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Recap written by Eva

Kyle is surprised that Audra has moved on from their relationship so quickly. Audra tells Kyle they were two consenting adults having fun and great sex. Audra tells Kyle that he will eventually return to Summer because she is the love of his life.

Kyle tells Diane Nikki fired him, so Diane continues to push Jack to fire Billy so Kyle will go back to Jabot.

Billy asks Adam to sell him the information he has on Tucker. Adam tells Billy he will think about it. Adam talks to Tucker and figures out he is going after Jabot because he is mad with the Abbott’s for his break up with Ashley.

Daniel offers Phyllis a job working at Omegasphere so she can pay her debt to the insurance company.

Phyllis decides to take Tucker’s deal, but after this, she would do her best to change her ways.

Billy sees Tucker go upstairs to his hotel room. Phyllis waits at the Athletic Club bar until Billy leaves. Phyllis goes upstairs and tells Tucker she won’t do anything to help him until he transfers one million dollars into her bank account which is half of the two point two million dollars he promised her for hacking into Billy’s computer to get his financial records.

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, September 21, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Victor: You just have to be patient, lily. All will be revealed in due time.

[ Lily chuckling ]

Lily: Well, that’s not really comforting, given the circumstances.

Victor: Are you forgetting that I was once an anonymous investor?

Lily: No, I know, but jill knew who you were and devon and I trusted jill.

Victor: Well, in this case, you just have to trust me.

Devon: Thank you.

Jack: Would you please get us a table?

Diane: What are you going to do?

Jack: I am going to talk to billy.

Diane: Maybe this isn’t the time or the place.

Jack: I’m not going to make a scene.

Diane: Good. Good, but tread lightly. Billy seems to have a short fuse these days.

Jack: Yeah. Maybe that’s the problem now. He doesn’t think anything through. He just reacts. I don’t know what he’s thinking these days.

Billy: There’s so much change and so many emotional things that happened to her.

Kyle: Hello, stranger.

Audra: Kyle.

Kyle: I missed you.

Audra: We were just at a staff meeting an hour ago.

Kyle: That was work. You seem to be avoiding me lately outside of work. Have you changed your mind about our after-hours fling?

Nikki: Now, just to get this out of the way, I know about your affair, or whatever you’re calling it, with audra charles. I’m sure it’s a fun, easy way to deflect from the pain that you’re feeling going through your breakup and avoid the pain that summer is feeling because of you. You know how protective I am of my granddaughter.

Kyle: Of course, nikki. You know I’ve always admired that about you.

Nikki: Well, then you won’t be surprised to hear that I told audra if she wanted to continue working at newman media, she would have to end the affair immediately.

Kyle: And for the record, it worked. We’re over.

Audra: No, I’ve just been swamped with worked, that’s all. I mean, you’ve seen how crazy it’s been in newman media these last few weeks. There’s no reason to take it personally.

Kyle: I’m not. I just miss our time together.

Audra: Well, be patient. We’ll figure this out.

Nikki: Well, well, well. The two of you seem awfully close. Tell me, were you discussing business or something a little more intimate?

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Audra: Uh, of course, we were discussing business, nikki. Kyle was saying something I couldn’t quite catch, so I moved in a little closer so I could listen.

Nikki: Is that so?

Audra: Yes.

Nikki: And what exactly was this business you were discussing?

Audra: Kyle was bringing me up to speed on several of the new sites we were looking to acquire before you took over. We were going over the pitch to make sure we were on the same page.

Kyle: I was worried you wouldn’t be as enthusiastic about it as I was, so audra was easing my mind.

Nikki: I see. Kyle, could you excuse us for a moment? Audra and I have some other business to discuss privately, if you don’t mind.

Lily: I just have one last question for you.

Victor: All right, if you like.

Lily: Did this person approach you or did you approach them?

Victor: They approached me.

Lily: And would I know this person? Come on, I mean, you can at least tell me that, can’t you?

Victor: No, I can’T.

Lily: Okay.

Victoria: Am i interrupting something?

Victor: No, sweetheart. Not at all. Lily was just on her way out.

Lily: Well, thank you for your time, victor.

Victor: Thank you.

Victoria: What was that all about?

Victor: Nothing that concerns you, my darling.

Victoria: If it has to do with the company, it’s probably something I should know.

Victor: It doesn’t concern newman enterprises either.

Victoria: All right then. I suppose I’ll add it to the ongoing mystery.

Victor: Mm-hmm. If you must know, I own some interest in chancellor-winters.

Victoria: You’re just full of surprises lately, aren’t you?

Victor: Mm-hmm. And I just sold that piece of the company. But let’s not discuss it now, okay? Sweetheart, that is so damn good. Look at the poise and the grace and the presence. My god. I love it. Don’t you?

Victoria: Oh, well, you know. It’s taking some getting used to, looking at my face all day, but it just reminds me to keep focused on getting the job done.

Victor: I think it’s beautiful.

Victoria: Mom was worried that you wouldn’t be that enthusiastic about it.

Victor: Why would she worry about that? This is a fitting symbol of your new position, sweetheart. You’re running this company. It’s in your capable hands now and you’re bringing it to the future. Bright, prosperous future.

Victoria: I see that you’ve replaced my portrait with your own.

Victor: Your office has walls, doesn’t it?

Victoria: That’s not the point, dad. It’s the gesture. It’s the symbolism of all of it, which further leads me to believe that this wasn’t a mere business decision on your part. That there was a personal and punishing element to you replacing me at the head of the company, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out what I did to deserve that.

Diane: What is it you’re worried about?

Jack: He could be alerting devon that we’re going after tucker, after I expressly told him that is a bad idea and he agreed.

Diane: Well, hopefully, that’s not what they’re discussing.

Jack: Well, I seriously doubt that. Look, I don’t doubt that he is protective of jabot and the family and he thinks he’s doing the right thing, but tucker mccall is a big problem and he is up to something and we have to figure out what it is. We can’t do that when we’re showing all our cards.

Devon: Hello, jack.

Jack: Could I have a moment alone with my brother, please?

Billy: We’re in the middle of a conversation, jack.

Devon: No, actually, I think we’re fine. We’ve covered everything, billy. I need to get going anyway.

Billy: Okay, well, just remember what I said, okay? Keep your eyes open, take care of your family. Something big is about to happen with tucker, I can feel it.

Devon: I appreciate the heads up.

Billy: Okay.

Devon: Good to see you, jack.

Jack: You too. What the hell are you doing? Why are you going behind my back on this? Relapsing ms isn’t the only thing I have going on.

Billy: I never agreed to not alert devon about tucker. That was your thinking, not mine.

Jack: Not how I remembered it.

Billy: Of course, it isn’t ’cause you don’t listen to me, jack.

Jack: As I recall, you understood why I didn’t want to use devon to get at tucker. We have no business creating conflict between devon and his father.

Billy: I did not lie to devon, okay? I told him the truth and if that creates distance between the two of them, well maybe, that puts pressure on tucker, which was the plan from the get go. I made the right decision.

Jack: How much did you tell him?

Billy: I told him what ashley told you. Tucker lost his head in paris and that he lashed out because she didn’t want to follow through with the business plan.

Jack: And what was his response?

Billy: He was concerned.

Jack: Concerned?

Billy: Yeah. He was a little rattled.

Jack: He didn’t seem rattled just now. He thanked you for the information and left. If anything, he was trying to get away from you.

Billy: Well, I think it got to him, but, you know, he’s gonna give tucker the benefit of the doubt.

Jack: Ah, damn it, billy.

Billy: I planted a seed, jack. I reminded devon who his father is and what he is capable of. I’m not gonna apologize for that.

Victor: Look, the changes I’ve made were no way a reflection of what I thought of your work. I thought you did a wonderful job. In fact, I’m gonna lean on you as we move forward.

Victoria: That sounds like a press release of someone that you just recently demoted.

Victor: If you will.

Victoria: Am I wrong?

Victor: Don’t you see what’s going on? This is not about you. This is about this company. It has become disjointed, fractured, broken.

Victoria: Did I do that?

Victor: You certainly contributed to it.

Victoria: Dad, that is so unfair.

Victor: Really? I think the results speak for themselves.

[ Victoria sighing ]

Victoria: Well, here’s another thought.

Victor: What?

Victoria: You took charge because you can’t stand not being in control and I was set up to fail. I blame myself for not seeing this coming from the start.

Victor: I’m sad to say you don’t see a lot of things.

Victoria: Well, then please, daddy, please. Enlighten me, because I’m– I’m always here to learn.

Victor: When I handed over the company to you and your brothers, I was hoping that you would create a united front, a united powerhouse. That didn’t happen, did it? Now, I have to step in and clean things up! Run the damn company again! Otherwise, you and your brother would be at each other’s throat! And nicholas would leave the company once again!

Victoria: He’s already done that, dad. And it’s all your fault, not mine. Not even adam’S. It’s all on you!

Lily: Thank you for coming.

Devon: Yeah, for sure. How did things go with victor?

Lily: Uh, they went nowhere.

Devon: Why? He wouldn’t meet with you?

Lily: No, he met with me, but he clearly was enjoying not telling me who this mystery person is.

Devon: God. What difference would it make to him?

Lily: I don’t know. He said he made a deal to not reveal their identity.

Devon: I wonder if he’s playing games with us?

Lily: Well, whatever it is, I don’t like this game. It makes me nervous and it makes me feel like we’re not gonna like whoever this person is to do business with them.

Devon: Do you have any guesses of who it is?

Lily: I mean, he did say that this person approached him, not the other way around, which makes me feel like they clearly have a personal interest in owning a piece of chancellor-winters.

Devon: You must have somebody in mind. Who is it?

Lily: I think it’s tucker. My name is caron and I’m from brooklyn. I am in love with mixtiles. You just pull the adhesive off the back and stick it to any surface, and there’s no damage to your walls. Go to mixtiles.Com and pick sizing, filters and it really makes it fit the decor of your home. Order now and get up to 50% off. Lean cuisine.

Devon: So, what makes you think it’s tucker?

Lily: Just a hunch.

Devon: What’s led you to this hunch?

Lily: Uh, knowing who he is and how he operates, and when he’s angry, he wants to burn bridges and right now, he’s very angry.

Devon: Okay. All right. Fair enough. How would this be a danger to the company since it’s such a small investment? It’s nowhere near controlling.

Lily: It could be his way to get his foot in the door and if he’s back to his original plan of targeting jabot, maybe he’s back to all of his plans.

Devon: I really don’t believe that he would go behind my back for a second time.

Lily: Look, I– I know that you’re trying to rebuild your relationship with him. I know that.

Devon: Yeah, and it’s– it’s– it’s going well and he seemed genuinely concerned that this whole thing with ashley was going to ruin the progress we’ve been making, so I don’t see it.

Lily: Okay. Look, I hope I’m wrong, I do, but I’m not as inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt as you are.

Devon: I understand that. I do. Neither is billy.

Lily: What do you mean?

Devon: We just had an odd conversation before I got here.

Lily: Odd in what way?

Devon: He’s just being billy. Letting off steam, I think.

Lily: About what?

Devon: It’s–

Lily: What did he say?

Devon: He and jack think the same thing you do. They think that tucker is now more dangerous than ever.

Jack: Would you listen to me just this once? Just because the seed is planted does not mean anything is going to grow. Right now, for all we know, devon is on his way to tucker to let him know the abbott brothers are after him.

Billy: You know what I would say to that? Good.

Jack: That would be your response, wouldn’t it?

Billy: Tucker already knows we’re on high alert. If he hears it from devon, maybe it rattles tucker’s cage a little bit. Maybe shows devon his hand.

Jack: And you’re just fine with dropping devon and probably abby in the middle of this mess?

Billy: Actually, I think they should know what’s going on with tucker.

Jack: This is our fight, billy, not theirs. God, I regret even considering the possibility of using devon to get at tucker.

Billy: That’s because you still think we’re using or manipulating devon, which isn’t happening.

Jack: Wait, how are we not?

Billy: I’m opening up his eyes, I’m reminding him of tucker’s true nature. I see no downside there.

Jack: No, you never do.

[ Kyle exhaling ]

Kyle: Oof. Business casual takes on a whole new meaning.

Audra: Well, you know, I thought you could see the earrings better this way. You know, no distractions. I think we’re gonna make a great team.

Kyle: Oh, I’m counting on it.

Audra: So this, tonight? This is?

Kyle: A celebration.

Audra: Mm.

Kyle: My new job, our new collaboration.

Audra: Mm, I like that. Let’s celebrate. You, mr. Abbott, are a genius.

Kyle: Oh, yes. But let’s not talk it to death. I will always have your back. Count on me. I have no doubt we could pull it off.

Audra: Yeah?

Kyle: But why risk it? You have too much to lose.

Audra: Well, not if no one ever knows. And also, why does nikki get to decide who we can and cannot be with? Like…

Kyle: When we know exactly what we want.

Audra: Exactly. We just have to be very discreet.

Kyle: Absolutely.

Audra: And you know, I– I just, I don’t want to lose this.

Kyle: All work and no play? I mean, oof.

Audra: Can you imagine?

Kyle: Mm-mm.

Audra: The prospect would make me way too cruel.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Audra: Plus, knowing that we’re playing with fire every time we’re sneaking around to see each other, that sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

Kyle: You love the danger. Are you really having that much fun with me?

Audra: Eh. I’m just kidding. I just, you know, I certainly don’t want to waste my time not enjoying myself.

Kyle: Well, there is one more concern. Even if we convince nikki that we’ve stopped seeing each other, there’s no guarantee she won’t keep me at the company.

Audra: Let me take care of that. Look, obviously, I’d love nothing more than to spend some quality time with you, but I– I have some calls that I have to make before the meeting. And, um, since our connection is supposed to be a secret, we should probably move on from my suite as a meeting place anyway.

Kyle: I guess that’s true.

Audra: Great. Um, I’ll see you at the office.

Kyle: Um, I was actually gonna get a quick workout. Not the one I was hoping for, unfortunately. Then I’ll head back to the office.

Audra: Okay, um, I’ll– I’ll see you there.

Nikki: So, you and kyle.

Audra: I told you, nikki, it was strictly a business discussion.

Nikki: I heard what you told me and I’m telling you, I think it is problematic for the two of you to have any interaction at all.

Audra: May I ask why?

Nikki: Because the attraction is still there, at least on his part.

Audra: Yeah, well, I’m not gonna deny that. Yes, it is still there. It’s always been there. But you’ve made your position clear on this and I respect you too much to break any rules.

Nikki: And i appreciate that. But I’m not sure that kyle can show the same restraint.

Audra: Look, I told him and he heard me loud and clear.

Nikki: Perhaps. But I get the sense that kyle has a bit of a wild streak in him, not unlike his father when jack was younger. The breakup of his marriage to summer seems to have brought this on. I mean, that is probably why he was drawn to you in the first place.

Audra: So, what are you saying?

Nikki: I’m saying that I think it’s best, moving forward, that we let kyle go from newman media. Isn’t it absolutely bonkers deliciously flavored at the turn of a dial, with zero sugar and zero calories. And cirkul has over 40 flavors, so your water can be as unique as you are. Try cirkul. Your water, your way. Now with even more flavors. Available at walmart or drinkcirkul.Com.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Audra: You want me to fire kyle?

Nikki: I believe that’s the best move for everyone involved.

Audra: With all due respect, mrs. Newman, um, I think you’re overreacting. Kyle isn’t gonna be a problem. I can assure you of that.

Nikki: Well, I am also concerned about you.

Audra: Me?

Nikki: Oh, come on. I know the two of you are carrying on in secret, even though I told you I wanted the relationship to end.

Audra: It has ended.

Nikki: No, it hasn’T. I can see it in his eyes when he looks at you. And before you try to deny it one more time, you should know that you are on very thin ice yourself. I was going to fire both of you, but I’ve decided to remove the temptation and give you one last chance. But trust me, this is your final warning. Do you understand?

Audra: Yes, I understand.

Nikki: Good. I will leave you to notifying kyle of his termination. And I suggest doing it sooner rather than later.

Lily: See? I’m not crazy. I’m not the only one who’s worried about tucker.

Devon: It’s not the same though ’cause jack is upset about the situation with tucker and ashley. Billy is just shooting from the hip. He doesn’t know if anything’s going on.

Lily: Okay, what did he say exactly?

Devon: He said I need to keep my eyes open ’cause he thinks that tucker is up to something.

Lily: Anything specific?

Devon: No. Nothing at all. That’s my point. It just felt like he was trying to recruit me in case something happened.

Lily: Okay, so what did you say?

Devon: I mean, I just sat there and listened. And I said, “thanks for the heads up.” Then, jack walked over and things got weird ’cause it felt like him and billy were upset about something. But neither one of them said anything about victor or chancellor-winters or anything that involved us.

Lily: Well, look, I mean, tucker knows how to fight wars on several fronts.

Devon: Yeah, but as true as that may be, we still don’t have any proof that he is the mystery investor who bought victor’s share.

Lily: Then, why would victor do this to us? Why would he do it to jill?

Devon: I have no idea. I really don’T. But I don’t think tucker would be stupid enough to try another sneak attack, knowing that it would ruin our relationship and his relationship with his grandson if I found out.

Lily: I don’t know, devon. I mean, whatever that’s happening right now, we have to figure it out. I don’t like mysteries and the fact that this person wants to remain anonymous? There’s a reason for that and I don’t think it’s going to benefit us.

Devon: Well, we don’t know that for sure. We don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing and I think you’re jumping to a lot of unwarranted conclusions on several fronts.

Lily: Look, I know this is complicated for you, okay? I know that you’re worried about abby. I know you want tucker to be a real father. I get it. And you could be right. It– it may not be him. I’m just saying don’t underestimate what he’s capable of, okay?

Victor: You’re blaming me for this company’s dysfunction?

Victoria: You decide you’re gonna just shuffle the deck chairs and everyone else has to scramble around to figure out where they fit in in your grand scheme.

Victor: I explained to all three of you what I expected of you.

Victoria: By dictating your plans. Then, you just expect everyone to fall in line.

Victor: You damn well know. You more than anyone else should know a company of this size is not run by consensus. It’s run by one person. And that person is me from now on.

Victoria: Then why even bother to keep me around? Or nicholas, for that matter?

Victor: I don’t want to argue about this. It’s how it is, period!

Victoria: Not in my opinion.

Victor: Your opinion is irrelevant.

Victoria: Oh, thank you, daddy. You just proved my point.

Victor: Newman enterprises is bigger than you or your damn feelings! You either accept this or you can leave.

Victoria: I disagree with you and you just want to throw me out of your kingdom.

Victor: That’s your choice.

Victoria: You know what, dad? If I left, everything would fall apart. Everything.

Victor: What the hell do you mean by that? What do you mean by that? -Fixed. -That’s my son.

Nikki: What is going on in here? I can hear you all the way down the hall.

Victor: Our daughter’s insinuating I’m no longer capable of running my company.

Victoria: That’s not true. I was just questioning some of dad’s decisions.

Victor: It’s one and the same.

Victoria: Well, what is it then? We’re not allowed to challenge you anymore?

Victor: I will not tolerate insubordination.

Nikki: All right. Why don’t we all take a break, calm down before somebody says something they will regret.

Victor: I’ve said all I have to say.

Nikki: It’s premature to talk about the changes anyway because they won’t go into effect for another few weeks, and your father and I are planning a trip together before I move over to newman media and he takes the reins again here. So, there will be plenty of time to sort everything out to everyone’s satisfaction.

Victoria: That works for me.

Victor: That doesn’t work for me.

Nikki: What do you mean?

Victor: What I mean is that changes in both companies have to be finalized immediately.

Nikki: Well, that’s not what we talked about.

Victor: I don’t give a damn! It’s my decision! That’s what will happen!

Kyle: That took a while. Nikki must have had a lot to talk about. Care to clue me in?

Audra: She knows, kyle.

Kyle: About us? How is that possible? We’ve been so careful.

Audra: Well, not careful enough for nikki to trust us. More specifically, to trust you. When she saw us earlier together, she put two and two together and figured out that we’ve been seeing each other, in spite of her telling us not to. And– and she believes that as long as we keep working together, this attraction and desire won’t go away. At least, not on your part.

Kyle: Okay, how could she tell this, exactly?

Audra: She said she could see it in your eyes.

Kyle: Come on. Really?

Audra: I’m just telling you what she told me.

Kyle: Well, I’m not gonna deny I’m attracted to you and I have the desire to kiss you every time I’m around you–

Audra: Kyle, just– no. Just please.

Kyle: Why are you acting this way?

Audra: Because we can’t keep doing this. Just– haven’t you been listening?

Kyle: Okay, okay. I get it. I’ll keep my business face on when we’re at the office and we’ll be more careful when we’re in public.

Audra: It’s too late for that.

Kyle: What do you mean it’s too late? I’ll calm nikki down.

Audra: She told me to fire you, kyle.

Kyle: What?

Audra: Look, I– I tried to change her mind, I fought for you, but her mind was already made up.

Kyle: Because of a look in my eye? Are you kidding me?

Audra: It doesn’t matter why, okay? I just– it’s over. On all counts. Okay? I’M… I’m sorry.

Billy: You still don’t trust me, do you.

Jack: Oh, come on, billy.

Billy: No, that’s what this is about, jack. It’s always been about that. You don’t think I can handle myself without your guidance.

Jack: And you can’t be criticized because you take everything I say so personally.

Billy: Because it’s always personal, jack, and very seldom complimentary.

Jack: And that’s why you jump down my throat every time I disagree with you.

Diane: All right, gentlemen, please. This is not the place for this fight.

Billy: You should tell your new husband that.

Diane: Billy.

Billy: You know what? Forget it. Don’t worry about it ’cause he’s not gonna change anyway.

[ Jack sighing ] I’m kareem abdul jabbar.

Lily: You’re not mad at me, are you?

Devon: No, I’m not mad.

Lily: Okay, good. Because I love you and we’re on the same team, right?

Devon: Of course. Of course, we are and I love you too. I just don’t think that tucker is our guy, okay? I mean, even if he is, he would have no say in what happens in our company because he’s just buying an investment.

Lily: I really wish I had your confidence.

Devon: Am I wrong about that?

Lily: I don’t know. I just know that I don’t like surprises and neither does jill and we have to get to the bottom of this. And I’m sorry, but my money is still on tucker.

Victoria: Can you believe him?

Nikki: He was angry and lashing out. I’ll talk to him and try to calm things down.

Victoria: Well, good luck.

Nikki: You know, it doesn’t help that you keep pushing his buttons.

Victoria: All I did was question how he arbitrarily upends the lives of people that he supposedly cares for.

Nikki: Victoria, you know your father loves you. Don’t ever question that.

Victoria: Yes, mom. He particularly loves us when we’re obedient to him and falling in line with whatever he wants. Not so much loving when we cross him, like I did just now. Did you get here in time to hear him invite me to leave the company?

Nikki: He didn’t mean that.

Victoria: Oh, I’m not so sure. He keeps changing the rules, mom, and it’s only gonna get worse. What is it gonna take for you to agree that we are headed in the wrong direction? Not just for the family, but also for the company. How long can you ignore what is happening to him?

Kyle: Thank you. Here’s to being unemployed. Again.

Victor: Hello, kyle.

Kyle: Hey.

Victor: May I?

Kyle: Of course. Have a seat.

Victor: That sounds a pretty strong drink for the middle of a day.

Kyle: Oh, haven’t you heard? Nikki forced audra to fire me because she didn’t like the look in my eye.

Victor: Really? Huh. And you don’t think that is your fault?

Kyle: Well… this rounds out a perfect morning for me. Can I buy you a drink?

Victor: No, thank you.

Kyle: Then, tell me how exactly this is my fault.

Victor: Kyle, I hate to… to tell you this, but you are an abbott. You don’t belong at newman. You never have and never will. You belong with your family and your family’s business.

Diane: Jack, you need to calm down.

Jack: I am trying.

Diane: Well, maybe there wasn’t any damage done. Devon probably just thought that billy was venting about tucker.

Jack: Yeah, I seriously doubt that. Besides, that isn’t the point. I don’t know if I can trust him anymore after this. He always thinks he’s right, he doesn’t listen and it always ends in chaos.

Diane: So, what are you gonna do?

Jack: I don’t know. Right now, I am leaning towards cutting the cord and letting him go.

[ Jack exhaling ]

Billy: Can I get a single malt neat please? You can make that a double.

[ Billy exhaling ] Thank you.

Jack: Hey, I have a long track record in business and maybe you’ve heard about it. There’s not a corporate boardroom situation that I have not faced. I would like to be there to help you, if you could use some help.

Billy: Right. Of course, jack,; cause where the hell would I be without the wise, wise words of mr. Jack abbott.

Jack: It’s this endless effort to find a safe place to land about unresolved issues?

Billy: What are you– what are you talking about? Unresolved issues with what? With you? With dad? With mom?

Jack: I don’t know. It could be any of those.

Billy: You’re reaching, okay? You know what? Maybe it’s you with the unresolved issues. Maybe you’re questioning me in the corporate world because you’re scared I’m gonna outshine you.

Jack: I trust you. I know I can count on you.

Billy: Your instinct is–

Jack: You have proven time and again–

Billy: It’s your instinct. You fully believe that I’m just gonna fall right back where I came from. That’s not surprising whatsoever because you don’t trust me and you never have.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, September 21, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Lily tells Devon that she thinks the mystery investor in Chancellor-Winters is Tucker. Devon tells Lily that Billy told him to keep his guard up because he and Jack think Tucker is up to something. Jack and Billy have another argument because Billy talked to Devon even though Jack told him not to do it. Billy gets drunk and remembers some of the arguments he and Jack have had recently because Jack doesn’t trust him.

Nikki tells Audra to fire Kyle because she knows that they are having a secret relationship. Nikki makes it clear to Audra that she is going to give her one more chance to keep her job. Audra fires Kyle and puts an end to their relationship.

Victor tells Kyle he should return to work at Jabot.

Victor tells Victoria that he is the one running the company, and if she doesn’t like it she can quit. Victor tells Nikki that he can’t go on the trip they planned because he needs to start running the company right away.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Lily tells Devon that Victor has sold his private investment in Chancellor-Winters to an anonymous investor. Lily later goes to Victor’s office to ask him why he sold his investment and Victor tells Lily he has to handle some problems at Newman Enterprises. Victor also tells Lily that the anonymous investor in Chancellor-Winters wishes to remain anonymous until some contract details are worked out.

Jack and Billy argue because Billy wants to turn Devon against Tucker so Tucker will leave town but Jack makes it clear that he doesn’t like that plan and they have to find another way to get Tucker out of town. Jack is upset when he sees Billy talking to Devon at Society and he knows Billy went against his wishes.

