Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Nick tells Sally that Victor called Jill and persuaded her not to hear her, and Chloe’s presentation. Sally is so angry about what Victor did that she agrees to let Nick talk to Jill to see if he can persuade Jill to hear Sally and Chloe’s presentation. Nick calls Jill, and after they talk, Jill agrees to hear Chloe and Sally’s presentation. Jill is impressed by Chloe and Sally’s presentation and she agrees to give their proposal serious consideration..

Nate stays for the meeting with Victoria, Victor and Michael and is told by Victor to use Audra to find out how Tucker would react to Newman Enterprises buying up McCall Unlimited’s debt. Michael has strong objections to using Aura because he doesn’t trust her but, he is overruled by Victor and Victoria. Nate tells Audra what he wants her to do and she thinks it will be fun trying to find out the information from Tucker.

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