to admit that even when I was doing my duty to uphold the law and bring you to justice, there was a part of me that really admired how you were able to… get away with it?

[ Laughing ] Okay. Let’s not jump to conclusions. We don’t know for sure that those payments were alimony. Oh, come on. You don’t have to be a lawyer to figure it out. Your honor, exhibit a — mr. Grey is receiving $50,000 every single month…

[Exhales deeply] From a company in pine valley called maquillage. That said company is owned by his horrible, greedy ex-wife number three. What?

[ Exhales deeply ] It just occurred to me. We only have marty’s word that his ex-wife number three is so horrible and greedy. She’s the one that is shelling out all that alimony. What if it’s marty? What if he’s the one that is so greedy? I-I don’t think — oh, wait a minute. That’s the reason that he couldn’t possibly marry me. Because he would lose all that money.

[ Gasps, scoffs ] What are you looking for? I’m just looking for any gummy, even if it’s stale. I-I-I thought you said that that wasn’t working for you. Well, looky here. Two of my favorite ladies. Must be my lucky night. May I join you?

[ Book grunts ] Ah!

[ Grunts ] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Break it up. Solitary for both of you.

[ Weakly ] No.

[ Gasping ] No.

There was always a part of me that admired your ability to compartmentalize. You know, on the one hand, you’re a loving father, going to dance recitals, soccer matches, whatever. On the other, you’re ruthlessly running this criminal enterprise. Tony soprano had a soft side. Yeah, he did. You know what I mean, though. It’s an interesting dichotomy, don’t you think? A doting father, and then commitment to running your business. Hmm. It’s a good thing, right?

[ Both laugh ] Yeah, it’s a good thing. But, you know, as an agent, you know, I-I-I — I didn’t have the luxury of — of admiring the person that I was trying to take down. Right? Because then that’s your own personal feelings affecting your work. You can’t let that happen because it just compromises the whole situation. And if I’m to be honest, that’s kind of exactly what happened early on in my career. And I was determined that that wasn’t going to happen with you. But now, my reputation is kind of tarnished. I can say with 100% certainty I never turned a blind eye to you or your organization. That’s for damn sure, ’cause when you were police commissioner, you — you were all over me, and I’m sure you were like that with any agent you were up against. Yes, I was. What? Did I hurt your feelings? I’m sorry. No, no, no, no. What if it wasn’t victor? Ok ay, so all foundationshave a board of directors. I want you to join. Oh. Okay. Who — who else is on the board? Uh, no one yet. But that’s only because you are my first and only choice.

[ Chuckles ] Look, I-I know how busy you are here, and not just here. You’ve got a lot going on everywhere. But I know right now at work you’re also covering for drew while he’S…away, and at home you have everything going on with willow and the kids. And look, the last thing that I want to do is add to that. But you are the smartest person I know. Please? What do you say? So, my friend was in a bind and he asked me to watch his dog, and he said that astro wouldn’t be a problem. He just didn’t like to be left alone. Which, of course, meant I had to take him to class with me. So I’m in the middle of this passionate lecture about freedom of the press, when I hear tittering in the class, and I’m a little offended. So I stopped and I said, “anybody have any questions?” This one student raises his hand. He goes, “yes, um, professor, did you forget to walk your dog this morning?” At which point I realized

[Laughs] That astro’s relieving himself in the middle of the classroom floor.

[ Laughs ] The moral of the story is never, ever bring a pet to class. They will upstage you every time. That was surprisingly charming. Thank you. I think. I probably sound like a hypocrite after my reaction when kristina first brought up the idea. Absolutely not. Your reaction was completely appropriate. Her timing, however, was not. I mean, there’s a lot to weigh w-with kristina’s offer. I went ballistic when I overheard her talking about being the egg donor and surrogate. But the more I think about it, I-it could be a good option. I mean, krissy and I, we share dna, so the baby would — would technically… be a part of me. And it’s not like we’re using some stranger who could have a questionable lifestyle. I mean, we know kristina’s medical history. We know her — her — her social habits. I mean, that’s a good thing, right? You sound like you’re trying to talk yourself into it. Is that what you think I’m doing? Are you? I’m — I’m pointing out that kristina seems to check all the boxes. Which means she could be the perfect choice to carry our baby. What do you think? Hey, you. Um, well, uh, funny — I was just singing your praises, um, here. I was telling felicia that the sales for the deceptor are just skyrocketing, thank goodness, and I owe it all to you because you were the inspiration for it all. Now, now, my gorgeous little buttercup. We all know that the deceptor is 100% your baby. There’s no reason to bring me into it.

[ Chuckles ] So w-why don’t you, uh, tell me how your trip went? Oh, it was a fun getaway.

[ Laughs ] Mm-hmm. [ Giggles ] Where’d you go? Oh, we went to the spa. Spa in llanview. Um, llanview, pennsylvania. Who knew? It is just beautiful this time of year. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I-I had to meet a potential investor, but I didn’t want to go alone, so she agreed to keep me company. We made it a real girls trip. You know, we had wine and facials and [Stammers] Spa treatments, and… uh, I think it’s getting late. I need to run. I need to, uh, check in with mac and relieve him of his babysitting duties. Um…a grandmother’s work is never done. [ Chuckles ] Goodbye.

[ Chuckles ] Is she okay? Book: Are you gonna fall for that?! The geezer’s faking so you take it easy on his friend here! I-I think he’s having a heart attack. Honestly, please, just get him a doctor. Both of you, shut up. Get ’em out of here.

[ Grunts ] He’s gonna die if you don’t do anything! Look, look, look, look, listen, just — I was in the military. I know what to do. Please, just let me help him. Please. Fine, fine. Let him go. Alright, don’t give up. Alright? Alright, let me see. Alright. You’re gonna be alright.

Oh, we’ll take separate checks, please. No, no, no. I’m — I’m picking up the tab. No, I can pay for myself. I’m not questioning your finances, but I insisted you join me, so it’s my treat. Well, you definitely were more entertaining than my sister-in-law. Well, it’s not exactly a stellar review, but I’ll take it. Next time, you can grab the check. Next time? Who said there’s gonna be a “next time”? Okay. Alright, cyrus. Just try to relax, okay? It’s — it’s alright. Just try to take deep breaths. It’s really important. Take deep breaths in through your nose, out through your mouth. We got to call the infirmary again, guys. Come on, now. Go. See what’s taking so long.

[ Gasping ] Alright, just hang in there. Hang in there, cyrus. You got this. Hang in there. I know you want me to factor in to this. But this is really such a personal decision for you, and I don’t want to influence you. Can you at least help me weigh the options? Just — just try and step back and… talk to me as a former lawyer, and not my mother. Alright, on the positive side, kristina is in good health, and she’s at a good age. But there are so many other things to consider. And, darlin’, I know you want this to be the perfect solution because she’s your sister and you love her and because the baby would share your dna, but on the minus side, most surrogates don’t have a relationship with the baby after it’s born. And kristina would have a relationship with the baby

forever. But I already know that kristina’s — she’s an amazing aunt to sam’s kids, and she would be the same for my child. Molly. But that’s just it. She wouldn’t really be the baby’s aunt. She would be the baby’s biological mother, and that just buys you a whole lot of really complex issues that could come down the line. And I just want you to think about it, and I want you to be prepared. Are you saying that… kristina wouldn’t accept the role of aunt and that she would — she would want to be more? I don’t know that.

You don’t know that.

She doesn’t know that. She’s never been pregnant before. And — and nobody knows if she’d be able to detach or not. Mom, you’re — you’re freaking me out a bit. I’m not trying to freak you out. I’m — I’m just trying to make you think. This is a huge commitment for kristina. I realize that. But I’m not sure kristina does. I would be honored to have a seat on the board.

[ Gasps, squeals ] Really? Oh, my god. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I knew I could count on you. You’re gonna make this youth center a huge success. I hope so. I wish I had that confidence. I just…I feel like with me running things, it’s only gonna last for, like, I don’t know, six months, maybe. Kristina. You have to believe in yourself, okay? It’s so funny you say that. Molly was literally just saying that to me the other day. I-I just — I think my — my big fear is that I’m gonna make a huge mess out of everything again, and then dad’s gonna have to clean up after me, and then mom is gonna be totally disappointed with me again. And ultimately, I’m gonna prove everyone right that I can’t do anything and follow through with something. Kristina, stop being so hard on yourself. It’s just dad really gave me a great head start with this foundation, you know? And I just know that if I don’t succeed, I’m gonna let him down. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, uh… you underestimate dad. All this information about you being a double-agent get leaked out to the press. I mean, the wsb, I’m sure they sealed the records. Yeah. Why expose you now? Well, the timing isn’t a coincidence. Hmm. You know? Even in death, victor is the gift that keeps on giving. Right? I-it all just came out, um… when his will was being read. You know, the lawyer, he — he played this taped message from victor saying that he was leaving me with the “truth”. I wasn’t sure what that meant. And then less than an hour later, I-I was here, remember? And I was arrested by agent hursley. Then the whole media blitz started, and my face was plastered across the newspaper. “Anna devane — double-agent.” So, cassadine exposing your past was all about payback? His final act of revenge? I think so. What else could it be?

Despite my feelings about dad, I can be objective. Like, he’s always been a savvy businessman. He wouldn’t invest time and money into you if he thought you would fail. Look, if you need his guidance, just reach out to him. He’ll surround you with professionals who know how to get the job done. See, that’s what I thought, too. But once we got the funding set up, he just completely backed off. Yeah, it’s probably ’cause he doesn’t want to overstep or make it seem like he’s keeping tabs on you. But look, dad is your biggest fan, and he has all the tools you need to succeed, okay? So all you got to do is just reach out to him. It is annoying how right you are sometimes. You know, you got to admit it, though. You still love dad.

[ Scoffs ] You do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have this much faith in him. Alright, why don’t you get out of here, okay? Ah, you’re kicking me out? Your new board member needs to get to work. Okay, fair. Hey, michael. Yeah? Thank you.

[ Door closes ] Clearly, someone else in the wsb could have reason to leak those confidential files. You were a damn good agent. I’m sure you were a threat to somebody and that’s the only way they felt they could shut you out.

[ Chuckles ] Could be. My ego would really like to believe that that was true. But I don’t have any way of knowing. I-I don’t even know if the bullet was meant for me at the pool. It could just have easily been meant for you. Yeah, I considered that. I’ve been working with a high-powered security firm lately. You know, you ever heard of pikeman? Yes, I have heard of pikeman. Trust me, you do not want anything to do with them. I’m guessing you don’t miss lecturing since you seem to do so much of it outside the classroom.

[ Chuckles ] Are you okay? Yeah. Fine. I’m fine. Just, uh, too many years writing

[Laughs] On a blackboard. Uh, teachers don’t have to worry about that anymore. Everything’s electronic. I’m sorry I have to run, but I totally forgot I promised alexis that I would look over an article before it goes to press. Good night. Good night. Thanks, mom. You’ve given me a lot to think about. I wasn’t looking at this from kristina’s point of view, and that’s something tj and i definitely need to consider. I know this is hard, honey, and I’m very sorry, but I know you’re really brave and you can handle it. And like I said, sometimes the most difficult things in life can be the most — oh. Most rewarding. Look at you.

[ Chuckles ] Smart, smart girl who I love. You’re my favorite. Oh, yeah. You tell us all that. Yeah, I do.

[ Chuckles ] Listen to me. The good news is you’re not doing this alone, right? I did it alone twice. And it’s hard. But you have tj. And that little guy. Thanks, mom. You’re the best. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Well, hopefully you won’t have to find out for a very, very long time.

[ Door opens ] See ya, valiant.

[ Cellphone rings ] What can I do for you, tracy? I just had dinner with a friend of yours. Gregory chase. What were you having dinner with gregory for? It’s not important. I-I want to know if… I want to know if there’s something wrong with him. In what way? His health. Tell me. I’m — I’m so curious. Have you — have you checked in with, um, your mother today? Oh, yeah. I do every day. You know that. If I don’t call, mama calls the neighbors.

[ Chuckles ] So, how is your mother today? Oh, she’s as vivacious as ever. Thank you for asking. As a matter of fact, she was trying on a new lipstick when we spoke. Apparently it’s bingo night and she’s vying for the affections of one mr. Brewster, the most eligible bachelor there. Wow. Well, clearly she seems to be enjoying herself at the retirement home. I mean, it’s good, right? I mean, they take good care of her. And I hear those places are very, very expensive. You know, that — that makes — makes me think you have such a huge financial burden. I mean, your mom, and then paying all that alimony to your ex-wives, three of them. [ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] They are a rather unique set of rapacious creatures, to be sure. Especially number three. Yeah, she’s a-a real piece of work. Vulture, you know? Picks at your bones till there’s nothing left. Mm, mm, mm. She just sounds awful. Oh, she is. But I manage. Somehow, for mama. After all, I have to. It’s not like cyrus can provide for her. Where the hell’s that doctor? We need him here now! Okay, cyrus. Come on. Stay with me, cyrus. Stay with me. Hang on. You’re gonna make it, okay? Help is on the way. Just stay with me.

[ Echoing ] Come on. Deep breaths. Come on, now. Come on. Stay with me.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, July 31, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Summer sighing ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Daniel: [ Chuckling ] Really? Well, challenge accepted, lily. No, I’ll talk to you later. Bye.

Summer: What are you so happy about?

[ Daniel exhaling ]

Daniel: I don’t know. Life. Okay, look, I’ll admit, not everything’s perfect. You know, there is our mother. But things are going really well with lily and things are going great with omegasphere.

Summer: Maybe, that’s what I need to do. Maybe I need to play your damn video games. Do you think that that would help me fix my life?

Phyllis: Oh, come on in.

Nick: You know, it’s bad enough that you made us grieve for your death. You even watched us do it. But your stunt cost summer her marriage. You have ruined all of your relationships time and time again. But how can you destroy what summer and kyle had? Who does that to their own daughter?

Phyllis: I mean, don’t– don’t try to make me feel worse than I already do.

Nick: Oh, no, that would be a bonus. I’m here for one reason only and that is to offer you a deal.

Phyllis: What kind of deal?

Nick: If you are acquitted, if a jury finds you innocent of the crimes you committed, I will pay for every cent of your legal fees. And in return, all you have to do is leave town forever. After what you did to summer, I never want to see your face again. No one does.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh. Thank you for bringing aria by. I swear she has gotten bigger since the last time I saw her.

Mariah: Since yesterday?

Sharon: Well, babies change quickly.

Tessa: If you’re trying to imply that you want to see aria every day, message received.

Mariah: The only way to get her to settle down is by driving her around now. So, once she was conked out, we figured we would risk it and come grab a cup of coffee, and also, check in on you.

Tessa: But everyone needs to stay quiet, so she’ll stay asleep.

Mariah: So, how are you doing after the cameron incident? I talked to faith yesterday and it seemed like she was pushing it a little bit to, like, sound okay.

Sharon: Well, I think she’s gonna be fine. She’s a warrior. Both my daughters are warriors. You survived your own kidnapping by that terrible ian ward and then stitch. I know you haven’t forgotten.

Mariah: I definitely try to. [ Chuckling ] Except the part about giving birth to dom. But no, we got very lucky in the gene pool, faith and I. Strong and resilient. So, tell me that you are doing okay.

Sharon: I am. I am feeling really strong. I’m looking forward, not back. I have a brand new company to run! And I have new partners in nick and adam, which I’m meeting with them in a bit.

Mariah: How is it that the three of you are working together? [ Laughs ] And more importantly, how have you guys not killed each other yet?

Nick: So, you’re saying, after our meeting with dad last night where you, me and sharon all agreed we were on the same page–

Adam: He pulled the rug out from under us. He says he needs to take charge himself. So, he’s calling the shots now.

Nick: Hm. Yeah, that doesn’t make sense, adam.

Adam: Well, he flew off to germany today to meet with the money guys about an influx of cash. So, we are to do nothing, and wait for further “instructions.”

Nick: What’d you do? Did you piss him off again?

Adam: No, nick. I swear I didn’t do anything.

Nick: This is about newman media and your need to just swallow it up. So, you went ahead with your plans and what a surprise, it blew up in all our faces. You didn’t just ruin things for yourself. You ruined them for me and sharon too. Good job. (Man) what if my type 2 diabetes takes over?

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Phyllis: Hey, sorry I’m late. I think I dozed off and–

Daniel: Is it tough for you to be in this room after the gala with your collapse and stark?

Summer: Or maybe, you’re remembering being a guest at your own funeral? Watching us all in pain, grieving?

Phyllis: Hey, you know what, I’m letting that go. I’m gonna let that go. Move on. I hope you can too.

[ Daniel scoffing ] It’s the past. I can’t change it. I’m really a different person now, so… I mean, I really am. I swear it. You know, I used to think the most significant second chance I had was building the grand phoenix. My rise from the ashes, you know.

[ Phyllis chuckling ] That’s not, um– that’s not my most significant second chance. My most significant second chance is my future… with you two. My beautiful children. I’m committed to rebuilding my life. I really am. I’m gonna do whatever it takes, guys, to earn your forgiveness. I really am. I really want to. No more missteps, okay? Anyway, I– I’m glad that we can all spend some time right now because I have a decision to make and I want your input. What do you think about me going to work for adam newman?

[ Daniel laughing ]

Nick: You just can’t let go of this ridiculous need to take back newman media.

Adam: Look, if I even thought that I can make you understand where I’m coming from–

Nick: Don’t bother. Did you really think you could pull one over victor newman? Our company is under the newman umbrella. He agreed to our terms. He gave us three months, free reign, and it’s not enough for you.

Adam: Listen to me. This isn’t about me. No matter what you think, it’s about us and our plans for the new company, okay? Once we get rolling, newman media is going to be redundant, so why should we wait three months when we can start making moves right now?

Nick: Just stop and think about it. Dad says he’s taking over, then he immediately leaves the country because he says he needs to secure financing, really? Our father can get someone to drop a million bucks with a phone call. Don’t you see what’s going on here?

Sharon: Nick and i have worked very well together in the past. And nick and adam, they’ve crossed paths at newman from time to time. Yes, this is new territory for us as a trio. It is a partnership made up of three people who view things very differently, so there’ll be a learning curve.

Mariah: That’s one way of putting it.

Sharon: But we’re figuring it out. There will be challenges, sure, but, you know, that’s exciting. Each of us brings unique skills and experience to the table.

Tessa: Sharon, you bring an entire company. Boss lady, inspiring us per usual. I do love that you’re an inspiration for our little girl.

Sharon: Well, thank you, tessa. And I feel confident that nick and adam and I, despite our differences, will accomplish great and positive things. We’ll give as good as we get, that’s for sure. And I think that’s the most exciting part of this new venture. Oh, and that brings me to an important question. Would you ever consider leaving jabot to come work with your mother? Even when I was with the people I love,

Mariah: Um, I… was not expecting that. You really want me to come work for you?

Sharon: With me. And yes, definitely.

Mariah: You know that I– I still work at jabot, right? I– I mean, I– I’ve put in a few hours here and there when I can, just crisis management stuff. But my maternity leave is about to end and I was planning on going back full time.

Sharon: No, I’m aware of that and we can talk about that in a second, but first of all, in a perfect world, no jabot, would you consider it?

Mariah: Maybe? I– I don’t know. I mean, what would I even be doing?

Sharon: Director of marketing, vice president of marketing or whatever title you think is good for you. We need someone vibrant, creative, forward thinking, someone with a strong vision who isn’t afraid to think out of the box.

Tessa: I mean, that’s you, babe.

Sharon: And with your background, power communications, jabot, do I need to even mention gc buzz? You understand media relations and image building better than anyone else I can think of. I want this company to exude positive energy and community strength. I want it to launch with excitement and fanfare and who better to lead that charge than you?

Tessa: I mean, yeah, she’s describing you. This could be an amazing opportunity.

Sharon: Of course, I would understand if you would never even consider jumping ship because you’re perfectly happy at jabot. Are you?

Daniel: Okay, so let me get this straight. The first stop on your apology tour is to tell us that you’re gonna be working side by side with adam newman?

Summer: Yeah, mom. Adam? Seriously, I would think that somebody looking to clean up their image might choose somebody a little less, I don’t know, shady?

Phyllis: Oh, come on. Give me a chance here. You don’t even know what the position is yet. I’m– he is running what used to be mccall unlimited. And your grandfather acquired the business. You don’t know about it? I would think that someone would tell you about it. But he’s making it a media platform, basically and I’m gonna be the it whiz.

Daniel: Mom.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Come on, I have bills to pay. I have children. I have legal fees. Michael was gonna give me the friends and family discount, but I don’t know if heather’s gonna do the same thing. And I’m sure I have to pay back that life insurance policy that jeremy stark claimed. I don’t know where he stashed that money. He took half of what was in my bank account, and then, all my assets are frozen until after the trial.

Daniel: Okay, if it’s money, if money’s a problem, then I can help with that.

Summer: Yeah, I could too.

Phyllis: No, I don’t want a handout from my children. I appreciate it. Thank you. But I want to work. I want to be busy. I want to be a productive citizen of the community. It’ll keep my mind busy. You know, before I have to face the trial.

Summer: Look, mom, I get the instinct to want to get to work. I mean, that is the only thing that’s keeping me sane right now. But adam? He’s not gonna help you polish that shiny new reputation that you’re going for. Why don’t I try to find you something at marchetti? I mean, maybe, you could come back to the home division.

Phyllis: No, that’s not a good idea. Working for marchetti. But thank you. So sweet. Listen, guys, adam isn’t doing me a favor. He’s offered me a high level position based on my skills. He doesn’t feel sorry for me. It’s just business.

Daniel: Yeah, but it’s also adam.

Phyllis: I can handle adam. There’s just one other little part that I’m worried about.

Daniel: Okay. What are you worried about?

Phyllis: Uh, his partners are nick and sharon. You know– you know, I can tolerate sharon. We tolerate each other. We’re fine, we’re fine, it’s– it’s nick, um… I don’t think he’ll ever forgive me… for what my actions cost you.

Adam: Okay, nick. Well, what don’t I see? Tell me.

Nick: It is a test. Dad’s doing what he’s doing because your stubbornness and your obsession demanded a reaction. So, he provided one. So, this is where we are.

Adam: What are you talking about?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Dad lays down the law and then he just slips off into the shadows because he wants to see how we’re gonna react. Are we gonna follow his orders? Are we gonna kill each other? Are we gonna attempt to do what we wanna do despite dad saying that we can’t do anything right now and sit tight?

Adam: Yeah, that does sound like our father.

Nick: Of course it does. It’s an impossible situation. There’s no way to move forward. If we follow through with our plans, despite dad’s orders, then we look disobedient. Or we can just sit around and do nothing. Wait for him to tell us what to do, and then, we look ineffective, like we’re just wasting time.

[ Scoffs ] It’s a lose-lose.

Adam: Then, I say, the lesser of two evils is the way to go.

Nick: So, you’re gonna make me guess?

Adam: Look, if we lose momentum now, we might as well forget about the whole thing. So, I vote we don’t wait for a sign from the great victor newman. We do what is right for business now. We call dad’s bluff.

Nick: So, call dad’s bluff. You think that’s the play?

Adam: I think it beats sitting on our hands.

Nick: And what exactly does that mean for you? Does that mean getting your hands on newman media, even though that’s a sticking point for dad? Because if that is the case, adam, I’m not down with that.

Adam: Why not?

Nick: Because that has nothing to do with moving our business forward.

Adam: Yes, it does.

Nick: It has nothing to do with being proactive. That is about you settling old scores, no matter what you pretend to call it. You know, the three of us, we got together, we talked about our ideas, we were excited about it. We were ready to implement them. But then, this newman media foolishness, and it is foolish, adam, is holding everything up. So I gotta say, it’s easy to be on dad’s side with this one.

Adam: Okay. Well then, what is your idea to prove to dad that we deserve to remain in control?

Nick: We let the world know that we mean business. That adustus, along with kirsten’s old company, is ready to be a powerhouse. We make a splash. Some big launch event, something that lets our colleagues and puts our competitors on notice. We get everybody talking. Fortune favors the bold and all that. Dad will see that his faith in us was justified. Maybe we get his support. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get his approval? And for god’s sakes, man, change the company’s name. Adustus? It symbolizes everything that is wrong with your approach.

Mariah: You know how much I love working at jabot. But I have to admit, things there are a little shaky right now. There seems to be some kind of power struggle going on.

Sharon: Really?

Mariah: When I talked to kyle, he made it seem like it was connected to diane who’s engaged to jack, and tucker who’s involved with ashley again, and something about a coup. I don’t really know, but it made me feel like my work environment was unstable. Possibly likely to get more so. You know how much I respect jack. But kyle is the one who hired me. He’s the whole reason that I was drawn to jabot in the first place, and now that he’s left altogether– I will explain another time, but the bottom line is he has left his family company for a position at newman media.

Sharon: He needed a change, and maybe, you do, too.

[ Mariah scoffing ]

Mariah: Maybe. But it would be a big move and I don’t want to leave jack in the lurch.

Sharon: Well, I can talk to jack for you if you want. I know he will understand. He knows how special it is to work with family.

Mariah: And how treacherous.

Sharon: Well, that’s not gonna be an issue with us.

Tessa: I don’t want to discount your loyalty because it’s what we all love about you, but is anyone at jabot thinking about you right now? How you might be caught in the crossfire of a family feud? I mean, the tap dancing you’ll have to do with the press.

Mariah: Well–

Tessa: Okay, forget all of that right now. What are your exceptional instincts telling you to do? What do you really want?

Summer: You don’t think that dad can forgive you? I mean, is he really that angry? If he is, he hasn’t let me know.

Phyllis: Well, he knows how much you’ve been through. He’s not gonna heap all his anger on you. I was spiraling out of control.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. But nick knows that the situation got out of hand.

Phyllis: Yeah. But who was the one who brought jeremy stark into genoa city? I did that. And it was wrong. I should have just let diane show her true colors because she was gonna do that. She was bound to implode.

Daniel: I think that–

Phyllis: Bound to implode.

Daniel: I think that at some point, the second guessing needs to stop. What happened, happened. Summer and I are just happy that you’re not dead.

Phyllis: That’s so nice of you to say.

Daniel: But if you are constantly looking back, thinking about what you could have done, you know, if you’re feeling ashamed, if you’re stuck in the past then you can’t be here with us in the present. So, I guess if you want, I guess you should take the job with adam.

Summer: Yeah. His company is technically owned by grandpa, right? It’s under the newman umbrella. So, maybe it would be good for your image. I mean, if the newmans can get past everything you did, everyone else should be able to, too.

Phyllis: Maybe. You think your dad could get there?

Summer: Dad cares about you, mom. I mean, you know that he does. Plus, he’s forgiven you for a lot of other terrible things in the past, so.

Phyllis: Yeah, that’s true.

Summer: Look, once he understands everything that you went through and why you did what you did, I mean, you guys will be friends again. Trust me.

Phyllis: Thank you, summer. That means so much coming from you. From prom dresses…

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

What can you do

with sensitive skin?

Adam: Okay. Uh, let’s hear your brilliant ideas. What should the company name be?

Nick: Something that doesn’t hinge on destruction or revenge. I mean, adustus literally in latin means “to burn.” We should come up with something as a team.

Adam: Okay. Like what? The terrific trio? The gleeful threesome? I know, we could call ourselves the three stooges!

Nick: For once can you stop being so defensive?

Adam: What are you talking about? You don’t like those suggestions?

Nick: We need to get sharon’s input. She’s literally bringing an entire tech company to the table. She should have some say in this.

Adam: Sharon, she’s fine with adustus.

Nick: Are you sure about that?

Adam: It feels like I’m striking out with you left and right.

Nick: Adam, all your ideas come from a place of wounded pride and rejection. I mean, it’s obvious, your need to take back newman media is just so you can teach victoria a lesson for being dad’s chosen one and for firing sally way back then. Can’t you just let it go and move on? Do you know how many times I’ve been left out of the inner circle? More times than I can count. But I’d like to think that I’ve left all that rejection and pain behind me and I’m in a much better place now.

Adam: Oh, that’s how you deal with rejection, huh?

Nick: A lot of what victoria’s doing, I don’t like. But there isn’t anything I can do about it now that I’ve been pushed out of my coo position. But I’m going to embrace this new venture as a way to get out of the inner circle. It’s a chance to break free and we can both benefit from that, adam.

Phyllis: Seriously, you two are such kind, compassionate human beings. I wish I could take credit, but I can’T. I can’T. The credit goes to your fathers.

Summer: Mom.

Phyllis: No, it does. I wish, I wish that I could be more like danny romalotti and nick newman. I’m working on it. So, I take the job with adam, right?

Daniel: Yeah. Sounds like there’s a “but” in there.

Phyllis: Well, I’m facing a murder trial. So, yeah, I mean, if I can’t beat this, if christine gets what she has always, always wanted, me in a jail cell for the rest of my life, it won’t matter if I take a job or don’t take a job. I mean, if I can’t beat this and I can’t clear my name, then it really won’t matter about a new and improved phyllis because the new and improved phyllis will just be sitting in a jail cell talking to her cellmates about what used to be.

Tessa: You know I don’t want to pressure you.

Mariah: I know.

Tessa: I just want you to put yourself first.

Mariah: You and aria come first, always and forever.

Sharon: I don’t wanna pressure you either, mariah, but the sooner you could let me know–

Mariah: Okay, mom, I will think it through.

Sharon: [ Laughs ] Of course. And again, as much as I would love to have you a part of this team, I will completely understand if you decide to stay at jabot. Or at least I’ll pretend to.

[ Laughing ] Okay, I gotta get going. I have a meeting with nick and adam. Cutie.

[ All chuckling ]

Mariah: Hey. It is really nice to see you so happy about this new venture. I feel like it’s the perfect antidote to the horror that you’ve been through.

Sharon: It has been incredibly healing. And I haven’t been this excited about something in a long time.

[ Mariah chuckling ]

Mariah: Come here. So I didn’t think I needed swiffer,

Summer: Thinking the worst, it’s not gonna help your situation. Once you get in front of a jury, they’re gonna understand why you did what you did. And, I mean, you have a witness, carson, who’s gonna make them understand.

Phyllis: Yeah. If he comes through for me.

Daniel: What do you mean if? He already gave his statement, he’s gonna testify at the trial, he’s gonna paint a picture of how you found yourself in an impossible situation.

Phyllis: Right. I mean, but sometimes people say they’re gonna do something and then they decide not to do it. Or they do what they care about for themselves versus what’s the right thing to do.

Summer: Mom, no more doom and gloom. New job, right? New you.

Daniel: And… you have our support. And our love.

Summer: Yeah. And heather is fighting for you, mom. Michael’s already clued her into all of christine’s tricks and she’s got a few of her own, I’m sure.

Phyllis: That’s true.

Summer: Everything’s gonna be okay.

Phyllis: Okay.

Summer: You’ve got to believe that.

Phyllis: Okay.

[ Phyllis chuckling ]

Tessa: Oh, she’s still asleep.

Mariah: Okay. So, what do you really think about me possibly leaving jabot to work for sharon?

Tessa: Well, in spite of what kyle said about some internal conflict brewing, jabot has been around for a long time. It’s a leader in the cosmetics industry. It’s not going anywhere.

Mariah: And sharon’s new company combines two faltering entities, mccall and cameron kirsten’s firm. Reinvention is good, but maybe stability, predictability are better.

Tessa: And adam’s in the mix. I mean, is that a good thing? I mean, maybe his contributions make the company a success. But what’s the working environment like? I mean, sharon deserves a pleasant, stress-free workplace.

Mariah: That is a very good point. I mean, sharon and nick, great. Sharon, nick and adam? Maybe not so great. And once upon a time, adam was obsessed with sharon and now I guess it– it’s sally, but who knows what’s next for that guy?

[ Both laughing ] But on the flip side, how stressful and uncomfortable is it gonna get at jabot?

Tessa: Hmm. I know that you want to look at every angle, assess every risk, but you’re not gonna have complete information to make this decision. You’re gonna have to trust your judgment. What do you think will give you the best chance at success and happiness?

Adam: Freedom. Liberty. Libertas.

Nick: Come on, man. Just stop it.

Adam: What? Come on, bro. Freedom. I mean, that’s what you were just talking about, wasn’t it?

[ Nick sighing ]

Sharon: Gentlemen. What did I miss?

Adam: Oh, you know, nick was just trying to get us to change the name of the company.

Sharon: Really?

Adam: Okay, look, fine. Adustus did come from a dark place. I will accept that. But that’s how I felt. I felt burned and I was ready to go scorched earth, but it doesn’t mean that my ideas for the company are not sound. And you’re never going to convince me that it isn’t redundant and stupid that our new company and newman media are separate entities under the same corporate structure.

Sharon: Look, adam, we’re all coming at this having just faced major shifts in our lives. We need to look at our new venture as a reinvention, a way to shed old negative ways and look toward a positive future.

Nick: I was just telling adam the exact same thing.

Adam: Hm. And by negativity, you mean me? Let’s be honest, how many times have you, and nick, for that matter, done your best to try to get me to change course? I mean, really tried to get me to do what you thought was best. How many times has it worked? I mean, you two knew what you were getting with me. Do you honestly believe that it’ll be possible for me to change? My a1c was up here; now, it’s down with rybelsus.

Summer: Thanks.

Daniel: Yeah, did you, uh, happen to notice the way mom reacted when we started talking about carson?

Summer: Yeah. She seemed really scared. And it– it didn’t seem like a general fear of the unknown or a fear of going to prison. I mean, it felt, like, weirdly specific, like there’s a problem and she’s not telling us about it.

Daniel: What do you think it is?