Summer and Kyle call a truce and decide to have an amicable divorce for Harrison’s sake. Summer tells Kyle to consider coming back to Jabot where he belongs.

Tucker wants Phyllis to hack into Billy’s computer so he can see Billy’s financial records. Phyllis agrees to do it because she needs the 2.2 million dollars Tucker is going to give her to pay back the insurance company the money they paid out when she faked her death.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Jack: I checked up on ashley before we left for work this morning. She’s doing okay, all things considered.

Billy: Well, I’m glad to hear that. Has she heard from tucker?

Jack: Oh, he blew up her phone the first couple of days. Now, radio silence.

Billy: The only thing that creeps me out more than hearing his smart ass threats is not hearing his smart ass threats. It’s like we’re sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Jack: Well, he’s tucker mccall, so it’s waiting for the other live grenade.

Billy: Exactly, which means we gotta make a move, jack. Asap.

Jack: Agreed.

Billy: So, who talks to devon first? You or me?

Devon: Hey, hey.

Lily: That was quick.

Devon: Yeah. You sounded upset.

Lily: Yeah, I am.

Devon: Why? What’s going on?

Lily: Um, do you remember how victor became a private investor to stop us from taking chancellor-winters public?

Devon: Yeah. How can I forget that?

Lily: Well, uh, he now wants out of chancellor-winters.

Devon: What? Why?

Lily: I don’t know. And what’s worse is that he’s privately sold off his stake to a third party already.

Devon: That doesn’t make any sense. Who’s the third party investor?

Lily: That is the million-dollar question.

Diane: Good morning, phyllis.

[ Phyllis gasping ]

Phyllis: Diane, please, please don’t start with me. Please.

Diane: I just finished a morning meeting. And what brings you here?

Phyllis: What did I just say?

Diane: Well, I thought maybe you had a coffee date. I’m just trying to make polite conversation.

Phyllis: We just tolerate each other, okay? Let’s not pretend there’s anything else besides that. It really just gets on my nerves. Unless that’s what you’re trying to do, is get on my nerves, in which case, you have succeeded.

Diane: What I’m trying to do is establish some sort of civility between the two of us for kyle and summer’s sake. I assume you’re as interested as I am in trying to get them back together since you’re the reason they’re headed for a divorce in the first place.

[ Phyllis clearing her throat ]

Phyllis: I think we’re both to blame for that.

Diane: Mm, I don’t think so. You know, I’m not the one who put summer in the position of having to lie to kyle over and over and over again.

Phyllis: And, by the way, I just found out about this. Your son wasted, I don’t know, three minutes on thinking about what he should do before he jumped into bed with that audra girl.

Diane: Oh, right, right. And the thought of meaningless sex as an escape from emotional pain is offensive to your deeply engrained moral standards?

Phyllis: Diane, I’m sorry. I just cannot do this with you. Enough.

Kyle: Thank you. I think you’re right. There’s no coming back from what you did. No second chance for our marriage, so let’s end this torture.

Summer: So?

Kyle: It’s time to divorce. No reason not to move forward.

Summer: Okay. Okay, I’ll, um… I’ll move all of my stuff out of the house as soon as I can. I’ll get in touch with a lawyer. Kyle, I really hope that we can keep this friendly, for harrison’s sake.

Kyle: We’ll handle it as adults, as parents.

Summer: Kyle, wait. I really am sorry. For– for everything.

Kyle: Me too.

[ Summer sighing ]

Summer: Kyle. Hi.

Kyle: Hey. You saved me a phone call.

Summer: Harrison’s okay, isn’t he?

Kyle: He’s fine. I just wanted to make sure you got the letter confirming our legal meeting to clarify his custody agreement.

Summer: Yeah, yeah, I did. I’ll be there. Anything I can do to make this divorce as easy and painless as possible for harrison.

Kyle: Please. You know, harrison comes first, so we go in with that in mind. He deserves two fully invested parents who don’t let their own stuff get in the way of his happiness.

Summer: Yeah, I– I don’t want this to be any harder on him than it already is.

Kyle: I know you don’T. Things will work out the way they should.

Summer: Is– is this us calling a truce? (Vo) ultimate endless shrimp is here.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Kyle: Whoa, let’s not get crazy.

Summer: Oh, no. You’re right. Maybe we should go back to fighting.

[ Both chuckling ]

Kyle: No, I don’t want that. For harrison or for us.

Summer: This conversation feels really different than any of the other ones we’ve had lately.

Kyle: Things were messy. Time heals and… all of that, but putting harrison first, it, uh, you know, simplifies things, don’t you think?

Summer: Well, being harrison’s mom is just about the best thing that’s ever happened to me, so yeah, I do agree. 100%.

Kyle: You are his mom. You always will be. We’re lucky to have him. That’s all that matters.

Summer: I’m really relieved. I didn’t know if this thing between us just was gonna drag on and we were gonna double down on our resentments, but if– if you’ve really moved past your anger to acceptance–

Kyle: I have, summer. Our son deserves an incredible life and he can’t have that if he has a brooding and pissed off father.

Summer: Or mother. I’m not sure how we got here, but I’m really glad that we did.

Diane: Setting aside what I’ll politely call “our issues,” wouldn’t you like to see our kids find their way back to one another?

Phyllis: Diane, listen. I promised my daughter I wouldn’t get involved. I’m not breaking my promise.

Diane: What? Now? After all the destruction, you’re suddenly hands off? Talk about convenience.

Phyllis: Okay, well, wow. This is fun.

Diane: All right, look. Phyllis, I’ll be honest. All I care about is my son and I’m worried about him and he’s hiding from his feelings by throwing himself into work and yes, that ridiculous affair.

Phyllis: Well, it is a nightmare.

Diane: Yeah.

Phyllis: I’ll agree with you there, but if you’re gonna try to make my daughter forgive kyle, that’s not the answer.

Diane: I’m not trying to make anyone do anything, but I’m not the only one that should put in some effort here, despite whatever promises you made summer. Phyllis, you don’t have to meddle, but– but if you and I can put on a united peaceful front, then maybe the two of them will do the same.

Phyllis: Okay, I gave my word my daughter. I’m not going back on it. I’m not.

Diane: All right, then why don’t you think of something? You know what? On second thought? Forget it. I don’t know why I’m even trying to have a rational conversation with you.

Phyllis: All right. Okay. So, give it up immediately, like, forever.

[ Diane scoffing ]

Phyllis: Okay.

Tucker: Ladies.

Diane: Oh, of course. Of course, this is who you’re meeting. You two are perfect for each other.

Tucker: I don’t think she meant that as a compliment.

Jack: I will admit that your idea of turning devon against tucker kept me awake half the night. I– I understand your thinking, but the potential damage it could do–

Billy: Hold on a second. We’re not poisoning devon against tucker based on a bunch of lies. We’re not manipulating him. We don’t have to do that. We present the cold, hard evidence that tucker is still the deceitful con artist he was when he left genoa city.

Jack: Then, it’s your belief that if we could convince devon that his father is incapable of change, no matter what he does, it will drive a wedge between the two of them.

Billy: I sure as hell hope so, jack. And look, devon is a decent guy. Too decent of a guy to keep tucker in his life and if tucker loses devon, he loses his connection to genoa city and hopefully, he’s the hell out of town, okay? And out of our lives for good.

Jack: I understand your thinking. Tucker and devon are father and son. Devon already lost neil. Think about it. Somebody coming between you and dad, or you and johnny.

Billy: It’s not the same thing. Tucker is a maniac. He’s a jackass. And honestly? He doesn’t deserve devon or dominic.

Jack: If we’re gonna do battle with tucker, it is our battle to fight. We have no right dragging devon into this, even if we can convince ourselves we’re doing it for the right reason. I’m kareem abdul jabbar.

Billy: Tucker is toxic, jack. He’s dangerous. We know that. Devon gave him a chance when he came back into town. Hell, ashley did too. How did that work out for her? It’s only a matter of time before he screws things up with devon as well.

Jack: Exactly. So, why force the issue?

Billy: Because we want him out of town. Do we not want that? Look, the longer he spends here, jack, the more damage he does. Not just to us, to our family, to this company. Think about the potential fallout to devon, to abby, to dominic. The more time he spends with them, the more pain he causes them.

Jack: I’m sorry, billy, no matter what you say, we can’t turn this wrong into a right. But we have to find some other way to drive tucker out of town, and we will, but right now, drop this. Oh, I got a meeting I got to get to.

Billy: We’ll finish this later, jack.

Jack: We already have finished it.

[ Billy sighing ]

Devon: So, jill has no idea who this other investor might be?

Lily: No idea. Or why victor even sold his interest in chancellor-winters. It’s like, did he lose faith in us or what?

Devon: Or what’s the agenda of this new investor?

Lily: And why would he do this without talking to jill about it first?

Devon: Or at least giving her a heads up.

Lily: I don’t know. I mean, jill wants to find out the answer to all these things.

Devon: Where do you imagine we would start if we don’t have a name?

[ Lily scoffing ]

Lily: I don’t know. Victor, I guess? I mean, I want to meet with him and see if he’ll tell me anything. Actually, you know what? He demoted victoria as ceo of newman and reinstated himself. I wonder if that has something to do with it?

Devon: Hm.

[ Phone chiming ] That’s billy. He wants to meet with me.

Lily: About what?

Devon: It’s probably tucker because now that he’s on his own and he’s claiming that ashley broke his heart, the abbotts think that he’s gonna do something to retaliate, so billy’s probably trying to figure out or find out what he’s up to.

Lily: How do you feel about tucker being back and what he’s saying about ashley?

Devon: Uh… I mean, if it were anyone else, it’d be a lot easier to give them the benefit of the doubt, but as abby keeps reminding me, he’s who he is, so he’s probably not the victim in all of this, you know?

Lily: Well, she’s not wrong.

Devon: Oh, believe me, I– I– I do know that he deserves and has earned all of the skepticism that he gets. I just thought that maybe he’d wanna change for once in his life. I’ve kept him at arm’s length for a while. Then, I finally started to let myself believe in him.

Lily: I mean, of course. He’s your birth father. Of course, you wanna believe in him.

Devon: Honestly, at this point, I just wanna know the truth about what happened between him and ashley, and maybe if billy can tell me where the abbotts are coming from, it’d help me figure it all out.

Tucker: I’m guessing you wanted to see me for one of two reasons: You’re interested in the offer or you just missed me. The offer.

Phyllis: As you already pointed out, I do need to reimburse the insurance company for the payout when I died. Or else they’ll come after me to sue me, so I am interested, but…

Tucker: But? No, no. No buts. In or out, right now.

Phyllis: Okay, well this is too serious of a game for me. I need to know the name of the company–

Tucker: No. You don’t need to know until I decide you need to know.

Phyllis: No, I do need to know. This is a big deal. It doesn’t matter. I think I already know.

Tucker: Do you?

Phyllis: Yeah. You and ashley have imploded. You want payback. You’re going after jabot.

Tucker: It’s close, but not quite. If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Summer: Thank you. So, tell me. How are you doing with all the changes at newman? How does my grandma taking over at newman media affect you?

Kyle: Well, I think I’m safe for now, but it’s impossible to say with all this upheaval across the board. And between that and your grandmother finding out about…

Summer: You and audra. Ah. She must not have been very happy about that.

Kyle: Oh, she was way past not happy. She forced audra to end things with me if she wanted to keep her job.

Summer: Hm.

Kyle: Summer, you have a very protective grandmother.

Summer: And a pretty generous one too, if you think about it. Bet it was all she could do to not fire her opportunistic ass.

Kyle: Okay, I’m the one you should be pissed off at. Not her.

Summer: I’m just calling it like I see it. Seriously, kyle. I’m glad that whatever it was with audra is over because, I mean, you gotta know, no good was gonna come of it. And if you don’t believe me, you could ask noah.

Kyle: Yeah, well, it’s over, so that doesn’t really matter anymore, does it?

Summer: Kyle, I’m sorry.

Kyle: I’m sure.

Summer: No, I don’t mean that I’m sorry that it’s over between you and audra, obviously. But, I do believe that you’d never would have gotten involved with her if I hadn’t hurt you so badly. So, yes to the extent that you are vulnerable to her, because of me, I am sorry.

Jack: The only backstabbing son of a bitch in this room is you.

Tucker: If you say so.

Jack: What is this? Some new tactic to create tension between my co-ceo and me? Any efforts to destabilize jabot in the past haven’t worked. We are strong, jabot is solid.

Tucker: I hear you, I hear you. Jack, you gotta let go of all this hostility. Ashley and I have. We’re not a threat to you and if you want to continue to trust billy, that’s your call. Be my guest.

Billy: But you don’t really 100% trust me, do you?

Jack: Why don’t you think I can trust you?

Billy: Because it’s your instinct, jack. Because you think, for one second, that I might go to their side. To go against everything that I promised to the company, to our family, to our father’s legacy, the promise that I made to you.

Jack: I’m sorry that you took what I said that way.

Billy: Give me a break, jack. There’s only one way to take that.

[ Diane sighing ]

Jack: Hey.

Diane: Hey.

Jack: Uh-oh. What’s wrong?

Diane: I’ll give you three guesses and they should all start with phyllis.

Jack: What happened?

Diane: Well, don’t worry. I was perfectly polite. But in trying to find some common ground with her, I very logically suggested that she and I should at least be civil to each other and we should work together to try to get kyle and summer to reconcile.

Jack: Uh-huh. And…

Diane: And she refused! She said that she promised summer she wouldn’t get involved, but you know what? I think there’s more to it than that.

Jack: Like what?

Diane: Like maybe she doesn’t want them to get back together. Maybe she thinks that summer is better off without kyle because of me.

Jack: Don’t hate me, but if that’s the case, and I don’t think it is, I agree with phyllis.

Diane: What?

Jack: I think she has a point. We have no business getting involved in their breakup. We can care about them, we can care about their child, but they have to handle this themselves.

Diane: But we both know that kyle still loves summer and that they belong together.

Jack: And they will work it out if they can, if they want to, but they have to do it, not us. We’re just the parents. We have to stand back and support them no matter which way this goes.

Phyllis: Tucker.

Tucker: I’m considering how much to tell you.

Phyllis: I could just walk away.

Tucker: All right. Billy abbott.

Phyllis: What about billy abbott?

Tucker: Uh… I want you to get me access to his personal finances.

Phyllis: What axe would you have to grind–

Tucker: No, I told you. Why doesn’t make any difference. Besides, why would you care? I know the dynamic between you and billy and I know your history. It’s not pretty.

Phyllis: All right. Well, that’s irrelevant, but thanks for bringing it up.

Tucker: And I can’t think of a reason why you would ever be billy abbott’s ally. And you have the skill to keep your hands clean while you do this for me, do you not?

Phyllis: Why are you going after billy? Why do you want me to hack into his financials? I mean, is it part of a bigger plan?

Tucker: Well, if it is, don’t you want plausible deniability?

Phyllis: Oh, tucker. I have just been through a nightmare. Please.

Tucker: I know. A nightmare that would’ve been much worse were it not for me.

Phyllis: Is it so hard for you to understand that I want to know the consequences? I wanna know what’s going on so I can agree to be a part of this or refuse.

Billy: Hey.

Devon: Hello.

Billy: Thanks for coming. Appreciate it.

Devon: Yeah, man. You said it was important.

Billy: It is. Believe me.

Devon: I imagine the only important thing we have to talk about is tucker.

Billy: Have a seat. Can I get you coffee?

Devon: Sure, yeah.

Billy: Coffee, please.

Devon: So, I am right. Why don’t you, uh, lay it on me. What’s going on?

Billy: Well, first thing’s first. I hate– I hate to do this. I really do, you know. You’re my niece’s partner, I do consider you a friend, so I feel like in good conscious, I have to warn you. I’m afraid your father is out of control again. My active psoriatic arthritis

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Devon: So, out of control, you say? What does out of control mean?

Billy: He’s up to his old antics.

Devon: That could be many things.

Billy: That’s true. Look, I don’t know how much you know about his breakup with ashley.

Devon: I know that they both have their own versions of what happened and they’re very different from each other.

Billy: Well, that’s not surprising. Given tucker’s track record, I’m putting my money on ashley’s version. You know, once jack and ashley made peace, ashley came to a very reasonable conclusion that she did not want to cut ties with jabot and more importantly, with her family.

Devon: Right, and abby said that ashley and tucker were planning on creating a company to compete with jabot, and then ashley changed her mind about it because she said it would be bad business, right?

Billy: Precisely. And yet, as far as what ashley’s saying, tucker went ballistic. You know, she told jack that she had never seen him that angry or that aggressive, which is saying something. He really scared her, devon.

Devon: Yeah, abby, uh, abby mentioned that her mom said that.

Billy: Yeah, well, maybe she didn’t mention everything to abby. I mean, maybe she was trying to protect her a little bit. The point is, if tucker was that threatening to the woman that he claims he loves more than anyone else, it just seems to me that there’s more at stake here, don’t you think?

Devon: More at stake like what?

Billy: Jack and I believe that all of this was a plan on tucker’s end. To exploit ashley of her money and her expertise in order to build himself a new empire, and now that that new avenue has been cut off, he’s coming after jabot on his own.

Devon: Okay. I don’t know about all that, billy. That sounds a little extreme, if you ask me.

Billy: Mm.

Devon: I mean, I think the two of them, you know, had a fight that clearly went further than it should have and I imagine things were said back and forth to each other in the moment and buttons were pushed, but… I mean, why are you sharing your thoughts about this with me?

Tucker: You know, if you’re gonna be this inquisitive, I don’t see us ever getting to a satisfactory compromise.

Phyllis: I’m trying to stay out of prison. Yes, I’m inquisitive.

Tucker: I just don’t see where else you’re gonna get this money you need, you desperately need, to pay back the insurance company before they take legal action. The clock must be ticking, phyllis. Then again, not my problem.

Phyllis: You came to me, tucker.

Tucker: Because I thought you were more pragmatic. That’s all right. It’s not as if you’re the only tech genius in the world. I guess I’ll have to find another one.

Lily: Jill cancelled the ipo. That changes everything.

Devon: Right. And do you know that victor newman is the one who convinced her to do that?

Lily: No, I– I didn’t know that. She told me that a friend had helped her see a better solution. Did jill tell you that?

Devon: Well, when I asked her, she made it pretty obvious and then I saw them both with their heads together inside.

Lily: Okay, so then, you don’t know if it were victor then.

Devon: I mean, it’s– it’s an educated guess.

Lily: Okay, well, I– I wouldn’t be surprised if it were victor. He cares about you. He always has since you were a teenager. Look, devon. Everything that you were worried about is gone now. You were worried about losing control of the company. That’s gone. Even the people you were worried about. Nate, audra, I mean, even billy. They’re all gone. It’s just us. So look, we can streamline operations, you know? I’ll back off and– and– and give you everything that you need to do to run your division how you want.

Devon: And you expect me to do the same thing for you?

Lily: Yeah. We can each run our own operations the way that we see fit. You know, we won’t have shareholders looking over our shoulders. This can finally be the united family business that we’ve dreamed of, if you say yes.

[ Lily exhaling ] Victor.

Victor: Oh, my goodness. Lily!

Lily: Hi. How are you? Good to see you.

Victor: Nice to see you. Please have a seat.

Lily: Thank you.

Victor: My goodness.

Lily: Thank you for working me into your schedule so quickly.

Victor: You bet. So, first of all, it’s very nice to see you.

Lily: You too.

Victor: And I’m sure you’re somewhat curious as to why I decided to sell my private stake in chancellor-winters.

Lily: Yes, I am. And forgive me, but I have to ask, where did this come from?

Victor: Well… I have my reasons.

Lily: I mean, listen, victor. If you have lost faith in me and jill and devon and how we run the company–

Victor: It has nothing to do with that at all. Nothing. The three of you have done a wonderful job.

Lily: Well, thank you, but I’m– I’m confused. I mean, why are you backing out?

What makes a medicare

supplement insurance plan,

Kyle: I had no idea you felt responsible in any way that I got involved with audra. I mean, that’s all on me, summer.

Summer: Well, don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean that I forgive you or that I don’t think that it was a foolish, crappy move.

[ Kyle sighing ] Look. Obviously, I wasn’t the biggest fan of audra to begin with after what she did to my brother in london, so I– I’ll just– I’ll be quiet.

Kyle: Well, I’d hardly expect you to wanna be friends with her.

Summer: I don’t know. Maybe some good could come from this though.

Kyle: I’m listening.

Summer: Maybe you could use it as a wake up call?

Kyle: What kind of wake up call?

Summer: I’m just saying, I’m sure it might be a little awkward between you and audra in the office now that things between you are over.

Kyle: Okay, she and i are professionals. I’m hoping that won’t be a problem.

Summer: Even if you are, maybe you should take this as a sign that it’s time to come back to your family’s company. Back to jabot, where you and I both know that you belong.

[ Phone ringing ] Marchetti business calls. Think about it.

[ Kyle sighing ]

Jack: People have interfered in our relationship since we first got together. How much help do you think that has been?

Diane: That is a hardly a fair comparison. Not only did they want us to never get back together, they wanted me gone.

Jack: But we still managed to be together, didn’t we? Because we knew we belonged together. We knew it in our hearts.

Diane: Just like kyle and summer.

Jack: Yeah, that’s right. I don’t doubt that. And if they see it as we do, they’re going to work it out without any help.

Diane: All right. I understand your logic, I do. I just keep hoping that kyle will come to his senses sooner rather than later. You know, quit that job, that insanity with audra and come home, you know? In every sense of the word.

Jack: There’s nothing I would like more. Unfortunately, leaving jabot was kyle’s decision, not mine and I hate the distance it’s created between us.

Diane: Well, it was also his decision to ask summer to move out instead of asking her to stay to try to work through things. Jack, he’s obviously in a lot of pain and he’s not thinking clearly and I– I can’t just sit by and watch him continue to spiral without trying to help him find his way back to himself. And to jabot. And– and to summer.

Jack: I think you can because you know deep down, we can’t make these things happen. We have to trust kyle to work this out on his own. In the meantime…

Diane: What?

Jack: I find myself in desperate need to shift my focus to something easier, happier, less troubled.

Diane: Oh, really? And what would that be?

Jack: Having a nice, quiet meal with my beautiful wife.

Diane: You know what? I fall in love with you all over again every time I hear that word.

Jack: Yeah?

Diane: I do.

Victor: Now, lily, you have been in the business world long enough to know that investors come and go for all kinds of reasons.

Lily: I know, I do, but you’re not any investor. You’re you. So, I have to wonder what your reasons are.

Victor: Fair enough. You recall that I decided to buy stake in chancellor-winters once I found out there was a widening gap between you and devon. I didn’t like that. I know your father would not have liked that, right? So, I stepped in to rectify that, and I think I did, right?

Lily: Absolutely.

Victor: Good.

Lily: And I do thank you for that. I know my father would appreciate it too.

Victor: Besides that, I… have some other reasons having to do with some problems at my company that I need to rectify.

[ Lily exhaling ]

Lily: Okay. Well, thank you for the explanation and thank you for the compliments on how we’re running the company. It means a lot to me.

Victor: You’ve done a wonderful job. Your father would be very proud of you.

Lily: Thank you. I do have one more question.

Victor: Name it.

Lily: I mean, who is this mystery investor that’s taking your place? You know that feeling of having to rewash dishes

Victor: I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to divulge that information.

Lily: Why not?

Victor: Because the investor prefers to keep their identity a secret.

[ Lily chuckling ]

Lily: Yeah, but, I mean, you can’t share it with me or devon or jill? It’s our company.

Victor: Yeah, well, in due time.

Lily: So, I’m sorry. What? You’re gonna share it with us one day? I mean, victor, you have to understand how nerve wracking that is. You just said the company is doing really well. What if this person comes in and destroys all the progress that we’ve made?

Victor: That’s not gonna happen. You’re just gonna have to be patient until the new investor feels that all the contractual fine points have been worked out. Then, they’ll come and introduce themselves to you, okay?

Billy: Look, it’s not my intention to interfere with your relationship with your father.

Devon: Well, what is your intention then, billy? Because you must have had some kind of agenda to want to meet me like this. So, what are you trying to accomplish?

Jack: Damn it.

Diane: What?

Jack: Billy. He’s gone behind my back again.

Tucker: Well, as pointless meetings go, this one’s very memorable. Thank you. Take care, phyllis. Or don’T. Whatever you want.

Phyllis: Wait. Wait. Please, sit down. Sit down, please. I want half of the money right now. Now. Immediately. Then, the other half when I get into billy’s financials. Then, I want out. The rest is on you.

Tucker: Okay. Meet me in my suite in one hour and I will transfer the money to you and you can get to work. Is there anything else?

Phyllis: No, we’re good.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sharon: How’s it looking?

Mariah: Uh, really, really scary. The weather report has all of these crazy colors and I don’t really understand what any of it means, but it seems to spell impending doom.

[ Sharon chuckles ]

Sharon: Okay, I trust your assessment.

Mariah: Now, I’m really glad that your trip to the west coast got postponed because I would not want you flying in this.

Sharon: Well, I’m a little disappointed.

Mariah: Because you’re spending the night with me? Yeah, that makes sense.

Sharon: No, that could never make me sad. I’m just disappointed I didn’t get to meet with the west coast division heads of kirsten incorporated and get them excited about the future of the company. I’ve set up video calls with them in the morning. Right now, that will have to suffice.

Mariah: That is excellent executive planning.

Sharon: Well, thank you.

[ Sharon chuckles ] The good news is I get to spend the evening checking in with you. How are you? How’s aria? Have you followed up after your first appointment with the audiologist?

Mariah: Yes, we actually have an appointment with dr. George tomorrow morning where she’s supposed to do more tests with aria and tessa was supposed to be there, but because of the weather, who knows?

Sharon: Okay, so you’ll probably know much more after that.

Mariah: Yeah. Depending on the results of the tests, they will be able to confirm a diagnosis. And then they’ll decide, you know, whether they can fit her with hearing aids. You know, if they think they’re actually going to help her. You know, tessa should really, really be there. You know, we want aria to feel double the love and double the protection.

Sharon: I’m sure she already does. Have a little faith. And the night’s not over. Things could still turn out exactly the way you want them to.

Tucker: Good evening, phyllis.

Phyllis: Tucker. Alone, I see. And then you asked heather for a good attorney. So, that doesn’t spell good tidings for you and ashley, does it?

Tucker: Are you going to offer me some comforting words?

Phyllis: I’d feel bad for you, but then I remember your proverbial hands around my neck, withholding carson, threatening my future, so no.

[ Tucker chuckles ]

Tucker: And yet, look at you now. Drinking martinis free and easy. So things all worked out.

Phyllis: What happened with ashley? What did you do to make her dump you?

Billy: I’m just glad that abby was able to get a hold of ashley. She’s worried about our sister, but now we know she’s okay.

