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Recap written by Christine

Nick talked to Sharon at Crimson Lights. He was glad to see her smiling. He was surprised she was working though – he thought she’d take some time off after the wedding. She preferred to keep busy and focus on the positive, but she had a lot of diversions, thanks to Ashland and Diane traipsing around. She said she was fine, though. Chance came in and pulled Sharon aside to talk to her. He congratulated her on the wedding, and she said it went better than she hoped. He asked if she ever danced at the reception. She didn’t, because it didn’t feel right. One day she thought she might find joy in doing things that reminded her of Rey. Chance said one of his teammate in Spain’s wife called, and he’d been happy to hear from her, so he could assure Sharon that things got better. He asked how she was. He acknowledged that she’d been busy with the funeral and wedding, and he knew once things got quiet, the hard part began. She said that was true, but she had a lot of people who where there for her. He said that included him and Abby.

Sharon thanked Chance for organizing the GCPD memorial for Rey. It helped her to see how many people cared about him. Chance said they all cared about Sharon too. Sharon asked how Chance was doing after losing his partner and friend. He could feel Rey watching over him, hopefully not judging his detective skills, though. She was sure Rey wouldn’t judge. She said that Rey had been optimistic that things would turn around for Chance. She added that Rey witnessed a lot of wrong, but he never gave up believing in love and decency in people. Chance said he was working on closing all of Rey’s cases to pay tribute. She thought that was a nice way to honor Rey. After Chance left, Sharon talked with Nick. She said she and Chance both carried Rey in their hearts. Nick said that the people they lost never really left them. He carefully pointed out that Cassie’s anniversary was a couple of days ago. He said normally, he and Sharon would go to the cemetery and bring flowers and share memories of their sweet little girl. Sharon noted that they didn’t do that this year. Nick had tried to follow Sharon’s cues and give her space, but he was concerned by the fact that she hadn’t brought it up yet.

Sharon said when she woke up that morning, her first thought was on Cassie. It occurred to Sharon that Cassie had now been gone longer than she was with them. Sharon had then looked at Rey’s side of the bed, and it was just too much. She said she’d tried to compartmentalize her grief so she wouldn’t be in bed all day paralyzed. She decided not to talk about the anniversary because if she did, she would’ve fallen apart. Nick understood. Sharon was tearful. She said that she focused on getting through that day, and the next morning, she felt like she’d gotten through the deepest darkest part of it and that she could go on. He was glad to hear that. She was sorry she worried him. He didn’t want her to apologize. He asked if there was anything he could do. She was ready to visit Cassie’s grave, and she asked him to go. He extended his hand, and she took it. Sharon and Nick returned to Crimson Lights after visiting their daughter’s grave. Sharon felt better now – at peace, and a lot of that was thanks to Nick. She said he helped her get through a rough patch. He said she’d do the same for him, because that was what family was about. They hugged.

Abby brought Dominic over to Devon and Amanda’s because he was going to spend a few days with them. They talked about how well the baby was doing. His follow up appointment was soon, but the doctors had been monitoring his progress, and all indications were that he was doing well after his bone marrow transplant. After Abby left, Devon put Dominic upstairs and set up the baby monitor so he could hear his son during the meeting with Billy and Nate. Amanda was going into the office. She asked what the work dynamic was like – working with his cousin, sister and her boyfriend. He said it took getting used to not being the only one making the decisions anymore. Amanda said she loved Imani, but it was a little tricky having her sister report to her, especially since Imani would rather they were on equal footing. Devon said that at the end of the day, they were family, so that should make things a little easier.

Elena came home from work exhausted after a night shift, and Nate gave her a quick shoulder massage. They weren’t getting much time together, due to their jobs. He suggested and she agreed, that they should plan a date night this weekend. She needed a nap, and he left to get coffee before his work meeting.

Imani ran into Nate at Crimson Lights. She said she reviewed the legal aspects of his proposal, and she was really impressed. She said he was very brazen for someone who’d just entered the business field, and that was a compliment. She hoped Devon began to recognize Nate’s value. She thought Devon and Amanda were a bit too conservative. Nate said there was a lot he could learn from Devon. He was sure Imani felt the same way about working with Amanda. Imani agreed, but she said sometimes fresh ideas were needed. Imani thought she and Nate had new energy, and she felt they should flaunt it and fight for what they wanted – what was the worst that could happen?

Nate went to Devon’s and met with him and Billy. Lily was away meeting Jill. Billy said he’d fill her in on the meeting. The logistics for the party were taken care of, according to Billy. He said Devon should be ready to do some interviews, solo and with Lily. Devon was prepared. Last night, Nate emailed Devon and Billy some ideas he had for future ventures. He thought they might want to announce them at the event. Devon didn’t think the best strategy for a launch was to reveal everything they were doing right out of the gate. Nate advocated for being bold and open. Devon said they didn’t want to give their competition the ability to get ahead of them. Nate thought Billy would agree with him. Billy understood Nate’s view, but he agreed with Devon. Billy said if they announced all the projects at once, the projects wouldn’t get the individual attention that they should. Billy suggested a happy medium – maybe they could announce the two projects Devon and Lily were most excited about and tease more was to come. Devon and Nate were both okay with that.

Elena had a dream that Imani asked Nate to take a shower with her. After the dream, Elena woke up and went to Crimson Lights where she ran into Imani. Elena was surprised Imani was here in the middle of a work day. Imani said she was just taking a break from the office. She invited Elena to join her. Elena said she’d planned to get something to go, but she accepted the offer. She went to place an order, and Imani grimaced. Elena asked if Imani was fitting in at Chancellor Winters. Imani said there was a learning curve, but there was a strong sense of unity and teamwork. She couldn’t wait to see where it all lead. Elena pointedly said she couldn’t wait to be by Nate’s side every step of the way. Amanda walked in joined the pair. Imani remarked that the three of them hanging out had become a regular thing. Elena said she wouldn’t go that far. Amanda thanked Elena for her kindness the other day when she and Imani were worried about their mother. Imani said that, with Nate in the corporate world, they were lucky to still have a doctor in the extended family. Elena was happy to help. She abruptly left.

Amanda glared at Imani and said Nate was off limits. Imani said she understood. She didn’t see what the problem was. Amanda snapped that it was pretty clear what the problem was. Amanda had to go home and get her flash drive. She asked her sister to heed her words about Nate. Imani said she was just having fun, and she had no agenda when it came to Nate.

Amanda went home and overheard Devon and Dominic on the monitor. Devon said family drove you crazy, but you’d always love them. Amanda smiled and headed upstairs, where she cooed over the baby too.

At their place, Nate told Elena that the meeting ended well thanks to Billy, but there was still tension between Nate and Devon. Nate said he and Devon had a similar issue yesterday too. Elena asked if there was a problem developing between Nate and Devon. Nate didn’t think so. He said it was more like growing pains. He thought it must be difficult for Devon who went from being the sole boss to having to discuss his thoughts with Lily, Billy and Nate. Elena wasn’t surprised two brilliant strong men would be clashing a bit. She said both men were excited to work together, and they both wanted the company to succeed. Nate said he came here because he felt guilty about something. Elena was nervous. Nate said he realized that just suggesting a weekend date didn’t cut it. He noted that his schedule was more flexible than hers, so he thought he should work around her schedule and make sure they’d have more time together. He was going to make her his top priority. She loved him for thinking that way, for putting her at the top of his list and for coming here just to tell her that. She thought their relationship should be tended to by both of them. She couldn’t always dictate her schedule, but she knew of other ways she could show him how much she loved him. She began to undress him.

Abby was annoyed when Diane showed up at Society. she smirked when Diane requested a table for one, but Diane said she didn’t mind dining alone. She said she’d have more time to socialize because she’d be staying in Genoa City longer because Kyle wanted to spend more time together. Abby wasn’t surprised Kyle made that choice, but she thought he’d come to regret it. Diane said she’d make sure he didn’t. She understood Abby and the rest of the town would think the worst of her. She revealed that she relocated to the GCAC indefinitely with Kyle’s financial support. Diane wanted to be upfront about it because she was sure once everyone heard about Kyle’s generosity, they’d assume she had her hand out, which wasn’t true. Abby said people didn’t spend time and energy wondering what Diane’s next move was going to be – they just thought she was a terrible person, if they thought of her at all.

Billy went to Society, and Abby informed him that Kyle put Diane up at the GCAC indefinitely. Billy hoped the family could accept Kyle’s choice. He thought it was possible that Diane changed. Abby understood why Billy was willing to give Diane the benefit of the doubt, but she thought he was giving Diane more credit than she deserved. He said he’d own it if he was wrong. Abby answered the hotel phone, and Billy went and asked if he could sit with Diane.

Diane was relieved Billy wasn’t treating her like the town pariah. He said he’d been the pariah more than once. She said more than a few people could say the same, but they were the first to criticize and ostracize. She appreciated having a break. He made it clear he didn’t forget what she did to Kyle and the other Abbotts, but he was interested in what she was planning to do now. He wondered why she was sticking around when Kyle and Summer would be leaving soon. She told him that they might be moving back to Genoa City. As long as Kyle wanted her nearby, she would. He tensed up hearing she was willing to stay permanently. Billy hadn’t changed his outlook on things, but he was thinking about other people, like Jack, who would have a different reaction if Diane moved to Genoa City. Diane said Jack wasn’t happy she was here, but he supported Kyle’s wishes. Billy said Jack always protected his son, as he should. Diane said when she first met Jack, he wasn’t always reliable and paternal, but he’d come a long way. She wanted to be as good of a mother as Jack was a father. Billy understood the urge to compare, but he didn’t think it would do Diane any good. He advised her to focus on being the best version of herself that she could. She asked when he became so wise. He said he wasn’t wise, but he’d been through some things, and he wanted to help people. She hoped his forgiving nature rubbed off on his brother. She suggested he might want to put in a good word for her. He said his family knew his opinion. Billy believed people could change, and if redemption was possible for him, it was possible for others. He wasn’t going to change his tune unless she gave him a reason to.

Abby saw Chance standing outside, and she went out to see what was going on. He pulled her into a deep kiss. She asked what brought this on. He said he had a break in a case, and he did everything by the book. He was going to close all of Rey’s cases. She was proud of him, and she knew Rey was too.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Devon: Hey, hey!

Abby: Hey! Mwah. Dominic is so excited about spending a few days with you guys.

Devon: Oh, he can’t be as excited as I am.

Amanda: No, no, devon has been like a 5-year-old on christmas morning. He woke up early just to make sure that dom had everything that he needed.

Devon: That’s right, I did. I missed you, buddy. I did. Ready to have a good time? You’re gonna love these new books I got for him.

Abby: Ooh.

Amanda: Oh, my gosh, he’s growing by the minute. I can’t get over how big he is.

Abby: Stronger, too. I mean, he’s developed quite an arm. You would not believe how far he can throw his breakfast food. I find cereal all over the place.

Devon: Oh, boy. No. I got to learn how to duck now.

Abby: [ Laughs ] Thinking about getting a dog to follow him around and clean up all his scraps.

[ Laughter ]

Devon: No. Well, I’ve been warned, but we’re gonna try and eat more than we throw when you’re here, okay?

Abby: Well, he has a very healthy appetite and he’s sleeping really well, too.

Devon: That’s great. Those are all signs that he’s made a full recovery.

Abby: Yeah, yeah. You know, his follow-up appointment is coming soon, but his doctors have been following his progress very closely since his bone marrow transplant, and they say he’s doing great.

Devon: That’s wonderful.

Abby: Thank god.

Devon: Yeah. We have a very resilient little boy, huh?

Abby: Yeah. He’s perfect, isn’t he?

Devon: Well, I’m not biased or anything.

Abby: [ Laughs ] Hi.

Nick: Hey.

Sharon: Hey, nick. Um…can I get you coffee?

Nick: No, I’m good, thanks. Just glad to see you smiling. I wasn’t sure you’d be working. I thought maybe you’d want some downtime after the wedding.

Sharon: No, I prefer to stay busy, just helps me keep my mind focused on the positive. But with ashland locke and diane jenkins traipsing through here, I’ve certainly had a lot of diversions.

Nick: And just one of them is a handful. How did it go?

Sharon: Um, I’d prefer not to get into the details, but I got a lot off my chest, and I said what was on my mind, and, you know, it was — it was fine. I’m fine.

Chance: Hey, nick.

Nick: Hey, what’s up, man?

Chance: How you doing?

Nick: Good.

Chance: Hi, sharon.

Sharon: Hey.

Chance: Hey, I was hoping i could talk to you for a few minutes. That is, if I’m not interrupting anything important.

Sharon: Uh, no, no, not at all.

Nick: Yeah, no, it’s cool.

Chance: Thank you.

Elena: [ Sighs ]

Nate: Hey.

Elena: Hey.

Nate: I was hoping I’d get to see you before I left.

Elena: Mm.

Nate: How was work?

Elena: Hmm, good, but I am exhausted.

Nate: Mm.

Elena: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: Those all-night shifts can be tough, and you’ve been doing a lot more than usual lately.

Elena: Yeah, you’ve been working pretty long hours, too. You know, I thought we’d be able to spend more time together when you changed careers. But with the chancellor-winters launch, doesn’t seem like that’s gonna be for a while.

Nate: We’re gonna have to work a lot harder to carve out some alone time for just us.

Elena: Sounds like a plan.

Nate: Hey, why don’t we schedule a date night this weekend? Something special, romantic, sexy.

Elena: This weekend?

[ Chuckles ] That sounds good. I’ll see you then.

Nate: You know what? My coffee run can wait. Why don’t I stick around for a little longer?

Elena: No, no. I don’t want to slow down chancellor-winter’s newest coo. Besides, I think I really need to take a nap.

Nate: Okay. Well, I’ll let you get some rest, and I will try to come back and see you before your next shift.

Elena: Okay.

Nate: Okay.

Elena: [ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Chance: So, again, I just have to congratulate you on the wedding. It was truly an amazing day.

Sharon: Oh, it really was wonderful, wasn’t it? You know, things actually went even better than I hoped. So thank you for being there. I’m really glad that you and abby could share that with us.

Chance: Absolutely. Did you ever hit the dance floor?

Sharon: No. It just didn’t seem right.

Chance: I understand.

Sharon: Well, hopefully, one day soon, I’ll get to the point where I find that doing things that remind me of rey bring me joy.

Chance: The other day, one of my teammates that was in spain with me, his wife called me. And I was actually happy to talk to her. And this feels weird telling this to a therapist, but eventually things do get better.

Sharon: Thank you. That means a lot, coming from you. I know that you’ve been through a lot.

Chance: So how are you? I know with the funeral and the wedding back-to-back, I’m sure you haven’t had a moment to just sit and process everything. I know when things get quieter, that’s when the hard part begins.

Sharon: That is when the hard part begins. Um…I’m not gonna deny that it’s — it’s been really tough. But I have a lot of people around me who love me and support me and I can lean on them.

Chance: I hope you know that includes abby and I. Anything you need, really.

Sharon: Thank you. And, you know, I meant to thank you for organizing the gcpd memorial for rey. That was — that was really nice to see how many people love him and admire him.

Chance: Well, he is sorely missed in the department, I’ll tell you. And everyone down there, we care about you, sharon. We understand this was very sudden, and, well, we just can’t help but worry.

Sharon: Well, please tell them not to worry about me. You know, rey’s spirit is with me all the time. I feel it guiding me, supporting me. But what about you? You lost your friend and your partner. How are you doing?

Chance: I’m okay. I’m okay. And just like you, I feel him with me, watching over me. Hopefully not judging my detective skills.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] Of course not. He really admired you, and he would be thrilled to know how well you’re doing now at home and at work.

Chance: I hope so.

Sharon: Oh, yeah. You know, even though you’ve been through some really hard times, rey, he always believed that things would turn around for you. He was just an optimist at heart. And even though he’s witnessed a lot of wrong in the world, he just never gave up belief in love and basic decency of people.

Chance: Yeah, I know. I know, and I’m trying to do the same. I’m working on closing all of rey’s cases, by the way. A way to pay tribute. I’m actually headed back to the station now to follow up on some new evidence for one case. Forensics has the analysis, and I am determined to wrap it up.

Sharon: Well, that’s a really, really nice way to honor rey.

Devon: So since nate and billy will be here soon for the meeting, I’m gonna keep an ear out in case dominic wakes up.

Amanda: You gonna work from home?

Devon: I am gonna work from home. It’s the boss’ prerogative.

Amanda: Yeah, I guess so. You know, speaking of work, how has the dynamic been? Running things with your cousin, your sister, your sister’s boyfriend.

Devon: Well, you’ve seen how well we’re doing.

Amanda: Mm-hmm, I have, but you haven’t talked about how it makes you feel.

Devon: I feel it’s great.

Amanda: Yeah?

Devon: Yeah, it’s gonna take a little bit of getting used to, just ’cause, for so long, I was the only one making decisions for my company. Now it’s a whole committee where we all have to sign off on everything.

Amanda: It will be an adjustment.

Devon: Mm-hmm. I’m not complaining, though. It’s just gonna take a little time to settle in.

Amanda: Yeah. You know, I’m kind of going through the same thing.

Devon: You are?

Amanda: With imani.

Devon: Hmm.

Amanda: I mean, I love her, but it’s been a little tricky having my sister report to me, take direction from me, especially when I know that she would rather that we were on equal footing.

Devon: I can see how that could dicey for you guys.

Amanda: I do think that it’s partially because, when we started our own firm, we were supposed to be partners, you know?

Devon: Huh. Well, at least at the end of the day, we’re all family, and that should make things a little easier, right?

Amanda: Yeah, sure. If you say so.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Imani: Nate, fancy meeting you here.

Nate: Hey. Just grabbing an espresso before my meeting with devon and billy.

Imani: Oh, I have a feeling you’d be at the top of your game with or without that jolt of caffeine. But before you run off, there’s something I wanted to just share with you.

Nate: Okay, what’s that?

Imani: I was reviewing the legal aspects of your proposal, and I was really impressed by your suggestions. For someone just switching from the medical field to business, you really are breezing. And I mean that in the best way. I admire forward thinkers.

Nate: Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] That’s quite the compliment.

Imani: I hope devon begins to recognize the value you bring to the table. Between us, I think amanda and devon are a bit too conservative.

Nate: I’m just doing my best. There’s a lot I can learn from my cousin.

Imani: Mm-hmm.

Nate: Obviously he’s been doing this a lot longer than i have. Well, I’m sure you feel the same way about working with amanda, even when you don’t see eye-to-eye.

Imani: That’s true. However, sometimes what’s needed are fresh ideas. New energy. You and I seem to have that. Why not flaunt it, fight for what we want? What’s the worst that can happen?

[ Door opens ]

Nate: I think it’s a really good idea, but we just need to fine-tune some of the details.

Imani: Well, if the concept is sound, the details work themselves out.

Nate: That’s not the way i work.

Imani: Okay, so tell me, how do you like to get things done?

Nate: Well, I like to take a more analytical approach, break down all the steps, then come up with a plan.

Imani: Hmm. I’m more of a visual learner, so I think you should show me.

Nate: Hey, hey, wait. Where do you think you’re going?

Imani: I do my best thinking in the shower. Come on, you should try it.

Elena: Hello! I’m right here. Hi, I’m karen.

Diane: Hello, abby.

Abby: [ Sighs ] May I ask what you’re doing here? And by that, why did you choose my restaurant when there are so many others to choose from?

Diane: Because your restaurant is one of the best in town. Can’t we be adults about this?

Abby: Of course. Are you meeting someone?

Diane: No, I’ll be dining alone.

Abby: [ Laughs ] What a surprise.

Diane: Oh, I really don’t mind being a party of one these days, since I’ll have plenty of time for socializing later.

Abby: Okay, I’ll bite. Explain.

Diane: I’m planning on staying in genoa city for a while longer. Kyle wanted me to stick around so we could spend more time together and work on rebuilding our relationship.

Abby: I can’t say I’m surprised, given his reaction to your return. But sadly, I think he’ll come to regret that decision.

Diane: I assure you he won’T. I’ll make sure of it. But I can understand why you and everyone else in town will view everything I do through a negative lens.

Abby: Well, I’m glad you realize that.

Diane: Yeah, so let me get ahead of one story before I’m wrongly judged.

Abby: Ooh, do tell.

Diane: I’ve relocated to the athletic club indefinitely, with kyle’s financial support. He insisted. Best to be upfront about this because I’m sure, once everybody finds out about kyle’s generosity, they’ll assume that I had my hand out, which I did not.

Abby: You really do think everything is all about you, don’t you? That we all just walk around here, wasting our time and energy wondering what your next move is gonna be, your motivation. But, see, you’re wrong. We don’T. We just think you’re a terrible person. If we bother to think about you at all.

Imani: Elena, over here. Hey.

Elena: Imani, how’s it going?

Imani: Good. Why are you looking at me like that?

Elena: Nothing, I just didn’t expect to see you here, you know, in the middle of a work daY.

Imani: Oh, I — I just wanted a break from the officE. Please join me.

Elena: I was actually gonna get something to go, but you know what? Since you asked, maybe I will. One sec.

Devon: I wish lily didn’t have to go out of town to meet with jill since chancellor-winters launch is just a week away.

Billy: Yeah, I hear you, but I’ll fill her in on everything we talk about.

Devon: Good. Where do we stand?

Billy: Well, we’re in a good place. Logistics are all taken care of. Put out another press release in order to build on the publicity that we got. The next few days, we’ll push a little bit more, create even more buzz.

Devon: Good. That sounds great.

Billy: You should be prepared to do a couple interviews, of course, solo and with lily.

Devon: Oh, for sure, yeah, I’m ready to do anything.

Nate: Hope you both had a chance to review the material i e-mailed to you last night. My thoughts on some of the future ventures I thought you might want to announce at the event.

Billy: Yeah, I was able to look at it.

Devon: I did, too, and i think it’s just a bit much.

Nate: You think it’s best to pull back?

Devon: I do, yeah. It’s just ’cause I think what you’re suggesting is a little premature. I don’t think the best strategy for a launch is to reveal everything we’re doing before we even get out the gate, you know? (Dog barking) we love our pets.

Sharon: That’s such a nice gesture, taking over all of rey’s cases. Chance is carrying rey in his heart with him, just like I am.

Nick: The people we lose never really leave us. Um…can I ask you about something? A couple days ago, it was cassie’s anniversary. Normally, we get together and we take some flowers to the cemetery. And we just talk, you know? We — we remember all the amazing memories of our sweet little girl.

Sharon: But we didn’T.

Nick: No. I wanted to make sure I gave you space, you know? I tried to follow your cues, but I don’t think I can wait any longer, sharon. The fact that you haven’t brought it up yet, I’m worried that this is affecting you more than I expected.

Diane: You’re entitled to your feelings, and they’re certainly justified, given what I put you through in the past.

Abby: I appreciate you acknowledging that.

Diane: I am truly sorry.

Abby: I hope you don’t think this “too little, too late” apology is gonna earn brownie points with me, because my opinion of you is never gonna change.

Diane: I’m not expecting it to. Nor do I expect you to hide your hostility from me if we cross paths. But please, for kyle’s sake, could you just put his feelings ahead of your own? I am only here because that’s what he wants.

Abby: I have no intention of making this painful situation any more difficult for kyle, especially after all the hurt that you’ve put him through. So, yes, I will restrain myself in his presence.

Diane: Thank you for that.

Abby: But when it’s just the two of us, I will be as hostile as I want for as long as I want. So now that we understand each other, would you still like that table for one? Or would you like to turn around and walk right back out the door?

Nate: I thought we decided that the launch event would be the perfect venue to establish our goals for the future.

Devon: You’re absolutely right about that. It is, and that’s what we’re doing. I’m just talking about holding back and teasing what we have in the works.

Nate: I think bold and open is the way to go.

Devon: The last thing we want to do is give our competition the ability to get ahead of us, right?

Nate: But this is a huge merger, devon. People are gonna be curious about our plans.

Devon: That’s fantastic. Let them be curious. That’s the point.

Nate: Don’t you think we should take full advantage of this moment? We’re gonna have the attention from the business community and the press.

Billy: Yeah, no, I understand what you’re saying here, nate, I do, but devon’s right. I mean, what you’re suggesting, it’s just too much. It would lessen the impact of everything across the board. Best way to do this is we roll out one project at a time so everything gets enough attention. Of course, maybe there’s a happy medium?

Devon: What do you suggest?

Billy: Well, I think nate’s right, it would be beneficial to announce something. You know, maybe we can talk about the two projects that you and lily are most excited about, build some momentum from there, and tease that there’s more where that came from.

Devon: Right. Yeah, that — that sounds okay to me. Is that alright with you?

Nate: I’m on board. Sounds like the perfect compromise to me.

Devon: Okay, then. That’s what we’ll do. I will have a talk with lily and we’ll figure out what initiatives we want to lead with, and we’ll go from there.

Billy: Sounds good.

Devon: Yep.

Elena: So how are you liking your new job? Do you feel like you’re fitting in with chancellor-winters?

Imani: There’s a learning curve, of course, but there’s such a strong sense of unity and teamwork.

Elena: Oh, the beauty of working with family.

Imani: Exactly, everyone’s working toward one common goal. So much potential for the future. Can’t wait to see where it all leads.

Elena: Yeah, I can’t either. And I’m excited to be by nate’s side every step of the way.

Amanda: Hi, guys. Do you mind if I join you?

Imani: Not at all. This is getting to be a regular thing, the three of us all hanging out together.

Elena: Oh, I wouldn’t go that far.

Amanda: Well, you know, elena, I am really happy that i ran into you. We are so appreciative of how kind you were when we were concerned about our mother’s health condition. Thank you so much. You are such a gem. You totally eased our worries.

Imani: Yeah, that was so kind of you. Since nate has joined the corporate world, we’re lucky to still have a doctor in our extended family.

Elena: Well, I am happy to help anytime. Um…yeah, I hope you will both excuse me, but I’m gonna get going. Amanda, it was good to see you.

Amanda: Nice to see you, too.

Elena: Bye.

Amanda: Goodbye. Imani, I thought we talked about this. What the hell are you doing? Time. It’s life’s most precious commodity,

“The young and the restless”

will continue. (Kid) why aren’t there any buildings out there?

Imani: What are you talking about? I wasn’t doing anything.

Amanda: You still haven’t gotten the message, have you? Nate is off limits.

Imani: I’ve heard this all before. He’s committed to elena. They’re very happy. I get it.

Amanda: Do you?

Imani: I said I understand. What’s the problem?

Amanda: I think it’s pretty clear what the problem is, and you know it. Oh. Oh, my gosh.

Imani: What? What’s wrong?

Amanda: I forgot my flash drive at home.

[ Sighs ] It has all the documents that i need. You know what? I’m gonna go back home. I’ll meet you at the office. But please, please take to heart what I said about nate.

Imani: [ Sighs ]

Amanda: I do not want to be having this conversation again.

Imani: I don’t either.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, I swear I’m not trying to give you a migraine. I’m just having some fun. You need to relax. I promise you I have no agenda as far as it comes to nate.

Amanda: Okay.

Billy: You look distracted.

Abby: The nerve of that woman to show up at my restaurant even though she knows I loathe her, and I truly loathe her.

Billy: Yeah, no, that’s very clear.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Billy: You know, diane gets under the skin of most people.

Abby: I thought she’d be gone by now, but kyle has decided to give her another chance.

Billy: Really?

Abby: Yeah, he put her up at the gcac. He’s even footing the bill.

Billy: Oh, family’s gonna love that.

Abby: Mm.

Billy: Well, hopefully they can respect kyle’s choice. I mean, at the end of the day, that is his mother. It seems like we’re just gonna have to get used to having diane around.

Abby: Fat chance.

Billy: Maybe she’s changed, right? Maybe, just maybe, she’ll surprise us. It’s possible.

Abby: You know, billy, I get that you’re in the second-chance camp, you know, and you’re more than willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, and i understand why, but I really do think that you are giving her more credit than she deserves.

Billy: Yeah, maybe. Maybe not. But we’re gonna see. And if I’m wrong, then I’ll own it.

[ Telephone rings ]

Abby: Society. Hi, yes, you’d like to make a reservation? Let me see what we got for you.

Diane: Oh, great, more abbott attitude to go with my lunch.

Billy: No, lucky for you, i am fresh out of attitude. I do have one question, though.

Diane: I’m almost afraid to hear it.

Billy: Is this seat taken?

Sharon: When I woke up on the morning of the anniversary, cassie was the first thought on my mind. And every year on that day, memories come flooding back to me. Happy moments, sad moments, and my anger over the way that she died.

[ Sighs ] And something occurred to me. She has now been gone longer than she was with us. How did that happen?

Nick: Still feels like it was yesterday.

Sharon: And then I looked over to the other side of the bed where rey should be laying, and, um…you know, it was just too much. All the sadness and the loss and pain. I felt like I was gonna lose it. So I, uh…I tried to compartmentalize my grief so that I wouldn’t end up having to stay in bed all day, paralyzed, because that’s the last thing that I wanted to do, and it’s the last thing that cassie would want me to do. I forced myself to get out of bed and get moving. I know that I didn’t bring it up. I decided not to talk about the anniversary because if I did…

Nick: I completely understand.

Sharon: All I could do was just focus on getting through that day, that one day. And, um…the next morning, when I woke up, I felt like I had gotten through the deepest, darkest part of it, and I knew that I could — I could keep going. I could go on.

Nick: Well, that’s what i wanted to hear.

Sharon: I’m sorry to worry you.

Nick: No, please don’t apologize. I’m just glad to hear that you’re coming through this. Is there anything else I can do?

Sharon: Well, you know, now that I am starting to feel like I’m in a better state of mind, I’d like to go to cassie’s grave and I’d like to lay flowers there. Talk to our girl, the way that we always did. Will you go with me? Whatever gives you life

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Abby: Chance? What’s up? Why didn’t you come inside?

Chance: Well, because of this.

Diane: What a relief that you’re not treating me like i have the plague.

Billy: Well, I’ve been the town pariah more than once. I know the feeling.

Diane: There’s more than a few people in this town that could say the same thing. But, of course, they’re the first to ostracize and criticize because they seem to have forgotten that. When I came back, I knew what i was in for, but I decided to roll with it. It’s just nice to have a break from it every once in a while.

Billy: Well, let me be very clear — I have not forgotten what you did to kyle or to the rest of my family. But I’m interested in what you plan on doing now.

Diane: Isn’t it obvious?

Billy: Abby mentioned that you could be sticking around a little while, which is confusing to me because kyle and summer should be going back to milan soon.

Diane: Oh, they’re possibly moving back here.

Billy: Are you sure about that?

Diane: I have no idea how or when, but that’s what kyle told me. And I get the impression they’re going to make it happen. That’s why kyle asked me to stay, and as long as he wants me nearby, that’s where I’ll be.

Billy: Meaning you’d stay permanently.

Diane: Without a moment’s hesitation. Are you feeling a little less friendly towards me now?

Devon: Hey, dom.

How you doing, buddy?

That was a nice, long nap you

had, huh?


How about I keep you company


Do you mind?

I don’t mind, ’cause I love you

so much, man.

That’s the thing about


Even when they make you crazy,

love is always there.

You believe me, don’t you?

Yeah, I know you do.

‘Cause we’re a team.

[ Chuckles ]

Amanda: There’s my two

favorite guys.

Devon: Dominic, look who’s


Amanda: Aww!

Devon: Did you miss her?

Amanda: Look at that face.

He really missed me.

He did.

Elena: So how did the meeting go?

Nate: It ended well, thanks to billy. But the tension between devon and me was pretty thick.

Elena: Did you guys disagree about something?

Nate: How much of our future plans we should reveal at the launch.

Elena: And was that something worth getting that worked up about?

Nate: Chancellor-winters needs to make the best first impression possible. It’s important.

Elena: I guess so, since you guys are disagreeing about it. But are things better now?

Nate: Yeah, yeah. I’d chalk it up to a one-time thing. But something similar did happen between us yesterday. Circumstances were different, but the vibe was the same.

Elena: So you really think there’s a problem developing between you and devon?

Nate: No, I wouldn’t go that far. It’s more like growing pains. At least I hope that’s all it is.

Elena: Yeah, I’m sure you’re probably right.

Nate: It’s got to be a difficult transition for devon. You know, one minute, you’re the boss of everybody and your opinion is the only one that matters, and then, all of a sudden, you have to share your decisions with not just lily but with billy and me, too.

Elena: I think you’re both just under a lot of pressure right now. And once things get settled, it’ll be fine.

Nate: You really think so?

Elena: I do. I mean, as well as you both know each other personally, you still have to find your footing on a professional level. And it’s not surprising to me that two brilliant, strong men would be clashing a bit.

Nate: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Elena: You both were so excited to work together, and you both want chancellor-winters to succeed, so, I mean, that’s got to count for something.

Nate: That counts for a lot. But I didn’t come back expecting to talk about all this. I came back because I felt guilty about something, and i didn’t want to wait to make things right.

With less moderate-to-severe


Elena: What’s — what’s going on? Did something happen?

Nate: Yeah, it kind of did, and I have no one to blame but myself.

Elena: [ Sighs ] Okay.

Nate: You know when we talked earlier about not having enough time to spend together?

Elena: Yes, and?

Nate: Well, I felt badly about my solution. A weekend date just doesn’t cut it. There’s not a lot we can do to carve out more time, especially since you don’t have the same flexibility with your schedule as I do with mine. So I realized that it’s up to me to work around your schedule. And being with you is at the top of my priority list.

Elena: Wow. I love you for thinking that way. And I love you for putting me at the top of your list. And I love you for coming here just to tell me that.

Nate: Mm. Well, that’s — that’s a whole lot of loving.

Elena: Yeah, it is. But I do think that our relationship deserves to be nurtured and tended to by the both of us. So even though I can’t always dictate my own schedule, there are other ways that I can show you how much I love you.

Billy: I have not changed my outlook, but I am thinking about other people, in particular jack, who’s going to have a different reaction to finding out that you could be a permanent resident of genoa city once again.

Diane: Jack has made his position perfectly clear. He’s not happy that I’m here, but he’s supportive of kyle’s wishes. Although he’s extremely skeptical of me.

Billy: Well, that’s my brother. He’s always protecting his son, as he should.

Diane: When we first met, jack wasn’t exactly what you’d call the reliable or paternal type. He’s come a long way since then. He’s become this really good man and a wonderful father. I admire that, and I’d like to try to live by his example, to be as good a mother as he is a father.

Billy: I understand the urge to compare yourself to someone else, but that is not gonna get you anywhere. You need to focus on being the best version of yourself you possibly can.

Diane: When did you become so wise?

Billy: Yeah, I am far from wise, but I’ve been through some things. And if I can help anyone, then that’s good with me.

Diane: Well, I hope your forgiving nature rubs off on your brother. Maybe you could put a good word in for me. No, no. I mean, unless you’re comfortable doing that.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] My family knows where I stand. I believe some people can change. I have to, or I wouldn’t be able to have faith in myself. And if redemption is possible for me, then it is possible for others. I’m not gonna change my tune, unless, of course, you give me a reason to.

Diane: Thanks. That’s all I can hope for.

Abby: Mmm. Well, not that I’m complaining, but what is this all about?

Chance: Mm. Caught a break in the case. Once the warrant comes through, we’ll make a move on this guy and lock him up. I tell you, I did everything by the book on this one. I’ll be glad to put it to rest.

Abby: One of rey’s cases?

Chance: I’m gonna close every single one he was working on. I know that’s what he would’ve done, so I’m gonna do the same.

Abby: I’m so proud of you. And I know rey is, too.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I am glad we did that.

Sharon: Me too. Time alone with cassie was just what I needed. I feel better. I feel ready to get back to work now.

Nick: Are you sure? You don’t want to take some more time off?

Sharon: No, I feel at peace. And a lot of that is thanks to you, nick. Once again, you’ve found a way to help me get through a rough patch.

Nick: Well, you do the same for me. That’s what family’s all about.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, May 31, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


 [ Indistinct conversations ] Wow. Quite the scene. Very… tacky.Fancy. Oh. Thank you. Sure. Cheers. Because he used all of his cash.

[ Chuckles ] Uh… cash meaning… u-um, let me give you my card. Oh, uh — hey, spinelli. Oh. Dr. Gatlin-holt. Hmm. I thought you said this was a charity benefit. It is. Looks more like a meat market. Well, the — the invitation I n clearly stated that this afternoon’s events were, first and foremost, a fundraiser. Huh. How do you account for everyone having great hair and sparkling white teeth? Merely the icing on the cake. Um, is — is maxie accompanying you, or… perhaps is she attending solo? Maxie and I were supposed to come together, but she got stuck at work. Thanks for inviting me to this. Hey!

[ Chuckles ] How’d you hear about it? How did you not? Whoever does the pr for society setups stopped only at skywriting. Yeah, you’re not kidding. Everyone who’s anyone is here. Should make for an interesting party. Scott grossly distorted your history. No one is gonna believe a word that he said. Least of all wiley. No, I-I can explain away fiction, but… today made me realize that one day, wiley’s gonna have to face the bad parts of my past, and nelle’s and — and even harmony’S. And I’m just — I’m just thinking, like… will wiley ever forgive any of us? Do you ever miss?

[ Chuckles ] Hi.

[ Chuckles ] Hi. Well, you know what they say. Practice the way you play. What are you practicing for? Not what, laura. Who. Looks like we’re both having a bad day. I, uh, didn’t hear you come in. Is spencer with you? He was. But then he left me. Again.