[ Summer sighing ]

Summer: I don’t know. The first time mom brought up carson to me, she was saying that she would have to pay him off to get him to back her claim that stark was threatening her.

Daniel: Yeah, but I mean, you wanted to take it one step further, didn’t you? You wanted him to say that he saw mom kill stark in self-defense.

Summer: Okay. It was just an idea, all right? Mom shut me down anyway.

Daniel: You know, last time we talked to michael, he made it sound like carson was the key to getting all these charges against mom dropped. If he didn’t really see anything…

Summer: That means that he’s lying. But in exchange for what? And we don’t know anything about the statement that he made to the police. But do we really think that mom is on board with perjury now?

Daniel: I don’t know. But I can tell you this. There’s definitely more to the story than mom’s willing to tell us.

Mariah: Helping sharon launch something new, something that means so much to her? That would just fill my heart up. You know, getting to ride alongside her as she goes into this new venture, I– I love that.

Tessa: And I love it for you. And maybe that outweighs everything else. You’d be taking a risk here. But from what you said, staying at jabot might be a risk, too.

Mariah: True.

Tessa: And I’ve never known you to back away from a challenge.

Mariah: You want me to do this, don’t you?

Tessa: I want you to do what you want to do.

Mariah: [ Laughing ] Okay.

Tessa: But jabot was important to you when you were working with kyle. And it’s still a nice job, but it’s just a job. This, on the other hand, is something special. I mean, you’d be a part of building something, maybe something just as long lasting as jabot in the long run. And you’d be working with sharon. I mean, the way you light up when you talk about working with her, what a wonderful example for aria. And what a great opportunity for the woman I love.

Mariah: You know me so well.

Sharon: You would like to pretend that you’re irredeemable, a lost cause. You wear it like a medal that you want us all to see. But this is me here and I know better. I think nick does, too.

Nick: Yeah, it’s hard for me to admit, but I’ve seen glimpses of the human being inside there. And as I was saying, I know how the bitterness can get when the exclusion and the pain is piled on. It can be a vicious cycle.

Adam: Okay, just stop. I’ve– I’ve heard enough from you two, okay? You win. Positive energy only from here on out. That’ll be the goal, at least. No more chip on the shoulder. Okay, but I’ll do my best. I’m not gonna promise anything I can’t 100% deliver on.

Nick: Fair enough.

Adam: And to hell with victoria. Forget about her and forget about victor and his tests and his mind games.

Sharon: What tests and mind games?

Adam: You know, it doesn’t even matter because we have work to do. And I’m not gonna think about newman media for the time being. But you should know, before this enlightening conversation, I made a move without consulting with you.

Sharon: What kind of a move?

Adam: I offered phyllis a job. Head of it.

Nick: You did what? You offered phyllis a key position in this company? She broke my daughter’s heart. She ruined summer’s marriage. She’s probably on her way to a life sentence for murder. What were you thinking?

[ Phone ringing ]

Adam: Oh, speak of the devil. Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hey. I’ve decided to accept your job offer. But listen, um… I’m gonna need your help with something first.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, July 31, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo

Recap written by Terry

Nick and Adam discussed their father’s recent change of plans regarding Augusta, the faltering company Victor bought from Tucker McCall for Adam to revamp and run.  When Victor called his family to the ranch to issue orders about running Newman Enterprises, he directed Nick to work with Adam.  In the same conversation, Victor said he gave his children too much leeway and control, and Victor stated that he himself calls the shots from now on.  Nick hesitantly agreed to work with Adam but Adam walked out when Victor firmly told Adam he could take it or leave Victor’s new approach and plans.  Adam later changed his mind, as Nick predicted he would.

Nick suspected that Adam did something to annoy Victor into later changing the arrangement that would have allowed Nick, Adam and Sharon to run Augusta for three months as they saw fit before Victor would reassess the arrangement.  Adam denied angering Victor into pulling the rug from underneath them, as Nick put it, and eliminating the agreed to three month arrangement.

Nick was suspicious when his father said he had to go to Germany to secure funding for a project.  Nick scoffed and said Victor could get a million dollars’ funding with one phone call.  Nick said Victor lay down the law then slipped into the shadows to see how Nick, Sharon and Adam would react to Victor’s order to do nothing until Victor told them what to do.  Adam said he wanted to call Victor’s bluff and get started working on the company without Victor’s directive.  A frustrated Nick said the whole situation is impossible, because if they begin work on the company without Victor’s orders they look disobedient, but if they wait for Victor they look ineffective.

When Sharon joined Adam and Nick to discuss their approach to running the business, Sharon told Adam he wore his lost cause persona like a medal, and Nick added that he occasionally sees glimpses of a human being in Adam. Adam glibly stated that it’s all positivity from now on and no more chip on his shoulder.

Adam told Nick and Sharon that he offered Phyllis a Web Designer position. Nick rejected that and asked Adam what was he thinking.  After discussing her financial woes with her children, Phyllis called to accept Adam’s offer, but said she needed help with something first.

Prior to that phone call to Adam, Phyllis met with Summer and Daniel and told them she will do whatever it takes to earn their forgiveness. Phyllis stated she is a different person and wants to be a busy, productive citizen as she awaits trial for murdering Jeremy Stark. She told her children she accepted a job offer from Adam. Summer observed that if Phyllis wanted to clean up her image, she might want to do it with someone a little less shady than Adam.

Daniel told Summer he thinks there is more to Phyllis’ involvement with Carson, the paramedic Tucker is hiding. Phyllis has stated prior that Tucker and Carson have her whole life in their hands.

At Sharon’s coffee house, Sharon asked Mariah if she would consider leaving Jabot to work with her at the company she will run with Nick and Adam. Sharon said Mariah knows media relations and image building more than anyone she knows and Mariah could create her own job title, such as Vice President of Marketing. Tessa states it would be an amazing opportunity for Mariah.

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B&B Transcript Monday, July 31, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Relaxing music ]

Kelly: The moat dried out again.

Finn: Oh, you’re right. Well, that happens. But hey, we always gotta be careful around the water, right? Always respect the ocean.

Kelly: I remember.

Finn: Okay, good.

[ Phone ringing ] Hang on one second, honey. This is dr. Finnegan. Hello? Sorry, yo– you’re breaking up. Okay, yeah, one second. Honey, I’m just gonna take this phone call, okay?

Kelly: Okay.

Finn: Just stay right here, okay? Don’t move. Hey, can you hear me? One second. Hello? Hello? No, one second. What’s going on? Okay, no, no, no. He needs to stay on the iv drip, but we’re gonna have to move him to the icu, and– and get dr. Nick on that immediately because we need to check his levels. Send me over his chart and I’ll evaluate.

Sheila: Kelly, come on back. Come on.

Finn: Okay. No, move him to the icu as soon as you can because we can’t–

[ Kelly screaming ]

Sheila: Kelly! No! Kelly!

Liam: So, kelly is at the beach with finn?

Steffy: Yes. Liam, they’re fine. Finn loves her. He is perfectly capable looking out for her.

Liam: Yeah, no, I mean, a week ago, totally. Wouldn’t have given it a second thought. But that was before I saw finn hugging sheila outside the judge’s chambers, and steffy, honestly, now I’m concerned none of you are safe on his watch.

Ridge: Well, skyler, that should just about do it. How’s it feel?

Skyler: Like a forrester.

Ridge: A-ha. I’ll take that. Well, please tell joseph I’ll send him an email. Thank you.

Skyler: Thank you.

Brooke: Wow. Another beautiful design. Not that I’m surprised.

Ridge: What? Am I predictable now?

[ Brooke chuckling ]

Brooke: Well, you’re anything but predictable.

Ridge: Hm. Well, I’m grateful for your arms around me.

Brooke: Yeah? Your grateful for my arms?

Ridge: Mm-hmm. And other stuff.

Brooke: What about my lips?

Ridge: Absolutely.

Brooke: You’re grateful for those?

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Oh, I wish we were in rome still. It’s so romantic.

Ridge: It was for us.

Brooke: And for hope and thomas, apparently.

Ridge: Yeah, I still gotta talk to him about that.

Brooke: Yes. So, are you happy you looked through the keyhole to see your destiny?

Ridge: It’s the most

beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.


I found you. Yes. Very happy, but it seems like such a waste of time because my destiny was right in front of me the whole time.

Brooke: Yeah, that’s true. But, you know, sometimes, you need to see things from a different perspective.

Ridge: You know what I want to see right now? Sheila behind bars and away from my family.

Brooke: Yes.

Carter: Katie’s talking points about sheila’s release from prison. We’re setting up satellite feeds. She will handle the news outlets personally.

Ridge: Glad she’s on it.

Carter: Yeah. She’s stressing that you stick to the official statements. No interviews.

Brooke: I still can’t believe that bill’s plan backfired. Sheila is actually free.

Ridge: Well, that woman is dangerous. She’s a threat. Not just to us, but to steffy and her family.

Steffy: Liam, I understand where you’re coming from.

Liam: I know– steffy, I know what you’re gonna say. I’m not overreacting. You do not hug somebody who shot you and your wife in cold blood. I don’t care– I do not care that she’s his birth mother. And– and by the way, please understand I am not– I’m not saying any of this to interfere in your marriage.

Steffy: I know that.

Liam: Hey, what happened with finn and sheila is not normal.

Steffy: Well, there has to be an explanation.

Liam: Sure. I hope so. I just– I can’t even imagine what it would be, but in the mean time, steffy, I’m telling you, I’m gonna be extra vigilant where you and kelly are concerned.

Sheila: Kelly!

Kelly: Help me! Help!

Sheila: I’m coming! Coming!

Finn: And then no visitors. Of course not. No, that’ll be fine. Okay, yeah. Just keep me– just keep me in the loop with all of it.

Kelly: Help! Scout is protected by simparica trio,

Ridge: What if we get steffy and finn to press charges again?

Carter: Ridge, ridge, they already recanted their statements. They refused to testify.

Brooke: Because of bill’s blackmail.

Carter: There was very little physical evidence linking sheila to the shootings, so almost everything hinged on finn and steffy’s account of what happened. Now, without new evidence–

Brooke: That means she’s free to terrorize us once again.

Carter: We’re taking every precaution here, okay? We’ve upped security personnel. We’ve added an extra layer of verification.

Ridge: She’s gonna find a way back into the building. She always does.

Brooke: True. She can evade even the best security.

Carter: It’s the best we can do at this point. Sheila’s free to live her life as she wants.

Brooke: So, she will be a threat to us indefinitely.

Ridge: And no one’s gonna be more threatened than steffy and her kids.

Liam: So, how long do you think finn and kelly will be?

Steffy: Finn knows that you guys have a daddy/daughter date. It shouldn’t be too long. Kelly’s really excited. I– I know you see her all the time, but she, uh, she misses you when you’re not here.

Liam: I miss her too.

Steffy: We knew this wasn’t gonna be an ideal situation.

Liam: Yeah, no.

Steffy: You have another daughter and we just had to make some sacrifices.

Liam: Yeah. It’s funny. It kills me to be away from either of them.

Steffy: I know how much you love your girls.

Liam: Fathers and daughters, you know? Something about that. It’s like there’s this just like, visceral, almost biological drive to– to protect them. Sometimes, I think about the day kelly was born. It’s amazing how much she looks like my mother. It’s– it’s in the eyes, it’s there, it’s just… and I know she’s young, but you can tell she’s an old soul. Big thoughts, big ideas. And I know she gets a lot of those ideas from you, which is why I love ’em so much. It actually hurts. Like, it physically hurts when I’m not with her.

Steffy: Yeah, well, they own our hearts and we do our best to do right by them.

Liam: Try to.

Steffy: You’re doing amazing. You’re an incredible father and kelly knows that.

Liam: Well, to whatever extent that’s true, this is why I’m– I’m so concerned about finn and his relationship with sheila. I know you don’t– I know you don’t want to think about it, but there is a connection there. She has a pull on him. There’s a vulnerability and– and that makes this whole situation dangerous, steffy.

Kelly: Finn, help!

Finn: What’s his heart rate?

Kelly: Help! Help, finn! Help!

[ Kelly coughing ]

Finn: It’s okay. It’s okay.

[Indistinct]. Are you okay? Gimme your fingers. Here, wrap this up. You all right?

[ Kelly coughing ]

Carter: The restraining orders are being processed.

Ridge: Oh, well that is fantastic news ’cause I’m sure she’s gonna abide by them.

Carter: It’s the best we can do right now.

Ridge: Right, then what do we do? We just sit around and do nothing? She’s gonna weasel her way into finn’s life. She can’t stay away from him.

Brooke: She claims she wants to be loved, but she doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. She destroys everything that she touches.

Ridge: I know what she wants to touch. Steffy, finn and the kids. I’m not gonna stand here and wait for something terrible to happen. I’m gonna protect my daughter. We gotta think of something else.

Brooke: We will keep them safe. We’re not gonna let sheila lay a finger on any of them.

Steffy: Went straight to voicemail.

Liam: Well, I guess finn and kelly are having a really good time. Can I– can I just make sure we’re on the same page about something because you know I never would have had an issue with finn and kelly spending time together before I saw that embrace with sheila at the courthouse, right? It’s just that– that’s not the kind of thing we ignore. You– you agree with me on that, right?

Steffy: Liam, finn is my husband and I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. I owe him that much.

Liam: No, you– you don’t– you don’t owe him that much when it comes to sheila because the stakes are too high. This isn’t– this isn’t the kind of thing that we, like, we wait until something terrible happens. We act now.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Finn: Did you– did you swallow a lot of water? Huh? I’m gonna listen to your lungs when we get home, okay? I am so sorry, I didn’t– I didn’t hear you out there, okay? I just– I, um… I shouldn’t have taken my eyes off you. I’m sorry, honey.

Kelly: It’s okay.

Finn: Okay.

Kelly: She saved me.

Finn: She’s right. You saved her. Thank you. Mom, thank you.

Protect your dog

from fleas and ticks

Ridge: I’ve missed this so much.

Brooke: Goes both ways, mister. I wish we were never apart in the first place.

Ridge: My hands are shaking. Do you feel that?

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: I think about sheila, I just get so angry. But I know with you by my side, I can do anything. It’s weird to think about that, but I… I think I love you more now than I ever have. That weird?

Brooke: Well, I love you. I always have and I always will.

Ridge: Oh!

Brooke: Oh, gosh.

Ridge: I just had an idea. I know we’ve been through this, but… let’s get married again. Come on.

Brooke: [ Laughing ] What? Really?

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: Uh… uh, wow, yeah. That… yeah. I would love that.

Ridge: Those are the easiest vows I would ever have to say.

Brooke: Oh, you’re so sweet. Well… you know, I know that you’re worried about sheila, I do, but you’re right. If we’re together, we’re stronger than ever, you know? And we can get through this. And finn will be right there with steffy and the children. He loves them very much, you know that. He will keep them out of harm’s way, trust me.

Ridge: Okay.

Liam: Hey, I get why you don’t want to think about this connection finn has with his psychotic birth mother, but it’s there and it’s concerning.

Steffy: No. No.

Liam: And please don’t make me show you the video again.

Steffy: I don’t– I can’t hear it, okay? I don’t want to think about it. Finn embracing his mother, I can’t stand the thought of it, all right? Is that what you want to hear?

Liam: Steffy, you have to accept the possibility.

Steffy: No. No, I don’t want to believe it. I have to believe that my husband would never put me or our children in jeopardy. He knows exactly who sheila is. No matter what, there is nothing sheila can do to convince finn to let her back into our lives.

Kelly: She’s your mom?

Finn: Yeah, she’s my mom. What are you doing here?

Sheila: I– I just wanted to see you. I miss you so much and I– I never would have expected any of this to happen.

Finn: If it weren’t for you, we– you saved her life. You saved kelly’s life.

Tanner: Ten people die each day in the U.S. From accidental drowning. To learn how you and your family can enjoy the water safely this summer, please go to redcross.Org. Call 1-800-red-cross or text swim to 90999.

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B&B cast animated GIF

Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

Chance tells Summer he will talk to Christine and try and persuade her not to bring charges against her because he thinks she has suffered enough. Chance also advises Summer to give herself time to heal from the pain of Kyle’s affair with Audra.

Devon agrees to be Tucker’s best man.

Abby tells Ashley that she thinks she is only marrying Tucker because she is angry that Jack married Diane. Ashley denies the accusation but Abby wonders why Ashley hasn’t set a date for her wedding yet.

Adam tells Phyllis he will think about helping her get dirt on Tucker so she can have leverage to keep herself out of jail.

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Y&R cast animation

GH Short Recap Friday, July 28, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Molly advises Kristina to take some business management classes so she can feel more confident when she opens the youth center. Kristina decides to talk to Michael and ask for his help to see about business management.

Nina asks Michael to consider making peace with her for Willow’s sake.

Dante and Charlotte go to visit Lulu at the long-term care facility. Charlotte cries and begs her mother to wake up because she misses her very much. (Lulu’s face isn’t shown on screen.)

Trina and Spencer decide to keep their relationship low key for now so Portia won’t have extra stress right now. Esme is jealous that Trina is more important to Spencer than her and Ace, so she decides to do something to change the situation.

Valentin and Laura arrive at the house in Chechnya where they believe Nikolas is hiding but the new owner of the house says he isn’t there. Laura thinks Nikolas is being held against his will.

Sonny has his bodyguards following Nanny Betty so she can lead him to Mason’s boss. Sonny tells Ava that once they discover the identity of Mason’s boss, the person won’t know what hit them.

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GH cast animated GIF

Interview with Jessica Matten and Kiowa Gordon

TV Interview!


Jessica Matten as Sgt. Bernadette Manuelito - Dark Winds _ Season 1, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Michael Moriatis/AMCKiowa Gordon of "Dark Winds" on AMC+ Screenshot from the trailer.

Interview with Jessica Matten and Kiowa Gordon of “Dark Winds” on AMC+ by Suzanne 7/10/23

This is such an excellent show, and was really nice to speak with these two.  I spoke with Jessica on 7/10 and Kiowa on 7/11. Although they were both via Zoom video, it was requested that I only use the audio for Kiowa’s interview. I put both up on YouTube, so I made a slideshow for Kiowa’s audio. This new season is spectacular, with lots of action, drama, more developing story, and great guest stars.

First, the video with Jessica! I hope you enjoy it.

Jessica Matten of "Dark Winds" on AMC+

Here’s the audio interview with Kiowa, and my slideshow. I’m not great with video editing. I use a free program called Clideo.

Kiowa Gordon of "Dark Winds" on AMC+ At the TIFF Premiere of Through Black Spruce. Photo from his Instagram.



Season 2 of the Noir Thriller Returns to AMC on Sunday, July 30. Available to Stream Early on AMC+ on Thursday, July 27.

"Dark Winds" season 2 on AMC and AMC+ key art

“Perhaps the most ambitious Native-led TV show ever made.” – The Hollywood Reporter 

“Gripping, gorgeously shot…” – TIME

Watch Official Trailer

NEW YORK – June 15, 2023 – The highly anticipated return of AMC’s lauded hit series, Dark Winds, starring Zahn McClarnon (The Son, Westworld, Fargo), Kiowa Gordon (The Red Road, Roswell, New Mexico) and Jessica Matten (Tribal, Burden of Truth), is set for Sunday, July 30 at 9pm ET/PT on AMC, with new episodes airing weekly on Sundays. Episodes will be available early on AMC+ starting Thursday, July 27, with new episodes every Thursday. Produced by AMC Studios, the second season is comprised of six episodes.Jessica Matten as Sgt. Bernadette Manuelito - Dark Winds _ Season 1, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Michael Moriatis/Stalwart Productions/AMC

A Martinez (Longmire, Days of Our Lives) joins this season as Valencia County Sheriff Gordo Sena, while Joseph Runningfox (The Politician, Valley of the Gods) will portray Henry Leaphorn, Lt. Joe Leaphorn’s father. This season also sees the return of series regulars Deanna Allison (Accused, Edge of America) as Emma Leaphorn and Elva Guerra (Reservation Dogs, Rutherford Falls) as Sally Growing Thunder. All join previously announced Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Picard, Bosch) who plays Rosemary Vines, and Nicholas Logan (Dopesick, Creepshow), who plays Colton Wolf.

Season one premiered to glowing reviews, earning a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Ahead of the second season, viewers can get caught up on the captivating series on AMC+. Episode 101 is also available to watch for free on the AMC+ YouTube channel.

This season, Lt. Joe Leaphorn (McClarnon), reunites with Jim Chee (Gordon), his former deputy turned private eye, when their separate cases bring them together in pursuit of the same suspect. They find themselves in the high desert of Navajo Country chasing a killer who’s turned his sights on them to protect a secret that rips open old wounds and challenges Leaphorn’s moral and professional code. With the help of Sgt. Manuelito (Matten) and Valencia County Sheriff Gordo Sena (Martinez), Leaphorn and Chee must thwart their would-be assassin and restore balance not only to their own lives, but to the reservation that depends on them.

Based on the iconic Leaphorn & Chee book series by Tony Hillerman, Dark Winds is created by Graham Roland (Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, The Returned, Almost Human, Fringe). John Wirth (Hell on Wheels, Hap and Leonard) serves as showrunner. The series is executive produced by Roland, Wirth, McClarnon, Robert Redford, George R.R. Martin, Anne Hillerman, Chris Eyre, Vince Gerardis and Tina Elmo.

"Dark Winds" season 2 on AMC and AMC+ key art


If you have any questions or would like to arrange cast or crew interviews, please contact those listed below. We appreciate your support and coverage of Dark Winds.

 About AMC

AMC is home to some of the most popular and acclaimed original programs on television. AMC was the first basic cable network to ever win the Emmy® Award for Outstanding Drama Series with Mad Men in 2008, which then went on to win the coveted award four years in a row, before Breaking Bad won it in 2013 and 2014, and the network’s series The Walking Dead is the highest-rated series in cable television history. AMC’s current original series include Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches, Fear the Walking Dead, Dark Winds, Lucky Hank and the forthcoming series The Walking Dead: Dead City and The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, among others. AMC is owned and operated by AMC Networks Inc. and is available across all platforms, including on-air, online, on demand, mobile, and on AMC+, the company’s premium streaming bundle featuring content from across AMC and sister networks BBC America, IFC, and SundanceTV as well as streaming services Shudder, Sundance Now and IFC Films Unlimited.

About AMC+

AMC+ is the company’s new premium streaming bundle featuring an extensive lineup of popular and critically acclaimed original programming from AMC, BBC America, IFC, and SundanceTV and full access to targeted streaming services Shudder, Sundance Now and IFC Films Unlimited, which feature content such as A Discovery of Witches, Creepshow, and Boyhood. The service features a continually refreshed library of commercial-free content, with iconic series from the AMC Networks portfolio including Mad Men, Halt & Catch Fire, Hell on Wheels, Turn: Washington’s Spies, Rectify, Portlandia, and series from The Walking Dead Universe, among many others. The service also offers a growing slate of original and exclusive series including Gangs of London, This is Going to Hurt, Dark Winds, and the first two series in a new Anne Rice universe, Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire and Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches. With new movies released every Friday, AMC+ is the newest destination for exclusive film premieres direct from theaters all year long. AMC+ is available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Korea, and Spain and is available in the U.S. through, the AMC+ app, and a number of digital and cable partners.


Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Kiowa Gordon and young boy in "Dark Winds" season 2 on AMC+


Days Transcript Friday, July 28, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Reeve. Uh, hi. Uh, listen, um, I know you’re practically running Salem PD at this point, but, um, today is usually your day off, so I was just wondering if you were free. Uh, yeah, actually I am. No hot plans? Nope. You know, uh, Talia, she’s out doing community service, so I figured I’d stay in, relax, you know, read big little lies, and um, meditate.

Uh huh. Okay. Why? Did you have something else in

mind? Just wondering if maybe you wanted to go to a wedding? Because my sister’s getting married, and um… I could use a plus one.


morning, beautiful. I mean, what? You know I love breakfast in bed. Happy wedding day. Happy anniversary. Happy first day of the rest of

my life.

Matty, your phone is blowing up. It’s rather distracting, babe. Just put it on vibrate, I’ll be out in a sec.

Mattie of Honor, at your service. What do you think? Too much? Yeah, fine. Where are you? Why? You didn’t even look at me! I’m sorry, I just can’t seem to tear my eyes away from these… Libidinous turns of phrase, or shall I say sexed messages from your new lover, I presume.

Eric? Hey, what’s wrong? What happened?

I spoke to Nicole.

She needs you. Get the results back from the genetic testing.

Okay, is that it’s not EJ’s kid. What? I mean, how is that even possible? See, the thing is, Nicole, she hasn’t been with anybody besides me and EJ. Which obviously makes the kid mine. But you already knew that! Didn’t you?

You swapped my cheeks yourself. See, the results conclusively said that I was not the father, which turns out that I am. You could be the only one who screwed with the test. You tried to keep me away from knowing that it’s my kid. You’re a lying bitch!

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Dear baby, please don’t be mad at me. No, I just, I was Don’t! But I was terrified whenever I found out Nicole was pregnant that she would leave me for her. Where are you going? I don’t want to be with you. I don’t want to be anywhere near you. But our baby! I’m pregnant! you money. I don’t want money. I want you.

Yeah, well, I don’t want you. I don’t want to be anywhere near you. You know what, Nicole? It was my first love. And our baby is going to be born into this world with love.

And on the other hand, I never really want anything to do with you. Eric, but our baby!

Baby? it?

Are you alright? Oh!

Hey! Hello, hello. I was just reading this article about Abe and Lonnie rescuing him. I can’t believe he was kidnapped by some delusional nurse. He’s actually still alive. I know. It is quite literally unbelievable. Not to mention absolutely brilliant news. Uh huh. And, I have some news of my own. Really? Mm hmm.

Dr. Sorensen’s office just phoned. The results of the genetic testing are in. Already? Mm hmm. And we just had those done yesterday. I greased the wheels a bit. Put it on the fast track for analysis, since I knew you were anxious to get the results. Mm hmm, yeah. So, is everything alright with the baby?

Listen, Gweny, I can explain. You don’t owe me an explanation. And I’m sorry I read your text, but you did ask me to turn your ringer off and they were all sort of popping up all over the screen. Right. That happens. But now, I can’t help but wonder, who is this mystery man who’s lying in bed naked waiting for you?

Are you up to some roleplay perhaps? Let me guess. You’re a cabana boy who accidentally walks into the wrong bungalow. Actually, that’s not bad. Obviously you don’t know who those naughty texts were from, right? No, I mean, how could I? According to your contacts, his initials are MP. Ah, yes, MP. Matthew Perry.

What? The actor from Friends? What, who, Chandler? No, no, it’s a guy that I met on matchup. com. Ross is way more my type anyway. Yeah, actually I can see that Well, that’s wonderful Matty. So when did you meet this bloke? Oh a couple of days ago Did you? Well, I was under the impression that you and I were best friends.

We are. Well, then why didn’t you mention him to me? Because it was you know, just a hookup. I didn’t wanna make a thing out of it and because truthfully I Might be catching some feelings, I don’t want to jinx it. Okay. So what are you waiting for, then? Spill, tell me, is he incredibly hot? Oh, you have no idea.

He is a certified level 3 smoke show. Well, good for you, Matty. Well done. So… You gonna go off to see M. P., be that naughty little cabana boy with the level 3 smoke show? Hmm, well, he says the only thing missing is me. No, M. P. can just hang out by himself for a little while. Really? He seems pretty desperate to see you.

Hey, listen to me. My best friend in the entire world is getting married today, which means today is a very important day for me too. The only person I am focused on right now is you. You’re beautiful, right? Um,

You know what I was thinking this morning? That with all your, uh, pillow drool, and the way that your mouth hangs open when you sleep, and you make that adorable little snorting sound. Oh yeah? It is, it is, it’s adorable. Despite all that, You are still the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.

And my soon to you, my soon to be husband. I am more in love with you than ever. You know, when my alarm went off, and there you were right next

to me, I I don’t know, I thought about it and it’s just silly to worry about the whole don’t see the bride before the wedding thing. I mean, what could happen to us that hasn’t already happened, right? True, true. Oh, Gabby, I cannot wait for you to be my wife

again. And I promise you this time, the death do us part. Part? It’s for real.

So… Gabby’s getting married today? Was this like a sudden decision? No, no, no, no, no. I’ve known for a few weeks now, but But, uh, Yeah, I mean, I didn’t invite you obviously because Yeah, you’re keeping our relationship on the DM. Yeah, but Yeah, but, uh, now that they’ve taken my badge, there’s really no point in keeping up appearances, is there?

I mean, are you sure about that? You know, the acting mayor did fire you, and now that Abe’s been found alive, there’s a real possibility that he can reinstate you. Yeah. Yeah, and when he comes back to the job, he’s not exactly going to be gung ho on us dating. Yeah. So do you really think that this is a good time for us to go public?

Abe back on the job? Not sure that’s gonna happen anytime soon. I mean, not with him struggling with amnesia. And even if Ape does come back, and he’s mayor again, and he wants to reinstate me, I gotta say, being let go, it’s, um, it’s been oddly liberating. Really? Mm hmm. How so? Well, it’s out of the obvious.

You know, that gives me proper time to write my life’s memoir and, uh, to have a midlife crisis. Um, well, it’s made me think about things. It’s made me think, like, my job isn’t necessarily the most important thing in my life. And if I had to choose between being commissioner of Salem PD or being with you, I’d choose you.

That’s very sweet of you to say. But, I mean, you just got out of a divorce, and… Oh, oh, oh, I see. You think this is some sort of a rebound thing, huh? Is that it? Alright, you’re not wrong. I haven’t exactly had the best luck with relationships. That is true. I did think about… Giving up on them, and on love, and then I met you.

This feels different. Feels right.

I feel the same to me too.

Good. Please head that out. Your sister’s not coming back for hmm. Hours.

Whoa, there I, uh.

I think you better open this. Right now? Yeah, now, before you get too carried away. Happy anniversary. Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, and another happy anniversary. Why five? Because we were robbed of our first four, and I figured I might as well play a little catch up. So, for the first anniversary, it’s traditional to give paper.

And for the second, cotton. The third, leather. And then the fourth, fresh fruit and flowers. And for the fifth, wood. This is so sweet and thoughtful, but I feel bad I don’t have anything for you. I think you do. Are

you sure you don’t want to dash over to CMP for a quickie? I’m sure you have time. No, I’m gonna go tell that snake charmer to keep a serpent in his pants. He’s for real. Poor MP, I’m sure he’s going to be very disappointed, I’m


You know, they say that it’s in bad form to text with your boyfriend on your wedding day when you’re about to marry the woman of your dreams. You’re knocking, Kristen. Hmm. Yeah, well, the door was open. So. This boyfriend of yours. Leo Stark is not my boyfriend. Okay, well, your paramour, your boy toy, whatever you want to call him.

Like I said, I’m just I need him thinking that I’m interested so I do not lose this inheritance. Ah, okay, right. Since, uh, I am so looking forward to a cut of the inheritance, I will not tell anyone that my daughter caught you and that little twerp in Flagrante. However, May I remind you, if you have not forgotten, that…

That little twerp is your fiancé Gwen’s best friend. Yes. I know. And, uh, has it occurred to you that the two of them are as thick as thieves and will talk about everything and anything? Leo is not going to tell her anything. Why the hell would he? Oh my god. Because… She is, I’m guessing, not only his best friend, but his most trusted confidant.

And, uh, one day, he will spill the beans. And when he does, dear nephew, you will

be screwed. And not in a good way. So, Official privileges at University Hospital? No, she does not. And since she flew back home last night, we’re to pick up the results ourselves. But she assured me they’d be self explanatory and that if we need to give her a call, with any questions or concerns, we’re free to do so.

I see.

There is no reason to believe that something is wrong. But if there is some concern over our genetic history, we’re more than prepared to deal with it. Together. And if there isn’t, we can rest easy. Right. So, why don’t we go to the hospital and pick up the results now? Shall we? It’s the baby. The baby with?

What do you mean? I just, I had a nightmare. It was, something terribly wrong happened. I don’t know if the testing hasn’t revved up your anxiety. No, it’s not that. I just, I love this baby so much already. Okay. And you’re really scaring me so bad. Alright, shh. Come here. Just relax. Why don’t you close your eyes, all right?

Just take some big, deep breaths, and everything’s gonna be fine, I promise. I mean, you can always try counting the sheen.

Better? Mm

hmm. I’m gonna be fine. I’m Okay. You relax.

It’s not our test results that I’m worried about. It’s EJ Nicole’s.

What will we do if they show that… Our babies.

Eric’s. Man, I could lie here all day. Me too. So, when’s the wedding? Eleven. Oh, we better get going. Wait, we? Does that mean you’re going? Of course I’ll go.

I want to be with you every chance I can get. Okay.

So, where is it? What’s the dress code? Well, it’s at the DiMera mansion, and uh, you can basically wear whatever you want. Mom jeans, wine shirt, my sister does not care. As long as you’re going to be on her side of the aisle, she’ll be happy. Right, right. You know, I can’t help but wonder how many DiMeras must be living in that mansion now.

Oh my God. EJ and Nicole, they’re going to be there, aren’t they? Well, yeah, probably. I mean, it is his brother that’s getting married. Yeah. You okay with that? No, I’m fine with it. The question is, are you? I mean, I know how upset you were yesterday when you found out about Nicole’s pregnancy. Oh, I was shocked.

Yes. Upset? No. No, I’m not. You know, as far as I’m concerned, EJ and Nicole deserve each other, I don’t give a damn. Yeah. What about you, though? Remember all those things that Nicole said when she found out you were pregnant? Yeah, but that was my choice to make. I did what was right for me. I mean, as far as Nicole Walker is concerned, I don’t care.