Jack: Yeah, it’s a relief to hear from ashley, but hearing her describe her fight with tucker was infuriating.

Billy: Well, he’s a son of a bitch that’s hurt her more than once. And he’s a genuine threat. Before we talk next steps, jack, did ashley mention whether she believes her marriage to tucker is over for good or not?

Jack: Oh, I don’t see how they could come back from this. She thought he had changed, he clearly had not. He revealed his true colors.

Billy: My opinion, he did that a long time ago, but yes, I’m glad that this happened now, before they were able to start their marriage together.

Jack: We have to figure out what he may be planning and how we’re going to minimize the threat.

Billy: He’s come after jabot before, he’ll do it again. Or he may target our entire family out of revenge.

Jack: With someone like tucker mccall, it’s anyone’s guess what his next move is. I’m jonathan lawson

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Mariah: Okay, I need to talk about something else. So, let’s talk about the company. It’s amazing! You and nick are going to be working together. You know, that’s awesome.

Sharon: I think so too.

Mariah: I am much more comfortable moving forward with this configuration. I mean, working for you and nick as bosses? Fabulous. Working under adam? Yeah, that was going to be a tough one.

Sharon: It does feel like a huge weight has been lifted now that adam’s not in the equation anymore.

Mariah: You and nick compliment each other.

Sharon: I think we do.

Mariah: So, uh, how is he doing on his trip? Have you talked to him?

Sharon: He checked in earlier. It’s been a huge success. The divisions are really excited about having new leadership, especially ones that are attentive, visionary.

Mariah: So, now that the dust is settling, I mean, do you have any plans moving forward. Uh, what do you want to do?

Sharon: Well, I’ve had to readjust the plans, but, um, I have so many ideas.

Mariah: Tell me.

Sharon: Okay, well, I’d like to streamline the company. I think we should focus on using the technology that kirsten creates to help other companies who need it. Like schools or medical clinics, nonprofits, even entities like new hope.

Mariah: That sounds amazing. Gosh, I’m so excited to start work. Can I? Soon, please?

Sharon: As soon as nick gets back, we’re going to finalize everything. We were all set on the office spaces, but that got put on hold because of all the chaos with newman, so once that gets back in order again, we’ll get you all set up.

Mariah: Okay, well, moving on from work, how is chance?

Sharon: Um, we saw each other earlier.

Mariah: Look at you! There it is! That very, uh, chance-related smile.

[ Sharon laughs ]

Sharon: He drove me to the airport. That was before I realized that my flight had been delayed.

Mariah: Okay, so caring, attentive, built. How perfect is this guy?

Sharon: Well, I do think I may have some competitione he’soncerned.

Mariah: What? How? I mean, who are you talking about?

Sharon: I’m just sensing that someone else may have a growing attraction to chance. Summer.

Summer: Hey, you.

Daniel: Hey.

Summer: Looks like we’re both having restless nights.

Daniel: It would appear that way. Can I buy you a drink?

Summer: Uh, yeah. I accept. Could I get a dirty vodka martini, please? Thanks. So, how is lucy?

Daniel: She’s good. She’s great. Yeah. Her and her mom are going back to lisbon tomorrow though. I guess heather needs to get back there for work.

Summer: My god. You must be so bummed.

Daniel: Mm. Yeah, I’m going to see them for breakfast tomorrow, but after that, I have no idea when the next time is I’m going to see my daughter.

Summer: Ah, that must be a terrible feeling, I– I don’t even know what I would do if kyle just left the country with harrison. I don’t– I don’t think I could handle it.

Daniel: So, nothing’s changed in that whole situation, I’m taking it.

[ Summer sighs ]

Summer: Now, we’re in process with the divorce. But hey, mom has backed off. She’s not trying to force me and kyle back together, so, I mean, that is good.

Daniel: That is good, that is great. Same for heather and me. Yeah. I mean, not that anything could ever happen between us, with us on different continents, or that it would, for that matter, ever, you know?

Summer: Mm.

Daniel: I’m worried about you. With everything?

Summer: I mean, divorce is awful, but, uh, yeah. I actually am surprisingly okay. Kyle moved on and I’m moving on and I’m ready for my next adventure.

Daniel: Mm. What kind of adventure are we talking about? Is it a romantic one?

Jack: Much as I hated the idea that tucker and ashley got married, a part of me was hoping they would ride off in the sunset and bring some calm back here.

Billy: I guess the only upsides of the situation is that ashley is free of tucker’s grip. And that she’s coming back to jabot.

Jack: Remotely, for the near future. Uh, she’s going to stay abroad and try to clear her head. It– it took her almost separating herself from this family to get to this point.

Billy: On her honeymoon, no less. You know, jack, no one would blame you for still being angry at her.

Jack: Why, because of the hell she put diane and me through?

Billy: Is it really gonna be that easy to forgive her? I mean, yes, she’s come to her senses, but she said and done some pretty hurtful things to you.

Jack: Yeah, ashley is good at that, but I attribute most of her recent behavior to tucker’s hold on her. Besides, she and I had a pretty amazing conversation as brother and sister before they took off for paris. It was a genuine rapprochement.

Billy: Well, it helps that diane saved her from choking to death. I mean, you owe someone your life, you can change your perspective pretty quickly.

Jack: I think that shook ashley to her core, made her see her whole life in a different way. And I’d like to think the conversation we had brought her closer to realizing tucker for who he really is and walking away.

Billy: Jack, you’ve always done your best to keep our family close and not play favorites and blah, blah, blah, but the truth is you and ashley, you have something special. Love-hate, sure. But special. I’ve always admired your ability to forgive and forget. Me, it’s not so easy. I tend to hold on to things I guess there’s a part of me that actually enjoys it.

Tucker: I’m not discussing ashley with you.

Phyllis: Ooh, that bad?

Tucker: There’s some other things I’d rather talk about. Actually 2,000,000 things.

Phyllis: That sounds like a setup to a joke.

Tucker: $2,000,000. That’s the insurance claim payout on your death, right? The money that stark hid somewhere.

Phyllis: How did you know that?

Tucker: And since you were not dead, at least not on the outside, I assume the insurance company’s clamoring for a payback. Which would put you in a bit of a pickle, no?

Phyllis: Why are you interested and why are you worried about me? You shou– you should be picking up the shattered pieces of your marriage.

Tucker: Have you found out where stark funneled the money? Along with half your life savings, correct?

Phyllis: I’m working on it.

Tucker: Uh-huh.

[ Tucker chuckles ] That’s what I figured. You’re nowhere close. So, what if you and i struck a deal? My a1c was up here; now, it’s down with rybelsus.

Daniel: Do you think you’re ready to start dating again?

Summer: Oh, yeah, ’cause I’m just dying to jump from one relationship to another one.

Daniel: I said dating, you said relationship.

Summer: You know what, I’m– I’m just getting over the grief for my break up with kyle and it’s taken me a while. My emotions have been all over the place, so…

Daniel: Yeah, well, it sucks, you know, knowing exactly what went wrong. But since time travel isn’t a thing, I guess you can’t really go back and fix it now, can you?

Summer: True, thank you, yes. You can’t go back and fix it, so I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Daniel: Are you sure? You know, that you and kyle are really– you guys have come back from so much in the past. I mean, look at lily and me.

[ Summer sighs ]

Summer: No, I’m– we’re done. There’s no coming back from it.

Daniel: Okay. Well, I’m sorry.W, forward it is.

Summer: I mean, it’s gonna be awhile before I’m ready to… dive into another love story. I mean, even a hint of an attraction that I feel right now… scares me.

Daniel: So, you’ve had feelings for someone then?

Summer: Oh.

Daniel: Is it someone I know?

Summer: Sometimes, it’s just friendship. You know? Or it’s, um, gratitude, relief that I actually have somebody to talk to that’s not going to judge me. But other times… it’s more. And I find myself wondering… why is everything better when I’m talking to him?

Daniel: To who?

Summer: Ch– chance.

Daniel: Chance? Chance. Chance.

Summer: Shh!

Daniel: Chance, the cop who was after our mother.

Summer: He was just doing his job. And, you know, he was really nice about it given all the secrecy that was going on.

Daniel: Yeah, I guess you were relying on him a lot.

Summer: I was. And he was really fair and compassionate with me when, let’s face it, I was seriously bending the law.

Daniel: Mm. That’s true.

[ Summer sighs ] Isn’t he with sharon?

Summer: That is the part that I hate about this the most.

Daniel: Hm. Do you hate that you’re having feelings for him or do you hate that he can’t reciprocate?

Mariah: Summer has a thing for chance. Wait, how– how do you know this?

Sharon: It’s just a sense I got when chance and i saw her earlier.

Mariah: I did not see this coming.

Sharon: Well, chance helped her through the whole ordeal with phyllis. He became a sounding board for her and helped her sort out her feelings, so I guess it’s not surprising that she might feel a connection grow from that.

Mariah: Uh, you’re being very reasonable about this.

Sharon: Well, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

Mariah: Okay, so how do you feel about chance? I mean, how serious have things gotten between the two of you?

Sharon: We enjoy each other’s company a lot.

Mariah: Okay.

Sharon: It’s been fun and exciting, but, you know, at this point, who knows what’s going to happen long term for us?

Mariah: Do you feel like chance has a connection with summer?

Sharon: Um, I know he cares about her, and it’s his instinct to look out for her. That’s just the kind of man he is. Beyond that, I’m not concerned because like I said, I’m not sure how serious things are going to get between me and chance.

Mariah: Okay, but you do like him, though?

Sharon: Yeah, of course I do.

Mariah: Well, good. I just– I would hate to see summer ruin this for you because that’s kind of her mo.

Sharon: I know you don’t like summer, but right now, you have more important things to worry about and so do I. My whole focus is on this company, getting it up and running so that it will fly.

Mariah: Right. And I love that you’re being so practical about this as always, but I will say it’s very nice not to have to pretend to like summer anymore now that her and kyle are over.

[ Sharing chuckles ]

Sharon: Mariah.

Mariah: What? She’s annoying.

[ Knocking on door]

Sharon: Oh, I think th

Mariah: Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, you’re home! You’re home! Hi!

Tessa: Hi!

Mariah: Oh, my goodness!

Jack: When you say you struggle with forgiveness, I assume we’re talking about tucker still, right?

Billy: Tucker doesn’t deserve any grace. Not after what he’s done to our sister.

Jack: Oh, I agree. The last thing I wanted was for that man to become so ingrained in our lives, but ashley kind of forced that on us.

Billy: You know, jack, maybe we’re coming at this from the wrong direction. Instead of the defense, maybe we need to be on the offense.

Jack: You have something in mind?

Billy: We hit him first. And we hit him hard. We drive him out of town for good. I mean, what’s he doing in genoa city anyway? He came after jabot, he came after ashley, he’s not gonna leave with either one of those. He needs to be gone.

Jack: Okay, I see the value in driving him away, but here’s the thing. At this point, he does not have a weakness now that ashley’s not in his life.

Billy: I think maybe we’re missing someone. His son. If we can turn devon against tucker, we’re halfway there.

Phyllis: A deal with tucker mccall is never a good idea except for tucker mccall.

Tucker: What about a deal wherein my end of the bargain is to pay off all your debt in full? With no strings attached.

Phyllis: Why would you wanna do that?

Tucker: The goodness of my heart.

[ Phyllis laughs ]

Phyllis: There are always strings attached in a deal. Two people have to contribute. That’s what makes it an agreement.

Tucker: I know, I was being slightly facetious. There are some strings.

Phyllis: Of course. I’m not interested. At all.

Tucker: Just for the record, I wouldn’t be asking you to kill anyone. Or do any physical harm and I wouldn’t even ask you to die again. [ Laughs ] Or pretend to die again, as much as you might be tempted to, right now. No, what I would be asking for is pretty innocuous.

Phyllis: Sure.

Tucker: And we just need your exceptional it skills.

Phyllis: It’s too bad because I have an it job and I have a non-compete clause.

Tucker: That’s fantastic. Congratulations, phyllis. If only that were true. But you’re putting up a good front.

Phyllis: It is true. I’m working with sharon, nick and adam.

Tucker: That’s funny ’cause I heard the adustus-sna-newman venture fell apart when victor got his hands on it. Which would mean that your cushy new it job is no longer an option.

Phyllis: It’s not over ’til it’s over.

Tucker: Well put. But wasn’t adam your champion there? I’m guessing you haven’t heard from him in a minute. Now, he’s out of a job, leaving only nick and sharon to run the new company.

Phyllis: Well, I’ve worked with nick and sharon before.

Tucker: Yes, and do you think they’re– they’re excited about having you on board now that it’s just the two of them? Right, so, all that in mind, are you sure you’re not interested in what I have said?

Mariah: I knew I missed you, but I guess, I didn’t realize how much.

Tessa: Me too, and I made it even with all the scary color weather forecast.

Mariah: Oh, my gosh. How did you pull off this miracle?

Tessa: Well, I was determined to get here by tonight. If it took a bus, a train, a zamboni, a car, I would have rented it and driven all the way here because there was no way that I was going to miss aria’s appointment tomorrow.

Mariah: I adore you.

Tessa: So, the babysitter told me that you were here to check on your mom and I just came to see you.

Mariah: Oh, gosh.

[ Kisses smack ]

Tessa: Oh, oh, I’m sorry, we are being rude. Sharon, hi, how are you?

Sharon: Oh, I– I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. Why don’t you two go home and be together with the little one?

Tessa: What do you think? Should we, uh, head home?

Jack: I can understand you’re considering turning devon against tucker, but I am not comfortable pitting someone against their family. That is precisely what tucker aimed to do with ashley.

Billy: Yeah, well, I’m not talking about manipulation or mind games here. I’m simply talking about opening devon’s eyes to tucker’s recent behavior.

Jack: Abby has spoken to ashley. She knows her side of the story. She’s probably shared it with devon already.

Billy: And if devon talked to tucker, I’m sure tucker whitewashed everything that happened in paris. And then, he probably exonerated himself from any wrongdoing.

Jack: Yeah, that would be him.

Billy: That would be him, and then, he’s gonna paint a picture that ashley heartlessly betrayed him, and all he tried to do was love her and give her the world.

Jack: And try to wrest her away from her family.

Billy: Exactly. The way I see it, devon deserves to know the truth. In fact, we’d be doing him a favor.

Jack: I’ll– I’ll think about it, and in the meantime, I feel like getting out of here. How about I buy you a drink? Let’s go to the jazz lounge.

Billy: Sounds good.

Phyllis: I see wh you’re trying to do. I see it. This is not going to work.

Tucker: I’m simply outlining the facts of your life right now. I want you to consider me an angel on your shoulder.

Phyllis: An angel, that’s rich. I’m going to work for this, I’m going to raise the money on–

[ Tucker laughing ] I’m gonna do this legitimately.

Tucker: That should only take you, what, 10 years? Maybe, you could set up in a cave somewhere. Live like a hermit. Bring that down to five years.

Phyllis: I will do this. I am no stranger to hustling, tucker.

Tucker: Why should you have to hustle if I’m offering you $2,000,000 right now to wipe the slate clean.

Phyllis: Let me tell you something. I’ve been at the receiving end of your “hope,” and it did not go well.

Tucker: Yeah, that’s because you used adam to change the dynamics.

Phyllis: I had to get adam to help me from getting from under your thumb. That says everything, right?

Tucker: You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna tack on 10% just for you trouble.

Phyllis: No, I’m not accepting your deal.

Tucker: I love your negotiating.

Phyllis: I’m not negotiating with you.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year restless will continue.

Daniel: You’re avoiding the question.

Summer: Maybe that’s because I don’t know what the answer is. The last thing I want to do is be the other woman.

Daniel: Hm, sure. I mean, you’ve seen that dynamic and you’ve been a part of it,

Summer: Okay, but I don’t even know how serious sharon and chance are. But yeah, I did just get out of a situation where kyle slept with someone else the second we were separated, and it was awful. [ Sighs ]

Daniel: You’re really torn up about this, huh?

Summer: I don’t want anybody to get hurt, including myself.

Daniel: Mm. [ Chuckles ] You know what I think? I think that you’re reacting this way because your feelings for chance are a bit more complicated than you’re willing to admit.

Summer: I know, okay? You’re right. So maybe, the answer to the question is… it’s both. I hate that I’m feeling this way and… I hate that chance isn’t available.

Phyllis: Well, I am done here.

Tucker: Well, you know where to find me when you change your mind.

Phyllis: That wasn’t what it looked like.

Jack: I don’t care. I’ve come to expect very little of you these days.

Phyllis: Are you still furious with me?

Jack: I don’t really give you that much thought.

Phyllis: Okay, point taken.

Tucker: A shot of rye please. Thank you.

Jack: Well, I’ve spoken to ashley, I know the truth now.

Tucker: You mean, her version of it.

Jack: I don’t really care what went down, I’m just relieved you’re hold over ashley is finally broken and she’s come to her senses.

Tucker: I love her, jack. That’s real.

Jack: You blew it, at though why you thought it was a good idea to come back to genoa city right after your marriage blew up. What are you up to?

Billy: Hey.

Phyllis: Hey. Hi.

Billy: You okay?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: Okay, you just seem a little frazzled.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Yeah. Well, I just saw tucker downstairs, so…

Billy: Oh, that must have been the highlight of your day.

Phyllis: Then, I saw jack. He’s not a fan.

Billy: Okay, I take that back.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Right. What about you, billy? Are you not a fan too?

Billy: I got no beef with you. I’m genuinely happy that you’re not in jail and that you’ve been exonerated.

Phyllis: Thank you. Not everybody feels that way.

Billy: There’s always gonna be haters, okay? Don’t let them get in your way. And most importantly, stay out of your own way.

[ Phyllis chuckles ]

Phyllis: That is correct.

Billy: Yeah, it’s not easy, is it?

Phyllis: No, it’s easier said than done.

Billy: Don’t let anyone or anything drag you back down.

Phyllis: Hey, um, speaking of which, what’s the deal with tucker and ashley? Did they just implode?

Billy: I think so. I don’t know all the details.

Phyllis: Okay, so why is he still in town? Why doesn’t he just leave?

Billy: I don’t know. I wish he would. Jack and I both agree that, uh, it can’t be good.

Phyllis: It’s interesting.

Billy: Avoid him at all costs, okay? For your own good.

Phyllis: Yeah, you’re probably right.

Tucker: I have a life in the world outside of ashley, jack. I came back for my son and my grandson.Ell, iope, for your sake, that’s your only motive.

Tucker: Why, because you care about me so much?

Jack: No, because if, for some reason, you feel slighted enough to want revenge, you and I are going to have a problem.

Tucker: There you go again.

Jack: Whatever happened between you and ashley is entirely your fault.

Tucker: Were you there?

Jack: I have no doubt you drove her away. Word has it, you showed her who you really are. She realized she couldn’t turn her back on her family or her father’s company. And what, you felt diminished, so you reverted to form.

Tucker: It’s funny. In my version–

Jack: I don’t need to hear your version. I’m fine knowing ashley’s side of the story.

Tucker: I’m sure you are.

Jack: Go away, tucker. Reinvent yourself somewhere else.

Tucker: But all the action’s here, jack.

Jack: If you are planning anything vindictive toward my family, you think again. I will do whatever it takes to protect them.

Tucker: Okay. You know what? You might be right. You might be the only level-headed abbott left.

Phyllis: Hey, sharon, hi. My apologies for the late hour.

Sharon: Phyllis, um, you didn’t tell me you were coming and security didn’t alert me.

Phyllis: Well, I mean, they all know me, so…

Sharon: Oh. What do you want?

Phyllis: Um, I want to know what’s going on with sna.U’re calling it still, right? I– I’ve heard– well, I’ve heard massive rumblings and I just want to know where I stand job-wise.

Sharon: Can we talk about this later?

Phyllis: Well, I mean, we can, except, I just need to know. I feel like I deserve an answer.

Sharon: I suppose that’s true.

Phyllis: I mean, I know that adam preemptively hired me as it head and he didn’t tell you and nick first, but you seemed to be okay with it.

Sharon: Well, I won’t speak for nick, but I came to accept it.

Phyllis: Okay, good. So, adam is out. And it’s just you and nick and you’re separating yourself from newman and running the company together, just the two of you.

Sharon: That’s the plan.

Phyllis: Our history lingers, doesn’t it?

Sharon: Well, we’ve made some progress, but I know what you’re saying.

Phyllis: Yeah, I was hoping that your opinion about working with me shifted, that’s all.

Sharon: Well, a lot is in flux.

Phyllis: Am i out of a job, sharon?

Mariah: Here we are. Alone at last. Sometimes, the lows of bipolar depression

[ Tessa chuckles ]

Mariah: Did I tell you how much I missed you?

[ Tessa laughs ] All right, how was the marchetti photo shoot?

Tessa: Ooh, um, it was pretty brutal, honestly. I mean, everyone was so nice. I– I was just kind of a hot mess.

Mariah: That’s so funny because so was I, just in a different state across the country.

Tessa: I mean, yeah, I just– I had a really hard time concentrating. I could barely focus. I mean, all I could think about was getting back home to you and aria.

Mariah: While you were gone, I tried to entertain her with that silly little dance thing…

[ Tessa laughs ] …That you do, and guess what? She was not impressed. Not at all, complete failure.

[ Both chuckling ]

Tessa: Are you as nervous about this appointment tomorrow as I am?

Mariah: [ Sighs ] Um… I go back and forth between controlled terror and numb, and then, I go back again, you know. I just keep thinking what if it’s worse than we’ve imagined. What if the hearing aids don’t work at all?

Tessa: No. We do as sharon and devon said and we take it one step at a time. We’re unstoppable together.

Mariah: I really don’t want to crowd you, but is it okay if we’re just never ever apart again?

[ Tessa laughs ] Please. Pretty please.

Tessa: You’re stuck with me forever.

Tucker: That would be lovely. Thank you very much.

Woman: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Tucker, wait. I’m curious. What exactly do you expect for your investment?

Jack: You were right. We can’t sit on this. We gotta go on offence.

Billy: Good. So, we have a plan.

Jack: And we’re going to be relentless. We get devon on our side, and then, we run tucker out of here for good.

Tucker: So, I need you to hack into a certain business and gather some information for me.

Phyllis: Okay, I assume it’s not your business, therefore, it is illegal.

Tucker: It would be minimal risk to you. Especially, for someone of your caliber. It’s a maneuver you could pull off in your sleep.

Phyllis: And you’ll gift me the money.

Tucker: Yes. 2.2 million. Just for a couple of keystrokes.

Phyllis: Sounds very simple.

Tucker: It sounds like a bountiful exchange from my perspective.

Phyllis: Okay, so, um… I need to know the name of the company that I’m gonna be infiltrating.

Tucker: No, you don’t, no. I’m gonna tell you that only when I know I have you on board. So, what’s it going to be? Are you in?

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

Mariah and Tessa worry about Aria’s next appointment with the audiologist who will run more tests on Aria to determine the extent of her hearing loss.

Sharon tells Mariah that she thinks Summer has feelings for Chance, but she isn’t worried about it because she thinks Summer is just grateful to Chance for helping her through a rough time. Summer tells Daniel she has feelings for Chance, but she is scared to get hurt again.

Jack and Billy decide to turn Devon against Tucker so that Tucker will leave town. Tucker asks Phyllis to use her computer skills to hack into a company and he will pay her 2.2 million dollars to pay off her debts.

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Y&R Recap, Monday, September 18, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo

Recap written by Terry

To signal his return to the CEO position of the company he founded, Victor replaced Victoria’s portrait with his own in his office, and raised a glass to the iconic work of art his ex-wife, Leanna Love, had commissioned years ago. Victoria later noticed her portrait had been replaced with Victor’s and remarked to Nate that Victor did not waste any time.

Victoria claimed she was not angered by her demotion to second in command but rather she was concerned that Victor was making rash, erratic decisions. Nate asked Victoria if she was angry because she was genuinely concerned for Victor or if she was angry and taking revenge. Victoria stated she did not have some master plan to hold onto the CEO position.

Victoria said to her mother she did not know if Victor was capable of running Newman Enterprises anymore. That statement shocked Nikki, who told Victoria she was taking some of her father’s decisions out of context. Victor stated nothing Victoria did or did not do caused the changes Victor made, but when Victor informed Victoria he would assume the role of CEO again, he noted that the company seemed disjointed. Victor stated that he just felt like taking over his company again, but Nikki pointed out that Victoria felt insulted. Victoria blamed Adam for stressing Victor so much that he’s caused Victor to make bad decisions.

Victoria seemed to sense that Nate was trying to navigate the tense situation and that he might no longer be completely behind her without question since Victor is CEO once again and Nate has Victor to also answer to.

Victor asked Nate if he would help Victoria ease into her new role. While Nate said he would do everything he could to help, he did not want to get in the middle between father and daughter.

Nikki suggested to Victor they take a nice long trip before their calendars get too busy after the reorganization, since Victor is set to return as CEO and Nikki will head up Newman Media.

After a day of brainstorming ideas for her fledgling interior design business, Sally decided to get a drink before heading up to her suite at the Athletic club. Adam was at the bar and invited her to have a drink. She suggested they have dinner. Adam revealed he was left completely out of the reorganization of the family company. He added that he and Victor later talked it over, and Victor agreed to let Adam return and to start at the bottom of the company and work his way up.

When Adam and Sally finished their meals, Adam walked her back to her suite where he kissed her and she kissed him back. She did not pull away or get angry. He apologized and left her outside of her door.


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Y&R Transcript Monday, September 18, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Victor: Come on in.

Nate: Anything I can do to help calm your nerves about this dinner with your mother?

Victoria: I’m not nervous. I’m just a little anxious.

Nate: My mistake.

Victoria: Well, there is a difference. It shows, huh?

[ Nate chuckles ]

Nate: Well, for one thing, you’ve been preoccupied since we got here. For another thing, that was about the fifth time you checked the time in the last two minutes.

Victoria: I’m so sorry. It’s just that this conversation that I’m gonna have with my mom about my dad’s recent decision making, it’s– it’s just not gonna be easy.

Nate: Okay. Fair enough. But why, exactly?

Victoria: Well, because I’m concerned about him and I think that she should be concerned too.

Nate: Are you sure that’s all it is?

Victoria: Well, what else would it be?

Nate: Are you genuinely concerned about your father or are you angry that he’s coming back to newman and taking over your position as ceo? And you’re looking for a way to get back at him?

Victor: I mean, don’t get me wrong, a desire to change and go on a new path, you know, I find that admirable.

Adam: But?

Victor: I know you. You try, and, for a while, it works, and then, your darker side emerges and whatever you’ve accomplished, you undo it.

Adam: Every other time, absolutely. But dad, not this time.

Victor: What’s different?