[ Sighs ] Guess we’re both on our own. You want me to move to chicago? Of course not. But this isn’t about what I want. What if it is? If you’re as interested as I am in seeing where this goes, I should stick around, right? The judge just ordered a recess, aunt liesl. Yeah. You won’t believe — I think I can meet you, though, for a quick cup of coffee.

[ Chuckles ] You’re not going anywhere. Listen, aunt liesl, something came up, so I’m not gonna be able to meet you after all. I’ll call you after the hearing. Let go of me, little girl. Nina, I will if you will. What do you want? I want you to give up the pretense that you’re a loving grandmother who only wants what’s best for wiley. That is all I want. Then why did you let scott attack wiley’s father on the stand?

excuse me for a second. Okay. Another new outfit, spinelli? Or are you just here to impress the ladies? I only aim to impress you, fair samantha. Beverage? Sure. Look, I could only say this to another quartermaine. Drew: Uh-oh. It actually feels really good… so, uh, what’s going on with you and brook lynn these days? You on? Off? It’s unclear. Oh. Even to me. Mm. Are you available to help out a former partner? I may need an emissary. At your service. I happen to speak fluent blqlq you should go mix. Mingle. Have fun. You trying to get rid of me? I’m trying to get you to seize the opportunity to find some good investors for aurora. Careful. You’re gonna live down the cliché that quartermaines eat, sleep, and drink business. Well, what can I say? I learned at my father’s knee.

[ Both laugh ] Hey, has ned spoken to you about the offer that michael and I made him? Actually, our — our paths have not crossed since the last time my dad turned down your C.O.O. Offer. Hmm. Look, if you and michael want my dad involved, this aurora-elq merger has to happen. So you better flash your smile. Actually, there is a woman at the bar, and she keeps glancing your way. She’s carrying the newest cartullo bag. Ah. I’m sure she’ll be good for a few hundred shares. Yeah. That’s not how it works. Michael, someday, wiley is gonna discover that his parents are flawed, just like you did with sonny. No, I never want wiley to see me the same way that I see sonny. I hate that sonny brought you to this point, but it’s not gonna be the same with wiley. I’m not the one who wanted to take this to court. You and michael forced my hand. Nobody forced your lawyer to say that michael is violent toward women and a baby thief. Scott just presented the facts. So it’s the fact that nelle was protecting wiley when she put a dead baby, my dead baby, in michael’s arms, and told him his son was dead? What’s the point of a pool party if nobody’s swimming? Uh, taking a wild guess here, but maybe no one wants to ruin their hair and makeup?

[ Scoffs ] Hey, I’m gonna need your help tonight. Ready and able for wing man duty. No, I-I meant keeping my glass filled. I can only survive this party in a state of cheerful oblivion.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, you’ll want to stay sober for him. Britt, brad, hey, guys. Hi. You here for the fundraiser, for the singles mixer, or both? Uh… both. Um, the company behind this is the matchmaking service my mother signed me up for. I thought the name sounded familiar. So I guess you’re feeling a little bit more optimistic. I’m optimistic about free cocktails.

[ Laughs ] Um, as for the rest, jury’s still out on. Aw. That sounds serious. What’s going on, ava? I’m just blowing off steam. Okay, but who’s got you so steamed up that you’re here at the firing range? Is it esme? Spencer? Nikolas? Do I have to choose just one? Do you have a favorite? Your son. So things aren’t any better between the two of you?

[ Gunshots in distance ] Nikolas knows that we need time alone, just the two of us, to work on our marriage. But he resents my efforts to make that happen. Do you think maybe it has something to do with your house guests? Mm, oh, I would love to blame everything on spencer and esme, but, really, they’re just a symptom. And what’s the disease? Hope I didn’t cause trouble earlier when I told you that ava had asked me and spence to move out of wyndemere in exchange for her giving him control of his trust fund. An allowance from his trust fund. I take it you and ava talked? You could say that. You argued. And I’m to blame. Can you forgive me? I thought you already knew about the arrangement and had approved. Spencer and my failure to communicate is not your fault, esme. And neither is the fact that he didn’t tell me himself. Well, don’t take it too personally. Spence only seems to communicate with trina these days. I assumed spencer and trina didn’t have much of a friendship anymore. Oh, they keep running into each other. It’s like port charles has a population of two. Sorry my son isn’t more considerate. But word of advice? Pick your battles. There’s no battle. The fighting is over. And…so is my relationship with your son.

Excuse me. Austin. Is maxie here? Uh, she’s stuck at work. She’ll be here soon. Just wanted to thank her for inviting me to bailey’s 1st birthday party. Right. Yeah. So you and brook lynn will be attending together? I can’t speak for brook lynn, but I’ll be there. Right. Can’t speak for brook lynn. So you two haven’t gotten off that roller coaster yet. Perfect timing. I’m so glad you’re here! Oh, really? Why? Well, because you’re my friend and my step-sibling. Oh, okay. Yeah. Yeah, I guess we are. It’s good to see you, too. Yeah, and, um, I need a favor. Damn it, I knew it. I knew it. How many people have you asked already? I’m still adjusting to the new look. It’s not a crime to overhaul my — my threads. I mean, and besides, sartorial splendor is underrated in these modern times. Yeah, but not underpriced. Wait, does this mean you’re ready to move on from ellie? Well, I mean, if I was contemplating a new romance, I could do worse than sign up for society setups and their proven track record. You know, you and nikolas both come into this marriage with your fair share of baggage. Just wondering if maybe the root of the issue is not really in the here and now but more in the past? The truth is, I fought my feelings for nikolas tooth and nail because I knew that I couldn’t trust him. But I thought you worked through that. Yeah, I thought so, too. Now I wonder, did we fall in love because we — we solved our trust issues or despite them? You and spencer broke up? In every way that matters. Spence made his choice, and it’s not me. He’s young. You both are. However bad things seem now… are you sure you can’t ride out this particular rough patch? Mm. It depends. How do you know when it’s time to give up? Wish I knew. I like you, chet. A lot. And I’ve enjoyed getting to kalso a lot.

I aut to get one of t don’t turn down this amazing job opportunity for me. What if we don’t work out, and you regret not taking the job and moving to chicago? What if I regret missing out on my chance with you? If a train doesn’t stop in your station, it’s not your train. I have no idea what that means.

[ Chuckles ] What’s meant to be won’t pass us by. But right now, this job opportunity is waiting. I just hate ending us before we’ve really begun. Today was hard. We knew it would be. But you were amazing on that stand, and there’s no way the judge is gonna grant nina’s petition. I mean, I wish I shared your optimism. You wondering when the judge is gonna finish tearing into scott? That, and I was just wondering if I have enough time to run a quick errand. Willow: Nelle made me believe my son was alive. She used my little boy, my newborn son, as a prop in her sick manipulation. You have to understand, nelle was abused by her father. No, you stop! You stop trying to rehabilitate nelle. She was irredeemable. No, she was a product of her upbringing, willow. If she hadn’t been stolen from me, then — what? You could have made all the difference in nelle’s life? Steered her off the path she was on? How would that work, nina? You were in a coma until nelle was in her 20s. Exactly. I didn’t have a chance to help her. No. You may not have raised nelle, but it’s obvious she inherited your nature. So you’re implying that people are born bad? Look at your mother. Now look at yourself and then nelle. I’m saying the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Well, if we can’t escape our dna, you must be terrified, willow. Too bad — hello, michael. Too bad harmony’s not here to tell you who or what your real mother was. Hey. Not worth it, not worth it. Haven’t you done enough damage, nina? Oh, shut up! No, I will not. Nina doesn’t care what damage she does. She’s ripped this family apart. She’s not done yet. Distorting michael’s past and weaponizing it against him, when all michael’s done is love and protect his son in a way nelle never did. I never told anyone that you and michael weren’t great parents. No, right, you had your lawyer do it for you. You are so disingenuous, nina. You pretend to care when the reality is you never treated me well, starting from when I was charlotte’s teacher. I thought we were past that. No, i got past that. Despite your attacks on me, I gave you multiple chances when I learned that you were nelle’s mother. And how did you thank me? By exploiting my generosity and trying to manipulate me. You are not worthy of wiley. That’s not your decision to make. Well, whatever the judge rules, wiley is my son. And his childhood will be different from mine. I wasn’t protected, but wiley will be. I would never hurt that little boy. So you keep saying. But you already have. And I will lay down my life before I ever let it happen again. I commend you for your bravery. It’s hard putting yourself out there.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah, as my mother puts it, time is not on my side. Why would she say that? Oh. You know, any way to find fault.

[ Chuckles ] You know, now that my mom is paired off, she sees my singledom as a failing. Hmm. Hmm. Refills, anyone? I’m on it. Yes. I’ll take one. So, drew, how about you? On the prowl or here for a good cause? I’m not much of a prowler. Never have been. Brook lynn wanted to check out the party. Besides, it’s always great to support a good cause. Yeah, brook lynn and i have our off days, but this is one of them. I don’t know. Maybe we’re a lost cause. Is that why you’re at a singles’ event? Alright, brook lynn, what’s the favor? I have a linc issue. Why didn’t you talk to chase about it? Wait, did you ask him to do something illegal or unethical? Alright, you know what? I don’t want to know, I don’t think. Look, I thought he would be supportive. He has been supportive. Isn’t that how he got suspended from the force in the first place? He helped you out in a big way. Why don’t you cut the kid some slack? Wait, since when have you been a fan of matchmaking? Um, well, p-professional help can be more reliable than certainly my judgment. Uh, remember, I-I chose ellie, and in the end, our lives diverged because we wanted different things at different times. But perhaps… with proper vetting, I could be matched with someone whose life fits more in with mine. Yeah, but now you have a new look, which is different from your old look, which is different from the look that I’m used to you having. Uh, what’s going on, spinelli? You know what? Maybe the why doesn’t even matter. The fact is, our marriage isn’t working. Nikolas can be unfailingly generous when he wants to be, when the — the gift is something that he wants to give. But if it’s something that matters to me? He’s oblivious. You know, this may not be the right time for me to bring this up, but I-I just wanted you to know that I sent in my letter of recommendation to the adams day school. You — you wrote a letter for avery? Yeah, I did, because, well, I know the headmistress. And I also put in a call to the head of admissions. Looking forward to meeting with her to talk to her about avery. Laura, I-I don’t know how to thank you. No, no, don’t thank me. Thank nikolas, because he was the one who told me that you wanted to get avery in there. And he suggested that you write the letter? He did. And I was very happy to do it. I think it’s a great idea. I think it’s a terrific school, and avery is a terrific kid. You know, I-I mentioned the application to nikolas, and I didn’t think he was paying any attention. Mm. Well, it’s nice that he was able to pleasantly surprise you for once. Is this where you tell me not to give up too soon? Esme: Are you considering giving up on your marriage? That’s private. I only ask because… I could use advice. I mean, I’m not very experienced. Spence is my first real relationship. All I know is that we don’t bring out the best in each other anymore. We don’t put one another first the way we used to. Yeah, nobody wants to feel like a consolation prize. I deserve better. And so do you. Your wife should put you first. Or…set you free to find someone who will.

So, how much do you just hate unwanted advice? On a scale of 1 to 10? Here it is anyway. Aren’t you and brook lynn just tired of this dance? This is just how chase and I roll. One day, we’re besties, and the next, we’re not speaking. But it always blows over. Okay, yeah, sure. You know, until one day, it doesn’T. Look at you, mr. Pessimist. Look, chase is a patient guy. But everyone has their breaking point, right? There will be a day where you push him too far and he doesn’t come running when you call him. Ava… do you still love nikolas? Love isn’t always enough. Well, that’s true. But where there’s love, there’s hope.

[ Gunshots in distance ] And you know something? You have been so generous with nikolas, encouraging him to reconcile with his son. But the thing is, he’s not that good at finding the balance. He isn’t, so, you know, do you think you could be just a little more patient? And give him — give him just the time he needs to work on the two most important relationships in his life. I would give nikolas all the time in the world if he was actually working on our marriage. But he’s not. And he doesn’t even acknowledge that I deserve better. He’s not asking me to be patient. He’s asking me to keep my head down and shut up and face east.

[ Sighs ] I’d rather not discuss my marriage. Oh, of — of course. I was only trying to be a good friend to you like you’ve been to me. Can you forgive me? How can I help you? Do you need one of the maids to help you pack? Thanks, but, uh, I’ve already finished packing. Not that I know where I’m going. You’re cold.

[ Clears throat ] Old houses get drafty. Wyndemere isn’t old and drafty. It’s stately and formidable. Like the cassadines themselves. I was proud to be associated with this family, even for a little while. You know, it’s possible that, with time and — and distance, that you and spencer will find your way back to one another. Even if we could get past the mistrust, the neglect, the dishonesty, something else has changed between us, and it’s a deal breaker. What’s that? Our attraction. Spence doesn’t want to make love to me anymore. Esme — and that hurts. But I don’t have to tell you that. Spence and I aren’t the only ones in this house sleeping apart. Let’s talk about these new beginnings. Director of mental health outreach. Sounds like you’re gonna have your hands full. Well, the facility has some innovative programs that do a lot of good. And you’re already thinking of ways to make them even better. To be honest, I haven’t been this excited in a long time. Present company excluded. Hey, you’re entitled to feel excited about this opportunity. Isn’t there any way I can take this job and still see you? What are your feelings on long-distance relationships? I’m not opposed, but this job is gonna require all your energy and attention. You won’t even have time to date all those midwestern women who will be flinging themselves at you. And if this job isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and those midwestern women can’t compare to you? Then there are planes from chicago to port charles every day. But the way I got the job — your sister may have applied for the job in your name, but you got it based on your experience and credentials. All you have to decide is if you want it. And I think we both know the answer to that. I respect that you’re looking out for wiley. But don’t you understand? I’m doing the same thing. Then drop the petition. Accept that your forced presence in wiley’s life is self-serving, not to mention a constant reminder of a mother he will thankfully never know. You really want what’s best for wiley? Then give him a different lineage, a new legacy. I can’t do that.

[ Scoffs ] It’s ironic that you wear those heart pendants when you are heartless.

[ Willow sighs ] Hey. Are you okay? It’s okay, mom. I-I got this. Alright. You have a errand to run, right? I do. I do, and I wouldn’t leave if it wasn’t very important. I will be back. You stay strong. I am so sorry I lost my cool. Hey, no, hey, hey. I couldn’t be more proud of you. And wiley couldn’t ask for a more protective mother. Well, that could’ve gone worse. What, really? Judge skinned me alive. She’s gonna put my hide on her wall like a trophy. I’m so sorry. You’re not the only one who got flayed, though. Willow went after me like a mama bear. You’re not changing your mind, are you?

[ Door opens ] Bailiff: All rise. Be seated. Ms. Miller? Thank you, your honor. I would like to call willow tait to the stand.

ooh. Hi. Thank you.

[ Indistinct conversations ] The more I look around, the more I wonder, what am I doing here? Come on. You’re supporting a great cause. If that was the reason, I would have stayed home and written a check. Okay, so you’re stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit. Right? You’re giving society setups another try. Really, though, why bother? Everyone knows I’m hopeless at dating. Who’s everyone? Maxie. My mother. Spencer. Spencer? What does spencer cassadine have to do with this event?

[ Sighs ] The point is, this is a colossal waste of time. Hey. Thank you. You never answered my question. What’s going on? Samantha, I-I truly respect your sleuthing instincts. But isn’t your docket full? I mean, I know you’re looking into victor — s-spinelli, no. I always have room for you. So whatever you’re hiding, spill.

[ Sighs ] Ms. Tait, would you please state your relationship to wiley corinthos? I am wiley’s mother. And would you tell the court why you believe the petitioner’s request for visitation should be denied? Ms. Reeves does not have my son’s best interests at heart. Are you saying that ms. Reeves doesn’t love wiley? I believe that she does — on her terms, as she defines love. What worries me is that nina — ms. Reeves — feels she has a right to wiley. But I don’t believe sharing dna automatically entitles you to a familial relationship. Could you be a bit more specific? Nina kept wiley from his grandfather for months. She played an active role in breaking up the marriage of wiley’s grandparents. Today, at this hearing, she directed her attorney to attack the character of wiley’s father by grossly distorting a tragedy. And she did all of this without thinking of the cost to my son. As a mother, there is nothing I won’t do to protect my child, and that includes putting his best interests ahead of my own. And everyone worthy of being in his life should feel the same. I love my son, but I know who he is, and I know that he puts pride ahead of all other emotions. We’re both proud. Not very conducive to compromise. Ooh. That makes marriage tough, but not impossible.

[ Laughs ] You have any words of advice? Well, you know, the myth that marriage is 50/50 and that responsibilities are shared equally? Mm, I wish. Yeah, I think it’s more of a give-and-take thing. You know, one — one partner falters and the other one steps up, and — and vice versa. You know, I think that kevin and i have a really good relationship, but it’s not without its troubles. Really? Oh, yeah, for sure. I mean, we both have really, really tough jobs that — that take up a lot of our time. So we often feel like we don’t have enough time for each other. So we have to work on shutting the world out and, you know, making time to focus on each other. That’s exactly what I want. But nikolas won’t reciprocate. And so what am I supposed to do, just hold on indefinitely while I feel like I’m selling myself short?

[ Gunshots in distance ] Only you can decide that, ava. But I’ll tell you — I’ll ask you the same question that I’m going to ask my son. Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy? Never forget that you, nikolas cassadine, are a powerful, attractive man in his prime. I admire the way you care for your family, and… while you’re trying to make ava and spence happy, you’re losing yourself. What is it you want? What is it you need? Respect. Peace. Faith. Ava should give you all of that. And more. The woman lucky enough to be in your life shouldn’t hesitate to strip herself down to the studs and give you everything she has. Everything you need. I would.

So, will it be difficult to decipher the dna results? No. Sometimes there are mutations in the markers, but the report should draw a clear conclusion based on probability. Okay. Thank you. Please confine your answers to your counsel or myself. Mr. Baldwin, cross? What? Enough.

[ Sighs ] No further questions, your honor. Have you both presented your arguments? Yes, your honor. Yes, your honor. I’ll be ready to issue my ruling within the hour. All rise. About my sister — amy only wants what’s best for you. And so do I. I’ll call the recruiter. Congratulations. If you don’t have a date next valentine’s day — you’ll be my first call. There’s nothing to spill. Just enjoy the festivities. Hold up. Nice try, spinelli, but you’re not getting off that easy. What’s going on? How annoyed are you with me, on a scale of one to really ticked off? Funny. I was about to ask you the same thing. Okay, this is pointless. I’m going to my room and going to bed.

[ Grunts ] Since when are you a quitter? You survived your demented half-brother, cassadine island, but you can’t handle an extra hour of mingling?

[ Scoffs ] That’s something my mother would say. Well, liesl’s a sharp lady. When she signed you up for this, maybe she was onto something. Society setups has got a great track record. There’s a lot of people here. Not all of them are gonna interest you, but someone might. You pack it in now, you go home, you may never know what you missed. Half an hour, not a minute more. Ava, I just have to say that… I’ve noticed that since my son’s been with you, he has grown enormously as a father, as a husband, and as a man. And as his mother, all I want is for him to be happy and to live his best life. And I guess I just always felt like he could have that with you. That’s what I wanted. I w– I wanted to live my best life with him. That doesn’t have to change, then. It doesn’T. You know, if you and nikolas want to reclaim your happiness, you can. I think it’s worth fighting for. I, uh, should be going. I told you before, you’re welcome in my home. Spence wants his trust fund back. You said it was over with spencer. What do you want? To belong. Then stay. I wish you meant that, but I know you’re just being kind. Nobody is choosing me. That’s not true. Isn’t it? Even my own boyfriend doesn’t want me. I want you. Here. Now. Prove it.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sarah: When I said that we could go somewhere to talk, I didn’t think… see, this is weird. Why am I in a cemetery?

Xander: Well, because… look, after everything we’ve… after everything you’ve been through, and what I did to… all I did hurt you, it seems to me that here is the place we need to be.

[Dramatic music]

Sarah: Mickey. You brought me to see mickey.

Xander: Sarah… what we had, the love we shared, it… it all started with a lie.

Sarah: Xander–

Xander: No, hold on. I need to get all this out. I need to do it right this time. I was so stupid and selfish. I convinced myself that what I had done was… was what was good for me– what was best for me. I mean, I wasted so much time keeping up that lie, sarah. And then when we finally got you back, and you didn’t remember having lost your little girl, I did it again. Tried to keep you from the painful truth about her. I’m not gonna do that anymore. Never again, sarah. When I switched your baby with brady and kristen’s, I…

Sarah: [Sniffling]

Xander: I know. I stole your ability to mourn the loss of your child. And so I was hoping that maybe, now, being here and you– I’m conditioning you. Well, you might finally have the chance to… to grieve for her properly.

Sonny: I can’t believe– damn it! Do you know– I should have known this was coming. After the hatchet job he did on chad, I should’ve seen it coming.

Will: Well, at least we know why leo drugged you.

Leo: So little sonny boy now knows that I’ve still got it, and it was oh-so-fun reminding him. But then I thought to myself, “leo, you are handsome, talented, sexy, funny, young-ish.” Did I mention “handsome?” So I think to myself, “why should you enjoy the spoils of revenge all by your lonesome?” So what do you say? You and me, a little collab, destroying the life of another of my sworn nemeses?

Gwen: Matty, there is only one person that I have to settle a score with, and that is my dear baby sister, abigail.

Kayla: Well, I am happy to report that you are in perfect health.

Abigail: Oh, thanks. Well, I mean, I feel great. But it’s always a relief to hear.

Kayla: Yup. All right, let me just write your script to renew your birth control pills, and you can be on your way.

Abigail: Actually, I’m not sure I want that.

Kayla: Are you and chad thinking about having another baby?

Abigail: Well, I am.

Chad: Whoa. Oh, no. Okay, sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt.

Belle: Oh, no, no. Chad, you’re not interrupting. Ej and I were just– we’re just talking.

Chad: Okay, great. Just–I’ma let you guys talk.

Belle: Wait, chad, no, I– will you let me explain?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Abigail: I haven’t said anything about it to chad yet. But we have always planned on having a really big family, and recently, I’ve just had that feeling–you know, the pull, you know, so…

Kayla: I know exactly the feeling, yes. Of course, I do.

Abigail: I’m sure you do, and so anyway, there was a point in our marriage– or several points, actually– when I didn’t feel that way, because chad and I, we just weren’t in a good place.

Kayla: But you’re in a good place now, I assume?

Abigail: We’re stronger than we have ever been, and…

[Sighs] I feel guilty to say this, but I’m just really grateful that my sister is in prison. You know? And I think that has A… little bit to do with why I’m feeling the pull again– because I know gwen is locked up. I know she can’t hurt us anymore.

Sonny: I feel so violated. I never wanna see those pictures ever again.

Will: Really? I was hoping we would have a couple of them framed.

Sonny: That’s not funny, will. Especially since all of salem is looking at them right now.

Will: Yeah, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t joke.

Sonny: No, no. You shouldn’t have.

Will: I’m sorry.

Sonny: It’s just, I can’t believe this is all still happening. The fact that leo put some sort of sedatives in my cookies and then drugged me, and then undressed me and climbed into bed with me, and now everyone thinks we had sex?

Will: [Scoffs] Are you sure that you didn’t?

Limu emu

Belle: Chad, there is just so much going on–

Chad: Belle, listen. You don’t have to. You don’t have to explain. Um, look, I know how upset you must be with shawn, and given that I’ve been in his shoes, I have to say that I do empathize with him a little bit. So I’m just gonna say this then. After everything that happened between gwen and me, abby and I, you know, we’ve found our way back to each other, and I–look, it’s none of my business, but I do think that– I do think that maybe you and shawn have a chance to do the same.

Ej: Chad, for the record, there is nothing going on between belle and me. I just kissed her. That’s all. She was feeling vulnerable, and… it was wrong of me to take advantage of that. I admit, I overstepped, and for that, I owe you an apology, belle.

Chad: Listen, no, you’re both consenting adults. You don’t have– neither of you have to explain anything to me. Okay? Just–I’ll leave you guys to it.

Belle: [Sighs] Thank you for taking responsibility for what chad just walked in on.

Ej: I take full responsibility, and I hope you accept my apology.

Belle: No, that–I meant I appreciate what you said to chad, but I mean, it’s not entirely true. Yes, you kissed me. But I kissed you back.

Ej: [Chuckles] Belle, what happened between us– it didn’t really mean anything.

Belle: You sure about that?

Sonny: I mean, I don’t remember anything after the cookies, but I mean, even the thought of the possibility that… leo and I– I can’t even say it.

Will: No, I–I’m sorry. I shouldn’t make you say that. I’m sorry for even suspecting that it was possible because you’d have no way of knowing, and–you know what? No. On second thought, it didn’t happen. It definitely didn’t happen.

Sonny: You don’t think so? You don’t think he’d go that far?

Will: No way. No. Well, first of all, leo’s made it clear that he doesn’t wanna sleep with you again, right? So he just wanted to humiliate you and trash your reputation. This is revenge for breaking up him and craig in black and white.

Sonny: So what do I do now?

Will: Well, leo might think this is all a game, and even though we are very confident that he didn’t take full advantage of you, he drugged you, he took off your clothes, and he took pictures of you without your consent. Those are criminal offenses. So what we do is we go to the police and we have his sorry ass arrested.

Sonny: Okay.

Leo: Come on, gwennie. I know you all too well, and I know that from the second those cuffs clicked onto your wrists, you’ve been thinking nonstop about how to smack that smug, little smile off of abigail’s face. She’s probably still smiling now, thinking about how she sabotaged your wedding–

Gwen: Oh, god, please. Will you just stop just twisting the knife?

[Sighs, sniffs] And don’t say his name. It just hurts me too much– especially being stuck in here with all these bloody maniacs. And the worst part is being…

[Sighs] Stuck in here, amongst the worst of them all… while the only man that I ever loved, the man I was supposed to marry, and… as stupid as it sounds, the man that I was supposed to live happily ever after with… is out there. He’s out there in the arms of his beloved sarah.

Sarah: [Sniffling] Mickey… my little angel. How could I ever forget you? Oh, god.


[Soft dramatic music]

Are you one of the millions of americans

[Soft dramatic music]

Sarah: [Sniffling] These must be from mom.

Xander: Every thursday without fail. Maggie always brings daffodils.

Sarah: And the roses? Those are–those are fresh.

Xander: Well, after you forgave me, we came here every day together– brought mickey fresh roses.

Sarah: After I was gone? Every day?

Xander: I loved her too, sarah. She was mine–at least, to me, she was. I helped you bring her into this world. I was the first person to hold her, to… to look in her eyes, and now that she’S… I just wanted little mackenzie, your little girl to… to know that I still love her– that we always will.

Sarah: [Crying]

Xander: That she hadn’t been forgotten.

Sarah: [Sniffles] Thank you.

[Exhales] Thank you for bringing my daughter roses… and for remembering her. I’m sure that wherever mickey is, she’S… she’s forgiven you. I’m sorry. I just still don’t think I ever will be able to.

[Somber music]

Leo: Come here. Believe me. I know what a catch your hunky scotsman was. I can see you now, standing above a subway grate, trying to hold that kilt down over those muscular thighs. What were we talking about?

Gwen: You are unbelievable. I can’t believe you. I’m standing here with my heart torn out, beating its last beat, and you’re fantasizing about my lost love.

Leo: Oh, gwennie, come on! Where is your sense of humor? I’m hurting too, remember? I lost craig.

Gwen: [Sighs]

Leo: But it’s like I’ve always said, “it is better to have loved and lost a–”

Gwen: Okay, all right. Just…stop. Stop.

Leo: There she is. Okay, now that you’re back, let’s get to it. I can’t wait to hear what naughty ideas you have, and I promise to be somewhat respectful of your torn-out heart’s final beats. But more importantly, I promise to help you execute your sweet, sweet revenge.

Gwen: Okay then, how about this? An oldie, but a goodie. We drug abigail and we whisk her off somewhere private, and we take compromising photos–

Leo: My love, my love, my love. [Laughs] I’m just gonna stop you to tell you that I truly do love and adore you, mostly because egotistical as this may sound, you remind me of myself.

Gwen: Back at you, matty.

Leo: I know we have lost our loves. We will always have each other– not to mention, drugging, abduction, and illicit photography.

Chad: I definitely wanna hear about your checkup, but I just walked in on something back home, and I gotta tell you all about it.

Abigail: Oh, idle gossip. My fave. What happened?

Chad: My brother, ej, kissed belle brady, is what happened.

Belle: Look, as chad said, we’re both adults, right? We’re both highly-educated and articulate, and we should be able to talk about this kind of stuff.

Ej: Okay. Would you like to take the lead then?

Belle: [Laughs] Okay, well, um… there’s no denying that the attraction, the sexual tension has been growing between us for a while. Am I wrong?

Ej: No, no. No, you’re not. In fact, that’s quite accurate. So I guess the question is… what do you think we should do about it? My asthma felt anything but normal.

Chad: Yo, ej and belle both downplayed the kiss, and belle definitely seemed flustered.

Abigail: Well, she’s been through a lot lately. She’s feeling pretty vulnerable, I imagine.

Chad: Obviously. But ej took full responsibility. He said he took advantage of the situation.

Abigail: Well, I guess they have been spending a lot of time together lately. Right? And–which makes sense, because she just represented ej when he was accused of kidnapping sami, and we both know that ej’s always been really opportunistic– never really had your scruples, and in fairness to him, he’s just probably hurt too. You know, he feels betrayed himself by sami. So, what, do you think that he’s trying to get belle into bed to soothe his bruised ego?

Chad: What I’m thinking– and this is just my gut feeling, having just walked in on them– I think that ej doesn’t wanna just get belle into bed. I think that ej might be actually really falling for her.

Belle: Um, well, I think that… maybe we should, um… I–you know, I just, uh…

Ej: [Laughs] So much for the two of us being articulate on this issue.

[Both laugh]

Belle: Okay, ej, listen. You know that I’ve been unfaithful to shawn in the past, and I’ve come a long way since then. And yes, shawn hurt me, and he continues to with the way he’s letting jan come between us, but I don’t wanna retaliate, and I just know I can’t live with the guilt of an affair.

Ej: You sound like a woman who is determined to save her marriage.

Belle: I’m just not ready to give up on what shawn and I have– or had. Not yet.

Ej: I care about you, belle. But just like you, my heart still belongs to someone else– someone who hurt me. As much as objectively I know that my marriage is over, samantha is… she’s still my samantha. And you and I, we shared one innocent kiss.

Belle: [Sighs]

Ej: Belle, I’m– I’m sorry about before– my taking advantage of the situation. I promise I will never do it again.

Gwen: So then you didn’t actually touch sonny kiriakis– not in that way?

Leo: Right. I did not debase myself, you’ll be relieved to hear.

Gwen: So relieved.

Leo: [Chuckles] But thanks to my preternatural cleverness and my excellent photographic skills, all of salem believes that sonny debased himself, and we get to watch the kiriakis castle crumble.

Shawn: Sonny, if you were drugged last night, you still have traces of that drug in your system.

Sonny: Well, I mean, I already scheduled an appointment to get a blood test.

Shawn: Good, good, good. Go down there and get it done. Bring me back the results. If we can prove that leo drugged you, I’ll arrest him, and I’ll happily throw away the key.

Sonny: Okay.

Xander: I get it. What I did was– it was unforgivable. I just thought maybe, you know, coming here and, well… thank you, sarah, for coming here with me. I’ll let you have a moment.

Sarah: [Smooches]

I haven’t been able to bring myself to come here.

Xander: I understand.

Sarah: You did this?

Xander: I hope you don’t mind.

Sarah: Xander.

Time. It’s life’s most precious commodity,

Belle: Well, thank you for letting me keep my stuff here– my boxed-up life.

Ej: Well, your boxed life can stay for as long as you need. Oh. It’s for you.

Belle: For me? Oh, it’s from jan. She said I forgot some of my things.

[Soft dramatic music]

Chad: I swear to you, abby, ej was– he was gentle and respectful.

[Laughs] I know it sounds crazy, but I’m worried that ej might be the one that gets hurt here. We both know how much belle loves shawn.

Abigail: Yeah. Yeah, but I don’t know. You know, he’s not only having a baby with another woman, he’s actually living with her.

Chad: Right. You know, I think it’s definitely gonna be difficult for belle and shawn to work things out. You know, but, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because, you know, you and i were in a similar situation, and here we are stronger than ever. I happen to think they will at some point.

Abigail: I love your optimism. I hope you’re right.

Chad: Enough about all that. How was the checkup with kayla?

Abigail: Oh, I’m fine. I am happy to report I’m the picture of health. However…

[Chuckles] On the topic of babies– although picturing jan having– jan spears having a baby isn’t exactly the perfect segue here, um…

Chad: What are you saying? Are you pregnant?

Abigail: No. [Laughs]

Chad: No?

Abigail: No.

Chad: [Laughs] Okay.

Abigail: But I’m thinking I might like to be.

Kayla: Oh, will, it is so good to see you.

Will: You too. I wish we were seeing each other under better circumstances, obviously.

Kayla: Yes, I do too. So, sonny, you suspect that someone drugged you?

Sonny: I don’t suspect it. I’m sure of it. Um, I had some cookies last night that I thought were from will and arianna. But it turns out they were from leo stark and he must’ve put something in it ’cause they knocked me right out.

Kayla: And how are you feeling now?

Sonny: A little woozy… and a lot angry.

Will: Yeah. We talked to shawn and we need proof that sonny was drugged in order to press charges.

Kayla: Okay. Well, I’d like to give you the once-over just to be safe, and then we’ll draw your blood and see what we find.

Sonny: Okay.

Gwen: So moving right along now, the way I see it, I lost– I lost you-know-who, and you lost craig. So let’s see. If we do the math correctly, carry the one, and two negatives equal a positive–yep. X equals abigail loses chad.

Leo: [Sighs] You are a math whiz. Okay, so to get this equation where we want it, we need somebody to seduce chaddy-blue-eyes, correct?

Gwen: I succeeded at that myself a while back, as you know. Spent weeks sowing the seeds of distrust between him and abigail, and… got chad to cheat on my sister and get me pregnant.

Leo: Which ended tragically for you, I know.

Gwen: It did, indeed. God knows. I mean, if I hadn’t have lost that baby, perhaps things would’ve turned out quite differently for me.

Sarah: [Sniffling] You did this… for me. You put my little girl’s name on a stone so that she wouldn’t be forgotten.

Xander: You remember?

Sarah: Just– it hit me like a flash. We were here before. Together.

And–and I forgave you… after you did this.


Xander: Looking back, that was… when we started to heal, and then, slowly… you let me back into your heart.

Sarah: I still…

Xander: Oh, sarah.

Sarah: [Sobbing]

Xander: Well after 8:00.

[Sighs] I guess sarah isn’t gonna show.

Sarah: Xander, I am not just some bimbo who drops everything when you get lonely. I actually have a full schedule today.

Xander: Don’t you think you should eat something then? You know, keep your strength up?

Sarah: Oh, well, that’s a three-course meal. I was just gonna get a yogurt out of a vending machine.

Xander: Well, here’s a better idea. Why don’t we skip straight to dessert?

I’m on my knees, unemployed, apparently unengaged. I’m not really in a cake-kind-of-place right now–

Sarah: Will you just open the damn box?

Xander: This is really weird.

Sarah: [Sighs] Well? Will you? I want–I want you to go back to the salem inn room, and I’m gonna see you tomorrow at the wedding, and every day for the rest of my life.

Xander: Hm, you’re having your bachelorette party, aren’t you? Male strippers?

Sarah: Mm-hmm. No, I am not having a bachelorette party. I don’t have a maid of honor,and that’s who plans all that.

Xander: I should work on that too.

Sarah: Your maid of honor? You should. Go find her. Give me a kiss first.

[Both laugh]

Xander: I can’t wait to come back here tomorrow and see you in that dress, right before I make you my wife.

Sarah: [Crying]

Xander: Sarah, what is it?

Sarah: I remember. I remember everything. Psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff,

Abigail: [Sighs] I’m sorry to just throw that at you. I know we haven’t really talked about having kids for a long time now. I know we’ve just been through so much recently. I really, really– I don’t want you to think for a second that I’m not completely happy with my life right now. My life with you and thomas and charlotte– I am the luckiest person in the world.

Chad: No.

Abigail: No. No, like, no, you don’t–you don’t want me to be pregnant?

Chad: No. I am the luckiest person in the entire world, and nothing would make me happier than to make another baby with you.

Abigail: [Chuckles]


Gwen: You know, the thing is, is I don’t think chad will really stray again– not after everything I put them through. It pains me to say this, but he and abigail seem to be stronger now than ever.

Leo: Boo. Well, if he won’t cheat, and she won’t cheat…

Gwen: Yeah. If we really want to punish abigail… we’re gonna have to take this plan to the next level.

Leo: Wait, are– are you suggesting we…

[Gags] You know?

Gwen: You think I’m capable of murder?

Leo: Well, you tell me, gwendolyn borden. You have been evasive and even been coy when it comes to telling me what really went down with old lady horton.

[Ominous music]

Gwen: You know, you’re right. I haven’t really been very straightforward with you– or with anyone, for that matter.

Leo: Well, dish, dish, dish, my love. You know your secret is safe with me.