And I would feel a little resentment if it was Eric that was gonna be the father of that child, but it’s not. It’s EJ’s. Yeah. And quite frankly, the only person I feel sorry for is that child. Right?

Oh, I don’t know why I’m such a bundle of nerves. Oh, you shouldn’t be. It’s not like either one of us has a family history of genetic disorders. Unless being a screw up is in the DNA? Oh, asking for a friend, of course. No, and you can tell your friend… I don’t think that can be passed down. So, shall we? Where are you two going?

Uh, we’re going to the hospital to pick up some lab results. Aren’t you, uh, forgetting something? Ta da da da! Your wedding, yes, yes, yes, of course. We wouldn’t miss it for the world. We won’t be long. Okay. Look, EJ, I… I know I didn’t get to ask you this formally, to be my best man, but… For a good reason. Okay, just…

You see, I don’t have anybody else to help me get ready. And, I know you and I have had our ups and downs, but I’m hoping this most recent truce can be more of a permanent detente, and we can put this Cain and Abel crap behind us. That is a lovely sentiment, and I too am hopeful, uh, unfortunately, I’m not.

No, no, no, you know what, why don’t, why don’t you stay and help Stefan? But, I, I thought that this is important, the man’s getting married today. I can go to the hospital myself. Yes, I’m sure and I’ll be back in time to get ready. I mean, if you’re really okay with it. I am. Now, you fulfill your best man duties, and I will be back soon with good news, I’m sure.

Mm hmm. Okay? Definitely good news. Mwah. Okay. Okay.

I’m calming down, I’m calming down for you, little one, because I know that panicking isn’t good for you. Yes, that’s right. Mm. Mm. If any luck, EJ will be the father of that baby. What do you say? Should we find out? You talking to yourself? Oh, to the baby, actually. Couldn’t sleep. Oh, I’m sorry. Hey, you know what I was thinking?

You should come down to the pub with me. I mean, since I told Brady yesterday about the baby and I think it’s time that I share it with my dad and Kate, too. And, you know, you can join us for lunch. It would be great. Oh. I know I’d love to, but I just, I can’t. I promised my brother that I would spend some time with him before he began serving his time, and you know, he was a wreck yesterday after the hearing.

Okay, I mean, I understand. But give my love to Kate and your dad, okay? Of course I will. I will understand. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah.

Who is it? It’s Kristen. May I come in? Uh, sure.

I brought you something. It’s a family heirloom. It’s old. It twinkles blue. Well, I mean, someone probably swiped it from the lost and found on the Titanic. Meaning, it is very, very old. Yeah, I got it. I just wondered if you wanted to wear it today. Why? Why? Well, because we’re going to be family. And you have gone out of your way to be nice to me since your oh so romantic reunion with my brother.

I know it’s probably because you just needed support with the DiMera board. And also, I, I figured you didn’t have a maid of honor, so I just wanted to say I was available. You know, I’m studying your face, looking for the poker tell, trying to figure out if you have an ulterior motive. No, my only motive is to forge a friendship with you, my soon to be sister in law.

I suppose I, uh… Because I’m getting shared custody with Rachel, I’m feeling rather charitable.

I’m really happy to hear about your daughter, Kristen. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. Uh, so, um, would you like me to put this on? Sure. Um, thank you. Sure. Yeah.


Oh, look who’s dressed to the nines for no apparent reason. Either you are auditioning to be the next Bachelor, in which case good luck, or you didn’t get the memo. You’re not invited to the wedding. What wedding? Mine. I’m getting married this morning. Well, what a coincidence. So am I. You’re kidding. No, no, no, I’m not kidding.

And, uh, well, I assume you’re having the ceremony right here. You’re assuming right. Well then, another coincidence. So am I. Well,

I suppose I ought to get into my dress if I don’t want to be late to my own wedding. Ah, Gwenny, I can’t believe you’re moving out. Leaving me alone in this dark, low ceilinged little room with the outdated window treatments. Not that bad. And generally, you know, husband and wife do tend to live together.

Although, I am going to miss this dark, low ceilinged, walled room with you. Yes, it’s going to be so depressing, schlepping around that 10, 000 square foot mansion. All the cooks and butlers, the theater, indoor pool. Yeah, well, you know, I did live there before, so I am quite familiar and know my way around all those 10, 000 square feet.

But last time you were a nanny, now you’re going to be the lady of the manor, bossing people around.

Yes, it will be quite different, won’t it? More enjoyable, I presume. However. There’s a however? Yes, of course there is. I’m not going to have my best friend who can make me laugh harder than anyone else can. Who comforts me when I’m feeling low. It’s not like you’re moving to another galaxy. We’re gonna see each other all the time.

Damn well better. And Gwenny, I hate to bring up the crass topic of money, but how am I gonna afford this place without you? You’re gonna have to give me a raise, okay? Yes, or maybe you’re just gonna have to cut down on all the room service and pay per view porn. Those were art films. Really? 40 gays in 40 nights.

The Devil Wears Nada. Well, maybe not those.

Gwennie, Without me around to rhapsodize about all of your incredible attributes, You better not lose sight of how special, and wonderful, and perfect you are. Well, if I do forget, I’m just gonna have to ring you, aren’t I, so you can remind me. Anytime. Day or night.

You’re Matty. You

know I adore you.

I’m going to cherish all of our memories that we’ve made. Here. In the Salem Inn room. I adore you too. I’m gonna miss you so much. Oh gosh. I’m gonna miss you too.

Wow. Is this okay? Is. Uh, okay, yeah, let me just clarify, so when we talked about dress code, I should have stipulated that you’re not supposed to upstage the bride. You look amazing. Wow. Thank you. And you don’t look so bad yourself. Thank you. So, what’s the protocol? Do we need to get a card or a present? No, no, no, don’t worry about it, because I’m just going to re wrap the waffle iron that I got my sister at her last almost wedding.

Perfect. Hey. Hey. Hi there. Hi. Are, uh, you two… Never mind. It’s none of my business. No, it’s fine. And yes, we are. I mean, that’s assuming if you were asking if we’re seeing each other. Yeah, that was my question. That’s great. Thanks. So, it looks like you have some news of your own to share. Floor’s open. Yeah, I was stopping by to see my dad and tell him that Sloane and I are expecting.


You are positively glowing. Thank you. Maybe that’s because I haven’t been this happy since the day Ariana was born. I can’t believe I’m gonna marry my soulmate. Oh, look at you. Kristen, I know that you’ve always thought of Brady that way as, as your soulmate, and, and maybe now that you’re sharing custody of Rachel, maybe that magic will come back again.

Yeah. Maybe.

Suck in. Suck in! Ugh, my goodness, girl! You’re like a negative size two. Why is this so tight? Well, full disclosure, I took the gown straight off the mannequin, who was probably a negative size four. And of course there wasn’t anyone around to do alterations, unfortunately. What? It was a time sensitive situation.

You see what’s happening here? This is me biting my tongue, practicing radical acceptance. Matty, I know you probably think that I should be whisked away in some straitjacket for marrying some guy that I barely know, but in all of my years where I’ve had relationships with men, well, sort of, Relationships with men.

Well, I’ve never clicked with anyone the way that I do with Dimitri. It’s like, um, well, you can sort of say it’s like love at first sight. Like what you had with Craig. I was scamming, Craig! Okay, yeah, maybe not the best analogy. Since, um, Dimitri’s not scamming me, of course. But, um, See, look, what I’m trying to say is that, um, I thought that I could only ever love Xander.

And he loved another woman. And that was my heartbreak. But, Dimitri… Oh, he is going to make me so happy. In fact, he already has. And that’s because he’s not pining for anyone else. He doesn’t have an ex wife or a lover that he can’t get out of his mind.

Matty, that’s because for the first time in my life, I am involved with somebody who only has eyes for me.

Listen to me, nephew. I don’t know what exactly is behind this whirlwind courtship or your ridiculously hasty decision to marry Gwen Ryschek of all people, which I’m sure is going to end up in lots of tears and probably in a courtroom, but in any case, Stefan has reserved our family home for his wedding, so you’re going to have to find another venue.

Uncle, I completely understand your concerns, and obviously it isn’t an ideal situation, but, uh, Well, I can’t do that to Gwen. She’s gonna be here any minute now, expecting to be married right here in the mansion. You think I give a rat’s ass what that woman is expecting? You do not get to blindside us with ridiculous demands.

Do you understand that? Okay, can I, uh, chat with him for a second, please? Can you take it down a notch? Why the hell should I? And why are you so calm about all this? I mean, talk about chutzpah. That son of a bitch is trying to commandeer the house, the staff, the champagne. EJ, can you listen to me for a second, please?

You remember what Kristen said, right? That his co CEO is at DiMera. It is in our best interest not to alienate one of our biggest shareholders. Now, I have to find a way to get along with this guy. I’m still gonna sleep with one eye open, but I don’t see any reason to antagonize the guy over a situation that can be easily remedied.

Remedied? Remedied how? Think about it. These two, they don’t have any friends, and they’re probably haikus longer than the guest list. So why not just set out a few extra chairs? If I’m not mistaken, what you’re trying to say… What I’m saying is we have a double wedding.

That’s wonderful, Eric. That you’re finally getting the child that you… Always wanted. Congratulations. Thank you. You ready? Yes, yes I am. Alright, if you’ll excuse us. We have a wedding to attend. Have fun.

Hi, I am here to pick up some lab results. What’s the name? It’s, uh, Walker. Nicole Walker. May I see some identification? Of course. Yeah. Um.

You know what? It seems I have left it at my house, but I can tell you that the date of service was yesterday with Dr. Sorenson. I’m still going to need to see some identification. If you really need proof that I am who I say I am, feel free to just call my husband, E. J. DiMera. Oh. That won’t be necessary.

I’ve got them right here. Ah,

thank you so much.

Hi. Hi, darling. Is everything alright? I thought you’d be back by now. Yeah, I’m sorry. There was a traffic jam on University Parkway. I’m just picking up our results now, so if I’m late to the wedding, go ahead and start without me. Actually, uh, weddings, plural. What? I don’t… Turns out that, uh, Stefan and Dimitri have agreed to a double wedding.

Wait, a double wedding? What? Okay, I know, but I should have asked you first. You’re expecting me to share my wedding date with that, that creep? Dimitri, you hate him! And Gwen was checking me and she let me take the fall for drugging Abigail. Have you lost your mind? Gabby, I… I am so sorry, really, but we didn’t have a lot of time to come up with an alternative.

The important thing is, you and I are going to be married. You’re going to be husband and wife again, okay? Yeah, I guess we have no choice.

What is going on here? Apparently we’re having a double wedding. No. Oh God, no. No, no. The last double wedding that I was involved in with him was a… Category 5 disaster. Maybe it’s a sign. Maybe you should call off. Call off

my wedding?

I… I don’t want to call off my wedding. Well, then, what about a… Conscious on marrying? Can’t we just go to the courthouse? We don’t have an appointment. Well then, let’s go tomorrow. I mean, come on, what’s, what’s 24 hours? I know that you’re so dead set on getting married before your 40th, darling, but really Gwen, darling.

Everyone is here. I know this isn’t what you expected, but… Look, Dmitri is right. He is right, and you are a vision, Gwen. And right now, everyone and everything is ready to go. Yes, yes, that’s right. And, and I didn’t want to tell you this yet, but I may have got you a little something special and had it engraved with today’s date.

And… And Gabby and Stefan have very generously agreed to share their special day with us. So in a way, with all this love in the air, it’s, uh, well, it’s kind of magical, don’t you think? Well, I’m down. And are we doing ceviche this time? I have developed a shellfish allergy. For Can we get this show on the road, because I have been waiting years to marry this man, and I don’t want to wait longer.

Okay. Okay, yes, yes, I don’t, I don’t want to wait any longer either. So let’s tie these knots. There she is. There you are, and you brought a plus one. Thank you for joining us. Thank you so much, and you look beautiful, as always. Thank you, so do you.

What’s going on? Oh, we’re having a double wedding. The more the merrier. Oh. You say so. Uh huh.

Oh, hey, EJ. Where’s Nicole? Oh, she said to start the ceremony without her. She’s been delayed. Oh, what a shame.

Hi, I’m here to pick up my test results. Oh, your name? Nicole Walker.

Oh, I’m sorry, it says here they’ve already been picked up.

Okay, Nicole Walker. No genetic anomalies detected, blah blah blah. Okay, where is it?

E. J. DiMera.

Not a genetic match. Dear God. The baby’s not EJ’s. It’s Eric’s.

Welcome, one and all. We are here to join this man and this woman, and this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Marriage is a sacred institution based on trust, love, and mutual respect. Should anyone present see any reason why these two Excuse me, why either of these two out of the four should not be wed.

Speak now or forever hold your peace. Who left that part in?

Well then. Wait a minute.

I have something to say.

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GH Transcript Friday, July 28, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Door unlocks ] Well, there’s no cars in the driveway, no lights on. It looks like it’s deserted. It does. I don’t think the cassadines have been here in years.

[ Shouting in russian ] Charlotte. You okay? I know it’s been a while since you’ve been here. It’s not just seeing mom after so long. I’m worried about my grandmother, too. Is it safe for her to be in russia? Papa knows his way around, but I’m nervous about grandma. She’s gonna be okay. Your dad’s with her, kevin’s with her, too. She’s in good hands. You ready?

[ Monitor beeping ] Any word from your grandmother? Nothing. I haven’t heard from her either, not that I’m surprised. I mean, laura has been kind to me, but I’m not family. I just hope she’s okay. Do you think it’s a bad sign that you haven’t heard from her? I don’t know. Could she be in trouble or — I have no idea. And even if she was in trouble, there’s not a damn thing that I can do about it, so just leave it alone.

[ Knock on door ] It’s me, your favorite sister. Oh, no, no, no. Don’t get up.

[ Chuckles ] You’re very funny. No need to announce yourself. You texted to let me know you were coming. I-I was actually surprised. That’s not very kristina-like. Hm, well, I am working on being much more considerate. How am I doing? Mm, “a” for effort.

[ Chuckles ] How do you think you’re doing? Well, there is a definite learning curve, but, uh, pretty good. Yeah. Whenever I’m in doubt, I just ask myself, “what would my younger, wiser, much more beautiful sister do?” Look, these figures don’t look right. No, I don’t care how many times you looked over it, look over them again and send me a revised budget.

[ Knock on door ] Hey! Look, I got to go. Just send me the accurate numbers by the end of the day.

[ Sighs ] Hey, mom. Hi, hi! I’m so sorry that I just barged in. I — your assistant said I could come. I’m so happy to see you back in the office. Well… it’s not exactly by choice, but, uh, yeah. I know. I know you haven’t left willow’s side for months, but this must mean she’s continuing to get better. Yeah. No, no, no, no. I’m very, very grateful that — that her strength is coming back. Well, she tells me to stop hovering, which I guess is a good thing, but it also means I have to give her some space, so I decided to come back to the office. You know, now that drew is, uh… um… in prison. You can say it. Drew’s in prison. But I didn’t come here to talk about drew. But I do have something I need to talk with you about. Okay, what about? Your father.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hey, hey, hey, nina. Hey, sonny. Where are you? Well, I’m at the metro court. I’m trying to get some work done, but I just — I can’t keep my mind off of the situation with willow. I thought you said things were better. Well, willow’s not the problem. It’s michael. We need to talk. I got to go ’cause, uh, I got to take care of something.

Yeah, let me — uh…

[ Line disconnects ] Frank, it’s all right. What’s the problem? The problem is you. You told me that you were gonna take care of that woman. This is how you take care of it? You — you send avery off with that psychopath? Come on, little mermaid. Time to go. Just five more minutes, please? Spoiled brat. Josslyn! Avery! How are you doing? Watch what I’ve learned in swim class today. Wow. That’s amazing. You’re — you’re better than me. You could go to the olympics for that, I’m telling you.

[ Chuckles ] Really? Really. Dex, hey! If you’re looking for joss, she’s right over there. I’m not here for joss. I’m actually working. Oh. Joss, I want you to meet my new nanny. Her name is betty.

I stopped by your apartment to see avery, and the guard said that she was out with that mary poppins from hell. Relax. Betty took avery to the metro court pool for her swimming lesson. Please, sonny. Don’t tell me to relax. The woman is violent. She smacked my face. What if she hurts avery? What if she kidnaps avery? What — what were you thinking?! Betty is our best bet to lead us to whoever blackmailed you. Well, I already told you. It’s that creep mason. Yeah, well, he’s taking orders from somebody else. We got to find out who that is, and betty’s gonna steer us right to his boss. Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize that avery had a new nanny. What happened to pilar? Uh… I have no idea what happened to the previous nanny. I interviewed with ava jerome, avery’s mother. Yes, yeah, I know ava. Then mr. Corinthos joined us, and he asked me to start today. Wow. You must have really impressed him. And who are you again? Oh, I’m josslyn jax. I’m avery’s older sister. I’m confused. Um, ms. Jerome told me avery has a half-sister, but she’s younger than her. Either you’re big for your age, or you’re not really her sister. Wait, is something up with sonny? I was hoping you could tell me. Have you heard anything from dex? Uh, no. So far, he’s — he’s sticking to the agreement. He’s keeping tabs on sonny while letting me know if there’s any big deals in the works. Okay, so what’s the latest? Well, um… last night, he… dex found a dead body. What? Yeah. Oh, my god, like — d-does he know who it was? Apparently, it’s some guy with a connection to dr. Gatlin-holt. Gatlin-holt… isn’t he seeing ava? ‘Cause I saw them together at the nurses’ ball. I-I-I don’t know. But dex, he — he called sonny and he told him that he found a dead body near a dumpster, and, uh… surprisingly, sonny told him to call the police. Well, that doesn’t make any sense. Why would sonny have dex involve the police? I am not here for your sage advice. I am here to serve you, sister. So what can I get you? Let’s see, you have water and snacks. Uh, oh, smoothie. Sam beat you to it. And I already have everything I need, but thank you. Sam the good sister. Well, uh, there is one thing. I don’t think sam got you this. Did she? Oh, my god!

[ Gasps ] Valiant?! Yep.

[ Gasps ] This is exactly what I needed. Yeah. Oh, I’m sorry. Is my concern for your grandmother bothering you? For all we know, she could be locked up in some russian prison, but clearly you are not worried, so I’ll just keep it to myself from now on. Look, esme, hey. Hey, hey, hey. I’m sorry that I snapped at you, okay? Yes, I’m very worried and concerned about my grandmother, but right now, I’m far more worried about trina, whose father was shot, and he could also be paralyzed, and I have no idea how to help her. Okay, well, getting upset with me isn’t gonna fix anything. But why don’t you just call her and tell her that you’re thinking about her?

[ Conversing in russian ] I speak english.

[ Sighs ] Now, you’re trespassing, now get out! Please. We don’t want to hurt anyone. All we want is information. We’re looking for someone. Who are you looking for? Nikolas cassadine. Cassadines are…

[ Spits ] They’re gone. What is that american expression? “Good riddance.” They’re very dangerous people. Stay away from that family.

Please. You don’t understand. Nikolas cassadine is my son, and we have got to find him. Why are you looking for him in chechnya? Has he been kidnapped?

[ Sighs ] Or maybe running from authorities? We don’t know. That’s what we’re trying to find out. He disappeared from his home in the united states about five months ago, and we have no idea what happened to him. If he’s a cassadine, nothing good. And I even managed to tear rocco away from his video games to come to my equestrian show. I won a ribbon in dressage. She was amazing.

[ Monitor beeping ] Uh, rocco’s doing amazing as well. Uh, I don’t know how, but he’s got straight a’S. All he seems to do is talk about every girl in his class. Kid’s got a new crush every week.

[ Chuckles ] Mom, you’re missing so much. I’m starting high school in the fall. I spent so many years at boarding school, but I’m happier staying in port charles now and being close to my family. But you’re not there. You have to wake up and come back to us. Please. Hey, uh, I’ll give you a minute with your mom, okay?

[ Exhales deeply ] We’ll see you soon, okay, lulu? We miss you.

[ Door closes ] Dante’s right, mom. We really, really miss you, but… I miss you more. You can follow any lead you want. Just please don’t involve our daughter. Do you really think I’d put my daughter at risk? But you did, that’s what you’re doing right now. She’s not at risk, ava. I’m — I’m gonna take care of this like I said I was. You’re gonna have to trust me.

[ Chuckles ] Come here. Avery, would you do me a favor and would you tell your new nanny here who I am? Joss is my big sister. The branches of our family tree are very complicated, but I’m happy to draw you a diagram. That won’t be necessary, but thanks for the offer. Oh, you’re probably right. You’ll be gone before you have to memorize any names. Come on, avery. Time to go. It’s so nice meeting you. What was all that about? I have no idea, but [Scoffs] I need to find out. I’ve got to call sonny. No, no, no. I mean, what the hell is he thinking, letting that girl look after avery? Don’t call sonny yet. Why? I get a feeling that something else is going on. What makes you say that? Because when I got here, your boyfriend was over there, and it didn’t look like he was soaking up rays. He was keeping a low profile watching avery and the nanny. He never took his eyes off them. That’s got to mean something, right? But what? I’m not exactly sure how all this fits together, but hopefully dex will get more information soon. You know, um… I really need to thank you. For what? Well, you’re the one who encouraged this arrangement with dex. It’s nice to know that we have somebody we can trust in sonny’s organization. And it works out for both of us because sonny thinks he has a trustworthy lieutenant, and we, you know, don’t get blindsided by his illegal dealings. Mm. Yeah, I think this is about more than getting information from dex. What do you mean? I think a part of you wants dex to protect your father.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, um… I’m not saying I can forgive or even want to forgive sonny, but… yeah, you know, a part of me still cares about him. I’ll take that as a win. Valiant, ugh, I’ve missed you! Where have you been hiding all these years, huh? I thought I lost you. No, he was just in some mislabeled box. Yeah, I was up in mom’s attic looking for, I don’t know, pieces to sell for the community fundraiser, and I saw this box — it was labeled “law books” — and I opened it up, and there was valiant just sitting right there on top of the new york penal codes. Oh, I’m so grateful you found him. Thank you. Yeah. I know it — it must sound silly, but this little guy, he meant so much to me. You were the only four-year-old on this planet who would ever name your stuffed animal “valiant,” and then you actually knew what it was.

[ Chuckles ] I mean, I-I had stuffed animals that I named, you know, like the rest of us — fluffy, stuffy, coco.

[ Chuckles ] No, one time, I must have been like 6 or 7, I-I had friends over and I showed them valiant and they all made fun of his name. No, and then you came storming in the room yelling that they were just stupid, and if they didn’t stop making fun of me, you were gonna pour… together: Maple syrup on their hair! Oh, my gosh, yes, I do remember that. And then they ran out of that door so fast. Uh-huh. That was — oh, that was wild. I think that was, like, the last time they came over to our house. Huh. Yeah. Man… I thin k I made life a lot harderfor you than it needed to be. I’m sorry. I’m not. I was proud of my big sister then, and I still am.

This is about my son. Do you have any children?

Da. Two daughters. Okay. Then you must understand what I’m going through now. Is there anything that you can tell me? I’m sorry I was harsh with you. I would help you if I could, but I have no idea where this nikolas cassadine is. Is this your house? Bought it for my family, but it was all done through lawyers. I-I never seen previous owner. Lucky you. I want to be there for trina, but it is complicated. Why? Let’s just say that dr. Robinson isn’t exactly a fan of any cassadine, but particularly me, and I do understand why she doesn’t like me. My father has done a lot of damage, and even he pales in comparison to my uncle victor. To make matters worse, she’s holding the other side of my family accountable for her husband’s shooting. W-what? Yeah, I told you it was complicated. Curtis ashford was shot, and dr. Robinson thinks that the bullet was intended for my uncle sonny. So trina’s mom pretty much hates everyone related to you? Yep, with the exception of my grandmother and ace, and one of them is a baby, and the other one isn’t even in this country. I mean, I’m happy that dex is looking out for avery, but I get bad vibes from that girl. Hi. Are you there? Huh?

[ Chuckles ] Ugh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m just — I was… I was hoping that there would be a message from spencer. Why don’t you text him? I would, but… it wouldn’t be right. What does that mean? My mom is dealing with so much since curtis has been shot, and she never liked spencer, so I’m trying to keep my distance from him and I just don’t want to add more stress to her. But I just — but you miss him? Yeah. Look, I understand that, you know, your mom needs support, but you need support, too. I bet the only reason spencer’s not reaching out is because he doesn’t want to put pressure on you. But if you need spencer, then you should let him know. You won’t regret it. I always a ppreciated youlooking out for me. Well, it was usually the other way around. I was always jumping from one thing to the next and getting myself in these difficult situations and leaving an absolute mess in my wake, but there you were, my molly, cleaning up my messes. I just never wanted you to get in trouble. Do you remember you used to do my homework for me? You were, like, three grades below me, and you would do my homework. Mm-hmm. You would cover for me when I got in trouble with mom, comforted me when I would cry or be upset. You always took care of me, molly. Not always. I couldn’t take care of you when your abusive boyfriend, kiefer bauer, was beating you up. Mama! There’s my girl. Guess what I learned in swim class today. What did you learn? I can float on my back! Excellent job. I’m so proud of you! Avery had a terrific lesson. I could barely get her out of the water when it was time to go. Well, you know what? I-I want to hear all about it, but right now, could you stay with frank? ‘Cause your mom and betty, we’re going to have a conversation. Maybe he can give you some biscotti. What do you think, frank? Sounds good. All right. Let’s go.

[ Clears throat ] So I know this is your first day, and avery seems to like you a lot, and that, you know — that’s important to me. You have a wonderful daughter, mr. Corinthos. Anybody who could make my daughter that happy is okay by me. Would you like me to take avery to your place? No, no, no, you can go ahead and pick her up there tomorrow morning. Okay. We’re not gonna need you for the rest of the day. So here you go.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. Yeah. All right. See you tomorrow, avery. Bye, betty. So, are you gonna fill me in? What — what’s — what’s the rest of the plan? I got a phone call to make.

You seem like a nice woman, but it’s obvious that your son has left you. This must be painful. I don’t believe that my son would just…leave me. He has kids. I don’t believe that he would abandon them. Maybe he was forced to leave. I’m sorry. I wish I could help you, but there is nothing I can do. Please show yourselves out. Okay. Where do we go from here? Charlotte: It’s been hard for me, mom. All the other girls talk about doing things with their mothers — shopping, getting manicures…

[ Sniffles ] …Going away for the weekend. I just smile and pretend it’s okay I can’t do those things with you. Sam and grandmother take me out, but… it’s just not the same. You know, I never actually told my friends what really happened to you. I don’t know why. I… guess if I just don’t tell them where you are, I could believe it isn’t real… that you’re just away for a little while and you’ll be coming back soon. So you have to wake up. We shouldn’t waste a beautiful day. As soon as ace wakes up from his nap, why don’t we take him to the park? He loves to watch the ducks. I have a better idea — why don’t we take him to the metro court pool and then we can dip his feet in the water? He’ll love it. Yes, absolutely. I just got him a bathing suit and he has a matching hat. He’ll look adorable. Great.

[ Knock on door ] Trina. Hey, um… hi. …I’m surprised to see you… in the best way. I’m — I’m sorry for just showing up without calling. No, no, no. It’s okay. Don’t apologize. Come on in. You know you’re always welcome here. I’m glad to hear you say that. These last few days have just been really hard, and I’ve missed you. Oh, yeah. Oh.

[ Knock on door ] Hey, uh — ava: Oh, hey, carly. What brings you here? Uh, I came to pick up avery. Yeah, she’s, um, coming with me for a sleepover with donna and josslyn. I appreciate you doing this on short notice. W-w-well, how short? When did sonny set this up? He called me just a few minutes ago. Okay, what’s going on here? Why would you bring up kiefer? I-I haven’t thought about him in years. Really? No. No, not really, that’s — that’s not true, I just don’t like to admit how often I do think about that time in my life, and I do, especially now, you know, working with troubled teens. So many of them are in abusive relationships, and… it just brings me back to kiefer, and I try to help them, but… I didn’t even help myself. I should have helped you. Molly. No. I knew something was wrong, and I should have said something. I could hear you crying in your room every night, and I knew something was wrong, and… every time I asked you if you were okay, you… you got upset and you told me to leave you alone.

[ Sighs ] A-and so I did. And I’m — I’m so sorry because I should have — I should have pushed harder to get you to open up. You have nothing to be sorry for. It’s on me. I just — I-I could not find a way to get myself out of that hole. Sometimes I wonder — I don’t know — if that’s when everything happened started, you know? When what started? My life just derailed when I was with kiefer. And ever since then, you know, I try. I try, but I’ve never really been able to, like… get it back on track, you know?

[ Telephone rings ] Hello? Yeah, send her down.

[ Exhales deeply ] Thank you for seeing me, michael. I know I’m not your favorite person right now. What can I do for you, nina? Can we make peace, for willow’s sake?

I just thought, you know, avery would like to spend some time with her sisters. Okay, whatever. The girls will be thrilled to have avery. Avery, let’s get this sleepover started. Yay! Yay! Go and get your stuff. Bye, frank. Bye-bye. Whatever. Willow and I had a wonderful visit the other day. I don’t quite remember it that way.

[ Clears throat ] Well, if you remember correctly, I was at the hospital checking on sasha, and you stepped outside, and willow and I made significant progress. What exactly does that mean? It means, michael, that willow and I communicate better when you’re not in the room. Look, nina, I’m — I’m pretty busy here, so can you just get to the point? Yes, my point is that I realize at best you just tolerate me and you wish that I wasn’t in willow’s life, but I am her mother. Yes, I know, you’ve — you’ve mentioned that once or twice. And I know that willow is now open to the idea of us having a relationship. And I’m wondering, michael, are you open to that, too? But you have gotten your life back on track. Just look what you’re doing with the youth center. Y-you’re gonna make a difference in those kids’ lives. I-I thought that made you happy. It does. It does make me happy. I just… I-I don’t know. I-I… I don’t know if I’m enough for them. I mean, these kids are — they are so desperate for help, and I don’t know if I have the — the skills and the tools to adequately help them. Soon… my center is gonna be up and running, and my name is gonna be on that building, but it’s — it’s not gonna be mine. I-I-I think that I have just been fooling myself this whole time, thinking that I could make a difference and do this and help these kids, and I… I don’t know if I can. Don’t say that. I know that you can. Molly, stop.

[ Chuckles ] You’re here with an injured leg, and — and you’re doing it again, you’re comforting me. Because that’s what I do when I love someone. And before you go and talk yourself out of being useful to these kids, just take the time to educate yourself. No one knows how to take on a project like that without experience. So — so take some classes, you know, study management, talk to people who’ve done this before. You can do this. Why are you so sure? Because… I believe in you. You just — you have to believe in yourself.

[ Exhales deeply ] Spencer told me about your dad. I’m so sorry. It must be really scary thinking he could be paralyzed. Yeah, it’s — it’s — it’s been awful. Um, I am going to go check on ace. I think he’s about to get up from his nap, and I’m gonna take him to the park. Hey, I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. How are you holding up? I’m so worried for curtis, and I’m just — I’m trying to stay strong for my mom, but I — I don’t know what to do to make her feel better. I do. Stay away from me.

Think the owner would mind if we had a look around the house? Uh, you can ask him, but I don’t think we’re gonna find any clues around here. Yeah, I guess you’re probably right. I-I did get the feeling he was telling us the truth. No, we need to regroup. Figure somewhere else that nikolas might be hiding. Yeah, but what if he’s not hiding? What if he’s being held against his will? You know, victor could have turned on him just like he turned on you and on spencer. Victor’s dead. Nikolas could be anywhere. Kevin’s probably back at the hotel by now. Come on, let’s get the hell out of here. Tough seeing your mom like that. But the doctors say that, uh, you know, maybe she can hear us. So it’s important that we’re here for her as much as we can be, you know? I know. I just want her to come home. Our home, our old house. I rode my bike there the other day and looked in the window. Yeah? It made me sad. The furniture’s covered in sheets and it’s so quiet. Not like it used to be. Yeah, we had some really good memories there, didn’t we? I just don’t like seeing it so empty. I bet mom would want someone to live there. The last thing I want is to stay away from you. I need you more than ever. You’re the thing that gives me strength to hang on right now.

[ Sighs ] I think that you’re the first person that’s ever said that to me. I don’t care what people say. They don’t know you like I do. I need you, spencer. You know that I’m always here for you. I just think that it’s gonna add a lot of stress to your mom’s life right now if she knows that I’m spending time with you. I hate to admit it, but I think you might be right. And I don’t want to stay away from you… but it’d probably be best to keep our relationship low-key for now. Yeah. Hey, I get it. I’m the last person that your mom wants to see. So, uh… I’ll steer clear of her. And then if you need me, then I’ll be here whenever. Now would be a good time. Sorry, buddy. I’d wanted to take you to the pool today, but I guess your big brother had other plans. I guess that means trina is more important than we are, right? So I guess

that meansit’s just you and me, kiddo. We’ve only got each other. Unless… mommy takes drastic steps to change that situation.

[ Sighs ] Look, nina, I will support whatever decision my wife makes. If she wants to have a relationship with you, I have no problem with that. Well, michael, your attitude says otherwise. Nina, what are you trying to say? Well, while you’re polite to me somewhat in front of willow, it is clear that you want nothing to do with me and you just want me to go away. Willow knows that, and it’s just a matter of time before wiley and amelia see it as well. I know that I have made mistakes. I just want to rectify them and make peace.

