Days Short Recap Friday, August 25, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric apologized to Roman for snapping at him about the baby shower. Roman understood and offered his condolences. Eric wanted to get back to Sloan. Nicole was shocked that Sloan lost the baby. Sloan told Melinda that she and Eric had to start off with a clean slate. She wanted to tell Eric the truth. Melinda reminded her that telling Eric the truth about the baby would be a bad idea. Sarah told Maggie that she saw Xander. She told her what happened when she talked to him. Maggie wanted to know what she told Xander. Chloe wanted to tell Xander about Sarah’s pregnancy, but he told her that he already knew about it. He told her that he knew about it the day before. Roman told Eric that he was sorry about his loss. After his phone call, Nicole told Eric that heard the news about the baby. She told him that she was sorry. Sloan knew that Melinda didn’t want her to tell Eric the truth because she wouldn’t have any leverage over her. Melinda warned her that if she told Eric the truth about Nicole’s baby, they will want to be a family. Maggie was shocked that Sarah told Xander that she was pregnant. She revealed to Maggie that Rex proposed to her. Chloe was upset that Xander proposed to her knowing that Sarah was pregnant. Sloan was convinced that Eric will forgive her once she reveals the truth. Melinda reminded her that she thought she had a chance with Eric because they were both having Eric’s baby. Nicole was surprised that Sloan lost the baby since she was fine when she talked to her earlier. Eric told her what Kayla said to them. She reminded him that she was told the same thing, and she was able to get pregnant.

Melinda promised Sloan that she wouldn’t tell her secret. Nicole wanted to be there for Eric. She placed her hand on his chest and he noticed the ring. Sarah told Maggie about her engagement. Maggie reminded her that Rex cheated on her. Sarah told her that she lied to Xander about the father of her baby. Maggie let her know that she will have to keep lying about who the father of your baby is. Maggie wanted to know what she would do if everything blew up. Xander told Chloe that Rex is the father of Sarah’s baby. She wanted to know if that was true. Sarah told Maggie that she couldn’t tell Zander the truth about the baby. She said that Xander was engaged to Chloe. Maggie said that he is fool. Sarah couldn’t believe that she was defending Xander. Chloe and Xander went back and forth about Sarah’s pregnancy. Xander told her that Sarah was with Rex after they broke up. Xander assured her that they were going to be together. Nicole told Eric about her wedding plans. Melinda continued to Sloan to keep quiet about Nicole’s baby. She thought EJ would deserve to suffer by raising another man’s child. Melinda apologized to her again about the baby. Sloan told her that she was about to tell the truth when she lost the baby. If she didn’t tell Eric the truth, she didn’t know what she would tell him. Sarah let Maggie know that she couldn’t tell Xander the truth about the baby. She didn’t want to be tied to him together. She explained why she couldn’t tell him the truth. She insisted that she was marrying Rex. Maggie wanted to know if she loved Rex the way she loved Xander. Nicole saw Melinda at the hospital. She called Melinda out for telling EJ that he probably shouldn’t marry her. She wanted her to mind her business. Eric went back to Sloan’s room. He didn’t want to talk about what she was going to tell him. She told him that she didn’t call her doctor when she was in pain. She blamed herself for losing the baby.

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