Kayla: Okay, well, I am happy to report that your vitals are really in good shape.

Sonny: Okay.

Will: Oh, that’s good news, at least.

Sonny: Yeah, I mean, I feel fine now.

Kayla: Well, I think whatever leo gave you was just some kind of sedative, the effects of which have obviously worn off. Um, but I want to get you some answers and some proof, so I will get this sample to the lab and get ’em to rush on it.

Will: Okay. Hey, we are gonna make leo pay for what he did to you.

Belle: These things aren’t even from my office. They’re from shawn’s and my bedroom. So I guess jan has designs on taking over that room too.

Ej: I’m so sorry, belle.

Belle: You know, we were really happy then. Seems like a lifetime ago.

Ej: Belle–

Belle: No, thank you. You know what? I know what I need to do.

I was on an antidepressant,

Will: Hey. I’m so sorry this happened to you, sonny.

Sonny: No. Leo stark’s the one who’ll be sorry. Once we get those test results back, we’ll send him to a cold, lonely cell to rot… exactly where he belongs.

Gwen: After what laura horton did to me… she got what she deserved.

Leo: So does that mean that you did kill the old lady?

Gwen: That’s between me and her– maybe someday between me and abigail.

Leo: Okay, you have it your way, but you know what? I think it’s best we take murder off the table, given that we are both essentially decent, good-hearted people, yes? But still, there has to be some way to get back at that phony little actress for what she did to me.

Gwen: Mm, I assume we’re talking about abigail, yes? And if so, then I am sure that there is.

Leo: So does this mean you’re gonna help me figure something out?

Gwen: I’ll think about it.

Abigail: Oh, my god!

[Sighs] I can’t wait to go home and start planning for a new baby.

Chad: Well, there is no sense in planning… until we’ve put the work in.

Abigail: Uh-huh. Well, I say… lead the way, husband.

Chad: Oh.

Abigail: [Chuckles]


Sarah: Something in me just wouldn’t let me remember everything that happened before. You know, everything that led up to me losing my baby.

Xander: Well, it makes sense. You were protecting yourself from the pain.

Sarah: Yeah. I guess that’s what it is. But it also made me forget all the good memories too. You know, when I was happy… with you.

Xander: You really remember it all?

Sarah: I do. And the memory of the last time that we made love is coming back right now. Do you remember?

Xander: Oh, I could never forget.

[Sensual music]

[Both chuckling]

[Soft dramatic music]

Belle: You need to look at these.

Shawn: What are they?

Belle: Uh, legal papers.

Shawn: Oh, god, belle. Please don’t tell me you’re petitioning the courts to keep jan away from her baby.

Belle: No, this is not about you and jan. This is about you and me.

Shawn: Oh, my god. Are you divorcing me?

[ Roaring ]

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[Machines beeping, hissing]

Li: My beautiful boy. I still can’t believe what that woman did to you. Your own birth mother, shot you and left you for dead. You never should have been in that alley. Never been put in that kind of risk. But I won’t let that be your end. You’re still alive. And I’m the only person who knows.

Taylor: Hey, sweetie? Are the kids in the back with amelia?

Steffy: Thomas took them so kelly and hayes could spend some time with douglas.

Ridge: At least that’s somewhat normal, right?

Steffy: [Sighs] It’s just tough not having finn here. You know, we used to be a team, we used to figure out everything together and now it just… it’s just me.

Ridge: Well, that’s just not true.

Taylor: Oh, I know it feels like you’re all alone but you’re not, sweetie. You have people that love and support you.

Ridge: Yeah, we’re all here to help you with whatever you need.

Taylor: You know, I think the best way that we can support you is by encouraging you to take the time that you need and just get away with the kids.

Steffy: By leaving town. Sorry, that doesn’t feel right to me.

Donna: The times that… we’ve been spending here together, they’re… the happiest since… I mean, since we were married, really. If it were up to me, I would just keep doing this forever and ever and ever. But…you have a lot more at stake here, eric. You’re married, whether I approve of your wife or not.

[Sighs] So, I just–I need you… to be honest with me, okay? Like you always are. Do you want to stop seeing each other?

Quinn: Am I really hearing this? Are you saying you want to start things back up with paris?

Carter: It’s not the worst thing that can happen.

Quinn: Stop it! Carter, no! You can’t do this!

Quinn: You’re talking about a decision that can impact the rest of your life. You can’t do that on an impulse, because I’m telling you, if you open that door to paris, she is not gonna walk back out.

Carter: There are worse things than being tied to paris, quinn, okay? She loves me.

Quinn: I-I’d agree if you loved her back. But I have never heard you say that. Don’t be rash! That’s all I’m saying.

Carter: And all I’m saying is that I– all I’m saying is that I won’t let paris’s questions about my feelings for you undermine your marriage to eric.

Eric: I don’t want to stop seeing you.

Donna: Really?

Eric: Really.

Donna: I mean… I mean, that–that’s what i was hoping you would say, but I just–I just–

Eric: You’re so– you’re so beautiful.

Donna: So are you.

[Both laugh]

Eric: This is so precious to me, these moments with you, it’s so precious to me. It means so much. What is this, you’re gonna– now you’re starting to cry?

Donna: It’s because… it’s because I’m so happy.



Eric: [Murmurs]


Taylor: You and the kids are trying to navigate this terrible tragedy, losing finn. Your life suddenly changed and it’s okay to take some time to try to figure out how to gently move forward instead of thinking you have to barrel through this.

Steffy: But I can do that here.

Taylor: I think you could… give yourself permission to just take a break and–and get away and–and gently process your loss.

Ridge: You know, your mom is right. We don’t want you to leave but maybe that is exactly what you need right now.

Trelegy for copd.

Donna: I am so lucky to have you in my life still after all of this time.

Eric: Yeah. I never… lost my connection to you. You make me smile from the inside out. You make me… feel so warm, and–and… so loved.

Donna: There you go again, making me happy. You’d better be careful, mister, because I could get used to this.

Eric: It’s the least you deserve.

Quinn: I would never ask you to compromise your life, any part of it, on my behalf.

Carter: I know.

Quinn: Making a commitment to a woman you don’t love to keep her nose out of my business is a huge compromise.

Carter: We did say “I love you” to each other.

Quinn: Yeah, but did you mean it or were you just in the moment?

Carter: I won’t let paris undermine your marriage because she’s jealous and to be honest, quinn, being with her was no hardship. There were times I couldn’t wait to see her. Like, I can– I can get back there again.

Quinn: You shouldn’t have to work on it. You’re a huge romantic, carter. You were ready to walk away from everything that meant anything to you to run away with me.

Carter: And you said no. Maybe that’s why I didn’t give this relationship with paris a fair shot, why I didn’t fight for it. I wasn’t all in.

Quinn: Or maybe you just weren’t feeling it.

Carter: No, no, I was holding back, you know. And then there was zende to consider. I didn’t want to do to him what we did to eric. Even though paris and I, we’re not…[Chuckles] We’re not you and me.

Quinn: That should tell you something.

Carter: It does tell me something. It tells me that I’d be alone forever waiting for something like what we had to hit me again. I don’t want to be a bachelor, quinn. I don’t want to be a bachelor anymore. So I can– I can reconnect with paris. It wouldn’t be difficult. It wouldn’t be difficult to make more of it.

Quinn: But is that really what you want? Do you care enough about paris to go back to her? Or would you be doing that for me?

Steffy: Good thing I’ve got thick skin.

Ridge: What do you mean?

Steffy: It sounds like you want to get rid of me.

Ridge: Are you kidding me right now?

Taylor: No, honey, your father and I are just suggesting that you take the kids and you get out of la for a minute. Just go someplace beautiful, someplace quiet. Someplace where you can really be with kelly and hayes.

Steffy: You really think it’s a good idea to take the kids away from what’s familiar?

Taylor: I think right now kelly and hayes would really appreciate some one-on-one time with mommy, you know? Just…just being with them. Answering their questions, taking all the time you need. You could do it, honey. You could…get out of this environment and… reconnect as a family.

Steffy: Yeah, I used to have that. I don’t have that anymore. Kelly, hayes, finn, we were a family, but that doesn’t exist. It was destroyed when sheila took finn away from us. I’m susan and I’m 52

Donna: This is just heaven. Being alone with you.

Eric: I love that about you.

Donna: Hmm?

Eric: How you value the simple things.

Donna: Yeah, I don’t really need a lot. Just my honey bear. When I’m with you like this, it’s just… nothing else matters.

Eric: Look, I hate to break the spell…

Donna: No… no, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t–don’t say it, don’t say it.

Eric: I have to go.

Donna: Is it wrong of me to say that I wish you didn’t have to go? I mean…

[Sighs] I live for these moments. Don’t worry, I–I’M… I don’t have any expectations, eric, I… I’m not gonna make any demands, okay? Or pressure you at all.

[Sighs] I just… I just want to be with you. I just want to make you happy, that’s it.

Eric: You do. Without even trying.

Carter: I know how important eric is to you. He’s the center of your life as you are to his and I jeopardized your marriage in the past. I won’t do that again.

Quinn: But you’re not doing anything. I’m not doing anything! We would never hurt eric like that again.

Carter: I still feel guilty. Eric trusted me. He made a place for me in his family, and what do I do? I have an affair with his wife. I practically begged you to run away with me.

Quinn: But I didn’T. And eric has forgiven both of us!

Carter: And I want it to stay that way. Paris is asking questions about my feelings for you because she can tell that I still care. How much I’ll always care about you.

Ridge: Finn is gone. And the pain of that has got to be excruciating.

Steffy: Yeah, sometimes I think I see finn out of the corner of my eye and… for a wonderful second I… I forget. And then I turn to where he should be and he’S… he’s not there. I’ll never see my husband again.

Taylor: I–I cannot imagine how you must be feeling, steffy. But you’re right, finn should be here. He should be here, living his best life with you and the kids and I… I hate that he’s not. But you–you will find the strength to cope with this sweetheart. You will.

Ridge: But–but maybe not here, you know, surrounded by all these memories. This may not be the best place.

Taylor: I think taking the kids and–and–and getting away might be better than–than forcing yourself to stay here because you think that you have to stay stuck in this sadness.

Steffy: If I leave our home, I feel like I’m abandoning finn. Maybe it would’ve been easier if I felt like I had some closure but I didn’t get that. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. And when I reached out to leave, it was too late. He’s gone. My husband is gone forever.

[Machine beeping]

[Keys clacking] If you have copd,

Quinn: I’m always gonna care about you, too. I’m just–I can’t have you make any life-changing decisions because of me.

Carter: I already came between you and eric once. And I don’t regret a single minute we spent together, quinn, but I am deeply sorry we hurt him. I won’t do that again. I’m picking up with paris, she’ll stop asking questions, and you and eric, you get to be happy without any outside interference.

Quinn: What about you?

Carter: This isn’t about me.

Quinn: Of course this is about you, you being trapped in a relationship with a woman you don’t love. Come on, no, I will not let you put that justification on me.

Carter: There’s different ways you can love! Who’s to say my feeling for paris aren’t viable?

Quinn: Come on, carter. Seriously?

Carter: [Growls] You want the truth? Fine. Here’s the truth. I am tired of sitting on the sidelines watching everyone move on with their life, including you. How many weddings have i presided over? I mean, how many people have I–have I– have I walked into their future while I sit at home alone? I don’t want that. I want to be a husband in the worst way. I want a family.

Quinn: And you will have that. You will be such a great husband, the best anyone could ask for.

Carter: Yeah. To paris.

Quinn: I’m not going to let you sacrifice your future because of me. Unless you can look me in the eye and you can tell me that you love paris with all the passion you have inside of you. I’ll accept that. And I’ll wish you well. So you tell me. Is paris really the woman you love?

Carter: We both know the answer to that.

Steffy: I can’t believe I’m using words like… “closure” and “goodbye” about finn. We were supposed to grow old together. Raise our children, I don’t know. Travel the world. Finn’s not supposed to be gone.

Ridge: No, he’s not.

Steffy: I will hate sheila for the rest of my life. Hayes will grow up without a father. My husband is dead.

Ridge: Well, she’s behind bars, not gonna hurt anyone ever again.

Steffy: Oh. I want her to suffer every single day in prison. Finn was our anchor. He was the center of our world. We were supposed to have a happy life and instead I just… I watched him die.

Ridge: And I wish I could take that image away from you.

Steffy: I wish I could’ve stopped it somehow.

Taylor: Oh, honey, it’s natural to–to wish we could go back and change things but please don’t do that to yourself.

Ridge: There’s nothing you could have done, nothing.

Taylor: Please don’t–don’t beat yourself up. Finn wouldn’t want you to do that. He… he would want you to do whatever you can to find peace. Please…please consider what your father and I are suggesting. Just give yourself permission to take the kids and get away.

Ridge: Whatever it is you need, you’re not gonna find it here, not for a long time, anyway.

Steffy: [Sighs] Maybe you’re right. Maybe it is what we need. Finn is everywhere in this home. He’s upstairs, he’S… he’s in the nursery, he’S… he’s at the beach, about to come home from a surf. Like, I feel like if I… if I say his name he’ll hear me, he’ll–he’d answer.

[Sniffles] Oh, finn.

[Sighs] Oh, finn.

Steffy: Finn.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Terry persuades Chet to take the job in Chicago even though it means the end of their relationship.

Britt goes to the Society Setups charity mixer but she isn’t hopeful that she will find anyone. Drew persuades Britt to stay at the mixer for at least thirty minutes since it’s for charity.

Dante and Austin help Brook Lynn and Chase realize they need to talk about their feelings for each other.

Willow and Nina have a heated argument where Willow tells Nina that the fact that she told Scott to bring up the death of Claudia proves that she can’t put Wiley’s needs ahead of her own . Willow tells Nina that she will give up her life before she allows her to hurt Wiley again.

Carly leaves the courthouse and heads to the hospital to pick up the DNA test results but when she gets the results, she doesn’t open the envelope.

Willow testifies and tells the court the same thing she told Nina in their agreement earlier. Diane and Scott rest their case and the wait begins for the decision.

Laura does her best to persuade Ava to be patient with Nikolas and not get a divorce.

Esme tells Nicolas that she and Spencer have drifted apart because he is in love with Trina. Nicolas and Esme get drunk as they talk about the fact that Ava and Spencer don’t put them first in their lives. A drunk and drugged Nikolas gives Esme a kiss.

recap here

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Elena has a nightmare that Nate is flirting with Imani and goes, with her when she invites him to take a shower with her. Nate later tells Elena he will do his best to work around her schedule so they can spend time together.

Amanda, once again, tells Imani that Nate is taken and she has no chance with him so she should stop making trouble.

Devon and Nate have another argument about how much of their new projects they should reveal at the Chancellor Winters launch party.

Billy is able to help them reach a compromise when they agree to his suggestion to reveal two projects at the launch party.

Chance tells Sharon that he has taken over Rey’s cases and he plans to close all of them to honor Rey.

Nick and Sharon go to Cassie’s grave to talk to her and bring her flowers even though they missed the anniversary of her death by a couple days. Sharon explains to Nick that she did remember the anniversary, but it was too much for her to handle going to Caesar’s grave that day because she saw that Rey’s side of the bed was empty.

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Y&R Update Monday, May 30, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Phyllis surprised Jack with a picnic in the park. She told him she was thinking of setting up some picnic specials for The Grand Phoenix. He said she obviously didn’t bring him here to get in sync, since they were in a very public place. She said he was under a lot of pressure these days with Jabot, and the she-devil, and she thought he deserved the finer things in life. She said they could celebrate the possibility of Summer, Harrison and Kyle moving back to town. He said would be risky for Jabot to buy Marchetti, and he couldn’t do that just for Summer and Kyle to move back.

Phyllis knew Jack wanted Kyle, Harrison and Summer to return, so she asked why he wasn’t working like hell to buy Marchetti. He said she was a businesswoman who knew you didn’t acquire a company to fill an emotional need. It had to make financial sense. He wasn’t sure it was right for Jabot to get back into the fashion business. She said it was the right move for Summer’s family. He felt that Summer and Kyle had made a home in Milan. He thought he owed it to everyone to step back and look at this from all angles. Phyllis didn’t care about Diane and Ashland – she just wanted her daughter home. She understood Jack had to do what was best for his family company and look at it from all angles, like he did with their relationship. Phyllis told Jack they’d celebrate their reunion and the possibility of their kids moving home.

Kyle and Summer went to Diane’s suite for a visit. She thought she’d be happier here at the GCAC where she wouldn’t have to worry about Phyllis lurking in the shadows. She intended no offense to Summer. Diane hoped that Summer was willing to make up her own mind about Diane. Summer was here to support Kyle. Summer saw the old photo of Kyle, Diane and Jack on the nightstand. Diane said that it was a tradition to unpack that first after every move. Kyle shared that he and Summer might be moving to Genoa City.

Diane was elated, but she wondered why the move might happen – would Summer be giving up her dream job? Kyle said that this was a mutual decision based on what would be best for both of their careers. Summer said this would be best for their families, then she clarified that she meant the Abbotts and the Newmans. Summer said the move was her idea, and she wouldn’t be giving up her dream job. Diane wanted to hear more, but Summer didn’t want to jinx it. Diane said she wanted to spend more time with them as long as they were in town. Summer asked if Diane didn’t have commitments at home in LA. Diane said she worked in real estate, so she was her own boss, so she was free to be here as long as Kyle wanted her to be, but she wouldn’t push. Victor called Summer, but she declined it. Kyle told Summer they should get going. Diane hoped everything worked out.

Michael was prepared to file a civil suit against Ashland. Victor wanted Ashland to be buried in subpoenas, but he didn’t want Victoria or the company to suffer. Michael said none of the cases would ever go to court, because Ashland was smart enough to realize what was happening and raise the white flag. Victor wondered why Summer didn’t answer her phone. Adam came up and asked if Victor knew when Victoria would return. Victor hoped she stayed on vacation for a long time. Adam smirked. “However many massages it takes to get her head back in the game,” he said. Victor told Adam not to criticize his sister. Adam said he wished Victoria the best. Victor said the longer Victoria was gone, the more time they’d have to send Ashland away. He mentioned that Ashland was using Harrison as an excuse to stay in town. Adam suggested they just ignore Ashland. Michael said they shouldn’t ignore a festering sore. Adam thought Michael was understandably angry with Ashland, but he asked if it was in the Newmans’ best interest to hold Ashland accountable after he took their deal. Michael said that Adam wanted to punish Victoria for his own benefit. Victor said he had a way to get Ashland out of town.

Summer met Victor, who was alone at Society. She missed being able to pop in and visit with family. She revealed that she and Kyle might move back. She bragged about Harrison speaking Italian and how cute he was and how excited he was that Victor was going to teach him to play chess. She told Victor not to spoil Harrison too much. Victor felt that was his privilege as the grandfather, and as far as he was concerned, Harrison was now as much a Newman as he was an Abbott. Summer’s smile faded and she said Ashland still considered himself Harrison’s father. That was why Victor called Summer here today. He said they needed to protect Harrison, and he asked her to tell Kyle not to let Harrison see Ashland anymore.

Summer loved and respected Victor, but she wasn’t sure about taking his advice to legally bar Ashland from Harrison. He said it was of the utmost importance that Ashland get out of town. Summer said it was her and Kyle’s job to protect Harrison. She thought they could handle Ashland. Victor said Kyle and Summer had good hearts, and Ashland would talk them into sharing custody. Summer said Kyle was ready to rip Ashland to shreds after they found out what he did to Victoria. She didn’t think it would be hard to keep Ashland out of Harrison’s life – Kyle was an upstanding member of the community who established his paternity, and Ashland was a liar and criminal, even though he’d never been charged with anything. She also thought it worked in their favor that Ashland let Harrison go to Milan. Summer said Harrison owned a huge piece of her heart. Victor asked if Summer would talk to Kyle about this. “I’ll make it happen,” Summer said.

Summer met with Kyle later at Society. He was making preparations to make an official presentation to Jack about buying Marchetti. He assumed Victor summoned her to talk about Diane. She explained that Victor thought they should legally restrict Locke from seeing Harrison. Victor had Michael on board to make it happen. Kyle didn’t want Ashland to have any influence over Harrison, but Harrison loved Ashland, and Kyle didn’t want to do anything that would affect Harrison down the road. Summer agreed that they needed to be sensitive to Harrison’s needs. She thought that removing Ashland might cause some confusion initially, but the older Harrison got, the harder this would be. She said Ashland was heartless, and they couldn’t allow him to be in Harrison’s life. They had to stop this – now.

Ashland met with his attorney at Crimson Lights. He asked her to review the custody agreement for Harrison and make sure that Kyle and Summer couldn’t keep him from spending time with Harrison. He wanted an answer ASAP, because the child meant everything to him. She said she’d be in touch. The lawyer left. Sharon walked up, and Ashland gave her his condolences about Rey. She told him to save his thoughts and prayers. She revealed that she knew about his 250 million dollar donation in Rey’s name. He said he was assured that donation would remain anonymous. “We both know that’s a load of crap!,” she snapped. She was glad that Rey’s name would live on and that Ashland’s would not. She blasted him for deceiving people and lying about having an illness that took numerous lives. She said when she confronted him about his lies a few weeks ago, he told her it was a smear campaign against him. He deeply regretted what he’d done. She said he had no idea what it was like to hear you had cancer. She fought back tears as she talked about her struggle with cancer. She’d been lucky to have people around her who helped her. She was haunted by what her illness did to the people she loved. “You put Victoria and Harrison through that on purpose. You were intentionally cruel to them,” she stated. She said that there was no amount of money that could make up for that. Noah came up to check on things, and Sharon walked away with him.

Sharon made Noah a drink. He wanted to go back over and deal with Ashland, but Sharon didn’t want to waste time on him. They talked about the photos from the Parisian honeymoon Mariah and Tessa were posting. The photos made Noah miss Europe, but he wasn’t going to move. He asked if Sharon was okay. She loved him, but she didn’t need his protection. Allie came in, and Noah teased her about crashing his sister’s wedding. She began to explain that Summer invited her, but Sharon assured her that Noah was just joking. Allie placed a drink and went out to the patio. Noah told Sharon he thought Allie was feeling overwhelmed with the new city and her new family. Sharon thought that was understandable.

Noah brought Allie her drink and had a seat. She said she was about to listen to her great uncle Billy’s podcast. That sounded weird for her, because she never had a great uncle before. Noah really liked the episode about feeling out of place. It was relatable to him. She was surprised because he seemed very secure, and she thought it was brave how he just put himself out there. He wondered if it was a compliment. She said it was just an observation. She also liked the podcast The Grinning Soul. Noah liked it too. Allie liked how that anonymous podcaster didn’t hold back. She wished she could do that. He said that he sketched when things were bothering him. He began to sketch, and she asked if something was bothering him right now. Noah told her about Ashland Locke. He said his mom was the strongest person he knew, so he wasn’t sure why he felt compelled to protect her. She said it was because he was a good son. She assumed everything was falling on his shoulders because her mom just lost her husband. He was sure Allie knew what it was like since she just lost her dad.

A new episode of The Grinning Soul dropped. Allie said she’d listen to it later. She was going to go on a run since she dind’t have a sketch pad to vent to. He said he’d doodle away his frustrations, and he added that Da Vinci doodled too. She laughed and asked if h Noah was comparing himself to Da Vinci.

Ashland went up to Sharon and said he was trying to make amends. She didn’t think he felt remorseful. He was sorry for her loss. Diane came in and overheard Sharon telling Ashland that it wasn’t possible for him to make amends and that she didn’t care to know him. Ashland walked past Diane and out the door.

Sharon went out to the patio with some free cookies for Allie. Noah took one. Sharon went back inside, and Allie said she was so kind and caring. Noah said Sharon was overflowing with love, even moreso these days, because she had a lot of love for Rey, and now she had nowhere to put it.

Diane bought a drink for herself and Ashland and she went to the park to find him. They ran into Phyllis and Jack. Phyllis grumbled about pests at the park. Diane guessed that Phyllis and Jack were celebrating Kyle and Summer’s return. Ashland looked intrigued. Jack said that was not public information or a foregone conclusion. Phyllis asked how Diane knew about this, and she said Summer told her. She was excited about the possibility of getting to know her son, daughter in law and grandson. She said his Dee-Dee was going to spoil him. Ashland was confused, and Diane said that she and Kyle decided Harrison would call her that. Ashland wanted to know how Harrison was. Jack said that the arrangement was being reevaluated, given Ashland’s actions. Phyllis stated that Jack was talking about Ashland faking cancer. Ashland said he took Jack’s advice and spoke to his attorney. Jack said that Kyle and Summer had to make the decisions about Harrison. Ashland said he had rights. He didn’t think things had to get acrimonious. Jack thought it was too late for that. He warned Diane that befriending Ashland wouldn’t help her campaign to show Genoa City a new and improved Dee-Dee.

Later, Ashland was alone in the park when Diane came up and said he’d made his fair share of enemies in this town. She overheard him and Sharon, and she knew there was tension between him, Summer and Kyle. He’d noticed she had her fair share of enemies too. She admitted she deserved a lot of the venom spewed her way, but rebuilding her relationship with Kyle was most important to her. He said he was afraid his actions would keep him from seeing his son. He noticed that she didn’t even flinch when he called Harrison his, even though she was Kyle’s mother. Diane said Harrison had two loving fathers, and he was a lucky boy. She asked what he’d done to become the most hated man in Genoa City. “Don’t limit me to Genoa City. I’m the most hated man wherever I go,” he replied, and she laughed. She was willing to share her dirty laundry if he did. He decided to do it, so he could control the narrative.

Ashland and Diane swapped stories off screen. He asked if she’d changed her mind about him being a good father. She felt she had no right to judge, since she’d just told him how she essentially abandoned her son. He marveled that the two of them were in the rare judgment-free zone. She said they were equally guilty and equally searching for redemption. He didn’t want a nasty legal battle with Harrison at the center. Harrison was the only source of joy in his life. Harrison looked at Ashland like he hung the moon. Ashland dreaded Harrison finding out something that would change his opinion of Ashland. Diane could relate. She and Kyle were close when he was a kid. At the time she thought she was protecting him. She knew that was wrong now. Seeing the conflict in Kyle’s eyes gutted her. The only good thing about being dead was that she didn’t witness the aftermath of tearing Kyle’s heart to shreds. Ashland wanted to stay in town so that Harrison would know Ashland would never turn his back on him. Ashland said to think about what Harrison would think if Ashland suddenly disappeared from his life. Diane said there was no easy solution for either of them, and if they stayed, they had to bear the arrows. Diane felt for Ashland, but she wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize her chance at a reconciliation with Kyle, so she told Ashland that she couldn’t plead his case. He understood and said this was his battle, and whatever it cost, Harrison was worth it.

Jack and Phyllis went to the hotel, and Phyllis griped about Diane ruining their picnic. Jack said he had a great time, and he wasn’t going to let anyone ruin it. He wanted to go back to celebrating.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, May 30, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Christine

Phyllis surprised Jack with a picnic in the park. Jack told Phyllis that he had to look at the Marchetti proposal from all angles, and he couldn’t buy the company just to get Kyle, Summer and Harrison to move to Genoa City. Kyle and Summer visited Diane. He told his mother about the possible move to Genoa City. Michael and Victor made plans to bury Ashland in subpoenas. Adam tried to convince Victor that they should ignore Ashland instead of trying to run him out of town. Victor told Summer that he considered Harrison a Newman, and he encouraged her to get Kyle to legally block Ashland from seeing Harrison. Summer talked to Kyle about Victor’s idea. Kyle didn’t want Ashland influencing Harrison. However, Kyle was concerned about how Harrison would be affected if he was cut off from Ashland. Summer thought it was better to do it now, while Harrison was young. Ashland had his attorney look over the custody agreement for Harrison.

Sharon told Ashland that she knew about his donation in Rey’s name, but no amount of money could make up for his cruelty when he made Victoria and Harrison think he was dying of cancer. Noah stepped in to make sure Sharon was okay after she confronted Ashland. Noah and Allie learned they both liked Billy’s podcast. They also both liked The Grinning Soul, the podcast no one knew was Billy’s. Noah told Allie about Ashland Locke’s history. Ashland and Diane inadvertently interrupted Jack and Phyllis’s picnic. Ashland tried to talk to Jack about visiting Harrison, but Jack said Kyle and Summer got to decide who saw the boy. Diane mentioned in front of Ashland that Kyle and his family might move home. Diane and Ashland swapped stories about their past misdeeds and commiserated about their sons. While Diane felt for Ashland, she said that she couldn’t plead his case with Kyle, because that might jeopardize her chance at a relationship with her son. Ashland vowed to battle for Harrison, no matter the cost.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, May 30, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Phyllis: Ta-da!

Jack: A picnic? What did I do to deserve this?

Phyllis: Well, I, um — you know, I’m trying some new summer specials. “Grand picnics with the grand phoenix.” It’s cute [Chuckling] Right? I mean, I have a lot of different combinations. And some are elegant. Some are romantic. What do you think? Yeah?

Jack: I love it, but we’re here to bounce ideas around?

Phyllis: Well, no, not exactly.

Jack: Well, we’re obviously not here to try to get back in sync since you brought me to a very public place.

Phyllis: You’re under a lot of pressure these days with jabot and the she-devil. You deserve the finer things in life, I think.

Jack: Berries.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Doughnuts.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Jack: And bubbly.

Phyllis: Right.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: I have a bunch of different combinations. This is our — our high-carb combination [Laughs] Obviously. But… and — and we can celebrate, the two of us right now, with the possibility of summer and harrison and kyle moving back to genoa city.

Jack: Uh-huh, that would certainly change things.

Phyllis: Yeah, it would answer my lonely mom dreams.

Jack: Yeah. Be nice to have them back here.

Phyllis: Buy marchetti.

Jack: Would be an interesting prospect, but very expensive and very risky for jabot. I hope you understand I cannot make this happen solely to get summer and kyle back home.

Diane: Kyle. Summer. What a nice surprise. Come on in.

Kyle: I just wanted to see how you were settling in, if you need anything.

Diane: I think I will be much happier here at the athletic club not worrying about phyllis lurking in the shadows. I — I shouldn’t complain in front of her daughter. That’s a faux pas. And no offense intended, but your mother really has it out for me.

Summer: None taken. I am well aware of my mother’s feelings about you.

Diane: Mm. Well, I hope the fact that you’re here is an indication that you’re an independent thinker, that you’re willing to make up your own mind about me.

Summer: I am here to support my husband. I see you’ve wasted no time making yourself at home.

Diane: Oh. [ Chuckles ] The picture? Yes, it’s kind of a tradition. Whenever I’d move, it’d be the first thing I took out of my bag, the picture of my beautiful boy. I imagine that you’ll need to pack up your belongings and head back to your work in milan before too long.

Kyle: That might not be the case.

Diane: Oh?

Kyle: There’s a chance we might move back to genoa city. Permanently.

Diane: [ Chuckles ]

Michael: I’ve completed all the paperwork. You just give me the green light, and I will file a civil — [Quietly] I will file a civil suit against ashland.

[ Fingers snapping ]

Victor: I want you to bury that bastard in subpoenas and depositions. But there’s one thing I’m worried about — that this becomes public. I don’t want the company to get hurt, and certainly not victoria.

Michael: None of this is going to see the light of day in a courtroom. Look, locke is a clever guy. He’s gonna see what’s coming, and he’s gonna wave the white flag before it ever gets that far.

Victor: You turn up the heat. You make sure that happens. I don’t want any reason for ashland locke to stay in this town. You got it?

Ashland: Okay, listen. Um, a solid legal agreement aside, what if things have changed between the biological father and myself? The relationship we once shared just a short time ago has become strained.

Pat: I’m sorry to hear that.

Ashland: Yeah, I just want to make sure that, per this agreement, kyle and summer can’t keep me from spending time with harrison.

Pat: I’ll review the agreement and get back to you.

Ashland: Can you get back to me this afternoon? Would that be okay?

Pat: Always happy to be of service.

Ashland: Listen, uh, this — this child means everything to me. I just want to make sure I’m on solid legal ground in case things — things go south. Can you please just let me know as soon as possible if there’s some change we have to make?

Pat: I’ll be in touch.

Ashland: Thank you. Sharon, I — my god. I don’t even know where to begin. I just hope you know how sorry i am about rey.

Sharon: I don’t want your thoughts and prayers or whatever it is that you were about to say. You can save it. I actually have a few things that I want to say to you.

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provided by…

Phyllis: Thank you. I thought having kyle and harrison back in town would be the answer to your prayers.

Jack: It would be a very nice thing indeed.

Phyllis: Okay, well, then why aren’t you working like hell to acquire marchetti?

Jack: Phyllis, you are a businesswoman. You know you don’t buy a company just to fill an emotional need. It has to make financial sense.

Phyllis: Oh, I understand that. I mean, summer said the numbers were great.

Jack: The numbers are impressive, yes, but jabot just got out of the fashion business. I’m not sure if it’s the right move to get back in.

Phyllis: Mnh. It’s the right move for summer’s family.

Jack: Uprooting themselves again? Harrison’s just learned the language. They have a house. They — milan is their home.

Phyllis: Genoa city’s their home. It’ll always be their home.

Jack: Okay, I think I owe it to everyone, including jabot, to step back, think this through from all angles, and decide what the right move is.

Phyllis: Right. Okay. Well, I’ll help you with that. Okay, you — you buy marchetti, and, um, you have your entire family on one continent. You don’t buy marchetti, and you spend a lot of money flying back and forth to italy. And then summer will have to look for another position because, you know, it’ll either go under or somebody will buy it up, and we don’t know if they’re gonna hire her back.

Jack: Obviously, you would throw caution to the wind and spend your last dime to get them both back here.

Phyllis: Yeah. Without hesitation. I’ve actually thought about it a lot. I don’t care about diane and ashland and that. I just — I want my daughter home.

Jack: You must be very irritated with me at the moment.

Phyllis: No. I understand what you’re doing. You’re a businessman. You have to think about your family’s company and look at all the angles, just like you did with us. You took it day by day.

Jack: Yeah, I don’t think i ever thought of the parallels, but, yeah, just like us.

Phyllis: Yeah. So, would you do a favor for me?

Jack: Sure. What?

Phyllis: Pick up a doughnut.

Jack: Okay. What are we doing here?

Phyllis: We are going to celebrate anyway. We’re gonna celebrate —

Jack: Well, a positive spin. I like this. Go ahead.

Phyllis: Um, the possibility of summer and kyle and harrison moving back and reuniting with them again and us reuniting.

Diane: Moving home? This is incredible! Your families must be so happy.

Summer: Well, nothing is set in stone quite yet.

Kyle: Yeah, we’re having conversations.

Diane: Then I will remain cautiously optimistic.

[ Chuckles ] Although I am curious as to why you’re considering it.

Summer: It’s kind of a long story.

Diane: Don’t tell me that you’ve quit your dream job at marchetti so kyle can move home. That’s a heroic sacrifice.

Kyle: Summer wouldn’t be moving back because of me.

Diane: Oh?

Kyle: This was a mutual decision based on what would be best for both of our careers.

Summer: And our families. The abbotts and the newmans.

Diane: I see.

Summer: It was my idea initially, and the best part — I wouldn’t be giving up my dream job.

Diane: I’d love to hear more.

Summer: Well, I don’t want to jinx it, but it is a real possibility.

Diane: Well, forgive me if I’m getting ahead of myself, but I’d love to spend more time with you for however long you’re in town.

Summer: Oh. That is so nice of you to say. But don’t you have any commitments back in L.A.? A job? A life? Friends who miss you?

Diane: [ Chuckles ] Well, that’s one of the benefits of working in real estate — I’m my own boss. So I’m free to be here for as long as kyle wants me to be. But you know I won’t push, right?

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Summer: Oh. Excuse me.

Diane: Oh, of course.

Summer: It’s my grandfather.

Diane: Well, free free to take the call.

Summer: That’s okay. I’ll talk to him later.

Kyle: We should get going. Got a lot on our plate if we want to make this move a reality.

Diane: Then I won’t keep you a moment longer. I hope that everything works out exactly the way you want it, and thank you so much for checking in.

Kyle: We’ll talk soon.

Diane: Okay. Bye.

Sharon: I’m aware of the fact that you’ve donated a large sum of money to new hope in rey’s name. $250 million, to be exact.

Ashland: I was assured that donation would remain anonymous. I never want anyone to —

Sharon: Okay, we both know that’s a load of crap! But I am glad, however, that rey’s name will live on in association with good works and helping people improve their lives and that yours won’T. Because from everything that i have seen, you have done nothing but lie to people who unfortunately trusted you. And I don’t want you to think that this grand gesture absolves you of anything because it doesn’T. You lied about having a fatal illness that kills millions of people every year, and clearly you don’t take that seriously, but I do.

Ashland: I know.

Sharon: And when I confronted you a few weeks ago about your lies, you nearly swore up and down that it was some smear campaign against you and that your hands were clean, but now I know. I know the truth, and I know the depth of your deception. You faked your illness, you lied about your recovery, and it was all for some personal gain.

Ashland: I deeply regret what I’ve done.