[ Knock on door ] Michael. Oh, sorry. Am I interrupting something? Hey, nina. Hey, kristina. No, no, nina was just leaving. I guess I’m just leaving. Michael, please, give me a second chance. That’s all I’m asking. And whether you like it or not, we are family, and I’m not giving up. Hey. Bro. What? Why you got to be such a bastard to nina? Hey. Hey, yourself. I need to ask you something. Um… trina was here earlier and she said that she saw you and it looked like you were doing surveillance on avery and her nanny. Do you want to tell me what that’s about? Sonny asked me to guard avery and keep an eye on the new nanny, so I was tailing her. Right. Gabe just took over. Okay. But avery’s my sister, so i kind of have a right to know. I would tell you if I knew, but sonny hasn’t shared the details. But I think it has something to do with ava jerome. Please tell me that you’re not bringing carly into this, sonny. Now, you have to promise me that you are not gonna tell her what I did to nikolas. That you killed him? That — it was an accident. I didn’t mean to do it. I’m not — I’m not gonna tell carly about nikolas unless I have to. What the hell does that mean? The good thing is that — that betty bought my act. She thinks she’s spying on me, but it’s the other way around. She’s gonna lead us right to whoever’s behind this, and when I find them… they’re not gonna know what hit them.

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Y&R Transcript Friday, July 28, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Diane: Despite what you might think, billy, jack and i are getting married today because we love each other. There’s– there’s no games, no hidden agendas, except, I don’t know, maybe to prove to you all that our love is strong and to get you to just leave us alone!

Ashley: Bravo! My god, that was good, diane. One of your very, very best performances.

Jack: Stop it, ashley, right now.

Ashley: Do you really think we’re going to buy into this charade, jack?

Jack: I don’t care what you buy, this love is real. And nothing you can do or say is going to change that fact.

Billy: I think that’s the problem, jack.

Jack: Who the hell asked for your opinion?

Billy: What, am I no longer a member of the abbott family?

Jack: What, you can’t see what’s going on here? Tucker and ashley are using diane to get their greedy hands on our family’s business.

Billy: All I’m seeing is you blindly jumping off a cliff.

Jack: No, my eyes are wide open. I cannot believe I’m hearing this out of you.

Ashley: You’re just as melodramatic as she is.

Jack: And you are a hypocrite. I can’t believe you’re trying to take the high road when you’re doing business and god knows what else with this cretin.

Tucker: I’m just standing here.

Jack: You feel free to leave any time you like.

Ashley: He’s not going anywhere, jack.

Jack: Oh, you two so richly deserve each other.

Ashley: I’m the one who has their eyes wide open and not you. You’re the fool.

Traci: What’s going on here? Please stop. Can’t you give them one day? Can’t you give jack and diane one day of happiness without trying to tear each other apart? Thank you.

Tucker: Pleasure to see you. Congratulations in advance.

[ Door shuts closed ]

Audra: You know, eventually we’re going to have to limit these delightful afternoon escapes and actually get some work done.

Kyle: I find myself inspired and excited by these meetings. Besides, we have all afternoon to work.

Audra: I– I know, kyle, but we need to bring our a game for the next few months. Adam and his new company are dead set on making newman media redundant.

Kyle: Yeah, he can try.

Audra: You seem pretty confident.

Kyle: I beat him once. There’s no doubt in my mind I can do it again.

Adam: Apparently, you wasted no time telling victoria about my idea to merge our new company with newman media.

Victor: Of course, I did. She’s the ceo of my company, son.

Adam: You knew damn well that she was going to tell nate, and that nate would back audra.

Victor: I don’t give a damn who she told. It doesn’t make a bit of a difference.

Adam: I told you that in strict confidence. I mean, knowledge is power, isn’t that what you– you have always preached to us? And now, you just took it away from me and you gave it to the enemy.

Victor: Please have a seat. Son… why do you continue to perceive the other divisions of newman enterprises as your enemies? I mean, you’re a part of the company. What’s the matter with you?

Adam: All I see right now is you disregarding my judgement, once again.

Victor: I told you that I would fold your company, your new company that I gave to you into newman enterprises. Then, I asked you and sharon and nick to work together for three months collaboratively, productively, all right? But that can’t happen if you keep on bulldozing over anyone that you perceive to be enemy.

Adam: I haven’t bulldozed over anybody.

Victor: Son, you’re about to do it. I know you. Ain’t gonna work. If you can’t see how good it is to be united as a family, how productive that is, then I’m going to have to change your perspective.

[ Audra sighing ]

Audra: So, how exactly did you beat adam?

Kyle: By playing the long game. Giving him enough rope to hang himself, which he eventually did. Then, it was easy to take advantage of the situation and force him out of jabot.

Audra: Easy, huh?

Kyle: Look, adam is not that complicated of a guy. He’s an angry boy with daddy issues and a short fuse. He’ll self-destruct if you give him the chance. Once he does, you show him the door.

Audra: Ooh. You have more of a ruthless streak than I thought. I like it.

Ashley: Hi.

Abby: Hi!

Ashley: I’m sorry I’m late.

Abby: Oh, that’s okay. I just got here. So I have a list of wedding planners, but I need to know what you and tucker are thinking for the ceremony. Obviously, the house can accommodate whatever you’re thinking. Okay, um, what’s wrong?

Ashley: I just had a very unpleasant afternoon I spent with jack and diane.

Abby: Really?

Ashley: Yes.

Abby: What happened now?

Ashley: Jack is about to make the worst mistake of his life. That’s what happened.

[ Sighing ]

Judge: We are celebrating the marriage of jack and diane. You didn’t live this strong,

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Abby: So uncle jack and diane are getting married right now?

Ashley: In the city hall as we speak. Yes, right now.

Abby: Okay, well, that’s kind of sudden.

Ashley: Yeah, it is. And infuriating.

Abby: But it’s really not, I mean, all that sudden. I mean, it’s kind of like what you and tucker are doing, right?

Ashley: Please don’t make that comparison.

Abby: Mom, you need to calm down. Why are you so angry?

Ashley: I’m angry because I told you, my brother is about to throw away the rest of his life, honey.

Abby: But it’s his life.

Ashley: You can’t be serious.

Abby: All I’m saying is that you need to let uncle jack live his life and you can focus on your life and your happiness. I mean, do you really hate diane that much?

Ashley: This isn’t just about jack’s marriage or his life. This is about the company he’s made diane a part of. My family’s company. Our family’s company.

Abby: Right, but I mean, you and tucker are starting your own business, right? Why are you so concerned with the family’s company?

Ashley: You don’t understand.

Abby: I think I do understand, but you’re not going to like what I have to say. This anger that you have towards diane, I mean, this fury, it’s like you’re holding on to it like a blanket. But maybe it’s anger that you feel toward yourself.

[ Ashley scoffing ]

Tucker: Hey, billy. Wow, I didn’t expect to see you here now.

Billy: Why is that?

Tucker: Well, I figured you’d make an appearance at jack’s wedding. But I guess you’re as opposed to it as you claim.

[ Diane chuckling ]

Diane: We’re actually doing this, aren’t we? Oh, we’ve had quite a journey, huh? Hello, jack.

Jack: No. It can’t be.

Diane: It’s true. I’ve waited a very long time for this moment. I’m trying to make amends.

Jack: To me! Not to the people you hurt. The people you used and exploited. The people accused of your murder. All you left in your wake was heartache and fear and anger. Some of us got over it. Others, like kyle? You stole from him something he can never get back.

Diane: Back in L.A., I– uh, I hid my past. I was living a lie. I– I couldn’t get close to anybody because of it. And here in genoa city, I am dodging grenades, but I have to earn my conversations and my companionship. I have to face the damage that I’ve done head on. But being here with you today and talking about kyle and harrison and being open about my past, it… almost makes me feel normal. And, uh, gives me hope for my future.

Jack: I can see this has been tough on you. My advice? Take the clean slate kyle and I have offered you.

Diane: I appreciate you so much. You have the least reasons of anyone to make me feel worthy, believed, safe. And yet, you do. I like who I am when I’m with you. And that hasn’t been the case for a really long time.

Jack: I happen to like who I am with you, too.

Diane: When you talk to me, I believe you completely.

Jack: Good. I believe in you. It’s like this is a whole new layer to you. There was always beauty, there was always strength, there was always wit, but now there’S… this level of courage that I never expected. And I find it very attractive.

[ Diane chuckling ] I am happy. For the first time in I can’t tell you how long, I have such a positive view of the future. And I’ll tell you something else.

Diane: What?

Jack: I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure I stay this happy. Having you back in my life again has given me energy and optimism and purpose and happiness I thought I had lost forever. I will be damned if jeremy stark or anyone else takes that from us. I love you too much.

Diane: God, jack, I… I love you, too. It’s– it’s almost– almost overpowering, like, this love that’s been pent up, and it’s finally able to be free.

Jack: I have another idea. Marry me.

Diane: Jack, you’re right. This is our time, so… yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!

[ Both chuckling ] I– I’ve wanted to be your wife for so long. And finally, now here we are, right in this moment, exactly where we’re supposed to be. You and me, together at last.

[ Diane laughing ] How is this even possible?

[ Sighing ] But it is. And it’s real. And I promise… I will put our happiness above everything. And I will make our home a sanctuary for our family. We’ve– we’ve always shared a son, and now we’re going to share a life. [ Chuckling ] I really never imagined that I could be this happy, but I am. And it’s all because of you. I love you so much.

Jack: Diane, I had all but given up on sharing my life with anyone. I thought that part of my life was over. Seeing you standing here so beautiful, ready to become my bride, I could not be any luckier that I was so very wrong.

[ Diane laughing ] You’re right, it’s been a long way here. And what we have is not simple, it’s not traditional… but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are my life. You are my heart. You are my love. I love you.

[ Diane chuckling ]

[ Diane sighing ]

Judge: Do you, jack, take diane to be your wife?

Jack: I do.

[ Diane laughing ]

Judge: And do you, diane, take jack to be your husband?

Diane: I do. [ Sighing ]

Judge: I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride!

[ Diane laughing ]

Diane: I love you. Oh, you have just made me the happiest woman in the world.

Jack: That is now my most important job in life, mrs. Diane jenkins abbott.

[ Diane giggling ] My active psoriatic arthritis

Victor: Pitting one division against the other is not part of my master plan.

Adam: Am I even part of your master plan?

Victor: Son, you need to be put in your place. You need to be taught some humility because obviously you can’t find it on your own! What I am going to change now is I’m going to put the damn brakes on this entire endeavor. That’s it!

Billy: Why would you be surprised that I didn’t support jack on his big wedding day? You were standing right there. You know exactly how I feel about it.

Tucker: It’s just been my experience that the abbott clan tends to bury the hatchet for special occasions.

Billy: Yeah, this is not a special occasion to me.

Tucker: Okay. Guess I was wrong.

Billy: Actually, the more I think about it, tucker, the more it pisses me off. Because my brother is losing his mind.

Tucker: I tend to agree. But where does that leave you exactly? You just going to have to let it go, or have you finally had enough?

Ashley: Please, I am not in the mood for your analysis, okay? Please.

Abby: Okay, I’m sorry, mom, but maybe you could just consider the possibility that– that you’re thinking it’s a mistake getting sucked back into tucker’s world again.

Ashley: I don’T.

Abby: Mom.

Ashley: We are getting married at your place. I mean, what more of a commitment do you want?

Abby: That’s not what I mean.

Ashley: Okay, well, we love each other. I told you that, didn’t I? There’s no doubts, period.

Abby: Okay. Fine.

Ashley: Fine. You don’t believe me.

Abby: Honestly, mom, I don’t know what to believe at this point. Because the other night, I’m looking at the two of you and I thought, “yeah, maybe– maybe it is true love.” But now I have to believe what is right in front of me. You are angry with uncle jack for doing the exact same thing with diane as what you are doing with tucker. Closing their eyes. You– you’re taking this leap of faith. And it’s– I don’t know, maybe my worry is what it’s been all along. That you don’t actually trust tucker.

Ashley: Okay.

Abby: And that your instincts are screaming at you to put this thing on pause.

[ Abby sighing ]

[ Door shuts closed ]

Diane: Now that we’re officially married, what happens next?

Jack: Oh, I planned a dinner at the club with all your favorite things.

Diane: That includes you, I hope.

Jack: Oh, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Diane: Hm. Then what?

Jack: And then champagne, maybe a little dancing.

Diane: Ah, sounds heavenly.

Jack: But first, first I want to take my beautiful wife upstairs and make love to her.

[ Both moaning ]

[ Both chuckling ]

[ Diane sighing ] My a1c was up here; now, it’s down with rybelsus. With cirkul, your water is deliciously flavored at the turn of a dial, with zero sugar and zero calories. And cirkul has over 40 flavors, so your water can be as unique as you are. Try cirkul at drinkcirkul.Com some luxury creams just sit on top of skin.

Jack: You know what I want to do now?

Diane: Stay just like this, wrapped in each other’s arms all night long?

Jack: Exactly.

Diane: What about dinner and dancing?

Jack: Oh, we can do that any time. This is our one and only wedding night.

[ Diane chuckling ]

Diane: It’s been magical. It has.

Jack: So, can I, uh– can I take that as a yes?

Diane: Ah, well, it sounds amazing, but what about our plan? I thought that part of the reason you wanted to go out on our wedding night was so that we could stage that fight with billy for ashley’s benefit?

Jack: But we kind of did that.

Diane: Yeah, we did a pre-wedding, but now that it’s official–

Jack: Yeah, I know you’re right. We have to up the ante. We have to make it important. We have to escalate things.

Diane: And it would be a lot more convincing.

Jack: On the night of our wedding, yeah.

Diane: Yeah.

Jack: Billy has to get on the inside with ashley and tucker and figure out what the hell is planned for jabot.

Diane: Are you having second thoughts?

Jack: No, no. I just don’t want this to end. I want– I want to stay this way. You and me in each other’s arms, the world and all its troubles a thousand miles away.

Diane: I want that, too. More than you know. But this– this war with your sister is– is tearing you apart. And eventually, it’s going to tear us apart. So, we have to stop it. We have to stop her. Otherwise, we’ll never be free of it. Right?

Jack: Yeah.

Ashley: I thought you said you were happy for us.

Abby: I want to be happy for you, I do, but–

Ashley: Shh, shh.

Tucker: Hey.

Ashley: Hi.

Abby: Hi.

Tucker: Everything okay?

Ashley: Not really. I’m still trying to process that awful news about jack.

Tucker: Oh, yeah. Billy and I were just– we were just commiserating about that, weren’t we?

Billy: No, I would not say we were commiserating, tucker. In fact, let me be very clear about something, okay? You and I, we will never be friends. Just not going to happen. What I like or dislike about whatever jack is doing has nothing to do with you or your twisted agenda. All I care about is how this affects my family and you are not family. So, hear this, and remember this, everything I do, or may do in the future, is about the people I love.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Can we just drop this song and dance? Are you going to pull the plug on adustus? Are you going to throw me out of the family yet again?

Victor: For your information, I have never thrown anyone out of my family, nor will I ever do so.

Adam: Yeah, that’s, um, not how it looks from my side.

Victor: Whenever you’ve left, and you have left repeatedly on your own volition… it has broken my heart.

Adam: Oh, yes. You always make that abundantly clear. Why? So we come crawling back and we have to tell you how sorry we are for breaking your heart? Dad, I am tired of crawling.

Victor: Do you know how tired I am of your attitude? I’ve tried for years to make you feel all right! I’ve tried to put you and nicholas together to work in harmony! To create harmony in this family! What do you do? You rebel! I’m tired of this! You know… to answer your question, I am not going to pull the plug on adustus-kirsten… but I am going to change your involvement in it.

Traci: Oh, my goodness, you look particularly handsome.

Jack: Thank you. And thank you for being at the courthouse with us today. That meant the world to me.

Traci: Of course. Of course, I would be there for you, jack. I can see that the love you share with diane is genuine, and I never would have predicted that.

Jack: Yeah, you and me both.

[ Traci laughing]

Traci: I’m just so glad to see you so happy. I know that diane completes that circle.

Jack: I wish the rest of the family could see what you see.

Traci: I’m sorry that ashley and billy can’t accept your joy.

Jack: Yeah, I’m afraid it’s a lot worse than that.

Traci: I know. And I hate that our family is at such odds, especially with all the work you and ashley have been doing to make peace. And now, it seems like it’s worse than ever, jack.

Jack: Yeah, I’m afraid you might be right.

Traci: Then, I’m sorry for us all.

Jack: Well, look, maybe things will calm down. Maybe ashley and i can find our way back to each other, but in the meantime, things could get really ugly and you need to prepare yourself. Wow. Moving forward with node- positive breast cancer

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Adam: So, I was right the first time. You’re cutting me loose.

Victor: No, I’m stepping in to protect you from yourself. What you do now is up to you.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Why even bother? I mean, isn’t that the definition of insanity? Just repeating and repeating the same action, hoping for a different result?

Victor: Adam, then meet me halfway, son.

Adam: [ Laughing ] Listen, there is no halfway. There is your way. And I– I never seem to measure up to that.

Victor: I run this company! I run this family! I am the head of it! You have got to understand it once and for all! Stop fighting me! I’ve been hoping for years that you would get rid of your anger and resentment toward me because you grew up without a father on that farm in kansas. That’s not my fault. That’s your mother’s fault! I keep on hoping that you would become the son I always wanted you to be.

Adam: Okay, but then, what if I say you are right, I am wrong and I will let go of everything newman media. Will that change anything? I mean, not that I don’t appreciate these little pep talks, but where are we, dad, exactly? Will the adustus-kirsten deal still go through with me attached as planned?

Tucker: [ Sighs ] Gee, billy, I’m really hurt that you don’t consider me family.

Billy: I’m pretty sure you’ll get over it.

Tucker: Uh, what about diane? Do you consider her family?

Billy: No, I don’T. Actually, I consider you and diane to be in the same boat and I would love nothing more for the both of you to just drift far, far away.

Abby: Okay, on that note, this has been really fun, but I gotta go, I love you. Think about what I said. Goodbye.

Tucker: Bye.

Abby: Bye.

[ Footsteps departing ]

Billy: Still know how to clear a room, don’t you?

Audra: What do you think?

Kyle: We’ve got nothing to hide.

Audra: Not a damn thing.

Ashley: What the hell is that all about?

Tucker: Oh, that? That’s just a couple of coworkers having a platonic drink together.

Ashley: No, I don’t think so. Looks a lot friendlier than that.

Tucker: They do make an excellent couple.

Billy: Hey.

Kyle: Billy.

Billy: Hi.

Audra: Hi.

Billy: So, I take it, you didn’t make it to your mom and dad’s courthouse wedding?

Kyle: I had meetings all afternoon. Couldn’t get away.

Billy: You had meetings all afternoon? You couldn’t get away to go support your mom and dad on their wedding day? Wow. Must be a busy man, kyle.

Diane: I wasn’t expecting to see kyle here tonight.

Jack: No, I wasn’t either.

Diane: [ Sighs ] I really don’t want him around for this.

Jack: Still time to call it off.

Diane: No. Absolutely not.

Tucker: This is when the fun begins. Oh

Victor: [ Sighing ] Son… I wish I could believe it will be as easy as you suggest.

Adam: But you don’T.

[ Victor sighing ]

Victor: I’m afraid that when you suggest that you can let go of the vendetta against me and other members of the family, that you’re just paying lip service to what I want to hear, you know? And that when reality sets in, you will have come up with some other scheme to do it all your own way.

Adam: So then, what is this? Is this a farewell drink? “Thank you for your service, your termination package will be in the mail?”

Victor: No, you know what this is? It’s a warning with a caveat.

Adam: Ah. [ Chuckling ] Of course.

Victor: Listen carefully. I will put the companies together. You and nick and sharon will work under my tutelage. I will dictate the terms. You understand? I want to see… if the three of you can really work together and create a unity. Something I’ve always wanted.

Adam: Well, wow, how lucky could a black sheep get.

Victor: Those are my terms. Take them or leave them.

Adam: I look forward to your lessons. Oh, you should know, I offered phyllis summers head of it.

Victor: I’m sure that was not a joint decision, was it?

Adam: It wasn’T. I guess I just proved your point.

[ Footsteps departing ]

Diane: Kyle. I didn’t expect to see you here.

Jack: Yeah, we thought you had meetings well into the evening.

Kyle: Yeah, one of the meetings got cancelled, so audra and i decided to grab dinner. How was the ceremony?

Diane: Ah, it was– it was lovely, I– I really wish you could have been there. But traci took some pictures.

Kyle: That’s great. Can’t wait to see them.

Jack: Mm-hm. Would have been nice if you showed up.

Billy: Yeah, well, you know how I feel about this.

Jack: Yeah. I thought, maybe, you could set that aside for an afternoon and just show a little support.

Billy: Support what, exactly? A wedding I feel like is irresponsible, at best?

Jack: Easy, billy.

Billy: What, jack? You keep bringing this up like you’re going to get a different response from me. It’s not going to happen, okay? So, let me just say it again, so everyone can hear me, I think this, right here, it’s a mistake. In fact, I think it’s a joke. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. You keep trying to convince me that she’s a changed woman. I’m never going to believe that, okay? Your own son didn’t even show up.

Kyle: Hey, don’t drag me into this. I support my parents.

Billy: Really, kyle, you support your parents? You couldn’t squeeze an hour out of your day to be side by side with them? It’s because you had a voice inside telling you that she’s hurt you before and she’s going to do it again.

Kyle: You’re out of line. What the hell’s gotten into you?

Billy: Knowledge, kid. A leopard never changes its spots, okay? Especially, not that one.

Jack: Okay, that’s enough. I think you’d better leave.

Billy: Leave, jack? What, do you own the place now?

Jack: I am not going to let you destroy this evening. Take a walk.

Billy: Or what?

Jack: Or what?

Billy: Or what?

Tucker: This is getting exciting.

Billy: Open your eyes, jack.

Ashley: I’m not enjoying this, let’s go.

Billy: This woman is going to burn down everything you’ve spent your entire life working for down to the ground.

Jack: This woman is my wife, and I trust her a hell of a lot more than I trust you.

Billy: That’s not saying anything, is it? It’s a total betrayal of every person you’ve cared about, all for diane jenkins.

Jack: I don’t see it that way.

Billy: No, you don’t, jack! That’s the problem. You’re not seeing anything straight, okay? You are going to blow up this family! Kayaking is my thing.

[ Breathing heavily ]

Jack: You want to take this outside?

Billy: Let’s take it outside.

Kyle: Okay, maybe, you need to go somewhere and cool off.

Billy: That’s fine. I’ll leave, okay? She’s gonna tear it down, jack. All of it. The family, jabot, all of it. And that’s going to be on you. I’m done. I’m not following you down that rabbit hole.

Jack: I’m sorry you had to hear that.

Diane: It’s okay. I’ve heard worse.

Kyle: No, mom, it was wrong. I don’t know what the hell has gotten into billy tonight.

Tucker: Hey, jack. Looks like the rats are jumping ship.

Diane: Leave us alone.

Ashley: Diane, you’re going to be alone soon enough, believe me. The walls are crumbling down around you and we’re going to be the final wrecking ball.

[ Footsteps departing ]

Jack: I, uh– I think we need to be alone.

Kyle: Yeah, I understand.

Diane: Okay. Do you think they bought it?

Jack: I don’t know, they seemed to.

Diane: Well, I hope so.

Jack: [ Sighs ] Not exactly the way I wanted to spend my wedding night. But I hope so, too. Come on.

Ashley: What are we going to do about jack?

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless…

Sharon: Would you ever consider leaving jabot to come work with your mother?

Lily: Since my bowl of fruit wasn’t inspiring for you… you can draw me instead.

Billy: Our sister asked me to join her version of our plan. She wants me to be a trojan horse here in jabot.

Adam: So, what is the real– real reason that you’re here?

Phyllis: I need you to find something to take tucker mccall down.

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B&B Transcript Friday, July 28, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Liam: Steffy, it’s me. Hey. Uh, so you didn’t respond to my text. I figured I’d come and check on you. Did you– did you get a chance to talk to finn about the hug while at the courthouse?

Steffy: No, no. Finn had to pull an all nighter at the hospital. I was solo with hayes this morning and kelly’s at a sleepover. With a guard outside.

Liam: Okay, that’s good. But you got– you got to talk to him, steffy.

Steffy: Liam, I don’t even really know what I saw in the video. I know finn wouldn’t do something.

Liam: Yes, I– I– I know, you want to give him the benefit of the doubt because you and finn, you’ve– you’re married. You’ve been through a lot together, most of which at the hands of sheila, by the way, but please, I’m begging you, I’m begging you, do not blow me off or treat me like I’m– I’m overreacting here. You’re the mother of my child. I love you and kelly. I’m going to protect you forever. And when I saw finn embracing what we know to be a monster at the courthouse, I’m sorry, but my trust for him took a nosedive. I mean, how do you show a psychopath like that compassion? I mean, she– clearly, she didn’t show any for you or finn when she left you to die in that alley, right? So for me, for me, this calls into question not only his judgment, but his loyalty, for god’s sake.

Steffy: That is– that is not fair. Finn has taken care of me and the children. We are his number one priority.

Liam: You were his number one priority before sheila came into his life. That we know. But now? I don’t know, okay? And– and I’m not going to sit back and watch you and kelly and hayes’ life be put in jeopardy by– by sheila. I’m– I’m not.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Finn: My stepdaughter’s supposed to be getting dropped off here soon from sleepover. Do– do you mind just bringing her down her directly to me?

Sam: Of course.

Finn: Okay. Thanks.

Sam: Oh, dr. Finnegan, I heard about sheila carter’s release. I’m very sorry.

Sheila: I’ve been given

a second chance.

Thank god.

Thank– thank god, my son.

Thank god.

[ Knocking on door ]

Deacon: It’s open.

Sheila: You really should keep your door locked. You never know who just might show up.

Deacon: I still can’t believe you’re a free woman. Come here. I’m so happy for you.

Sheila: Mm. Just imagine how happy I am.

Deacon: Yeah, but I gotta admit, I did have this whole conjugal visit fantasy going on.

Sheila: I’ll give you a lot of reasons why you should be glad I’m not behind bars.

Deacon: Yeah, I still don’t know if walking around with you in my arms is the best thing for my world.

Sheila: Yeah, but you know what? Changes. There have been changes and second chances, deacon. You know, I– I– I am not going to waste my second chance and I am going to make the most of my newly found freedom.

Deacon: Sheila, what exactly do you mean making the most of your newfound freedom? I mean, you did just waltz out of prison on your nine toes. Maybe you ought to keep a low profile for a while.

Sheila: Oh. You are so sweet to worry about me, but you don’t need to.

Deacon: Hm, so you telling me not to be worried? That’s got me worried.

Sheila: Well, no, I assure you. I– I mean, the stars are aligned. Everything’s going my way. Fate is smiling on me. Out of prison. A second chance to have a relationship with my son and my grandson. Everything is coming up roses for sheila.

Deacon: You seeing how you’re starting to freak me out?

Sheila: Well, don’t worry. You see, I am going to have a relationship with my son. You can bet on it.

[ Door clicks open ]

Kelly: Finn!

Finn: Hey, sweet pea. Oh, wow. Is everything okay?

Sam: Yes, her friend’s mother just dropped her off.

Finn: Oh, good. How was the sleepover?

Kelly: Super fun. But I can’t tell you.

Finn: Why not?

Kelly: Sworn to secrecy.

Finn: Oh, sleepover code. No, I get that. Well, I’m glad you had a good time. You’re not too tired for the beach?

Kelly: No way. Let’s do it.

Finn: Okay, well then, it’s a date. Come on. [ Chuckling ]

Liam: Kelly’s our daughter. She lives in this house half the time.

Steffy: You never had any reason to be concerned before.

Liam: Yeah, right. I didn’T. But I do now because it’s sheila.

Steffy: If you think I would let anything happen to the children, that I would let anyone, including finn, threaten them–

Liam: It’s not– it’s not about you. I– I know– listen. I know finn has been good to you and the kids, but clearly there is a connection there. You can’t look at that video and tell me otherwise and whatever– whatever his feelings for sheila are, they are an open invitation for her to come back into your lives. And I’m– you think I’m just going to sit back and let that happen? I’m not.


macular degeneration

Deacon: Sheila, you really think finn and steffy are just going to forgive and forget?

Sheila: Okay, look, it might take a minute for steffy, if at all, but finn is going to accept me.

Deacon: I just don’t want you getting your hopes up. This is the exact cycle that gets you in trouble. You know, you get your hopes up about something and then you start obsessing on it, and then before you know it, you’re taking actions that are crazy.

Sheila: I hate that word.

Deacon: Okay, okay, objectively, what makes you think that finn is going to be any different than steffy? You shot him and then you shot his wife.

Sheila: [ Laughs ] Do you have to keep bringing this up? I’m– I’m trying to celebrate my freedom, deacon.

Deacon: I just don’t want you setting yourself up for disappointment.

Sheila: Well, that’s what I’m trying to tell you. I’m not.

Deacon: What am i missing here?

Sheila: Okay, when the judge dropped all of the charges and he gave me back my freedom, the bailiff took me out into the hallway and… I was just– I was flooded with emotion. I’m in shock. I was thankful. I was– I was grateful. And I saw my son. Finn came to me. And if you could see the look in his eyes, deacon, it was so pure. He didn’t look at me with hatred or fear or judgment. He just– he’s just looked at me. It’s like for the first time, it’s like he really saw me. I– I… I put my arms around him. I could feel his heartbeat. And he slowly put his arms around me too and he– he held on, he squeezed. Tighter and tighter. I finally had him in my arms. The way it always should have been. And that’s the feeling I am never going to forget. And he’s not going to forget it either.

Finn: I– I got a surfboard and your bathing suit and beach toys all in the car, so you and I can have some time before your daddy daughter day. And I was thinking, when we’re there, we could build, like, an epic sandcastle.

Kelly: Yeah.

Finn: Yeah? [ Chuckles ]

Sam: You two are really sweet together.

Finn: It’s because this one here is the sweetest of the sweet and it makes it easy to love her.

Kelly: I love you, too.

Finn: That means a lot. Sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded of what’s important. Uh, sam, um, I’m going to be at the beach, but I’m on call, okay? So, make sure you call me if anything changes with mr. Rodriguez’s condition, okay?

Sam: Of course, doctor.

Finn: Thanks. Okay. Ready to hit the beach?

Kelly: Let’s go.

Finn: All right.

Liam: Steffy, you gotta believe me. I debated whether or not to come to you with this because I don’t– I don’t want to undermine your marriage or your relationship to finn, but this is also not the kind of thing you ignore, right? The stakes are too high.

Steffy: I know that you’re trying to lookout for me and kelly and hayes, and I appreciate it.

Liam: Okay, but there is no such thing as too careful when it comes to sheila. So don’t– just don’t let your guard down.

Steffy: I know, I know. Believe me, I’m not going to put the children at risk, but you are wrong about finn.

Liam: Okay, how do you know? Did you see the same video I did? What do you think?

Steffy: I know my husband. Yes, I– I don’t know why he hugged sheila. I’m still trying to make sense of it. It is upsetting, but I do trust that he is not going to allow sheila back into our lives. He knows how dangerous she is and he’s going to protect us. I’m sure of it.

Deacon: Why, it sounds like that embrace was pretty intense?

Sheila: It was amazing. All of a sudden, it’s like this hole in my– in my heart was suddenly filled. And I know finn felt the same way.

Deacon: Gotta admit, I’m– I’m blown away.

Sheila: I told you, never underestimate the bond between a mother and her son.

Deacon: Look, you really think that you’ve got a shot– bad choice of words.

[ Sheila laughs ] Do you think that you and finn can really have a relationship?

Sheila: I– I’ve been given another chance, deacon. I’m not going to waste it. I’m– I’m going to do whatever I need to to prove to finn that I’ve changed, that I deserve their love.

Deacon: Sheila, just be careful, all right? I don’t want to see you get hurt. I mean, maybe finn and steffy, they’re not so ready to forgive.

Sheila: But finn is, I’m sure of it. I didn’t get a chance to see finn grow up. I missed that part of life, but I– I can make it up now with kelly and hayes.

Deacon: Who– where are you going?

Sheila: I’m going to see my son. Because somehow, some way, I’m going to convince him that– that I can be a positive force in his life. And his family’S.

Steffy: Thanks for dropping her off. We’ll have another play date soon, all right? Thanks. Bye. That was carol. She dropped kelly off at the hospital with finn. He’s going to take her to the beach for a little bit and then she’ll go home with you.

Liam: Okay.

Steffy: We’re also looking for a new nanny. We definitely want someone who is trained in self-defense.

Liam: I mean, yeah, good, ’cause just now it’s like ordinary things like play dates or, you know, beach days, they just take on a whole new intensity.

Steffy: Yeah, that’s our reality now. Now that sheila is out of prison, who knows where she could be?

California days

california nights

california days

california nights

you turn the sunshine on

I turn the pressure off

you make me smile all day

I make you crazy all night

california days

california nights

california days

california nights

you slow the traffic down

you keep the rhythm hot

you turn all heads your way

open up and make me fly

you make the oceans wave

you make the mountains high

you make the deserts rock

you send me to the sky

come on, baby

oh, oh, waves what you are

yeah, yeah, baby

yeah, baby

california nights

Finn: Whoo. I’m hungry. Are you hungry?

Kelly: Yeah.

Finn: Do you want some puffs?

Kelly: Yeah.

Finn: All right. Hey, you know what we need to do? We need to build a moat for these castles. What do you think?

Kelly: Yeah.

Finn: Okay, well, let’s do it.

Kelly: Yeah.

Finn: All right, here. Take the shovel. The moat needs some water. Can you go get some?