Adam: I have nothing left to lose. You always told me that I needed humility. Well, here I am, dad. I’m– I’m humbling myself before you right now. Just let me start at the bottom. I’ll do– I’ll do whatever it takes, and– and maybe somewhere along the way, I’ll turn into an actual human being and hopefully, I can start erasing some of the damage that I’ve caused.

Victor: Let me think about it, okay?

Adam: That’s all I can ask.

Victor: Okay. Son… if your intentions are sincere… I’m very impressed.

[ Adam laughing ]

Sally: Care to share the joke? You can’t leave without cuddles.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… my cholesterol is borderline.

Adam: Um, there’s no joke. I was just sitting here remembering a string of arguments that I’ve had with my father over the past few months.

Sally: Ah, well, you know, as I always say, for a good time, argue with victor newman. Look, adam, come on. We know each other way too well for this, okay? So, save the act for someone who might actually buy it. I know what your father just did to you and I know that it had to break your heart again. This has to be a rough time for you.

Adam: I mean, you– you would think so, right? But get this. I’m actually glad that this happened. I finally got the wake-up call that I’ve been needing for years.

Sally: No. No. You don’t have a fever and your complexion looks pretty good.

Adam: Okay, uh, don’t worry, I’m fine. But you, of all people, will be glad to hear that I’m ready to grow up and I’m ready to become an adult and I’m even looking forward to it.

Sally: Wow. Finally.

Adam: [ Scoffs ] Okay, I deserve that. Are you, uh, meeting someone?

Sally: No, I actually just came to get some room service before I go upstairs.

Adam: Why not join me for a drink? We can welcome in the new era of adam newman. And I promise I won’t read into anything if you say yes.

Sally: All right. Well, in that case, then, yes. And while we’re at it, you might as well welcome in a whole new era for both of us.

Victoria: Okay, you’re skeptical, I get it, but no, I am more concerned about my father than I am angry. At the end of the day, it’s my dad that we’re talking about and I love him.

Nate: I know you do and he loves you. So, no matter what, please keep that in mind.

Victoria: Of course. That’s a given. The more that I think about it, the less surprised I am that he’s demoting me and stepping back in as ceo of his own company. But what is surprising, and also very troubling, is that he keeps changing the direction that he’s taking newman enterprises. I mean, it’s– it’s just not like my father. It’s erratic.

Nate: Well, I can honestly say that his behavior or decisions have seemed erratic to me, but obviously, you know him a lot better than I do. For the record–

Victoria: No, no, no, not– not for the record, just say it.

Nate: If you were even considering some kind of retaliation instead of simply accepting your father’s decision and making the most of it, I would try my best to talk you out of it, for your sake, not his.

Nikki: Oh, are you joining us for dinner?

Nate: No, no. I was just keeping victoria company until you got here. I have to, uh, head back to the office for an overseas conference call. Well, enjoy your dinner, ladies.

Victoria: Thank you.

Nikki: How are you doing, darling?

Victoria: How do you think?

Nikki: Well, I think you’re probably mad at your father for what he’s putting you through.

Victoria: Mom, I am much more than mad. I’m worried as hell.

Sometimes, the lows

of bipolar depression

Victor: Nate.

Nate: If I’m, uh, interrupting something–

Victor: No, no. Come here. You’ve seen victoria?

Nate: Briefly. Um, I ran into her at society. She was meeting nikki for dinner.

Victor: Mm-hmm. I’m sure she was shocked to learn that I am retaking the reins of my company. As I’m sure you were surprised.

Nate: Yeah, I have to admit, I did not see it coming and neither did she.

Victor: Well, I want you to know, as I hopefully made it clear to her, I did not make the decision to take over the company again because of anything she did or didn’t do as a ceo. She does a great job. You know? I just felt like taking it over again.

Nate: Your company. The one you built from the ground up and you have every right to run it how you see fit.

Nikki: I can understand you being upset over the changes your father has made.

[ Victoria chuckles ]

Victoria: I love how everyone keeps talking about the changes as if dad had just come in and rearranged the furniture or something like that. He demoted me. He shoved me out of a position that I more than earned. So, yes, I’m sorry, I am having a hard time taking it.

Nikki: And I get that. But what is it that you’re worried about?

Victoria: I’m worried about him, mom, and frankly, I’m surprised that you’re not.

Nikki: Well, he’s concerned about his company. I would be more worried if he wasn’t trying to do something about it.

Victoria: Oh, really? Even though what he is trying to do about it involves one contradictory and impulsive decision after the other? He keeps changing his mind about everything. He’s making all of these rash, and to me, wrong-headed decisions. I’m beginning to believe that maybe, he is– he’s acting irrationally.

Nikki: All right, I think you’re being very unfair right now and rather extreme.

Victoria: Am I? Really, mom? Am I? Because I’m– I’m sorry. I’m sorry if this isn’t right for me to say, but I’m beginning to wonder if maybe dad is not capable of running his own empire anymore.

Adam: So, nick is still out of town?

Sally: Yeah, he still has a few more cities to hit. You know, the kirsten divisions need some help dealing with the recent changes. The latest being that kirsten is no longer affiliated with newman, which is huge.

Adam: You know, I wish for once that my father would realize or even care that real people are affected by his little corporate whims, but nope, it’s all just one big high-stakes chess game to him.

Sally: [ Clicks tongue ] Ooh.

Adam: What?

Sally: Just sounded a little bitter, maybe, even cynical. That’s something maybe the old adam would say, not the new adam. You know, the one we’re supposed to be celebrating?

Adam: Okay, well, you know, it is a process, but thank you for calling me out. What now?

Sally: This isn’t your first drink, is it? Had you already started celebrating this new era of adam before I showed up?

Adam: I mean, sparingly, maybe. Why?

Sally: Well, just because I know how morose you can get whenever you’ve been drinking.

[ Adam sighs ] Have you eaten anything?

Adam: I have been– I’m very busy today. It’s a very busy day.

Sally: Yeah, well, I have been busy too. So busy that I actually forgot to eat all day, and now, my stomach is yelling at me.

Adam: Are you– are you suggesting that we have dinner together?

Sally: Apparently, I am. (Vo) you were diagnosed with thyroid eye disease

Adam: Oh, and, uh, can we get a bottle of champagne?

Sally: More alcohol?

Adam: Hey, just–

Sally: Seriously?

Adam: Just one glass of champagne a piece. To toast our mutual new beginnings.

Sally: So, you really mean this. You think that– that you can play out this whole new direction of yours and not get frustrated or give up?

Adam: You have no idea how determined I am.

Sally: I mean, don’t get me wrong. I– I love this whole “starting at the bottom” move for you. I think it’s great. But, I just don’t wanna see you set yourself up for another failure.

Adam: Hm, failing at the bottom. Well, thank you for the vote of confidence, I appreciate that.

Sally: It’s gonna be ego-crushing. Are you ready for that?

Adam: You know what? I’m gonna deal with it.

Sally: Okay then, because i am pulling for you.

Adam: Well, same to you. I’m excited for you. Starting your own interior design venture. You’re gonna be brilliant at it.

Sally: Thank you. God knows I’m willing to work as hard as I have to, to prove myself.

Adam: Hm, we both are, which means, I do not believe that either one of us will fail. I have everything plotted out, I will have you know.

Sally: I wish you had found a different way to word that.

Adam: What do you mean, what– what would I– should I say?

Sally: I don’t know, just if you had said “planned out” or “worked out” or “thought out,” I just– you and the word “plotted” makes me feel like maybe, you have something else in mind other than taking the legitimate route from the bottom to the top of the corporate ladder.

Adam: Look, sally. I have been wide open with you about this, and yet, you still doubt me.

Sally: Yeah, maybe it’s because I’ve known you so well for so long. Or maybe, it’s because you keep making these little slip-ups, like little bit of cynicism here or an old adam word there.

Adam: Have I ever complimented you on your flair for the dramatic?

Sally: Adam.

Adam: Yes?

Sally: If I need to worry about you… tell me now.

Victoria: Are you really telling me that you haven’t thought of these things yourself in the past few months, mom?

Nikki: What things are you talking about?

[ Victoria scoffs ]

Victoria: Well, let’s see. He set up nick and sharon and adam with their own business and then, he changed the rules on them before they even had a chance to get it off the ground. He let adam’s blackmail scheme go unpunished, and then, later, he fired him, and then, he went forward with the merger plan that he told adam was a no go two weeks earlier. He offered sally this great job at a new division at newman enterprises, and then, he ripped the rug out from underneath her five minutes later.

Nikki: Okay, you know what I think? I think that you are taking some of your father’s decisions out of context. It is his company. He’s allowed to change his mind and do whatever he wants to with it.

Victoria: Of course, but he’s doing it so erratically. Can you not see that? There’s no rhyme, no reason to some of the choices that he’s made. No sound business sense whatsoever. It’s like these decisions are more about him flexing his corporate muscle just to show that he can and putting people in their place, sometimes just to be vindictive.

Nikki: What exactly are you getting at? And how far are you planning on taking things?

Victor: As you know, nate, my daughter thinks very highly of your opinion. That’s why maybe, you can help her smooth the waters between her and me. Because I still need her. I need her expertise, her acumen, her knowledge about what has gone on here in the last few months. That goes for you as well.

Nate: I appreciate hearing that, victor.

Victor: Have you spoken with her since I have?

Nate: Look, um… as you know, this is a huge change for her and I think she just needs some time to process it. When she’s fully settled into her position, I believe she’ll realize that this decision you made is a positive one for both of you. And it isn’t your way of punishing her for something.

Victor: I appreciate that. Maybe, you can help her make that transition.

Nate: I will do anything and everything I can to help make this transition go as smoothly as possible.

Victor: Good man.

Nate: Well, I’m sure you have a lot of work to do while you get settled in, so, uh, if we’re finished here…

Victor: No, no, just pour yourself a drink, will you? Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Victor: Have a seat, nate.

[ Nate clears throat ]

Nate: I wish I could guarantee that I could persuade victoria, one way or another, if she’s already made up her mind. I know I don’t have to tell you how decisive she can be.

[ Victor chuckles ]

Victor: She was stubborn the day she was born.

[ Nate laughs ]

Nate: Why am I not surprised?

Victor: You should have seen her when she started in this company.

Nate: Where did she start?

Victor: The mailroom.

Nate: Really? The mailroom.

Victor: Yeah. I didn’t want anybody to get the impression that I gave her preferential treatment because she was my daughter. You know, she knows this company inside out and she never, never accepted a promotion until she thought that she deserved it.

Nate: Yep. That sounds like her. She is definitely her father’s daughter. And she really hit her stride sitting at the top spot here.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Let me ask you something. Um, can you give me an honest answer? Do you think she still deserves to be in this position?

Nate: Listen, victor. Um, it’s not my place to be in the middle of this. Like I said, it’s your prerogative to make that choice. I’m just interested in encouraging her to get past her anger.

[ Victor sighs ]

Victor: You think she’s so angry that she may plan retaliation?

Victoria: I’m not suggesting anything. I’m just venting. I know. If you’re wondering, I don’t have some master plan up my sleeve to hold on to my ceo position.

Nikki: All right. Good.

Victoria: Oh, no, I’m finished. Thank you.

Nikki: Honey, I wish you would eat something.

Victoria: No, mom, I can’T. I’m not hungry. I’m too upset about dad.

[ Victoria sighs ] And frankly, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I blame adam for most of this.

Nikki: [ Scoffs ] You’ll get no argument from me on that.

Victoria: His arrogance, his petulance, his relentless sense of self-entitlement. It’s one self-serving betrayal after another. And maybe all of that is just built up in dad and pushed him too far and his business sense has gone straight out the window.

Nikki: Like I said, I think you are taking some of your father’s recent decisions out of context.

Victoria: Oh, okay, mom. Well, let’s just say you’re right. You live with him, mom. You love him. You know him better than any person on this planet. And you have had a front row seat to everything that he has been through and the toll that it’s taken on him. And now, on– on top of that, he wants the added stress of going back to run newman again? You must be worried about how that might affect his health.

Nikki: Yes, of course, I am. But–

Victoria: Newman enterprises, newman media, adam’s mind games, nicholas leaving the company, all the power plays, who’s in charge, who’s not? It’s all so damned important right now. But I’m telling you, if any of those things cost me my father, they’re worthless. And if you and me just stand by and let it happen, we will never forgive ourselves.

Nikki: No, no, darling. I promise you, there is not a chance in hell I would allow that to happen.

Adam: Why does everybody always suspect that I have a hidden agenda? Okay. Never mind. Um, forget I asked that, but you’re just going to have to trust that I’m serious, that I’m sincere. I’m excited about the future for the first time in, geez, longer than I can remember and I refuse to even let the possibility of failure even– even enter my mind.

Sally: Okay then. I am excited for you. Everyone deserves a new beginning.

[ Adam groans ]

Adam: Now, here is something else that you probably never thought I would say: Enough about me. I want to hear about you for a change. Tell me everything about the interior design business.

Sally: Okay. Consider this a warning. You may be sorry you asked because I am on a complete, exciting, exhilarating design high. Like, it is a whole new thrilling world for me. I’m serious. I– I never expected it, but I actually found something that I love as much as fashion.

Adam: Wow. I didn’t think that that was possible.

Sally: Yeah, neither did I. It’s becoming kind of an addiction. Like, I actually go through sketch pad withdrawal when I’m away from it for too long. These ideas, they just keep pouring out of me.

Adam: No, I know, I’ve seen them. I mean, you’re okay. I mean, you’re good. Okay, you’re really good.

Sally: Yeah, I know, it’s true.

[ Both chuckling ]

Adam: And I can’t tell you how good it is to see you happy and energized again and to hear that laugh.

Sally: Definitely come a long way from losing ava.

Adam: Hm.

Sally: These new paths that we found, they almost… seemed like a miracle, don’t they?

Adam: I don’t, uh, mind admitting, but I almost feel reborn in a way and it’s exciting.

Sally: Reborn. That is a perfect way to describe it.

[ Adam inhales deeply ] (Michael) copd is harder on the folks around you, I think.

[ Both sighing ]

Sally: No.

[ Both chuckling ]

Adam: Whoops.

Sally: So much for “one more glass.”

Adam: Ugh. We should probably be ashamed of ourselves.

Sally: Uh, we probably will be in the morning. Speaking of which, it is way past my bedtime and I actually have a really busy day tomorrow.

Adam: Yeah, I, uh, need to get going, too. But first, may I, uh, do something that I haven’t done since we were together?

Sally: Probably not.

[ Sally chuckles ]

Adam: May I walk you to your door?

Sally: Okay. Sure. If you insist.

[ Both sighing ]

Adam: Thank you, sally.

Sally: For what?

Adam: For inviting me to dinner. You know, it means a lot that we can talk like this again and relax and hang out together. I missed my friend.

Sally: I missed my friend, too.

Adam: After you.

Nikki: Sweetheart, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’ll tell you what, I’ll make a deal with you.

Victoria: Another deal? What is it with this family?

Nikki: You let me worry about your father’s health. I’m going to talk to him about it and he’s going to hate it, but since when has that ever stopped me?

Victoria: Not once that I can think of.

Nikki: And he is going to be relying on you as his co-ceo so he can focus on reunifying the company. I mean, that was really the reason he chose to go back in the first place.

Victoria: Are you sure that’s the only reason?

Nikki: Well, that’s what he has told me and I believe him. And I also believe that he misses getting up in the morning and going to the office, sitting behind that desk, being productive.

Victoria: But what if he can’t handle it, mom?

Nikki: We’re just going to have to wait and see. If I see a hint of anything affecting his health, I will come down on him like the wrath of god. Don’t worry, we’re not going to lose your father. I got this.

Nate: Victoria and i didn’t really have time to get into much. Naturally, she was surprised and upset about being demoted, but that was pretty much as far as we went and she certainly didn’t mention any retaliatory thoughts she might be having.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Would you have told me if she had?

[ Nate sighs ]

Nate: Victor, um, you’re putting me in a tough spot here. You’re my boss. So is victoria. And as you know, I’m personally involved with her, so I’m not comfortable being put in the middle of this.

Victor: I understand. Nate, as long as you are willing to smooth over the waters between me and my daughter… you and I are good.

Nate: You definitely have my word on that. We’re on the same team when it comes to making sure both victoria and newman enterprises come out on the other side of these changes stronger and more unified than ever.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Victor: Well, my baby.

Nikki: Hi.

Victor: Hi, my baby.

[ Both moaning ] I’ve missed you. Why do I get the feeling that you have to talk to me?

[ Nikki groans ]

Nikki: You know me too well.

Victor: Yeah. Is that a complaint or a compliment?

Nikki: I think I’ll let you keep wondering.

[ Victor groans ]

Victor: So nate tells me that you had dinner with victoria. How’s she doing?

Nikki: Yeah, she’s, um– she’s upset. She was demoted and she feels insulted.

Victor: I assume you assured her there was nothing for her to be insulted about.

Nikki: Of course, I did. But, uh, you know victoria, she– she needs time and space to process and get ready for her new position.

Victor: Yeah, well, there’s nothing that bothers me more than a rift between me and my daughter.

Nikki: Well, I have an idea that might prevent that.

Victor: Let me hear it.

Nikki: I think that you should delay going back to the office for a couple of weeks, maybe a month.

Victor: Why would I do that?

Nikki: Well, for one thing, it would give victoria the time and space that she needs.

Victor: And for another?

Nikki: You and I are about to have big changes in our lives. You’re going back to take charge at newman enterprises. I’m taking over at newman media. I mean, those are both possibly very stress inducing commitments.

Victor: Sweetheart, not to mention exciting and– and stimulating.

Nikki: And that is my point. I think that we should take a long relaxing trip. Just the two of us. We can charge up our batteries and just spend a little time together before our schedules start to pull us apart.

Victor: Hm.

Nikki: I mean, we really need it. We need it for our mental health, our physical health, for victoria’s peace of mind, and for the company that you have been worrying so much about. I really do think it’s the best thing, darling. I promise you it will be. So please say yes.

Victor: You will still have power. You make the day to day decisions, but I will retake the reigns of this company that I built, because I’ve noticed lately that things around here seem disjointed. So, I will take over. Is that clear?

Victoria: Well, let me tell you, this hardly feels like unity. You’re either pushing or driving everyone away.

Victor: I don’t give a damn what you think!

Victoria: Including me!

Victor: I will take over again!

Victoria: I don’t deserve this, daddy. Well, victor newman’s not one to waste time. I’ll give him that.

Nate: Yeah, I know. I was here talking to him earlier.

Victoria: Yeah, I do– I– I see that. [ Laughs ]

Nate: His invitation.

Victoria: Then, of course, you accept it.

Nate: Victoria, I’m just trying to keep things as calm and peaceful as possible around here until the dust settles.

[ Victoria laughs ]

Victoria: Good luck with that.

[ Victoria sighs ]

Nate: Just so you know, victor seems to suspect that you’re looking for a way to stop him from coming back to newman.

Victoria: And let me guess, you confirm that yes, I certainly am.

Nate: Why would you think I’d do that to you?

Victoria: Because you don’t think that my idea is a good idea and you want to impress the big boss by warning him.

Nate: Actually, I protected you, but you’re right. I don’t agree with you at all. I think it’s exactly the wrong way for you to handle this.

[ Victoria laughs ]

Victoria: Well, I’m really sorry you feel that way, nate, because I was counting on you to come around.

[ Nate sighs ]

[ Both sighing ]

[ Sally chuckles ]

[ Both sighing ]

[ Adam sighs ]

Adam: I’m sorry. That was, um– [ Laughs ] That was a mistake.

Sally: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it was.

Adam: Well, in my defense, um, it wasn’t me that kissed you. It was my, um, champagne brain. Would you, uh, mind if we just pretend like that never happened?

Sally: Pretend what never happened? I– I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Adam: Thank you. Good night.

Sally: You’re welcome. And yeah, good night.

Adam: Yeah.

[ Sally sighing ]

[ Sally sighing ]

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Y&R Best Lines Friday, September 15, 2023

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Jack: Ashley! Are you okay? Where are you?

Ashley: Calm down, Jack. I’m fine, all things considered.

Jack: Wait. What does thn?S that am okay and I’m in Paris.

Jack: Why are you there and your new husband is here?

Ashley: Because it’s all changed. Everything has changed.


Tucker: Have you heard from your mother?

Abby: I have, actually.

Devon: You have?

Abby: Yeah. My mom called me when I was on my way back to the house. She’s in Paris. My mom told me that she and tucker got in a fight and that he disrespected her and didn’t consider her feelings or anything that she wanted at all.

Tucker: Well, in that case, you don’t have the total picture.

Abby: It’s over. The marriage, your business partnership and my mom made one thing very clear. She told me not to worry about her, that it’s you I should be worried about.

Devon: What are you talking about?

Abby: Well, tucker is hurt and angry and she reminded me that a hurt and angry tucker can be very unpredictable. You know, everything I predicted that was gonna happen, it happened. You haven’t even been married to my mom for one month and you completely broke her heart.

Tucker: It’s the other way around. But I could never convince you, could I? Ashley’s right about one thing. It’s over. All of it. I’m done


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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, September 14, 2023

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Tucker: Well… that was a triumphant return, if I do say so myself.

Audra: Yeah, you know, five minutes ago, you were bitter and miserable. You know, I might prefer that, uh, to obnoxiously cocky.

Tucker: Five minutes ago. I guess time flies when you’re having fun, huh? And I didn’t hear any complaints from you. You poor thing. Having to spend your nights with Kyle Abbott. No wonder you came to me.

Audra: Like I said, obnoxiously cocky.

Tucker: Well. I appreciate the revival, nonetheless.

Audra: It wasn’t a revival, tucker. Okay? It was a one-time thing.

Tucker: Mm. No ulterior motives? No hidden agendas?

Audra: Are you questioning my heart of gold? Look, I told you. Look, I– I was worried about you, okay?

Tucker: You’re always thinking two steps ahead. You’re on a fishing expedition. You want to know more about what happened with me and Ashley. Huh? Want to have some pillow talk about my marriage?


Tucker: Unfortunately, Ashley and I just have different priorities. And as it turns out, irreconcilable differences.

Audra: That sounds like divorce talk.

Tucker: Yeah, uh, don’t– that’s all I want to say about her.

Audra: Fine.

Tucker: I’m gonna do what I should have done when I first moved back to town, what I originally planned.

Audra: Um, you were gonna target jabot?

Tucker: I’m gonna do more than target it. I’m gonna take the sucker. Right from the Abbotts. In its entirety.

Audra: Bold.

Tucker: Does it worry you?

Audra: Why would it?

Tucker: Your relationship with Kyle?

Audra: Hm. You know, we– we’re having so much fun together. Even, you know, if we now have to keep our– our affair a secret.

Tucker: You do? Is that some kind of new Audra game?

Audra: It’s an edict from Nikki Newman.

Tucker: Oh, did she drop the hammer on you? She doesn’t like the idea of you sleeping with her granddaughter’s husband?

Audra: Anyway, um, if we were to resume our connection, I’d want something in return.

Tucker: Yeah, there it is. There’s that old black magic. Make a deal with the devil.

Audra: Okay. You taught me everything I know. Well, you know, almost everything.

Tucker: Okay, what you got in mind?


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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Esther: Sharon tells me that her new venture with you and nick imploded, and so she’s moving forward on her own, which leaves you out in the cold again.

Adam: I can tell you were just sick about it.

Esther: What do you expect?

Adam: You know, maybe someday, you could remind me what I’ve done to make you despise me.

Esther: What, are you kidding me? One word. Chloe.

Adam: Look, I have done everything in my power to make sure that your daughter might have a change of heart about me.

Esther: Well, she doesn’t hate you anymore and you can thank your lucky stars for that, but she doesn’t trust you either.

Adam: Yeah, she’s in a lot of company there.

Esther: You know, I believe in change and second chances. I mean, we all deserve that much. But you have had all the second chances in the world and you have wasted every single one of them. It’s a crime. You could do so much better, but you don’t. No wonder no one thinks you’ll ever change.


Tucker: She is reconsidering starting a new venture with me.

Abby: Why?

Tucker: You’ll have to ask her.

Abby: Just like that?

Tucker: Yeah, just like that.

Abby: So, you did nothing to initiate this change of heart? I mean, this decision just came out of nowhere? No. No, I am not buying it. You must have done something. Something to upset her, something to push her away.

Tucker: Of course I did because I’m just so diabolical, aren’t I? I just have no shred of human decency. Can’t even keep promises, can I? For your information, I did everything right this time, abby, everything. But your mother is incapable of seeing that I have changed. And what neither she nor you seem to understand is I have my limits too.


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Y&R Transcript Friday, September 15, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Audra: Oh, stop it. Oh.

Kyle: Surprised to see you two together.

Audra: Oh, we’re old friends, kyle. You know, former business associates. We catch up from time to time.

Kyle: I’m surprised because last I heard, you were on your honeymoon with my aunt. So, why are you back in town so soon? And where’s ashley?

Diane: Have you heard from billy?

Jack: No. Not a word. I have no idea what he has found out about what tucker is up to or why he’s back in this town without his new wife.

Diane: We are right back where we started, you know? The more things change–

Jack: What does that mean? Right back where we started?

Diane: Worrying about tucker, what his agenda is, what he has planned. It’s as if we’ve traveled back in time and he’s dropped back into our lives at kyle and summer’s vow renewal.

Jack: You know, I wouldn’t going back there if it could mean keeping kyle and summer as happy as they were that day.

Diane: That’d be nice, wouldn’t it? You know what, jack? We can get back to when you and I were happily discussing our reception plans. It was just a couple hours ago.

Jack: Yeah, it was, wasn’t it?

Diane: Yeah, come on. Let’s get it back. Let’s get back the excitement. It would be– it would be nice, even– even if it’s just a few minutes.

Jack: I would like nothing more. We are not going to let tucker ruin our happiness, and mark my word, I’m very happy.

[ Abby sighing ]

Devon: Hey, any word from your mom yet?

Abby: No. Nothing yet. I mean, I don’t understand why she can’t send me a text saying, “I’m okay,” or at least return one of my calls. Something is really wrong.

Devon: Don’t think that. I’m sure she’s gonna reach out to you.

Abby: Look, I have to go to society. It won’t take me very long, but will you know what tucker says?

Devon: Yes, of course I will. Of course. And hey, everything’s gonna be okay, all right? I promise you. I do. Try not to worry so much. I know it doesn’t help to tell someone who’s worrying not to worry, but tucker will be here soon and I’m gonna find out as much as I can and figure out what really happened between him and your mom.

Abby: Well, what makes you think tucker will be honest with us?

Tucker: Ashley’s in paris, kyle. She had some things to do there, didn’t need my help, so I came back to town to take care of some local business.

Kyle: Oh, really?

Tucker: Really. Thanks again.