Sharon: You have no idea what it’s like to hear your doctor tell you that you have cancer. All you can do is wonder how much time you have left. And there are a lot of days that you don’t want to get out of bed, but you do it anyway because you don’t want the people who love you and care about you to worry. There are days when you are so miserable that you seriously just want it all to come to an end. But I was really lucky. I had a lot of people around me caring for me and loving me, and they were there for me all the time, whether I wanted them there or not. They got me through the treatments and through nausea, nightmares. And, you know, to this day, the thing that haunts me the most about it is what my illness did to them and the tears that they shed and — and the bargains that they had to make with god. You did that. You put victoria and harrison through that on purpose. You were intentionally cruel to them, and there is no amount of money in the world that could ever make amends for that. You’re disgusting.

Noah: Mom? Everything okay here?

Sharon: Yeah. It’s fine. It’s a lot better now that you’re here. Um… let me get you something to drink. I brought in ensure max protein,

Victor: I wonder why summer’s not answering her phone.

Adam: Gentlemen.

Victor: Adam. My boy.

Adam: Hey, I don’t mean to interrupt, but I was just wondering if you had heard anything from victoria since she took her much-needed r&R.

Victor: No, as a matter of fact, I haven’T. But I’m sure she’s fine.

Adam: When do you expect her to return?

Victor: I hope she stays for a long time and enjoys herself, you know?

Adam: [ Chuckles ] However many massages it takes to get her head back in the game, right?

Victor: Please, no criticism of your sister, alright?

Adam: No, I’m not taking a shot at her. I wish her the best.

Victor: The longer she stays away, the more of a chance we have to send locke his way. You know that he’s using the boy, harrison, now as an excuse to stay in town.

Adam: Why are you wasting your time chasing someone who’s clearly got other issues to deal with? I mean, he’s focused on his son. He’s not causing us any trouble. Maybe the best thing to do would be not pay attention to him at all.

Michael: Ignoring a festering sore won’t make it go away.

Adam: Okay, now I see what’s going on here. A lawyer with an axe to grind because ashland sent you to a peruvian prison.

Michael: You think?

Adam: Look, you’re angry. It’s understandable, but, i mean, is it really in the newman family’s best interest to continue to hold ashland accountable after he has accepted our deal?

Michael: Well, it seems to me that you want to hold victoria accountable, and the only person who would benefit from punishing your ceo would be what, who? You — adam!

Victor: Please, please, please, please, please. Calm down, both of you. We need to get ashland locke not only out of our lives, but out of town. And I have a way to do that.

Sharon: How’s the drink?

Noah: It’s pretty tasty. What is it?

Sharon: Oh, it’s something special I just make for my favorite customers.

Noah: Mm. I guess it’s safe to say you didn’t make one for mr. Ashland locke then.

Sharon: No, I did not.

Noah: Can I go deal with him, or am I supposed to pretend i didn’t pick up on all the tension when I walked in here?

Sharon: I don’t want to waste another moment of thought on him.

Noah: [ Sighs ] Okay. Alright, well, did you at least get a chance to look at the group chat? Tessa and mariah — they just dropped a bunch of pictures from their honeymoon.

Sharon: Oh, all the selfies they took of them in front of every single exhibit and statue in paris?

Noah: [ Chuckling ] Yeah. Yeah, it looks like they’re having the time of their life. Kind of makes me miss europe.

Sharon: Don’t tell me you’re getting tired of genoa city. I know you keep saying that you want to stay, but then you get the urge to wander.

Noah: I’m not going anywhere, mom. I love being home.

Sharon: What is it that you miss?

Noah: Maybe I miss the art. Maybe — maybe I’m just feeling restless. Either way, I’m fine. I promise. Are you sure you’re okay?

Sharon: I love you for worrying, but I don’t need your protection. Hey! Allie, come on in.

Allie: Sorry. I didn’t want to interrupt.

Sharon: No, no, not at all. Um, I was really happy to see you at mariah and tessa’s wedding.

Allie: Yeah.

Sharon: I hope you had a good time.

Allie: Oh, it was so fun. I had a really great time.

Noah: Ohh. Only the boldest of wedding crashers would dare admit something like that.

Allie: Oh, oh, sharon, i didn’t crash the wedding, by the way. Summer had invited me and insisted it was okay for me to go.

Sharon: He’s just kidding.

[ Chuckles ] People were really happy to get to meet you.

Allie: Well, I had a great time and felt very thankful to be included.

Noah: [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: So, uh, what can i get you?

Allie: Um…something cold?

Sharon: Great. Um, why don’t you sit down someplace and I’ll bring it over?

Allie: Okay. Sounds good.

[ Liquid pouring, ice cubes clinking ]

Noah: I think she’s feeling a little overwhelmed with the new city and her whole instant family.

Sharon: Well, right after losing her father, she found out that she’s an abbott, and that’s got to be a lot to adjust to.

Noah: Yeah. Here. I’ll take that. Let’s see if I can annoy her any less than I have been.

Sharon: Mm.

[ Sighs ]

Summer: I got your message to meet you here. Got to admit, I’ve missed these impromptu visits.

Victor: Well, we have all missed you, you know.

Summer: It’s been so hard to be so far from family.

Victor: I know.

Summer: There was no popping out for coffee with mom or running into victoria in the park.

Victor: I know. We might have to do something about that, right? So you know, nikki and I will have a little party at the ranch as to honor your presence and kyle’s presence and harrison’s presence, okay?

Summer: Maybe we can make it a celebration dinner.

Victor: In what way?

Summer: We are considering moving back home.

Victor: You are? I love that.

Summer: We are still in the fingers-crossed phase, but i hope you’re ready for those chess lessons with harrison because when I told him that you offered to teach him, he broke out into this new little happy dance. You’ve got to see it.

Victor: I’m looking forward to it.

Summer: But do not let that innocent little face fool you because he has perfected it while we’ve been away.

Victor: Oh, I bet.

Summer: And then to hear the italian coming out of his little mouth?

Victor: He speaks a little italian?

Summer: [ Laughs ] Forget it.

Victor: I love that. Really?

Summer: Just try not to spoil him.

[ Laughs ]

Victor: It’s a grandfather’s privilege to spoil his grandchildren, you know? As far as I’m concerned, he is now as much a newman as he is an abbott.

Summer: Ashland still considers himself harrison’s father.

Victor: That’s the reason i asked you to come by, okay? We need to do something about that. We need to protect the boy.

Summer: Protect him how?

Victor: I want you to talk to kyle, ask him to restrict all visitation rights between harrison and ashland locke. I want that man out of town. I want to sever all ties. With harrison or anyone else completely. I’m steve, I lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo

Noah: There you are.

Allie: Oh, thanks.

Noah: A little concoction my mother whipped up. I think she only makes it for the cool kids.

Allie: Ohh. Why? Because you got one?

Noah: Yeah, something like that. Give it a try.

Allie: Mmm. It’s great. It’s really refreshing. Thank you.

Noah: Well, you were clearly about to rock out to some tunes. It’s much better than my sad attempts at scintillating small talk. There’s plenty of tables to choose from, so don’t worry about me bothering you.

Allie: Actually, I was gonna listen to a podcast.

Noah: Ohh. Podcast.

Allie: Yes, a podcast.

Noah: Let me guess. True crime? No. Science — engineering failures or chemical formulas that helped shape the world.

Allie: Really? Wow. You are so far off the mark, noah. I was gonna go listen to my great uncle billy’s podcast. Wow, that’s really weird to say. I’ve never had a great uncle before.

Noah: Which episode are you on? He just released a great one. It’s all about feeling insecure.

Allie: Yeah, about feeling out of place.

[ Chuckles ]

Noah: Yeah.

Allie: Yeah. Wait — I just started, so don’t spoil it.

Noah: I promise. It is a good one, though. Definitely relatable.

Allie: Relatable? What, you? I don’t believe that. You seem totally secure.

Noah: I do?

Allie: Yeah, you do. You aren’t great at humor or irony. I mean, sometimes I even wonder if you know the difference between what’s amusing and embarrassing. But you just put yourself out there and barrel ahead. It’s actually — it’s actually very brave of you.

Noah: You know, I’m not sure that’s a compliment.

Allie: Oh, it’s not. It’s just an observation.

Noah: [ Laughs ] So, you like podcasts, huh?

Allie: I do. I listen to it all the time when I’m in the lab or when I go running. My new favorite — “the grinning soul.”

Noah: Ohh, yeah, I like that one, too. Yeah, the whole “truth to power” angle.

Allie: Yes. I love how he just puts it all out there, you know? Like, you know, when he’s angry, he just vents and doesn’t really hold back. I wish I could just vent like that.

Noah: Well, everyone needs an outlet.

Allie: Do you have one?

Noah: Yeah. I mean, anytime something’s bothering me or I’m feeling confounded by something, I just do a little sketch.

Allie: So, is something bothering you right now?

Ashland: For what it’s worth, I am trying to make amends.

Sharon: I don’t believe for one second that you feel an ounce of remorse.

Ashland: I am truly sorry for your loss.

Sharon: Please just save your condolences. I don’t want them. There’s not enough time in the world for you to make amends, and anybody who would do something like you did is someone that I don’t care to know.

Ashland: Okay.

Noah: And that, I hope, is all you’ll ever need to know about ashland locke.

Allie: Wow. He just left, so at least you don’t have to worry about him bugging your mom anymore.

Noah: [ Sighs ] Yeah, my mom — she’s the strongest person I know. I don’t know why I feel so compelled to protect her.

Allie: Because you’re a good son.

Noah: Oh. Well, there’s a shock, that you actually think I’m good at something.

Allie: I’m just saying that i think it’s especially difficult for you to take a step back right now, considering that your mom just lost her husband. Everything must be falling on your shoulders right now.

Noah: Yeah. I mean, you know how it is. You — you lost your dad recently.

Allie: Yeah.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Oh, wow, sharon, these look amazing, but I didn’t order them.

Sharon: Those are on the house.

Allie: Thank you. That’s so lovely. Thank you.

Sharon: Enjoy.

Noah: This looks decadent.

Allie: This looks amazing. Oh.

Noah: That one.

Allie: Going for the cookie. Okay. Fine. You know, your mom is so kind and caring, even when she’s grieving.

Noah: Yeah, she’s the type that’s overflowing with love. You know, it spills over into everything she touches, even more so these days ’cause — she had a lot of love for rey, but now she doesn’t have anywhere to put it. Want your clothes to smell freshly

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Summer: You know how much i love and respect you, granddad. But you’re talking about escalating things here, about taking legal action against ashland. I’m just not sure what that would accomplish.

Victor: Trust me when I tell you it is of the utmost importance that ashland locke gets the hell out of town.

Summer: Kyle and I are both concerned about ashland’s influence over harrison, and it is our job to protect him now, mine and kyle’S.

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

Diane: Ashland! You’re a difficult man to chase down. You rushed right past me at the coffeehouse. And since you’re one of the few people in this town who will actually speak to me, I thought we could — I don’t know — share a bench, enjoy the sunshine.

Ashland: Thank you.

Diane: Sure.

Phyllis: Ugh.

Jack: What?

Phyllis: Look at this. No matter how beautiful it is outside, there are always pests.

Diane: Hello, you two. Enjoying the day?

Phyllis: Why are you together? Really. Is there some sort of gravitational pull two pariahs would have?

Diane: Let me guess. You’re celebrating the return of kyle’s adorable family to the fold for good.

Jack: That is neither public information nor a foregone conclusion.

Diane: Oh. I’m — I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was a secret.

Phyllis: How’d you find out?

Diane: Summer told me. She and kyle dropped by my gorgeous new suite at the athletic club earlier today. It is such a lovely and charming space. I really should have stayed there from the very beginning. And it is so comfy. I already feel like I’m at home. I may never leave.

Jack: No firm decisions have been made. Any celebrating would be highly premature.

Diane: I got it. But I am excited about the possibility of really getting to know my son and daughter-in-law. And of course my adorable grandson will be so spoiled by his dee-dee.

Ashland: What?

Diane: Dee-dee. That’s the name that kyle and i decided that harrison should call me.

Ashland: I’m sorry. Would it be alright if I ask just how harrison is doing? I would still love to see him.

Jack: Certain details of the arrangement are being re-evaluated, given your recent actions.

Phyllis: And, uh, by “recent actions,” we mean lying about having cancer.

Ashland: Jack, I’ve taken your advice. I’ve spoken to my attorney.

Jack: I think decisions about harrison need to be made by kyle and summer right now.

Ashland: Yeah, I understand that, but I also have rights where harrison is concerned. Look, this doesn’t have to be acrimonious.

Jack: Oh, I think we’re well beyond that, given what you’ve done. A word to the wise — any friendship that is burgeoning here might not help your campaign to show genoa city a new and improved dee-dee.

Want a worry-free

way to kill bugs?

[ Cellphones ping ]

Noah: Oh. Another episode of “the grinning soul” just dropped.

Allie: Yeah. Well, it will be something that I’ll listen to later. I’m gonna go on a run since i don’t have a sketchpad to vent to.

Noah: Oh.

Allie: Mm.

Noah: Alright, well, knock yourself out. I will just doodle away my frustrations.

Allie: What a doodler.

Noah: You know who else was a doodler?

Allie: Who?

Noah: Da vinci.

Allie: Wow, so you’re saying that you’re on the same level as him?

Noah: I guess you’ll just have to stick around and see.

Allie: [ Laughs ] Okay.

Noah: [ Laughs ]

Victor: If you and kyle and harrison return to genoa city, that’ll give ashland locke a reason to stay.

Summer: You don’t think that we can handle him.

Victor: You two are two very good-natured people. You have good hearts. And he will talk you into sharing custody. That will be a huge problem.

Summer: When we heard what ashland did to victoria and the family…

Victor: Right.

Summer: …Kyle was ready to rip him to shreds.

Victor: I like that impulse.

Summer: It should be too complicated to keep ashland out of harrison’s life. On one hand, you have kyle, who is an upstanding member of the community, who’s established his paternity and absolutely adores his son. And then there’s ashland, who is a liar and a criminal, even if he’s never officially been charged with anything.

Victor: I want you to feel assured of the fact that michael baldwin and I have a lot of evidence against ashland locke.

Summer: And ashland was more than fine with kyle and I taking harrison to milan with us. That should work in our favor, as well.

Victor: So, you have been thinking about this? I like that.

Summer: That boy owns a huge piece of my heart. I am determined to protect him.

Victor: So, you will talk to kyle about all this?

Summer: I’ll make it happen.

Diane: I have to say, you’ve made your fair share of enemies in this town.

Ashland: Have you been spying on me?

Diane: [ Laughs ] No, no. But I did overhear sharon giving you a piece of her mind, and i know there’s tension between you and kyle and summer, but I — I don’t know the details.

Ashland: Well, I couldn’t help but notice that you have your share of adversaries, as well.

Diane: I’ll admit I deserve a lot of the venom that’s spewed my way, but it is what it is. Rebuilding my relationship with kyle is what’s most important to me.

Ashland: I’m afraid that my actions will keep me from seeing my son. See, that’s very interesting to me. You, uh — you didn’t even flinch when I referred to harrison as my son just now, even though you are kyle’s mother.

Diane: Well, from what I’ve observed, harrison has two fathers who love him. He’s a lucky boy. But what I want to know is what you’ve done to become the most hated man in genoa city.

Ashland: Oh, now, don’t limit me to genoa city. I am the most hated man wherever I go. I’m very proud of that.

Diane: [ Laughs ] Alright. I’ll share my dirty laundry if you share yours.

Ashland: Well, I suppose you’re gonna find out anyway. At least this way, I get to, uh, control the narrative.

[ Clears throat ] Brace yourself. Listen, I’m done settling. Because this is my secret.

Phyllis: Our perfect picnic trampled on by diane. Or should I call her “dee-dee”?

[ High-pitched voice ] Dee-dee! Ugh, she’s like a mosquito that you want to swat away, but you can’T. She and ashland locke, by the way, are perfect for each other. They’re cut from the same cloth.

Jack: I had a great time. And I’m not gonna let anything or anyone ruin my memory of the day.

Phyllis: Diane ruins everything.

Jack: Listen to me. Let’s go back to where we were — celebrating our family reunion, celebrating us. Hey, look, the hotel is doing great. Jabot is doing great. Our kids are doing great.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Jack: Let’s enjoy that blessing.

Phyllis: Okay. Okay. I agree. And you know what I hope? I hope that ashland locke is finally diane’s undoing.

Diane: Wow. When we started this whole “who has more to be ashamed of” contest, I was worried that I’d win by a mile, but I don’t know. From my calculations, I think it’s a draw.

Ashland: So, does this change your opinion of me as to whether or not I’m qualified to be a good father?

Diane: Oh, who am I to judge? I mean, I just told you that i essentially abandoned my son.

Ashland: You do realize what this means, right? Right now, we are in a very rare judgment-free zone.

Diane: Yes. We’re both equally guilty… but both equally searching for redemption.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] I just — I — I hate the possibility that this could turn into a nasty legal battle with harrison at the center of it. That boy is the only source of love and light in my life right now. I — he’s the only person that still looks at me as if I hung the moon. And the idea that he would find out something about me that would change the way he thinks about me — I just —

[ Sighs ]

Diane: I know. I’ve been there.

[ Chuckles ] Kyle and I were so close when he was young. And I truly believe that what i did was to protect him. And I know now how terribly wrong I was. But seeing the conflict in kyle’s eyes and — and knowing the pain I put him through as a child…guts me.

[ Voice breaking ] You know, the only good thing about pretending to be dead is that I wasn’t here to witness the aftermath of ripping his heart to shreds.

Ashland: But, see, that’s exactly — exactly why I want to stay here and fight for my right to see harrison. Because I want him to know that I would never turn my back on him. He will always be a part of my life, and — and my love for him is real. And think about this. Think about what it would do to him, think about what he would think if I were to suddenly just disappear from his life entirely with no explanation whatsoever.

Diane: Well, there’s no easy solution for either of us. And if we stay, we have to be willing to bear the slings and arrows.

[ Sighs ] But I won’t take jack’s warning lightly. I wouldn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize my chances with kyle. So, ashland, I feel for you. And I’m sorry. But if you’re hoping I’ll plead your case, I — I can’T.

Ashland: I understand. This is my battle. And, um…whatever it costs, harrison is worth it.

Summer: Tell me everything. Are we any closer to getting jabot to acquire marchetti?

Kyle: Well, I talked to our financial team and got a clearer picture of the ramifications. I think we’re gonna make a full presentation to my dad.

Summer: That’s great news.

Kyle: What did victor want? Oh, let me guess. He summoned you to give you another earful about my mother.

Summer: It was about ashland and harrison. My grandfather thinks that we should consider taking immediate legal action against locke to restrict his access to harrison. He even has michael baldwin on board to make that happen.

Kyle: Yeah, well, victor’s got a point. Now that we’re hoping to move back to genoa city, I don’t want ashland to have any influence over harrison.

Summer: So he needs to be stopped.

Kyle: No, it’s not that simple. Harrison loves the guy. And we don’t want to take any action that could harm our little boy down the road. We have to handle this situation very carefully

Summer: Of course. We need to be sensitive to harrison’s needs, and removing locke from his life might cause some confusion initially, but the older harrison gets, the harder this change is going to be. I promise you we will explain it to him in the most loving and caring way possible, but ashland is heartless and manipulative. We can’t allow him to be in harrison’s life or to have any influence over him. We need to stop him…now.

Kyle: [ Sighs ]

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B&B Transcript Monday, May 30, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Thomas: I should have told you, steff. I’m so sorry.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Steffy: Why would you ever keep her secret? You knew sheila couldn’t be trusted.

Ridge: But we should’ve been able to trust you.

Thomas: Yeah, you should’ve. You should have. And I have no idea why I didn’t tell you. I just… if I had told you, then maybe you and finn wouldn’t have ended up in that alley.

Steffy: No, no, no, I’m not– I’m not– I’m not going to put that on you. When I think about that night, everything that led up to it, like, yeah, it’s– it’s hard. You know, I come here and I try to get away from it, but obviously I, uh, I can’T. Finn’s gone. My husband is never coming back.

[ Machines beeping ]

Quinn: I love my husband.

We’re happily married.

And what happened between

me and carter is in

the past and that’s where

it’s going to stay.

Do you get it?

[ Clearing throat ]

Quinn: Hey, carter.

Carter: Hey, um, you have a minute? I, uh, I need to talk to you about eric.

[ Sighs luxuriously ]

Eric: Donna? Did I hear you sigh, just now?

Donna: Did I?

[ Laughing ]

Eric: Yeah, you did. That must mean you’re very relaxed.

Donna: Yeah… huh. I hope you are too.

Eric: I haven’t felt this wonderful in a very, very long time. The fact is, I shouldn’t be here.

Donna: With me, you mean?

Eric: What’s crazy is that there’s no place else on this earth I’d rather be.

Donna: Eric, you shouldn’t feel guilty for being happy.

Eric: Oh, I don’t, I– but it’s just not quite as simple as that.

Donna: What’s the point of coming to this fancy health club if you don’t leave feeling better than when you arrived?

Eric: Yeah, but quinn thinks I’m playing pickleball.

Donna: Yeah, well, that’s pretty good for you too.

Eric: It’s not as good for me as spending time with you. When I’m with you, all my troubles just, they just disappear. The fact is though, I’m deceiving my wife.

Quinn: You want to talk to me about eric?

Carter: Yeah, yeah, I know how important he is to you and I know how dedicated and committed you are to your marriage and I just– I– I won’t let anyone interfere with that.

Quinn: Well, that’s a lovely sentiment, carter. But, eric and I are fine. Hey, what’s going on?

Carter: I was just thinking about what happened earlier.

Quinn: You mean when paris put us on notice? Hah, yeah, that girl’s a peach.

Carter: Yeah. And I don’t want it to be an issue, quinn. And I’m– I’m worried it could be.

Steffy: Let me see the other design.

Thomas: Steff, I wanna apologize.

Steffy: No, I– I want to work. Can we please just work? Where are we on the next collection? Like, I– I don’t want it to affect us, the company. And I don’t want to fall behind. We’ve just gotta… you know what we need to do is – what we need, uh– no, dad! I got this, I have this, you don’t have to worry about me.

Ridge: No, hey, what you need to do is take care of yourself and take care of your family. That’s it.

Steffy: Oh my god.

[ Sniffles ] I am trying to stay strong. I am trying to keep going for the kids. But I– I can’t do this. I can’t do any of this without finn. Super emma just about sleeps in her cape.

Donna: You still love quinn.

Eric: I guess a part of me always will. And I thought that would be enough. I really did. I thought– that would be enough for us to, uh, remember everything, the memories that we shared. The moments that we shared.

Donna: You forgave her and you– you took her back.

Eric: Yeah, yeah, I did. I wanted us to rebuild our trust. I wanted us to try to find that part of each other again.

Donna: Oh, eric, we– we don’t– we don’t have to get into all of this.

Eric: I understand if you don’t want to talk about it.

Donna: No, it’s– you don’t have to tell me how you feel, eric, because I can see it. It’s clear as day. And I just wish I could do something about it to help you.

Eric: You do. Every day. It’s so wonderful that I can be so honest with you but I– I don’t think I’m ready to be honest with myself. The affair that– that quinn had with carter, I think it– it ruptured our marriage in a way that I think is irreparable. That’s why I keep coming back to you, over and over again.

Carter: You heard her, quinn. Paris is questioning my feelings for you.

Quinn: It’s ridiculous, carter. Nothing is going on between us. Ah, come on. I’m devoted to eric. I’m– I’m repairing the damage that I’ve done.

Carter: And I support you in that 100%. You and eric, you love each other enough to try again after everything that’s happened.

Quinn: Trying is the operative word. I would be happier if we were succeeding.

Carter: And I want to help you in that. I won’t let paris jeopardize your happiness.

Steffy: Finn and I planned to do this all together. Our kids, our family, that was our future and now he’s– now he’s gone.

Thomas: Steff, you– you’re not alone. Okay? We’re right here. You just have to let us in.

Ridge: He’s right. We’re right here.

Steffy: Yeah, you are. But that doesn’t replace what’s been taken from me, from my children. I have to be everything now.

Ridge: You don’t have to be everything. You just need to be a mom.

Steffy: Finn and i were a team. We made each other better. We made each other stronger.

Ridge: You don’t have to be the rock. Everyone knows you’re grieving.

Steffy: And that’s why– I hate that. I hate that everyone knows. Like they pity me or something. Like, I wanted to come in here and just feel… normal. Not walking around with an empty hole in my chest.

Ridge: You don’t have to do everything, be everything.

Steffy: Dad… uh.

Ridge: We got you, your family’s got you.

Taylor: Hi.

Steffy: Mom?

Taylor: Your father texted me.

Steffy: This is what I mean. Everyone is treating me like I’m broken.

Taylor: Honey, no, you’re not, you’re not broken.

Thomas: Uh, she wants to do this on her own. And– she doesn’t want anybody feeling sorry for her.

Taylor: I understand. I do. Steffy, we all do. But you have suffered a terrible loss.

Steffy: My husband is dead. He was murdered. I never get to see my husband again. I never get to hear his voice. He’s gone.

[ Steffy groaning ]

Li: You will be yourself again, finn. This isn’t how your story ends. If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

[ Waves roaring ]

Donna: Oh, no, no, no. No frowning. No frowning. That is not allowed here in this little oasis.

Eric: This little oasis?

Donna: Yes.

Eric: Well, it’s not the place that I love being in. It’s– it’s being here, with you. That’s what I love.

Donna: That’s what I love too. I mean, no– nobody has ever made me laugh the way that you make me laugh.

Eric: Yeah, well, you bring that out in me.

[ Donna laughing ]

Donna: I missed that so much after I left forrester. I mean, really, even before that. I mean, you were going through so much. You still are.

Eric: But it’s not so overwhelming– when I’m here with you. I mean, look at you, you’re this wonderful, beautiful, vivacious woman. Full of life and– are you sure you want to be doing this? That you want to be doing this with me?

Donna: Nothing about this feels wrong, eric. Or– or sneaky or tricky. I’m– I’m making beautiful new memories with the most fascinating man I’ve ever known. I love you so much, eric. And that’s never going to change.

Quinn: Paris is just asking questions.

Carter: Questions that can cause problems in your marriage.

Quinn: How? We aren’t doing anything wrong!

Carter: It’s about her perception.

Quinn: Oh, come on, she’s seeing things that aren’t even there. She’s young. She’s– she’s inexperienced. She has no idea how complicated relationships can be.

Carter: Exactly. She knows what happened between us and she got it in her head it could happen again, quinn. Aww, we didn’t have these issues when paris and I were together. You were with eric, you were working things out. And paris and I, we were getting to know each other and then maybe, just, uh. I could’ve handled things better, right? I could’ve– I could’ve, and she did ask me to try again.

Quinn: What? Wha– to get back together?

Carter: We do have a lot in common.

Quinn: Wha– wait, is this, is this because of what, of what zende said when he said he would step aside if that’s what she wants? Because I thought you said that this isn’t going to work.

Carter: Yeah, maybe that attitude is why she got the wrong idea about us.

Quinn: I thought you said that paris was just a rebound.

Carter: In the beginning, she was. Yeah, I was trying to get over my feelings for you.

Quinn: B– but, ah, but you got past that now, right? I mean, what are you saying, carter? Are you saying that you, that you changed your mind? That, that you want to be in a, in a, relationship with paris?

Taylor: Honey, you think you have to just push through and– and come to work like you always have.

Steffy: What’s wrong with that?

Taylor: Nothing, it’s all part of the grieving process but you don’t have to–

Steffy: Mom, please don’t be all shrink on me right now.

Thomas: Steff, listen to her. She helped me.

Taylor: You know it’s okay, not to be okay right now. It’s all part of the healing process.

Steffy: I’m never going to heal from this.

Ridge: Yes, you will.

Steffy: How?

Taylor: By doing exactly what you’re doing. You’re talking to us. You’re asking questions. They’re hard questions, but they’re good ones.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Steffy: I’m sorry.

Ridge: Don’t apologize.

Steffy: I’m just so heartbroken, and I’m– I’m worried about the kids. I mean, they’re– they’re okay right now. When we told kelly, she was, like, sad and– and confused, but she’s been there for her brother. And, like, even he doesn’t really understand but he senses that finn’s– finn’s gone. He’s not around.

Taylor: You know, um, hear me out for a second. I— do– do you think maybe a– a different perspective might be good? This is gonna sound weird but what if you took the kids and– and got out of town for a little bit? Life… doesn’t stop for diabetes.

Donna: I love you so much. I– I don’t want to add any more conflict and stress to your life.

Eric: What do you mean? What are you talking about?

Donna: I love to be with you. And I’ll be with you, any way that i can. But, eric, you have to tell me the truth. Do you want this to end? Tell me.

Quinn: Are you saying that you want to go back to paris?

Carter: She wants to be with me, quinn.

Quinn: But do you wanna be with her?

Carter: I should, shouldn’t I? She’s passionate, she’s exciting, she’s available.

Quinn: No, no, no, wait. But you– you’re going to be with someone because that’s what she wants?

Carter: I want that too! I want a relationship, quinn. I want to make something with someone. I mean, look at finn and steffy, their time was cut short, but they were happy. They built something that mattered. I want that too! I keep telling myself to be patient, but what am I waiting for? If I want something real, if I want a real connection, if I want real love, if I want a family, I can have that with paris. Can’t I?

Quinn: I– I don’t know. I don’t even know where this is coming from, carter.

Carter: I’m tired of being stuck. And I need to move on, and I can do that with paris. And that commitment, it will send her a message.

Quinn: What message?

Carter: To stop asking questions about my feelings for you.

Steffy: You want me to take the kids and leave?

Ridge: We just got through telling her how we’d always be there for her.

Thomas: Yeah, and we’re always going to be there for you.

Taylor: Yes, we are.

Steffy: I’m not going anywhere.

Taylor: Okay. But– but what if– what if amelia went with you? And she helped take care of the kids, and then you could–

Steffy: Wait, you just told me to not hide from my emotions, and now you’re telling me to run away?

Taylor: Nah-ah. I don’t look at it like you’re running away. I look at it like you’re moving towards something. Healing. Finding time and space and room to breathe. Sweetheart, so much has happened. And you were shot too. And you haven’t even begun to process that.

Thomas: Right, but shouldn’t she process it with her family around? With a support system?

Taylor: Yes. But– but in this case, I feel like getting away just for a little bit with the kids, you won’t be– you won’t be barraged with visual triggers and painful memories.

Ridge: You know what, that– yeah, that could help.

Steffy: But I don’t want to get away from my memories. They’re part of me. Every time I held finn’s hand or he rubbed my shoulders. I mean– I look in the mirror and I– I remember finn standing behind me. No, no, I can’t– I can’t leave. Li had him cremated. I never even had a chance to say goodbye to him.

[ Machines beeping ]

Li: You can do this. I’m not giving up on you. You will come back to us one day.

Steffy: If only I could see finn one more time. Ughh!

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Primetime TV Review: “Don’t Forget the Lyrics!”

TV Review!

“Don’t Forget the Lyrics ” on FOX Review by Eva 5/30/2022

I love listening to music and singing along with songs even though I can’t sing. I also love game shows and since Don’t Forget the Lyrics combine the two things I enjoy, I thought I would watch the latest version of the show.

I had never seen the previous version of the show, so I didn’t know how it worked. Actress and comedienne Nancy Nash does a wonderful job hosting the show, she really roots for the contestants and wants them to win the money. The show works like this: contestants sing songs they pick from different categories listed on the screen; they are given part of the lyrics to the song but then they get blanks on the screen where they have to sing the exact words that are missing in the song. If they get the song right, they win money. If they get the lyrics wrong, the game ends. If they get the lyrics to ten songs right, they win $ 1 million.

I think this game show is fun to watch and it comes right before another of my favorite game shows, Beat Shazam in what Fox calls Music Mondays.

I give this show 5 out of 5 stars because it is fun and beats watching summer reruns of your favorite scripted shows


Proofread and Edited by Brenda

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Week of 5/29/22 Primetime News and Schedule

Primetime TV News

TV Networks

MOST OF THESE POSTS BELOW are just the main part of each bit of news. For the rest of the news, video clips, photos, and links, go to our Primetime Forum!

This Week’s News by Angie and Suzanne!