Kelly: Yeah.

Finn: All right. Cool. Here, you want this one?

Kelly: Uh-huh.

Finn: All right. Let’s go. Come on. (Rebecca) this can’t be real.

Liam: Steffy, I– I’m sorry, but you– you– you can’t ask me to be giving finn the benefit of the doubt after what I saw. It’s just– that’s not a risk I’m willing to take with kelly or hayes or you.

Steffy: I understand why you’re concerned. And I respect you for telling me what you saw between sheila and finn. Yes, I– I don’t understand it. It is upsetting, especially when we agreed that sheila was not gonna come back into our lives. So, the thought of– the thought of sheila actually near him, much less with his arms wrapped around her, like, it doesn’t make sense. But he is my husband and he hasn’t given me a reason not to trust him. What he did? Yes. I– I don’t like it. I feel awful about it. I don’t understand it, but I’m not willing to throw everything I know to be true just because of one hug.

Liam: You don’t have to throw everything– what that one hug proves is that right now, you can’t just rely on finn to protect kelly and hayes.

Steffy: Liam, just stop.

Liam: No, I’m not– I’m not gonna– I’m not gonna stop because you and kelly and hayes are too important. And right now, until you have a conversation at least, finn can’t be trusted. Now– you know me, all right? I’ve got a good gut for stuff like this, and I am– steffy, I am telling you, I have a feeling something is going to happen. Something awful.

Kelly: Sally sells sea shells down by the sea shore.

Finn: That’s a good one. Where’d you learn that?

Kelly: Camp. We do a lot of tongue twisters.

Finn: Yeah? Well, how about this one? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck–

Kelly: If a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Finn: That’s pretty good.

Kelly: The moat dried out again.

Finn: Oh, you’re right. Well, that happens. But hey, we always got to be careful around the water, right? Always respect the ocean.

Kelly: I remember.

Finn: Okay. Good.

[ Phone ringing ] Hang on one second. It’s dr. Finnegan. Hello? Oh, sorry, you’re– you’re breaking up. Okay, yeah. One second. Honey, I’m just going to take this phone call, okay?

Kelly: Okay.

Finn: Just stay right here, okay? Don’t move. Can you hear me? One second. Hello? Well, no, one second. What’s going on? Okay, no, no, no, no. He needs to stay on the iv drip, but we’re going to have to move him to the icu and– and get dr. Nick on that immediately because we need to check his levels. Send over his chart and I’ll evaluate.

Sheila: Kelly, come on back, baby. Come on.

Finn: Okay, no, move him to the icu as soon as you can because we can’T…

[ Kelly screaming ]

Sheila: Kelly, no! Kelly! (Wheezing)

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Days Short Recap Friday, July 28, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen got ready for her wedding when Leo’s phone started going off. She told him to deal with it, but he asked her to put it on vibrate. When she picked up the phone she saw the sexts from someone listed as MP. She asked Leo about it, but he told her it was someone from a dating app. She told him to go for it. They talked about their friendship and how they would miss living together. Sloan had a dream that Eric found out the truth about Nicole’s baby being his and that he made a mistake being with her. She woke up and lied to Eric about her dream. He left to take a shower. She realized she had to do more to keep him from finding out the truth. She told Eric that she was going to see Colin, but she was going to the hospital.

Rafe asked Jada to go to Gabi’s wedding with him. She wondered if they could go public with their relationship. She also wondered if Abe would let him get his job back now that he’s back. He would choose her over his job if he had to do it. They talked about Nicole being at the wedding. He assured her that she’s not a problem anymore. They made love. Later, they got ready to go to the wedding. Sloan went to the hospital and pretended to be Nicole to get her test results. She was successful and went in a room with the results. She saw Nicole arrive to get the results herself. A nurse told Nicole that someone picked up the results already. Sloan was in a room and saw that EJ’s not a genetic match for Nicole’s baby which meant Eric is the father. Kristen teased Dimitri about Leo possibly telling Gwen about their relationship. Stefan asked EJ to be his best man. EJ agreed to be his best man. They were surprised when Dimitri announced that he was getting married the same day as Stefan. Stefan agreed to a double wedding. Later, the ceremony started. The officiant asked if there were any objections. Leo stopped the wedding and said he had something to say.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Days Short Recap Thursday, July 27, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo pulled away from Dimitri when he kissed him, but he got tempted when Dimitri pulled down his pants. They were shocked when Gwen walked in on them together. Leo tried to cover, by saying that Dimitri had to try on a suit. Gwen didn’t believe him. She thought he was trying to see Dimitri naked. Leo went along with it and apologized to Dimitri. She finally believed Leo and they talked about her wedding. Leo is depressed and Gwen assured him that he will find someone. Dimitri was alone and said to himself that he could still see Leo on the side. Eli and Lani were at the hospital when US Marshall Gerard let her know that he had to take her back to prison. Eli tried to get more time, but there was nothing Gerard could do. Paulina was with Abe in his room. She realized that he didn’t know who she was or what happened to him. She told him everything, but she got upset when he was looking for his wife. She let him know that she was his wife and Whitley was pretending to be his wife. She showed him their wedding picture. He told her that he had a memory of her and the wedding, but he thought it was wrong.

Theo told Kayla that it was his fault that his father was hurt because of what he did to Ciara. Kayla assured him that he was a good person. She told him that Abe’s situation didn’t have anything to do with him. He went to see Abe, but he didn’t recognize him. Eli talked to Kayla when Lani went to see Abe. He remembered her from Whitley’s place, but he didn’t remember that she was his daughter. Eli told Lani that she had to go. She lied to Abe and told him they lived in Maryland. Paulina showed him pictures of the twins and told him about them. Lani and Eli said goodbye. They left with Gerard. Later, Kayla went to Abe’s room and told him about his friendship with her and Steve. Whitley was in the interrogation room at the station. Marlena showed up to talk to her. Whitley thought she was a character from Body & Soul . Marlena corrected her and talked to her about Abe and her husband. Whitley was confused, but she was able to get through to her. Paulina walked in verbally attacked Whitley. Marlena got Paulina out of the room while Whitley cried.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole and EJ congratulated Eric and Sloan about her pregnancy. Eric and Sloan went to their appointment. EJ and Nicole went home. Eric told Sloan that EJ and Nicole were getting genetic testing on their baby. Sloan panicked after he told her that. He suggested they get genetic testing done too. He said he was concerned about the health of their baby. She agreed to do the testing. EJ and Nicole got in an argument over their interaction with Eric and Sloan. EJ said she was jealous. She said she loved him. She said didn’t love Eric. She said she was thrilled to be having his baby. She said her only concern was Eric getting hurt. She said she didn’t trust her. They agreed they should be concerned with their baby.

Melinda thought Li was her date again. He was on a date with another woman named Connie. Melinda made sarcastic comments towards Connie. Li took Connie to another table so they could have their date. They talked and tried to get to know each other until Melinda’s date showed up. Her date turned out to be Alex. When Li and Melinda’s dates didn’t go well, she asked him if he wanted to share a drink with her. He agreed to do it. Gwen made the final plans for her wedding to Dimitri. She wanted to get an early start on their wedding night. He pushed her away. She was upset. He said he had to finish some things before the wedding. She thought there was something wrong. He left to take care of some errands. Leo showed up. Gwen told him what happened. He tried to reassure her that it will work out. She felt better. She said she couldn’t wait to get married. Dimitri came back to Gwen and Leo’s room. She had to go to work to care of something. She said told Dimitri they were okay. Leo and Dimitri kissed. Leo stopped kissing because he felt guilty. Dimitri said Gwen would be happily married to him. While Gwen was outside, she realized she forgot her phone.

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Days Update Friday, July 28, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Rafe goes to Jada’s apartment and says he knows she’s practically running the police department these days but he knows this is usually an off day, so he asks if she has any plans. Jada says she’s free and mentions that Talia is out doing community service, so she planned to just stay in, read, and meditate. Jada then asks if Rafe had something else in mind. Rafe then asks if she’d like to go to a wedding because his sister is getting married and he could use a plus one.

Gabi wakes up to Stefan bringing her breakfast in bed. Stefan wishes her a happy wedding day and happy anniversary as they kiss.

Dimitri lays in bed, texting Leo that he’s totally naked and just missing him.

Gwen does her make up in her room as she hears Leo’s phone going off. Leo calls from the bathroom for her to just put it on vibrate as he’s getting dressed. Gwen picks up Leo’s phone and reads the text which she tells Leo that she presumes is from his new lover.

Sloan has a nightmare about Eric finding out that Nicole’s baby is his, then getting furious and walking out on her. Sloan then wakes up in a panic so Eric asks her if she’s alright.

EJ joins Nicole in the living room of the DiMera Mansion which is set up for a wedding. Nicole tells EJ that she was just reading the article about Lani rescuing Abe and says she can’t believe that Abe was kidnapped by a delusional nurse and that he’s actually still alive. EJ calls it unbelievable news and says he has some news on his own. EJ then informs her that the results of the genetic testing are ready. Nicole is surprised since they just did that yesterday. EJ admits he may have put a rush on it, knowing Nicole was anxious for the results. Nicole then asks if everything is alright with the baby.

Leo tells Gwen that he can explain. Gwen says he doesn’t owe her an explanation. Gwen apologizes for reading his text but says he asked her to turn it off and it popped all over the screen. Gwen admits now she can’t help but wonder who this mystery man is that is naked in bed and waiting for him. Gwen asks if Leo is up to some roleplay. Leo points out that Gwen doesn’t know who sent the texts. Gwen notes that his contact listed him as “MP”. Leo claims that it’s initials for Matthew Perry but not the actor. Gwen asks when he met him. Leo says it was a few days ago. Gwen thought they were best friends and questions Leo not mentioning him to her. Leo claims it was just a hookup and he didn’t want to make a thing out of it. Leo then admits that he might be catching feelings and he doesn’t want to jinx it. Gwen asks what he’s waiting for then and tells Leo to spill. Gwen asks if Leo is going to see this guy. Leo says he can hang out by himself for a little while. Gwen points out that the guy seems pretty desperate to see Leo. Leo says that his best friend is getting married today which means it’s an important day for him as well, so the only person he’s focused on right now is her.

Stefan calls Gabi the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on and his soon to be wife. Gabi says she’s more in love with him than ever as they kiss. Stefan comments that he was surprised she was next to him when he woke up as he thought she was spending the night at Rafe’s. Gabi thinks it’s silly to worry about the whole not seeing each other before the wedding deal, asking what can happen to them that hasn’t already happened. Stefan can’t wait for her to be his wife again and promises this time will be for real as they kiss.

Jada asks Rafe about Gabi getting married today and if it’s a sudden decision. Rafe says he’s known for a few weeks now but he didn’t invite Jada because they were keeping their relationship on the DL, but now that they’ve taken his badge, there’s no point in keeping up appearances. Jada asks if he’s sure about that, pointing out that now that Abe has been found alive, there’s a possibility that Abe could reinstate Rafe and he wouldn’t be gung ho about them dating. Jada then asks if Rafe really thinks it’s a good time for them to go public. Rafe is not sure Abe will be back on the job anytime soon when he’s struggling with amnesia. Rafe adds that even if Abe does come back as mayor and want to reinstate him, he’s felt oddly liberated by being let go. Rafe jokes about the time it’s given him but says it’s made him think about things. Rafe states that his job is not necessarily the most important thing in his life and if he had to choose between being police commissioner or being with Jada, he’d choose her. Jada says that’s sweet of him to say but brings up that he just got out of a divorce. Rafe asks if she thinks this is a rebound. Rafe admits he hasn’t had the best luck with relationships and he did think about giving up on love, but then he met her and it feels different and right. Jada admits it feels the same to her too as they kiss. Jada mentions that Talia isn’t coming back for hours as they continue kissing onto Jada’s bed.

Stefan gives Gabi a Happy Anniversary card, noting that they were robbed of their first four anniversaries so he’s making up for lost time. Gabi calls it sweet and thoughtful but feels bad that she doesn’t have anything for him. Stefan thinks she does as they kiss in bed.

Gwen asks Leo if he’s sure that he doesn’t want to run over for a quickie. Leo assures that he won’t while Gwen remarks that she’s sure “MP” will be disappointed. Leo texts Dimitri back, warning him that Gwen saw his texts but that luckily he’s in his contacts as MP, which he explains to him stands for Magic Penis. Dimitri responds that they’ll just have to wait until the honeymoon’s over. Kristen sneaks up behind Dimitri and comments on him texting his boyfriend on the day he’s supposed to be marrying the woman of his dreams. Dimitri argues that Leo is not his boyfriend and claims he’s only playing along so that he doesn’t lose the inheritance. Kristen says she’s so looking forward to her share of the inheritance, so she won’t tell anyone that Rachel caught him in bed with Leo. Kristen reminds Dimitri that Leo is Gwen’s best friend and that they will talk about everything. Dimitri assures that Leo won’t tell Gwen anything and asks why would he. Kristen argues that Gwen is Leo’s best friend and most trusted confidant, so one day he will spill the beans and when he does, Dimitri will be screwed.

EJ tells Nicole that they have to pick up the results themselves but the doctor assured they would be self explanatory and that they would be free to call with any questions or concerns. EJ adds that there’s no reason to think anything is wrong, but if there is, they are prepared to deal with it and if not, they can rest easy. EJ suggests they go to the hospital to pick up the results now.

Sloan tells Eric that she had a nightmare that something terribly wrong happened with the baby. Sloan says she just loves the baby so much already. Eric holds her and tells her to just relax, promising that everything will be alright. Eric tells her things will be fine as he gets up to go shower. Sloan remarks to herself that it’s not her test results she’s worried about, but EJ and Nicole’s. Sloan wonders what to do if the results show that Nicole’s baby is Eric’s and declares that she can’t let that happen.

Rafe and Jada lay in bed after having sex, saying they could lie there all day. Jada reminds Rafe that they have to get going for the wedding as she agrees to go with him. Jada asks about the dress code. Rafe says it’s at the DiMera Mansion, so she can wear whatever she wants as Gabi won’t care as long as she’s on her side of the aisle. Jada wonders how many DiMeras must be living in the mansion now. Jada then realizes that EJ and Nicole will be there. Rafe asks if she’s okay with that. Jada says she’s fine, but the question is if Rafe is since she knows how upset he was when he found out about Nicole’s pregnancy. Rafe clarifies that he wasn’t upset, just shocked. Rafe states that as far as he’s concerned, EJ and Nicole deserve each other and he doesn’t give a damn. Rafe asks about Jada though and the things Nicole said when Jada was pregnant. Jada says that was her choice and as far as Nicole is concerned, she doesn’t care. Jada says she would feel resentment if Eric was the father of her child, but it’s EJ’s, so the only person she feels sorry for is the child.

Nicole tells EJ that she doesn’t know why she’s nervous. EJ encourages that they shouldn’t be since they don’t have a family history of disorders. EJ and Nicole go to leave, but Stefan enters and asks where they are going. EJ explains that they are going to the hospital to pick up some test results. EJ assures that they won’t miss his wedding and won’t be long. Stefan mentions not getting to formally ask EJ to be his best man. Stefan then brings up that he doesn’t have anyone to help him get ready, so he hopes their most recent truce can allow them to put their past feud behind them. EJ starts to turn him down but Nicole tells EJ to stay and help Stefan as it is important that he’s getting married today and she can go to the hospital by herself. EJ asks if she’s sure. Nicole assures that she’ll be back in time to get ready. EJ says if she’s really okay with it. Nicole tells EJ to fulfill his best man duties and she’ll be back soon with good news. Nicole kisses EJ goodbye and exits the mansion.

Sloan gets dressed and talks about calming herself down because panicking isn’t good for the baby. Sloan remarks that with any luck, EJ will be the father of that baby and asks if they should find out. Eric comes out of the shower and asks if she was talking to herself. Sloan says she was talking to the baby as she couldn’t sleep. Eric invites Sloan to come to the Pub with him, pointing out that he told Brady about the baby so it’s time to tell Roman and Kate. Eric adds that Sloan can join them for lunch and it will be great. Sloan says she’d love to but she can’t as she promised Colin that she would spend some time with him before he begins his prison sentence. Eric understands as Sloan sends her love to Roman and Kate. Sloan then kisses Eric and exits.

Gabi gets dressed for the wedding as Kristen enters her room to bring her a family heirloom that is old and blue if she wants to wear it. Gabi asks why. Kristen explains that they are going to be family and acknowledges that Gabi has gone out of her way to be nice to her since her romantic reunion with Stefan, even if it is because she needs support with the DiMera Board. Kristen adds that she figured Gabi doesn’t have a maid of honor so she would offer herself. Gabi remarks that she’s trying to figure out her ulterior motive. Kristen insists that her only motive is to form a friendship with her. Kristen adds that she’s getting shared custody with Rachel, so she’s feeling charitable. Gabi says she’s happy to hear about her daughter and congratulates her. Kristen then puts the necklace on Gabi as she thanks her.

Dimitri enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion in a suit. EJ comments that Dimitri is dressed to the nines for no reason as Stefan guesses Dimitri didn’t get the memo that he’s not invited to the wedding which Dimitri questions. Stefan explains that he’s getting married this morning. Dimitri laughs and calls it a coincidence because he is too. Dimitri assumes Stefan is getting married right here in the living room and then declares it another coincidence, because he is too.

Gwen tells Leo that she better get dressed so that she’s not late to her own wedding. Leo can’t believe she’s moving out and leaving him alone in the room. Gwen says that generally, husband and wife tend to live together. Gwen admits she will miss the room with him. Leo jokes about Gwen will be living in the DiMera Mansion. Gwen recalls living there before so she knows her way around but states this time will be more enjoyable. Gwen adds that she won’t have her best friend, who makes her laugh more than anyone and comforts her when she’s feeling low. Leo assures that they will still see each other all the time. Leo then asks how he’s going to afford the place without her and jokes that she will have to give him a raise. Gwen jokes that he’ll have to cut down on the room service and pay per view porn. Leo urges Gwen to not lose sight of how special, wonderful, and perfect she is. Gwen says if she does forget, she’ll just have to call him to remind her. Gwen tells Leo that she adores him and she’s going to cherish all the memories they have made here. Leo responds that he adores her too and he will miss her so much. Gwen cries that she will miss him too as they hug.

Jada joins Rafe in the Pub after getting dressed. Rafe jokes that Jada’s not supposed to upstage the bride but she looks amazing. Jada tells him that he doesn’t look so bad himself. Jada asks if they need to get a card or present. Rafe decides he will just rewrap the waffle iron that he got Gabi at her last almost wedding. Eric arrives and greets them. Eric starts to ask if they are together but says it’s none of his business. Rafe tells him it’s fine and confirms that they are seeing each other. Eric says that’s great. Jada comments on it looking like Eric has his own news to share. Eric admits he was coming to see Roman and reveals to them that he and Sloan are expecting.

Kristen tells Gabi that she is positively glowing. Gabi says she hasn’t been this happy since her daughter was born and she can’t believe she’s going to marry her soulmate. Gabi acknowledges that Kristen always thought of Brady as her soulmate and encourages that maybe now that they are sharing custody of Rachel, that magic will come back again.

Leo helps Gwen with her dress. Gwen knows he probably thinks she should be taken away in a straight jacket for marrying a guy that she barely knows, but says she’s never clicked with anyone like she does with Dimitri. Gwen calls it like love at first sight. Gwen thought she could only ever love Xander and he loved another woman which was her heartbreak, but Dimitri is going to make her so happy and already has because he’s not pining for anyone else or have any ex that he can’t get out of his mind. Gwen declares that for the first time in her life, she’s involved with somebody who only has eyes for her.

EJ tells Dimitri that he doesn’t know what exactly is behind his whirlwind courtship or his hasty plan to marry Gwen which he’s sure will end in a box of tears or a courtroom. EJ informs him that Stefan has reserved their family home for his wedding, so Dimitri will have to find another venue. Dimitri understands his concerns but says he can’t do that to Gwen as she will be there any minute, expecting to have their wedding there. EJ doesn’t give a rat’s ass what Gwen expects and yells at Dimitri that he doesn’t get to blindside them with ridiculous demands. Stefan takes EJ aside and asks him to take it down a notch. EJ questions Stefan being so calm about this. Stefan reminds EJ that Kristen said as co-CEOs, it was in their best interest not to alienate a shareholder. Stefan adds that he will still sleep with one eye open, but feels it’s best not to antagonize Dimitri over a situation that can be easily remedied. EJ questions how. Stefan points out that Dimitri and Gwen don’t have any friends, so they can just set out a few extra chairs. Stefan then declares that they have a double wedding.

Jada tells Eric that it’s wonderful that he’s finally getting the child that he always wanted. Rafe congratulates Eric and he thanks him. Rafe and Jada then exit the Pub together.

Sloan goes to the hospital and tells a nurse that she’s there to pick up test results for Nicole Walker. The nurse says she will need identification. Sloan looks in her purse but then claims she left it at home but she tells the nurse the date of service and the name of the doctor. The nurse repeats that she will still need identification. Sloan questions her needing proof and warns that she could just call her husband EJ DiMera. The nurse then says that won’t be necessary and hands over the test results. Nicole then arrives at the hospital and gets a call from EJ, who asks if she’s alright as he thought she’d be back by now. Nicole says there was a traffic jam so she’s just picking up the results now. Nicole adds that if she’s late to the wedding, they can go ahead and start without her. EJ responds that’s actually weddings as Stefan and Dimitri have agreed to a double wedding. Gabi comes in with Kristen and questions that. Stefan knows he should’ve asked her first. Gabi questions having to share her day with that creep Dimitri when Stefan hates him and complains that Gwen let her take the fall for drugging Abigail, so she asks if Stefan lost his mind. Stefan apologizes but says they didn’t have a lot of time to come up with an alternative. Stefan declares that the important thing is that they will be married again. Gabi guesses they have no choice. Gwen walks in with Leo and questions what is going on here. Gabi responds that they are apparently having a double wedding. Gwen begins to worry and says the last double wedding she was involved in was a disaster. Leo suggests it could be a sign that she should call the whole thing off as Dimitri walks in. Gwen argues that she doesn’t want to call off her wedding. Gwen asks if they can just go to the courthouse but Dimitri points out that they don’t have an appointment. Gwen asks if they can do it tomorrow. Dimitri points out that everyone is already here. Kristen agrees and says everything and everyone is ready to go. Dimitri tells Gwen that he also got her something special engraved with today’s date. Dimitri adds that Gabi and Stefan have agreed to share their day with them, so with all this love in the air, it’s magical. Gabi asks if they can just get the show on the road because she’s been waiting years to marry Stefan and she doesn’t want to wait any longer. Gwen agrees that she doesn’t want to wait any longer either. Rafe and Jada arrive and greet Gabi. Rafe then asks what’s going on. Gabi informs him that they are having a double wedding because the more, the merrier. Gabi then asks EJ where Nicole is. EJ responds that she said to start without her because she’s been delayed.

Nicole goes to the front desk and tells a nurse that she’s there to pick up her test results but the nurse informs her that it says the results have already been picked up, leaving Nicole confused.

Sloan opens the test results in a hospital room and finds out that it says EJ is not a genetic match. Sloan then realizes that Nicole’s baby is not EJ’s, it’s Eric’s.

The double wedding at the DiMera Mansion begins. The justice of the peace asks if anyone has any reason that either couple should not be wed. Gabi questions leaving that part in. Leo then interrupts and announces that he has something to say.

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Interview with actors from “Heels”

TV Interview!


Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig in "Heels" on Starz

Interview with Stephen Amell, Alexander Ludwig and Mary McCormack of “Heels” on Starz by Suzanne 6/21/23

This was a fun press day for the great family wrestling drama. First, there was a roundtable with Amell and Ludwig (and other members of the press). There’s a transcript below for that.  Then I had a short, one-on-one video interview with Mary McCormack. I really love the actors in this show. They’re not only incredibly talented, and in great shape, but they couldn’t have been nicer.  Check out the show because it’s worth watching.

Mary McCormack “Willie Day”


Stephen Amell “Jack Spade” and Alexander Ludwig “Ace Spade”

Question:   Both your characters go on quite emotional journeys this season, so can you sort of maybe tease where they’re at, relationship-wise, as brothers, what that’s like this season for the two of you?

Stephen:   Okay, I think, I was gonna say this in a previous interview, and then I we ran out of time, but, for Jack, I think it’s become a little bit less about worrying about Ace or worrying about Staci or worrying about Thomas or the DWL. He’s more focusing on handling his own business and taking accountability for his actions and the way that he’s behaved since his father killed himself, which has been, I think, well intentioned, but misguided, and has hurt people. So, this is very much about him, just not trying to wave a magic wand and make everything better with everyone all at once, but just taking accountability for his actions, specifically with Ace and Staci, and just saying, “Look, this, this is me; this is what happened. Here I am, hat in hand. I’m sorry. What do I do?” which is a fun thing to play, humility. You know, who knew?

Alexander:   Ace is trying to pick up the pieces, you know, he’s still a complete mess after what happened. There’s a huge rift between the brothers. This show has been so much about, it’s not just a wrestling show. It’s about family, and it’s about identity, and Ace is trying to find his identity in the ring and outside of the ring. What I love about this season so much is not only do the women lead the charge, and you get to see that on a whole other front, which is, I think, really exciting with this backdrop, but you get to see the inklings of what this could be with Jack and Ace. You know, how big this actually could be, and a road has finally caved to the kind of national sensation or promotion this actually could be, which it is exactly.

Question:   Alexander, you kind of spoke on it a little bit, but Ace really goes through a real revelation this season. Can you talk about how his view and aspect on the situations pertaining to the DWL and the FWD change and lead him towards a different path, I think, one of clarity this season?

Alexander:   Yeah, that’s a really well said. Thanks for the question. I think that, you know, again, this show has also been about mental health, and that’s becoming a big conversation in sports in general. And Ace is dealing with his own version of that. He’s been traumatized for years, and I think that his outlook needs to change on his life and on himself, because he feels abandoned by his father. And this is the first time you see Ace fully step into a role that he never, ever wanted to step into, both as a as a performer, but also as a human being, a role that he never thought that he could step into. I think towards the end of this season, you really start to see him, perhaps, become more of the man he was always destined to become. To me, what’s always been excited about this show is where it could go. In success, I think, I always had the feeling as an actor, that Ace and Jack have, you know, as these small town wrestling promotion guys, like, this could build out to something really beautiful, and that’s the hope for both of them.

Suzanne:   I enjoyed the screeners I saw…  I thought the show’s even better this season than last season. Everything’s all very exciting. Since you two are the stars of the show (if there’s such a thing as stars in an ensemble show), do you have any input into the writing of your characters or the show as it’s going on? Do they let you do that?

Stephen:   I’d say that Mike O’Malley and Michael Waldron are both very, very collaborative, collaborative people. That being said, you know, Mike will come to me for some general questions about like, you know, what would be a cool idea, but it’s very much the macro of it all, the micro, all the details. Boy, when we get a script, and we sit down for a table read, what gets said at that table read or what ends up on television are pretty much the exact same thing.

Alexander:   Which is quite rare. I’ve been lucky. I’ve only got to work with really collaborative people in general, and Mike is certainly one of those people, but there isn’t much that you would change. They, of course, they talk to you about your characters, but it’s like, it’s also beautifully on the page. I’m just like, this just seems the way it should be. Of course, when scenes come up, things happen, and you go, “I want to say this instead of that,” or whatever, of course. You know, that’s a day by day basis. But we have an incredible team with us on this show, and I’m grateful for it.

Question:   It’s obvious that this is a labor of love from every cast member in this show. What does it mean, each of you personally, to be back for a second season?

Stephen:   Second season is the toughest season to get. Well, I guess, like actually getting something off the ground and getting to shoot it in the first place, probably, technically is more challenging, but bridging that gap from a first to a second season. You know, I don’t know, it just it seems to always be where the show takes off, where you you have some time under your belt to see what works. You also have the real benefit of audience interaction and seeing what pops for people and what doesn’t. So, you know, I’ve been very fortunate. This is the second time I’ve gotten a second season, and I hope that very shortly [for] the second time that I get a third.

Alexander:   Yeah, I mean, it’s very humbling. When I first read this script, and I think I speak for Stephen as well, like, there’s not a lot of shows like this, and there’s not a lot of shows that are made like this, and that’s what drew us to it. We’re like, “When will we ever get a chance to do something like this and tell this kind of a story,” for hopefully, you know, six years plus. And it’s so far and few between. You know, back in the day, this would have been the kind of movie that would have made me want to be an actor, and now it’s TV shows, right? And I just, I love everything about this. I love that it’s flawed characters. I love that it’s a world I’m not super familiar with and that I’ve fallen in love with simultaneously.

Question:   I was wondering how Ace and Jack feel about Crystal this season, and how her actions in the finale move the story forward?

Stephen:   Well, I mean, for Jack, we’re dealing with the immediate aftermath of this. And it’s like, is it a big sea-change? Or have we just, you know, do we just call an audible and we’re gonna put everything back to where it was the next day? I think what we discover for Jack, is that while you appreciate what Crystal did, he may not see it as the big sea-change that audience members or fans or she might have seen it as. So, that’s a point of contention in the early part of the season.

Alexander:   I think, for Ace, it was the nail in his in his coffin of what used to be. So, for him, he’s just constantly taking punches, and he’s and he’s throwing them wildly, but kind of not really focusing on on what the next step should be. And I think that the second season, you see Ace kind of come to terms with who he’s always been destined to become.

Question:   So, you mentioned that they’re flawed characters, and this is for both of you, but you made me think, what has your character taught you about yourself since you’ve been on this journey?

Alexander:   I have to say, you know, I’ve gone through my own demons, and I think that’s probably why I loved Ace so much is that I wouldn’t say I’ve learned a lot from him, but I would say that I’ve had to go on my own journey that he’s had to go on before him. So, actually, I would say, Ace can probably learn a lot from me. So that, to me, was something I loved about that character, was that I’ve dealt with my own versions of substance abuse and whatnot. And, you know, when you go to rehab, for example, you’re doing three years of therapy in fifty days, right? And you get really, really into why there are certain things that are driving you to become the human being you’re becoming. So, it wasn’t that I’m learning from Ace, it’s that I’m understanding Ace, and that’s why I loved him, is that I understood that underneath these child like temper tantrums that he throws and these irrational outbursts, there is a child crying for help. And the saddest thing about it is that only he can save himself from it. There’s nobody else who can do it for him. He’s looking for all this external validation, when in actuality, the only thing that is ever going to save him is himself and coming to terms with himself and his father’s suicide. So, to me, I thought Ace was such a beautiful character, because you love to love him, and you love to hate him.


Question:   What about you, Stephen?

Stephen:   It’s really, really simple. Pride comes before the fall. I’m dealing with this situation in my own life personally, right now, where a good friend of mine that I trust a lot is saying to me, “You have to take the emotion out of it.” Like, that’s impossible. He’s like, “No, it’s not. You have to take the emotion out of it, because the goal should be the outcome.” And that’s something that, you know, Jack is put in this position right now, where throughout the course of this season, he has to eat shit, multiple times. Not get shit on, like, Alexander, but each shit. And it’s like, well, listen, you have to eat it one way or the other. So, do you want to do with a smile on your face, or do you want to kick and scream the entire way? And that’s just been because he lets his emotions get in the way, and he’s prideful. So, I’m trying to learn that lesson to just not be that way personally, and I’m learning a lot watching how how things mess up for Jack. Yeah, it’s proven to be the right way to go about things.

Question:   For Stephen, so, I know we’ve kind of talked about Jack and Ace’s dynamic, but I want to talk about Jack and Staci’s relationship, because at the end of season one, it’s very strained, as Jack continues to put the DWL over his family. What can we expect throughout season two? Will we get to see Jack put the real work into that relationship and winning her back, or will that sort of fall on the back-burner and happen off scene?

Stephen:   No, we come to a resolution with Jack and Staci in the early part of the season. Then, I think their relationship gets into a great place, which I was very happy about, because I think that the the troubled marriage or, you know, the conceit of like the nagging spouse, be the husband or the wife, it’s not tired – well, it’s a little tired, I think, personally. So, I thought it’d be fun, and I think Mike thought it’d be fun too, to examine, like, a relationship where, look, these guys love each other, but life isn’t perfect, but here’s what they’re gonna do. And this is the important thing, is they’re going to show up one another, and they’re going to be honest with one another about everything, about the big things, the little things, not just the Kleenex and trying to destroy Ace’s life, but like, you know, were you on time for work today? Or were you five minutes late? You could say you’re on time, but no, you say you’re five minutes late, honestly, about everything. And, in that sense, too, I’ve been learning from Jack, because that’s an important thing, being honest, just even about little things, especially about the little things.

Suzanne:   I know that you guys were both really fit before you did this show, but did you have to add on extra workouts in order to play people who are basically running around in their underwear quite often?

Alexander:   It wasn’t as much of an aesthetic thing, just like looking good and tight as opposed to literally being able to withstand what’s asked of us physically. So like, when we weren’t filming, we were literally in the gym with our stunt team, training specific ways to be able to withstand what we had to do. And I’m talking like, you know, it’s nothing compared to what these actual guys do in real life, but it is really, really tough on your body, and it’s something that Stephen and I can’t fake. It’s like, we have to do it. So, when you see somebody doing a backflip off the top turnbuckle that’s something I have to be able to do. Or you see Stephen doing a suplex it’s something he has to be able to do, and they don’t want us to get injured. So, that’s the most important thing.