Kyle: I didn’t realize the two of you still spend time together, other than the occasional tete-a-tete to compare blackmail–

Audra: You know, I– I have A… a meeting that I should probably go to, so.

Kyle: No, I know that meeting. I’m in that meeting too and, uh, we have some time until that meeting, so I can think of a good way to fill that time. (Vo)you weren’t made for moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… eggland’s best.

Audra: Look, obviously I’d love nothing more than to spend some quality time with you, but I have some calls that I have to make before the meeting, and, um, since our connection is supposed to be a secret, we should probably move on from my suite as a meeting place anyway.

Kyle: I guess that’s true.

Audra: Great. Um, I’ll see you at the office.

Kyle: Um, I was actually gonna get a quick workout.

Audra: Oh.

Kyle: Not the one I was hoping for, unfortunately. Then, I’ll head back to the office.

Audra: I’ll see you there.

Kyle: Mm.

Billy: So, that was interesting timing.

Kyle: Hm?

Billy: I need to talk to you about something.

Kyle: Oh, yeah? What about?

Billy: Audra and tucker mccall.

Diane: I almost feel guilty being this happy with the threat that’s facing our family. I’m– I’m sorry I mentioned tucker.

Jack: Maybe tucker isn’t actually a threat. Maybe he and ashley are just having marital issues. You wouldn’t be shocked by that, would you?

Diane: I guess not.

Jack: Hey, worst case scenario, he’s planning a move. Let him make his move. I’m not afraid. I have the love and support of my family, starting with you and that makes me virtually invincible.

Diane: You know you can count on me, right, jack? You know that I’ll do anything to help and to protect jabot.

Jack: Yes, I know that.

Diane: Okay.

Jack: It’s one of the things I love most about you. I know I can count on you.

Tucker: Where’s the little man?

Devon: Oh, he’s not here. He’s on a play date.

Tucker: Oh.

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: So, you just…

Devon: I wanna talk to you. I wanna talk to you about ashley ’cause abby’s worried about her.

Tucker: Oh. Have they spoken?

Devon: No. They haven’t spoken at all and abby’s been leaving voicemails and text messages and she’s gotten zero response, which is leading abby to think that there’s something really wrong ’cause her mom wouldn’t go this long without letting her know that she’s okay.

Tucker: Is abby here?

Devon: No, she’s not here. It’s just us two.

Tucker: Oh, so this is why you invited me over.

Devon: Yes, it is. I’d like to know what the hell happened in paris and this is your chance to tell me.

Ashley: So, you know that jabot has always been a big part of me. When I was a little girl, my dad would take all three of us to jabot. He wanted to show us what he did for a living. It was very sweet. And when I graduated from college, I mean, that was my very first job. Straight to the lab. You know, and I guess, um, I guess I never really quite left.

Tucker: You know, I’m– I’m well aware that jabot was a huge part of your life. I just thought you were in a place now where you realized that you didn’t need it more. Or your siblings.

Ashley: Well, I mean, I thought I could walk away. I’ve done it before, so I just, you know, I was trying to convince myself, I guess. Jack and I just had A… we just kind of reconnected, you know? The last talk we had, it was just very honest and very real and it was– it was great ’cause it was like– it was like how it used to be between us.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. Well, that’s great and everyone’s friends again and you can walk away with a clear conscience.

Ashley: It’s just not that simple, you know? I’ve– I’ve…

[ Ashley sighing ] Jabot is a– is a lifeblood for me. The company and the family that built it. I mean, tucker, that’s my family. And I just– I’ve realized that that lifeblood is something that is more important to me than I think I was even aware of. I mean, it kinda makes sense, doesn’t it? Why I always go back? I– I– no matter how upset I am or hurt or angry, I mean, I– I– I go back. Jabot, it just– it calls to me. It’s a part of me and I’m a part of it and, uh, I just can’t seem to break that tie.

Tucker: So, are you trying to tell me something here? Are you just gonna… throw away all our plans, our future, just like that? Everything went wrong.

Kyle: All right. Let’s hear it. What about audra and tucker?

Billy: First thing’s first, I don’t trust either one of them.

Kyle: That’s helpful.

Billy: They clearly have some sort of relationship.

Kyle: So?

Billy: Tucker’s supposed to be in paris on his honeymoon with ashley, yet he’s here and ashley is not. You don’t– you don’t think that’s strange, kyle?

Kyle: I think that’s not great, but not necessarily strange.

Billy: Okay, well, your father and I think it is strange. There’s something going on and something not good. Tucker is here and he’s agitated. He seems a little off kilter, so that means we should be all on alert.

Kyle: Yeah, when I saw tucker just now, I mean, he didn’t seem like his usual self. No clever line, no giving me a hard time. Maybe he was on edge.

Billy: Well, there you go. That says something.

Kyle: Look, of course I’m on ashley’s side, no matter what tucker’s done, but why are you coming to me about this? How do I fit in?

[ Billy sighing ]

Billy: You and audra have a business relationship and you have a personal relationship, so I’m hoping that you can do a tt knows about his state of mind.

Kyle: You mean spy for you, billy. Yeah. No. Not happening.

Tucker: So, we get to paris and out of nowhere, ashley decides that she can no longer turn her back on jabot or her family.

Devon: Well, what’s wrong with that? She loves them and they love her, right?

Tucker: We had plans. We had made plans together. For us, for a new company, and then all of a sudden, she says, “no, I’m not interested.” So, yeah, we fought. As you can imagine, it was a bad fight.

Devon: And you’re telling me that it was so bad that you guys couldn’t work through it? And that your marriage is already in trouble?

Tucker: Yeah. Things were said. Accusations were made. I don’t think we can roll it back. I don’t think it’s possible.

Devon: How are you gonna say that already? Couples fight all the time, you know that. You don’t think you guys are blowing things out of proportion and just take a second to cool off and start thinking rationally?

Tucker: I’m thinking rationally. Ashley is not, at all.

Devon: All right. Tucker, there has to be more to this story. There just has to be something else. Did you do something to ashley that you’re not telling me about?

[ Phone ringing ]

Jack: Ashley! Are you okay? Where are you?

Ashley: Calm down, jack. I’m fine, all things considered.

Jack: Wait. What does thn?S that am okay and I’m in paris.

Jack: Why are you there and your new husband is here?

Ashley: Because it’s all changed. Everything has changed. These hands used to hold me as a little girl.

Billy: Hear me out for a second because if tucker feels slighted or rejected by ashley for whatever reason, well, he’s gonna want revenge and that makes him dangerous.

Kyle: Dangerous how?

Billy: He could be plotting against the family. Against jabot.

Kyle: So, this is about the company and not about your sister’s welfare?

Billy: Protecting the company, preserving your grandfather’s legacy is looking out for ashley. You remember when tucker came to town? Wanted your mother to do a little bit of dirty work for him?

Kyle: He wanted her to get him some insider financial data.

Billy: Exactly. So, maybe he’s back on that track. Maybe it’s not just about jabot. Maybe he’s coming after jack, you, me, all of us. Maybe he blames us for whatever’s going on between him and ashley.

Kyle: So, his plan of attack is the abbott family itself.

Billy: Which inevitably affects you. It impacts your mother.

Kyle: I guess that makes sense in some kind of screwed up tucker way, but this is all vague and hypothetical. You don’t really have anything other than a couple of newlyweds are on two different continents for no apparent reason.

Billy: Let me ask you a question, kyle. Why do you think tucker and audra are hanging out?

Kyle: I admit, them rekindling their friendship, it kinda bugs me a little.

Billy: I could imagine.

Kyle: I never trusted tucker and good on ashley if she dumped him because of whatever he did. Fine by me, but I don’t see a way that audra would confide in me.

Billy: Aren’t you two, uh…

[ Clicks tongue ] You know.

Kyle: Not anymore. Besides, she’s my boss. Can’t push her too hard.

Billy: All right, then. Well, that’s too bad. Guess I’m gonna have to find out what I need to know from someone else.

Ashley: After the last talk we had when we kind of made amends, I decided that, you know, it would be great to getaway and maybe just think. And so, uh…

[ Ashley sighing ] Sorry. I texted tucker and I said, “let’s not wait to take our honeymoon.” And he agreed and so we– we came to paris.

Jack: And?

Ashley: Well, I got here and I started thinking about the talk we had. And jack, I just realized that I– I couldn’t walk away from jabot. I couldn’t walk away from my family. I mean, I’d done it before and I guess, you know, even then, I tried to convince myself that I was happy and that I was actually fulfilled, but was it really true?

Jack: No.

Ashley: No. This time, it was no different, you know? I just, I– I– I can’T. I can’t let jabot go. I can’t let my family go. I don’t even want to. So, I, uh, tried to make tucker understand that, you know? I mean, after all, the only thing he’s been telling me since he came back to town was how much he loved me, how much he wanted me to be happy and he just wanted to marry me and just wanted to be with me, but then, when I started to express to him how I was having second thoughts about starting a business with him, he got so incredibly angry. I mean, he was like angrier than I’ve ever seen him before.

Jack: I am so sorry.

Ashley: He accused me of playing with his emotions, jack. He said that I– I’d made all these– these plans with him and that I was just pulling the rug out from under him. I had this, um… I had this moment of clarity. I mean, that charming, easy going, loving tucker, you know, that made me fall in love with him again, I think it was just a facade. I don’t think he’s really changed at all. I just realized I can’t live with that.

Tucker: I did not do anything to ashley. In fact, I did everything right this time. Everything. Everything I could control, at least. What I didn’t realize is the hold that the abbotts have over her. I thought she could walk away. I thought maybe, maybe, finally, I would be enough for her. That my love for her was enough. That my commitment to her was enough. Guess not.

Ashley: I am not throwing anything away. We still have an incredible future together. We’re husband and wife. We just won’t be business partners, that’s all.

Tucker: It just…

Ashley: What?

Tucker: You couldn’t have come to this decision a little sooner? Before this moment? Instead, you lead me on. You just– you lead me to believe that we’re gonna be working side-by-side and then boom, all of a sudden, you change your mind, just like that?

Ashley: It wasn’t all of a sudden. I’ve thought about this.

Tucker: Yeah, I can see you’ve thought about it. By yourself. Where was I, your husband, in this decision making? Don’t you think you and i should’ve discussed this? It just took one conversation with jack for you to decide to just trash all our plans? Everything we’ve been talking about for months? For months?

Ashley: You act like I’m betraying you. I’m not.

Tucker: What would you call it?

Devon: Hey. I still don’t understand why you’re not in paris right now working this all out with your wife.

Tucker: Because there’s nothing to work out.

Devon: What are you talking about?

Tucker: No. It’S… I can’t compete with the jabot lifeblood.

Devon: What’s the jabot lifeblood?

Tucker: That’s what ashley calls it. I’m sick of trying. I offered her a new life. Free of– of perpetual conflicts with jack. Free of the constant presence of diane, who she despises. She’s just not interested. So, you’ve made up your mind then? You’d rather share your life with jabot than with me.

Ashley: You know what? That’s not fair. Why can’t it be both? Why? Tell me.

Tucker: This is really something. After all your talk about not being sure I had changed, so reluctant to– to take a leap with me, to trust me, and now you’re the one who can’t commit, who’s walking away.

Ashley: I am not walking away from you. I am right here!

Tucker: It feels like it. Our life together has just begun and you are… you’re already a different woman than the one I married. Wait, listen, I don’t see how any of this affects our relationship. I mean, I realize it might put you in kind of a bind with abby.

Devon: If what you’re saying is the trud do anything to ashley and you’re just having a fight like married people have, that’s okay.

Tucker: Thank you.

Devon: But, if there’s more to it and you did do something that you’re not telling me about, that’s a different story.

[ Door slamming ] Hey. Trying to control my asthma felt anything but normal.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Dehydrated hair?

Abby: Hi, what’s going on?

Tucker: Have you heard from your mother?

Abby: I have, actually.

Devon: You have?

Abby: Yeah. My mom called me when I was on my way back to the house. She’s in paris. My mom told me that she and tucker got in a fight and that he disrespected her and didn’t consider her feelings or anything that she wanted at all.

Tucker: Well, in that case, you don’t have the total picture.

Abby: It’s over. The marriage, your business partnership and my mom made one thing very clear. She told me not to worry about her, that it’s you I should be worried about.

Devon: What are you talking about?

Abby: Well, tucker is hurt and angry and she reminded me that a hurt and angry tucker can be very unpredictable. You know, everything I predicted that was gonna happen, it happened. You haven’t even been married to my mom for one month and you completely broke her heart.

Tucker: It’s the other way around. But I could never convince you, could I? Ashley’s right about one thing. It’s over. All of it. I’m done.

[ Door slamming ]

[ Abby sighing ]

Diane: Jack, you okay?

Jack: Yeah. I– I just got off the phone with ashley.

Diane: Really? She called? Where is she?

Jack: She’s in paris.

Diane: Still?

Jack: She’s having second thoughts about leaving jabot, about leaving the family.

Diane: Well, that’s a good thing for you, isn’t it?

Jack: Oh, believe me, I am thrilled that my sister has come to her senses. That she wants to work side-by-side together. That she wants to repair our relationship. I just hate how tucker reacted when she tried to explain her change of heart to him.

Diane: I’m sure he didn’t take it very well.

Jack: No, it did not go well. They apparently had quite a fight. He went ballistic. He basically accused her of being a traitor for not going through with a company they were going to build to compete with jabot. He scared the hell out of her.

Diane: Are we really surprised that he acted that way?

Jack: No, I guess not. I just hate that he hurt her. After months, I had been telling her it was going to come to this. All this self-realization crap is nothing. Tucker is trouble. He has been trouble since he landed that damned helicopter on our lawn. At least now, my sister is on the same page.

Billy: You know, tucker, most people thought you would be swimming across the atlantic on your way back to ashley, begging her to take you back, unless she’s on her way back here.

Tucker: Since when is my marriage any of your business?

Billy: No, it’s not. I just– I– I mean, if– if my new wife pulled a 180 like that because she figured out that she made a mistake? I’m not saying ashley did that. I’m just saying that if that did happen, that would piss me off too. But then again, I know my sister. She’s unpredictable. You never really know what move she’s gonna make next.

Tucker: Do you have a point?

Billy: Yeah, I do. It– it’s jack. To be honest, he gives heroouc he tends to turn the other cheek when she gets volatile. Me? Not so much. In fact, it pisses me off and I don’t think it’s acceptable and I think maybe–

Tucker: What do you want, billy?


macular degeneration

Abby: I had my doubts about my mom and tucker, up until they said, “I do,” but I don’t know. She seemed so happy and they seemed so sure. I just– I was not expecting this.

Devon: Yeah, no, neither was I. He– he seemed to be in real pain.

Abby: Well, what did he tell you?

Devon: He told me that they got in a fight about your mom not wanting to let go of her connection to jabot. And about her wanting to forget about the idea of creating a new business to compete with the family company.

Abby: My mom said that– I mean, that’s when he just lost it. I mean, he went into this rage and it was so intense that it scared her and that’s when she realized that all this talk about tucker being this changed man was just that. It was all talk and he is the same manipulative man that he’s always been. He just got better at hiding it.

Devon: Well, I’m sorry.

Abby: I don’t know why I’m so surprised. I mean, I guess if tucker was gonna show his true colors, it’s better that he did it sooner rather than later.

Diane: At least there’s one good thing.

Jack: Yeah, what’s that?

Diane: You and ashley are in a better place. Will never be close. The most we can hope for is civil, but we do share something in common. We both love you and we both want the best for you. And I know that you are miserable when you and ashley aren’t getting along, so I am rooting for this reconciliation.

Jack: So am I.

Diane: Yeah.

Jack: My relationship with my sister has always been complex. We were each other’s biggest cheerleaders, our– each other’s biggest rivals. We competed for dad’s attention for leadership roles in jabot, all wrapped up in being right. So absolutely certain that we knew the best thing. So much so that we forgot the most important thing: We were brother and sister. It would take some event, some wake up call for us to remember.

Diane: Like what?

Jack: You know, like… a few years ago, she left for paris with all of her patents. I never thought we’d make it back from that. You know how we got back? Neil winters died. And the two of us sat mourning together. We made those first tentative steps mourning the loss of a friend, and over time, we found our way to merging the two companies and reuniting and working on our relationship.

Diane: And then, I came back to town.

Jack: I do not hold you responsible for my contentious relationship with my sister. That was tucker mccall and it isn’t like the two of us haven’t argued before about each other’s choice of partners. Besides, you saving her life has made this latest reconciliation possible.

Diane: What? Do you really think so?

Jack: Absolutely. You made that happen. And I’ll tell you this. I am absolutely certain who I want in my life.

Diane: Aw.

Billy: I guess I’m just trying to get a lay of the land, you know? I mean, if your marriage is over, and I’m not saying it is, but if it is over for good, then that means ashley might come back to town and, of course, come back to jabot.

Tucker: Always looking out for number one, aren’t we?

Billy: You’re not surprised by that.

Tucker: No, I’m not. No. It’s funny you say that ashley is the unpredictable one. I see that. You’re the opposite, man. You are predictable. I mean, you’re so predictable, I’m a little shocked you’re not pointing a finger at me right now, accusing me of doing something horrible to ashley to drive her away.

Billy: Well, making assumptions doesn’t get me anywhere, does it?

Tucker: And you’re not in the least upset that I told jack you were willing to help ashley and me take over jabot and boot him out so you could take the reins?

Billy: You didn’t say anything that jack didn’t already suspect. ‘Cause the truth is, I was excited about taking over at jabot. And pushing diane out. But if ashley comes back to jabot, well, then there’s gonna be sparks. And that is not good for the company and I still believe that I am the most level-headed person to run that company.

Tucker: Good for you. Doesn’t your family deserve the best?

[ Devon exhaling ]

[ Abby sighing ]

Abby: I should’ve trusted my instincts.

Devon: What do you mean?

Abby: I knew– I knew that tucker could never love my mom the way that he claimed to. That he was just using her for her money and for her business expertise so that they could start this whole empire. But no, I pushed it aside because I thought that’s what my mom wanted. And then, my mom finally realized who tucker really is and she dismantled his whole plan and that is when he lost his mind.

Devon: Yeah, I mean, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me because when I was talking to him, it felt like he was really hurt by what happened. You don’t think that it was just a misunderstanding that got out of hand and they need some time to cool off and then they’ll work it out?

Abby: Well, I don’t think my mom is coming back to genoa city anytime soon.

Devon: If she wants to have a bigger part in jabot, how’s that gonna work?

Abby: I don’t know. That’s what I said, but I know she wants to make it right with my uncle jack and I know that she wants to get back into product development. I mean, that’s her first true love, but she said that if she comes back to genoa city, it would be like throwing a grenade in this whole situation and that it would just enflame tucker even more.

Devon: Did she give a time table at all, though?

Abby: No! And it kills me. It kills me because I want my mom here. I need her close to me and all I can do is just step back and try to respect her if– if what she needs is time and space.

[ Abby sighing ] And I know you’re not gonna want to hear this, but… my mom did say she thinks tucker is plotting some sort of revenge, that he’s gonna do something vindictive.

Devon: Like, against her?

Abby: Against the family. And my uncle jack and billy, they think that he’s up to something. I know. I know that he’s your dad and I know that two of you have come such a long way and honestly, I can’t deny it. I mean, he’s been a pretty terrific grandfather to dom.

Devon: Yeah, I know. That’s why I don’t want to assume the worst. I’d like to try and give him the benefit of the doubt.

[ Tucker exhaling ]

Tucker: Hey, ashley. Uh… so, I just came from talking to abby. How dare you tell her that I’m the problem here? That I am the one that caused everything to come crashing down because I offered you the world! And at first, you– “oh, I’m so excited, I’m so on board with this– this future that we planned together!” And then, all of a sudden, on our honeymoon, no less, you said, “well, no, I’m out.” You chose jabot over me. You chose jack over me. So yes, things got a little heated, but I’d like to hear you deny that you led me on! That you– that you– that you didn’t just give me a glimpse of this bright, beautiful future and then just pull the plug. And now– and now, you have the gall to paint me as the bad guy? Really, ashley? What the hell happened? Where did we go so wrong?

Diane: Is billy on his way?

Jack: Yeah. I told him to meet us here.

Diane: I feel badly that we didn’t make it back to the office.

Jack: Oh, no. We have a great staff. They can hold the fort down.

Diane: Well, that’s true. And plus, the tucker news is probably going to impact jabot more than anything else–

Jack: Hey, come on in. Tell us what you’ve learned.

Diane: Hey, billy.

Billy: Well, I ran into tucker at the club.

Jack: And?

Billy: Typical. Very difficult to get any information out of him.

Jack: Well, maybe I can, uh, shed some light. Ashley called.

Billy: She did?

Jack: Yeah. She’s safe. She’s okay. She’s in paris. Most importantly though, she wants to come back to jabot?

Billy: Really?

Diane: Yes, and when she told tucker about it, apparently, he lost his mind.

Jack: I guess it got quite ugly. She said they fought like hell and his level of anger was more than a little disconcerting.

Diane: So, how did he seem to you?

Billy: Yeah, I mean, he was… he was very restrained. You could tell in his eyes, he had a lot of anger inside.

Jack: Oh, I have no doubt. Hey, look, for him to come straight back to this town, means one thing.

Billy: He’s got an agenda.

Jack: No doubt.

Diane: All right. He’s angry, he’s resentful and he’s looking to take it out on someone.

Billy: Tucker mccall is a legitimate threat.

Jack: Absolutely. And we have to be ready. We have to stop him from destroying everything and everyone that we love.

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Adam: Are you suggesting that we have dinner together?

Sally: Apparently, I am.

Phyllis: This is too serious of a game for me. I need to know the name of the company that I–

Tucker: No. You don’t need to know until I decide you need to know.

Lily: Victor now wants out of chancellor-winters. And what’s worst is that he’s privately sold off his stake to a third party already.

Devon: Who’s the third party investor?

Lily: That is the million dollar question.

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, September 14, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Abby: Hey, I’m glad you had time to see me.

Jack: Your message sounded a little frantic. I have some idea what this is about.

Abby: Well, I haven’t heard from my mom. I think she’s still in france, but I’m not sure. Have you heard from her?

Jack: No, not yet. As diane told you, we saw tucker alone. What that means regarding ashley, I don’t know.

Abby: Well, when I confronted him about what happened with my mom, I mean… he– he said, like, a bunch of business stuff. I don’t really even know. What the hell did he do with my mom?

Diane: He didn’t reveal much to us, either.

Jack: Look, I’ve tried reaching out to her to try to get some clarity on all of this. I haven’t had any luck. All I’ve gotten is voice mail.

Abby: My mom hasn’t returned my calls or my texts. So either she’s avoiding us, or– or she has no idea how worried we are. My mom and tucker just got married, and they’re on two separate continents! Uh, this can’t be good, right?

Tucker: Here you are.

Audra: Thank you.

Tucker: Well… that was a triumphant return, if I do say so myself.

Audra: Yeah, you know, five minutes ago, you were bitter and miserable. You know, I might prefer that, uh, to obnoxiously cocky.

Tucker: Five minutes ago. I guess time flies when you’re having fun, huh? And I didn’t hear any complaints from you. You poor thing. Having to spend your nights with kyle abbott. No wonder you came to me.

Audra: Like I said, obnoxiously cocky.

Tucker: Well. I appreciate the revival, nonetheless.

Audra: It wasn’t a revival, tucker. Okay? It was a one-time thing.

Tucker: Mm. No ulterior motives? No hidden agendas?

Audra: Are you questioning my heart of gold? Look, I told you. Look, I– I was worried about you, okay?

Tucker: You’re always thinking two steps ahead. You’re on a fishing expedition. You want to know more about what happened with me and ashley. Huh? Want to have some pillow talk about my marriage?

Daniel: So. You, uh, ready to jump into the school year?

Lucy: Ugh, dad, no. Shh, no, no school talk. I’m still in my summer zen.

Daniel: Mm. Sorry. Fair enough. I mean, I’ll take every minute that I can get with you. It was a real treat, having you come here to finish out the summer. Speaking of treats, I even had sharon stock up on all your favorite treats at the coffee house.

Lucy: Sharon’s the best, and I mean, you’re pretty cool too.

[ Daniel chuckling ]

Daniel: Let’s not get crazy here. Look, I don’t mean to mess with your zen, but, um… do you know that your mom was thinking about not going back to portugal?

Lucy: Yeah. Yeah. She told me.

Daniel: Would be a big change for both of you. How are you feeling about it?

Lucy: You know, I really wanted it to work out, moving to portugal. I– I think mom really needed the change. So did I, honestly.

Daniel: You both deserve some peace after living with me. I wasn’t exactly my best self.

Lucy: But you’re different now. You’re back to being your old, good self.

Daniel: Handsome and brilliant.

Lucy: Yeah, that. I mean, portugal was great at first. And school was fine and mom had met chris. They were great.

Daniel: Chris…

Lucy: Um, until they weren’T. Mom wouldn’t tell me everything, but seems like he turned out to be quite the jerk.

Daniel: As big a jerk as me?

Lucy: Eh. Kind of a toss-up. I mean, I guess it all kinda just depends on what mom wants. I’d be okay with coming back to the states, though. Uh, more than okay, actually. Do you want me and mom to come home?

Phyllis: Thank you for meeting with me. You know, I just wanted to officially give you thanks for stepping in at the last minute and taking over my case.

Heather: I suppose I should also thank you because you have not once brought up my and daniel’s relationship during this entire lunch, and I imagine that, uh, was probably difficult for you.

Phyllis: Wha– why?

Heather: Because you had to actually pretend this lunch was about catching up.

Phyllis: Uh, it is! And about thanking you. I mean, what else would it be about?

Heather: Nudging me and daniel back together.

Phyllis: Oh, heather, no, no, no. Listen. Listen. I’ve learned my lesson to interfere with daniel’s love life. I’ve learned my lesson, okay? I want you two to be happy. And I want you two to be solid emotionally, for lucy’s sake.

Heather: We are. We’ve gotten there.

Phyllis: Good and like I said, I have learned my lesson. I’m not gonna be the one responsible for breaking up daniel and lily.

Heather: Yeah, I’m– I’m curious. How, um… how serious do you think that relationship actually is? So I didn’t think I needed swiffer,

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Phyllis: I have mixed feelings about daniel and lily’s relationship. That’s all. It has nothing to do with you.

Heather: Sure.

Phyllis: It doesn’t, really. And daniel says he’s happy. I mean, he seems happy.

Heather: He does.

Phyllis: It’s just that lily and daniel have horrible track records.

Heather: No, I mean, I can’t really throw stones. My history isn’t perfect. Things with me and daniel did not end well.

Phyllis: Yeah, but that was daniel’s fault. I mean, you know I love my son, but that was completely on him. It had nothing to do with you.