NOTE: This schedule is always subject to change…


  • AMC Fear The Walking Dead – Sunday, May 29, 9:00PM Show More
    As the survivors prepare to escape the area by raft, Alicia turns back to save one more person trapped in the fallout. Promo
  • AMC 61st Street – Sunday, May 29, 10:00PM Show More
    Man on Fire
    Franklin faces a setback; Moses takes the stand; a verdict is read. 
  • AMC+ / Sundance Now THIS IS GOING TO HURT – Thursday, June 2 Show More
    This Is Going To Hurt, a comedy-drama starring Ben Whishaw (A Very English Scandal, No Time to Die, London Spy) based on Adam Kay’s award-winning international memoir of the same name. This Is Going To Hurt will debut Thursday, June 2 on AMC+ and Sundance Now with new episodes airing weekly. Created, written and executive produced by Kay, This Is Going To Hurt rejoices in the laugh-out-loud highs, while pulling no punches in its depiction of the gut-wrenching lows of life on a gynecology and obstetrics ward. The series follows Adam (Whishaw), a doctor who is finding his way through the ranks of hospital hierarchy; junior enough to suffer the crippling hours, but senior enough to face a constant barrage of terrifying responsibilities. Adam is clinging to his personal life as he is increasingly overwhelmed by stresses at work: the 97-hour weeks, the life-and-death decisions, and all the while knowing the hospital parking meter is earning more than him. Promo
  • BET Sistas – Wednesday, June 1, 9:00PM Show More
    Goodbye at the Door – Fatima makes a rash decision that could have repercussions she’s not ready to deal with.
  • The CW Riverdale – Sunday, May 29 Show More
    “Chapter One Hundred and Eleven: Blue Collar” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-14, LV) (HDTV)
    KNOW THY ENEMY – After learning that Percival (guest star Chris O’Shea) is exploiting his new work crew, Archie (KJ Apa) and Tabitha (Erinn Westbrook) devise a plan to help protect the workers and get them out from under Percival’s control. Meanwhile, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) finds himself with a target on his back after Percival catches wind of a scheme he and Veronica (Camila Mendes) hatched against Reggie (Charles Melton). Finally, Betty (Lili Reinhart) receives some unexpected news about a dark moment from her past, and Toni (Vanessa Morgan) and Fangs (Drew Ray Tanner) find themselves at a crossroads. Madelaine Petsch, Mädchen Amick and Casey Cott also star. Tara Dafoe directed the episode written by James DeWille & Arabella Anderson (#616). Original airdate 5/29/2022. Promo
  • The CW Superman & Lois – Monday, May 31 Show More
    “Lies that Bind” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, LV) (HDTV)
    SUPERMAN & LOIS IS BACK WITH AN ORIGINAL EPISODE! – We pick up right where we left off with Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) levitating in front of Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Meanwhile, Jordan (Alex Garfin) and Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) question whether Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) and Clark are telling them the complete story. Lastly, Natalie (Tayler Buck) tries her best to get Sarah (Inde Navarrette) to acknowledge Jordan. Erik Valdez, Wole Parks, Sofia Hasmik, Taylor Buck and Dylan Walsh also star. The episode was directed by David Mahmoudieh and written by Rina Mimoun (#212). Original airdate 5/31/2022. Every episode of SUPERMAN & LOIS will be available to stream on The CW App and CWTV.com the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. Promo
  • The CW Tom Swift – Tuesday, May 31 Show More
    “… And the Liftoff to Saturn” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-14, DLSV) (HDTV)
    SERIES PREMIERE – As an exceptionally brilliant inventor with unlimited resources and unimaginable wealth, the devilishly charming TOM SWIFT (Tian Richards) is a man who many men would kill to be, or be with – a man with the world in the palm of his hand. But that world gets shaken to its core after the shocking disappearance of his father, thrusting Tom into a breathtaking adventure full of mysterious conspiracies and unexplained phenomena. On his whirlwind quest to unravel the truth, Tom finds himself fighting to stay one step ahead of an Illuminati-scale cabal hellbent on stopping him. Anton Cropper directed the episode written by Melinda Hsu Taylor & Noga Landau & Cameron Johnson (#101). Original airdate 5/31/2022. Promo
  • The CW Walker – Thursday, June 2 Show More
    “Torn” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, DV) (HDTV)
    IN FLUX – Twyla (guest star Karissa Lee Staples) is tapped to assist the Rangers on a case as she and Cordell (Jared Padalecki) are beginning to grow closer. Meanwhile Stella (Violet Brinson) re-evaluates her feelings for Todd (guest star Cameron Vitosh) and Colton (guest star Jalen Thomas Brooks) while Geri (Odette Annable) extends an olive branch to Denise (guest star Amara Zaragoza). America Young directed the episode written by Aaron Carew (#217). Original airdate 6/2/2022. Every episode of WALKER will be available to stream on The CW App and CWTV.com the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. Promo
    “By the End of This, You’ll Know Who You Were Meant to Be” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, V) (HDTV)
    WHAT COMES NEXT – Alaric (Matthew Davis) briefs the Super Squad on what comes next. Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) has a heart-to-heart with Lizzie (Jenny Boyd). MG (Quincy Fouse) helps Ethan (Leo Howard). Cleo (Omono Okojie) continues to test her new powers and figure out her purpose. Meanwhile, Landon (Aria Shaghasemi) takes on a new role. The episode was written by Thomas Brandon and directed by Lauren Petzke (#414). Original airdate 6/2/2022. Promo
    “Be Kind. Rewind.” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, LV) (HDTV)
    AND THEN THERE WAS ONE – An alarming event triggers a drastic change in the magical universe. Only The Charmed Ones (Melonie Diaz, Sarah Jeffery and Lucy Barrett), along with Harry (Rupert Evans) and Jordan (Jordan Donica), can save the world where humankind and magical beings co-exist…but they’ll risk their lives in the process. Stuart Gillard directed the episode written by Blake Taylor (#412). Original airdate 6/3/22. Promo
    “Vicious Vendetta” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, DL) (HDTV)
    ONE HUNDRED – It’s Alexis’ (Elaine Hendrix) wedding day and as she attempts to make sure everything runs smoothly, everyone else in the family seems to have their own agenda. Blake (Grant Show) receives a package that raises some questions, so Cristal (Daniella Alonso) and Sam (Rafael de la Fuente) set out to do some detective work to get to the bottom of it. Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) and Liam (Adam Huber) make a life-changing decision. Dominique (Michael Michele) resorts to drastic measures to further Dom-Mystique and then asks Culhane (Robert C. Riley) for a huge favor. Kirby (Maddison Brown) becomes suspicious of Amanda (Eliza Bennett), thanks to Adam (Sam Underwood). The episode was written by Josh Reims & Christopher Fife and directed by Pascal Verschooris (#514). Original airdate 6/3/2022. Promo
  • Disney The Villains of Valley View – Friday, June 3, 8:00PM Show More
    “Original Series Premiere – Episode Premiere on Disney Channel
    “Finding Another Dimension” (8:00-8:30 p.m. EDT)
    As our villain family learns how to blend into their new town, things get complicated with their neighbor, Hartley, when Amy and Jake get their hands on their dad’s evil invention. TV-Y7 FV Promo
  • Disney The Villains of Valley View – Friday, June 3, 8:30PM Show More
    “Trust No One” (8:30-9:00 p.m. EDT)
    Fearing Hartley will reveal their true identity, the villainous family decides to blackmail her to keep their secret safe. TV-Y7 FV Promo
  • Disney Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion – Friday, June 3, 9:00PM Show More
    Original Series Premiere – Episode Premiere on Disney Channel
    “The Violet Behind the Ultra” (9:00-9:30 p.m. EDT)
    An overshadowed 13-year-old girl finally gets to shine when a magical luchador mask bestows her with superpowers akin to those of the city’s resident superhero, Black Scorpion. TV-Y7 FV Promo
  • Disney Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion – Friday, June 3, 9:30PM Show More
    “You Like Me! You Really Like Me!”(9:30-10:00 p.m. EDT)
    Worried her Ultra Violet social media account isn’t getting enough likes, Violet grows impatient with Cruz’s training techniques and plans her own crime-fighting mission. TV-Y7 FV Promo
  • Freeform The Deep End – Wednesday, June 1, 10:00PM Show More
    Season 1 – FINALE – “The Carousel”
    Tensions rise within the community as Teal wrestles with how to heal her troubled followers.   
  • FX Breeders – Monday, May 30, 10:00PM Show More
    No Can Do
    An ambitious Ally sets out to save the company and throw a memorable birthday party for Ava, just as Paul, passed over for promotion yet again, wonders if he ever had any ambition to start with. Written by Simon Blackwell; directed by Chris Addison. Promo
  • FX Mayans M.C. – Tuesday, May 31, 10:00PM Show More
    The Righteous Wrath of an Honorable Man
    The Mayans bring death to SOA’s door step. Written by Debra Moore Muñoz; directed by Danny Pino. Promo
  • Hallmark Movie Channel HIDDEN GEMS – Saturday, June 4, 8:00PM Show More
    While prepping for her sister’s wedding, Addie (King) loses her grandmother’s ring in the waters of Hawaii. She hires dive instructor Jack (Mirchoff) to search for her lost treasure. They immediately clash with each other when Addie insists she go on the pursuit with Jack. Once they come to an agreement, Jack ends up serving as Addie’s tour guide of the island’s hidden gems. Promo
  • HBO THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE – Sunday, May 29, 9:00PM Show More
    Episode 3
    After meeting her soulmate at age six, Clare laments a linear lifetime defined by waiting for Henry’s unpredictable appearances. Meanwhile, an incident at a high school party finds a distraught teenage Clare turning to Henry for help. Promo
  • HBO BARRY – Sunday, May 29, 10:00PM Show More
    What kind of guy wouldn’t want to put a hot tub up there? Promo
  • HBO THE BABY – Sunday, May 29, 10:33PM Show More
    The Rage
    Desperate to leave the Jupiter House, Natasha, Bobbi, and Mrs. Eaves find their plans thwarted by the chaos and destruction of the other suddenly-possessed children. Later, Bobbi receives the social worker’s long-awaited call.
  • HBO WE OWN THIS CITY – Monday, May 30, 9:00PM Show More
    Part Six
    After the arrest of several GTTF officers, Suiter grows concerned about his grand jury subpoena. Jenkins learns his fellow officers are cooperating with the investigation as the full extent of his crimes comes to light. Davis and the mayor’s office go head-to-head on funding for the consent decree, while Steele questions whether the U.S. justice system can ever be changed. Promo
  • HBO GENTLEMAN JACK – Monday, May 30, 10:00PM Show More
    It’s Not Illegal
    Anne Lister and Ann Walker’s trip to London is blighted by tension. Anne refuses to introduce Ann to her society friends, and simmering resentments on both sides of the relationship boil over when Miss Walker takes Anne to task over her financial borrowing. Back in Halifax, in the run-up to the Northgate ceremony, Anne is privately dismayed to realise she cannot count on the support of her family and receives terrible news about a friend. The ongoing mission to divide the Walker estate puts the couple under even more strain when Captain Sutherland arrives from Scotland determined to destroy Anne Lister’s reputation. Is the marriage strong enough to survive constant attack? Promo
  • LMN HERE KILLS THE BRIDE – Friday, June 3, 8:00PM Show More
    A young woman, Jasmine, is convinced something is off with her brother Carlos’ new fiancée, Grace. Little does Jasmine know that Grace, the upcoming bride, has a destructive past and isn’t afraid to eliminate anyone she thinks is a threat to her happiness. Stars Ashlee Füss, Erin Pineda, and Fernando Belo (2022). Promo
    06/04/2022 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Saturday) : Mags is flooded by memories of her own health struggles as a child while fighting to save a baby with a heart defect. With his performance still being closely scrutinized, Bash remotely treats a cluster of patients with an undiagnosed illness in Aleppo. Dr. Curtis’ personal and professional lives collide. TV-14 
  • Netflix BORGEN – POWER & GLORY – Thursday, June 2 Show More
    Foreign Minister Birgitte Nyborg finds her career in jeopardy when a dispute over oil in Greenland threatens to become an international crisis. Promo
  • Netflix MR. GOOD: COP OR CROOK? – Friday, June 3 Show More
    In this riveting docuseries, when Norway’s top cop is suspected of drug trafficking, investigators must ask: Is he a good officer or a major criminal? Promo
  • Netflix THE PERFECT MOTHER – Friday, June 3 Show More
    Convinced of her daughter’s innocence in a homicide, a devoted mother soon uncovers unsettling truths as the line between victim and perpetrator blurs. Promo
  • Netflix AS THE CROW FLIES – Friday, June 3 Show More
    A young fan maneuvers her way into a seasoned anchor’s newsroom but soon confronts the dark side of ambition, envy and the desire to be seen. Promo
  • Netflix TWO SUMMERS – Friday, June 3 Show More
    A close circle of friends reunites for a lavish holiday — decades after one of them was the victim of a sexual assault committed by others in the group. Promo
  • Netflix SURVIVING SUMMER – Friday, June 3 Show More
    Expelled from school and exiled to Australia, a rebel New York teen makes waves among a young surfer’s inner circle — and leaves a mess in her wake. Promo
    Spock Amok
    A personal visit causes a comedy of errors during Spock & Pike’s crucial negotiations with an unusual alien species. Promo
  • Showtime I LOVE THAT FOR YOU – Sunday, May 29, 8:30 PM Show More
    Daddy’s Lil’ Cookies
    Joanna pushes Patricia to face her startling discovery head-on. Jackie looks for guidance from her astrologer Pam while Darcy makes an impulsive purchase. 
  • Showtime THE FIRST LADY – Sunday, May 29, 9:00 PM Show More
    Eleanor doubles down on her efforts to confront racism; Betty helps Jerry secure the Republican nomination for reelection while her problems with addiction worsen; Michelle grieves after gun violence tragedies and advocates for legislative action. Promo
  • Showtime THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH – Sunday, May 29, 10:00 PM Show More
    Moonage Daydream
    Faraday is staggered to discover he’s unable to decipher Newton’s blueprint for the machine. The mission grinds to a halt until Faraday discovers long buried truths about the relationship between earth and his home planet of Anthea. Promo
  • Starz Gaslit – Sunday, May 29, 8:08PM Show More
    Frank Wills, the security guard who lost his job at the Watergate over the break-in, struggles with his newfound fame. Promo
  • Starz P-VALLEY – Friday, June 3, 10:00PM Show More
    STARZ released today the full-length trailer and key art for “P-Valley” season two. The critically acclaimed drama series from creator, executive producer, and Pulitzer Prize-winner Katori Hall returns for its highly anticipated sophomore season on Friday, June 3 at midnight on the STARZ app, STARZ streaming and on-demand platforms and internationally on the STARZPLAY premium streaming platform in the UK and key territories across Latin America. It will also premiere across Europe later this summer. On linear, “P-Valley” season two debuts on STARZ on June 3 at 9pm ET/PT in the U.S. and Canada. New episodes will premiere every Sunday at 10pm ET/PT beginning June 12 with episode 202. “P-Valley” season one is currently streaming on the STARZ App and airing on linear every Sunday through May 29. Promo
  • UP Tv LOVE UNDER THE LEMON TREE – Sunday, May 29, 7:00PM Show More
    After being laid off from her job, budding photographer Beck realizes her dreams and enters a lucrative destination photography contest, heading off to the island of Serenity where her photography bug first. Staying at the Lemon Tree Farm, Beck is determined to help the handsome owner save his picturesque farm with the power of social media. Promo
  • UP Tv HEARTLAND – Thursday, June 2, 8:00PM Show More
    Bad Moon Rising
    Amy discovers a teen with a gift for horses at Cooper’s therapy centre, Lou is pressured to shut the centre down over recent break-ins and Lisa has Jack install a security system with Parker’s “help”. Promo
  • UP Tv MYSTIC – Thursday, June 2, 9:00PM Show More
    Set on the fictional peninsula of Kauri Point, New Zealand, Mystic tells the story of Issie Brown and her new-found friendships with the town’s teen horse riders, and their efforts to save Kauri Point from an industrial development that threatens it. Originally launched internationally in 2020, Mystic stars Macey Chipping, Laura Patch, Cathy Downes, Kirk Torrance, Antonia Robinson and Max Crean. Promo
  • UP Tv MYSTIC – Thursday, June 2, 9:30PM Show More
    The Bond
    Issie tries hard to save her rescue horse’s life before her flight leaves for the UK. Promo
  • UP Tv THE WEDDING PLANNERS – Friday, June 3, 8:00PM Show More
    The Wedding Planners revolves around Paige, James and Hannah Clarkson when they inherit their mother’s wedding business and quickly become passionate about the most important day of a couple’s life… planning beautiful, one-of-a-kind weddings. The Wedding Planners is a Canadian series starring Kimberly-Sue Murray, Madeline Leon and Michael Seater. Promo
  • UP Tv THE WEDDING PLANNERS – Friday, June 3, 8:58PM Show More
    One Funeral, Two Weddings
    After only recently reuniting, tragedy strikes, and the Clarkson siblings have to support each other. Despite having to deal with their loss, they decide to keep the family business afloat by working together. Promo




  • ABC Holey Moley: Can You Feel The Urge? (5/31) Show More
    “Can You Feel The Urge?” – On an all-new episode of “Holey Moley: FORE-EVER!,” airing TUESDAY, MAY 31 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC, eight contestants joust their way to victory on King Parthur’s Court, attempt to avoid a slip-up at Hole Number Two and face off in a neck-and-neck race that erupts at Polecano to win the golden putter, coveted plaid jacket and a spot in the finals. Meanwhile, Rob Riggle convinces Kermit the Frog to recruit Big Mean Carl, The Swedish Chef and Animal to help save the show. (TV-PG, D)
  • ABC The Chase: Dressed To Kill, Here To Love (5/31) Show More
    “Dressed To Kill, Here To Love” – Arguably one of “The Chase”’s most debonair Chasers to date, Buzzy “The Stunner” Cohen, known for his flashy personal style and razor-sharp wit, makes his featured debut as Chaser. Cohen faces off in a trivia battle against a stay-at-home mom, federal employee and copywriter while Sara Haines (ABC’s “The View”) hosts. The all-new episode of “The Chase” airs TUESDAY, MAY 31 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC.
  • ABC Who Do You Believe?: What the Sisters Saw – Part 2 (5/31) Show More
    “What the Sisters Saw – Part 2” – The riveting battle between Celeste Beard and her twin teenage daughters continues to unfold in part two of this unbelievable true-crime story. Secret recordings and a shocking confession point suspicion toward Celeste and her best friend’s possible involvement. When the walls start closing in on Celeste, her daughters go on the run fearing their own lives could be in danger. With family members now foes, who is to blame for their epic collapse and who is telling the truth? A new episode of “Who Do You Believe?” airs TUESDAY, MAY 31 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-14, LSV)
  • ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live: NBA Finals Game Night (6/2) Show More
    “Jimmy Kimmel Live: NBA Finals Game Night” Primetime Episodes Return for the 2022 NBA Finals on ABC
    Returning for the 15th consecutive year in conjunction with the NBA Finals, ABC will present “Jimmy Kimmel Live: NBA Finals Game Night,” airing each night in primetime beginning with Game 1 on Thursday, June 2.
    Adam Sandler, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez, Martin Lawrence and Samuel L. Jackson Set To Appear as Guests
    Returning for the 15th consecutive year in conjunction with the NBA Finals, ABC will present “Jimmy Kimmel Live: NBA Finals Game Night,” airing each night in primetime beginning with Game 1 on Thursday, June 2.
    “Jimmy Kimmel Live: NBA Finals Game Night” primetime specials celebrate a unique blend of entertainment and sports with “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”‘s signature comedy bits and an all-star lineup of guests, including Adam Sandler, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez, Martin Lawrence and Samuel L. Jackson with special surprise appearances as well.
    “Jimmy Kimmel Live: NBA Finals Game Night” primetime specials air 8 p.m. EDT/7 p.m. CDT and following the NBA Finals on the West Coast on ABC.
  • ABC NBA Countdown Presented by DoorDash (6/2) Show More
    NBA Countdown – Finals Game 1
    Previewing Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Mike Greenberg hosts with Stephen A. Smith and Jalen Rose. Airing Thursday, June 02, 2022 (8:31 PM-9:00 PM EST) on ABC.
  • ABC NBA Finals Presented by YouTube TV, Game 1 (6/2) Show More
    Game 1: NBA Finals
    Airing Thursday, June 02, 2022 (9:00 PM-11:30 PM EST) on ABC.
  • Bravo The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Wednesday, June 1, 8:00PM Show More
    The Crystal Conundrum
    Crystal talks through her differences with the group, but the conversation takes an unexpected detour when she brings up old wounds — a stunning revelation that leaves Kyle completely confused. Erika tries to justify her stance on Tom’s legal situation, but Garcelle isn’t impressed. Lisa’s world is turned upside down by a family tragedy, Dorit begins therapy and Diana is confused by Sutton’s dietary choices. Preview 
  • Bravo The Real Housewives of Dubai – Wednesday, June 1, 9:00PM Show More
    Bravo arrives in a desert oasis as “The Real Housewives of Dubai” premieres with a supersized episode on Wednesday, June 1 from 9:00-10:15pm ET/PT. As the first original international iteration of the popular franchise, the series follows the opulent, over-the-top lives of Nina Ali, Chanel Ayan, Caroline Brooks, Dr. Sara Al Madani, Lesa Milan and network fan-favorite Caroline Stanbury. As the 11th city in the franchise, “The Real Housewives of Dubai” follows a powerful group of lavish women as they run business empires and expertly navigate a highly exclusive social scene within this ultra-luxe Billionaire’s Playground. Whether they’re dining on a mountainside overlooking a valley of 1,000 camels or hosting the wedding event of the year, these ambitious and glamorous women prove everything is more extravagant in the “City of Gold.'” When new group dynamics threaten long-standing friendships, tensions inevitably reach a boiling point, so if you can’t handle the heat… get out of Dubai. Preview 
    HIGH VELOCITY – Following the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Scott Pelley revisits a 2018 report on AR-15-style weapons with rounds causing such devastating and often lethal wounds that first responders and emergency rooms are changing their protocols and preparing for the worst. Ashley Velie is the producer. Preview
    THE GREEN RIVER DRIFT – 60 MINUTES cameras cover the longest-running cattle drive in America, begun 125 years ago and carried on today by the descendants of the original drivers. Bill Whitaker reports from Wyoming. Rome Hartman is the producer. Preview
    CALIGULA’S GARDENS – The gardens of the Roman emperor Caligula have been discovered and excavated, and some of the most remarkable finds are now on display for the first time. How does this affect scholarly efforts to take a new look at the emperor and whether he was as cruel and depraved as he’s been made out to be? Anderson Cooper reports from Rome. Andy Court is the producer. Preview
    Editor’s Note: These previously broadcast segments have been updated for this post-season edition.
  • CBS LET’S MAKE A DEAL  – Wednesday, June 1 Show More
    June 1 Special Celebrates National “Let’s Make a Deal” Day,
    Featuring Legacy Contestants and Classic Clips from the Iconic Game Show
    LET’S MAKE A DEAL PRIMETIME, hosted by Emmy Award winner Wayne Brady, is back this summer with two new specials, to be broadcast Wednesday, June 1 and Wednesday, June 8 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.
    The June 1 special celebrates national LET’S MAKE A DEAL Day, featuring new and legacy contestants competing for amazing prizes, as well as hilarious bloopers and classic clips from the iconic game show throughout its history. For the first time ever, one trader could even win a cruise around the world! The June 8 primetime special features a costume extravaganza and over $500,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs.
    As previously announced, LET’S MAKE A DEAL is currently nominated for two Daytime Emmy® Awards, for Outstanding Game Show and Outstanding Game Show Host (Wayne Brady). The 49TH ANNUAL DAYTIME EMMY® AWARDS will air live Friday, June 24 (9:00-11:00 PM, live ET, delayed PT) on CBS.
    Special Celebrates the Queen’s Unprecedented 70-Year Reign and Looks Ahead to the Future of the British Monarchy
    CBS News will mark the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN: A GAYLE KING SPECIAL, to be broadcast Thursday, June 2 (10-11 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network and streaming on Paramount+.
    HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN: A GAYLE KING SPECIAL will look at the triumphs and the turbulence surrounding the queen’s unprecedented milestone and the strength it has taken to move her family and her country forward. The broadcast will feature the high points of her extraordinary reign, and interviews with those she has touched along the way, including Sir Paul McCartney, who has a lifelong connection to the queen. The special includes insight from royal experts such as CBS News royal contributor Tina Brown and royal commentator Wesley Kerr. (Additional interviews will be announced closer to air.)
    On June 2, 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses, 400 musicians and the British royal family will come together in a spectacular parade for their queen, who has ruled longer than any other monarch in British history. Millions will mark this historic moment, kicking off four days of festivities, full of symbolism and tradition to pay tribute to Her Majesty. She was only 25 years old when she became queen. Now, over 70 years later, Queen Elizabeth II has become one of the most respected and popular people on the planet.
  • CBS COME DANCE WITH ME – Friday, June 3 Show More
    Jet Setters – Airing Friday, June 3 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. SIX TEAMS PERFORM DANCES INSPIRED BY THEIR DREAM DESTINATIONS, ON “COME DANCE WITH ME” FRIDAY, JUNE 3 ON CBS
    “Jet-Setters” – Six teams perform dances inspired by their dream destinations, and one team makes history when they receive the first-ever perfect score in the competition, on the CBS Original series COME DANCE WITH ME, Friday, June 3 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. The parent-kid teams perform to hit songs, including “Dynamite” (BTS), “Despacito” (Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee), “How Far I’ll Go” (Kurt Hugo Schneider & Diamond White) and more.
    COME DANCE WITH ME features exceptionally talented young dancers from across the country who invite one untrained family member who has supported their dance dreams to be their partner, for a chance to strut their stuff for a grand prize. Throughout the season, the teams will learn different dance routines, from hip hop and ballroom to contemporary and theatrical, among others, and will tackle a fierce new performance each week in hopes of earning top scores from the judges and continuing in the competition. At the end of every episode, the two lowest-scoring teams will battle each other in a freestyle dance-off, as the judges determine which team will be eliminated and which will advance. The kid/parent teams perform to hit songs for some of the biggest names in dance, the series judges: Jenna Dewan, Dexter Mayfield and Tricia Miranda. GRAMMY® Award-winning songwriter Philip Lawrence hosts the series.
    COME DANCE WITH ME is from creators and executive producers Chris O’Donnell, LL COOL J (stars of CBS’ NCIS: LOS ANGELES) and 3 Ball Productions, part of 3BMG, in association with CBS Studios. Executive producers for 3 Ball are Reinout Oerlemans, Ross Weintraub and Jeff Altrock. Jeff Thacker, Nick Florez and RJ Durell also are executive producers.
  • CBS 48 HOURS – Saturday, June 4 48 HOURS” DOUBLE FEATURE Show More
    Airing Saturday, June 4 (9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network – “ – 48 HOURS: “The Diary of Martha Moxley” – Since 1975, the tony neighborhood of Belle Haven, in Greenwich, Conn., has been haunted by the death of Martha Moxley, a 15-year-old girl who was bludgeoned with a golf club. 48 HOURS and correspondent Erin Moriarty take a new look at the case through the first television interviews with two of Moxley’s friends, and through her own writings, in an encore of “The Diary of Martha Moxley” to be broadcast Saturday, June 4 (9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network and streaming on Paramount+. Watch a preview.
    48 HOURS: “The Black Swan Murder?” – On a night in September 2020, Ashley Benefield, a former ballerina and bikini model, walked to her neighbor’s house and said she shot her husband Doug Benefield in self-defense. But was it? Correspondent Jim Axelrod and 48 HOURS investigate the death of Doug Benefield and the May-December relationship between Doug and Ashley in an encore of “The Black Swan Murder?” to be broadcast Saturday, June 4 (10:00 PM, ET/PT) and streaming on Paramount+. Watch a preview.
    48 HOURS is broadcast Saturdays at 10:00 PM, ET/PT on CBS, and streams anytime on Paramount+. There’s also a new way to watch 48 HOURS. You’ll find us on the CBS News Streaming Network Wednesdays at 8:00 PM, ET. Download the CBS News app on your phone or connected TV. TBA
  • The CW Would I Lie To You? – Saturday, June 4 Show More
    “Babysitting Lemurs” – (8:30-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, DL) (HDTV)
    IT’S A JUNGLE OUT THERE – Don’t miss stories you won’t hear anywhere else from guest stars Brooke Shields, Sal Vulcano, Amber Ruffin, and Ayad Akthar as they try to fool host host Aasif Mandvi and team captains Matt Walsh and Sabrina Jalees – and eachother! Can you figure out if these wildly hilarious tales are fact or fiction? (#107). Every episode of WOULD I LIE TO YOU? will be available to stream on The CW App and CWTV.com the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. Original airdate 6/4/2022.
  • The CW Masters Of Illusion – Saturday, June 4 Show More
    “Body Transformation” – (9:00-9:30 p.m. ET) (TV-PG) (HDTV)
    PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES – Hosted by Dean Cain, “Masters of Illusion” features amazing magic performed by cutting-edge illusionists, escape artists and performers displaying skills ranging from perplexing interactive mind magic to hilarious comedy routines – all in front of a studio audience. Magicians featured in this episode include Ed Alonzo, Joshua Jay, Rob Lake, Tetro, Naathan Phan, Bill Cook and Paige Thompson (#808). Original airdate 6/4/2022.
  • FOX DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS! – Monday, May 30 Show More
    “DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS!” – (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    Hosted by Emmy Award nominee Niecy Nash, the all-new revival of the popular game show challenges contestants’ musical memory, as they get one song closer to winning $1 million if they DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS! Contestants will choose songs from different genres, decades and musical artists. Then they’ll take center stage to sing alongside the studio band as the lyrics are projected on screen – but when the music stops and the words disappear, will the contestants belt out the correct missing lyrics, or freeze under pressure? If they sing nine songs correctly, they are presented with a No. 1 hit and will attempt to sing the final missing lyrics for the top prize of $1 million. A property manager from Lafayette, LA, and a musical church minister from Avondale, AZ, compete in the all-new “Rock and Soul!” episode of DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS! airing Monday, May 30 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (DFL-102) (TV-PG D,L)
  • FOX BEAT SHAZAM – Monday, May 30 Show More
    “BEAT SHAZAM” – (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) CC-AD-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    Hosted by Jamie Foxx, BEAT SHAZAM is the unique and interactive game show that pits teams of two against the clock and each other as they try to identify the biggest hit songs of all time. In the end, the team with the highest score will outlast the competition and go against Shazam, the popular song identification app, for the chance to win up to one million dollars. Teams battle to take home the second million-dollar prize in the all-new “Holding Out for a Hero!” episode of BEAT SHAZAM airing Monday, May 30 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (BSH-502) (TV-PG D,L)
  • FOX MASTERCHEF – Wednesday, June 1 Show More
    “MASTERCHEF” – (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) CC-AD-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    The audition battles continue this week on the most competitive season of MASTERCHEF yet. For those who fell short in past seasons, these auditions are a chance to fulfill their culinary dreams. This week, three chefs who competed on MASTERCHEF JUNIOR enter the kitchen for the first time as adults in the all-new “Back to Win – Audition Battles (Part 2)” episode of MASTERCHEF airing Wednesday, June 1 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (MC-1202) (TV-14 L)
  • FOX SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE – Wednesday, June 1 Show More
    “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE” – (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    The third round of auditions begins on the hit dance competition series SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, as highly skilled dancers between the ages of 18 and 30 showcase their talents in various dance styles, including contemporary, tap, hip-hop, ballroom, animation, breaking and more. Those who are selected to move on to the SYTYCD studio will work with world-renowned choreographers and compete each week in a variety of styles, with brand-new twists and turns introduced into the competition. The series is judged by a dynamic new judging panel – Stephen “tWitch” Boss, Emmy-, Tony- and Golden Globe-nominated artist Matthew Morrison and dancer, singer and digital sensation JoJo Siwa. The season also features returning host Cat Deeley. See which dancers have what it takes in the all-new “Auditions Show 3” episode of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE airing Wednesday, June 1 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (DAN-1703) (TV-14 D, L)
  • FOX MASTERCHEF – Thursday, June 2 Show More
    “MASTERCHEF” – (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) CC-AD-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    Another All-New Episode of MASTERCHEF JUNIOR Airs Tonight at 9/8c on FOX
    MASTERCHEF JUNIOR Season One winner Alexander Weiss makes a surprise return, as the chefs are challenged to filet as many fish as they can in 15 minutes. The three chefs who filet the least number of fish will need to create a show-stopping salmon dish to make it to the final four in the all-new “Junior Edition: Alexander In A Box” episode of MASTERCHEF airing Thursday, June 2 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (JRM-812) (TV-PG L)
  • FOX MASTERCHEF – Thursday, June 2 Show More
    “MASTERCHEF” – (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) CC-AD-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    The four remaining junior chefs pair up with WWE Superstars, who are much more comfortable in the ring. The winning junior receives tickets to a WWE match! In the elimination challenge, the chefs prepare one of Gordon Ramsay’s signature dishes. Find out whose dish can live up to the great Gordon Ramsay’s in the all-new “Junior Edition: WWE Tag Team” episode of MASTERCHEF airing Thursday, June 2 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (JRM-813) (TV-PG L)
  • FOX WWE’S FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN – Friday, June 3 Show More
    “WWE’S FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN” – (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 Video Clips
    A unique combination of edge-of-your-seat action, unpredictable drama and world-class athleticism, FOX Sports presents WWE’S FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN airing Friday, June 3 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. (WWE-2422) (TV-PG D, L, S, V)
  • FOX BASEBALL NIGHT IN AMERICA – Saturday, June 4 Show More
    **FOX SPORTS**–“BASEBALL NIGHT IN AMERICA” – (7:00 PM-CC ET live/4:00 PM-CC PT live) CC- HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1
    FOX MLB continues its regionalized baseball broadcasts with two exciting matchups, airing Saturday, June 4, (7:00 PM-CC ET live/4:00 PM-CC PT live) on FOX. (FSP-2270) (n/a)
    Regionalized Games:
    Los Angeles Angels at Philadelphia Phillies
    St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs
    05/30/2022 (08:00PM – 10:00PM) (Monday) : Fan-favorites compete in the wildest head-to-head American Ninja Warrior competition ever. The iconic ANW obstacles get super-sized, some going as high as 80 into the Las Vegas skyline. All-star ninjas face-off in challenges including The Big Dipper, The Striding Steps, Spring Forward and the first-ever Cat Grab. Hosts Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbajabiamila, and Zuri Hall, keep the fun going on the most unpredictable ninja night of the year. TV-PG
    05/22/2022 (09:00PM – 11:00PM) (Sunday) : Dateline’s Two-Hour “The Road Trip” Airs Sunday, May 22 at 9 p.m./8 p.m. CT
    THE STORY: When Dr. Teresa Sievers is found murdered in her kitchen, detectives struggle to find any leads until an unexpected tip changes everything.
    REPORTED BY: Dennis Murphy
    INTERVIEWS WITH: Homicide Detectives David Lebid and Michael Downs, Defense Attorney Mike Mummert, Teresa’s friends and more.
    WHERE: Bonita Springs, Florida
    05/31/2022 (08:00PM – 10:01PM) (Tuesday) : “America’s Got Talent” returns with Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara. Terry Crews is back as host. In the season premiere, variety acts featuring contestants of all ages audition for the chance to win the $1 million prize. The Golden Buzzer is back, allowing a lucky act the chance to go directly to the live shows to compete for America’s vote. TV-PG
    05/31/2022 (10:01PM – 11:00PM) (Tuesday) : A flight attendant, teacher, jiu-jitsu instructor and nine other contestants from across the country enter the “Dancing with Myself” pods to battle it out over six dance challenges set by celebrity creators Shakira, Nick Jonas and Liza Koshy. Camille Kostek hosts. TV-PG D, L
    06/03/2022 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Friday) : DATELINE NBC TO AIR ALL-NEW ‘THE JACKET’ ON FRIDAY
    Dateline’s All-New “The Jacket” Airs Friday, June 3 at 10 p.m./9 p.m. CT
    THE STORY: When 18-year-old Anjelica “AJ” Hadsell disappears from her Virginia home, the unpredictable investigation into her inner circle of trusted friends and family reveals a sinister betrayal. In network exclusive interviews, AJ’s stepfather Wesley Hadsell and two of her close friends speak to Dateline correspondent Andrea Canning.
    REPORTED BY: Andrea Canning WHERE: Norfolk, Virginia
    INTERVIEWS WITH: AJ’s stepfather Wesley Hadsell, Norfolk Police Detective David Benjamin, Prosecutor Toni Colvin, AJ’s friends Corey French and Andre Barr, and more.
    Now in its 30th season, Dateline NBC is the longest-running series in NBC primetime history. Dateline is anchored by Lester Holt and features correspondents Andrea Canning, Josh Mankiewicz, Keith Morrison and Dennis Murphy.
  • TBS FULL FRONTAL WITH SAMANTHA BEE – Thursday, June 2, 10:00PM Show More
    6/2/22 (Th.) 10:00 PM – Nurses are exhausted from their two-and-a-half year bullshit marathon. Preview
  • USA Network WWE RAW – Monday, May 30, 8:00PM Show More
  • USA Network WWE NXT – Tuesday, May 31, 8:00PM Show More



