Y&R Short Recap Monday, January 9, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Diane tells Jack that she is starting to have second thoughts about stealing with Nikki because she’s formidable. Ashley comes in and gets annoyed that Diane is there again. Diane tells Jack she’s worried that her feelings for him will interfere with their plans for Stark. They kiss.

Audra lets Tucker know that the Chancellor-Winters IPO is imminent, but he has to think about it. Ashley drops by with wine, rants and raves about Jack and Diane, and the they have sex. Ashley finds folders about Jabot, but he tells her that he was just learning about the company to find a way to connect with her. He decided not to go after Jabot, but she doesn’t buy it.

Devon learns that Audra and Tucker have been working together; Tucker paid off her student loans. Lily hints to Devon that things are not good with Billy. Audra denies working with Tucker, but Devon and Lily fire her. She tells Devon that he’s not a good judge of character. Later, she sees Nate at Society, and he suggests that she apply for the position of COO of Newman Media.

Daniel tries to speak with Phyllis about her interviewing some new coders for their company, but she’s distracted because Summer chose Diane over her. He assures her that Summer’s eyes are open to Diane’s manipulations. She just feels caught between her mom and her husband. He advises her to just give Summer a break and be empathetic with her but asks her not to tell her what he said. She agrees and assures him that she’ll work hard to find the perfect employees. Then Daniel is distracted when Lily walks in. Lily doesn’t want to go home and doesn’t want to talk about her work crisis, so they agree to just talk about unimportant things.

Phyllis sees Diane and Jack kissing when she’s about to knock on the Abbott door.

Devon visits Tucker, angry, and accuses him of trying to steal controlling interest in Chancellor-Winters once it goes public. Tucker points out that he advised him to listen to his instincts about it being a bad idea, but Devon doesn’t want to hear anything he has to say. He accuses Tucker of using Nate to distract him, of sticking Audra in his company as a plant, and to only caring about greed and self-interest. Tucker is clearly also hurt and angry. Devon leaves. Ashley tells Tucker that she never trusted him, anyway, and this was all an act to get to the truth. She leaves, but she’s clearly upset. Tucket is upset, angry and leaves. He finds Phyllis, sitting in her hotel bar and asks her if she’s ready to “burn it all down.”

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