Heather: No, no. We– we both could have done things differently.

Phyllis: Well, you’re being very kind, but my son screwed up. He did. He’s been working on himself to be in a better place emotionally and be more stable.

Heather: It’s good to see him happy again. I mean, he… he didn’t smile for so long, he wouldn’t talk, let me in, but, um… he’s not in that place anymore.

Phyllis: No. He’s not. Hey, heather, I just want to ask you. I mean, now that my son is in a better place and he’s more stable and he’s willing to let somebody in… I mean, just– would you want that somebody to be you?

Daniel: Did you seriously just ask me if I want you around? Because the answer is yes. I mean, it’s always gonna be yes, obviously. In– in the states, in this state. I want you to be as close to me as possible.

Lucy: Me too, dad. But, um, what about mom?

Daniel: Well, I hope that heather can find happiness wherever she can find it. And if that happens to be genoa city, even better.

Lucy: You know, I actually think mom really likes it here. I was really little when we left genoa city, but… it’s always really felt like home here.

Daniel: Listen, kid, I gotta be really clear with you about something, um, and I feel like you’re old enough that we can have a frank conversation about it.

Lucy: Obviously.

Daniel: Say you and your mom were to move back to the states, or you know, genoa city. Doesn’t mean that the two of us are gonna get back together and be a couple.

Lucy: Mm. Wait. I’m sorry, did– did– did mom say something to you about this? I’m kind of feeling like a parent conspiracy thing here. Did she say something about me wanting you guys to get back together?

Daniel: She may have mentioned it.

Lucy: Okay, embarrassing.

Daniel: No, no. Hey. Hey, not at all. Look, I– I get it. I can see why you might feel like you– you want to have that again, for the three of us to be a family again.

Lucy: Well, I mean, it makes sense, right? You and mom split up because you were in a bad place, and you’re not in that place anymore, so…

Daniel: So– okay. Look. I know it’s hard, but… sometimes things don’t work out and you can’t go back.

Lucy: So, I guess this means things are pretty serious between you and lily. You guys are really happy together, aren’t you?

Jack: I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but I honestly don’t know what to make of the situation between ashley and tucker. Why he is in town and she is not.

Abby: Well, I reached out to the concierge in her apartment building in paris, and I mean, my mind has gone to some pretty dark places. But he seems to think that she’s just on some day trip to the country.

Jack: I hate to say this, sweetheart. That is pretty classic ashley. Something goes wrong, she tends to isolate.

Abby: Okay, but what makes me nervous is that she hasn’t reached out to any one of us.

Diane: You know, it’s really strange. The two of them seemed so content before they left.

Jack: Oh, he had to do something awful to turn this around so quickly, to push her away. Son of a bitch.

Diane: But why would he come back here without her, though? I mean, why go back to the place where you fell in love again? Isn’t there somewhere else he could go to lick his wounds?

Jack: Oh, I suspect he has something in the works.

Abby: When I talked to tucker, I mean, he made it seem like my mom hurt him, not the other way around.

Jack: Well, that’s a heck of a lot more than we got. When I asked him what happened, he said, “ask your sister,” which of course, we can’t do because she’s avoiding us.

Diane: Well, wait a minute. What if tucker is telling the truth and whatever happened between the two of them was instigated by ashley?

Abby: Wait, you think this is on my mom?

Diane: No, no, no. I’m not saying it was anything malicious. But what if ashley just realized that she made a horrible mistake marrying tucker?

Abby: But when I spoke to tucker, I mean, he was pretty frustrated with me for blaming him. He seemed hurt.

Jack: If he’s frustrated and angry, he could very well decide to retaliate against us.

[ Abby sighing ]

Audra: You know, I just want to know your plans going forward.

Tucker: Why?

Audra: Just curious. Um, your world appears to have shifted.

Tucker: Mm.

Audra: Feels off-kilter.

Tucker: Mm, the only constant is change.

Audra: You know, I’m assuming, um, that things really blew up with ashley. You know, especially for you to end up here. You know, you were quite the faithful husband, and, um, but since you don’t want to talk about it, you know, I– I just, I’ll assume that whatever happened was pretty extreme. You know, I– I can imagine, you know, if things did go wrong, that, um– that you would be pretty devastated. I mean, you loved her, you’d do anything for her–

Tucker: Yeah, what’s your point?

Audra: That you’re probably feeling pretty vindictive. Maybe you’d even go after jabot.

Tucker: Ah. And what if I did, pray tell? What’s it to you?

Audra: I just want to know your mindset, that’s all.

Tucker: Uh-huh.

Audra: Like, if you’re playing a new game.

Tucker: But what’s your angle? Don’t tell me this is just about protecting your new boyfriend’s family company. There’s something in it for you, right? What is it?

For your most brilliant smile,

Audra: I– I’m just surprised by your– your turnaround, is all. You know, I– I– I thought ashley was the one, you know, your one true love and destiny. She made you a better man. And now, you just seem to have reverted to form. Yeah, I’m just– I’m fascinated and curious.

Tucker: No, you’re not. You’re doing recon work. You’re covering your bases. Why? What’s going on at newman? Shakeup?

Audra: Well–

Tucker: Exploring your options?

Audra: There are always moving parts at a company that size.

Tucker: And? Okay. Yeah. If you would be willing to share a little bit, I might be willing to share my plans with you.

[ Audra chuckling ]

Audra: So you– you– you do have plans?

Tucker: Well, let’s just say, um… hypothetically, that I did. Would you entertain the idea of working with me again? We could give each other what we want. I mean, look at us, right? There’s something. Always pulled back together.

Audra: Well, I, uh, I would need to trust you a lot more than I do right now.

Tucker: Really? After everything we’ve been through?

Audra: Things have changed.

Tucker: We still have something though, don’t we? Hm? I’ve always been straightforward with you, right? And unfortunately, even to the point where I genuinely hurt you. And I regret that. But that’s one thing that we’ve always counted on with each other, right? Honest with each other, sometimes painfully so.

Audra: Fine. I’ll entertain the possibility. But I want to know your agenda first.

Billy: What’s going on? Another abbott family meeting?

Traci: Does this conversation pertained to jabot?

Jack: No, this is about ashley. Something is going on between her and tucker. They have split up.

Traci: What? Already? Jack, how do you know this?

Jack: Well, they left on their honeymoon together in paris and he’s back in town, and she is purposely out of touch.

Traci: Where is our sister?

Jack: As best we know, still in france.

Abby: But we haven’t been able to get a hold of her. Has she reached out to either one of you?

Billy: No. Not me.

Traci: Yeah, me either. I just assumed that they were having a really good time. Oh, good lord, what has tucker done now?

Jack: Well, that is the question.

Billy: Well, he was on guard when we saw him earlier, there’s no doubt about that.

Diane: Yeah, he wasn’t even trying to be charming, so we know that something’s wrong.

Traci: Is there any other evidence that would sort of shed light on what’s really happening, then?

Jack: No, details are pretty scarce, but I think we all need to be on alert.

Traci: I hate that ashley isn’t reaching out to any of us herself, but isn’t it possible that we’re jumping to the worst conclusion?

Jack: With tucker mccall, I think it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

[ Abby sighing ]

Phyllis: I care about you and daniel. And lucy. And I know when you have something special, it’s hard to just put that in the past, you know? I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Heather: Thank you. And I appreciate the lunch invitation and that you’re concerned for daniel’s well-being, as well as mine.

Phyllis: Of course, of course.

Heather: But you also need to accept that daniel will choose his own path and it may or– or may not be something that you like.

Phyllis: I don’t want you or daniel to give up on true happiness because you’re afraid. I want to help you.

Heather: See, this is what I’m talking about, phyllis. Even though you may think you’re– you’re fixing something, you– you could be making matters worse with daniel and I can’t imagine you’d want that, not after everything that happened.

Phyllis: I know I have made mistakes in the past with my children. I just want them to be happy. I just care about their well-being and I will never jeopardize that.

Heather: Okay. Um, in that case, I– I urge you to stay out of daniel’s private life and– and I– I ask you to also stay out of mine. It was good to see you, phyllis. Thank you.

Daniel: I am very happy. I am. I can’t speak for lily, but I think she is too.

Lucy: Yeah. She seems to really like you and you guys seem great together.

Daniel: Well, we have history.

Lucy: Yeah, that’s an understatement.

Daniel: You know, this time around though, it just feels new, and special.

Lucy: That makes sense. But if you weren’t together, do you think there might be a chance for you and mom?

Daniel: Yeah, I think, kiddo, that there’s already been too much damage done. I’m just happy that your mother and I can have a civil conversation about you, or about anything else, for that matter. And I am more than thrilled that you seem to have forgiven me.

Lucy: I have, dad. We’re good.

Daniel: Yeah, I think so too. But you know, your mother, she might not feel that.

Lucy: No, I– I don’t think so. I think she knows that you’re doing better now.

Daniel: Yes, but that doesn’t change the past. It doesn’t change anything that I’ve done. You can forgive someone, and you know, still have a real problem trusting them, after they’ve let you down.

Lucy: Dad, but I trust you.

Daniel: I know, and I am so grateful for that. I really am. But your mother, you know, she saw a worse side of me. She was shielding you from me and she would probably always be wondering if that was ever gonna happen again.

Lucy: It– it wouldn’t, dad. You’re so much stronger and more balanced now and– and mom knows that.

Daniel: Yes. I like to think I am. You know, I have to remind myself that every day, I– I have to look at what I did and who I became and never go back to that.

Lucy: And– and I think mom knows that. She might be able to forgive you, just like I have.

Daniel: You may be right.

Lucy: Given all of that and just speaking hypothetically, if you and lily weren’t together, if that wasn’t a thing–

Daniel: But that is a thing.

Lucy: I know, I know, I– I’m just asking. Wouldn’t there be a chance? Just even if it’s a little one, for you and mom.

Daniel: Maybe. My heart failure diagnosis changed my priorities.

Daniel: Oh, hey, hey, hey. Hang on a second there. You know, I– I kind of feel like this conversation has gotten away from me a little bit and just want to check in with you and make sure that you’re not planning anything, that there’s no schemes going on here?

Lucy: Yeah, dad, I’m gonna go all parent trap on you two, take you and lily out camping and then get us all stranded. It’s gonna be great!

Daniel: No, no, no, that’s not funny. I’m serious. Listen to me. Leave it alone. Do not go pressuring your mother into believing something that isn’t true.

Lucy: Yeah, like push her to fall in love with you again? You can’t make someone love anyone.

Daniel: Okay. Good, good. So, we’re good here.

Lucy: And you can’t make them fall out of love, either.

Traci: Jack, are you that sure tucker’s a threat?

Jack: Tucker has a history of lashing out when he feels wronged.

Diane: Not to mention that before he came back to town, he pressured me into trying to find out anything I could about jabot’s financial stability.

Traci: Which, as I recall, you seriously considered doing for him.

Diane: All I’m saying is that he had his eye on the company. Maybe he’s still after it, with or without ashley.

Traci: Okay, if ashley left him– if. I don’t understand why he would still be interested in the company. I mean, as I remember, they were going to take control of the company so that he and ashley could run it together.

Jack: Whatever move he makes at this point is going to be a direct blow against me.

Abby: But why would he go after you?

Jack: Whatever fallout there was between tucker and ashley was likely because of her loyalty to this family. More specifically, her connection to me.

Billy: If you don’t mind, I have an idea. And if it works, it could solve everything.

Tucker: Unfortunately, ashley and I just have different priorities. And as it turns out, irreconcilable differences.

Audra: That sounds like divorce talk.

Tucker: Yeah, uh, don’t– that’s all I want to say about her.

Audra: Fine.

Tucker: I’m gonna do what I should have done when I first moved back to town, what I originally planned.

Audra: Um, you were gonna target jabot?

Tucker: I’m gonna do more than target it. I’m gonna take the sucker. Right from the abbotts. In its entirety.

Audra: Bold.

Tucker: Does it worry you?

Audra: Why would it?

Tucker: Your relationship with kyle?

Audra: Hm. You know, we– we’re having so much fun together. Even, you know, if we now have to keep our– our affair a secret.

Tucker: You do? Is that some kind of new audra game?

Audra: It’s an edict from nikki newman.

Tucker: Oh, did she drop the hammer on you? She doesn’t like the idea of you sleeping with her granddaughter’s husband?

Audra: Anyway, um, if we were to resume our connection, I’d want something in return.

Tucker: Yeah, there it is. There’s that old black magic. Make a deal with the devil.

Audra: Okay. You taught me everything I know. Well, you know, almost everything.

Tucker: Okay, what you got in mind?

Daniel: Hey, heather.

Heather: Hi.

Lucy: Um, I’m glad you’re here. How did the lunch with phyllis go?

Heather: Fine. But I have some news. Unfortunately, we need to head back to lisbon sooner than we planned.

Lucy: Ugh, why?

Heather: I– I got a call from my firm on the way over here.

Lucy: I thought they closed down the offices.

Heather: They did, but, uh, they’re calling a special meeting for an upcoming trial. I need to be back for that.

Daniel: Oh, that’s too bad.

Heather: I also need to speak with them about my plans, which may involve returning to live in the states.

Lucy: Yeah, um, dad and i were actually just talking about that, and I’d really be on board, if that’s something you want to do.

Heather: Well, we’re gonna do what’s best for both of us, and we’ll need to figure out school for you, if we do plan to come back. So, there is a lot to decide and to discuss.

Lucy: Yeah.

Daniel: You know, I’m sorry that happened so soon.

Heather: Me too. But maybe it’s for the best.

Daniel: You sure there wasn’t anything more to it?

Heather: What do you mean?

Daniel: I mean phyllis. My mother. Did she do something? Feeling sluggish or weighed down?

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

What can you do

with sensitive skin?

Heather: No, no, no, no. Phyllis and I had a perfectly pleasant lunch.

Daniel: Mm-hmm? She didn’t, uh, step out of line? Try and run your life or make you do anything?

Heather: Your mom loves you very much.

Daniel: Oh, boy. Yeah, now you’re really making me nervous.

Lucy: So sad we have to leave so soon. I really enjoy just being here with you.

Daniel: Yeah, same.

Heather: Well, guys, nothing is set in stone yet, okay? We may be back before you know it. There’s just A… there’s a lot to consider.

Daniel: It’ll get sorted.

Heather: Okay. Let’s get organized, and, uh, I’ll check in with you later. We’ll come see you again before we leave.

Daniel: You better.

Lucy: Okay. Bye, dad.

Daniel: Bye, luce. Bye.

Billy: I believe I’m the best bet in finding out what tucker’s up to.

Jack: So what is the strategy?

Billy: We allow him to believe that our relationship has only gotten worse.

Diane: I’m not sure he’ll buy that.

Jack: No, it’s true. He did out you to me right before they left for paris.

Billy: He did. He waltzed in here and dropped a big bomb, that I’m better suited to run jabot than you.

Traci: What the hell, billy?

Billy: Don’t worry, traci. It was all part of the plan to derail ashley and tucker.

Traci: Oh, honestly, this family.

Billy: When ashley and tucker abandoned the plan to use me to go after jabot, he threw me under the bus. Or at least, that’s what he thought.

Jack: Oh, that was definitely a parting shot, to make me believe that you were a traitor.

Billy: Exactly, and what would exasperate our conflict more than me trying to oust you from the company, jack? Okay, think about this. This is the ammunition that we need.

Abby: To do what?

Billy: To make tucker believe that our relationship is in shambles and all of this is gone to hell.

Jack: It very nearly did. Look, I see the logic, I’m just not sure this is a good idea.

Audra: But you were right, you know. Things have grown increasingly precarious at newman while you were away.

Tucker: Yeah, what’s the latest?

Audra: Yeah, well, victor’s made one power move after another. You know, he broke up the nick, sharon and adam venture. Adam is out completely. And– and he’s, uh, allowed sharon to take back her company, free of charge.

Tucker: And what about nick? Where does he stand?

Audra: Uh, well, he’s gonna go with sharon and help her rebuild kirsten incorporated. Totally separating himself from the newmans.

Tucker: And victor does not like familial separation.

Audra: And check this out, he’s also promoted, uh, nikki newman. She’s gonna be my new boss. Taking over in newman media.

Tucker: And thus, demoting you.

Audra: Yeah, I’m not thrilled about it, but… you know, I’m thankful that I still have a job. And mrs. Newman has chosen to assert her authority quite quickly, though.

Tucker: By blowing up you and kyle?

Audra: Yeah. You know, she’s, uh, made it very clear that I will continue on a trial basis. She doesn’t trust me.

Tucker: Nor should she.

Audra: Mm. You know, all of this means that I need a–

Tucker: You need a backup plan.

Audra: Yes, exactly. You know, some place where I can work with– with someone to whom I don’t have to continually prove myself.

Tucker: Could that someone be me?

[ Audra giggling ] Could that somewhere be jabot? I take it back. You’re not just two steps ahead, you’re ten.

Audra: If you actually go through with it and manage to get a hold of it, I’m all yours. White 80…! White 80…!

Lily: Hey. I got your text. It sounded urgent. I’ve gotta tell you, I did not expect this when you told me you wanted to see me, but I’m glad you had the urge. Are you okay?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, just– I want to be totally honest with you about something.

Lily: Um… okay.

Daniel: It’s just like, I just want to be completely transparent on this. Um… I get the feeling that my mother is trying to push me and heather back together.

Lily: Well, did something happen to make you think that?

Daniel: No, I just get the feeling that my mom was up to something, so I confronted her about it. She said it was nothing. Then she had lunch with heather, now heather and lucy, they’re leaving for lisbon in, like, a day or two.

Lily: I thought they were staying until the end of the month.

Daniel: Well, she said it was work, but… just seems like too much of a coincidence.

Lily: Well, did she say anything specific that she discussed with phyllis?

Daniel: No. No. See, I got the feeling that there was more that she wasn’t telling me. I don’t know. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, you know, babe? I’m just, I’m bummed. I was really looking forward to spending that time with lucy.

Lily: I’m sorry. And look, I know that your mom likes to meddle, but I think there might be another possible scenario here.

Billy: You don’t need to worry about me. I can handle tucker.

Traci: No, I– I think I agree with jack. You’re gonna have to proceed with caution, and I’m not sure more deception’s what’s needed here.

Jack: If tucker is indeed on a mission to cause more trouble for this family without ashley by his side to hold him back, he will pull out all the stops.

Diane: And he’ll be looking for any angle, for anything that gets in his way.

Billy: There’s no doubt about that, but I can sidestep him. Let’s just hope that I have a few cards up my sleeve as well.

Jack: Tucker just saw the three of us together. You, me, and diane. By all appearances, we were fine.

Billy: Yeah, that’s not a problem. I can handle that.

Abby: But billy, why would you want to? Every person that plays with tucker ends up getting burned, including my mom.

Jack: I just don’t like the idea of your getting deeply involved in this anymore, look, you’re right. We don’t know that he’s planning anything, but my gut tells me that he is, but if he does have a plan, he is going to do everything he can to stop any defensive move we make.

Billy: Well, that is for sure, jack. But I’m telling you, I can handle it. Rsv is in for a surprise.

Lily: I don’t know if phyllis is the reason that heather wants to leave town.

Daniel: Then what could it be, then?

Lily: I think she might still have feelings for you.

Daniel: Why would you think that?

Lily: It’s just a sense I have. I mean, she’s really awkward around me, and especially when I see her after she’s run into you.

Daniel: Yeah, I just– I don’t– I don’t think that heather could ever have those kinds of feelings for me, especially after what I put her and lucy through.

Lily: Yeah, but wounds can heal. And I think now, she sees you as the man she’s always wanted you to be.

Daniel: I just don’t think it’s possible.

Lily: Okay, well, look. It means she also could just have to get back to work, so.

Daniel: Yeah. You’re probably right. I don’t know, I guess, you know, even if it were true, it wouldn’t really matter because you and I are together now.

Lily: We are.

Daniel: Hm.

Lily: I want you to know, though, that I would understand if maybe you’re feeling conflicted? I mean, it’s not like you two broke up because you just fell out of love. I mean, you were in a bad place. And you’re not there anymore and… heather could very well want you back in her life.

Daniel: Yeah, but would it bother you, you know, if it were true? That she did? I mean, you’re not worried, are you?

Tucker: Well, I’m definitely intrigued by the idea of working side by side again.

Audra: Good.

Tucker: Ah. We’re back, baby.

[ Tucker chuckling ] I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

Audra: In a manner of speaking.

Tucker: No, it’ll be fun to work together again. And your relationship with kyle? That could prove useful. We should discuss later.

Audra: Yeah, um… so we’re done here? This is you kicking me out?

Tucker: In a manner of speaking, yeah. You got your job at newman and I got work to do.

Audra: All right.

Tucker: We’ll reconvene later.

Audra: Yeah.

Tucker: Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute. Hey. I’m glad we’re back in action.

Audra: Oh.

Tucker: And I hope you are, too.

Traci: I still think we need to take things one step at a time. Can we just wait to hear from ashley, so we can get some context as to what’s really going on?

Abby: Okay, look. I’m gonna keep trying my mom. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

Jack: Please do.

Traci: And the two of you, be smart. Do not let tucker come between you. He’s not worth it.

Jack: Thanks, sis.

Traci: Yeah.

Diane: Hm.

Billy: Diane, you know tucker. You know how fast he moves when he’s on a mission. Do you really believe that we should sit on this?

Diane: I think billy has a good point. What’s the harm in letting him see what he can get out of tucker?

Billy: There you go, jack. You should listen to your wife.

Jack: Okay. Okay, suss him out. But be careful, please.

Billy: Absolutely. I’ll talk soon.

[ Jack sighing ]

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Billy apologizes to Jack and Diane for the way he has been acting toward them. Billy promises Jack he will help Diane get more familiar with Jabot.

Daniel and Summer decide to figure out a way to stop their mom from trying to fix what she ruined for them.

Tucker tells Audra that he and Ashley had more than an argument which is why Ashley stayed in Paris. Tucker later has some flashbacks of a talk he had with Ashley where he tells her he doesn’t like the look in her eyes. Tucker later tells Heather he will need a good lawyer.

Heather tells Daniel that she broke up with her boyfriend and is considering moving back to Genoa City.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, September 15, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Ashley calls Jack to tell him that she and Tucker had a huge argument when she told him that she doesn’t want to leave Jabot and start a new company with him. Ashley tells Jack Tucker flew into a rage and that is when she realized Tucker hasn’t changed at all. Tucker tells Devon what happened with Ashley, but he leaves out the part about how angry he got with Ashley.

Abby arrives home while Tucker is still talking with Devon. Abby tells Devon what Ashley told her when she called. Devon wants to give Tucker the benefit of the doubt while Abby is worried that Tucker will come after the Abbott family. Billy and Jack are also worried about Tucker is coming after Jabot as well as the Abbott family.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Victoria: Hi, dad.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Victoria: I would ask what brings you by, but I’m pretty sure I already know.

Victor: Oh, yeah? What would that be?

Victoria: You’re wondering how I feel about nicholas’s decision to not come back to newman enterprises.

Victor: And?

Victoria: Well, I can’t say that I’m surprised thanks to his distrust of nate, which is ironic as hell since he agreed to work alongside adam, and who is more untrustworthy than adam?

Victor: Mm-hmm. I think, um… adam has learned his lesson.

Victoria: Oh, really? What pathetic show has he put on for you this time? Did he tell you about his troubled youth? His parental neglect? Did he tell you that he’s a new man now, he’s turned over a new leaf, he wants to prove himself to you?

[ Victoria sighs ] Dad, please tell me you’re not getting pulled in by adam again. It makes me so sad to see him keep hurting you.

Victor: I believe him. And I think once nicholas calms down, he will return.

Victoria: Well, I’m really sorry, but that’s not a chance that I’m willing to take. I think we need to move forward based on what nicholas has said, not what he might do. Which is why I am lobbying to promote nate immediately as co-ceo.

Nate: Scotch neat, please.

Audra: Well, you’re all sunshine and rainbows today.

Nate: Aren’t I always?

Audra: Mm. Of course. Except when you’re brooding over a drink.

Nate: Never brooding. Thank you.

Audra: Planning your next move? So, what’s going on?

Nate: Well, for starters, nick’s not coming back to newman enterprises. And nikki is still taking over newman media.

Audra: Tell me about it. I’m working under a woman who wouldn’t trust me to watch her purse for five seconds. It’s just, um, it’s a dream come true.

Nate: Yeah, we both have a lot of work to do if we’re gonna turn nikki newman around about us. But it will be more than worth it.

Audra: Yeah, we can only hope. So, why are you in such a good mood? It can’t just be because you no longer have to report to your girlfriend’s brother. Oh, wait a minute. I get it. Nick’s no longer coming back to newman enterprises. Nikki is still taking over newman media, which means… the second-in-command position at newman enterprises is vacant. Did victoria offer it to you?

Nate: Not yet.

Audra: Huh. But it’s so close, you can taste it.

Nate: It’s the logical move.

Audra: But you don’t really think it’s gonna be that easy, do you?

Esther: Sharon tells me that her new venture with you and nick imploded, and so she’s moving forward on her own, which leaves you out in the cold again.

Adam: I can tell you were just sick about it.

Esther: What do you expect?

Adam: You know, maybe someday, you could remind me what I’ve done to make you despise me.

Esther: What, are you kidding me? One word. Chloe.

Adam: Look, I have done everything in my power to make sure that your daughter might have a change of heart about me.

Esther: Well, she doesn’t hate you anymore and you can thank your lucky stars for that, but she doesn’t trust you either.

Adam: Yeah, she’s in a lot of company there.

Esther: You know, I believe in change and second chances. I mean, we all deserve that much. But you have had all the second chances in the world and you have wasted every single one of them. It’s a crime. You could do so much better, but you don’T. No wonder no one thinks you’ll ever change.

Nikki: I’ll second that. Believe it or not, I’m glad I ran into you. May I have a word in private?

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Tucker: Your mother is fine, abby. She’s in paris thinking some things through. And I did nothing to upset her or hurt her, okay? So, nice seeing you.

[ Abby scoffs ]

Abby: No. No. I am not going anywhere until I get some answers. Some answers I actually believe. What did my mom have to stay in paris to think about? I mean, it was your honeymoon for god’s sake.

Tucker: She is reconsidering starting a new venture with me.

Abby: Why?

Tucker: You’ll have to ask her.

Abby: Just like that?

Tucker: Yeah, just like that.

Abby: So, you did nothing to initiate this change of heart? I mean, this decision just came out of nowhere? No. No, I am not buying it. You must have done something. Something to upset her, something to push her away.

Tucker: Of course I did because I’m just so diabolical, aren’t I? I just have no shred of human decency. Can’t even keep promises, can I? For your information, I did everything right this time, abby, everything. But your mother is incapable of seeing that I have changed. And what neither she nor you seem to understand is I have my limits too.

