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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina went to see Justin at the Kriakis mansion. She saw Alex and ripped into him for what he did to Stephanie. He said he understood what she was saying. He told her she didn’t know what it was like to make a mistake that caused pain. She told him how she gave up on Lani. She said Lani forgave her. He said it made him feel hopeful that Stephanie might forgive him. He told her that Stephanie hasn’t returned his messages. She told him to stop hiding behind a screen. She said he should make the apology in person. When Paulina left, he wrote a letter to Stephanie. Jack told Chad that he cut Gwen out of his life for good. Chad brought up how he cheated on Abby with Gwen. Jack said he made Abby happy when they got back together. Chad said he wished he could keep doing that, but he knew she wouldn’t want him to keep wallowing. He said she would want him to be strong for the kids. Jack said he has done that. He said Chad deserved to have good days. He told Chad that he hoped he found love again. He said he thought Abby would want the same thing. Chad said he couldn’t think about finding love again when Abby was still in his heart. He said she would always be in his heart. He told Jack that he saw Abby at the cemetery. Jack said that was his subconscious giving him permission to move on. He told Jack that he has been getting close to Stephanie. Jack said Chad’s love for Abby wouldn’t lessen because of it. He said Chad would find room in his heart to live the life he deserved. He said Chad would live the life Abby wanted. Jack told him to explore his feelings for Stephanie.

Steve told Stephanie that thanks to Kristen, Kayla couldn’t be an organ donor which she wanted. He said Joey and Tripp were talking to the hospital about donating Kayla’s body to science. Stephanie told him about the eulogy she wrote for Kayla. He said the right words would come in time. She said she kept thinking about what she would have said to her mother if she got there on time. He told her to let that go. He said Kayla knew she loved her. He said it wasn’t her fault. She talked to him about Alex. He said Kayla was at peace and would want her to be at peace too. She said she wanted to be like her mother. She wanted to help people. He said she does that and was proud of her. She brought up what happened when he first came home years ago. He said he knew they were fine without him. She said they had each other. When Steve left, Chad showed up. At the town Square, Leo couldn’t believe Gwen would choose Xander over her father and everything else in her life. She said she disappointed Jack ever since she has come into his life. She said she loved Jack, but she decided to do the unselfish thing and let him go. Leo said she walked away from Jack because she couldn’t quit Xander. Gwen said she was still in love with Xander even if he didn’t love her back. Leo said Xander loved her too. He said Xander might be giving up on Sarah. He told her to go to Xander and tell him of the sacrifices she has made for him. Xander told Sarah that he loved her. She told him to sign the divorce papers and let her go. He tried to tell her what she saw when Gwen was in his room. He asked her why she came over. She said Bonnie convinced her to give him another chance. She said she couldn’t give him any more chances to hurt her. She said he wasn’t the man she fell in love with. She said she didn’t want to be married to him anymore. When Sarah left, Gwen showed up. He kissed her. Stefan told Gabi he didn’t want to be deprogrammed. Gabi said it would have been what Stefano wanted. She told Rolf to get the equipment he had stashed in the tunnels. Stefan said he hated her. She said he would thank her. Rolf came back with the equipment. He said there would be some risk involved including death. When Rolf said there was a little chance of Stefan dying, Gabi told him to do it. Stefan told him he didn’t want it. She taped his mouth shut. Rolf told Stefan to remember falling in love with Gabi. Stefan remembered falling in love with Gabi. While Stefan was remembering, the machine malfunctioned. Stefan started to convulse. Gabi took the tape off his mouth. He said her name.

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