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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Dimitri arrived at the station and told EJ he was there to turn himself in. EJ ripped up the paperwork and decided to charge both of them. Dimitri said it would hold up in court. He was shocked Dimitri went to law school, but Leo remembered he did. Rafe talked to Harris about the drugs they seized disappearing. He thought the person who took the drugs took his keys. Rafe joked with Harris and said he was suspended. Harris felt bad, but Rafe told him that he was joking. Rafe believed their next case would be strong. EJ walked int he room and told Rafe to throw the book at Dimitri. Rafe walked in the interrogation room and told Leo that he was free to go. He put the cuffs on Dimitri, but he got a text. Rafe gave Dimitri and Leo a chance to say goodbye. Dimitri let Leo know that he wasn’t going to come back, but he couldn’t let him take the fall for him. Leo was worried that Dimitri would get charged with the baby’s murder. Dimitri said he wouldn’t be charged with murder since the baby wasn’t dead. Rafe came back to take Dimitri to holding. Stefan was surprised to see Ava at the Bistro. They talked about Clyde. He didn’t like what Clyde’s making them do. Ava was thankful they only had to launder money. He had a plan to kill Clyde so they would be free. Stefan told her about the man Vivian knows that locked up with Clyde at Statesville. Ava wasn’t sure about it because Gabi and Tripp could get killed if it didn’t work. Sloan told Eric that she didn’t consent to him getting a DNA test done on their son. Eric told her the results were in the envelope. She didn’t want him to read the results. Nicole thought it was because she knew the baby was hers. Sloan didn’t want to encourage her theories about the baby being hers.

Eric got suspicious of Sloan, but he thought they should read the results so Nicole would learn the truth. Nicole took the envelope. She read the results and saw the baby wasn’t hers. Nicole didn’t understand how the baby wasn’t hers when she was positive he belonged to her. Kayla arrived and Nicole questioned if she tested the baby against her DNA. She admitted that she didn’t have enough DNA from the toothbrush. She used EJ’s DNA. Nicole got upset before she left. Later, EJ and Nicole talked about Dimitri getting arrested and the charges against Leo getting dropped. She didn’t care and told him what happened at the hospital. EJ didn’t mean for her to go through that ordeal alone. She got upset with herself because she couldn’t recognize her child. EJ offered to comfort her. Eric and Sloan went home. She was still upset that he consented to the DNA test without talking to her first. He told her that he tried to tell her, but she had to leave to talk to a client. Sloan remembered her client and called the station to check on Dimitri and Leo. She found out that Leo got released. Sloan and Eric decided to be happy. They talked about baby names. Eric wanted to name their baby Jude. Sloan agreed to the name.

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