Audra: I fully understand you think you have victoria’s support on lock, okay? But let’s not forget you already have two strikes against you that could prevent you from becoming newman enterprises’ co-ceo.

Nate: How can I forget with you here to remind me?

Audra: Strike one. Victor is so conscious about trusting you.

Nate: And strike two?

Audra: Nikki flat-out hates you.

Nate: Okay, you’re giving me too much credit there. Nikki wouldn’t waste that level of emotion on me. She wouldn’t trust anyone with victoria. Not after locke. But I’ve made great strides in convincing her of my sincerity and my value to the company. As for victor, he asked for my opinion about the mccall-kirsten merger and he followed my advice after we talked about it.

Audra: Hm. So, in other words, um, they’re still testing you. Nate, just face it. Victoria is not going to defy her parents if they oppose promoting you. And even if she does, my money would be on her losing that battle.

Nate: I think you’re underestimating victoria’s power over her parents.

Audra: Oh, really? Was she able to stop victor from handing mccall unlimited to adam?

Nate: Victor’s relationship with adam is a separate issue. That’s bulletproof.

Audra: Keep telling yourself that.

Nate: Audra, what is going on with you? We’ve both been pulling for each other’s success from the minute that we met. Now, you’re dumping all this negativity on me.

Audra: It’s not negativity. Look, I’ve been shot down enough times to know that things never work out the way you think they will. Okay, so word of advice, don’t ever think you’re invincible. Always have a backup plan. Because no matter how hard you try, no matter how smart and dedicated you are, you will never be a newman. Which means you will never be in the inner inner circle, so you should just do yourself a favor and stop pretending that it will happen.

Adam: So, I assume that you spoke to victor?

Nikki: Of course, I did. Victor and I talk about pretty much everything, so yes, I heard about your mea culpa performance. How you wanted to hit the reset button and start all over again.

Adam: Nikki, what if it isn’t a performance?

Nikki: What if pigs fly? Victor is understandably skeptical. When it comes to you, there is a part of him that desperately wants to believe you are sincere.

Adam: And as always, you don’T.

Nikki: No, not for a second. I see this as a hollow attempt to change, but you and i both know that that will fail miserably, or you’re trying to tear this family apart yet again.

Adam: Nikki, why would I want to do that?

Nikki: Because that’s what you do. You can’t accept that victor cares about you, so you screw him over to prove that you don’t need him. Whichever it is, back the hell off. Stop this before it starts. ‘Cause I am telling you, if you try to hurt your father again, I will make it my mission to destroy your life and every connection to people you care about.

Victor: I don’t think nate hastings… is ready for a promotion of that magnitude.

Victoria: And I think that you’re wrong, daddy. I work very closely with nate, as you well know, and I’ve seen firsthand the value that he adds to newman enterprises, day after day after day.

Victor: No, you’re right. And that is the reason he already has a position of great power.

Victoria: Yes. And now there is a vacancy for an even more powerful position, available immediately. A position that I have every faith that he is more than qualified to fill.

Victor: And I have decided who’s gonna fill that chair. It ain’t gonna be nate hastings.

Dehydrated hair? For

Summer: Hi, you two!

Chance: Oh, my gosh, hey! Welcome back from milan. How’d it go?

Summer: It was great. It was a success on all fronts, both, uh, personally and professionally.

Chance: Yeah.

Summer: I– I’m feeling a lot stronger. Like a– like a whole new woman.

[ Chance chuckles ]

Sharon: Well, that’s great to hear, summer. Good for you.

Chance: Yeah. Yeah, you seem a lot better. I got to admit, I was, uh, worried.

Summer: Frankly, I was, uh, a little worried about me too. But you– you helped me through one of the roughest times of my life. I mean, you were really there for me as a friend and I really needed one. You know, we got off to kind of a rocky start.

Chance: Yeah, well, uh, arresting your mother for murder did make it a bit awkward.

Summer: Yeah, but believe me, I know where the blame for that lies and it’s not with you.

Sharon: You were in a terrible position, summer, but you came out on the other side.

Summer: Wasn’t pretty as i was going through it though. But actually, thanks to one of our conversations, I ended up on a roller coaster, screaming my lungs out and it was kind of amazing how cathartic that was. So, thanks for that too.

Chance: Well, I’m glad I could be of service, ma’am.

Abby: Tucker. Tucker, no, no, no, no, no. You don’t get to just blow me off by telling me you don’t have anything to do with whatever happened to my mom. I want information, and I’m gonna get it.

Tucker: You do what you need to do.

Abby: You know, considering your history with my mother, can you blame me for assuming that you’re behind whatever this blow up is?

Tucker: You know what I assumed? I assumed your mother could extricate herself from this– this abbott clan of yours and start a life with me. Look where it’s got me. Back here. Alone, humiliated and heartbroken.

[ Abby sighs ] None of which I have been known to handle gracefully.

Abby: Meaning?

Tucker: Meaning you stay the hell away from me and you tell the rest of the abbotts to do the same. You got it?

Adam: Nikki, in case I have never told you this, I have nothing but admiration for your fierce determination to protect your husband and the rest of the family. And look, I get it. I’ve certainly earned your negative opinion of me.

Nikki: Oh, you think?

[ Adam sighs ]

Adam: Look, I– I know that there’s nothing that I can say that’s gonna make you believe, uh, the words that I said to victor about this seismic change, but if you would just give me a chance, I will prove you wrong.

Nikki: No, no, no, no, no. You are not understanding me. I am done giving you chances. So, unless you walk away from your father and the family and any hope of returning to newman, I will make sure that all hell will rain down on you. No grace period, no chances it’s over. You have 24 hours to drop whatever scheme you’re plotting against victor or I swear to you, you will regret it for the rest of your miserable life.

Victoria: Please tell me that you’re not suggesting what I think you’re suggesting.

Victor: What do you think I’m suggesting?

Victoria: If you’re planning to instate adam as my co-ceo, you can count on the fact that I’m gonna walk right out that door with nicholas. You’ve busted him for the billionth time for what? A– another blackmail scheme? Again, his arrogance?

Victor: Will you calm down?

Victoria: No, I will not calm down.

Victor: Will you calm down? I do have plans for adam. They’re not what you think they are.

Victoria: Well, I’m afraid to even ask what they might be. He will start at the bottom. Work himself up the way you did.

Victoria: Dad, please. This is all just a ploy and I’m not buying it, I’m sorry.

Victor: You finished?

Victoria: No, I’m not. I– I’m not, I have another question. So, what is your big plan for my newly rehabilitated brother? If you’re not gonna hand him the co-ceo position of newman enterprises, who are you handing it to, dad?

Victor: You. Around here, we like to keep things simple and honest.

Victoria: You want me to be the co-ceo of newman?

Victor: Mm-hmm. I’ll take over the reins, you’ll be my co-ceo and nate hastings will be answering to you.

Victoria: You’re demoting me?

Victor: I’m just taking over the reins of the company again, okay?

[ Victoria scoffs ]

Victoria: But my work has been exemplary. My reliability goes without saying. I’m trustworthy to a fault.

Victor: True.

Victoria: What are you doing this for then? W– why? Just to– to prove that you can? Oh, what is it, daddy? Are you bored with your semi-retirement? You feel like you need to find another sense of purpose? But do you really think it’s a good idea to just rip the rug out from underneath me? Really?

[ Victoria scoffs ] How did I not see this coming?

[ Victoria chuckles ] Oh, my god, this is exactly the kind of unpredictable earth-shifting move that you always make. You always do this. And you know, it’s no wonder that nicholas keeps walking away because he’s learned the hard way that dedication to this company, it means nothing, absolutely nothing, unless your name is victor or adam newman.

Victor: You will still have power. You make the day-to-day decisions. But I… will retake the reins of this company that I built because I’ve noticed lately that things around here seem disjointed. So, I will take over. Is that clear?

Victoria: Well, let me tell you, this hardly feels like unity. You’re either pushing or driving everyone away!

Victor: I don’t give a damn what do you think!

Nikki: What– what’s happened now?

Audra: Is that your third or second? I think nate’s an alcoholic. I think half of genoa city is.

[ Laughs ]

Tucker: Is that seat taken?

Audra: Um, no.

Tucker: Oh, you guys are so inseparable lately. It’s beginning to get a little creepy.

Audra: Um, it’s called friendship, tucker. You should try it sometime.

Tucker: Friendship?

Audra: Yeah.

Tucker: Thank you. From what I’m told, friendship requires trust. Trust is a dangerous thing, let me tell you, ’cause it will disappoint you. It will betray you. [ Scoffs ] So, I would advise you strongly not to trust each other.

Nate: What happened to you? A week ago, you were on top of the world. Don’t tell me you managed to blow it up already.

Tucker: I haven’t blown up anything, nate. Not yet.

[ Mariah sighs ]

Devon: Hey. There you go.

Mariah: Thank you so much.

Devon: You’re welcome.

Mariah: You are a lifesaver.

Devon: I take it you had a rough night with aria?

Mariah: Uh, it’s more like aria had a rough night with me. As much as I am trying to be strong and stay calm, I don’t know. I think she’s picking up on my anxiety or something.

Devon: Mariah.

Mariah: And I– I really, really appreciate you and abby offering to let me come stay while tessa is away. I– I want you to know that. I just– I do wonder if I made a mistake saying yes.

Devon: No, no, you didn’t make a mistake at all. Just tell us whatever you need to make you and the baby feel comfortable and we’ll get it for you.

Mariah: And you guys have. You guys have. It’s– it’s not about– it’s not about making me comfortable. It’s just– I don’t really know what I was thinking, you know, taking aria away from everything. Her room and with tessa being gone, I just– I disrupted her life so much, and– and I just– I don’t know how I could have done that because I love her so much.

Devon: Of course, you do. Of course, you do. You think she doesn’t know you love her? You think she can’t feel that every second of every day? You wanna know what I really think?

Mariah: I do. Yes, please.

Devon: I think that you’re just feeling overwhelmed and you’re scared and you’re imagining the worst possible things at every turn, which I get, ’cause we all do that from time to time, but you have to remember that wherever you are, that’s home for aria. Because when she’s with you, no matter where you are, she’s safe, she’s loved, and she’s being taken care of and that means she’s a very, very lucky little girl.

[ Door slams shut ] Hey.

Abby: Hey.

[ Abby sighs ]

Esther: Oh, looks like nikki gave you an earful.

Adam: Well, you know, nikki is never shy about holding back her feelings, but yes, she did rip into me and you know what? I deserved every bit of it. Which makes me even more determined to stay on the new path.

Esther: Oh, does that new path send you right out of town? ‘Cause they might just throw you a parade, hm. When it comes to your hair, ingredients matter.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. What can you do with sensitive skin?

Sharon: So, that leaves nick and me in charge of kirsten incorporated.

Summer: Yeah, my dad, uh, mentioned that before he headed to the east coast. He– he was saying that you’re both glad that you’re not gonna have to work with adam or deal with my grandpa’s interference anymore.

Sharon: I’d say that’s accurate on both counts.

Summer: Well, I– I’m really happy for both of you. I mean, how great is it that you’re gonna be working together again after all these years?

Sharon: I know, right? Who would’ve thought?

Summer: So, does my mom still have a place in this business or…

Sharon: Um, well, nick and i still have to discuss–

Chance: Ladies, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I have to run. I have a meeting to potentially discuss becoming the next chief of police.

Summer: What? Chance, that’s fantastic.

Sharon: I’m sure that rey is cheering you on up there right now.

Chance: Yeah, yeah, he’s definitely pulling some strings for me too. Bad news is, things might happen kind of quickly, so I got to pass on the invitation on west, but rain check, all right?

Sharon: That’s a promise.

Summer: So, my dad’s, um, covering the east coast and you’re covering the west coast?

Sharon: Yeah, that’s our plan.

Summer: Well, I, uh, wish you a very successful trip. And, um, break a leg. [ Laughs ]

[ Chance laughing ]

Abby: Mariah, you know, devon and I had the same concerns when chance and I split up and dominic was going back and forth between here and the penthouse, so I totally understand how you feel.

Devon: Yeah, and we definitely would not be offended if you wanted to take aria back home.

Abby: Yeah, but at least, just give it some thought, because we really do want you and the baby to be around people who love and support you.

Mariah: Well, thank you, I– I will definitely think about it, you know, if and when I can get my head to clear up. So, um– but no, I–

[ Baby monitor beeping ]

Devon: Oh-oh.

Mariah: And you know what, that would be my cue. So, to be continued.

[ Laughing ] Sorry, guys.

Devon: Go for it. It’s all right.

[ Abby sighs ] Okay, talk to me. You came in here like your hair was on fire. What’s going on?

Abby: It’s tucker. I know that he has done something to my mom and all he says is– is that it’s her fault.

Devon: What are you talking about, what happened with them?

Abby: I don’t know. I don’t know, but all I do know is that whatever happened between the two of them is tucker’s fault, and not my mom’S.

Devon: And that’s all he said, he just left it at that?

Abby: Well, one more thing, I mean, he said that the abbotts and I need to stay far away from him from now on.

Audra: Look, as we both know all too well, you don’t always make the best decisions when you’re upset. So, why don’t you go somewhere and meditate, okay? Just reflect for a bit and then, you’ll recognize that this is a sign from the universe telling you it has other plans for you.

[ Phone chiming ]

Nate: Excuse me. Something just came up I have to take care of.

Audra: Okay.

Tucker: I would say you used to know me. Not as much as you assumed, but to a degree, you did. Doesn’t seem like that’s the case anymore though, does it? And you’re in way over your head with him.

Audra: Things really went south with ashley for some reason, didn’t they? Look, I think I know where you’re going with this. Look, and if I’m right, I have to tell you, it’s a bad idea.

Nate: Hey. You’re upset. What happened?

Victoria: My father just demoted me.

Nate: He what?

Victoria: Yeah, yeah. He’s coming back and he’s taking charge, but I do get to be his co-ceo. Isn’t that kind of him?

Nate: Does nikki know about this? I mean, she would never approve. Is this a done deal?

Victoria: It certainly does seem that way. My father feels that without his guiding hand, the company has become weak and it’s become disjointed.

Nate: [ Sighs ] Okay, um, so, what are you gonna do about it?

Victoria: I have no idea what I’m gonna do. I cannot make a decision on something this huge when I’m so angry.

Nate: Good idea. Do nothing until you’ve had a chance to calm down.

[ Victoria sighs ] My active psoriatic arthritis

Victor: Let’s just say she didn’t take it too well.

Nikki: Well, can you blame her? When did you decide to come back to run newman anyway? Why didn’t you tell me?

Victor: I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to try to talk me out of it, okay? Besides that, I didn’t want you to tell victoria before I had a chance to do it.

Nikki: You know, I wouldn’t have, if you had asked me.

Victor: Yes, you would have. Had you thought I’d made a wrong move, you would have talked to me about it.

Nikki: Well, I do think you made the wrong move. I mean, not only will victoria feel undermined, but I worry about the stress of you working at newman again, what it’s gonna do to your health?

Victor: Sweetheart, has it ever occurred to you that the stress of not working at newman, of not running this company makes me unhappy? Yes, son? What can I do for you?

Adam: I would like an opportunity to clear up a misunderstanding on nikki’s part.

Sharon: Well, now, if you two, well, excuse me, I have got to get to the airport.

Chance: Yeah. You sure do. I got time to take you before my meeting.

Sharon: Oh, you don’t have to do that.

Chance: I know, but I want to.

Sharon: Okay, well, I wouldn’t want to deprive you. Thank you.

Chance: Good to see you.

Summer: Oh, good to see you.

Sharon: Bye, summer.

Summer: Bye.

Audra: Where do I get the feeling you’re planning on getting back at the abbotts by going after jabot on your own?

Tucker: What difference would that make to you? You couldn’t care less about jabot.

Audra: Right, I’m not worried about jabot. I’m worried about you. Again, as difficult as you make it sometimes, tucker, I do still consider you a friend, okay? And whether you want to accept it or not, I think you really need one right now. You know, to keep you from being your own worst enemy.

Tucker: Thanks.

[ Audra sighs ] My heart failure diagnosis changed my priorities.

[ Sharon laughing ]

Chance: After you.

Summer: Thanks.

Chance: What?

Summer: I don’t know. For not, uh, running in the other direction when you’re faced with my stormy mood.

Chance: Well, I’ve been there, I get it. So, if I can ever help ease the moment, I’m happy to do it.

Summer: So, this really was all friend to friend, right? Not friend to cop?

Chance: Friend to friend. Hey, summer. Rooting for you.

[ Summer sighs ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Tucker: Hi.

Audra: Hey.

Victor: So, son, what misunderstanding of nikki’s are you here to clear up?

Adam: It seems she doesn’t believe that I’m trying to change. That instead of me trying to hit the reset button on my life, that it is a new angle to pull another power play, and she told me to back off. But you know what, I’m glad that you both are together, so you can at least hear what I have to say. While nikki, you have every reason to doubt me. I– I’m not intimidated by you. So, let’s just get it straight. I’m not gonna back down. I’m here to show you what I can do and just how cooperatively I can fall in line, and most of all, to prove to you how wrong you are about me. And dad, I’m here to serve you. So, whatever it is you want, you just say the word and consider it done.

[ Nate sighs]

Nate: Feeling better?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Yes. You are a miracle worker.

[ Nate laughs ] I’m thinking clearly now. I know exactly what I’m gonna do.

Nate: Oh. Care to enlighten me?

Victoria: I’m gonna fight my father on this. I’m gonna– I’m gonna find a way to prove that he is not up to the challenge of running newman again. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let him take this away from me.

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, September 11, 2023

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: Father.

Victor: Hi, son.

Adam: To what do I owe the pleasure? Let me guess. You’re here to take a victory lap after exiling me from newman media. Well, go ahead, dad. I probably deserve it.

Victor: That is not why I’m here.

Adam: Then you’ve had a change of heart and you’re here to apologize to me?
Victor: I’m not here to apologize, nor am I here to gloat. I’m here as your father to see how you’re doing.


Adam: I don’t know. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess. Water?

Victor: Thank you, son.

Adam: I, uh, I already made amends to Nick and Sharon and I know that my life probably needs a complete reset before I self-destruct. Probably sooner rather than later.

Victor: Be more specific.

Adam: Always a stickler for the details, huh?

Victor: Son, the devil lies in the details.


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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Y&R logo


Best Lines provided by Eva

Daniel: Hey. Good morning.

Heather: What’s left of it.

Daniel: What are you talking about? I mean, I’ll have you know, that I already put in hours at the office and I’m only here because I was meeting Lucy to have breakfast, who you just missed.

Heather: I know how hard you’ve been working, I– I– I– I didn’t meant to–

Daniel: Didn’t mean to what? Joke with me? You can joke with me. It’s okay.

Heather: Okay, thanks. You know, it’s just, I know what it has taken to get to this good place for you and– and I guess I just– I really want to make sure I’ve made that clear.

Daniel: You have. What’s, um, what’s going on with you? Um, I really wish that my mother didn’t grill you about moving back to the states and living here. I– I hope that she didn’t put you too much on the spot there.


Diane: Uh, it’s soon, but gives us time to plan.

Jack: A– a– about that, um, do you think you could trust me to handle all of the arrangements, so that it could be a surprise for you?

Diane: What are you up to? Come on, give me a hint.

Jack: Well, a hint would be counter to the whole idea of a surprise. Oh, you’re trying to break my resolve, aren’t you?

Diane: Come on, just a tiny little hint.

Jack: Okay, um, it will be dazzling and it will be a reflection of who we are and what we have.

Diane: Hmm. I’m intrigued.

Jack: Yeah.

Billy: Productive meeting.

Jack: As a matter of fact, it was. Uh, we were discussing our wedding reception.


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Y&R Best Lines Friday, September 8, 2023

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: You sound surprised, which is understandable. You know, it’s how I’ve always operated. Never apologize, never back down, eyes on the prize. I just can’t believe this is what it’s taken.

Sally: For what?

Adam: For me to see who I am and how I’ve been living. I mean, this is finally the wake-up call that I needed. I mean, the– the second part of the wake-up call.

Sally: What was the first part?

Adam: Losing our daughter the same moment I lost you.


Diane: You have to know that we love you, and we always want your best interests at heart.

Jack: If we see you going down a bad path, we are always going to speak up.

Kyle: Oh, no, no, no, actually it’s a great path. You know, it’s a new life, a new job. I’m having a blast and loving every minute of it. Just like smiling jack in his old days.

Jack: I want you to come back to Jabot. I think we should talk about the possibilities.

Kyle: I have a job at a media company that is growing and thriving. I work alongside Nikki Newman. I don’t need anything. Oh, um, and I broke things off with Audra Charles. So, what exactly is the problem? She found it.

Diane: It’s my understanding that audra is being kept on at newman media.

Kyle: Yeah, we can work together without being in a personal relationship.

Diane: Was it your idea to break things off?

Kyle: This has nothing to do with summer, if that’s what you’re asking. We’re not going to get back together and audra is not to blame.

Diane: You’re the one who brought her up.

Kyle: Yeah, because you’re both so worried I’m on this road to hell.


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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, September 7, 2023

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Abby: Well, Dominic is actually in music class, which you would know if you had called before you stopped by, but I figure that you’re not actually here to see Dominic, so what’s up? If you’re here because you want to talk about my mom and Uncle Jack, I actually have some good news for you.

Billy: Well, I’ll take that. I could use some good news.

Abby: Well, she is currently on her way to paris on her honeymoon with tucker, which means she is putting this battle between her and Uncle Jack behind her and she is moving forward, focusing on her new life with her new husband.

Billy: Wow. So much for fool me once, huh? Look, I’m not worried about Ashley, okay? I do wish them both the best, and I really hope that she and Jack can get on solid ground again.

Abby: But you are worried about something, so talk to me.

Billy: It’s Diane, Abby. I’m afraid Ashley was right all along. Jack’s new wife… is gonna be a danger for Jabot.


Jack: I don’t know if I made it clear, but I am sick about where things stand between the two of us. All this conflict, all this suspicion. It’s like deja-vu, except it’s you instead of Ashley and you’re not married to somebody I despise.

Billy: And I’m taller than our sister, and I have brown hair. What’s your point exactly?

Jack: I’m just hoping there’s something you and i can actively do to keep this from escalating


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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Abby demands answers from Tucker about why Ashley is in Paris and why she didn’t come home with him. Tucker tells Abby Ashley is thinking some things over about whether she wants to go into business with him. Tucker also tells Abby that he underestimated the hold the Abbot family had over Ashley. Tucker also tells Abby that she and the Abbotts better stay away from him.

Sharon invites Chance to go with her on a business trip to the west coast, but he turns her down because he has to wait to hear if he is going to be police chief. Summer sees Chance and Sharon talking at the park and she looks jealous as she watches them. Summer walks over to ask Sharon if Phyllis still has a job at her company. Summer also says hello to Chance and tell her about her liberating ride on a roller coaster.

Audra advises Tucker not to go after Jabot to get revenge on the Abbotts. Audra later arrives at Tucker’s hotel room and they kiss.

Victoria is very angry with Victor when he tells her that he is going to run Newman Enterprises again and she will be Co-CEO. Victoria later tells Nate she will find a way to prove Victor isn’t capable of running the company anymore.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, September 14, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Heather and Lucy have to return to Portugal because Heather has an emergency at work. Heather also wants to tell her boss that she is thinking of moving back to the States. Lily tells Daniel that she thinks Heather wants to get back together with him.

Tucker tells Audra that he wants to go ahead with his plan to take over Jabot now that he and Ashley are having irreconcilable differences. Audra tells Tucker that she wants a job at Jabot if she helps him take over the company. Tucker agrees to Audra’s terms and he tells Audra he is glad the team is back together.

Billy gets Jack to agree to let Tucker think he wants to help him get him (Jack) out of Jabot so they can figure out Tucker’s next move.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Phyllis: Hi! Hey!

Summer: Hey!

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness! So great to see you.

Summer: It is. I haven’t been gone that long, have I?

Phyllis: You look terrific. That’s a great outfit.

Summer: Mom.

Phyllis: No, I mean, am i trying too hard? Am I? Okay. I mean, I just– I don’t want to try too hard and be that person. You know, things were just bad when we saw each other last, and I just don’t want there to be tension between us.

Summer: Yeah, I don’t want that either.

Phyllis: No, no, so let’s not have that. So, you look great. That’s marchetti, right?

Summer: Yeah, of course.

Phyllis: Beautiful. How was your trip?

Summer: Uh… it was amazing.

Phyllis: Of course.

Summer: I went to milan to buy fabric and– just all the textures and the colors there, it was so inspiring. I felt like a kid in a candy store, you know?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Summer: There was this knitted jacquard and a long-hair chenille, and I– I just was in touch with the design team and chelsea the whole time that I was there and I could just see this new collection taking shape in my mind.

Phyllis: That is incredible. Wow. It is so great to see you like this. All your creative juices flowing. This is good for you.

Summer: Yeah. This trip was really good for me, it made me… remember how much I– I– I love what I do. And it made me realize that it– it’s time to move on.

Daniel: Thank you.

Heather: Hey.

Daniel: Hey. Good morning.

Heather: What’s left of it.

Daniel: What are you talking about? I mean, I’ll have you know, that I already put in hours at the office and I’m only here because I was meeting lucy to have breakfast, who you just missed.

Heather: I know how hard you’ve been working, I– I– I– I didn’t meant to–

Daniel: Didn’t mean to what? Joke with me? You can joke with me. It’s okay.

Heather: Okay, thanks. You know, it’s just, I know what it has taken to get to this good place for you and– and I guess I just– I really want to make sure I’ve made that clear.

Daniel: You have. What’s, um, what’s going on with you? Um, I really wish that my mother didn’t grill you about moving back to the states and living here. I– I hope that she didn’t put you too much on the spot there.

Heather: It’s fine.

[ Daniel laughs ]

Daniel: No, it’s not.

Audra: Is this a surprise? I thought you and ashley were in paris?

Tucker: Okay.

Audra: And you’re already back?

[ Audra scoffs ] That has to be the shortest of anyone on record.

Tucker: Uh, I know you’re a busy woman, so please don’t let me keep you.

Audra: Are you okay? You know, where is ashley?

Tucker: I really don’t want to talk about it with you, audra.

Audra: Oh, tucker. You know, I may be the only real friend you’ve got. And if something is wrong, I’m the one person you can talk to honestly and expect an honest response.

Tucker: What’s wrong is jack. I just didn’t realize the hold that he had on ashley was so strong.

Jack: You’re here.

Diane: Yeah.

Jack: Come on in.

[ Diane laughs ] A little privacy.

Diane: What’s that look about?

Jack: Uh, I think I’ll let this do the talking for me.

