Days Short Recap Monday, December 4, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Holly and Johnny talked about Nicole. Tate tried to stall Chanel, but she told him she wanted to go back to Johnny. He tried to stall her by asking her about the oven. She told him to fill out the application and promised to tell him about the oven if he got the job. When she left, he texted Holly to let her know about Chanel. Johnny told Holly he needed her help. He told her his wedding anniversary with Chanel was coming up. He wanted her help to plan something special for Chanel. Holly agreed to help him. When Chanel came back to the pub, Johnny got a call from Sydney. He walked away so he could take the call. Chanel told Holly she wanted to talk to her. She wanted to talk about Holly’s crush on Johnny. Holly denied having a crush on him. She lied and said she had a crush on Tate but his father won’t let him date. When Johnny came back, Tate showed up. Holly told Tate that she was telling Chanel that she had a crush on him and how they couldn’t date. Tate said they could date because he didn’t care what his father thought. Darius went to see Dimitri. Dimitri didn’t recognize him until Darius explained how they met. Darius said he wanted to help him escape to get revenge on Leo. Dimitri said he knew he was married to Leo but didn’t have the full details. Darius told him what happened. Dimitri apologized that he got hurt but Leo changed. He said he and Leo loved each other. Darius tried to convince Dimitri to dress in drag so he could escape and leave Leo holding the back for all the charges.

Sloan told EJ that Dimitri would turn himself in in exchange for the charges against Leo getting dropped. She said Dimitri wouldn’t plead guilty to murder and told him he wouldn’t make the charges stick. EJ agreed to the deal and left to get the paperwork. Leo didn’t feel comfortable letting Dimitri sacrifice himself for him. She tried to convince him to go along with it when Eric called and had to leave. EJ came back with the paperwork. Leo signed the paperwork. After he signed the paperwork, Dimitri walked into the interrogation room to turn himself in. At the hospital, Nicole thought the DNA results would prove Eric and Sloan’s baby was hers, She apologized for not considering his feelings. Nicole said she knew how important it was for him to be a father. He said it was fine. She got upset when she realized he did the test to humor her. He explained to her that this was nothing more than her grief making her imagine things. She said he didn’t see the baby when it was born. Nicole said she knew her child better than anyone and knew he adopted her son. It upset him when she accused Sloan of taking her baby. Nicole reminded him that she stole a baby and knew how it was to do it. He wanted to check on the DNA results. She said she would watch the baby, but he said he would take him. Eric called Sloan and told her about the test. Sloan went to the hospital and walked into the office Nicole was in. Nicole told her when the results would be ready. She said everyone would know the truth. When Eric came back, Sloan said she never consented to the test on their son and didn’t want it done. He said it was too late and held up the envelope with the results in it.

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