  • ABC America’s Funniest Home Videos: 3214 (5/29) (Rebroadcast. OAD: 3/6/22) Show More
    “3214” – Don’t miss “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” featuring sports mishaps, kids getting upset after being told their mom is expecting, and things in toilets that definitely shouldn’t be. “America’s Funniest Home Videos” airs SUNDAY, MAY 29 (7:00-8:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-PG)
  • ABC Celebrity Family Feud: Rob Lowe vs. Terrence Howard (5/29) (Rebroadcast. OAD: 6/6/21) Show More
    “Rob Lowe vs. Terrence Howard” – Hosted by Steve Harvey, “Celebrity Family Feud” features the star of “9-1-1: Lone Star” Rob Lowe playing against actor Terrence Howard, SUNDAY, MAY 29 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-14) Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres. (Rebroadcast. OAD: 6/6/21)
  • ABC Celebrity Family Feud: Zach Braff & Donald Faison vs. Neil Flynn and Wendi McLendon-Covey vs. Patrick Warburton (5/29) (Rebroadcast. OAD: 6/13/21) Show More
    “Zach Braff & Donald Faison vs. Neil Flynn and Wendi McLendon-Covey vs. Patrick Warburton” – It’s an epic “family” reunion when the cast of “Scrubs,” led by Zach Braff and Donald Faison, faces off against Neil Flynn and his “Beer Shark Mice” improv crew as they test their skills and compete for charity. In the next game, actor Wendi McClendon-Covey, along with her family and “Generation Ripe” podcast partner, go head-to-head against actor Patrick Warburton and his family, airing SUNDAY, MAY 29 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-14, D) Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres. (Rebroadcast. OAD: 6/13/21)
  • ABC The $100,000 Pyramid: Rosie O’Donnell vs Nate Berkus and Michael Kosta vs Roy Wood Jr. (5/29) (Rebroadcast. OAD: 5/26/21) Show More
    “Rosie O’Donnell vs Nate Berkus and Michael Kosta vs Roy Wood Jr.” – Michael Strahan returns as host of “The $100,000 Pyramid” and he’s bringing the hottest names in film, TV, sports, entertainment and comedy with him to ABC beginning with Rosie O’Donnell, Nate Berkus, Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr., SUNDAY, MAY 29 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres. (Rebroadcast. OAD: 5/26/21)
  • ABC The Wonderful World of Disney: Zootopia (5/30) (Rebroadcast.) Show More
    Broadcast Premieres of Two Beloved Oscar®-Winning Animated Films, Set To Air on ABC
    ‘Zootopia’ and ‘Brave’ To Premiere on Two Consecutive Mondays,
    Beginning May 30 at 8 P.M.
    ABC caps off its spring series of “The Wonderful World of Disney” films with the broadcast premiere of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Zootopia” on MONDAY, May 30 (8:00 p.m. EDT), followed by the broadcast premiere of Disney and Pixar’s exhilarating “Brave” on MONDAY, JUNE 6 (8:00 p.m. EDT).
    “Zootopia” – Monday, May 30 (8:00-10:30 p.m. EDT)  Promo
    Determined to prove herself, Officer Judy Hopps, the first bunny on Zootopia’s police force, jumps at the chance to crack her first case — even if it means partnering with scam-artist fox Nick Wilde to solve the mystery.
    “Brave” – Monday, Jun. 6 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT)
    Merida, an impulsive young lady and daughter to King Fergus and Queen Elinor, is determined to carve her own path in life. Defying the age-old and sacred customs, Merida’s actions inadvertently unleash chaos and anger from the other Scottish lords, and in the process, she stumbles upon an eccentric and wise old woman who grants her ill-fated wish. The ensuing peril forces Merida to discover the true meaning of bravery in order to undo a beastly curse before it’s too late. Promo
  • ABC The Conners: Let’s All Push Our Hands Together For The Stew Train and The Conners Furniture (5/30) (Rebroadcast. OAD: 11/17/21) Show More
    “Let’s All Push Our Hands Together For The Stew Train and The Conners Furniture” – The Lunch Box is busier than ever, and when Jackie devises an offbeat plan of how to serve the customers, it’s anything but smooth service. Meanwhile, Dan begins to sell some furniture to make room for his new bride and her things but finds it a bit harder to let go than he thought on “The Conners,” MONDAY, MAY 30 (10:30-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. Promo
  • ABC The Conners: Yard Sale, Phone Fail, And a College Betrayal (6/1)(Rebroadcast. OAD: 12/1/21) Show More
    “Yard Sale, Phone Fail, And a College Betrayal” – As Louise starts to move into the Conner’s home, Dan decides to sell the furniture set he bought for Roseanne when they were first married. However, he soon finds parting with the furniture – and old memories – harder than he thought it would be on “The Conners,” WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-PG DL) Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres. (Rebroadcast. OAD: 12/1/21) Promo
  • ABC The Goldbergs: The Goldbergs’ Excellent Adventure (6/1) (Rebroadcast. OAD: 9/22/21) Show More
    “The Goldbergs’ Excellent Adventure” – This episode revolves around the iconic ‘80s family paying tribute to Pops. Together they venture down memory lane by visiting Pops’ favorite stomping grounds. Adam Goldberg, forever with camera in hand, captures the outing – theming it to “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” Hijinks and hilarity ensue, and we are reminded that there is no bond greater than family on “The Goldbergs,” airing WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1 (8:30-9:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-PG, DL) Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres. (Rebroadcast. OAD: 9/22/21) Promo
  • ABC Abbott Elementary: Wishlist (6/1) (Rebroadcast. OAD: 1/11/22) Show More
    “Wishlist” – It’s Wishlist Week at Abbott: a chance for teachers to ask the local community for new school supplies. Janine takes to TikTok and with Ava’s assistance, her video is a success and goes viral. Feeling confident, Janine and Ava make a video for Barbara behind her back after she declines their help. Later, Janine encourages Gregory to decorate his classroom on “Abbott Elementary,” WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1 (9:00-9:31 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-PG) Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres. (Rebroadcast. OAD: 1/11/22)
    “Wishlist” was written by Morgan Murphy and directed by Randall Einhorn. Promo
  • ABC Home Economics: Bottle Service, $800 Plus Tip (25% Suggested) (6/1) (Rebroadcast. OAD: 10/06/21) Show More
    “Bottle Service, $800 Plus Tip (25% Suggested)” – The family is in for a wild night out when they accompany Connor to a club to help him jumpstart his dating life. When Tom steps up as Connor’s wingman, things don’t exactly go as planned on “Home Economics,” WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1 (9:31-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres. (Rebroadcast. OAD: 10/06/21)
    Guest starring is Katie Wee as Bianca, Richa Moorjani as Maddie, Jon Daly as Sweaty Guy, Serenity Garcia as Mel, Hannah Hart as Jenna, Matthew Law as Brendan, Danielle Larracuente as Carmen and Jenson Cheng as Bouncer.
    “Bottle Service, $800 Plus Tip (25% Suggested)” was written by Julieanne Smolinski and directed by Matt Sohn. Promo
  • ABC Press Your Luck: Whammageddon! (6/1)(Rebroadcast. OAD: 8/18/21) Show More
    “Whammageddon!” – Host Elizabeth Banks is back to help contestants try to win those BIG BUCKS on “Press Your Luck,” WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. The stakes have never been higher as contestants try to avoid the iconic and devilish WHAMMY for a chance at life-changing cash and prizes. Banks is joined by contestants Keyla Ragland (hometown: Severn, California), Dulce Gomez (hometown: Newport Beach, California), and Craig Kuykendall (hometown: Redondo Beach, California). (TV-PG, L)
  • ABC Shark Tank: 1309 (6/3) (Rebroadcast. OAD: 1/14/22) Show More
    “1309” – Peter Jones, global business tycoon and original Dragon from BBC’s “Dragon’s Den” (the U.K. version of “Shark Tank”), brings his expertise from across the pond into the Tank in an all-new episode. First into the Tank are entrepreneurs from White Bear Lake and Champlain, Minnesota, who pitch their two-in-one common household tool designed and engineered to make cleaning quick and easy. Best friends from Los Angeles, California, introduce a healthier version of a favorite indulgence; while entrepreneurs from Santa Clarita, California, present their stylish men’s apparel line designed to help men stand out and feel confident. Black female entrepreneur from Chicago, Illinois, shows the Sharks the light with her problem-solving wearable design on “Shark Tank,” FRIDAY, JUNE 3 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-PG) Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following the premiere. (Rebroadcast. OAD: 1/14/22)
    In a Shark Tank update, Nick Hamburger and Zack Shreier from Glencoe, Illinois, update their investor, Daymond John, on Quevos, their egg-based snack chips.
    The Sharks in this episode are Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner and guest Shark Kevin Hart.
  • ABC 20/20 – Wave of Deceit (6/3) (Rebroadcast. OAD) Show More
    ‘20/20’ Uncovers How a Texas Stepmother’s Picture-Perfect Life Masked a Shocking Criminal Past of Bigamy and Murder
    Two-Hour Special Features Exclusive Interview with Laura Day, Whose 6-Year-Old Stepson Suspiciously Drowned Under Her Supervision
    ‘20/20’ Airs Friday, June 3 (9:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC, Next Day on Hulu
    Texas housewife Laura Day seemed to have it all: a large home on the water, a loving marriage with her husband David Syring, and a close relationship with her 6-year-old stepson, Taylor Syring. But when Taylor drowned on a beach trip with Day under suspicious circumstances, police discovered her shocking criminal past, and the façade of her picture-perfect life quickly came crashing down. A new “20/20,” in collaboration with Plum Pictures, features ABC News anchor John Quiñones’ exclusive interview with Day from prison, nearly a decade after her first-degree capital murder conviction for Taylor’s death. In the interview, Day opens up about what she claims really happened that day and her past crimes of bigamy and murder while also maintaining her innocence in Taylor’s death, alleging it was an accident. The program includes exclusive interviews with David; Kelly Syring, Taylor’s mother; and Britney Jensen, the prosecutor in Day’s trial. Additionally, the episode contains police footage of detectives interviewing Day, David, and key witness Rene Ruiz, who testified that he saw Day smiling as she drove her unconscious stepson away from the beach. It also reports on how authorities believe Day killed Taylor in order to keep David to herself. “20/20” airs Friday, June 3 (9:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC, next day on Hulu.
    ABC News’ “20/20” is an award-winning primetime program anchored by David Muir and Amy Robach. A proven leader as a long-form newsmagazine for over 40 years, “20/20” features unforgettable, character-driven true-crime mysteries, exclusive newsmaker interviews, hard-hitting investigative reports and in-depth coverage of high profile stories. The two-hour “20/20” events air Fridays from 9:01–11:00 p.m. EDT on ABC and are available to stream on ABC News digital platforms and Hulu. David Sloan is senior executive producer, and Janice Johnston is executive producer.
    *COPYRIGHT ©2022 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. (Repeat)
  • ABC The Rookie: Heart Beat (6/4) (Rebroadcast. OAD: 1/2/22) Show More
    “Heart Beat” – Now that John Nolan knows about Bailey’s past, he must decide if they still have a future. Meanwhile, when a plane crashes in the middle of the city the team races to find out why on “The Rookie,” SATURDAY, JUNE 4 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-14, V) Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres. (Rebroadcast. OAD: 1/2/22)
    Guest starring is Matthew Glave as Oscar Hutchinson, Arjay Smith as James Murray, Helena Mattson as Ashley McGrady and Steve Kazee as Jason Wyler
    “Heart Beat” was written by Fredrick Kotto and directed by SJ Main Muñoz. Promo
  • CBS THE EQUALIZER – Sunday, May 29 Show More
    “Somewhere Over the Hudson” – McCall helps a mob accountant, Bert Singer (Josh Cooke), scour the city for a lost ledger of evidence he must provide to the FBI in exchange for entrance into the Federal Witness Protection Program. Also, Mel frets over how to tell her best friend, who comforted her for years about Harry’s death, that Harry never died at all, on the CBS Original series THE EQUALIZER, Sunday, May 29 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. (OAD 3/13/22)
    WRITTEN BY: Rob Hanning
    BASED ON: The original series by Richard Lindheim & Michael Sloan
    DIRECTED BY: John Krokidas Promo
    “A Land of Wolves” – The NCIS team scrambles to find Kensi, when she is attacked and kidnapped by a mysterious militia group while helping a group of migrants cross the border, on the CBS Original series NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, May 29 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.* (OAD 1/9/22)
    WRITTEN BY: Justin Kohlas & Adam George Key
    DIRECTED BY: Tawnia McKieman Promo
    “Keep the Faith” – When Hondo returns as leader, the team is soon pulled into a dangerous case involving a large stockpile of cash and the Russian mob. Also, Daniel Sr. opens up to Hondo about a painful time in his past, on the CBS Original series S.W.A.T., Sunday, May 29 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. (OAD 12/3/21)
    WRITTEN BY: J. Stone Alston
    DIRECTED BY: John Showalter Promo
  • CBS THE NEIGHBORHOOD – Monday, May 30 Show More
    “Welcome to Your Match” – When Calvin and Tina enlist the services of a professional matchmaker for Marty, they can’t help but get too caught up in the process. Also, Dave and Gemma adopt new roles during an unexpected date night, on the CBS Original series THE NEIGHBORHOOD, Monday, May 30 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. (OAD 10/18/21)
    WRITTEN BY: Devanshi Patel
    DIRECTED BY: Victor Gonzalez Promo
  • CBS BOB ♥ ABISHOLA – Monday, May 30 Show More
    “The Devil’s Throuple” – Abishola is caught in the middle when Morenike agrees to be the “plus one” in Kemi and Chukwuemeka’s relationship. Also, when Bob refuses to pay for Douglas’ company car, he learns what it’s like to live on a budget, on the CBS Original series BOB ♥ ABISHOLA, Monday, May 30 (8:30-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. (OAD 11/1/21)
    STORY BY: Al Higgins, Gina Yashere and Dave Pilson
    TELEPLAY BY: Nathan Chetty, Gloria Bigelow and Jamarcus Turner
    DIRECTED BY: Beth McCarthy-Miller   
    “All Hands” – After a civilian research vessel in the North Atlantic picks up a small boat of wounded Navy officers, NCIS arrives on the ship and is forced to hide after discovering terrorists on board. Also, Agent Knight takes a paper doll with her on the mission to capture photos for her niece’s grade school class, on the CBS Original series NCIS, Monday, May 30 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. (OAD 1/17/21)
    WRITTEN BY: Christopher J. Waild
    DIRECTED BY: Martha Mitchell Promo
    “Gaijin” – When a Japanese sailor is killed on American soil and evidence links the case to the previous murder of the victim’s girlfriend back in Japan, NCIS must find the murderer before the wrong person is accused and the case triggers a diplomatic crisis. Also, Captain Milius makes a personal request to Tennant, on the CBS Original series NCIS: HAWAI`I, Monday, May 30 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. (OAD 10/18/21)
    WRITTEN BY: Ron McGee
    DIRECTED BY: Tim Andrew Promo
    “Pride and Prejudice” – When a Muslim college student and his younger brother are murdered, the team connects with the outraged imam of OA’s former mosque, who insists the victims were wrongly targeted as terrorists. Also, OA must reconsider where his loyalties lie when working the case with a Muslim anti-terrorist agent bent on solving the investigation through any means necessary, on the CBS Original series FBI, Tuesday, May 31 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. (OAD 2/22/22)
    DIRECTED BY: Alex Chapple
    STORY BY: Joe Halpin
    TELEPLAY BY: Kristy Lowrey Promo
  • CBS FBI: INTERNATIONAL – Tuesday, May 31 Show More
    “The Kill List” – The Fly Team must figure out how to keep the U.S. attorney general safe amid a possible security breach while she’s in Hungary for an important meeting. Also, Raines’ sister is in Budapest, on the CBS Original series FBI: INTERNATIONAL, Tuesday, May 31 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. (OAD 3/22/22)
    WRITTEN BY: Wade McIntyre
    DIRECTED BY: David Barrett Promo
  • CBS FBI: MOST WANTED – Tuesday, May 31 Show More
    “Incendiary” – The team hunts for a young man who is using napalm-style bombs to attack his targets. Also, with Tali away, Jess and Sarah begin to adjust to their empty nest, on the CBS Original series FBI: MOST WANTED, Tuesday, May 31 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. (OAD 1/4/22)
    WRITTEN BY: D. Dona Le
    DIRECTED BY: Milena Govich Promo
  • CBS THE PRICE IS RIGHT – Wednesday, June 1 Show More
    CBS’ top-rated daytime game show THE PRICE IS RIGHT, hosted by Drew Carey, returns to primetime with a special episode honoring first responders, Wednesday, June 1 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. An audience made up entirely of first responders – firefighters, EMTs, 911 operators, police officers and other workers on the frontlines – will be called to come on down and compete for amazing prizes, including luxury cars, vacations and more. (OAD 1/12/22)
  • CBS S.W.A.T. – Wednesday, June 1 Show More
    Series Star Alex Russell Makes His “S.W.A.T.” Directorial Debut
    “Safe House” – When an undocumented woman is violently abducted, the team forms an unlikely alliance to try and bring her home alive, on the CBS Original series S.W.A.T., Wednesday, June 1 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. Series star Alex Russell directed the episode. (OAD 12/10/21)
    WRITTEN BY: Mellori Velasquez
    DIRECTED BY: Alex Russell Promo
  • CBS YOUNG SHELDON – Thursday, June 2 Show More
    “The Yips and an Oddly Hypnotic Bohemian” – Sheldon gets the science yips and has to learn how to not think. Also, George Sr. plays handyman at Brenda Sparks’ house, on the CBS Original series YOUNG SHELDON, Thursday, June 2. (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. (OAD 12/9/21)
    STORY BY: Jeremy Howe & Marie Cheng & Ben Slaughter
    TELEPLAY BY: Nick Bakay & Yael Glouberman & Alex Ayers
    DIRECTED BY: Kabir Akhtar Promo
  • CBS UNITED STATES OF AL – Thursday, June 2 Show More
    “Wisdom/Hikmat” – While Al is heavily medicated following surgery on his wisdom teeth, he mistakenly insults Art, forcing Riley to choose sides. Also, Lizzie tries to broker a peace among Art, Riley and Al, on the CBS Original series UNITED STATES OF AL, Thursday, June 2 (8:31-9:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. (OAD 12/2/21)
    STORY BY: Dave Goetsch, Chuck Lorre, Habib Zahori
    TELEPLAY BY: Fahim Anwar, Anthony Del Broccolo, Andy Gordon
    DIRECTED BY: Mark Cendrowski   
    “Thorapy” – When Sam and Jay have the ghosts bunk together to free up rooms for guests at the B&B, they learn that Thorfinn has been having night terrors, which inspires Sam to enlist a therapist to help him. Also, Isaac makes a big, personal revelation after he’s compelled to seduce his new roommate, Hetty, on the CBS Original series GHOSTS, Thursday, June 2 (9:01-9:30 PM, ET/PT) on CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. (OAD 3/3/22)
    WRITTEN BY: John Blickstead and Trey Kollmer
    DIRECTED BY: Kimmy Gatewood Promo
  • CBS B POSITIVE – Thursday, June 2 Show More
    “Louisville, Bubbaroo and Sully” – Gina hires Peter’s son to be her lawyer, but things get complicated when he asks her out. Also, Drew and Harry’s van breaks down during their road trip, leaving them stranded, on the CBS Original series B POSITIVE, Thursday, June 2 (9:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. (OAD 1/20/22)
    STORY BY: Jim Patterson, Warren Bell and Adam Chase
    TELEPLAY BY: Heide Perlman, Jamie Rhonheimer and Jessica Kravitz
    DIRECTED BY: Scott Ellis Promo
  • CBS MAGNUM P.I. – Friday, June 3 Show More
    “Til Death” – When Magnum and Higgins are hired by an anxious groom to look into his bride-to-be on the eve of their wedding, what they think is a simple case of cold feet turns into a web of lies and a life-or-death situation for Higgins. Also, TC makes a touching decision on how to help Cade, on the CBS Original series MAGNUM P.I., Friday, June 3 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. (OAD 11/5/21)
    WRITTEN BY: Katie Varney
    DIRECTED BY: Eagle Eglisson Promo
  • CBS BLUE BLOODS – Friday, June 3 Show More
    Stacy Keach Guest Stars as Archbishop Kevin Kearns
    Will Hochman Returns as Joe Hill, the Newest Reagan Family Member
    “The Reagan Way” – Frank is at odds with his friend Archbishop Kearns (Stacy Keach) when he says the NYPD arrested the wrong man for a murder, but he can’t break the confessional seal to reveal the true killer’s identity. Also, Danny and Baez use unorthodox methods to work around the Church’s confidentiality constraints to find the real killer; Eddie defies Erin and the D.A.’s office to get justice for a sexual assault survivor; and Reagan family ties are put to the test when Jamie and his nephew, Joe Hill (Will Hochman), butt heads over fair police practices, on the CBS Original series BLUE BLOODS, Friday, June 3(10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. Stacy Keach guest stars as Archbishop Kevin Kearns, and Will Hochman returns as Joe Hill, the newest Reagan family member. (OAD 1/21/22)
    WRITTEN BY: Siobhan Byrne O’Connor
    DIRECTED BY: Jackeline Tejada   
    “Better Angels” – Bull and the TAC team are under pressure when they have just two days to prepare a defense for a midwife accused of practicing without a license. With time running out, the team tries to convince the private religious community of women their client helps to serve as character witnesses, on the CBS Original series BULL, Saturday, June 4 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. (OAD 11/11/21)
    WRITTEN BY: Gia Gordon
    DIRECTED BY: Dennis Smith Promo
    “TBA” (9:00 PM)
  • The CW Whose Line Is It Anyway? – Sunday, May 29 Show More
    “Jonathan Mangum 10” – (9:00-9:30 p.m. ET) (TV-14, DL) (HDTV)
    AUDIENCE PARTIPCATION – Hosted by comedian Aisha Tyler, cast members Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie, along with guest comedian Jonathan Mangum, put their comedic skills to the test through a series of spontaneous improv games that are prompted only by random ideas supplied by the studio audience. The four performers must use the little information they have and their wild imaginations to depict different characters and an array of scenes, as well as perform songs. After each round of improvisation, Aisha will dole out points to our four performers and declare a winner at the end of every episode. Directed by Geraldine Dowd (#908). Original airdate 3/12/2021.
  • The CW Would I Lie To You? – Sunday, May 29 Show More
    “Whatcha Doin’?” – (9:30-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, D) (HDTV)
    UP TO NO GOOD – The comedy continues when guest stars Julie Klausner, Preet Bharara, Shalewa Sharp, and Rachel Feinstein join host Aasif Mandvi and team captains Matt Walsh and Sabrina Jalees to weave more wild tales and make the rival team decide what is fact and what is fiction (#105). Every episode of WOULD I LIE TO YOU? will be available to stream on The CW App and CWTV.com the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. Original airdate 4/16/2022.
  • The CW World’s Funniest Animals – Monday, May 30 Show More
    “Summer Fling” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG) (HDTV)
    IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE SUMMER! – Elizabeth Stanton hosts this adorable summer special with cuteness galore! Messy mutts, cheeky cats, baby bunnies and baby chic fashion shows capture our hearts and make us laugh. All this and more while featuring commentary from Mikalah Gordon, Brian Cooper, Carmen Hodgson, Neel Ghosh, Maiara Walsh, Brandon Rodgers, Noah Matthews and special guest appearance by Ed Alonzo and Bob the duck. The special is produced by Associated Television International. Original airdate 8/4/2021.
  • The CW World’s Funniest Animals – Monday, May 30 Show More
    “Episode 206” – (9:00-9:30 p.m. ET) (TV-PG) (HDTV)
    AMY GUMENICK (“ARROW”) GUEST STARS – We have majestic mini horses, laughing lassies, burglar birds, a cat who wonders if dog food is as exciting as dogs make it seem to be, charging chickens, bathing bears, and dolphins who can really bust out some pretty amazing aerial maneuvers. Hosted by Elizabeth Stanton with special guest Amy Gumenick and commentary by Carmen Hogdson, Brandon Rogers, Mikalah Gordon, and Brian Cooper (#206). Original airdate 11/13/2021. Every episode of WORLD’S FUNNIEST ANIMALS will be available to stream on The CW App and CWTV.com the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required.
  • The CW World’s Funniest Animals – Monday, May 30 Show More
    “Episode 207” – (9:30-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG) (HDTV)
    SPECIAL GUEST NEIL BROWN JR (“SEAL TEAM”) JOINS IN ON THE FUN – We have mischievous monkeys, dreaming dogs, stealing seals, copy cats, a goat on a blind date?!, Delighted dogs, and a cat who loves World’s Funniest Animals! Hosted by Elizabeth Stanton with special guest Neal Brown Jr. and commentary by Brian Cooper, Mikalah Gordon, Carmen Hodgson and Noah Matthews (#207). Original airdate 11/20/2021. Every episode of WORLD’S FUNNIEST ANIMALS will be available to stream on The CW App and CWTV.com the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required.
    “Death Rises” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, DLV) (HDTV)
    ALL HANDS ON DECK – With a new Meta terrorizing the city, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) lends a hand to the local authorities, meanwhile Barry (Grant Gustin) gets an assist from Cecille (Danielle Nicolet) who helps to track the mass murderer. Phil Chipera directed the episode with the story by Alex Boyd and teleplay by Arielle McAlpin & Dan Fisk (#812). Original airdate 4/27/2022. Every episode of THE FLASH will be available to stream on The CW App and CWTV.com the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. Promo
  • The CW Kung Fu – Wednesday, June 1 Show More
    “The Alchemist” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, LV) (HDTV)
    SECRETS AND LIES – As Nicky (Olivia Liang) investigates the secrets behind a mysterious stone that Juliet (guest star Annie Q) is after, Henry (Eddie Liu) uncovers a shocking revelation about his father. Elsewhere, Althea (Shannon Dang) prepares for investor meetings for her app, and Dennis (Tony Chung) receives an ultimatum from his dad. Tzi Ma, Kheng Hua Tan, Jon Prasida, Gavin Stenhouse and Vanessa Kai also star. Richard Speight Jr. directed the episode written by Jon Bring (#207). Original airdate 4/27/2022. Every episode of KUNG FU will be available to stream on The CW App and CWTV.com the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. Promo
  • The CW Whose Line Is It Anyway? – Saturday, June 4 Show More
    “Kyle Richards 2” – (8:00-8:30 p.m. ET) (TV-14, DL) (HDTV)
    LAUGHING NEVER GOES OUT OF STLYE – WITH GUEST STAR APPEARANCE BY KYLE RICHARDS (“THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS”) – Hosted by comedian Aisha Tyler, cast members Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie, along with guest comedian Jonathan Mangum put their comedic skills to the test through a series of spontaneous improv games that are prompted only by random ideas supplied by the studio audience. The four performers must use the little information they have and their wild imaginations to depict different characters and an array of scenes, as well as perform songs. After each round of improvisation, Aisha will dole out points to our four performers and declare a winner at the end of every episode. Directed by Geraldine Dowd (#1008). Original airdate 4/9/2022.
  • The CW Masters Of Illusion – Saturday, June 4 Show More
    “The Bed of Nails and the Magic Wand – (9:30-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG) (HDTV)
    MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE – Hosted by Dean Cain, “Masters of Illusion” features amazing magic performed by cutting-edge illusionists, escape artists and performers displaying skills ranging from perplexing interactive mind magic to hilarious comedy routines – all in front of a studio audience. Magicians featured in this episode include Naathan Phan, Jonathan Goodwin, Eric Jones, Levent and Stuart MacDonald (#806). Original airdate 5/14/2022.
  • FOX CRIME SCENE KITCHEN – Tuesday, May 31 Show More
    **TIME PERIOD PREMIERE**–“CRIME SCENE KITCHEN” – (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1
    Can you walk into a kitchen and figure out what’s been baked solely by the ingredients and clues left behind? Hosted by Joel McHale, CRIME SCENE KITCHEN is the all-new baking competition with a unique twist. Each episode begins at the scene of the crime – a kitchen that was just used to make an amazing mouth-watering dessert that has since disappeared. The chef teams of two are challenged to scour the kitchen for clues and ingredients to figure out what was baked. Next, each team must duplicate the recipe based on their guess. To take the $100,000 prize, the competing dessert makers will need to prove they have the technical know-how, imagination and problem-solving skills needed to decode and re-create incredible desserts and cakes from across the world on an encore of the “Premiere” series premiere episode of CRIME SCENE KITCHEN airing Tuesday, May 31 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (CSK-101) (TV-14 D, L)
  • FOX SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE – Tuesday, May 31 Show More
    “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE” – (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1
    The first round of auditions begins on a brand-new season of the hit dance competition series SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, as highly skilled dancers between the ages of 18 and 30 showcase their talents in various dance styles, including contemporary, tap, hip-hop, ballroom, animation, breaking and more. Those who are selected to move on to the SYTYCD studio will work with world-renowned choreographers and compete each week in a variety of styles, with brand-new twists and turns introduced into the competition. The series introduces a new dynamic judging panel – welcoming home Stephen “tWitch” Boss, alongside Emmy-, Tony- and Golden Globe-nominated artist Matthew Morrison and dancer, singer and digital sensation JoJo Siwa. The new season also features returning host Cat Deeley. See which dancers have what it takes in an encore of the “Dance is Back! Auditions Show 1” season premiere episode of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE airing Tuesday, May 31 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (DAN-1701) (TV-PG D, L)
  • FOX I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE – Saturday, June 4 Show More
    Hosted by Ken Jeong, permanent panelists Cheryl Hines and Adrienne Bailon-Houghton and an additional rotating panel of celebrity detectives, must help one contestant tell the difference between good and bad singers, without ever hearing them sing a note. With $100,000 on the line and the celebrity panel by their side, the contestant will attempt to weed out the bad “Secret Voices” from the good, based on a series of clues, interrogation and lip synch challenges. New this season, contestants are given one chance to use the “Golden Mic,” which grants them advice from one secret mystery celebrity. In the end, the singer whom the contestant picks will reveal if they are good or bad in a duet performance with Kelly Rowland, resulting in an amazing musical collaboration or a totally hilarious train wreck in the “Episode 3: Kelly Rowland, Kelly Osbourne, Brian Austin Green, Cheryl Hines, Adrienne Houghton” episode of I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE airing Saturday, June 4 (11:00 PM-Midnight ET/PT) on FOX. (VOI-207) (TV-PG D, L)
    05/29/2022 (07:00PM – 08:00PM) (Sunday) : Host Jane Lynch leads eight strangers as they test their rapid-fire trivia knowledge. Only one champion will be left standing to take home up to $1 million and escape hearing the famous last words, “You are the weakest link. Goodbye.” TV-PG
    05/29/2022 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Sunday) : Emmy winner Jane Lynch returns as host of this international phenomenon. Eight strangers work as a team to play a high stakes game of trivia, then vote each other off one-by-one for a chance to win up to $1 million. TV-PG
    05/29/2022 (09:00PM – 11:00PM) (Sunday) : For the second straight year, 12 elite female competitors will battle in the American Ninja Warrior Women’s Championship. The competitors will battle across two daunting courses. The top 4 women will then advance to race head-to-head on the Power Tower, with the winner taking home $50,000 and becoming this year’s Women’s Champion. Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbajabiamila and Zuri Hall host. TV-PG
    05/30/2022 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Monday) : Host Jane Lynch leads eight strangers through the ultimate rapid-fire trivia game as teams build a bank worth up to $1 million. At the end of each round, it’s every player for themselves as they say goodbye to teammates whom they consider to be the weakest link. TV-PG
    06/01/2022 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Wednesday) : In the aftermath of the Vas-COM scandal, Goodwin clashes with the hospital’s new compliance officer. Crockett and Blake try to save a patient who has a son with severe autism. A patient’s son lies to his father about his diagnosis. TV-14 Promo
    06/01/2022 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) (Wednesday) : Gallo, Violet and Ritter debut their microbrewery business at Winterfest. Brett prepares to present her paramedicine program to an oversight panel. Firehouse 51 gets in the holiday spirit. TV-14 Promo
    06/01/2022 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Wednesday) : With the FBI closing in on the Roy Walton investigation, Voight and Halstead strategize on a way out. After a city bus driver is shot by a passenger, the team investigates a possible abduction. TV-14 Promo
    06/02/2022 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Thursday) : Newly acquainted partners, Bernard and Cosgrove, investigate the murder of a notorious entertainer. A dispute over throwing out a confession creates a rift in the DA’s office. TV-14 Promo
    06/02/2022 (9:00PM – 10:00PM) (Thursday) : The SVU is called in to help investigate a wave of hate crimes on Christmas Eve. Rollins catches up with an old flame. TV-14 Promo
    06/02/2022 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Thursday) : Stabler discovers Flutura’s true role in the family business. Bell asks a favor from Kilbride to move her case forward. Bernadette and Eli adjust to their new living situation. TV-14 Promo
    06/03/2022 (08:00PM – 10:00PM) (Friday) : Fan-favorites compete in the wildest head-to-head American Ninja Warrior competition ever. The iconic ANW obstacles get super-sized, some going as high as 80 into the Las Vegas skyline. All-star ninjas face-off in challenges including The Big Dipper, The Striding Steps, Spring Forward and the first-ever Cat Grab. Hosts Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbajabiamila, and Zuri Hall, keep the fun going on the most unpredictable ninja night of the year. TV-PG
    06/04/2022 (09:00PM – 11:00PM) (Saturday) : Dateline’s “The Box” Airs Saturday, June 4 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT
    THE STORY: Years after Bill Stout is found shot to death in his bed, his son uncovers new details in a box of case files.
    REPORTED BY: Keith Morrison WHERE: Darby, Montana
    INTERVIEWS WITH: Bill’s son Noah Stout, Ravalli County Attorney Bill Fulbright, Darby Marshal Larry Rose and more.
    Now in its 30th season, Dateline NBC is the longest-running series in NBC primetime history. Dateline is anchored by Lester Holt and features correspondents Andrea Canning, Josh Mankiewicz, Keith Morrison and Dennis Murphy.
    06/04/2022 (11:29PM) (Saturday) : John Mulaney is the guest host; LCD Soundsystem is the musical guest.
    Re-run from Episode aired Feb 26, 2022
    Sketches include – cold open: Ukrainian Chorus Dumka [real] performs “Prayer For Ukraine”;
    monologue: Mulaney does stand-up about his intervention, rehab, severing drug ties;
    TV show: Monkey Judge (Mulaney)- primate behavior impacts personal injury suit trial;
    TV commercial: (Cecily Strong) hyperbolically guilts (Heidi Gardner) into switching to Blue River Dog Food;
    skit: at a restaurant, broaching Covid-related topics has friends on eggshells;
    film: John Higgins, Ben Marshall, Martin Herlihy, Al Roker [real] dig new Covid;
    skit: 5ers TIF, Steve Martin, Candice Bergen, Elliott Gould [real] welcome Mulaney;
    song: musical guest LCD Soundsystem performs “Thrills”;
    skit: sketchy churro purchase yields musical numbers inspired by the NYC subway;
    TV show: Behind The Slime- clips from 1980 show early versions of Nickelodeon goo;
    song: LCD Soundsystem performs “Yr City’s A Sucker”; and
    skit: at her family reunion, Lisa’s husband Daniel is unexpectedly comfortable.



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Y&R Update Friday, May 27, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At the hotel, Jack told Phyllis that he wanted to take their relationship day to day and stay in sync. She was being seductive, and he was into it, but then Kyle texted wanting to meet, so Jack told Phyllis they’d have to put the breaks on. Phyllis hoped Kyle came to his senses about Diane soon. Jack said this was between Kyle and Diane. Phyllis didn’t want to see Kyle hurt. Jack didn’t either, but he wasn’t going to try and influence Kyle. He left. Phyllis said to herself that someone had to influence Kyle.

Summer ran into Chloe on the Crimson Lights patio and told her how great Tessa and Mariah’s wedding dresses were. Chloe said that Chelsea should get most of the credit. However, Chloe considered herself a genius-whisperer, and she said artists needed people like her and Summer to keep their creative juices flowing. That was Summer’s top responsibility as creative director at Marchetti. She thought artists could be a handful. Chloe said it was worth it, most of the time.

Diane and Kyle were at the Abbott house. They’d just gotten finished watching Harrison play with a `friend of his. They came inside and left the kids in the backyard with the other child’s mom. Kyle said that it was nice to have someone you could trust with your kid. Diane agreed that trust was important. He thanked her for not pushing things with Harrison. She assured him that he could set the pace. Jack came home. He didn’t expect to see Diane. He said she’d been invited. Kyle said Diane would be staying in town for a little while longer. Diane suspected Jack knew. He confirmed that Phyllis told him. Jack had assumed Kyle wanted to talk to him about his relationship with Diane and how it would look moving forward. Diane asked if Jack wanted her to leave so he could say how he really felt. He said he’d been careful not to influence Kyle, and he’d appreciate the same courtesy from her. She believed him, but she said Phyllis kicked her out of the hotel, hoping she’d leave town. She assumed Jack felt the same way. He said Phyllis acted on her own. Diane apologized to Jack. Jack told Kyle to be careful, because there was no coming back from this.

Diane said that all the opposition might backfire and, instead of driving a wedge between her and Kyle, it could make her and Kyle feel ganged up on. Diane thought Jack should ease up. She said she’d been nothing but open and honest with Kyle, so that they could have a meaningful relationship. Kyle tactfully suggested Diane might want to go settle in at the Club. She agreed. Before she left, she said Harrison could call her Dee-Dee, which was easy to say and didn’t have to mean anything. Kyle liked it. Diane left. Jack seethed. Jack told Kyle that Diane was still Diane. He said she’d framed this as her and Kyle against the world, minimizing the legitimate concerns of the people she hurt. Jack had promised to support Kyle, but he couldn’t turn a blind eye to her insinuating her way into Kyle’s life. Kyle agreed, but that was his mom, and they were a team for most of his childhood. He believed Diane when she said she was broken back then, but she intended to do better. Jack thought there would be a trial period before Kyle let Diane into his life. Kyle wished Jack and everyone else would take a deep breath and an open mind. Kyle had seen enough and had decided to give Diane this opening, and he wanted Jack to at least try and do the same. Jack promised to do his best.

Summer and Phyllis met for coffee at Crimson Lights. Phyllis mentioned that Kyle was meeting with Jack. Summer assumed Phyllis really wanted to meet because Diane was staying in town. Summer asked Phyllis to speak her mind. Phyllis thought it was very patient and mature of Summer to sit back and allowing Kyle to go through the pain and suffering of realizing his mother was the worst person on the planet. Phyllis stated that Jack was taking the same stance – letting Kyle realize for himself that Diane would only cause him pain. Summer asked what Phyllis’ point was. Phyllis asked Summer to convince her husband to put his wife and family first and get Diane out of town.

Summer said Victor already gave her the same speech, but she and Kyle didn’t work that way. She wasn’t going to issue her husband an ultimatum. Phyllis said that Kyle respected Summer, and if she said hanging around Diane was a mistake, he’d listen. Summer didn’t trust Diane either, but she wasn’t sure it was a bad idea for Kyle to get to know her. She knew how important it was to have your mother in your life. Summer brought up the time Phyllis was in a coma. Phyllis said she didn’t choose that – no good person would choose to be separated from their son and make him believe they were dead. Summer said some wounds could be healed. She noted that Phyllis supported Dina and Jack’s reconciliation. Phyllis said Dina was in her last days, and she couldn’t hurt Jack anymore, while Diane was in the prime of her miserable life. Phyllis said Kyle was fixated on what could’ve been, and it was blinding him to who Diane was.

Summer challenged Phyllis to explain what Diane could do to Kyle. He was an adult, so she couldn’t take him away from the Abbotts. Phyllis said that Diane could cause an emotional rift between him and his family. “Your husband will be dragged into defending this woman time and time again. That will separate him from this entire town. There is a reason why no one wants here here. There is a reason why everyone hates Diane,” Phyllis bellowed. Summer was starting to think this was less about Phyllis’s concern for Kyle and more about her hatred of Diane.

Phyllis readily admitted that she hated Diane. She said it loudly enough that Summer glanced around to see if anyone was listening. Phyllis said no one was here, but virtually everyone else hated Diane too. Summer said Kyle didn’t hate Diane, and he was the one who mattered. Phyllis said Kyle was smart, and he was trying to work through his feelings. Summer hoped that spending more time with Diane would answer Kyle’s questions. Phyllis knew Diane had been planning this for a long time, and she was manipulating Kyle. Phyllis told Summer not to underestimate what Diane would do to Kyle and to Summer’s marriage. Summer was adamant that she wouldn’t let Diane affect her marriage, but for Kyle’s sake, she had to let this play out. Phyllis thought Summer was making the wrong choice, but Summer’s mind was made up.

Summer told Phyllis that Marchetti wasn’t doing well. Meanwhile, at Jack’s, Kyle was making a pitch for Jabot to buy Marchetti. Kyle told Jack about the preliminary analysis – Marchetti had a lot of debt, but a substantial amount of liquidity which would help with taxes. He said Summer knew every facet of the company, and she was ready to take this on. Jack loved the idea of Summer, Kyle and Harrison moving back, but Jabot had made a conscious decision to step away from fashion and focus on cosmetics. Kyle said Jack taught him to be prepared when a big opportunity presented itself. Jack was intrigued, but he asked how much Diane’s return factored into this. Kyle said it didn’t at all.

Back at Crimson Lights, Phyllis loved the idea of Jabot buying Marchetti. She mentioned something about Kyle being able to help, since he lived in Milan while running Jabot. Summer said the best part was that they wanted to bring Marchettti’s operations to Genoa City. Phyllis was delighted about that, but she wondered if this was about Diane. Summer promised this had nothing to do with Diane. She said Kyle went along with the move to Milan, because he was loving and supportive, but Summer missed being around her family and being able to spend time with Phyllis in person. Phyllis was just scared to wrap her head around all this, but he’d missed Summer so much. They hugged, and Phyllis said she never wanted to let go.

Jack visited Diane in her suite at the GCAC. He’d decided to support Kyle’s decision to let her back into his life. He hoped with everything in him that she’d really changed, because her absence left a void in Kyle’s life. He said if it turned out she was lying, or that she had some secret ulterior motive, he’d make her regret ever coming back. Diane gave her solemn word that she’d never hurt their son again. She said if she did, he’d have every right to rain hell on her, and she was sure a lot of people in the town who would help. He said they both knew Phyllis would be at the top of the list. Diane said she couldn’t keep tying herself into knots worrying what people thought. Her goal was to rebuild her relationship with Kyle and enjoy her grandson. She hoped Jack would see she was sincere, and maybe even trust her in time. She said that if he could accept that she and Kyle were good for each other, it might ease his mind and make him happy. She knew all too well what it felt like to be lonely and uncertain about your life. He clarified that he was in a good place, professionally and personally. She was glad to be wrong. He left. Outside, he squinted his eyes. Back inside, Diane pulled up a picture of Harrison on her phone. “Things are going better than I thought. You’re going to be spending lots of time with your Dee-Dee,” she said, with a grin.