Stephen:   Yeah, like, there’s no way around it. It’s not like taking a flat back bump gets easier in the same way that like if you start weight training a bunch, the pads of your hands, like you’re gonna get all these blisters. The blisters don’t go away, they callus. And when you learning how to bump in the ring and stuff like that, it doesn’t get easier. You just get used to it. It’s like a cold plunge; it doesn’t get easier. You just get used to it. And I wouldn’t say that we added anything, but what we did and what the production did, which was very, very helpful, is we just said, “Listen, if we’re going to be playing wrestlers on TV, then we need to look like wrestlers on TV, and in order to do that, we need to be in wrestler shape and have wrestler bodies, which come in many shapes and forms and sizes.” But they did a great job of building us a gymnasium, building us a program, and then enforcing it and making it part of our schedules, so that it’s not our responsibility to find the motivation on a Thursday when we’re not working to get to the gym at 10 o’clock. No, it’s on the schedule. We have to go. We’re contractually obligated. But we just go.

Transcribed by Jamie of SciFiVision


"Heels" season 2 premieres on Starz July 28!

Santa Monica, Calif. – June 29, 2023 – STARZ released today the trailer and key art for season two of the critically-acclaimed drama Heels,” which returns to the ring for season two on Friday, July 28 at midnight (ET) on the STARZ app. Starring Stephen Amell (“Arrow”) and Alexander Ludwig(“Vikings”), the small-town sports drama series based on a wrestling league in rural Georgia will also debut via linear tv on STARZ at 10:00 PM ET/PT in the U.S. and Canada on Friday, July 28, 2023.
Heels” is aptly named after the wrestling term for a villain or antagonist. Most stories center around heroes vs. villains, but in wrestling, it’s faces vs. heels. Season two brings fans back to the family-owned wrestling organization, Duffy Wrestling League (DWL), where brothers and rivals, Jack (Amell) and Ace Spade (Ludwig), continue to fightover their late father’s legacy and their individual versions of success, while also working to find their own identity as a “face” or a “heel.” The show invokes feelings of nostalgia akin to  “Friday Night Lights,” while covering topics like the effects of trauma on communities, finding personal identity, and women taking the lead in every facet. It is centered around a small-town community where everyone knows each other and everyone in town follows the saga of the Heels and Faces in the DWL.    
Season two also stars Alison Luff (“New Amsterdam”) as Staci Spade, Mary McCormack (“Deep Impact,” “The L Word”) as Willie Day, Kelli Berglund (“The Goldbergs,” “The Animal Kingdom”) as Crystal Tyler, Allen Maldonado (House Party, “The Wonder Years,” “The Last O.G.”) as Rooster Robbins, Chris Bauer (“Gaslit,” “Survivor’s Remorse,” “True Blood”) as Wild Bill Hancock, Trey Tucker (“The Outpost”) as Bobby Pin, Robby Ramos (“Chicago P.D.”) as Diego Cottonmouth,Alice Barrett Mitchell (“The Thing About Pam,” “Billions”) as Carol Spade, Roxton Garcia(“Reminensce”) as Thomas Spade, David James Elliott (Trumbo, “JAG”) as Tom Spade, Joel Murray(“Mad Men,” “Shameless”) as Eddie Earl, CM Punk(“Mayans,” “AEW Dynamite”) as Ricky Rabies, AJ Mendez (“Women of Wrestling,” “WWE”) as Elle Dorado, Josh Segarra (Scream VI, “Arrow,” “The Other Two”) as Brooks Rizzo, and Emmy Raver-Lampman as Jen Lussier.
Heels” showrunner and executive producer Mike O’Malley (“Survivor’s Remorse,” “Shameless”) also portrays Charlie Gully on the series. Michael Waldron (“Loki,” Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, “Rick and Morty”) is the show creator.Christopher Donnelly (By Sidney Lumet), Pete Segal (Get Smart, 50 First Dates, Tommy Boy,“Shameless”), Patrick Walmsley (JT LeRoy), and Julie Yorn (Hell or High WaterWhite Boy Rick) also serve as executive producers on the series. “Heels” is produced through O’Malley Ink and LBI Entertainment in association with Lionsgate Television for STARZ. 
Follow “HEELS” on Social
Twitter: @HeelsSTARZ
Instagram: @HeelsSTARZ
Facebook: @HeelsSTARZ
Join the conversation with #HeelsSTARZ

About “Heels” Season Two
Heels” is a drama that follows Jack (Stephen Amell) and Ace Spade (Alexander Ludwig), two brothers and rivals who war over their late father’s wrestling promotion, vying for national attention in small-town Georgia. In the ring, one is a villain, or “heel,”; the other a hero, or “face.” Season two begins after a spectacular showing at the South Georgia State Fair, the Duffy Wrestling League’s popularity is suddenly on the upswing. Hoping to seize the opportunity, Jack and his cohorts prepare for a possible business deal with a new streaming service that may propel them onto a national stage. But the past and its tragedies threaten to upset everything when Ace leaves Duffy and the Dome in his rearview, and rival promotion Florida Wrestling Dystopia’s vengeful frontman Gully comes calling.”
About STARZ 
STARZ (, a Lionsgate company, is a leading global media streaming platform committed to delivering premium content that amplifies narratives by, about and for women and underrepresented audiences. STARZ is home to the highly rated and first-of-its-kind STARZ app that offers the ability to stream or download STARZ premium content, as well as the flagship domestic STARZ® service, including STARZ ENCORE, 17 premium pay TV channels, and the associated on-demand and online services. In 2018, STARZ launched its international premium streaming platform STARZPLAY, now LIONSGATE+, to provide subscribers access to bold, curated storytelling. LIONSGATE+, coupled with the STARZPLAY ARABIA joint venture in MENA and Lionsgate Play in South and Southeast Asia, has a footprint that extends across the globe. STARZ and LIONSGATE+ are available across digital OTT platforms and multichannel video distributors, including cable operators, satellite television providers, and telecommunications companies around the world. In February 2021, STARZ launched #TakeTheLead, a multi-faceted and innovative inclusion initiative expanding its existing efforts to improve representation on screen, behind the camera and throughout the company. 
About Lionsgate 
Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF.A, LGF.B) encompasses world-class motion picture and television studio operations aligned with the STARZ premium global subscription platform to bring a unique and varied portfolio of entertainment to consumers around the world. The Company’s film, television, subscription and location-based entertainment businesses are backed by an 18,000-title library and a valuable collection of iconic film and television franchises. A digital age company driven by its entrepreneurial culture and commitment to innovation, the Lionsgate brand is synonymous with bold, original, relatable entertainment for audiences worldwide.

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Mary McCormack stars as Willie Day in "Heels" on Starz


Days Transcript Thursday, July 27, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


 Here, lift up a little bit. There we go. Yeah. Can I, can I get you another pillow, you know, or some water, or, you know, I’m gonna, I’m gonna get you a snack. Um, you know what you could do? You could go and get a chill pill, and then you can take it yourself. You just scared the bejesus out of me, so excuse me if I’m not all chill.

You know, next time that you, you know, get a lead on a dangerous situation, I don’t know, maybe you can give me a call? Fair enough. But for the record, baby, I’m fine. You heard Kayla. Whatever sedative Nurse King gave me has been flushed out of my system. Alright. So we’re all good. Glad to hear it so I can finally take you back to prison.

Ah, there you go. I’m so relieved. Alana’s gonna be okay. I still can’t believe that she tracked down my dad. He’s, he’s actually alive. I know. She’s somewhat of a hero, isn’t she? She is, but I swear when Marlena wheeled my dad out of that elevator, I thought I was saying things. I bet you did. I was until I hugged him.

I felt him in my arms. I let myself believe it was real. I just wish that he knew who I was. Do you think that he’s going to get his memory back at some point? I’m hopeful, yes. Your father’s head injury was not severe. Which means that the amnesia should be temporary. Should be. Are you saying that there’s a chance that my dad will never remember us?

Oh, my love. Can’t believe you’re really here.

Thought I’d lost you forever.

No. Abraham. You’re awake.

How do you feel? Strange. Tired. Well, it’s no wonder you’ve been through so much. Went in the hospital. Mm hmm. You were drugged, but… It’s, uh… The doctors, they’re getting that stuff right out of your system. I was drugged. How did, how did, how did that happen? Well, it’s a long story, but you know what?

I think it’s best that you just relax for now, okay? And I will, I will tell you, I will answer all your questions when you feel a little better. Uh, I have, I have, uh, two questions. They can’t wait, they can’t wait. Yeah, of course, of course. What do you want to know? Forgive me. Who are you? And

where’s my wife?

Hello, Miss King. Oh, my hands! Oh,

what are you doing here? Well, I came to check on you. I wanted to see how you’re doing since I saw you this morning. I, I saw you this morning? Yes, don’t you remember seeing me? You do know who I am, right? How could I not know who you are? You’re just the queen diva of my favorite soap opera.


Wait, wait, wait. Ugh, no, we can’t do this! Well, we seem to be doing a pretty good job so far. No, dum dum Gwenny! We can’t do this to her! Ugh, here we go again. Yes, here we go again! I am feeling guiltier than ever! I am her best friend, you’re her groom! And here we are, hooking up the night before your marriage!

I wish things could be different, Leo, I really do. I wish that we could be together, out in the open. But, as you also know, if I want this inheritance Yeah, yeah, you have to marry her before you’re over the hill. Before I turn 40. Same thing. And look, before I turn thirty five… Okay, forty. Okay, forty five! I have to rid myself of this guilt I have towards the sweetest person I know!

Well, definitely not the sweetest, but certainly the most loyal, or I, will inherit a straitjacket. So what do you say? That this affair, as thrilling and wonderful as it is, it… It has to end. Oh, you don’t mean that. Did I not just explain that I, who have fought hating myself my entire life for being a petty little twat, as Gwen recently called me, although she said it in a light hearted and affectionate way because she loves me and I love her, which is why I am so tortured

and now losing the Don’t do that. You know how much I How much you what? Oh, oh. Lordy, Lordy and lordy. Tomorrow. I married Gwen tonight, baby. I am all yours. God, I can’t believe

I never forgot my phone. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. I

didn’t realize that my dad’s amnesia could be permanent. Well, that’s rarely the case, but we just can’t rule out the possibility. Okay, well… Is there something that we can do to increase his chances of him recovering his memories? I mean… Well, I mean, for starters, we are flushing the drugs out of his system.

And then we’re gonna let his brain have some time to heal. And sometimes the memories just come back on their own. And if that doesn’t happen, then we will explore the other options. Possibly, uh, hypnotherapy or even occupational therapy. Like I had when I was a kid. Right. But I think what’s going to help your dad the most is he has your tremendous support of family and friends Well, I’ll be there for him as much as he needs me to be But I just can’t help but wonder if If what?

Maybe somehow This is all my fault. Abraham,

I know your mind is all jumbled up right now, but please believe me, okay? I am your wife, and I love you very much. I, I, I, I don’t even know you. Uh, well, uh, look, uh, look. It says it right there. Paulina Price. I’m your wife. That’s me. That, that, uh, that other woman? That was Nurse Whitley King. She was your nurse here at the hospital.

She pretended to be me and she kidnapped you. Plucked you right out of your hospital bed. Worst of all, she tricked us into thinking you were dead. Why, why, why would she do that? I don’t know, but clearly that woman is completely off her rocker. Miss King? Oh, please, call me Whitley. We’re practically family, after all.

I think you’re confused. Oh, I know that we’re not actually family. I’ve just spent so many years watching the story of your life.

Exactly. Who do you think I am? Oh, well, I know who you are. You are Charlemagne Delacroix from Body and Soul. Um, actually, that’s a fictional character. I’m Dr. Marlena Evans. We worked together at the hospital. Um, until recently, you, you were a nurse there. And you were a patient of mine. Patient.

I’m a psychiatrist. I’d like to help you if you’ll let me.

Well, Leo. Am I doing this? Or should I put my clothes back on and leave you here? Finish up all by your lonesome.

I suppose it would be a shame to let all this gratuitous nudity go to waste. Oh dear, what’s going on


Gwen, darling! You’re back! I thought you were going to the office. I forgot my phone. Oh, mother of rotten luck. For you, I mean. I’m so sorry you had to come all the way back here. You should have texted me and I would have… Oh, if you didn’t have your phone, it’s hard to text about a forgotten phone without a phone, right?

Are you quite finished? Yeah, I’m done. So how’s the planning going? You know, like the two of you said that you were going to do. Well, we had been working on the surprise for your wedding and we got sidetracked. Yes, I can see that. Care to explain what’s happened to my fiancé’s clothes?

Sorry to barge in on you, Mrs. Grant. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sam Gerrard with the U. S. Marshal’s Office. You know, you caused quite a stir with your disappearance. If I may. She was knocked out and held against her will. I’m well aware. I was with Detective Hunter and the former commissioner when they found her at the docks.

I heard you tracked my monitor. Thank you for helping them find me. Just doing my job, ma’am. Which also includes taking you back to Maryland. And now that you’re feeling better, I’m afraid we have to leave right away. I’m sorry. I can’t let you do that.

Why on earth would you think that you have anything to do with your father’s amnesia? Well, Claire’s always talking about karma and karmic payback. And I’m just wondering if what I did a couple of years ago might have caused what happened to my dad. Uh, no. Well, you don’t even know what I’m talking about.

Maybe you do. Okay, okay. Why don’t you tell me? Well, when Ciara lost her memory, I started dating her again. Even though she didn’t remember Ben. I mean, we almost got married. And that’s, well, that’s similar to what Nurse Whitley did to my dad. Okay, okay, you need to listen to me for a second, okay? Nurse Whitley kidnapped and manipulated your father.

She drugged him and made all of us believe that he was dead. There is no way that any of that is similar to what you did. And aside from all that, it’s not the way the universe works. You don’t believe in karma? I think I’m of two minds about it, really. I mean, I have seen so many good people have really bad things happen to them.

And also the opposite. But you know what? I do believe that being a good person is its own reward, and the kindness and decency can be contagious. You, Theo, are a good person, and I believe No, I know that the only people responsible for your dad’s condition are Colin Bedford and Whitley Kate.


I’d like to talk about what happened at your apartment this morning. You know, I’m awfully tired. I think we should talk about it some other time. No, that’s not a good idea. We made a breakthrough already, and it’s important that we continue.

Look, otherwise I’m afraid that you may end up harming yourself or someone else. Why would you say that? Because of what happened with Abe. Look, I know it wasn’t your intention, but Abe was hurt by what you did. So was his family.

You’re saying it’s true. That I was kidnapped by Paulina. Nurse Whitley. You were kidnapped by Nurse Whitley.

If Whitley kidnapped me, then that explains why she would never, ever let me leave the apartment. She said, she said that I was in danger, that, that a man attacked me. Uh, yes, well, that part is true. It’s why, it’s why you were in the hospital the first time. A man named Colin Bedford, very bad man, he knocked you out in my daughter’s bakery.

Do you remember that? All I remember is, uh, is waking up in the hospital and Chanel was beside me. Yes, my daughter, Chanel, she owns the bakery. And when you woke up, she went to go find me. And, uh, a woman came by. Yeah, that was your nurse. She took advantage of your confused state. But at home she, she showed me our wedding picture.

And she was, she was definitely in it. It must have been a fake! Photoshopped!

See? See? This is our real wedding picture. You and me. Oh, what a day it was. The day we became husband and wife. Oh, one of the happiest of my life. And you, you said the same thing. Do, do you recognize us? Does it seem at all familiar? Wait a minute, wait a minute. I

do remember you now.

Agent Grant, I understand that you’d like to spend more time with your wife. But, she was given furlough to attend her father’s funeral. Who, as it turns out, is actually still alive. That’s my point. And she thought she lost her dad and she’s been granted a miracle. Can’t you give her a few days to spend with her dad?

I mean, at least until he’s out of the hospital. My hands are tied. It’s not my call. Yeah, but you can make a plea on her behalf. I mean, her father has lost his memory, and spending time with his daughter could help him regain it. A case of amnesia? After a miraculous return from the dead? Sounds like something from Body and Soul.

You know, the soap opera? Uh, not that I’m a big fan. The Mrs. makes me watch. From time to time. Is there any way that you can arrange for me to stay here? Just a little longer? I sympathize with you, Mrs. Grant, but my hands are tied. We were already booked on the next flight.

Okay. Okay.

Can I at least say goodbye to my father before we go?

Oh, Abraham! I’m so relieved! Oh, you finally got your memory back! It’s not what I meant.

Not what you meant? What? What do you mean, you don’t remember me? I do, from my dream. I, I dreamed that I was jumping the broom with my bride, and it was you. I saw it, clear as day. Of course you did, because even though your mind had lost all love, your Your heart was trying to remind you because I am still in there in your heart, aren’t I?

Again, I’m, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I, uh, other than a couple of moments from the wedding, I honestly don’t know who you are. Heh. I certainly don’t remember our love.

Dad, you’re awake. Hey, hey there.

You’re my son, Brandon, right? No, um, no, I’m Theo.

Oh, that can’t be. I’ve seen Theo. You’re not him. Honey, you’ve been spending time with an imposter. Someone pretending to be Theo. It was arranged by Whitley. It was just another one of her deceptions.

I respect and admire Mayor Carver. I would never hurt him. I just, I just wanted to keep him safe. I, I didn’t want him to end up like, like your husband.

I know you blame yourself for his death. I think that’s why you tried to replace him with Abe. Because it would mean, if you could, that terrible tragedy never would have happened.

Look at me.

You’re not Paulina Price. You’re Whitley King.

But I don’t want to be Whitley King. It, it, Whitley King, it means I killed my husband. It means I’m an awful person. It means I have nothing to live for.

Abraham, the young man who you thought was your son, that was an actor. Whitley hired an actor named Jerry Prentiss to pretend to be Thiel. That’s right. I remember. I saw Jerry’s name in the credits of Body and Soul. And now that you’ve seen your real son in person, well, does that trigger any other memories?

No. No, it doesn’t.

Oh. Oh. Oh, my love, there must be something to help you remember. Ah.

It’s you.

Well, this all must seem rather strange, Gwen, but I assure you there is a perfectly reasonable explanation. I’m waiting. Well, I… Dimitri does not have a proper suit for tomorrow, so I convinced him to try on one of mine. You have plenty of seats. Yeah, but they’re also blah. I told him he needed something special, something with a little pizzazz.

You know, after all, this is a once in a lifetime event. So, he needs something more like… this. Yeah. Not really your cup of tea, is it, Dmitri? Yes, I know, but with the wedding only hours away, I was… desperate. He was just about to try this on, which would explain his state of undress. Mm. Mm mm. Yep, sorry, Matty, I’m not buying it.

You see, I know what’s really going on here.

No more lies, Matty. But I just told you that I You wanted Dimitri to get married in something pizzazzy. Exactly! Come on! You honestly thought that I would believe that he would fit into one of your smedium suits. This one’s a woman’s large. It doesn’t matter what size it is. You didn’t want to see Dimitri in it, you wanted to see him out of it.

What are you suggesting? That you wanted to see my fiancé in his underwear. Okay.

You got me. Maybe I did wanna… Coggle, DVL, and his BVDs. And now I’m so embarrassed for having a crush on a straight man. Which is kind of a pattern for me. Although I do get crushes on gay men, but that’s usually when they’re plausible. You’re right, you’re right. Um, no one needs to know what a screw up I am.

Uh, Dimitri? I apologize for putting you through that. Cheap trick. All is forgiven. Thank you for understanding. And Gwenny, thank you for knowing me so well and for putting up with me anyway. Yes, you are my BFF, aren’t you forget this. After tomorrow, this man is all mine.

Whitley, you mustn’t think that way. Like, I know things seem bleak at the moment, but when you get the help you need, you’ll be able to let go of this terrible guilt you’re feeling. My precious husband. He was so good to me. He was so sweet. If only I’d known that you didn’t.

So you couldn’t help him?

He’s probably looking down at me from having such shame at the person that I’ve become.

He probably doesn’t even recognize me. I don’t even recognize myself.

I just got off the phone with Steve. He and John are on their way home with Jerry Prentiss. Please tell them that I said thank you. I’d do it myself, but the U. S. Marshal has insisted that Lonnie go back to prison immediately. That’s gonna be rough on her. My gosh, she just got her dad back. At least he’s allowing her to say her goodbyes.

You remember Lani? Of course. You’re the woman who came to rescue me. You came to the apartment.

And you told me you were my daughter. That’s right. What about before that? Any memories of her prior to your attack? No. I’m so sorry. I wish I could remember. I just, I just can’t. That’s okay, Dad. Give yourself time. I am just so glad we have you back. You know, the way you stood up to Whitley. You were so brave.

That’s our baby girl. The bravest woman I know. I wonder where I get that from.

Oh. I’ll help you. Hey. How’s it going in here? Dad’s awake. So happy to see that. Um, I’m sorry. Who are

you? Um, I’m Lonnie’s husband, Eli. I have son in law. And friend. Hey, we’re, we’re, we’re just so relieved and we’re happy that you’re back. We missed you. Lani and I, Paulina, Theo. Your grandkids.

We love you.

Thank you for your kindness.

I hate to cut things short, but our time is up. We gotta go.

But Abraham just woke up! Are you sure you have to go right this minute? We don’t have a choice. Where are you off to? Um, Eli and I, we, we live in Maryland. With our twins Jules and Carver. And the Grandfather. Yes, yes, and all those babies, they are the cutest little angels. Oh wait, hold on, hold on, I got a picture right here.

I’ll show you. Oh, look, Carver, Carver here. He is your namesake. Mm hmm. What do you know? I hear these are, these are beautiful children. Thank you. No wonder you don’t want to be away from them very long.

Yes, it’s been very difficult being separated from them. And mom will explain that to you later. But dad, I… I have some other obligations that I have to fulfill. So it’ll be a while before I can come back. But I promise you, I will come back and visit soon. So in the meantime, know that I love you with all my heart.

And I’ll be thinking about you. And looking forward to when we can all be back together.


Goodbye, honey. I

love you

too. Thank you, thank you for helping to bring Abe back to us. We couldn’t have done it without you. Oh, I love you, baby girl. I’m just so grateful I could help. I love you. And you.

Why are you being so kind to me, Dr. Evans? I know that Abe is your good friend. He is. But you’re in a lot of pain and I would like to help you get through it. Oh, what’s the point? I’m just going to end up in prison, right? Well, I don’t know about that. But I do know that you’ve been through a terrible trauma.

And I want to make sure there is someone to help you get through that. I don’t deserve help. I hurt so many people. How in the world am I going to make up for that?

Well, now that you have your phone and that’s all sorted, are you heading back to the office? Um, I think, um, I’ll just stay in here now. Get all the rest I can before the big day, but not be so rested where you and I can’t celebrate a bit on my last night of freedom. Of course, party time. In that case, I’ll take my leave.

I have some shopping to do. Need to find myself an appropriate suit. Don’t listen to Matty, just wear any suit. I’m sure it’d be perfect. You are gonna look dashing no matter what. True that. Alright, thank you Leo. You too. Be sure to have a wonderful night. And to you, my beautiful bride to be, I’m counting down the moments until you walk down that aisle for me.

As am I, my love. I can’t wait.

I’m gonna miss you so much. Same. But, it’s only six months until I’m up for Pearl. Right, and hopefully, by the time you get back, that’ll be as old as I’ll forget. I’m counting on him. You’ll keep me posted? Of course. Oh. Next time that we come back home, it’ll be for good.

Alright. We’re ready.

Hello, Abe? You probably don’t remember me, but I’m Dr. Kayla Johnson. Were you my doctor from before? Yes, I was. But I’m also a very close friend of yours. And so is my husband, Steve.

I’m sorry. Doesn’t ring a bell. That’s okay. It’ll come to you. The important thing is to not put too much pressure on yourself.

It’s very frustrating, not being able to recognize my family. Well, they understand. Believe me, they are just so relieved and happy that you are alive and well. In fact, this whole town just loves you so much, and they’re rooting for you. Whitney, you deserve help. And you’re going to get it. You’re not alone.

Paulina, how is Abe? Physically, he is just fine. But, when he opened his eyes, he asked for you, Whitley. I did my best to set him straight, but my husband looks into my eyes and he doesn’t remember me. He doesn’t know me. His own wife. He doesn’t remember his children. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I know that I put all of you through hell.

If there’s anything I can do to help… Oh! Oh! You can shut your damn mouth! I don’t want to hear anything that you have to say!

Paulina. We should go. Now. Fine, fine. I’ll go. But I just want this bitch to know that she can’t undo all the damage that she’s, she’s caused with just, I’m sorry. It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than that. Well, hell

Let’s go.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. All I have to do is fake a marriage. For an entire year.

But then I get my inheritance.

And in the meantime, I see no reason why I should have to give up Leo.

Oh, Matty. Can you believe it? Tomorrow, I’m going to marry a man that I absolutely adore. And he adores me back.

Look, I know that… I know you had your doubts about Dimitri in the beginning, but… I think now you can see how very right we are for each other. And how happy he makes me.

I do. And that makes me happy.

Matty, it means so much to me that you’ve come around. Honestly, without your blessing, I don’t think, I don’t think I’d be able to go through with this wedding. That’s how important you are to me.

And you to me.


don’t you too someday. I know it. You’re gonna meet the most amazing guy who’s going to love you just as much as Dimitri loves me. And then we’re both gonna have our happily ever after. Just like we’ve dreamed of.


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GH Short Recap Thursday, July 27, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sam has a talk with Molly and Molly tells her that she and TJ want to either adopt a child or use a surrogate to have a child.

Elizabeth and Finn help Curtis and Portia realize they need each other to deal, with Curtis’ paralysis.

Gladys and Dr. Montague try to persuade Sasha that she imagined that she was getting better when actually she isn’t getting better. Sasha is sure she was doing better until she started, seeing Dr. Montague and taking the pills he gave her. Dr. Montague gives Sasha a shot to make her go to sleep.

Cody tells Dante that he works for Mrs. Wu making sure the players at her illegal poker games don’t win too much money. Cody also tells Dante Gladys owes Mrs. Wu a lot of money, and he thinks Gladys is taking money from Sasha to pay Mrs. Wu the money she owes her. Cody tells Dante that he thinks Gladys is responsible for Sasha’s setback. Cody tells Dante that Mrs. Wu said she would kill him if he told anyone he works for her.

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GH Transcript Thursday, July 27, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


mom, everything with kelly’s is under control. Yeah, the regulars from the waterfront are still coming in. Everything is great. Except I do have to have the guy come tomorrow and fix the freezer because it’s still leaking. And the bread was delivered two hours late, but I was able to work around that. I know, I know. I will figure it all out, I promise. I gotta go because we are busy. I love you. Bye. Alright.

[ Mumbling ]

[ Crying ] Hey. Oh. Hey. Uh… are you alright?

[ Chuckles ] No, of course you’re not alright. Is — is there anything I can do? No. No, no, finn. Um… I think it’s just… this whole thing with curtis, it’s like… it’s, like, really catching up with me, you know? And I’m not sure what to do.

[ Sobbing ]

[ Door opens ] Good morning, curtis.

[ Monitor beeping ] A-are you here as a nurse or my friend? Well, I hope you always see me as your friend, but I am working. I just need to check your vitals and update your chart. Okay. I don’t want to interfere with your job. And since you’re here in an official capacity, um, I have a favor to ask of you. I don’t want any visitors in my room. Especially trina and portia.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Hi. Could you tell me what time visiting hours are today? Hey, james! Come on, give it back! James, get — I’m sorry. Could you repeat that? Give me that! Mom, tell him to — okay. Thank you. Okay, that’s it! Oh, come on. He keeps taking my stuff! He started it. Both of you sit on the couch, separate ends. Sit. And don’t even think about looking at each other. I’m sorry for just showing up here in the middle of the night, guys. Hmm. You mean passing out on the doorstep? I was pretty bad, wasn’t I? Yeah. Yes. Well, thanks to you two, I’m feeling much better. Well, gotta say, you do look much better. I’m glad dante and I insisted that you stay here instead of going to the quartermaines’ last night. I think you left out some details, though. I’m really worried, man. About sasha? She doesn’t realize how much danger she’s in. Hello?! Hello? Can someone hear me? Hello?!

Do you want to tell us why you were more worried about sasha last night than you were your stab wound? Well, I’m not the one they hauled off to a place called ferncliff for the criminally insane. Yeah, that’s ’cause she stabbed you, man. Yeah, but she didn’t mean to. Right, she was disoriented. Doesn’t change what she did. Doesn’t excuse what she did. Yes, but she’s not insane, okay? She didn’t even know she was attacking me. She thought I was someone else. She kept calling me cyrus. Right. That’s why she’s at ferncliff. Dante. ‘Cause she needs help. She’s not well. No. No, no, no. Look, I’m not buying it. Something else is going on here. Hello? Is anyone there? Hello, sasha. I’m mandy. I’m a nurse practitioner who will be here to help you. There’s been a terrible mistake. I shouldn’t be here. I know. But you’re here to get some help. Where am I? You’re at ferncliff hospital. Do you remember being admitted? No. Why would I be brought to a hospital for the criminally insane? That — this doesn’t make any sense at all. I don’t belong here. C-can you please contact my family? Can you call my mother-in-law, gladys corbin? You know, grandpa mac is on his way here right now to take you guys to the pool, but if you don’t start behaving, I’m gonna have to call him and tell him to forget about it. And then you two are gonna spend the entire day in your room cleaning with no screen time. Georgie should clean the room. She hogs it with all her books and clothes. That is not true. I keep my stuff on my side of the room. I get no privacy with you. You’re the one always making the mess.

[ Knock on door ] Okay. Are james and georgie ready for our day at the pool? Thank god you’re here. Okay. Uh, bailey lou is with the sitter. Georgie and james can have one treat — one — at the pool. Uh, but no one’s going anywhere unless they clean up this apartment, so… bye. We got it handled. Yep. We ready for some fun? Hello, carly. Hello, nina. I’m glad that we’re running into each other. There’s something I wanted to say to you. Okay. What do you want? Do you work here? I own the place. Oh! Oh, wow. Really? Well, good for you. Well, you know, willow — she is back to her old self. She looks amazing, and that bone marrow transplant was a huge success. Yeah, I know. How do you know that? I was at the gatehouse yesterday visiting her. Hey.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry for breaking down on you like that. No need to apologize. We all have breaking points, even doctors. Makes us human. Mm. Oh, look, elizabeth’s here. Curtis? Lucky first guess. Did you get a chance to see him today? I just came from his room. And how is he this morning? Um, emotionally speaking, he’s not the curtis I know. He wants to be alone and asked that I limit his visitors. And I bet you that includes me and trina. Right? Your names were mentioned, yes. You know, my husband has been shot and he’s recovering from spinal surgery, and he may never regain the use of his legs. And I’m not allowed to be in the room with him.

[ Crying ] I-I will, uh… I’ll leave the two of you alone.

[ Sobbing ] Oh, my god. I feel sorry for finn. I’m such a mess. Portia, what happened between you and curtis? You heard what curtis said. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with me.

Molly? Hey, I’m so sorry I’m late. I had an unexpected visitor last night, but I got snacks and your favorite — a mocha latte. Don’t apologize. I’m grateful you’re here, but you don’t have to wait on me and bring me coffee and groceries. Are you kidding me? You are my little sister. You had an accident, and it is my job to take care of you, and… I love you.

[ Door closes ] Alright, man, sam’s gone. Maybe you can level with me now. I have. Okay. But not completely. Right? I mean, why don’t you tell me why you’re so concerned about sasha? Why do you think there’s more to her breakdown? ‘Cause there is. Something’s off, man. Okay. Like what, man? I mean, I-I know she’s had a breakdown before. She suffered a lot of losses, and that’s left her in a very fragile state, I get that. Okay, we’ll see. Exactly. There’s a big difference between fragile and broken. Now, sasha was shaky, no question about it. But she didn’t try and hide it or cover it up. And she was on an upward trajectory. She was getting stronger every single time I saw her, and then all of a sudden, she just craters out of nowhere? Come on, detective. Doesn’t that sound suspicious to you? I’ve seen other patients who’ve been given a similar diagnosis behave the same way curtis is behaving — isolating himself from loved ones, thinking that he can do this all on his own. But this patient is your husband. And you’re also dealing with the shock of almost losing him. What you’re feeling right now is valid. You’re right. You’re right about that. But I think I have to face the fact that our marriage — it’s kind of part of the problem. Yeah, but you just said it yourself. Curtis is behaving like most patients who are facing the possibility of never walking again. Yes. Yes. But curtis and i were at odds when he was shot. So now — now he’s convinced himself that I’m acting out of pity or some sort of obligation and not out of love for him. And I-it just couldn’t be further from the truth. You thought, “oh, this poor sucker needs me now”? Well —

[ Scoffs ] Well, I got news for you — I don’T. I don’t need your pity. Elizabeth, I’ve loved that man for over 20 years. I loved him when I didn’t even think I was ever gonna see him again. And our wedding vows — I took them very seriously, for better or for worse. But curtis — he just seems so determined to push me away.

[ Knock on door ] Hey. Curtis: Hey, doc. What you reading? I am researching spinal cord injuries, seeing if there’s hope. There’s always hope.

[ Sighs ] So what brings you in? I know it’s not a professional visit. I’m here as your friend, right? I mean, we are friends, remember? I mean, you got me through some pretty tough times, so I, um, just wanted to return the favor, you know, just let you know that I’m — I’m here for you, whatever you need. Well, I appreciate the gesture. You know, if you really want to be a friend… mm? …Just give me some space. Hmm. Well, you know, if anybody appreciates needing some space, it’s me. But as A… fellow addict in recovery, I know exactly what you’re going through. You just can’t help yourself, can you? What don’t you understand about giving willow some time and space and letting her reach out to you when she’s ready? But that’s the thing. She called me. She wanted to see me. She’s including me in her bubble of friends and family. Really? I was as surprised as you are. But, carly, we had an amazing visit, and I have you to thank for that.