Diane: What’s this?

[ Diane gasps ] Ah!

Jack: Just the reaction I’d hope for.

Diane: Yes, because nothing would make me happier than celebrating being married to the love of my life.

Jack: Yeah. All we have to do is set a date.

Diane: Soon.

Jack: Oh, yeah, soon. I think we need to put our heads together on that.

Diane: Yeah, I think so.

Billy: You want to fix this? It’s easy. We get the board to put stipulations in on what diane can and cannot do in her new position at jabot.

Jack: How dare you?

Billy: It’s smart business until she can prove herself, jack. I mean, if you brought anyone else into this company that you weren’t married to, you would implement something like this in the bare minimum. Dry skin is sensitive skin, too.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Phyllis: Oh my gosh, I am– I’m so glad to hear you say that. Seriously, after everything I did that you are finally moving on.

Summer: You know, I’m talking about kyle, right?

Phyllis: Uh-huh.

Summer: I just feel like being in milan where we got married, where we– where we lived, it actually helped me release all of this anger and sadness that I’ve been carrying around. And I just feel like if I could be in the place where we have all those beautiful memories and still be excited by my work, it– it shows that I’m– I’m making really good progress. I’m letting go of him.

Phyllis: That– that’s not progress. That’s actually the opposite of progress.

Summer: I’m moving on though. I can be happy again.

Phyllis: I want you to be happy. But do you really want to move in this direction? And you let it be known that kyle’s one you always wanted and so now you have him, do you want to let him go?

Summer: I don’t have him. It’s over.

Phyllis: It doesn’t have to be.

Summer: Mom, do I seriously need to remind you why I’m even in this situation? It’s because of you and your obsession with diane and how far you were willing to take things?

Phyllis: Okay, well, um, diane left me no choice and I was not– not obsessed. It– I’m gonna take responsibility for that and take responsibility for the mistakes. I just don’t want my mistakes to be the reason, um, that your marriage is over, that’s all.

Summer: Kyle and i are getting a divorce. And honestly, it’s– it’s not my job to make you feel better about it.

Phyllis: No, no, it’s not your job. It’s not. This is not about me. It’s about you and your happiness.

Summer: The hell it is

Diane: A celebration.

Jack: Yeah, the timing just felt right. Things have calmed down, at least some.

Diane: Yeah, who knows how long that’ll last. We should probably just seize the moment.

Jack: You know what?

Diane: What?

Jack: Married to you, I am as happy, as optimistic as I have ever been in my life and I want my friends and my family to know about that.

Diane: I like the sound of that.

Jack: How do you like the sound of early october?

Diane: Uh, it’s soon, but gives us time to plan.

Jack: A– a– about that, um, do you think you could trust me to handle all of the arrangements, so that it could be a surprise for you?

Diane: What are you up to? Come on, give me a hint.

Jack: Well, a hint would be counter to the whole idea of a surprise. Oh, you’re trying to break my resolve, aren’t you?

Diane: Come on, just a tiny little hint.

Jack: Okay, um, it will be dazzling and it will be a reflection of who we are and what we have.

Diane: Hmm. I’m intrigued.

Jack: Yeah.

Billy: Productive meeting.

Jack: As a matter of fact, it was. Uh, we were discussing our wedding reception.

[ Billy sighs ]

Billy: That’s exciting. Um, listen… I’m glad I ran into the two of you. There’s something I need to say.

Jack: Billy–

Billy: I’m sorry.

Audra: Last I knew, uh, ashley and jack were preparing to go to war. What makes you think things have changed?

Tucker: Why do you care?

Audra: Because you look like hell and I’m concerned. And there’s an element of self-interest. You know, the abbots are major players in town and this would represent a huge shift. You know, what is that cardinal rule you used to drum into me all the time? Huh? This is valuable information, which–

Tucker: It happens to be my life in this instance.

Audra: Well, the hot gossip angle isn’t why I’m asking.

Tucker: Ashley and i had an argument.

Audra: Oh, come on, tucker. Okay, something’s off here. What you’re telling me is suspiciously vague.

Tucker: Ah, that’s too bad.

Audra: So, you decided to come back to genoa city without ashley because you had an argument. I don’t buy that.

Tucker: Maybe it was a little more than an argument. Choosing a treatment for your chronic migraine –

Summer: You know, if you try to push me and kyle back together, that’s about you and easing your own guilt.

Phyllis: No, I just want my children to be happy, that’s it.

Summer: Okay, so let us make our own choices.

Phyllis: I absolutely will do that, I’m just going to be a positive influence in your life, a force of love.

Summer: Mom, before you…

[ Sighs ] …Aspire to this, uh, superhero status, maybe just start small. Like, don’t do any more damage.

Phyllis: You’re angry and I understand that you’re angry and that’s okay because it means you care.

Summer: It means that I’m angry.

Phyllis: It– it could mean that too. Hey, your brother seems to be happy with lily. Who knows how long that will last now that heather is back in town.

Summer: Did you not hear what I just said about us making our own choices? Don’t get involved in that.

Phyllis: Okay, I won’t, I won’T. I just know you love kyle and I want you to have love in your life and I believe that kyle is your true love.

Summer: Well, I thought that too. But I was wrong. It’s really over between us.

Phyllis: Okay, well, there’s over and then there’s o-ver, right? I just think that kyle is, I don’t know, acting out. His emotions are all over the place and yours are too.

Summer: Actually, I feel stronger than I felt in a really long time. I feel really clear on who I am and what I want. And I’m moving on. I’m free.

Heather: Your mom was fine. It’s not like she asked me any questions I haven’t already asked myself.

Daniel: Well, I thought you were happy in lisbon?

Heather: I was, you know? At least I told myself I was and, you know, lucy saw it as this big adventure. It was really good for her to be in a new place.

Daniel: Hm. Far away from her father who had made such a mess of things back home.

Heather: I– I– I didn’t–

Daniel: What? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, it’s the truth.

Heather: Over time, it became less about getting away from something.

Daniel: Yeah, but I mean for you too. You started dating, uh, what’s his name, christopher?

Heather: Christopher, yes. And after we met, I started to envision a life for myself in portugal. And then that changed.

Daniel: Not for the best, I take it.

Heather: Uh, he started making demands. You know, wanted me to cut back on my workload. Not a good idea. Started thinking about having children, really pushing for things. I wasn’t ready for it and– and not sure if I ever want it.

Daniel: Hm. Well, I’m sorry to hear that. How did lucy take the break up?

Heather: She liked christopher, but I got the sense she always thought it was temporary. You know, and now seeing the turnaround that her father has made.

Daniel: Yeah, well, you know, everything I’ve done has been for her. Had one single goal in mind and that was to repair the damage that I’d done and be a part of her life again.

Heather: And lucy knows that. I have a feeling it’s kept her hope alive that there’s a way for the three of us to be a family again.

Billy: Look, I know that might come out of left field given the way that I’ve been acting lately, which is badly. I have not been very supportive of you working here at the company and I’ve taken that to an extreme lately and– and I regret that.

Diane: I appreciate you saying so.

Jack: Any particular reason you’re sharing this with us now?

Billy: Well, I’ve insisted that my motive was to always to protect the company and that is true. You know, I wanted to make sure that we were being smart and allow diane’s role here to evolve naturally.

Diane: Yeah, well, that’s reasonable. I wanted the same thing.

Jack: But something changed.

[ Billy sighs ]

Billy: I started to buy into the narrative that ashley and tucker have been pushing, that diane is not trustworthy and that given the opportunity, she would cause irreparable damage to jabot.

Diane: Which is why I wanted complete transparency so that nobody would think that jack was offering me a job that I wasn’t qualified for.

Jack: I– it wouldn’t have mattered what I said or did, ashley and tucker would not have been happy about it. They had it in for you.

Diane: Well, maybe that’s no longer true.

Jack: Apparently, they have accepted the fact that diane is not going anywhere.

Billy: Yeah. I don’t know. I can’t speak for them, but… you know, they played to my worst impulses. And I started to, you know, buy into the fact that I could run this thing on my own if they were able to get control of it.

Jack: Yeah, I was worried it was gonna turn into an all-out war.

Billy: Yeah, jack, to be honest, it was heading that direction. And, you know, I couldn’t sleep last night. All I could think about is that I was falling back into my old mindset and when I took this position, I swore to you that I wouldn’t let that happen.

Diane: Look, I shouldn’t have suggested that you pretend to go to the other side so you could find out what ashley and tucker were planning.

Jack: You know what, I’m the one who asked you to do that.

Billy: Well, we were able to mitigate the threat because we were working together, right? Until, you know, my worst impulses.

Diane: Yeah, but it sounds like you stopped them.

Billy: I shouldn’t have let it get as far as I did. And I’m not proud of that.

Jack: I am proud of you for admitting that. It can’t be easy. And in the past, you might have let things go a whole lot further.

Diane: Yeah, and billy, I’m relieved that you no longer see me as a threat to your family company or– or even your position in it. I– I just want what’s best for jack and jabot.

Billy: I agree with that 100%. And look, you two, you already went off and got married, so you’re a part of this crazy mess we call a family.

[ Diane laughs ]

Jack: Ooh, I like where this conversation is going. Can we continue this at the club, maybe over lunch, a little celebration? On me.

Billy: Oh, well, in that case, yes.

[ Diane laughs ]

Audra: How bad did things get with you and ashley?

Tucker: I think I’ve told you enough already.

Audra: You said it was more than an argument.

Tucker: Just let it go.

Audra: You know and you said that jack had his hooks deep into his sister. Is ashley gonna make up with jack? Bring all her assets back to jabot?

Tucker: Audra–

Audra: Hey, what about the plans you and ashley had to start your own–

Tucker: I said let it go! I don’t owe you any explanations.

Audra: You’re right. You know, my mistake for thinking that we might still be friends, you know, for actually caring enough to worry about you.

Tucker: Okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. God, you always do this to me. I don’t mean to take it out on you, it’s just– I got a lot in my head right now.

I have type 2 diabetes,

but I manage it well.

Daniel: You know, the three of us will always be a family, even if the two of us are not together.

Heather: That’s what I told lucy.

Daniel: I think that the important thing is we’re all in a good place now, and we can all show up for each other.

Heather: Mm-hmm. I think it might help lucy to hear it from you.

[ Daniel sighs ]

Daniel: Okay, well, I’ll try and find a place to subtly work it into one of our conversations.

Heather: Hmm. Subtlety being your strong suit.

[ Daniel scoffs ] All I’m saying is our daughter is extremely perceptive, so she will probably realize that we had this conversation and, uh, just be prepared.

Daniel: Well, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, for her to realize that we’re both in sync about this, yeah.

Heather: There’s something else that I think you should know. Um… I’m not sure that I want to go back to lisbon.

Daniel: Why? Because of christopher?

Heather: Things didn’t really work out the way I’d hoped. And, uh, that conversation with phyllis the other day really got me thinking about all of it.

Daniel: Okay. What are you gonna do?

Heather: I’m not sure. Uh, maybe look for a new practice that’s a good fit in savannah or here.

Daniel: Genoa city. That’s– that’s actually an option?

Heather: Well, it’s not just about me. It’s– it’s really about what’s best for lucy too. I mean, public schools are already in session, but she could still get into walnut grove this semester, which would be a very good thing. And having just repaired your relationship with your daughter I– I imagined that you probably want to spend some more time with her.

Daniel: Yeah, you’re right. I– I– I just– I think that you should maybe think about what’s best for you, too.

Heather: We’ll talk more about it, okay? Uh, right now I gotta go. I am meeting your mother.

Daniel: My mother. [ Laughs ] Why? I– I mean, I’m sorry, how– how did that come about?

Heather: She asked if I was free. Why do I feel like you have a problem with this?

Daniel: Because it’s my mother and she suddenly wants to be best friends with you.

Heather: Lately, we’ve been getting along.

Daniel: I– I can see that. Yeah, it’s just so cool. Um, you know, I just get this really funny feeling that she would like nothing more than to get the two of us back together.

Heather: Why would she want that?

Summer: You know, we were finally starting to make some real progress, so let’s not undo that by you telling me what I want and how I feel.

Phyllis: Okay, forget I said anything, forget it.

Summer: Okay, so what’s going on with you, mom? Are you still joining adam’s company? The one that he’s forming with dad and sharon?

Phyllis: No, I mean, it seems like that whole thing has fallen apart.

Summer: What did you do?

Phyllis: Why would you just assume that I did something? I didn’t do anything. It wasn’t me. It was actually adam. It started with, uh, him asking me to come on without clearing it with sharon and nick first and I guess they had enough of him and, um, the whole thing is sort of unraveling and falling apart.

Summer: Okay. So what are you gonna do now?

Phyllis: I’m okay. You know, I don’t have to make any decisions. I have options, but…

[ Phyllis sighs ] …You know, I’m just living my life. It’s on a positive track right now.

Summer: Okay, great. So, focus on that.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Summer: Focus on your life.

Phyllis: Yes.

Summer: And staying on track.

Phyllis: Yes, I absolutely will.

Summer: Mm. Oh, god, I gotta get back to the office. I gotta catch up on everything that I missed while I was in milan.

Phyllis: Okay.

Summer: Can I give you a ride?

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, I’m actually meeting somebody here.

Summer: Who are you meeting?

Phyllis: Um, my attorney. Heather.

Summer: Mom. Really?

Diane: What’s he doing back?

Jack: And where is ashley?

Billy: Maybe we should find out.

Jack: Yeah. Back from paris so soon?

Tucker: Yeah, I missed you.

Jack: But you only just got there. Uh, wasn’t it your honeymoon?

Tucker: Wow. That’s so astute of you, jack. I was in a different place before and now I’m here.

Jack: But ashley isn’T. What happened? Why don’t you ask her yourself?

Billy: Hold on one second. What’s going on here? Why are you sitting here with him?

Jack: And not my sister, his bride, who’s apparently still in paris.

Audra: Uh, we just ran into each other.

Jack: Did he tell you what’s going on?

Audra: Oh, it’s really just not my place to say.

Diane: It looked like a pretty intense conversation.

Audra: Well, uh, tucker clearly isn’t interested in telling you about it, so if you will excuse me.

[ Billy chuckles ]

Jack: Ash, it’s jack. Uh– uh, give me a call when you can.

Billy: That was very strange.

Jack: Tucker was not very happy, was he?

Billy: No, maybe ashley made the same realization that I did about the family. Maybe this is not a fight that she wants to have.

Jack: Well, wouldn’t that be a blessing? Life, diabetes.

Daniel: Hey.

Summer: Hey.

Heather: Hey, summer.

Summer: Heather. Glad I’m getting to see you again before you head off to portugal. What?

Heather: It’s just that my plans are up in the air at the moment.

Daniel: Look, I’m glad that you’re here because I want to hear all about your trip to milan.

Heather: And I’ve got a run. I’ll let you two catch up and– and we’ll talk more later, okay?

Daniel: Sounds good.

[ Heather sighs ]

Summer: An espresso, please.

Daniel: You are never gonna guess where she’s headed.

Summer: To have lunch with mom. Yeah, I was just with her. That’s why I texted you that we needed to talk. Mom, I guess, is on a mission to prove that she’s changed to repair all the damage that she’s done. So, she is determined to save my marriage.

Daniel: Oh, it’s actually the least she could do. I mean, she is the reason why you’re getting divorced.

Summer: Yeah, but there’s nothing to fix, daniel. Kyle and I, we couldn’t work through what happened.

Daniel: Come on, you’re talking about it like you had normal relationship problems. It was mom. I mean, she basically coerced you to withholding the fact that she was still alive while diane sat in prison for her murder. I mean, she played on your emotions. She got you to lie to your husband, wh–

Summer: Yeah, but it’s not something that mom can fix.

Daniel: The fact that she wants to, it shows a level of awareness that I didn’t really think she was capable of anymore.

Summer: Okay. Careful what you wish for.

Daniel: What do you mean?

Summer: Pretty sure that mom wants to get you and heather back together too.

Daniel: I just got done telling heather that same thing.

Summer: Wait, really? I– I mean, what did she say?

Daniel: She asked why mom would want to do something like that. And honestly, I don’t really have a good answer either. I gue–

[ Daniel laughs ] Oh, oh, boy. Oh, you know what, this is typical mom. She wants to careen from one extreme to another. She just likes going in and blowing up situations and then rushing in to try and fix everything without, you know, asking anyone how they feel about it or what they need. I mean, unless is– is that what you want? Do you want her to try and fix your relationship with kyle?

Summer: No. No. I mean, it’s not gonna happen. What about you and heather?

Jack: Yeah, this could be a ploy, a misdirection. Tucker wants us to believe they’ve had some kind of falling out.

Billy: So we lower our guard.

Jack: As much as I want to get my hopes up that ashley has come to her senses.

Diane: No, tucker seemed clearly upset.

Jack: You’re the one that spent the most time with him lately. I mean, what do you think?

Billy: I mean, I noticed when we walked in, he didn’t seem happy.

Diane: So, what could have happened so that tucker came back to genoa city while ashley stays in paris.

Jack: Oh, I can think of any number of reasons. None of them good.

Billy: Look, maybe she came to her senses and she kicked him out.

Jack: Maybe he betrayed her. Maybe he hurt her. This is her honeymoon.

Diane: All right. Speculating gets us nowhere.

Billy: We need to focus on what tucker might do next.

Jack: There was definitely a bitterness in his voice when he told me to ask my questions to ashley. We all know how unpredictable, even dangerous, he can be when he’s pushed too hard.

Billy: Okay, well, hopefully ashley gets your message and we can find out what’s going on from her.

Diane: And in the meantime, we keep our eye on tucker and we communicate anything that comes up.

Jack: All right. All right.

Diane: And don’t drive yourself crazy imagining the worst, all right? Okay. I’ve got to get going.

Jack: Yeah. Uh, can you stay for a minute?

Billy: Yeah, sure.

Jack: Okay.

Diane: I’ll see you later.

Jack: See you later.

Diane: Bye, billy.

Billy: Bye. What’s up?

Jack: I wanna talk about you and everything you just said earlier. (Vo) ultimate endless shrimp is here

Jack: I just want to review our conversation. I like what you said. In fact, it was everything I wanted to hear.

Billy: And now you’re wondering if that was my intention. Did I tell you exactly what you wanted to hear?

Jack: Billy, one minute, you’re adamantly against diane, ready to take over the family company, the next–

Billy: Well, and that wasn’t easy to admit, jack.

Jack: I just want to know that things are okay with you and me.

Billy: I mean, I thought they were, and now I’m not sure if you accepted my apology.

Jack: Hey, I’m catching it from all sides here. Ashley’s marriage may have just imploded. She could be in hell right now. I would love to be there for her, but this could be some kind of tactical maneuver on her part. I hate this. I hate not trusting my family, not knowing who I can count on. Makes me wonder why I do this.

Billy: Well, we both know the answer to that. It’s dad. The thing that he spent his lifetime building. And for a long time, that responsibility has fallen on your shoulders. Our father’s legacy. But I’m here to tell you… it’s not just you anymore, okay? You don’t have to do that alone.

Jack: I want you to know, I have so enjoyed working side by side with you these past few months.

Billy: I agree. Me too.

Jack: And you have legitimate concerns.

Billy: You don’t have to go there, jack.

Jack: No, no. Wait. Let’s– let’s do, go there. I love and trust diane, but you’re right. I can’t just blindly give her power over the family company. I know that she knows that. She has said that all along.

Billy: No, you’re right. And you– look, I’m– I’m just getting stuck in my own stuff, right?

Jack: She– she just wants to know the family business. She wants to be part of things.

Billy: And I can support her there. Okay? I will help her along. I look forward to doing that.

Jack: I cannot tell you how happy it makes me hearing you say that.

[ Billy scoffs ]

Billy: Yeah, you can.

[ Jack laughs ]

Abby: Diane.

Diane: Oh, abby. Hi.

Abby: Hi. Um, you know, I just, um… I’ve been wanting to thank you for what you did, for helping my mom.

Diane: Oh, I just happened to be there and could see that she was really struggling.

Abby: Yeah, she was terrified. She thought she was choking to death.

Diane: I just did what anyone would do in that situation.

Abby: Well, you’re not just anyone. I mean, my mom basically put a target on your back and tried to undermine your relationship with my uncle jack.

Diane: I hate what went on between jack and your mom. I mean, they– they really love each other but, boy, can they fight?

Abby: Yes, I was shocked by how ugly it got.

Diane: Yeah. Well, things seem to be better. At least I hope so.

Abby: Yeah, I think it’s a good sign that my mom and tucker are in paris on their honeymoon. I think it means she’s letting go of all the anger and resentment. You don’t agree?

Tucker: I am at this very moment, the luckiest, happiest man in the world. To the most exquisite woman on the face of the earth.

Ashley: Mm. And, um… to the most, um…

Tucker: No, that’s right. That’s it. I’m– I’m the most.

Ashley: You are the most.

Tucker: I love you.

Ashley: I still can’t believe I’m saying this. I love you too.

[ Tucker sighs ]

Tucker: This is not the look of a woman on her honeymoon. What’s wrong?

Ashley: The truth?

Tucker: I would hope, always.

Ashley: I’ve been thinking about jack.

[ Tucker scoffs ]

Tucker: I’m surprised it took this long.

Ashley: I need to be able to talk to you about this stuff.

Tucker: Oh. You’re right. I’m sorry, jack, please.

Ashley: I know I’ve told you this before, but we had this huge fight years ago, jack and I. I mean, it was just this massive blowout.

Tucker: Hmm.

Ashley: Yeah. Uh, he came to paris to kind of smooth things over because I had left jabot and taken all my patents with me.

Tucker: Right. I remember reading something about it and you have told me bits and pieces.

Ashley: Yeah. Well, it’s not really about the patents. It’s just that, uh, well, we came to a place very similar to this and we just talked to each other, you know, like brother and sister. And I guess we both kind of realized that the blood that we shared was just stronger than the argument that had driven us apart.

Tucker: Hmm.

Ashley: Anyway, being here reminded me of that.

Tucker: I see. So, it was kind of like A… final purge? A catharsis? And now it’s out of your system and now we can… enjoy this beautiful city of light and love and our honeymoon? I don’t like that look in your eyes. Tide is busting laundry’s biggest myth…

Abby: I take it you don’t share my optimism.

Diane: No. No. I– I– I did see it as a good sign that tucker and ashley went away on their honeymoon.

Abby: Okay. What’s changed?

Diane: I just saw tucker at the athletic club.

Abby: Wait, they’re back?

Diane: No, no. Tucker’s back alone. I guess your mom stayed in paris.

Abby: But what happened?

Diane: Well, I– I’m not sure, but tucker didn’t look very happy. But like I told jack, there is no point in speculating until he talks to ashley. It could be nothing.

Abby: I hope you’re right. Uh, thank you.

Diane: Of course. Bye.

[ Sighs ]

Abby: Mom. Hi. I heard tucker’s back and you’re not? What’s going on?

Daniel: Lily and I are happy. Things are good.

Summer: You worked really hard to get to that place. You’re back in lucy’s life. You managed to repair your relationship with her. So, I mean, is there any part of you that wants to do that with heather too?

Daniel: All I want is to be able to be friends with her. You know, for us to like each other and be able to co-parent lucy.

Summer: Then, you and i have a really big problem because mom has it in her head that this is the way to reconnect with us. By fixing our lives. I mean, that’s definitely why she’s being so chummy with heather.

[ Daniel exhales sharply ]

Daniel: We gotta stop her.

Summer: Before she makes things worse.

Tucker: Hi. Just got a to go order.

Phillys: Tucker, I thought you were on your honeymoon.

Tucker: Good for you.

Heather: Hey.

Phillys: Hey.

Tucker: Hey, heather. Nice to see you.

Heather: It’s been a while, tucker. You’re well, I hope.

Tucker: Uh. So are you, uh, staying in genoa city?

Heather: I’m still considering my options.

Tucker: Hm. Well, consider this option. If you do decide to stay, I’m gonna need a good attorney.

Jack: I am so grateful you are willing to share your institutional knowledge with diane. She will be very grateful too.

Billy: Well, I should have been doing it a long time ago. Again, I’m sorry that, uh, things went sideways.

Jack: I got you back in my corner again. That’s what’s important. I’m only looking forward now.

Billy: Me too.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, September 11, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Terry

After Victor’s restructuring of upper management, the Newmans met in Victor’s office to discuss it. Nikki wanted Nick back in the company, in his former position. She said her idea to make Nick feel more comfortable going back to work would be to return the job Victoria took away from him and gave to Nate, Victoria’s romantic interest and employee. After he discussed it with Sharon, Nick announced he would not return to the family company but planned to join Sharon’s company.

After Victoria and Victor left for a meeting, Nikki asked Nate if he would step aside if Nick wanted to return. Nate turned the question around on her, to which she cooly replied, “I don’t have to.” He claimed he would step aside if Victoria and Victor asked him to do so. Nate asked Nikki what would he have to do to prove he is sincere. She replied that he would step down voluntarily.

Adam asked Victor for a chance to redeem himself after Adam was left out of Victor’s restructuring of the company. Adam admitted to Victor that he had blown all the chances Victor gave him, but if given one more chance, Adam would prove himself by starting at the bottom, if that’s what it took, and work his way up on his own abilities and merits. Adam said that’s how it should have been all along. Victor pointed at him and said he hoped that Adam was serious, because when Adam went to the dark side, he destroyed whatever he accomplished.

When Adam later spoke to Sally about her new business, Sally stated that Adam needed something too. Adam told her he also had a plan, but she did not ask what it was and Adam did not explain.

Last week, while talking to himself, Adam said if it was war that Victor wanted, he’d get war. It remains to be seen if Adam had a vengeful scheme in mind or if Adam had a change of heart and was sincere in redeeming himself.

Sally and Nick had a tense conversation about Adam. Sally observed that the combined loss of Ava, Adam and Sally’s late infant daughter, and being left out of the family business must have been devastating. Nick said maybe Adam had learned some humility. Sally asked Nick if he thought Adam deserved to lose Ava. Nick gazed at her with a look of sadness that she even asked that.

Nick encountered Adam at Chancellor park, where Nick asked Adam if he begged Victor for another chance. Adam said he did. Nick admitted it would be cool to have a brother but whenever he and Adam built a pretty good relationship Adam did something to blow it up. Nick said that in a way, Victor set the stage for Nick and Adam to figure out who they were and what they wanted. Nick wondered if that was Victor’s plan all along.

Sharon and Mariah met to catch up. Mariah said that she may have made a mistake by moving herself and Aria in with Abby and Devon while Tessa was away, but Sharon reassured her that babies are flexible and resilient with change. Mariah admitted she constantly worried about Aria’s inability to hear. She said she knew she was driving herself crazy by worrying so much and confessed she needed a distraction.

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