Jack and Phyllis met up at the hotel, and he learned that she knew about Kyle and Summer’s plans to relocate. He asked if she was concerned Diane would use it as a reason to stay in town. She said that couldn’t happen. He hoped not, but when he got home, Diane was there, acting like she belonged and like part of the family. She even had a nickname for Harrison to call her. “Diane went away once. She needs to go away again,” Phyllis said.

Adam and Sally were at Society. he said one of the worst things about Victoria returning to work, and Nikki being her co-CEO was that the streaming deal he pitched to Victor had gone by the wayside. He felt Nikki and Victor were so focused on propping up their little girl that they let business suffer. Sally thought Newman Media could salvage part of the project. Instead of creating a giant streamer to compete with the big guys, they could create a niche platform targeting a particular demographic and create an audience that way. He thought that was interesting. He liked that she was always thinking. She knew he was frustrated her plan to reunite Victoria and Ashland was on hold, but that was just temporary. Chelsea came in, and she was on her phone. She left a testy message for Chloe, because she was late for their meeting.

Adam asked if everything was okay. Chelsea said everything was great – her timing was just bad. Adam said and Sally just wanted to make sure everything was alright. Chelsea pointedly said some people would love it if something was wrong with her. Sally snapped that she was sick of Chelsea’s baseless accusations. “Oh, you expect me to believe that you actually care about my well-being?,” Chelsea replied. Adam told Chelsea that no one wished harm on her. Chelsea said Sally would never say that out loud especially in front of the man who handed her a corporate desk job that she could use to stand in judgment of the people doing the hard work of creating something every day. Sally contended that her work was very creative. Chloe came in and explained that she was late for the meeting because of child care issues etc. Chelsea made a frosty remark aimed at Adam and Sally. Sally returned the snippy comment. Chloe took Chelsea to their table.

Sally said she shouldn’t have gotten into it with Chelsea, but she wouldn’t let anyone talk to her that way. Adam understood. Sally wondered if there was trouble with the new fashion line or something. Adam hoped it was work-related, because he’d seen Chelsea like this before, and it was a sign of something he worried was more than just a bad day at the office.

Chelsea told Chloe that the fabric delivery would be two weeks late. Chloe had ideas to minimize the issue, but Chelsea reacted rudely to the suggestions, and it made Chloe was concerned. Chelsea admitted he hadn’t been sleeping. Chloe gave Chelsea a pep talk about the fashion line. Chelsea was mad Victoria dropped the fashion line. She launched into a rant about Victoria taking a European vacation just after she caused a man’s death. Chloe, and Adam, at his nearby table, looked at Chelsea with concern.

Chloe didn’t think there was anything wrong with Victoria taking a trip. She suggested that she and Chelsea have a girls’ trip to NY. Chelsea got offended, because she thought Chloe was insinuating that Chelsea needed a babysitter. When Chloe denied it, Chelsea called her patronizing, and she stormed out. Adam went to Chloe and asked how long Chelsea had been like this. Chloe acted like Adam misunderstood what he just witnessed. He said that he wasn’t the enemy. He’d lived through this with Chelsea, and they had a son together that this could affect. Chloe said Chelsea was a great mom, so no matter what else was going on, he didn’t have to worry about Connor. She admitted that Rey’s death really affected Chelsea, who’d invested more time into their friendship than she wanted to admit, then he was ripped from her life. Adam knew Connor and Chelsea had been affected by this, but Connor was getting over it, and he’d assumed Chelsea was too. He didn’t realize how much Rey meant to Chelsea. She thought Rey’s forgiveness gave Chelsea the courage to come back to town. He asked if losing Rey was going to set Chelsea back. Chloe didn’t think there was anything for Adam to worry about. She left.

Sally asked Adam what Chloe said. He told her. Sally thought it was remarkable that Rey even forgave Chelsea for poisoning him, let alone became friends with her – it said a lot about the kind of guy Rey was. She guessed it made sense that losing Rey tragically hit Chelsea so hard. He shifted gears and said his idea to distract Victor from running Ashalnd out of town didn’t work out like he hoped. She knew his mind was still on Chelsea. He had the feeling that Chelsea was going through more than grief.

Chelsea ended up in the park, where she fought back tears. Kyle walked up and saw her hurl her purse onto the ground. He asked if she was okay. She said there were work issues, but she was fine. Her career was important, and she sometimes took things too personally and stress-cried. He made her laugh by saying he’d stress cried too. After confirming that she was okay and she didn’t need anything, he left.

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Update written by Joseph

Gabi dreams of being in bed with Jake, then wakes up in bed with Li Shin.

Jake dreams of being in bed with Gabi, then wakes up in bed with Ava.

Shawn sits Jan down on the couch at home and asks how she is feeling today. Jan says there is no more cramping but she didn’t sleep well. Jan adds that she had a terrible nightmare about Belle.

Belle staggers in to the living room of the DiMera Mansion and sits on the couch with EJ. Belle complains of a headache and says she came to pick up her car. Belle thanks EJ for arranging a ride home for her last night. EJ offers her coffee but Belle says she has to get home because she has to go clean out her office for Jan to turn it in to a nursery. EJ questions why she is giving in to Jan’s ridiculous demands when it’s her house. Belle says it’s not anymore.

Leo sits on Sonny’s bed, with Sonny passed out in his underwear in the bed.

EJ argues that the house is as much Belle’s as it is Shawn’s. Belle says it is on paper but she’s not going to move back in there as long as Jan is living there. EJ asks if that’s only until the baby is born. Belle says not if Jan has anything to say about it. EJ questions if she thinks Shawn will let Jan stay indefinitely. Belle feels Jan is sinking her claws in to Shawn and their whole life, so she thinks she’s going to be there forever. EJ questions Belle letting Jan win and asks if she thinks her marriage is worth fighting for.

Jan tells Shawn about her nightmare. Shawn encourages that it wasn’t real. Jan complains about Belle wanting to have her declared an unfit mother because she hates her so much. Jan bets Belle wants her to lose the baby and hoped that she would. Jan argues that Belle would do anything to take her baby from her. Shawn assures that nothing is going to happen and no one is going to take her baby as he won’t let them.

Leo comments on Sonny still not waking up and jokes about him collapsing after eating his cookies. Leo adds that it was not before they had their fun and he got proof as he reveals photos of them in bed on his phone. Sonny starts to move so Leo says that means it’s time for him to go. Leo calls it a memorable evening for him and then exits the room. Sonny then wakes up with a headache, wondering what the hell he did last night. Sonny gets up, worrying that he’s going to be late.

Ava asks Jake what he was dreaming about but Jake claims he doesn’t remember. Ava offers him breakfast. Jake says when he asked her to move in, he didn’t want her to be his personal chef. Ava says she loves to cook. Jake asks her to let him cook her breakfast for a change. Ava questions him being able to cook and notes that she has high standards. Jake says he will work hard to live up to them.

Jan asks if Shawn really means that he won’t let Belle take her baby away from her. Shawn assures that she won’t do that. Jan asks what happens if they send her back to prison right after their baby is born. Shawn says he’ll take the baby to visit her as much as he can if that happens. Jan comments on this not being what Shawn wanted. Shawn acknowledges his responsibility to her and the child, but also to his wife and daughter. Shawn says Belle is upset about this situation and has reason to be while he’s stuck in the middle. Shawn says Jan and Belle both want him to pick sides, but he needs to be on the baby’s side. Shawn admits he doesn’t feel it’s right to rip a child away from it’s mother without good reason, so he’s not going to let that happen.

Belle tells EJ that her marriage is worth fighting for. EJ argues that she doesn’t seem to be fighting. Belle explains that Jan has convinced Shawn that she will make her possibly lose the baby and she can’t handle her drama. Belle adds that if she doesn’t let Jan turn her office into a nursery then Jan’s kid will move in to her kid’s room and she also has to have access to her files. Belle doesn’t want anything to do with Jan and says it’s time for her to bite the bullet. EJ asks if she has room at her parents’ house for her office but Belle says not really, so EJ suggests she bring it here. EJ tells her that they have more rooms than they know what to do with. EJ adds that Belle is his lawyer so they will consider it a retainer and offers to help her move the boxes. EJ talks about being a bored, unemployed, ex-tycoon since his sister foiled his plans at DiMera, so he doesn’t have anything better to do. EJ adds that moving out will be twice as fast with both of them so Belle accepts his offer and they exit the mansion together.

Sonny enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion, where Victor tells him that he should’ve been in the office two hours ago. Sonny says he doesn’t know how he slept so late. Victor notes that he looks like hell. Sonny says he feels really strange. Victor encourages him to have some fruit and wonders where Henderson got it from. Sonny then remembers and shouts to Victor that it’s not from Henderson, it’s from Leo Stark.

Leo is outside the Brady Pub and makes a call, saying he’s sending over the pictures they discussed and he promises they won’t be disappointed.

Li Shin and Gabi have room service. Gabi comments on last night. Li asks if she’s having regrets. Gabi assures that she had a wonderful time but thinks she drank too much and she was not expecting to wake up here with him. Gabi insists that she doesn’t have regrets though. Li calls last night one of the most intense and exciting nights of his life. He says he’s known Gabi a long time, but she still managed to surprise him in a thousand different ways. Li informs Gabi that he’s thinking of postponing his flight back to Hong Kong so they can spend more time together and see what happens, but only if that’s what she wants.

Ava and Jake eat the breakfast that Jake made. They comment on the breakfasts they had with Rafe and Gabi respectively. Jake says this is their fridge now. Ava talks about how they were roommates and then they were in bed together, so she feels like they skipped some steps along the way. Jake asks if she’s saying she has regrets about last night. Ava says absolutely not but she does think she’s going to move out.

Shawn brings Jan breakfast. Jan can’t believe he remembered her favorites. Shawn remarks that they have spent a lot of time together over the years, even if a lot of it was against his will. Jan recalls Shawn taking her in when she was pregnant in high school and being willing to say the baby was his because of what Nicole’s father put her through. Jan says she almost gave up on the idea of ever being a mother after that until now. Jan says she loves their baby because they made it together. Jan knows she can’t get ideas about them and says she’s not as she knows how much he has given up to take care of her and the baby. Jan tells Shawn how grateful she is and hugs him right as Belle and EJ walk in.

Jake questions Ava wanting to move out and asks if he was that terrible last night. Ava assures that he was amazing and she was enjoying herself a lot which is why she has to move out. Jake doesn’t understand. Ava brings up moving in with Rafe because she had nowhere to go and they ended up sleeping together but the whole time, he was in love with another woman. Ava says Jake knows how that ended and she has no desire to get on that roller coaster again. Jake claims that he’s not in love with another woman which Ava calls debatable. Ava says she has gone from 0 to 60 again and if they are going to be in a relationship, she doesn’t want to fast track living together. Ava then asks if Jake even wants to be in a relationship or if he sees this as a friends with benefits thing. Jake assures that he likes Ava a lot but he doesn’t know what has changed since she moved in. Jake points out that she’s still unemployed so she couldn’t pay rent. Jake suggests thinking of another plan that doesn’t involve leaving her homeless. Jake mentions that he just started back at DiMera and is making more money so maybe he can find a bigger apartment with a second bedroom. Ava knows that will take some time and asks what to do until then. Jake says if Ava wants to take a step back, they can catch up on the stuff they skipped. Ava then agrees to stay and thanks him for understanding. They flirt with each other and end up kissing.

Gabi questions Li wanting to stay in Salem because of her. He mentions that at first he was worried that she was just using him to make Jake jealous, but last night she was extremely attentive. Li doesn’t want to be too forward but admits he woke up this morning feeling smitten. He tells Gabi to just say the word if she doesn’t feel the same as there will be no awkwardness and they can forget last night ever happened. Gabi assures that she doesn’t want to forget last night and she wants to make it happen again. Gabi then kisses him back in to the bed.

Belle questions what is going on here. Jan says she was just expressing her gratitude to Shawn for how he’s been treating her and the baby. Shawn questions what the hell EJ is doing here. Belle explains that he came to help her clear out her office per Jan’s demands.

Victor questions Sonny accepting a gift from Leo Stark and asks if he’s gone mad. Sonny says he didn’t accept it but explains that Leo showed up yesterday with the fruit and said he wanted to congratulate him on his new job, but he thought the fruit could be poisoned so he didn’t eat any of it. Sonny adds that even though he didn’t eat the fruit or drink anything, he feels so weird. Sonny remembers that the only thing he had last night was cookies which he says were delivered by Will and Arianna. Victor asks if he’s sure they sent them. Sonny then remembers that Will texted him that he didn’t send any cookies. Sonny declares that maybe Leo did drug him.

Leo visits Gwen in prison. Leo tries to encourage her but admits prison garb is not her best look. Gwen asks what Leo is doing here.

Victor asks Sonny if Leo poisoned him. Sonny doesn’t know but says he definitely did something to him. Sonny says as far as he can tell, he’s in one piece. Sonny wonders what Leo did to him while he was unconscious.

Jake and Ava get dressed after showering together. Ava says so much for her plan to take things slowly. Jake tells her that if she still wants to step back, she just has to say the word. Ava calls him a gentleman. Ava tells Jake to have a nice day at work as she will have dinner waiting for him when he gets home. Jake and Ava then kiss.

Gabi tells Li Shin that she knows she said she didn’t care if people at work talked, but now that they are actually a thing, she thinks they should be discreet about it at first. Li says he’ll tell his father that he’s staying in Salem for business purposes. Gabi asks if he would be upset if he knew the truth. Li says that he doesn’t care and that his father keeps telling him he needs to settle down with a nice girl. Gabi jokes that she doesn’t match that description. Li says that’s what he likes about her as they kiss.

Shawn doesn’t get it as he told Belle that he didn’t want her to clear out her office. Belle responds that she’s doing it anyway. Jan calls that the best thing for all of them. Jan warns Belle about upsetting her again. EJ asks if Shawn is going to send his wife away again like he did last night. Shawn argues that he did not and asks what Belle told EJ. Belle explains that she went to talk about DiMera business as she needed someone to talk to and she was upset. Shawn guesses she had a few drinks and says he has a problem with that. Shawn asks if EJ is going after Sami’s sister now and warns him to stay out of his marriage. EJ remarks that maybe if Shawn looked after his wife properly, she wouldn’t need to turn to him for comfort. Shawn grabs EJ and tells him to shut the hell up. Belle separates them and tells Shawn no while Jan watches with a smile. Shawn yells at EJ to get out of his house. Belle says she just wants to get her stuff and asks Shawn not to make it worse than it already is. Shawn argues that he doesn’t want Belle to move out. Belle tells him that she has to. Shawn questions what she is doing with all her things. Belle reveals that EJ offered her office space at the DiMera Mansion. Shawn asks if she’s going to be renting a room there next. Belle tells EJ to just get this over with and go as Jan watches on.

Leo questions why he feels Gwen is disappointed to see him. Gwen says when she was told she had a visitor, she was expecting Jack or Xander but says she’s so happy to see a friendly face. Gwen tells Leo that she’s coping but she’d rather not get in to details and just distract herself with what’s going on with him. Leo says one of the reasons he came is to share his progress on his quest for revenge. Gwen didn’t know there was a quest. Leo assures that it will cheer her up.

Victor can’t believe Sonny fell for the old bait and switch. Leo argues that the cookies showed up before Leo did but shouts that Leo set him up. Victor tells Sonny it’s all his fault for poking Leo. Sonny blames himself but argues that Leo did not succeed. Sonny says he has to get to the office but Victor says no and that if he was drugged with an unknown substance, they have to find out what it was. Sonny asks what difference it makes since he’s fine now. Victor argues that Leo committed a crime, so he needs a blood test to prove it.

Jake goes to Li’s hotel room at the Salem Inn and says he just wanted to thank him for always having his back since he got to DiMera. Jake says he just wanted to say goodbye before he heads back to Hong Kong. Li then reveals he’s changed his plans and decided to stay in Salem for awhile. Jake asks why.

Gabi is at the DiMera office on the phone with Rafe. Gabi tells him that she’s so happy for him and his engagement to Nicole. Ava walks in so Gabi hangs up and asks what the hell she’s doing here. Ava says that Jake left the documents that he had her sign on the table and then she’ll be going. Gabi stops Ava and tells her that she just got some news that she will want to hear. Gabi then informs Ava that Rafe proposed to Nicole last night and she said yes. Ava claims she’s thrilled for them. Ava knows Gabi wishes she would fly in a jealous rage but she’s completely over Rafe and has moved on with someone new, younger, smarter, and sexier. Ava adds that he’s definitely better suited for her and Gabi will never guess who. Gabi responds that she really doesn’t care. Gabi turns her back as Ava asks if she doesn’t care that she slept with Jake last night.

Li Shin starts to inform Jake why he’s decided to stay in Salem. Jake then sees the room service inside and tells him that he doesn’t need to explain as he knows exactly why he’s sticking around.

Sonny finishes a call with Kayla about fitting him in for a blood test. Will then arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny runs up and hugs him, saying he’s really happy to see him. Will asks what’s going on as he sent videos and hasn’t answered his calls. Will mentions flying out here to see him and then just getting a news alert which Sonny questions. Will pulls out his tablet and reveals to Sonny an article from Leo in The Intruder titled “My Wild Times with Sonny Kiriakis” with photos of Leo and Sonny in bed together. Will guesses whatever happened last night had something to do with this. Sonny is shocked to see the article.

Gwen asks Leo what he did to Sonny. Leo asks if she really cares about the details. Gwen knows he didn’t come all this way for that. Leo states that he’s done with Sonny for now. Leo then asks Gwen how she would like to help him get revenge on somebody else.

Jan tells Shawn that she’s sorry that Belle made him so upset. Shawn tells her it’s fine. Jan says she can’t help but feeling like the whole situation is her fault. Shawn shouts that he doesn’t care whose fault it is anymore. Jan asks if he’s mad at her. Shawn says no and that he’s mad at the world right now. Shawn is mad at the Devil and at life for being unfair. Shawn declares that he’s really mad at EJ for trying to steal his wife.

EJ and Belle return to the DiMera Mansion. EJ assures Belle that the staff will unload the car. Belle comments on not being used to servants. EJ mentions that Sami wasn’t either but she adjusted. EJ apologizes to Belle for letting his temper get the best of him with Shawn. Belle states that he deserved it for letting some psychotic maniac move in to their house and their lives. EJ calls Shawn an idiot to take Belle for granted and says he would never do that. Belle thanks him for saying that. EJ says he means it as he hugs Belle. EJ and Belle then kiss.


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GH Short Recap Friday, May 27, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Amy admits to Chet and Terry that she got him the job in Chicago to break up their relationship. Amy apologizes to Chet and Terry and asks Chet not to take the job. Chet doesn’t think he should take the job but Terry thinks he should still take the job.

Spencer has an argument with Trina because he is jealous of Rory. Trina tells Spencer she has a life and heads to the Metro Court pool. Trina is pleasantly surprised to see Rory at the pool and she thinks its sweet that he saved her a lounge chair and ordered a drink before he knew she was coming to the pool.

Spencer and Esme have an argument because Esme thinks that Spencer is taking her for granted and is always thinking of Trina. Spencer tells Same that he is going for a ride and they will talk later.

Nikolas and Ava argue about Spencer and Esme since Ava feels that Nikolas is taking her for granted. Ava tells Nikolas she is thinking about divorce since he isn’t making their marriage a priority.

Nina apologizes to Sonny for bringing up the details of Claudia’s death in court, but she had no choice. Nina is about to leave the courtroom but Willow tells her she isn’t going anywhere until they have a talk. Esme sees Nikolas drinking in his bedroom and she smiles, as she waits for her opportunity to do what Ryan told her to do and sleep with Nicolas to break up his marriage.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, May 27, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Adam worries that Chelsea might be having mental problems again when Chelsea get angry with Chloe and Chelsea for no reason at all. Chloe assures Adam Chelsea is okay, she is just grieving Rey and dealing with stress at work.

Kyle tells Jack Summer’s idea of Jabot buying Marchetti and moving the company headquarters to Genoa City. Jack tells Kyle that he will think about the idea and talk to him about it later. Kyle also tells Jack that he has decided to give Diane a chance to prove she has changed, so he is paying for a room for her to stay at the Athletic club. Jack later tells Diane that he is backing Kyle’s decision but if she hurts Kyle he will make her sorry she returned to Genoa City. Diane promises Jack she won’t hurt Kyle again.

Jack talks to Phyllis later and they both worry that Summer and Kyle moving back to town could make Diane want to spend more time in Genoa City. Phyllis tells Summer that if she doesn’t talk to Kyle and tell him not to let Diane back into his life; Diane could ruin her marriage. Summer tells Phyllis that she won’t let Diane ruin her marriage. Diane looks at a picture of Harrison on her phone and smiles because things are going better then she thought and she will get to spend a lot of time with her grandson.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, May 26, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Amy secretly gets a job for Chet in Chicago to get him away from Terry. Chet intends to take the job even though he is sad about leaving town and leaving Terry just when they started their friendship.

Britt tells Terry how much it hurt when Spencer told her he thought she wasn’t capable of having a romantic relationship with anyone.

Spencer and Jocelyn offer support to Cameron who is worried about his mother. Josslynn has a plan to break up Spencer and Esme but Cameron tells her they can’t break up Spencer and Esme because it could backfire on them.

Rory asks Trina out on a date but she says she doesn’t want to hurt his career. Rory says he searched the rule book and he can date her because she hasn’t been convicted of a crime. Trina tells him that may be true but it is frowned upon by the department. Rory says he can handle it and Trina says that she appreciates him being willing to put his career on the line but she won’t let him do it.

Spencer sees Trina and Rory together looking at a painting and he looks upset when Rory puts his arm around Trina. Spencer tells Esme that Ava is going to give him ten thousand dollars a month from his trust fund as they move out of Wyndemere. Esme later tells Nikolas that Ava is releasing Spencer’s trust fund to him as long as they move out of the house. Nikolas storms out of Wyndemere and heads to the Metro Court to talk to Ava.

Sonny tells the court that when Nina found him in Nixon Falls, he had decided he didn’t want to know his identity. Diane asks Sonny if he has forgiven Nina for everything she has done to him even kidnapping Avery when she was a baby. Sonny says he has forgiven Nina because he has also made mistakes. Sonny tells the court Nina will have to pay for her mistakes but she should be able to visit Wiley. Diane wonders why we should trust Sony’s judgement since he did have a traumatic brain injury. Sonny tells Diane to stop and she concludes her questions. Scott calls Michael to the stand and asks him to tell the court about Claudia Zakara.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, May 27, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


I have an idea. What, why don’t we have lunch together later? Somewhere near the office. I’m not available. I have an appointment. Are you going to the club again? Yes, I am. Oh, okay. Well, normally I would be disappointed, but. I love how committed you are to exercising and pickle ball and, and you’re still wearing the ring I gave you?

Yes, of course I am. It was a gift from my beautiful, talented wife. Well, I guess I’ll just see you later at the office then. Okay. I love you

Brooke. Hi. Hi Eric. If you’re looking for Rich, she’s not here. I know. I came to speak to. I’m still trying to understand that, you know, you knew what Sheila did to Brooke, but you didn’t tell anyone. I regret keeping that secret look, I didn’t, I did not want to keep Sheila’s secret, but I saw how close you and dad were getting and look, I’m not saying that doesn’t justify anything.

I, I know that you see that. You know, you’ve done such a good job putting your wife back together. I, I would, I would hate to see you. No, no, no. I’m not , I’m not gonna backslide into old Thomas. I know. So, um, have you seen Dad since you moved back into grandpa’s?

You want me as much as I want you, don’t you? What have we done exactly what we’re about to do again and again and again.

Hey, tu, I hope that smile means you’re thinking about Zendaya.

Got a minute. Yeah, yeah, sure. What’s up? I’ve been putting this off. I realize I can’t do that anymore. Okay. Paris told me she’s got a thing for you.

I, uh, didn’t realize you were stopping by. Can we not do this right now? I have a lot of work to do. Well, that won’t be easy. Will it? Daydreaming like you just were Mom, please? Yes. Okay. I would like to think that you are thinking about Zendaya, not Carter. Do, do you ever stop? No, not when it comes to my daughter’s happiness and wellbeing.

A mother never gives. I just don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made and I don’t want you to have to struggle, like I’ve had to struggle. I just want the best for you. Look, as I said many times, Cindy is an amazing guy and I cherish his friendship, but that’s all it can be. As much as you don’t wanna hear it, Carter is the guy I wanna be with.

Paris came to me, she was very honest about her feelings, and now I wanna be honest about mine. Go ahead. I thought I still had a chance with Baris that she would come around and things would work out between us, but that’s not happening anymore because she’s interested in you. Something that I’m sure you’re aware of.

Now, let me finish. I suppose that I could make things very awkward for both of us. I could make things really awkward for all three of us. But I’m not gonna do that. If you want to pursue things with Paris, go ahead.

I appreciate what you’re doing. You’re putting your feelings aside. But the reality is zk, I can’t be with Paris no matter what. She might feel. I don’t understand. Why do you say that you can’t be with Paris? Is there another woman in your.

Yeah, I’d hate to think of dad going back to Burke for the hundredth time. I’d be so much happier with you. You know that right? Thomas? I, I do not need you or stuffy trying to get me back together with your father. Okay. Especially not the links you went to. You’re right. Never should have done that. And I’m.

You know, you can always talk to your father and me, right? Yeah, I do. Okay. Cheers. Cheers. I waited outside till Quinn left. I hope that’s okay, . Of course it is. You’re always welcome here. You know that well, thank you. Yeah. You’re always my biggest supporter, especially when it comes to Ridge and my relationship with him.

That’s why I’m here. I need your help with Ridge.

Your father isn’t halfway across the world, he’s just over at Eric’s. Yeah. Think about what he wants to do next in his life, whether he wants to stay in his marriage to Brooke and all of the drama that that will invariably always bring, or he could, you know, be with you. Someone who actually brings peace and joy and love into his life.

Mm. Good old St. Taylor. You can’t just sit back, go to granddad’s. Yeah. See, dad, we’re talking about your future and dad’s okay. You can’t let Brooke dictate how this is gonna go. Don’t let her win, mom. Not this time.

Look, mom, just please accept the fact that Zendaya and I are not meant to be. If you just give you two. A chance I did. I tried Try again. Don’t give up on a good man like Zendaya Carter. He’s a good man too. Honey. How can you say that he cheated on your sister? Honey, when people show you who they are, believe them.

Mom. Do not get in the middle of this. You’re supposed to care about. And what I want and what I want is Carter, and I’m gonna have him too.

Are you seeing someone else? There’s no one. And what’s the deal? Obviously Paris is really into you. I can’t say I’m happy about it, but. I want her to be, so if it’s you, go for it. Carter.

Sorry, ZedE didn’t mean to interrupt. It’s okay. This is all yours.

Wow. Zend is giving you permission. Hmm. Yeah, and I told him I can’t be with Paris. It would never work feeling the way I do. Brooke, I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through. I mean, it was all so diabolical, even for Sheila, and if it weren’t for Sheila, I really believe that I would still be with Rich. I don’t disagree.

Big question is, what are you gonna do? Now, I don’t mean to put you on the spot, Eric. I don’t. It’s just that all that time that he spent over at Step’s with Taylor, I just feel that now he needs to be with me and how else are we gonna work through all these things unless he comes home. So it’s Time Ridge needs to come home to his wife where he belongs instead of being here with Quinn and me.

Whoa. Yeah. I mean, I, I know he said that he wanted his space and time to figure things out, but, but you think you know better, right? Is that why you’re pleading your case with Eric? Hi, Eric. You’re trying to enlist him and convincing Ridge to move back home with. That’s what you’re doing, isn’t it, Brooke?

I gotta say, I didn’t expect that. I mean, I know Zenday is a class act, but to give up so easily, Zendaya still has feelings for Pariss, and he’s putting her happiness and what she wants over what he wants. But what she wants is you. Yeah, but that’s not in the cars. Okay. Well then the question remains, did she hear you or is Paris still on the brow?

You don’t like it very much, do you? For all the obvious, very good reasons. You already know some, I don’t know. So how are you and Eric. . We’re good. We’re good. I wanted to have lunch with him today, but you know, he is off to the club again. Mm-hmm. . And he doesn’t know about the, uh, the special ring you designed that tracks his health and stuff?

Nope. Nope. I wanna keep it a secret. I don’t want him to think that I’m worried about him, but you are worried. I know that he’s in great shape for a man his age, but, you know, I just want. Stay that way. I want him to be fit and healthy and happy. How can Eric not be happy? Hear everything a man could want.

Quinn in so much more.

Ladies, there’s no reason for things to get contentious. No. And they won’t. As long as we give rich the space that he needs and allow him to decide what his future holds. We You mean me? Uhhuh. ? Yeah. Cuz you’ve never been one to leave things to chance, Brooke. And you’ve never been shy about asking Eric for help when it comes to you and Ridge.

You know, maybe you think that if you can get Eric to help you gang up on Ridge, then nah, wait. , Taylor, Brooke, you both come over here where Ridge is staying and you both have an agenda where Ridge is concerned, in fact, yes. So do I, truth be told, but I’m not gonna take sides here. Okay. Okay. Well that’s good.

But Brooke would really appreciate it if you would. All right. I have to get, I have to get to the gym. Oh, all right. Um, play nice. Of course. Okay. Play nice. I will,

I see what you’re doing. You’re, you’re putting Eric in the middle. Oh, come on. If Stephanie were still alive, you would have her pleading your case with Rich. I don’t know. She wanted you there with her in her final moments. . Look, I don’t need anyone to plead my case. Brooke Ridge knows how I feel about him, and he knows the life that he can have with me if that’s what he chooses.

But again, no one should pressure him. Not me, not you, not anyone. Nobody is pressuring him unless of course, it’s your two grown children who have been pushing their parents together ever since you arrived back in la Regardless. None of this changes the fact that Rich and I are still married, and I don’t think I need to remind you of that.

Or maybe I do.

I sense I’m interrupting a private moment. Pierce, why would you say that? , are you saying I’m not, I’m saying that you’re insinuating something is going on between me and Carter. Oh, there’s no need to get defensive. No, no, no, no, no. I’m not getting defensive. Carter and I are friends. We’re coworkers. Nothing more.

That wasn’t always the case. If anyone should know I’d, I’d pee. I’d be the one. Yeah. You are the one who went. Blabbed to Brooke about my affair with Carter, and then made sure everyone found out about it at my vow renewal ceremony. I didn’t blab to, you don’t need to justify Paris. I haven’t forgotten what you did.

I just, I just can’t help but wonder behind closed doors with you two. Is there something still going on? Wonder that closed door? You mean the one that you. Walkthrough that wasn’t locked and found me and my coworker having a conversation. Yeah. Wow. Scandalous. Talk about scandalous. That’s something you know a lot about, huh?

Quinn. Scandal. Betrayal. Ah, poor Eric. He would never be unfaithful to you. Wow. You should be careful Paris. You are an employee here. Maybe you’re valued to some people, but it doesn’t give you the right to get yourself involved in things that are not of your concern, especially where the boss’s wife is concerned.

I love my husband. We’re happily married and what happened between me and Carter’s in the past, and that’s where it’s gonna stay. Do you get it? Oh, I. I hear you loud and clear. I just hope you’re telling the truth. Both of you.

You don’t need to remind me that ridge is married to you, although I know you like to. I’m not lording it over you, if that’s what you think. , it’s just that the role that Sheila played. in my drinking and turning to Deacon, right? That ridge never would’ve walked out on you. He never would’ve come to live with me and Stephy, yada yada.

I know, I know. That’s what you think. I thought that’s what you thought too, unless you weren’t being sincere. Last time we spoke, Brooke, I was being 100% sincere. What Sheila did to you was awful, but. . You know what? Let’s just thank God she’s behind bars where she belongs. That was, it’s awful. She upended my life, all of our lives, especially Steffy and fins.

But if she didn’t do what she did, rich and I would still be living together. Happily. Brooke, Sheila was merely a catalyst in your separation. Okay. I do take responsibility. I let ranch down. Mm-hmm. , I let myself down. I let our marriage. . Yes. Yes. I’m, I’m glad you see that. Yes, I do. Mm-hmm. and I have owned up to it.

But because of the extenuating circumstances, you think that everything should go back to the way that it was before that ridge should come home to you. That I should just go away. It’s not gonna happen. Ridge knows how I feel about him. He knows I love him. I’ll always love him. You’re talking about my husband?

Yeah. And he hasn’t come back to you? He hasn’t come back. He’s taking time to figure out what he wants for his future. I don’t know. Maybe it’s happiness and stability. Maybe that’s what he wants. I think I can provide that for him and I can’t, I suppose. Well, okay, maybe you can provide stability and predictability, but you know what?

He’ll never really love you because what Rich wants, what Rich craves is passion. He is an artist and I understand that side of him completely, and our love and our life and our passion will survive. Ridge will come home to me. He will come back to his wife.

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Y&R Transcript Friday, May 27, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Jack: Just to be very clear, I want this to happen, too, very much.

Phyllis: Okay.

Jack: But I also think we should take it day-to-day and try to just stay in sync.

Phyllis: Well, if you have any doubt about my feelings, maybe we should talk about that. You know, maybe we should, you know, get in sync right now, if you have the time.

Jack: Oh, I could make the time.

Phyllis: Okay.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ]

Jack: It’s kyle. Hold on.

Phyllis: Oh.

Jack: He wants to meet.

Phyllis: Oh. Alright, well, another time.

Jack: Count on it.

Phyllis: Alright. Does kyle want to talk about business or diane?

Jack: Not sure.

Phyllis: Mm. Well, I hope he comes to his senses real soon. I’m not sure if that’s gonna happen now that diane has made it clear that her staying in town is a really great idea.

Jack: It’s gonna be between the two of them.

Phyllis: Okay, well, I’m worried about him. I’m worried, you know, if he goes down this path with diane, he’s going to get hurt. I don’t want to see him hurt. Do you want to see him hurt?

Jack: No.

Phyllis: I know you want to protect him.

Jack: Of course I do.

Phyllis: Good.

Jack: And I’ve made my feelings very clear to him. But I don’t think it would be helpful for me to try to influence him one way or the other. So I’m not going to.

Phyllis: Well, I know you’re not going to. But someone has to.

Summer: Oh. Hey. I am so glad that I ran into you. I told chelsea, but I haven’t gotten a chance to tell you how amazing mariah and tessa’s wedding dresses were.

Chloe: Thank you. Though chelsea should get most of the credit. But, you know, I do consider myself, you know, a genius whisperer.

Summer: [ Chuckles ] It’s an important skill to have when you work in fashion.

Chloe: I know, right? I mean, but they really need people like you and me to keep their, you know, creative juices flowing.

Summer: It’s my top priority as creative director at marchetti. Artists can be a handful.

Chloe: Yeah, I know what you’re saying. But, you know, it’s kind of worth it. Well, most of the time.

Chelsea: Is everything okay with you and chelsea?

Chloe: Mm, yes, could not be better. In fact, I’ve really got to get going. I’m late for a meeting with her.

Summer: It was great to talk to you.

Chloe: You too. Talk soon.

Adam: Well, one of the worst things about victoria returning to work and nikki being installed as co-ceo is that the streaming deal that I pitched to dad has completely gone by the wayside. He and nikki are too focused on propping up their little girl that they have let business suffer. It’s a huge missed opportunity.

Sally: Well, maybe there’s a way that newman media can salvage at least part of the project.

Adam: Well, what did you have in mind?

Sally: Well, instead of creating a giant streamer, like we planned, to compete with the big guys, we execute a more surgical strike. We launch a niche platform targeted towards a very particular demographic, and we do that specific content better than the big guys and we build an audience that way.

Adam: That could be interesting. I like that you’re always thinking.

Sally: You keep up okay. I know that you’re frustrated that our plan to reunite victoria and ashland has been put on hold while victoria’s off on her little spa holiday with nikki, but it is just temporary.

Chelsea: I can’t believe you’re not here and you’re not answering your phone. Chloe, I waited outside for 20 minutes. This meeting was on the schedule, and what’s worse is i got a call this morning that the fabric delivery is gonna be late. So we need to figure out what to do. Okay? Call me.

Adam: Is everything alright?

Diane: Aww, it is so fun watching harrison play in the backyard. And he’s really good with other kids.

Kyle: Yeah, he’s a social little guy. He’s been great at making friends in italy, but I can tell he misses some of his buddies from when we used to live here. Which is why I invited max and his mom over for a playdate.

Diane: Well, max is pretty cute, too.

Kyle: And his mom is great. She’ll keep them entertained in the back for a while. It’s nice to have someone around you can trust with your kid.

Diane: Yeah, trust — trust is important, for sure.

Kyle: Hey, thanks for not pushing things with harrison. I know we haven’t talked about it directly — what you will be to him — but to be honest, I’m not sure.

