Days Short Recap Friday, January 13, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo advises Gwen to turn on Xander. Gwen doesn’t want to turn on him. He advised her to look out for herself. Will walked in while Leo was on the phone. Will knew that he honor that belief. Leo got off the phone with Gwen so he could talk to Will. Will didn’t have time for him and wanted to go to the hospital. Leo went to see Gwen at the Horton house. They argued about her turning on Xander. Gwen refused to turn on him. Leo told her that Jack would turn his back on her if he finds out what she did. He told her to meet with a lawyer to find out her options. Will and Allie met at the hospital. They talked about Sami trying her best to make it home in time to see Marlena. They didn’t think her chances were good. Marlena’s visitors were restricted so they had to wait to see her. Allie wondered where Sonny was. Will didn’t know since he wasn’t home. He said Leo was there. He told her what happened with Leo and Sonny. He didn’t think Leo deserved Sonny’s forgiveness. Julie arrived at the hospital and cried over Marlena’s situation. She offered her condolences to Will and Allie. Julie thought she brought her rosary to the hospital, but she forgot them. Will offered to get them for her. Leo, Gwen and Sloan talked about Xander’s case. Leo was willing to say that he dressed as a clown on his own. He wasn’t going to mention Gwen being involved. He wanted to testify anonymously because he didn’t want Sonny to find out. He said Sonny was his friend and he believed in him when no one else would. Will hid and listened to them talking.

Chad told Sonny that Stephanie felt bad for turning off her phone. Sonny told Chad that Alex was the one who turned her phone off so he couldn’t interrupt them. Sonny defended Alex’s actions when Chad got upset. He told him that Alex didn’t know he was calling about Kayla. Chad didn’t care because it wasn’t Alex’s place to turn off her phone. Sonny said that Alex was a good person and wanted to make up for what happened. Chad said he couldn’t make up for what he did. He said Sonny should stop trying to see the best in everyone. He brought up his friendship with Leo. He told him that he will let him down. He didn’t think Stephanie would forgive Alex. Stephanie wanted to know if Alex was the one who turned off her phone. He admitted that he did it. He apologized to her and wanted to explain. Stephanie was upset by what he did. She told him that his actions kept her from saying goodbye to her mother. She would never be able to forgive him for that. He said he would do anything to go back and change what he did. She said that he couldn’t do it. She said her mother was gone just like her feelings for him. He would spend the rest of his life making it up to her. She said that he couldn’t do it. She wanted him to leave.

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