Grandpa mac, tell georgie thatshe’s had enough screen time! Give it back! Come on. Ugh! Look, hey, why don’t you guys work as a team and put all the toys away? Your mom said we can’t go to the pool until this place is straightened up, okay? Not until he gives me back my tablet. I — you won’t need it at the pool, georgie. I’m taking it! No, you’re not. No! I’m going to delete all your harry styles songs. James! Who’s harry styles? You said you fell, but you never said how it happened.

[ Sighs ] I was in these new crazy heels, and I missed a step and fell down the stairs in front of the courthouse. Oh, my gosh. I was so embarrassed until I realized I really hurt myself. I mean, I’ve walked those steps a million times. I-I still don’t know how it happened, but… I was obviously distracted. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have fallen and missed the step and hurt my leg. Well, what made you so distracted? Well, the only thing I can think about lately — if and how tj and I should have a child. Six months ago, you didn’t even know sasha. Now you can judge her mental state? I’m a quick study. Okay, well, I don’t think that’s a long enough time to tell that someone’s actually improving or on an upward trajectory.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Well, I first got to know sasha a little while ago at the q’S. We, uh… well, we shared biscotti and we talked.

[ Chuckles ] Sasha was, uh, tentative at first, you know, kind of like, um, a rider who’s gotten knocked off of a horse but still has the courage to try and get back on. And, uh, the more I talked to her, the more confident she became and the better idea I got of how warm and open a person she is. Hmm. And you hung out with her a lot after that? Enough. Enough to keep forming the same impression of her. And she really did — she — she kept getting stronger every time. I mean, she was strong enough to — to maintain her composure when the producers of home & heart tried sabotaging her. Dude, I was there. I saw what they did to her. That’s why I’m convinced whatever the problem is here, it’s not sasha. It’s the people around her. Oh, gladys! Thank god you’re here. You gotta help me. I don’t belong here. Y-you don’t remember, do you? Remember what? What you did. What happened at the metro court. I don’t remember anything. I have no idea what’s going on.

[ Sighs ] Sasha, hello. Wanted to stop in and check on you. Check on me why? Honey, you don’t remember, but you… tried to kill cody bell. Nina, as you can see, I’m busy. So could you please get to the point and tell me why you need to thank me for willow calling you? Well, b-because it’s — it’s because of you that I had such a wonderful visit with her. How is that exactly? Well, I assume that you dropped your vendetta against me. Who says I did that?

now, I-I know that it’s partially my fault that curtis is pushing me away. I mean, I kept a secret from him for 20 years that trina might be his daughter. Trina’s whole childhood — it was robbed from him because of me. He didn’t get a chance to see trina grow up. I did. But I thought he had made peace with that revelation. Yeah. I thought he did, too. He’s building a relationship with trina. He moved back into your house. I think that proves he’s forgiven you. Yeah. No, I thought so, too. But then I found out that he kissed jordan. Wait, what? Yeah. When did this happen? When we were still living apart. But all of a sudden, things are turned around, and I’m starting to feel doubt about him. Mm. Right? And I was so hurt and angry and frustrated. I mean, I give this man space, I give him time, and this is what he does?

[ Both sigh ] That’s why I spent the night at the hospital instead of going home — ’cause I didn’t want to see him. I didn’t want to look at that man’s face. Yeah. Yeah, you have every right to be angry that he kissed his ex-wife. But being shot — I mean, as awful as that is — it doesn’t absolve him from all the inconsiderate and pigheaded things he’s ever done. Getting shot doesn’t automatically make him a saint. But he’s still the man that I love. I love him with all my heart, and — and I want to have a life with him. I really do. Whether he’s in or out of a wheelchair.

[ Sniffles ] I’m not using. Good. Good. I just want to make sure that won’t change, given your current condition. No, the doctors have me on pain medication. I told them about my history of abuse, so they’re monitoring the doses. I’m glad you’re handling it, for now. What’s that supposed to mean?

[ Sighs ] Buddy, I’ve — I’ve been there. You’re isolating yourself from all the people who really care about you. Dr. Finn, I’m just trying to work through this and figure out if this involves portia or not. Okay, so say — say you do want to go down this path on your own. Just be honest with yourself, alright? How long before you start looking for a little relief from all the pain and all the anger? How long before you just want to be alone with your drug of choice? Doc, this is not about addiction. This is about my pride as a man. I don’t want portia and trina to have to take care of me. I don’t want to tie them down at all. I refuse to be that kind of man. What kind of man would that be? Helpless. Asking for help doesn’t make you helpless, curtis. It makes you smart. Alright? Listen, I-I learned from my own experience, and I learned it the hard way, alright? You — you can’t shut out everybody. Once you accept, you swallow your pride and you accept that you can’t do this all on your own and you let in the people that really care about you, that really love you, that’s when progress happens. Not just physically, but spiritually as well. Look at dr. Finn getting all woo-woo. Don’t tell anybody, but I’m going full-on new age now. Alright? I mean, I’m thinking about getting some crystals, maybe a couple dreamcatchers. We can set them up all around the room.

[ Chuckles ] I’d pay money to see that. Me, too. But in the meantime, don’t push away the people that care about you the most. Not now. Not when you need them the most. I’ll see you around. I just assumed that you buried the hatchet, that we’re putting this feud behind us. I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but I told you I’m busy. I don’t have time for this. Carly, listen, I’m not — ugh! I’m not playing a game. I really — listen, I really mean it. I want us to get along, for willow’s sake. We’re family. Oh. We’re not family, okay? Family gives, and all you’ve done is take.

[ Sighs ] What have I taken from you this time, carly? You took my life, nina. Now you’re blaming me for owning kelly’s?

[ Chuckles ] Alright. We all know that willow’s heart knows no bounds and she’s allowed you access. But the rest of my family, they’re not so forgiving. And I might be having a bit of a setback right now, but make no mistake, I will get back every single thing that I’ve lost. All of it. I assume you’re talking about gladys when you’re mentioning the people around sasha that are the problem. I knew that woman couldn’t be trusted the second I met her. You know, she’s the one who wanted mac to arrest you for the bracelet thing. I didn’t take that bracelet. I know. Gladys framed me. Right, but — but you’ve been, like, deliberately vague on the details of why she would do something like that to you. I know I have, and I’m sorry about that. Look, gladys didn’t want sasha to trust me. She wanted me out of her life. Why? Because I was trying to warn sasha that gladys couldn’t be trusted. Why couldn’t gladys be trusted? Why would I try to kill cody? Kill anyone, for that matter? I am not a violent person. You had a psychotic break. What? You became delusional. No. No, I-I… I don’t understand. This — this doesn’t make any sense. I — I was doing better. I was feeling strong and more in control. Well, no, honey. You weren’t getting better. I went back to work at deception. Brook lynn, lucy, maxie — they all said it. Said what? That I was doing better. I was doing great.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry, but they never said that. Those were just more of your delusions. They were very concerned about you, but you must have made all that up to convince yourself that you’re getting better. No. No, I didn’t imagine it. Gladys, why don’t you step outside so sasha and I have some time to talk? No. No, gladys, don’T. Please, don’T. I need you to stay here with me, please. W-we should listen to the doctor. No! No! Please don’t leave. Okay, I-I’m gonna just be right outside the door. I’m not going anywhere.

[ Door closes ] Maxie: Gladys? Hey. Is that sasha’s room? Were you visiting her? That’s why I’m here. I want to see her.

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[ Sighs ] You both made mistakes. And we both hurt each other. And you both can forgive each other. Just realizing that I almost lost him makes me think about how much I truly do love him. And I’ve loved him most of my life. Well, now that you’ve had that realization, what are you gonna do about it? One more step and I delete your myface account. Don’t do it, james. Stop or I hit delete. Say goodbye to all your pictures. James, give me the tablet. I can’t, grandpa. Once I give georgie back her tablet, she’s going to destroy my millennium falcon lego set. You haven’t even started building it yet. And you have no idea where I hid the cockpit, so let it go! Hey. Just stop fighting over the tablet. Stop fighting over it. No, I need the tab– james, give me the tablet. Give me the tablet. Somebody get — get — ugh!

[ Door slams ] What on earth is going on in here? I never wanted to be one of those baby-obsessed women, the ones who only think about getting pregnant, and when they don’t, it’s — they’re — they’re mired in fertility clinics and ovulation cycles. Well, I don’t see you like that, moll. Yeah, but isn’t that who I’ve been lately? I mean, now that I’m faced with the reality that I can’t carry a child or even use my eggs to create one, I-I can’t help but wonder if it’s the universe’s way of sending me a message that I was never meant to be a mother and I should find other ways of fulfilling my life. There’s nothing wrong with not having children. I know that. Do you? Then you need to be honest with yourself. I mean, how would you feel if you never had kids? The rational part of my mind says it would be fine. Okay, well, what does your heart say? In my heart, I know I would always feel like there was something missing. Look, man, I believe you about what you’re saying about gladys, but all you’ve told me is that she can’t be trusted. Why can’t she be trusted? Like, why did she want you out of sasha’s life? Okay, well, you know, I mean, she’s also done things behind sasha’s back when it comes to managing her estate. Like what? She sold brando’s garage without sasha knowing. I mean, when I told sasha she…

[ Chuckles ] You should have seen her face. She couldn’t believe it. How did you know about brando’s garage being sold before sasha? Uh, I just — I overheard gladys and selina wu talking at the savoy. What were you and gladys and selina wu all doing at the savoy at the same time? Maxie, I am sure sasha would love to see you, but dr. Montague isn’t letting anybody visit her today. Okay, well, I can convince him to make an exception. I’m her friend. Uh, uh… I’m her mother-in-law and guardian, and I barely had time to say hello to her before dr. Montague asked me to leave. Why is the doctor not allowing her to have any visitors? Poor sasha is delusional. I mean, she’s completely out of it. She’s not making any sense. She doesn’t remember stabbing cody bell. It’s breaking my heart to see her like this. Can’t really blame sasha for freaking out in a place like this. I think anyone would. That’s why she needs her friends and family. Well, the doctor’s in with her now. Hopefully, he can help.

Maybe it’ll help if she sees me. Just for a minute. Come on, gladys. She really needs her friends. I was getting better. I know I was. I could tell. I even went and talked to my friend sonny corinthos. I asked him what he thought of my recovery. What did your friend say? He said that he believed in me and — and what? And that he thought that I could be in charge of my own life. Well, many of the things you think you’re remembering may just be a figment of your imagination. You don’t want to remember trying to kill someone, so you replace those memories with made-up ones, ones that make you feel better. No, damn it! I did not imagine that conversation with sonny. It was real. No, it seemed real. No! I went to see him at his penthouse. He was supportive, and he said that he trusted my judgment. And i was getting better. I was! I was not imagining that. In fact, everything was going great until I started to see you and take that prescription you gave me.

[ Door opens ] Portia, I thought I said no visitors. Instead of wallowing in horror stories on your phone, why don’t you read these? These are gonna help you understand the rehabilitation and physical therapy regimens that you’re gonna be facing. Oh, no, no, no, I’m sorry — that we’re gonna be facing when you get home, because you are coming home. And as your wife, I’m gonna be there. I’m gonna be there for you every single step of the way. You can try all you want to push me away, but it’s not gonna happen. We’re husband and wife, and we are in this together, no matter what the odds are, no matter what life throws our way.

[ Door opens and closes ] Hi.

[ Whispering ] Are we, uh — are we alone?

[ Sighs and chuckles ] Yeah. Coast is clear.

[ Normal voice ] Ah! Thanks for the save earlier. In over your head? I just — I wasn’t exactly sure how to help, which is why I texted you. You weren’t doing too bad. Mm. But she needed a girlfriend’s shoulder to cry on. She’s lucky to have you. She and curtis are going through hell right now. They were barely holding on to their marriage before he got shot. And now they’re gonna have to deal with his paralysis? It’s gonna be difficult. But I do hope they find their way, ’cause I know they love each other. Where did you disappear to? Oh. I was just helping a friend, too. James: Here you go, georgie. Mm, thanks. Hey, isn’t this…? Hmm? I’ve been looking for this one. Thank you. You’re welcome. All toys need to be put away neatly on your own sides of the room, clothes picked up and put away, and beds made. And you have to pass the grandma felicia inspection. Well, go on. The sooner you finish, the sooner we can leave for the pool. You are a miracle worker. How did you do that? I’m magic. Now, have you talked to tj about this yet? I have, but not in the same way I can talk to my sister. It’s just — it’s so easy to talk to you. Well, that’s ’cause that’s what big sisters are for. But how does tj feel? Oh, he wants to have kids. We both do. The question is, do we want to have a child right away? Well, that’s a lot to consider, especially since you’re both so early on in your careers. Yeah, I mean, it’s a big decision all around. So maybe we wait, maybe we look to adopt, and maybe we go the surrogate route. Although the surrogate route has become a landmine with kristina, but, I mean, it’s still a viable option for us. I know that there’s — there’s a lot of options and a lot of important decisions to make. There are. But the silver lining is you have a lot of time to go over all of your options, and you and tj can make the decision together. And when the two of you do, just remember that I will be here to listen to you and maybe someday even babysit. Dante: Oh, come on, man. What were you and gladys and selina wu all doing at the savoy at the same time? Hey, cody, you either care enough about sasha that you’re gonna tell me what you know and how you know it, or you don’T. Son of a bitch! Okay, fine, alright? Selina wu runs a high-stakes invitation-only poker game in the back room of the savoy. Gladys is one of her regulars, and she loses big a lot. She’s lost more than she can ever repay selina. That’s why she sold brando’s garage to her. And I’m pretty sure that she’s raiding sasha’s bank accounts in order to repay her gambling debt. And how do you know all this? I play for selina. She bankrolls me, and my job is to make sure that her customers win, but not too big. Selina has threatened to kill me if I tell anyone, so… now my life is in your hands. I thought what you’re thinking now, that if I was here and sasha saw that I love her and I am there for her, that it would help, and it didn’T. Okay. I don’t believe doing nothing is what’s best for sasha. Right now, okay, we got to accept you and i can’t do anything for her. The best thing we can do is let the professionals help her. Yeah, but she was doing so well. She was getting stronger and stronger, getting her life back on track. And then this just happened out of nowhere. It makes no sense. I know. It is heartbreaking seeing her struggle with her mental health, but she’s in good hands. Let’s go get a cup of coffee. Come on. Sasha, you need to calm down. You’re becoming agitated. No, I’m not. Let me give you something to help you relax. No. No, no! What is that? No, no, I don’t want that. Please, please! Hey, get gladys back here, please. Stop! I don’t belong here! Stop it now! Stop! No! No! I don’t — stop! I don’t need that! I don’T… ugh!

[ Panting ] I don’T… I want… I want… I want you to… leave. Carly. Is that a threat? Maybe. Or maybe it’s just my mantra. Do with it what you want, but get the hell out of my kitchen and take a seat. Waitress will be right with you. I lost my appetite.

[ Whispering ] Oh, my god.

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Summer: Oh, god! Oh, my god.

Kyle: Um…

[ Summer sighing ]

Summer: Sorry.

Kyle: No, no, no. My bad. My fault.

Summer: No, I wasn’t paying attention.

Kyle: How’s your day going?

Summer: Having trouble with where I’m walking, apparently. You’re looking well. That’s– that’s what people say in these situations, right?

Kyle: Sure. Thanks.

Summer: Uh… harrison told me about all the rocks that he found at camp.

Kyle: Ah, yes. There are now rocks in every room of the house.

Summer: I wish I was there to see it. How– how do you think he’s doing? With the separation and everything.

Kyle: I think he’s handling it. He’s used to change.

Summer: Breakups are really hard on kids, though.

Kyle: How’s everything else?

Summer: I’m just keeping busy.

Kyle: Me too.

Audra: Good morning.

[ Summer sighing ]

Summer: Do you not have somewhere else that you need to be?

Audra: I was actually on my way there.

Summer: That’s very convenient. You know, audra, your agenda is super clear. Kyle’s in a compromised state right now, but pretty soon he’s going to see it too.

Audra: Hm. Well, he looks fine to me.

Kyle: Okay, that’s enough. Just stop.

Billy: There she is. Genoa city’s fashion icon.

Chelsea: Well, that’s a bit of a stretch but keep going. Tell me more.

Billy: So, how is it? I know you were a little bit nervous to start at marchetti, but how’s it going?

Chelsea: I was definitely anxious to dive back into the fashion world, but it’s been easier than I thought. So, thank you for all the support.

Billy: Of course. Not a doubt in my mind it wasn’t going to go well.

Chelsea: Everything’s really coming together. And not just the fashion part. I mean, I’ve been working on the, um, marketing. I’ve been working on the business models, making really big decisions as creative director. I mean, I’m problem solving on a massive scale.

Billy: And rocking it, I’m sure.

Chelsea: Any insecurity I had on my first day, I just thought about that pep talk you gave me and, um, I just checked out my little charm bracelet that you got me and, uh, yeah, I walked out of that office feeling great. More confident than ever.

Billy: Happy to hear that. You deserve all your success.

Chelsea: Well, thank you. You’re my greatest cheerleader. What’s going on with you? You– you– you seem a little distracted. What is it?

Billy: Uh, well, the, uh, situation at jabot isn’t– isn’t great.

Chelsea: How so?

Billy: Jack and diane came up with a plan. They, uh, were asking for my help. I said yes, but it’s– it’s risky. There’s some high stakes maneuvering involved.

Chelsea: How is it risky?

Billy: I have to convince tucker and ashley that I’m on their side.

Diane: Oh, what? No phony compliments? No advising me about muffins in the kitchen?

Ashley: Why don’t you go choke on a muffin, diane?

Diane: [ Laughing ] Okay, let me guess. You’re just edgy because you’ve failed. You haven’t been able to gain the upper hand with jack or jabot. He refused to fire me, wouldn’t even let me quit and why you thought he would divide the family company for you is just beyond comprehension.

Ashley: But then again, there’s so many things in life that you don’t comprehend, right?

Diane: Oh, I know you. And I bet all this failure is really making you frustrated and more determined than ever to get what you want.

Ashley: You’re right, you’re right, yeah, yeah. I am determined. And I will win and you will fail and it’s as simple as that, so.

Diane: Oh, oh, by the way, um, jack and I will be out of the house this afternoon. Today is my wedding day.

Ashley: What are you talking about?

Diane: Um, we’re going to get married this afternoon at the courthouse.

Ashley: Oh, a quickie wedding.

Diane: Yeah.

Ashley: I see. One last ditch effort to get your hooks into my brother before it’s too late.

Jack: I’d like to reserve the best table for two in the lounge. It’s a very special evening for me and my soon-to-be wife. Champagne, flowers, the works. Very romantic, very simple, very lovely. I think you get the picture. Thanks for looking out for me.

Phyllis: You’re putting together a celebration. I will leave you to it.

Jack: No, wait. I think you owe me an answer or two. Let’s start with why. How could you do this? After everything we have been through. I thought I’d seen you at your worst and you dig deeper and unleash this hell on diane and your own family. Frankly, I’m amazed you could show your face in public. I have moderate to severe crohn’s disease.

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Summer: Don’t dismiss me, kyle. I know that you’re feeling all the things that I’m feeling, but you’re trying to escape by throwing yourself into whatever this is.

Kyle: Okay, summer, it is no longer your concern what I do or who I’m with. You created this situation, not me.

Summer: You’re loving this, aren’t you?

Audra: No, I actually, um, couldn’t care less. But I will say this, you know, I think, um, it’s kind of sad that you’re showing how controlling you are. Wait, didn’t you betray kyle’s trust, not the other way around?

Summer: Audra, you don’t know anything about our relationship. And I highly doubt you know the meaning of trust.

Kyle: Okay, please just stop. There’s no point in turning this into a fight.

Summer: It’s not a fight. Look, I know that I hurt you and I know that you might hate me, and that’s something that I have to live with. But I hate seeing you like this. Kyle, what are you doing? Don’t destroy your life because of what I did. You’re better than this.

[ Audra sighing ]

Audra: Now, I get it.

Billy: In the hope of undermining my sister’s attack, jack and I are going to have to stage a falling out because of his relationship with diane. At that point then, I will become a sort of a trojan horse and infiltrate tucker and ashley’s camp.

Chelsea: Wow. You know, I didn’t realize things had gotten so strained within your family.

Billy: Desperate times. And it’s a deceptive move, and not without risk. But I think it’s the right thing to do, not only to save ashley but to protect jabot.

Chelsea: So, you’re really worried about tucker’s influence on her?

Billy: I mean, she’s not thinking clearly. He’s been able to pull her in. And I’m not saying my sister’s innocent, right? She has her own checkered history.

Chelsea: Don’t we all?

Billy: But it’s nothing in comparison to what tucker is capable of. And if I’m going to the lengths that I’m about to go to, it’s all to try and expose tucker for who he really is.

Chelsea: [ Sighing ] Wow.

Billy: What do you mean by that?

Chelsea: Mm, no, nothing, I just– it’s just– it’s just a lot to take in.

Billy: It feels like there’s more to that.

Chelsea: No, I just– I mean, I understand wanting to protect your sister, of course, I do, but do you really want to get in the middle of all this? I mean, from what I’ve heard, tucker is a master at mind games.

Billy: Hopefully I can handle him.

Chelsea: Billy, you’ve come so far. I would just hate to see you stumble, and call upon some of your old demons. Ones you’re better off without.

[ Billy sighing ]

Diane: Listen, sis, getting married today was jack’s very romantic idea. He can’t wait to make things official between us.

Ashley: Shocking.

Diane: Yeah, he’s determined to prove to you and all the other naysayers how real and true our love is.

Ashley: Just great, diane.

Diane: Oh, if it’s any consolation, you do have a new ally. Billy made it very clear to jack that he was not happy with the way jack is handling things.

Ashley: Yeah, billy is the voice of reason. Who would have thought. If my other brother would open his eyes and realize he’s going to lose everything because of you, you stupid bitch.

Diane: [ Laughing ] Wow. Ashley, you’re the one who’s losing everything. But you know what? It’s not too late to change your mind.

Ashley: Diane, there’s no scenario where this ends well for you. You don’t get that, though, do you? Because you’re out of your league. You’re in over your head. And the sooner you realize that and get it through your thick skull, the better off we will all be. Please just move on.

[ Door shots closed ]

Diane: Hm.

Phyllis: Listen, jack, um, I know you’re angry with me. You have every right to be. I deserve it, I do. I never intended for any of this to happen.

Jack: No, you never do.

Phyllis: Okay, well, jeremy stark was manipulating me and he was threatening me, he was threatening my family. He made me do all those horrible things.

Jack: I have a hard time believing that stark got the best of somebody as savvy and clever and manipulative as you are. Given how much you despise diane, I guess there wasn’t a lot of coercion.

Phyllis: You’re right. I mean, I was blinded by anger and rage. That’s true. But, you know, my kids abandoned me. Everybody I cared about abandoned me. And, you know, that doesn’t matter. That doesn’t matter. I– I deserve all of this. Listen, I just want to know if you can find it in your heart to forgive me like you did diane.

Jack: Now, those two situations are very different and you know that.

Phyllis: I’m trying. Maybe you can meet me in the middle.

Jack: You created the situation you were in. You made a choice to punish everyone around you because you couldn’t let go of a decades-old feud. Nobody forced you to do anything. You knew the consequences of your choices. You caused our children’s marriage to fall apart.

Phyllis: I really didn’t intend for that to happen. I’m going to make it up to–

Jack: No, no, don’T. You’ve done quite enough.

Tucker: That went well.

Phyllis: I wasn’t expecting to see him. He caught me off guard.

Tucker: Caught you off guard. Hm. You know what else might catch you off guard, phyllis? When carson doesn’t show up at your trial to testify on your behalf. Are you prepared for that? Are you prepared for prison?

Phyllis: I just started doing this, okay? I’m going to turn things around. Relax.

Tucker: You’re not off to a good start, are you? He doesn’t appear even to be ready to give you the benefit of the doubt, let alone forgive you. I’m wondering if I made a mistake.

Phyllis: What does that mean?

Tucker: If you’re not going to fulfill your end of the bargain, I don’t know what good you are to me. (Wheezing)

Phyllis: Listen, I know jack very well, okay? Um, I can get him where you want him.

[ Phyllis sighing ] We’ll be best buds. He’ll be calling me red.

Tucker: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: That will drive diane crazy. That’s what you want, right?

Tucker: “Will be, will be, will be, will be.” Yeah, right. You talk a big game. Can you back any of it up?

Phyllis: You will get full forgiveness and acceptance. Whatever jack and diane decide to do from there is on them, it’s not on me. I’m not continuing a war with that woman.

Tucker: Far be it from me to ask you to go above and beyond, phyllis.

Phyllis: Okay, I want to ask you a question. What if it doesn’t bother diane that jack forgives me? What if she doesn’t care? Where does that leave me and our arrangement?

Tucker: I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.

Lauren: You know, I’ve– I’ve really been afraid to see you. Because I’m caught between my love for you and how much I’ve missed you.

Phyllis: I missed you. I missed you so much.

Lauren: And my rage at what you’ve done and put all of us through.

Phyllis: I missed you.

Lauren: I missed you.

Phyllis: I’m so sorry. I love you and michael so much. I love you so much. And if I have to spend the rest of my life making it up to you, I will. I promise you.

Lauren: I’m so relieved you’re home. And you, listen to me. You need to put your trust in heather. And you need to listen to everything that she tells you to do because she’s your best chance right now.

Kyle: Hey, I’m, uh, I’m sorry you had to witness that.

Audra: Oh, no, I– I’m fine. But, um, you’re clearly not. Summer is still getting under your skin, isn’t she?

[ Kyle chuckling ]

Kyle: You know, sometimes it’s, um, it’s hard to let go.

Audra: Yeah, I– I know what that’s like. You know, I, um, I went through it with noah.

[ Audra sighing ] That was one of the few times, if not only time, I’ve ever really been in love.

Kyle: Hm.

Audra: And that situation taught me, um, just how dangerous love can be.

Kyle: Yeah, well, falling for someone can be the greatest and the worst thing.

Audra: I handle things differently now. You know, I had to learn how to put myself first.

[ Sighing ] You know, I rather focus on the things that bring me pleasure and excitement, personally and professionally.

Kyle: That sounds like a wise course of action.

Audra: I find it’s better to, um, be selfish than to get hurt. Because pain can be distracting and cause you to make mistakes.

Kyle: I see the logic in that, but I don’t know if I’m ready to live my life that way.

Audra: Maybe not yet.

[ Summer sighing ]

Chance: Hey, summer.

Summer: Hey.

Chance: You all right?

Summer: Yeah, I just, uh… I had a weird encounter on the way over here and I guess I haven’t shaken it off yet.

Chance: You know what? This kind of reminds me, the other day I got home after a, uh, really long day at work, right? I’m putting dominic down and he’s looking up at me, at my sad, grumpy, face, right? And he reaches out and he…

[ Whooping ] He moves my mouth into a smile just like that. It was crazy.

Summer: He did not!

Chance: He did, I swear, it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He did, on my life. Cracked me up.

Summer: Oh, my god. Harrison would sometimes do stuff like that. He– he would go out into the backyard and pick flowers and bring them to me in a little bouquet when I was in a bad mood.

Chance: That’s sweet. You know, kids, they, uh, really put things into perspective, don’t they?

Summer: It’s true. Thanks.

Chance: What?

Summer: I don’t know, for not, uh, running in the other direction when you’re faced with my stormy mood.

Chance: Yeah, well, I’ve been there. I get it. So, if I can ever help ease the moment, I’m happy to do it.

Jack: Hey! Everything is set for our courthouse marriage later today and I have a little surprise for you after.

Diane: Aw, you have thought of absolutely everything, haven’t you? Well, I reached out to kyle and asked him to meet us over here. I hope– hope he’s excited that his parents can’t wait another minute to get married.

Jack: Oh, I’m sure he will be thrilled for us.

Diane: Oh, and I ran into ashley earlier. She reacted as you would have expected.

Jack: I hope she wasn’t too harsh with you.

Diane: Oh, no, same old, same old. Nothing I haven’t heard before. But, um, I did hint to her how troubled billy was by the situation.

Jack: Good thinking.

Diane: Yeah. I think we should put things in motion with billy as quickly as possible. And, you know, this quickie courthouse wedding could be the perfect impetus for your fight with him.

Jack: I don’t want anything to get in the way of our happiness today. Even a fake fight with billy for ashley. It– it just seems wrong, like we would taint the beauty of the moment.

Diane: No, no! That’s not going to happen. No, we’re not going to let anything ruin our day. But I– I think we should do this quickly because I really see it as the only way out. The chance to put ashley in her place so that she will finally leave us alone.

Jack: Yeah, yeah. That’s all I want. Some peace in this family so that you and i can enjoy our life together.

Diane: That’s all I want, too. I want things going forward to be as wonderful and stress-free as possible. And– and I’m sorry if my actions seem a little pushy, but honestly, it’s– it’s coming out of love.

Jack: You know something? You are absolutely right. We have to go to the limit if we’re going to end this war once and for all.

Diane: Yeah. Mm. [ Sighing ]

[ Diane chuckling ]

Your heart

is the beat of life.

Summer: You know, despite everything that’s been going on, I really do appreciate your kindness towards me. I know that I’m not always the easiest person to deal with.

Chance: Ooh. No, you, uh, you have your moments. I’m happy to be there for you, though, any way I can.

Chelsea: Hey. I’m not late, am I?

Summer: Uh, no, not at all.

Chelsea: Are you sure? I can give you guys a minute.

Chance: No, I was just saying hi. I’ve got to run anyways.

Summer: Hey, thanks for trying to cheer me up.

Chance: Any time.

Chelsea: Hey.

Chance: Good to see you.

Chelsea: Good to see you.

[ Both sighing ] That chance. He’s one of the good guys. He was actually a really good influence on adam not too long ago, and he was always such a great friend to rey.

Summer: Well, I will take all the friends that I can get right now.

Chelsea: Hm. Well, I’d like to consider myself one of them. I mean, I know our working relationship just started, but I feel like we’ve built a lot of trust there. Oh, that’s your cue that if you want to tell me something personal I’m here to listen.

Summer: Oh, okay. [ Laughs ] Uh, I guess I’m just still feeling conflicted. You know, I would really love for kyle to forgive me and I would love to be able to find a way to forgive him for cheating on me.

Chelsea: I can’t imagine any of that is easy for you.

Summer: No. I know that you recommended letting go, but I just– I don’t know if that’s possible. After everything that we’ve been through, I mean, isn’t it worth it to try to save our marriage? I– I still love kyle. How do I just walk away from that?

Lauren: Thank you.

Phyllis: I have a confession to make.

Lauren: Oh, god. I don’t think I can take another one.

Phyllis: All right. Even heather won’t be able to save me if I lose my star witness. And I’m having to be nice to tucker so that carson doesn’t disappear. It’s proving to be very challenging.

Lauren: Michael told me about this deal with tucker and I think it’s a very tricky situation. He’s very sketchy and shady.

Phyllis: Yeah. He– I’m under his thumb and I want to gag.

Lauren: Yeah, well, don’t you give up because if you get jack’s forgiveness, it’ll be worth it.

Phyllis: I saw jack. It wasn’t nice.

Lauren: He will come around. He has a soft spot for you and always has.

Phyllis: I think I killed it this time.

Lauren: No, no, do not give up trying. I don’t love the fact that tucker has his hooks in you, but actually, getting jack and kyle’s forgiveness is going to work in your favor, and hopefully summer’S. So, you do this for you, not tucker.

Diane: Kyle! Thank you so much for meeting us.

Kyle: Sure thing. What’s up?

Diane: Well, your father and i are getting married today!

Kyle: What?

Diane: Yeah!

Jack: We’re heading to the courthouse shortly and we would like you to be there and be part of it with us.

Diane: Yeah.

Kyle: Wow, um… I, uh, didn’t see that coming. Uh… why the rush?

Jack: We want to put any and everyone’s doubts to rest and the truth is, I don’t want to spend another day not married to your beautiful mother.

Diane: Aw.

[ Sighing ] Kyle, you seem a little iffy about this, but trust me, you don’t have to worry. This is a good thing.

Kyle: I’m trying to keep up with the two of you. To follow your lead.

Jack: You know, I thought you were fully on board with our getting back together.

Kyle: No, dad, I am, but I can’t help but feel like outside forces are motivating a move like this. I mean, it seems unwise to charge into something so… important and life-changing and… what’s this really all about? Where are you going?

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Jack: Yes, there are other factors at play in us getting married today, but I am deeply in love with your mother and I want to make a point of that to ashley and anyone else who doubts my sincerity.

Kyle: Yeah. Billy told me the fight between you and ashley hadn’t ended, despite aunt traci’s attempt at a truce. So once again, I’m the last to find out about what’s going on in my family.

Jack: No, this is not about exclusion. You have had your own problems to deal with. And ashley is not the principal factor in us getting married. Our love is.

Diane: Yeah. Kyle, please. Won’t you join us in a celebration of that?

[ Diane sighing ]

Kyle: Um… I’m afraid I’m going to have to bow out. I have back to back meetings at newman media all afternoon and into the evening.

Diane: I’m sorry to hear that.

Kyle: I mean, you two did spring this on me at the last minute. I was thinking september for your wedding. Wasn’t that the plan? Does that even still stand?

Diane: No, we are going to have a reception then for all of our loved ones. But, kyle, come on. Can’t you just rearrange your schedule for today? We– we would love to have our son beside us.

Tucker: Hey.

Ashley: Hi.

Tucker: I have an update for you.

Ashley: Oh, I have an update. Things have gotten a lot worse.

Tucker: Really?

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: They tend to do that.

Ashley: And this–

Billy: Hey.

Tucker: Hey, billy. How are you?

Ashley: Hi.

Billy: I’m okay. Uh, listen, um, I thought I should tell you because, well, it’s not fun to be left in the dark, as I’ve found out a few occasions lately, but, uh, jack and diane are getting married today in a civil ceremony.

Ashley: Yeah, I heard. Diane told me earlier.

Tucker: Oh, wow.

Billy: Okay.

Tucker: I’m tearing up.

Billy: As you know that I’ve been supportive of jack, but I think he’s crossing the line with this move.

Ashley: Really? You never thought diane was a threat before.

Billy: I mean, he’s rushing into this, clearly, and he’s not taking any steps to protect himself. I guarantee you he doesn’t have a prenup, and I think we can all agree that can be very dangerous.

Tucker: Do you even care?

Billy: He’s my brother, tucker, so yeah, I care. But I would be lying if I said this rush to the altar doesn’t have me questioning everything else now, too.

Ashley: Yeah, well, diane told me it was jack’s idea, but I don’t believe her.

Billy: I agree. I think diane is the mastermind. But jack didn’t say anything about diane’s promotion, he didn’t say anything about pushing kyle from of marchetti, so I am worried about jabot.

Ashley: Oh, my god. Oh, god, this is such a relief. So, you finally see it? You really see it? I mean, jack is an idiot.

Chelsea: I’ll admit walking away from adam was not easy for me. I tried to save our marriage past the point of it making sense. I mean, it didn’t work out for us, but we were also in a very different situation, facing different things than what you and kyle are dealing with.

Summer: Kyle and I were good. We were so good. Un– until we weren’T.

Chelsea: I see. I do know, I mean, that you can’t force someone to stay with you.

Summer: I know. The way I see it, though is that he betrayed me by sleeping with another woman and I still love him and I want to be with him. I guess I just don’t really know if he feels that way about me.

Chelsea: Well, maybe he’s just too hurt to show it.

Summer: I have loved him for so long. I mean, he’s a part of me. He’s my other half. I just– I don’t understand. Like, how can he not love me back just as much?

Chelsea: I’m really sorry you’re going through all this.

Summer: Uh, you know what? This– this isn’t fair to you. You shouldn’t have to deal with my personal problems. And I’ve already spent too much time thinking about things that I can’t control, so let’s just shift gears. Let’s, uh, let’s get to work.

[ Summer sighing ] Martial arts is my passion. With cirkul, your water is deliciously flavored at the turn of a dial, with zero sugar and zero calories. And cirkul has over 40 flavors, so your water can be as unique as you are. Try cirkul at drinkcirkul.Com hey, dad. I got an a on my book report.

Phyllis: I know it’s not going to be easy with jack. Um, it’s not something I can just wave away.

Lauren: Well, I think seeking forgiveness is going to be good for you because you can move forward. And if you have jack and kyle’s acceptance, you are free of tucker, and hopefully these charges against you. And then you can get back to your life.

Phyllis: Yeah. I want to get back to my life.

Lauren: Then you should focus on that.

Phyllis: I want to start a new life, you know? Just create something new with my kids and make it up to all my friends that I hurt.

Lauren: Yes. You focus on that.

Phyllis: I don’t trust tucker.

Lauren: And you shouldn’T.

Phyllis: But I need some leverage, you know what I mean? Something over him so I can protect myself in case, you know, he decides to, uh, make carson disappear, you know what I mean? He keeps on threatening me.

Lauren: It never hurts to take precautions against someone like mccall. I want you to know I’ll be with you every step of the way, but you have got to keep heather in the loop. You have got to tell her everything that you are doing because she is your best chance at freedom.

Summer: Well, everyone at marchetti is already super impressed with you. I mean, they already knew your history and your creative vision in the fashion industry, but I really do feel like you have stepped into the creative director role with a lot of ease.

Chelsea: Well, thank you. Billy and i were just talking about it. It does feel like things have fallen into place.

Summer: Well, as you’re still getting settled, just feel free to ask me any questions. Or if you have ideas about the business structure, creative, anything, I– I want to hear it.

Chelsea: I mean, I have tons of ideas how we can maximize our potential.

Summer: Okay, great! I mean, that’s exactly why I hired you. Chelsea, I really do think you and I working together, we’re going to see record growth at marchetti.

[ Chelsea chuckling ]

Chelsea: Can i tell you something? Just a personal observation.

Summer: Yeah, sure.

Chelsea: I think you’re a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. I mean, I truly feel like you’re going to find a way to be move on and be happy.

Kyle: I wish I could, but I can’T. In fact, I have to head back to the office.

Jack: Kyle, it’s a civil ceremony. It won’t take that long.

Kyle: And dad, I hope it goes well. Congratulations. See you later.

Diane: Well, that’s not how I thought that conversation would go.

Jack: You know what? He’s being diligent and responsible in his new job at newman media.

Diane: No, no, I think there’s more going on. Ever since this whole ordeal with summer, he’s been just shut down emotionally and, I don’t know, maybe seeing two people exchange vows of lasting love is just, um, too much for him right now.

Jack: You know what? I can’t argue with you there. I know from experience that when you shut out that part of your heart, you don’t always make the wisest decisions.

Billy: This quickie wedding just proves your point that jack is not thinking clearly and he’s lost his mind because of diane and it’s got me concerned. Frankly, I’m angry. I don’t want you two to go to war over jabot. I don’t want that. This courthouse wedding is a mistake and it’s a big red flag. Before my doctor and I chose breztri for my copd, I

[ Kyle sighing ]

Kyle: Hi. Sorry I’m late.

Audra: Already slacking, huh?

Kyle: Oh, worse. I had to deal with more family drama. I just can’t seem to catch a break these days. I’m sorry. I may not be good company.

Audra: It’s okay. What can I do to help?

Kyle: Hm. Well, can we cancel our afternoon meetings? Because right now I need to get you alone.

[ Summer sighing ]

Chance: Hey, summer. Nice to see you again. You okay?

Summer: Honestly?

[ Summer chuckling ] No. Everybody keeps telling me that I just need to move on, that I need to let go, but I– I don’t know if I could do that. I’ve already lost so much. And yeah, my mom is back, but it’s not the same. I mean, everything is different. I just… I wish that everything could go back to the way that it was.

[ Summer sighing ]

Chance: Yeah.

[ Chance sighing ] You know, sometimes, the best way out is forward.

[ Both panting ]

Audra: Do you trust me? Turn around.

[ Kyle chuckling ]

Phyllis: I mean, tucker’s got to have a weak spot. He has to have a vulnerable spot.

Lauren: I mean, he’s an enigma. For a man who only cared about himself, now seems to actually be caring about others. His son, his grandson, ashley.

Phyllis: He has an agenda. He’s after jabot.

Lauren: Ah. [ Scoffing ] That explains the motivation.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: So, the situation is inherently precarious. You have got to find his weak link and you go from there.

Phyllis: Right. You know, I’m trying to be honest and aboveboard, but I think I have to tap into og phyllis.

Lauren: Oh, boy.

Phyllis: I think I do. I have no choice. Just this last time. And then I’m going to create my new life, I swear.

Diane: I can’t believe we’re actually doing this! Oh, how did I get so lucky to have such a handsome groom?

Jack: Hey!

Billy: Hey. Excuse me, sorry to interrupt. But, uh, I just ran into tucker and ashley and I was able to bait the situation. Don’t know if they’re going to bite or not, but they are poised, just to let you know.

Jack: Hello. Well, you are both welcome to join us at our civil ceremony.

Tucker: Did you say civil?

[ Laughing ] Civil, my ass.

Ashley: You know what? This just proves what I’ve been saying all along. You have completely lost your mind and thank god, billy finally agrees with me.

Billy: Ashley.

Jack: Wait. Is that true?

Billy: Jack, you’re not– you’re not making this easy, right? I mean, this is mistake. You shouldn’t be going through with this. And honestly, if diane actually loved you as much as she said she does, she would put an end to this now.

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B&B Transcript Thursday, July 27, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Steffy: Liam, no, no way. No way. You must have misunderstood.

Liam: It’s not an misunderstanding and the only reason I’m saying anything is for kelly and your safety.

Steffy: Finn would never do something like that.

Liam: I saw it. I was standing right there. It happened right in front of me, right in the courthouse right after sheila was released and I’m– I’m– I’m telling you finn and sheila were physically embracing each other.

Li: Sheila’s out of prison? How? How– how on earth is that possible?

Finn: The judge dropped the charges. It– ruled that the sheila was a victim of illegal search and seizure when she confessed and he just– it– it was thrown out.

Li: A victim? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Deacon: Sheila.

Sheila: In the flesh.

Deacon: You escaped? You– you came here? Sheila, what are you thinking?

Sheila: You know, that wasn’t the welcome that I was hoping for.

Deacon: What did you do?

Sheila: Relax, would you? I didn’t escape. They let me go.

Deacon: Okay, what the hell is going on?

[ Sheila laughing ]

Sheila: You’re looking at a free woman.

Ridge: Hey, I got your text. Uh-oh. What?

Brooke: There’s something you need to know. Wanna go ahead?

Ridge: What’s going on?

Hope: Well, you know that liam has moved out.

Ridge: Yeah, I’m sorry to hear that, but I– I’m convinced you two kids could work through it.

Hope: I’m afraid not.

Ridge: What happened?

Ridge: Divorce?

Hope: Liam asked for one. It’s not what I wanted, initially, and I– I tried to get liam to forgive me after what happened in rome, but…

Ridge: And he had divorce papers drawn up.

Hope: No. I did.

Deacon: A free woman?

Sheila: That’s right.

Deacon: All right, come on. Fess up. Tell me the truth. Guthrie. What, he helped you escape again?

Sheila: Nope. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you speechless.

Deacon: You have that effect on me sometimes.

Sheila: I know that this is a bit of a shock.

Deacon: And yet, not the first one today.

Sheila: Well, hopefully, this is a good one.

Deacon: Tell me exactly what happened.

Sheila: The judge dropped all charges. They set me free.

Li: I still don’t understand this. I thought bill’s plan was foolproof.

Finn: Well, apparently not.

[ Li sighing ]

Li: Sheila carter? Serial criminal, free to roam the streets? Oh, how could the judge allow it? She shot you and steffy! Say you’ll testify now.

Finn: Can’T. The D.A. Dropped the charges. Unless there’s new evidence, there’s– look, I didn’t make the law. Look, mom, just please try not to worry.

Li: Of course, I’m worried. I’m sure you are too! Whatever sheila has planned, you need to protect steffy and those children of yours. Do not let sheila come back into your lives ever again.

Liam: I’m really sorry, steffy. I know this is a shocking thing to hear.

Steffy: Well, you must have misinterpreted because there’s no way finn would be in contact with sheila, let alone embrace her.

Liam: I’m sorry, steffy, but I thought you needed to know. I used to wait to run my dishwasher

Ridge: Now, you said you were desperate to hold on to your marriage, to work things out with liam. Next thing I know, you draw up divorce papers.

Hope: I realize this may seem sudden to you–

Ridge: It’s a little sudden. Let me ask you something. Does this have something to do with you sleeping with my son at all?

Brooke: Ridge!

Hope: Mom, you told him?

Brooke: Honey, I– I can’t keep secrets from him. You know that. Nobody else knows.

Hope: Uh-uh.

Ridge: It doesn’t matter. Guys, I don’t care about that. If you and liam can figure it out, that’s great. If you can’t, that’s great. That’s up to you. What I care about is my son. He’s been working really hard to get his life back together and not be obsessed with you. So, I’m asking you, despite of what happened before, how do you feel about him? How do you feel about thomas?

Deacon: So, the judge said bill’s plan didn’t hold up in court because of the way he got the confession.

Sheila: That’s right.

Deacon: Un-frickin- believable.

Sheila: I– I’ll tell ya, I was– I was fully prepared, walking into the judge’s chambers, thinking that I was gonna spend the rest of my life in prison. I can’t even put into words how scared I was. I mean, waking up every morning thinking that I was never gonna be able to touch the people that I love ever again.

Li: I can only imagine what it was like for you and steffy sitting there, looking at that woman, hearing the judge set her free.

Finn: Steffy wanted to be there to face sheila. Clearly, this was not the outcome she expected.

Li: And what about you? How are you able to hold yourself back? I would not have been able to control myself.

Finn: Yeah, um, I had a very– very strong reaction.

Liam: I don’t love having to come here and drop this bomb on you, but if finn really is vulnerable to his birth mother, then you need to know that.

Steffy: No. No, no, no. This does not make– it does not make any sense. Sheila shot me. She shot finn. She held him captive for months. Look, I can’t– I can’t explain this video, but there is no way finn would put me or my family in jeopardy.

Liam: I agree with you. I agree. It doesn’t make any sense, especially after finn saying for months and months that he’d sworn off sheila and he wants nothing to do with her and he’s gonna do everything in his power to protect you and your family from her. This is why I took the video because there is no way you would believe it otherwise. Hell, I know I wouldn’T. But steffy, at this point, you don’t know that you can trust finn to keep you and kelly and hayes safe from sheila and that’S… that’s information you deserve to have. Glad with clorox eliminates food and bacterial odors.

Hope: Well, of course I have feelings for thomas. We share a son together. We’re a great team, you know, with hope for the future and I think we are on a path that is just getting started.

Ridge: Okay. I don’t know what any of that means.

Hope: It just– it means that thomas and I share a connection and I get why you would be curious about my relationship with thomas. I mean, he’s your son. Of course, you would be concerned.

Ridge: I’m concerned about all my kids.

Hope: Steffy too?

Ridge: Yeah, steffy too.

Hope: Okay, so then he’s aware about the role that steffy kinda played with what happened with liam and me?

Ridge: What?

Brooke: Hope feels that liam is still in love with steffy.

Ridge: Okay.

Hope: We all know that steffy, liam and me, we’ve had a dynamic that has been going on for a very long time now and I just realized that I… don’t want to spend my life with a man who has divided feelings because I have seen the kind of damage that that can do. Whereas thomas has always been very clear about his feelings for me. So, I do not know what the future holds. I don’t have an answer for you. I just know that I want to work and concentrate on hope for the future and concentrate on raising my kids. I just– I don’t want to let this drag me down.

Deacon: Bill and ridge vowed to keep quiet about our relationship. Nobody knows. They’ve kept the promise.

Sheila: Yeah, but me being free doesn’t change anything. That’s why I put on this adorable little disguise. No need to draw unnecessary attention.

Deacon: I just can’t believe you fooled me again.

Sheila: Can you take a moment to– to enjoy the fact that I’m free?

Deacon: I am so happy you’re free. I hated the fact that you were rotting away in that prison cell.

Sheila: Yeah, but you know, when you came to see me, you, uh… you really helped me forget about the reality that I was living in. You helped me, you really did and I thank you for that.

Deacon: I’m just glad I could do something.

Sheila: No, I… I really felt like I– I was living in a very hopeless situation and look at me now. Look at me now! I’m here with you and a second chance. It just goes to prove that you should– you should really never give up. You just never know what gifts life is gonna give you.

Deacon: I am glad you’re free.

Sheila: I’m just really hoping that– that finn will be happy for me too.

Li: Doesn’t the judge know releasing sheila puts you, steffy and the kids in danger?

Finn: His hands were tied.

Li: I can’t believe we’re in this position again. This is just wrong! Sheila should be spending the rest of her life behind bars, right, finn?

Liam: The most important thing is keeping sheila as far away as humanly possible from you and the kids, right? And the second she’s set free, finn is cozying it up with her, so– so you just have to be realistic here and consider the possibility that finn is not capable of standing up to her to protect you and your family.

Steffy: Ugh. It makes me nauseous to see finn with his arms wrapped around sheila. Like, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve discussed sheila staying away from us. But there has to be some kind of, like, explanation. Finn just wouldn’t let his guard down. He wouldn’t endanger our family. It’s impossible.

When the murrays discovered

gain scent beads,

Deacon: I admire your positive attitude after getting sprung, but I’m just saying, I don’t see any scenario where finn just forgives you for what you did to his family.

Sheila: Come on. Who– who would’ve thought that I– I would be here. Anything is possible. I am living proof.

Deacon: I just don’t want you to set yourself up for disappointment, you know? Finn and steffy went through a lot because of you. That’s reality. Maybe it’s time you accept it.

Sheila: Deacon, I– I know this is hard for you to understand, but never underestimate the bond between a mother and her son.

Deacon: I’m not. I’m just saying, I think it would take a miracle for them to let you back into their life.

Sheila: Look at me now. I mean, anything is possible and I’m not gonna give up until finn forgives me and allows me to be a part of his life.

Li: You do agree sheila should spend the rest of her life in prison, right? Finn. I know this isn’t what you or steffy expected. Justice wasn’t served. But you have to think about steffy and the kids. The judge’s decision puts all of you at risk.

Finn: Don’t worry, all right? I will do whatever it takes to keep my family safe.

Steffy: I– I just can’t believe finn would allow himself to vulnerable to sheila after everything she’s done to us.

Liam: It’s right here, steffy. It’s on video.

Steffy: It’s a hug. That’s all.

Liam: Look, nobody wants to believe that finn has this emotional attachment to sheila, but he didn’t push her away, he didn’t scream at her, right? I mean– you know how I feel about you and kelly. I’m not– I’m not gonna sit back and put your safety at risk while finn tries to figure out his relationship with his birth mom. She’s a dangerous person.

Steffy: I know.

Liam: Okay. You know that, I know that and kelly is my daughter and it’s my job to protect her and she’s living under this roof with finn. And it’s not– it’s not– it’s not just kelly. It’s obviously– it’s hayes and you too.

Steffy: Yeah, but you’ve always been protective of us.

Liam: I know and I’m– I’m just– I’m just saying– I’m not saying there’s not some explanation. What I am saying is you cannot bury your head in the sand here.

Steffy: I’m not.

Liam: Okay, then you know exactly what you have do, right? I mean, you have to confront finn about this. You have to force him to give you an explanation for this. Now, maybe– I don’t know, maybe there’s an answer. Maybe, you know, maybe tensions were running high and he was emotional and there’s like a mother/son bond.

Steffy: What? No, no, no. He hates sheila for what she did to us.

Liam: Absolutely and he should because she has proven time and time again that she’s dangerous. Not just dangerous, but lethal and she’s manipulative and she happens to be obsessed with finn and hayes. And she’s– look, that hug, whether he knows it or not, it sent a message to sheila. He’s basically saying, “hey, guess what? I’m vulnerable to you.” And sheila is gonna take that information and she is gonna use it however she can to get close to him and hayes and kelly, and I’m not gonna just let that happen. I love kelly way too much to put her in harm’s way. And I know we’re not together, but I love you too, you know.

[ Steffy sighing ]

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Days Update Thursday, July 27, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Eli takes care of Lani in the hospital. Lani encourages him to chill. Eli talks about the scare she gave him and suggests next time she gets a lead in a dangerous situation, she could give him a call first. Lani agrees to and assures that she’s fine as Kayla said the sedative that Whitley gave her has been flushed out of her system. US Marshal Sam Gerard enters and says he’s glad to hear that so he can finally take her back to prison.

Kayla gives Theo coffee at the hospital. Theo talks about being relieved that Lani is okay and he can’t believe that she actually tracked down Abe, who is alive. Theo says he thought he was seeing things and couldn’t believe it was real. Theo wonders if Abe will get his memory back at some point. Kayla encourages that his amnesia should be temporary. Theo asks if she’s saying there’s a chance that Abe will never remember them.

Paulina sits at Abe’s side in the hospital, talking about how she can’t believe he’s here as she thought she lost him forever. Abe wakes up, so Paulina asks how he feels. Abe responds that he feels strange and tired. Paulina states that he’s been through so much. Abe questions being in the hospital. Paulina explains that he was drugged but the doctors are getting it out of his system. Abe asks how he was drugged. Paulina calls it a long story so she thinks it’s best that he just relax and she will answer all his questions when he feels a little better. Abe says there are two questions that can’t wait. Abe then questions who Paulina is and where his wife is.

Whitley is handcuffed in the interrogation room at the police station. Marlena enters to check on her and asks how she’s doing since seeing her in the morning. Whitley questions seeing her this morning and mistakes Marlena as an actress on Body and Soul.

Dimitri and Leo kiss until Leo stops and says they can’t do this to Gwen because he’s feeling guiltier than ever as Gwen is his best friend and Dimitri is her groom. Dimitri claims that he wishes things were different and that they could be together out in the open, but reminds him about his inheritance. Leo complains that he would have to rid himself of the guilt he feels or he’ll inherit a straight jacket. Dimitri asks what he’s saying. Leo declares that this affair has to end. Dimitri argues that he doesn’t mean that. Leo talks about how he would hate himself and how he loves Gwen. Leo then says he’s losing the fight as Dimitri removes his shirt. Dimitri tells Leo that tomorrow, he marries Gwen, but tonight he is all Leo’s.

Gwen returns to her room at the Salem Inn as she forgot her phone and reaches in her purse for her key.

Theo didn’t realize that Abe’s amnesia could be permanent. Kayla encourages that it’s rare but they can’t rule out the possibility. Theo asks if there is anything they can do to increase the chances of him recovering his memory. Kayla explains that they starting by flushing the drugs out of his system and letting his brain heal. Kayla says sometimes, the memories just come back but if they don’t, then they will try other options like hypnotherapy. Kayla thinks what will help Abe most is the love of his friends and family. Theo assures that he’ll be there for him but he can’t help but wonder if this is somehow all his fault.

Paulina knows Abe’s mind is all jumbled up but insists that she is his wife and she loves him very much. Abe responds that he doesn’t even know her. Paulina shows him her ID. Abe asks about the other woman. Paulina explains that was Whitley King, who was his nurse at the hospital and pretended to be her, then kidnapped him. Paulina adds that Whitley tricked them in to thinking Abe was dead. Abe questions why she would do that. Paulina says Whitley is clearly off her rocker.

Marlena tells Whitley that she’s confused. Whitley talks about watching Body and Soul for so many years. Marlena explains that she’s thinking of a fictional character while she is Dr. Marlena Evans. Marlena talks about how they worked together at the hospital until recently and that Whitley was also one of her patients as she’s a psychiatrist. Marlena wants to help her if she will let her.

Dimitri asks Leo if they are doing this or if he should put his clothes back on and leave Leo there to finish up by himself. Leo supposes it would be a shame to let all this nudity go to waste. Gwen then walks in and questions what is going on here. Dimitri thought Gwen was going to the office. Gwen points out that she left her phone. Gwen then asks how the planning is going that they said they were going to do. Leo says they had been working on the surprise for the wedding but got sidetracked. Gwen asks if he cares to explain what happened to Dimitri’s clothes.

Sam apologizes for barging in and introduces himself to Lani, noting that she caused quite a stir with her disappearance. Eli argues that she was knocked out and held against her will. Sam explains that he’s aware as he was with Rafe and Jada when they found her. Lani thanks him for tracking her ankle monitor. Sam says he was just doing his job, which also includes taking her back to Maryland and he’s afraid they have to leave right away. Eli says he’s sorry but he can’t let him do that.

Kayla questions why Theo would think he had anything to do with Abe’s amnesia. Theo talks about how Claire always talks about karma, so he’s just wondering if what he did a couple years ago might have caused what happened to Abe. Kayla asks him what he’s talking about. Theo explains how when Ciara lost her memory, he started dating her again even though she didn’t remember Ben and they almost got married which is similar to what Whitley did to Abe. Kayla argues that Whitley kidnapped, manipulated, and drugged Abe and made them all believe he was dead so there’s no way it’s similar. Kayla adds that’s not how the universe works. Theo asks if she doesn’t believe in karma. Kayla says she’s of two minds on it because she’s seen bad things happen to good people and the opposite, but she believes that being a good person is it’s own reward. Kayla calls Theo a good person and says she knows that the only people responsible for Abe’s condition are Colin Bedford and Whitley King.

Marlena wants to talk about what happened at Whitley’s apartment this morning. Whitley claims she’s tired and suggests talking about it another time. Marlena feels that’s not a good idea because they already made a breakthrough, so it’s important that they continue or else she’s afraid that Whitley may harm herself or someone else because of what happened to Abe. Marlena knows it wasn’t her intention, but Abe was hurt by what she did and so was his family.

Abe says that if what Paulina is saying is true then he was kidnapped by Paulina. Paulina assures him that it was Nurse Whitley. Abe says that would explain why she would never ever let him leave the apartment as she said he was in danger and a man attacked him. Paulina admits that part is true and is why he was in the hospital the first time. Paulina says that Colin knocked him out in Chanel’s bakery and asks if he remembers that. Abe recalls waking up in the hospital and that Chanel was next to him. Paulina says Chanel then went to go find her. Abe remembers a woman coming by. Paulina says that was his nurse who took advantage of his confused state. Abe brings up Whitley showing him their wedding picture. Paulina argues that it must been a fake and photoshopped. Paulina then gets her phone and shows him their actual wedding photo. Paulina calls it one of the happiest days of their lives and asks if it seems familiar at all to him. Abe stops and says he does remember her now.

Sam understands Eli would like more time with his wife, but she was given furlough to attend her father’s funeral and it turns out he’s actually still alive. Eli says that’s his point since Lani thought she lost her dad and she’s been granted a miracle. Eli asks if Lani can have a few days with her dad at least until he’s out of the hospital. Sam says his hands are tied and it’s not his call. Eli argues that Sam could make a plea on her behalf. Eli adds that Abe is having memory loss and having Lani around could help him remember. Sam jokingly remarks that a case of amnesia after a miraculous return from the dead sounds like something from Body and Soul which he claims his wife makes him watch. Lani asks if there is any way that he could arrange for her to stay a little longer. Sam says he sympathizes with her but repeats that his hands are tied and they are already booked on the next flight. Lani accepts that and asks if she can at least say goodbye to Abe before they go.

Paulina exclaims that she’s so relieved that Abe finally got his memory back but Abe says that’s not what he meant. Paulina then questions if he doesn’t remember her. Abe explains that he remembers her from his dream as he dreamed that he was jumping the broom with his bride and it was her that he saw clear as day. Paulina encourages that his heart was trying to remind him and asks if she’s still in his heart. Abe apologizes and says other than a couple moments from the wedding, he honestly doesn’t know who she is and he certainly doesn’t remember their love. Theo then walks in, excited to see Abe is awake. Abe then asks if he’s his son Brandon, but Theo clarifies. Abe says that can’t be because he saw Theo and he’s not him. Paulina tells Abe that he’s been spending time with an impostor pretending to be Theo that was arranged by Whitley as just another one of her deceptions.

Whitley complains that she respects and admires Abe so she would never hurt him and just wanted to keep him safe as she didn’t want him to end up like her husband. Marlena knows Whitley blames herself for her husband’s death and thinks that’s why she tried to replace him with Abe as if that tragedy never happened. Marlena tells Whitley that she’s not Paulina Price, but Whitley King. Whitley complains that she doesn’t want to be Whitley King because that means she killed her husband and is an awful person that has nothing to live for.

Paulina insists to Abe that the young man that he thought was Theo was an actor named Jerry Prentiss that Whitley hired. Abe remembers seeing Jerry’s name in the credits of Body and Soul. Paulina asks if seeing Theo now triggers any other memories but Abe says it doesn’t. Paulina feels there must be something to help him remember. Lani then walks in to the room. Abe exclaims that it’s her as Paulina and Theo smile.

Dimitri tells Gwen that this all must seem strange but assures there is a perfectly reasonable explanation. Gwen says she’s waiting. Leo claims that Dimitri doesn’t have a proper suit for tomorrow so he convinced him to try on one of his. Dimitri claims he was desperate with the wedding only hours away. Leo insists that is why Dimitri was in a state of undress. Gwen is not buying it and claims she knows what’s really going on here. Gwen tells Leo no more lies and asks if he honestly thought she would believe Dimitri would fit in to Leo’s suits. Gwen then accuses Leo of just wanting to see Dimitri in his underwear. Leo goes along with it and talks about having a crush on a straight man. Leo apologizes to Dimitri for putting him through that. Dimitri says all is forgiven, so Leo thanks him for understanding. Leo thanks Gwen for knowing him so well and putting up with him anyway. Gwen acknowledges that he is her BFF. Gwen declares that after tomorrow, Dimitri is all hers.

Marlena encourages Whitley not to think that way and that when she gets the help she needs, she’ll be able to let go of her terrible guilt. Whitley talks about how good her husband was to her and she didn’t know he was in danger to help him. Whitley feels he’s probably looking down from Heaven with shame over the person she’s become. Whitley cries that she doesn’t even recognize herself.

Kayla tells Eli that Steve and John are on their way home with Jerry Prentiss. Eli asks Kayla to thank them for him as he can’t do it himself since the US Marshal is insisting that Lani go back to prison immediately. Kayla acknowledges that has to be rough on her. Eli states that Lani just got her dad back, but at least she’s being allowed to say goodbye.

Paulina asks if Abe remembers Lani. Abe recognizes her as the woman who came to rescue him at the apartment. Abe recalls Lani telling him that she was his daughter. Paulina asks if he has any memories before that. Abe wishes he could remember but he can’t. Lani tells him it’s okay and she’s just so glad they got him back. Abe brings up how brave Lani was in standing up for Whitley. Paulina calls Lani the bravest woman she knows which Lani credits her for. Paulina hugs Lani. Eli then enters and asks how it’s going. Lani tells him that Abe is awake which Eli says he’s so happy to see. Abe says he’s sorry and asks who Eli is. Eli introduces himself as Lani’s husband. Abe questions having a son in law. Eli says they are just so relieved and happy that he’s back because they missed him. Eli says they all love him and hugs Abe. Abe thanks him for his kindness. Eli hates to cut things short but declares their time is up, so they have to go. Paulina complains that Abe just woke up. Eli says they don’t have a choice. Abe asks where they are off to. Lani explains that they live in Maryland with their twins. Abe questions being a grandfather. Paulina shows him a photo of their grandchildren. Lani talks about it being very difficult to be separated from her kids but says she has other obligations to fulfill so it will be awhile before she can come back. Lani promises to come back and visit soon. Lani tells Abe that she loves him, will be thinking of him, and looks forward to when they can all be back together. Lani hugs Abe as they say goodbye. Paulina thanks Lani for bringing Abe back to them, noting that they couldn’t have done it without her. They hug as Lani says she’s just grateful that she could help. Lani tells Paulina and Theo that she loves them

Whitley questions Marlena being so kind to her when she knows Abe is her good friend. Marlena wants to help her through her pain. Whitley asks what’s the point when she’s just going to end up in prison. Marlena says she doesn’t know about that but she knows she’s been through a terrible trauma so she wants to help her through that. Whitley feels she doesn’t deserve help after hurting so many people and questions how she’s going to make up for that.

Dimitri asks if Gwen is heading back to the office now that she got her phone. Gwen notes that it’s getting late so she might just stay in and get all the rest she can before the big day while also allowing them to celebrate. Dimitri says he will be leaving to go shopping and find an appropriate suit then. Gwen encourages that he’ll be perfect in anything he wears which Leo agrees with. Dimitri shakes Leo’s hand and tells them to have a wonderful night. Dimitri tells Gwen that he’s counting down the moments until she walks down the aisle to him. Gwen says she can’t wait as they kiss in front of Leo.

Lani says goodbye to Theo and points out that she’ll be up for parole in 6 months. Theo hopes that by the time she gets back, Abe will be himself again. Theo says he will keep her posted. Eli adds that next time they come home, it will be for good. Eli then tells Sam that they are ready. Sam then escorts Eli and Lani out through the elevator.

Kayla visits Abe in his hospital room. Kayla talks to him about being his doctor and also a very close friend along with her husband Steve. Abe says he’s sorry but it doesn’t ring a bell. Kayla encourages that it will come to him. Abe calls it frustrating not to be able to recognize his family. Kayla assures that they are just happy to have him back and that the whole town loves him and are rooting for him.

Marlena tells Whitley that she deserves help, so she’s going to get it and she’s not alone. Paulina then enters the room to confront Whitley. Marlena asks how Abe is. Paulina responds that physically, he’s just fine but when he opened his eyes, he asked for Whitley. Paulina complains that she did her best to set him straight, but Abe doesn’t remember her or know her or his children. Whitley cries that she’s so sorry as she knows she put them all through hell and asks if there’s anything she can do to help. Paulina then slaps Whitley and tells her to shut her damn mouth as she doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say. Marlena tells Paulina to go. Paulina declares that she just wants this bitch to know that she can’t undo all the damage she’s done with just a sorry. Paulina shouts that it’s going to take a hell of a lot more as Marlena escorts Paulina from the room and Whitley is left in tears.

Dimitri goes home to the DiMera Mansion, telling himself that he can do this and all he has to do is fake a marriage for an entire year, then he will get his inheritance. Dimitri declares that in the meantime, he sees no reason why he should have to give up Leo.

Leo and Gwen sit together and eat cake. Gwen can’t believe that tomorrow, she’s going to marry a man that she absolutely adores, who adores her back. Gwen knows Leo had his doubts in the beginning but she thinks now he can see how very right they are for each other and how happy he makes her. Leo responds that he does and that makes him happy. Gwen says it means so much to her that Leo has come around. Gwen admits that without Leo’s blessing, she doesn’t think she could go through with the wedding because that’s how important he is to her. Gwen tells Leo not to worry as it will happen for him too someday and he will meet the most amazing guy who loves him as much as Dimitri loves her and then they will both have their happily ever after, just like they dreamed of.

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