Diane: It’s okay. We have time to figure it out. All harrison needs to know right now is that I want to spend more time with him and his father. And we’ll just take it from there.

Kyle: Sounds good.

Diane: Yeah.

Kyle: Thanks.

Diane: I will take my cues from you and go whatever pace you’re comfortable with.

Jack: Hello, everyone. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to find you here.

Diane: Well, in case you’re wondering, I didn’t barge in, i was invited.

Kyle: That’s true. There’s something I want to talk to you about. My mother will be staying in town for a little while longer.

Diane: I’m guessing he’s already heard that news.

Phyllis: Oh, I love this. I love that I can just call you and meet for coffee.

Summer: It’s so nice, isn’t it?

Phyllis: It is. You know what’s so funny? Jack got a text from kyle to meet him at the house.

Summer: Ah, I see.

Phyllis: You see what?

Summer: That’s the real reason you wanted to meet.

Phyllis: I have no idea what you mean.

Summer: Kyle told me that you overheard his conversation with diane, so you know that she’s staying in town. He said that you looked pretty upset about it.

Phyllis: Did he? Oh. Yeah, well, I mean, that whole thing was surprising.

Summer: And?

Phyllis: And what? Nothing.

Summer: I know that that’s not everything you want to say, so just go ahead and get it out.

Phyllis: Okay, I’ll get it out. I’m impressed with you, that you’re just sitting back and allowing kyle to go through all the pain and suffering of realizing that his mother is the worst human being on the planet. It’s very patient and mature of you.

Summer: That’s it?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. And, you know, it’s so funny ’cause jack is taking the same stance. He doesn’t want to influence kyle. He wants him, you know, to realize for himself that his mother will only cause him a bunch of pain and — and, you know, he just wants to stand back and do nothing.

Summer: So what — what’s your point?

Phyllis: My point is do something. Do something about it, summer. Really. Can you please convince your husband to put his wife and his family first and get this woman out of town? Who do you think you are, taking up space?

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Chelsea: Everything’s great. I just seem to have terrible timing today.

Adam: Well, I hope it all gets straightened out. We just wanted to make sure you were alright.

Chelsea: Although I’m sure some people would love for something to be wrong with me.

Sally: You know what? I am getting sick and tired of the baseless accusations that you continually sling my way.

Chelsea: Oh, well, you expect me to believe that you actually care about my wellbeing?

Adam: Nobody’s wishing harm on you, chelsea. Not sally, not me.

Chelsea: Well, she’s not gonna say it out loud. Sally’s too smart for that, especially in front of the man who handed her a corporate desk job where she can stand in judgment over all the people doing the hard work, actually creating something day in, day out.

Sally: Excuse me, my role is very creative.

Adam: Sally, sally. Where is this coming from?

Chloe: Hey, guys. Sorry, I just — you know, phone died. My fault.

Jack: Yes, phyllis did fill me in on the conversation she overheard.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Of course she did.

Kyle: Yeah, my mother and i talked about it, and I asked her to stay for a while, so i offered to put her up at another hotel.

Jack: When I got your text, i assumed we would be talking about your relationship with your mother and how it might look moving forward.

Diane: Meaning you’d like me to leave so you can say how you really feel?

Jack: You can trust me. I have been very careful in my conversations with kyle about you. Careful not to influence him in any way, and I would appreciate the same courtesy from you.

Diane: I believe you, but phyllis, on the other hand, has made her motives crystal clear. She kicked me out of the grand phoenix, hoping I’d leave town. I assume that’s what you were hoping, too.

Jack: Phyllis acted completely on her own.

Diane: I — I apologize. I — I just figured you were in on it.

Jack: Well, if this is the way you want to move forward, fine. I would just counsel you one thing — be careful. There’s no turning back from this.

Summer: Grandpa already gave me the exact same speech about how to handle diane. But that’s just not the way that kyle and I work. I mean, I don’t know what you guys expect me to do. Issue him an ultimatum? ‘Cause that’s not gonna happen.

Phyllis: No, I’m not saying that. He respects you. Kyle listens to you. You say hanging around with diane is a mistake, and he will listen.

Summer: I don’t trust diane either, but I’m not entirely certain that him getting to know her again, the person that she is now, is such a bad idea. I mean, I know firsthand how important it is to have your mother in your life. When you were in the hospital for all of those years and i wasn’t sure if you were gonna regain consciousness, I felt so lost.

Phyllis: Okay, okay. That wasn’t my fault. I would’ve never decided to be separated from you, summer. No good mother, no decent human being in the world would choose to be separated from their son and make their son believe that they are dead.

Summer: All I am saying is that some old wounds can be healed. I mean, take dina and jack, for example. After they reunited after all of that time, and that time that he had with her ended up being so precious to him.

Phyllis: Listen to your defense of diane. This is amazing. And every scenario you’re coming up with to defend diane is about somebody else. What she did was inexcusable.

Summer: But you supported jack in reconnecting with dina, did you not?

Phyllis: Yes, that’s completely different, summer.

Summer: How is it different?

Phyllis: I’ll explain to you. Dina was at the end of her days. She couldn’t have hurt jack any more than she already had. Diane, on the other hand, is in the prime of her miserable life. Come on. Kyle is so emotional about this. He’s fixated on what could’ve been and what — what maybe she could be and what he wants her to be. It’s blinding him to see who she really is.

Summer: Okay, let’s just say you are 100% right about diane. What’s the worst that she could do? I mean, kyle is an adult. It’s not like she can move him away from the abbotts.

Phyllis: Okay, she would not remove him physically. She would do it emotionally.

Summer: How would she do that?

Phyllis: Here’s one — ashley. By the way, ashley is the only person in the abbott clan who’s not going along with this, you know, neutral, phony stance. Thank god. But ashley, she says something bad about diane, kyle sides with diane, there it is. There’s a rift in the family.

Summer: That’s all you’ve got. One hypothetical scenario.

Phyllis: Okay, summer, let me tell you something. Your husband will be dragged into defending this woman time and time again. That will separate him from this entire town. There is a reason why no one wants her here. There is a reason why everyone hates diane.

Summer: [ Sighs ] I’m starting to think that this is not so much about your concern for kyle, and it’s more about you and your hatred for diane. Pre-rinsing your dishes?

Diane: One thing you and everyone else may be overlooking is that all this opposition might backfire. Instead of driving a wedge between kyle and me, we could end up feeling ganged up on.

Jack: Is that your way of telling us when you feel your back is against the wall, that you tend to lash out?

Diane: No, jack, it’s just a suggestion that you ease up. As for the substance of your concerns, that I’m not being truthful, you are thoroughly mistaken. I have been nothing but open and honest with kyle, as I feel he’s been with me. And that’s the only way we’re going to have a meaningful relationship, which is the sole reason I’m staying.

Kyle: Yeah, maybe you’d like to settle in at the club. Your bags are there, and your tab is set up.

Diane: You know what? That sounds wonderful. In fact, I think I’d like to spend a little time in the gym on the bike.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you for letting me visit with harrison. I’ll — I’ll see you soon. Oh, I just had a thought. Maybe harrison can call me “dee-dee”? It’s easy to say, and it doesn’t have to mean anything significant.

Kyle: I like it. A lot.

Diane: [ Chuckles ] Okay.

Phyllis: I’ll own that, sure. I hate diane. I hate her. Nobody’s here, okay? Don’t worry. But by the way, virtually everyone else in town hates her, too.

Summer: That’s not exactly true. Kyle doesn’t hate diane, and he is the one that matters here.

Phyllis: Okay. Your husband is really smart. I believe that. And I believe that he is still trying to deal with all his feelings of, you know, his mother coming back from the dead and all the feelings he had losing her when he was a little boy. I believe that. And he has a million “what ifs” going on in — in his head.

Summer: Yeah, and my hope is that more time with her is gonna answer all of his questions.

Phyllis: I know diane. And I know she’s been plotting and planning this for a really, really long time. She is capitalizing on his emotions. She is manipulating him. Please do not underestimate what she will do to your husband. Please, please do not underestimate what she will do to your marriage.

Summer: Diane is not going to affect my marriage. Make no mistake about that. I will make sure of it. But [Sighs] For kyle’s sake, I have to stand back and let this play out.

Phyllis: I don’t think you’re doing the right thing.

Summer: Mom, this is my husband. You’re not gonna change my position on this, okay?

Phyllis: Okay. I have nothing more to say.

Summer: [ Sighs ] Okay. We’re not through. I have something important that I want to discuss with you.

Chloe: Um, yeah, kevin and i got our signals crossed about picking up miles for a playdate, and then my phone died. And I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to leave you hanging.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, luckily, these two wasted a little bit of my time while I was waiting.

Sally: Some might say you wasted ours.

Chloe: Okay, well, we have a lot of work to get to, so let’s get right to it.

Adam: She is so on edge.

Sally: You think? Geez. I know I probably shouldn’t have gotten into it with her, but i just cannot let anyone talk to me like that.

Adam: No, I — I know.

Sally: I wonder if they’re having trouble with the new fashion line or something.

Adam: Well, I actually hope that it’s work-related. ‘Cause her mood and her reaction to you, whatever else is going on, I’ve seen this before. It’s a sign of something that i worry that is much deeper than just a bad day at the office. Entresto is the number one heart failure brand

Chelsea: Our fabric delivery is gonna be two weeks late.

Chloe: That shouldn’t affect our delivery date because i built in some wiggle room into the schedule to account for things just like this.

Chelsea: I’m sick of suffering the consequences for other people’s mistakes.

Chloe: Okay, so how about i just give them a call and see if I can negotiate a discount?

Chelsea: That’s not the point.

Chloe: Um, are you okay? Because if you can’t handle this, I can handle the details if you don’t have the bandwidth.

Chelsea: No, I’m fine. I just — if I seem on edge, i just — I haven’t been sleeping well.

[ Sighs ] Every time I try to go to bed, my mind just spins and I can’t seem to make it stop.

Chloe: And that’s totally normal. And as the fashion line gets closer to becoming a reality, I’m sure all of the ideas are going to start flowing faster. Look, you are the creative genius half of our partnership, so let me deal with the details and you focus on what you do best.

Chelsea: There’s just been a lot going on. I mean, we thought we had a stable home for the line until victoria decided to drop us for no reason.

Chloe: Yeah, but I — I think that we found a new home and i think that that situation with lauren is so much better.

Chelsea: Do you know I heard victoria is on some european spa vacation? A man is dead because of her, yet she needs champagne and macaroons? It makes me sick.

Jack: Diane is still diane, kyle. What she just did is a perfect example. She framed the whole thing as the two of you against the world, thereby minimizing the justifiable concerns of people she’s hurt, people who are understandably wary, have about her. Look, I promised you I would support you in whatever decision you made about your mother, but I can’t turn a blind eye to what she’s doing. Insinuating herself in your life, taking liberties that —

Kyle: I agree. But she is still my mom. And we were a team for most of my childhood, until we weren’T. Look, I believe her when she says she was broken back then. She was desperate and she did some things she’s ashamed of but fully intends to do better.

Jack: Kyle, I thought this was going to be a trial period, where you spend some time with her, get to know her better before you let her all the way into your life. It sounds like you’ve already done that. It’s already happened.

Kyle: I just wish you and the rest of the family would take a deep breath and keep an open mind. If I have seen enough to be willing to give her this opening, why can’t you? Look, obviously, I can’t force you to, but I’m hoping you will at least try. For my sake.

Jack: I will do my very best.

Kyle: Thank you.

Jack: The good thing in all of this is it sounds like you’re gonna be sticking around for a while.

Kyle: That’s what I want to talk to you about. Summer and I are thinking about moving back to genoa city with harrison.

Jack: Really? That would be — wait, wait, what about summer’s career? What a– would she have to leave marchetti?

Kyle: There may be a way to do it without summer having to give up anything.

Summer: Marchetti is in trouble.

Phyllis: How?

Summer: Angelina is burning out. She assembled an entire team of junior designers so that nobody could challenge her, and I just found out that the company is dangerously overextended financially.

Phyllis: I can’t believe that they’re not doing well.

Summer: Yeah, it was a huge shock to me, as well. But then I realized…

Kyle: This is an opportunity. A fashion house with the kind of cachet and brand recognition marchetti brings to the table. The place needs new leadership and a solid financial plan for the future, but…jabot can give that to them.

Jack: Wait, you want jabot to buy marchetti?

Frank is a fan of fast.

He’s a fast talker.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Kyle: I have done the preliminary analysis, crunched the numbers. Marchetti does have a lot of debt, but a substantial amount of liquidity, which would provide us a significant boost in tax benefits. Look, you and I both know a deal like this hinges on more than just the financials, but the intangibles, and we have someone who knows every facet of the company, who’s passionate about keeping the vision alive while looking to the future. Summer’s ready to take this on.

Jack: You know I would love to have your family back here. I have missed the three of you like crazy, and I would love to work side-by-side with you again. But from a business standpoint, this gets complicated pretty fast. We made a conscious decision not long ago to step away from fashion and focus on our core business — cosmetics, the thing we built our company on. This would be a complete about-face.

Kyle: I get that. But this reminds me of something that you taught me — always be prepared when a big opportunity presents itself.

Jack: Believe me, I’m intrigued. I do have to ask one thing. How much does diane’s return factor into this decision?

Kyle: Honestly, not at all.

Phyllis: That’s an amazing idea.

Summer: If we were to bring marchetti into jabot’s fold, we would need an injection of creative talent, but jabot could provide the capital needed to get it out from this financial mess.

Phyllis: Summer, this is incredible for you. I mean, saving, essentially, the company that you’ve loved for so long and building its future, and then kyle can — he could do the deal for jabot since he’s living in milan.

Summer: That’s the best part. If we do this, we want to bring marchetti’s operations to genoa city.

Phyllis: Wait, does that — what does that mean?

Summer: It means that kyle, harrison, and I would be moving back here full time.

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh. Really? Wow! I mean, you know there’s nothing more that I would like than to have you by my side here all the time. I-I-I have one issue.

Chloe: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with victoria taking a trip. Frankly, I would love to get away. Between the stress of the new line and the kids, I could really use a break. You know, why don’t I get kevin on dad duty and you and I slip away for a quick trip to new york?

Chelsea: Just stop.

Chloe: What? It would be so fun. Come on, we could use it as an excuse for research for the new collection, and then we can get plenty of spa time in.

Chelsea: I don’t think so.

Chloe: Why not?

Chelsea: Because I don’t want a girls’ trip. And I don’t need you babysitting me.

Chloe: Okay, I think you misunderstood me. I — I wasn’t talking about babysitting you.

Chelsea: No, I think you were. I think you were patronizing me. And now you’re just flat-out lying to me, chloe. I’m not stupid.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] Okay. Um…[ Clears throat ] Excuse me.

[ Speaks indistinctly ]

Adam: How long has she been like this, chloe?

Chloe: [ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

Diane: [ Chuckles ] What a nice surprise. Whenever I answer my door lately, I’m braced for an onslaught. I’m glad it’s you.

Jack: Not sure you’re gonna feel that way after you hear what I have to say. The world is full of make or break moments.

Adam: Are you worried about chelsea’s mental state?

Chloe: What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Adam: What do you — she just blew up at you and she stormed out of here.

Chloe: What are you talking about? I — look, you have no context to whatever accusations you’re making.

Adam: Okay. You don’t have to talk to me like I’m the enemy, okay? I’ve lived through this with her, and I know what the signs are. I share a son with her. I am concerned, and I’m asking for connor’s sake, because this could affect our son. I just want to make sure that my son is okay.

Chloe: Chelsea is a great mom. No matter what else is going on, you do not have to worry about connor.

Adam: Okay, so something is wrong.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] I think that rey’s death has really affected her. And she has invested more time into their friendship than she would like to admit. And then he was suddenly ripped out of her life.

Adam: Well, I know how much she and connor were affected by that, but my son seems to be coming to terms with that, so i didn’t realize that chelsea was still struggling or how much rey meant to her.

Chloe: I think that his forgiveness gave her the courage to come back to town, face everyone, and move forward.

Adam: So is losing him going to set her back?

Chloe: She’s rattled. There is nothing for you to worry about. I think she’s just a little angry at the world right now.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Ugh!

Kyle: Chelsea. Are you okay?

Chelsea: Hey. Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I’m just —

[ Sighs ] I’m just dealing with some issues at work. You know how it is.

Kyle: I do. Are you sure nothing’s wrong?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] You know, everyone keeps asking me that today.

[ Chuckles ] Maybe chloe was right. Maybe — maybe I do need a spa day.

Kyle: Or you could just tell me what’s really going on.

Summer: Diane has nothing to do with this, I promise you. Kyle enjoyed living in milan, but I was the driving force for us being there. It was my dream opportunity, and he went along with it because he is a loving and supportive partner, but I’ve come to realize that there was a lot that I was missing living so far away. Like getting to talk to you whenever I needed. And not on video chat.

Phyllis: Yeah. That’s a good answer. I’m just really scared to wrap my head around all of this, that’s all. I missed you so much. I missed you so much, summer. I don’t ever want to let you go, okay?

Summer: That’s okay with me.

Phyllis: Okay. [ Chuckles ]

Jack: I need to be clear with you about something. I have decided to support kyle’s decision to let you back into his life. Hoping with everything in me that you are the changed woman you claim to be. Because your absence left a void in his life, one I want my son to fill with love and kindness and nurturing commitment and connection that he has been missing from the mother he thought he lost.

Diane: Thank you.

Jack: If it turns out that you are lying, if it turns out that you have some secret ulterior motive, I swear, diane, I will make you regret ever coming back here.

Diane: Jack…I give you my solemn word that I will never hurt our son again. And if I did, you would have every right to bring hell raining down on me, and I’m — I’m sure there are a lot of people in this town who would be eager to join you.

Jack: I think we both know phyllis would be at the top of that list.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Yes, but that being said, I — i can’t keep tying myself up in knots all the time, worrying about what people think. My goal is to rebuild my relationship with kyle and enjoy the company of my grandson. And in the process, I hope you’ll see I am sincere and maybe even someone that you could trust eventually. Jack, if you could accept that kyle and I might be good for each other, I think it would ease your mind and it might even bring you some happiness. Because I know all too well what it feels like to be lonely and uncertain about your life.

Jack: I don’t know where that came from. My life is in a good place, professionally and personally.

Diane: Then this is a case where I’m glad I’m wrong.

Jack: Well, I — I said what I came to say. My moderate to severe plaque psoriasis…

Sally: So did chloe give you any more insight on what’s going on with chelsea?

Adam: Apparently, chelsea had grown more attached to rey than anyone realized.

Sally: Huh. I — I still find it remarkable that he was able to forgive her for poisoning him, and then on top of that, actually become her friend. I think that says a lot about the kind of guy that rey was, and I guess it makes sense that losing him so suddenly and tragically would hit her so hard.

Adam: Well, maybe that’s all it is. I hope so. Anyway, we have our own issues to discuss.

Sally: So we are back to business?

Adam: Mm-hmm, yes, there’s still a power vacuum that i haven’t been able to take advantage of, and my idea to distract victor from running ashland out of town did not work out like I hoped. Mm-hmm.

Sally: Your mind is still on chelsea.

Adam: Just I get the feeling that whatever’s going on with her is more than just grieving a friend.

Chelsea: Thank you for checking on me. I appreciate it. But really, I’m — I’m fine. I just, um… I overreacted about something at work, that’s all. My career is really important to me, and sometimes I take things too personally when I should just let them go. I suppose I should also learn not to stress-cry in public places.

Kyle: It happens to the best of us.

Chelsea: Oh, really? You stress-cry?

Kyle: I may have teared up once or twice.

Chelsea: I don’t believe you.

Kyle: I always made it to someplace private first.

Chelsea: Well, good for you.

Kyle: Mm.

Chelsea: Well, thank you for the kind words.

Kyle: Do you need anything?

Chelsea: No, I’m good.

Kyle: Okay. Say it one more time like you mean it, and then I’ll go.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] I’m better now, I swear.

Kyle: Okay. I’m going.

Phyllis: Hey.

Jack: Hey, there.

Phyllis: How was your meeting with kyle?

Jack: It was okay.

Phyllis: Oh.

Jack: Summer maybe fill you in already?

Phyllis: She did. You’re talking about buying marchetti and bringing it to genoa city, yeah. She — she told me. Oh, it’s amazing.

Jack: What do you really think?

Phyllis: Well, I really think it’s great. I do. I mean, I’m over the moon with the thought of my daughter being close to me again. It’s coincidental.

Jack: You’re not at all worried, then, that diane will see this as a reason to say.

Phyllis: Well, that won’t happen. That can’t happen.

Jack: Well, I hope not. But I should tell you, when i got there to see my son, you’ll never guess who was there, visiting harrison, acting like she belonged there, like she was already part of the family. She even had a nickname that harrison could call her.

Phyllis: No.

Jack: Dee-dee.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Diane went away once. She needs to go away again.

Diane: [ Chuckles ] Things are going better than i thought. You’re going to be spending lots of time with your dee-dee.

[ Chuckles ]

Next week on

“the young and the restless”…

Phyllis: Do you really think that I would plan us getting off of the elevator when diane arrived at the hotel?

Jack: I just don’t get it. Are you trying to impress her? You making your territory?

Ashland: I just hope you know how sorry I am about rey.

Sharon: Whatever it is that you were about to say, you can save it. I actually have a few things that I want to say to you.

Victor: I want you to talk to kyle, ask him to restrict home visitation rights between harrison and ashland locke. I want to sever all ties completely.

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GH Transcript Friday, May 27, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


(missing first 6 minutes-we’ll have to run it again)

Where is all of this coming from? You and spencer have always been thick as thieves. What can I say? Times change. People change. Meaning? Meaning… your son came here asking for a favor, just like you are. When he didn’t get what he wanted, he retaliated by saying some incredibly unkind things to me. Bang-up job you’re doing, raising that one. Yes. I’ve made a lot of mistakes with spencer.

[ Scoffs ] I mean, this might be a wild guess, but the whole “pretending to be dead” thing might have really messed him up a little. Not that either of you have any excuse for your entitled behavior. So you know what, mr. Cassadine? You can shove that big, fat donation up — is there a problem here? Let me get this round. If you’ll allow. Oh, yes, of course. Thank you, uncle victor. I had no idea you were back in town. Yes. My, uh, business overseas has been concluded. You missed a lot while you were gone. Then you must catch me up. Well, for starters, they found luke spencer’s killer. I imagine that’s quite a weight off your shoulders. Ah. Thanks for checking in. Alas, I am far from okay, but I’m managing. Some days, managing counts as a win. Exactly. I-I keep trying to tell myself that this title ix report is just that — a report. It’s not like a-a ruling in the court of law. Yeah, all this title ix stuff is a little new to me. Oh. You never had your university investigate you for a misconduct? No, but that’s probably because I didn’t go. Oh! Oh, my god. Um… foot, meet mouth. Hey, it was my choice. After I saw how much debt had to be taken on, I realized that there were other, better ways to achieve the life I wanted. So I started taking classes to try and figure out how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be, you know, find a passion. But nothing really spoke to me until one day, I saw the pcpd doing an outreach program, and, well, that did speak to me. I realized I could make a difference, maybe help right some wrongs. Right. And how’s that working out for you so far? Well, I’m still pretty new, but the first wrong I plan on righting is what’s happening to you. I can’t believe ava finally convinced your father to kick us out. No one is kicking us out. In fact, ava agreed to give me an allowance from my trust fund. What’s the catch? No catch. I get $10,000 a week. Really? Although we do have to move out. But, spence, uh — this place has just been so stifling, hasn’t it? Almost as much as ava’s stranglehold on my purse strings, but now you and I are both going to be free from both my father and ava, which is exactly what we’ve always wanted. Right? You’re early. I just need a few minutes, and then lunch at kelly’S. Yeah. Take as much time as you need. Are you okay, chet? You seem preoccupied. Yeah. No, it’s, uh — something sort of crazy just happened. Recruiter for the veterans hospital called this morning. They’re looking for somebody to be the director of their mental health outreach. I remember that one. You showed me the job listing a couple weeks ago, right? Yeah. But I was pretty sure I wasn’t qualified for that position. Stop doubting yourself. You worked as a medic. You volunteer. I’m sure you’d be perfect. And I’m proud of you for applying. That’s the thing. I didn’t apply. Somebody submitted my info to the recruiter. Two years ago, I was on a bridge. It collapsed. I suffered head trauma. I — I lost my memory. I was carried downriver to a small town named nixon falls. I was there a few months. Nina found me. And she knew that I had been missing and that I was presumed dead. She didn’t tell anyone that I was alive. So your son, michael, and his girlfriend, willow, the parents of wiley, they believe that nina is responsible for keeping you from your family. Nina… was responsible. But she, uh — she wasn’t the only one. Well, who else? I was.

Somebody applied for you?How would that even work? Well, the hospital goes through a recruiter who reached out to me. I just don’t know how the recruiter got my info. Maybe it was someone you served with or something you helped. A lot of people love you, chet. Well, I wouldn’t go that far. But the guys I served with were close. Maybe it was one of them. I don’t think they’d do this without telling me. Right. Well, we may never know, but let’s focus on the now. Did you get the job or not? I did. Ahh! That’s wonderful. When do you start? A few days from now. That’s fast. Yeah. And it’s in chicago. Chicago. Oh. I forgot about that part. Well, I’d hate for you to leave port charles. Yeah, me, too. Then again, we did talk all the time when you were overseas. And chicago’s, what, like a two-hour flight? That’s nothing. I guess. What’s the matter, chet? This is good news, right? Well, it’s — it’s supposed to be, but… I’m sort of seeing somebody here. Well, this is the first I’m hearing about it. Who’s the lucky lady? Dr. Randolph, I am so glad you’re here. This magnanimous donor is not listening to me. Perhaps a tag team will get through to him. What can I do for you, mr. Cassadine? I am just trying to get some information on elizabeth. That’s all. You know we can’t release medical information without a patient’s consent. Yes, I understand that. But as a friend of the patient, without revealing any confidential information, I can assure you that elizabeth herself will be able to catch you up soon. Thank you, dr. Randolph. I can live with that. You see how easy that was? Dr. Randolph is elizabeth’s friend. I am not. Are you anybody’s friend? Don’t come back here unless you’re injured or dying. Hope to see you soon. Okay. Clearly, that wasn’t entirely about nikolas. What is going on with you? Of course this is what I wanted. Then let’s get packing. But moving out of wyndemere, I mean, that’ll be complicated. Uh… we haven’t shared a room since before you went to prison. If we got our own place, does that mean… you’re ready to share a bed with me again? I’m thinking that we should get a place with two bedrooms. At least. $10k a week may not be quartermaine money, but it will keep us in style.

[ Chuckles ] Sounds perfect. So, all of the craziness happening at your house, that was your mom. Yeah. I mean, not consciously, but the medication was making her sleepwalk. Does anybody know why? I mean, not the medication, of course. I get that. But I mean why she was doing the specific things that she was doing? We don’t know. And I am terrified that my mom will not get better until we find out. Scott: So you’re saying that you’re responsible. Could you enlighten the court as to what you mean? Your honor, if opposing counsel continues to chew the scenery, I will order him a side of hollandaise. Mr. Baldwin, in the interest of everyone’s time, just let your witness answer the question. Mr. Corinthos, be my guest. I was living in — in nixon falls for months before nina found me. I did not know who I was. And before too long, I stopped trying to find out. By the time nina arrived in nixon falls, I had decided… I didn’t want to know who I used to be.

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Days Transcript Friday, May 27, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Gabi: [Sighs]

Both: Mm.

Gabi: I have waited so long to be with you again.

Jake: Mm. Me too. I can’t believe I ended things between us. Biggest mistake of my life.

Gabi: [Chuckles lightly] Thank god we came to our senses.

Jake: Thank god I told you how I felt before I lost you to somebody else.

[Soft music]

Gabi: [Sighs]

Shin: Mm. Good morning, gabriella.

Gabi: [Grunts]


Jake: Can’t believe this is actually happening.

Gabi: I never should have doubted you, jake. I’m so sorry.

Jake: Don’t be sorry. You’re here.

Gabi: Honestly, thank you for giving us another chance. You’re not gonna regret it.

Jake: I know I won’T.

Jake: [Chuckles lightly]

Ava: Mm. Morning, handsome.

Jan: [Sighs]

Shawn: Uh, there you go.

Jan: Thank you.

Shawn: Yeah. How’re you feeling today?

Jan: Well, there’s no more cramping, so–

Shawn: That’s good.

Jan: I just–I feel so wiped.

Shawn: You sleep okay?

Jan: Not really. I was tossing and turning. I couldn’t get comfortable. And when I finally did fall asleep, I had a terrible nightmare.

Shawn: About what?

Jan: Your wife.

[Ominous music]

Belle: [Groans]

Ej: Good morning, belle.

Belle: Is it? Maybe somebody should tell that to my head.

Ej: [Chuckles] Rough night?

Belle: Oh, yeah. But even worse morning. I almost hurled in the cab on the way over here.

Ej: Oof. Did you come to pick up your car?

Belle: [Sighs] I did. And to thank you for arranging a ride home for me last night. Although, I’m sorry to say, I only vaguely remember it.

Ej: [Chuckles] I understand. Coffee? Or perhaps some hair of the dog?

Belle: Oh, god no. Um, actually I’m gonna get going, I gotta get home.

Ej: Home?

Belle: Uh, shawn’s home.

Ej: I see. Uh, can I ask why?

Belle: Oh, well, at the request of ms. Spears, I have to go clear out my office so she can use it as a nursery for the baby.

Ej: Why are you giving in to jan’s ridiculous demands? It’s your house, belle.

Belle: [Scoffs] Not anymore.

[Tense music]

Leo: Good morning, sunshine.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Ej: That house is as much yours as it is shawn’S.

Belle: Yeah, on paper. But I’m not gonna move back in there as long as jan’s living there.

Ej: Which is just until the baby is born, correct?

Belle: Not if jan has anything to say about it.

Ej: You think shawn is going to let her stay indefinitely?

Belle: Listen, I can feel jan just sinking her claws into shawn and into our whole life. I’m sure she thinks she’s gonna be there forever.

Ej: So you’re just going to let jan spears win? Don’t you think your marriage is worth fighting for? Hmm?

Jan: God, it was so awful, shawn. Belle, she dragged me in front of a judge to make sure that I could never see my baby. Oh, god, it felt so real.

Shawn: Okay, but jan, it wasn’t real, all right? It was just a dream.

Jan: Which could easily happen. I mean, you heard the things that she said last night. She wants to file papers to have me declared an unfit mother.

Shawn: It’s because she was upset. I mean, come on, understandably.

Jan: She was serious, shawn. She hates me so much. She was probably happy when I had to go to the hospital.

Shawn: No, no, she was not.

Jan: I bet that she wants me to lose the baby, and was hoping that I would, because that’s what she wants.

Shawn: No, nothing–

Jan: She will do anything to take my child from me.

Shawn: No, nothing is gonna happen, jan, all right? Nobody’s gonna take your child from you.

Jan: You won’t let them, right?

Shawn: No. No, I will not let them.

Leo: Hello? Anybody home? Sonny boy. Guess you really still are out, big guy. Must have indulged in a few too many of those magic cookies last night. Because, baby, you went down like a sack of potatoes. Not before we had our fun though, and the best part is I’ve got proof.

[Grunts] These are even better than I’d hoped.

[Laughs] Ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.

Leo: [Laughs] Oh, this one might be my favorite. Look at that smile on my face. Hmm. Though I could use a filter on my crow’s feet. Ooh. I guess that is my cue to skedaddle. But oh, what a memorable evening it was, jackson K. At least for me.

Sonny: Oh, my god.

[Groans] Oh, my head.

[Sniffs] What the hell did I do last night?

[Exhales] Oh, my god, I’m gonna be late.

Ava: You were mumbling in your sleep. What were you dreaming about?

Jake: Oh, I, um… don’t remember.

Ava: Hmm. Strange, isn’t it? How quickly we forget our dreams. So what do you want for breakfast, hmm? We’ve got, uh, sausage, bacon. I even picked up some scrapple if you’re feeling homesick for philly.

Jake: You know, ava, when I asked you to move in here, I didn’t mean I wanted you as my personal chef and bottle washer.

Ava: You know I love to cook.

Jake: I know you do, and you’re good at it. But why don’t you let me cook you breakfast for a change.

Ava: You can cook?

Jake: I can scramble and egg. Oh, you look skeptical.

Ava: Uh, I just, uh– I have high standards.

Jake: Then I’ll have to work hard to live up to them.

Jan: You really mean that? You won’t let belle try to take our baby away from me?

Shawn: She’s not gonna do that, jan.

Jan: I think you’re giving her too much credit. And what happens if they send me back to prison right after our angel’s born?

Shawn: Well, if that happens, then I will– I will take the baby to visit you as much as– as much as I possibly can.

Jan: Really? You would do that?

Shawn: Yes. Yes, of course I would do that. I mean, it–it’s your child.

Jan: And yours. Even though I know it’s not what you wanted.

Shawn: How could this be what I wanted, jan? How? Okay, but I have a responsibility to this child. And–and right now, I have a responsibility to you as well.

Jan: Thank you for saying that.

Shawn: Hold–wait, hold on. You know, I also–I also have a responsibility to my wife and to my daughter. And to state the obvious, belle is–she’s–she’s upset at this whole entire situation. I mean, and it’s– she’s got totally a great reason to be.

Jan: What are you saying, shawn?

Shawn: [Sighs] I’m saying that I’m–listen, I’m stuck in the middle here. Right in the middle. You and belle both want me to pick sides. But the side that I need to be on–I need to be on this baby’s side. I do not feel– I don’t feel that it is right to rip a child away from its mother without good reason, so– so I’m not gonna let that happen.

Belle: Of course my marriage is worth fighting for.

Ej: And yet, you don’t seem to be fighting.

Belle: Jan has convinced shawn that if I come within a ten-mile radius of her, she’s gonna get the vapors and possibly lose the baby. Oh, my god, I can’t with her drama.

Ej: Hmm. So you’re doing this for you, not her?

Belle: Yes. First of all, if I don’t let her turn the office into a nursery, then her kid’s gonna move into my kid’s room. And that is just–

Ej: Fair point.

Belle: And I also have to have access to my files so I can do my job properly, so–

Ej: Mm. And you don’t want to be wading past jan every time you’re looking for a document.

Belle: [Scoffs] I don’t want anything to do with her. Anyway, it’s way past time for me to just… bite the bullet.

Ej: Is there any room at your parents’ house for you to set up an office space?

Belle: Oh, no, not really.

Ej: So why not bring it here?

Belle: What?

Ej: We have more rooms than we know what to do with.

Belle: I–you want me to move my office here?

Ej: You are my lawyer, belle. We’ll consider it a retainer.

Belle: Really?

Ej: Of course. I’ll even help you move the boxes.

Belle: Well, that’s very kind of you, but I am perfectly capable–

Ej: I know you are, but I also know chivalry is dead. But I’m hardly anyone’s idea of a knight in shining armor. I’m just a bored, unemployed, ex-tycoon with plenty of time on my hands since my sister foiled my coup attempt at dimera.

Belle: [Chuckles] You really don’t have anything better to do than to help me?

Ej: [Laughs] I really don’T. And besides, we’ll be in and out twice as fast with the two of us. What do you say?

Belle: I say…sold.

Ej: Excellent. Then let’s do this.

Belle: Let’s do it.


From prom dresses

[Uneasy music]

Victor: Should have been in the office two hours ago.

Sonny: I know. I know, I don’t–I don’t know how I slept so late.

Victor: Did you go on a bender last night? You look like hell.

Sonny: No, I didn’t drink anything. I don’t think.

Victor: You don’t think?

Sonny: No, but I do feel really strange.

Victor: Have some fruit. Very hydrating, packed with vitamins, and very delicious.

Sonny: You sound like a commercial.

Victor: Well, I should. Henderson outdid himself. Have to make sure he remembers where he got this fruit.

[Tense music]

Sonny: Wait, that’s– that’s not from henderson. That’s from leo stark.

Leo: [Sniffs] Good morning, this is leo stark. I’m sending over those pictures we discussed. They will be in your hot little hands shortly. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

[Phone beeps]

Gabi: Cookies?

Shin: Baked fresh. You have a sweet tooth, no?

Gabi: Yeah, no, I do, but, um, cookies for breakfast?

Shin: Americans eat sugary cereals and toaster pastries. Not to mention muffins the size of my head.


Gabi: Yeah, you’re right. Why would cookies be any different?

Shin: Go ahead, have one. Or two.

Gabi: I just feels a little…decadent. Kind of like last night.

Shin: Oh. You aren’t having regrets?

Gabi: No, no, I had– I had a wonderful time. I just–I just think I– I drank a little too much. I was not expecting waking up… here.

Shin: With me.

Gabi: Yeah.

Shin: Then you do have regrets.

Gabi: No, no.

Shin: Good. Because last night… was one of the most intense, and exciting nights of my life. I’ve known you a long time. But you still managed to surprise me… in a thousand different ways.

Gabi: Well, I could say the same.

Shin: Well, what would you say if I told you I was thinking of…postponing my flight back to hong kong?

Gabi: Why would you do that?

Shin: So we could spend more time together. See what happens. But only if that’s what you want.

Jake: That is a lot of hot sauce. Maybe I can’t scramble and egg, huh?

Ava: No– no, they’re perfect. They are. I just, you know– I got used to eating eggs like this when rafe and I were– sorry.

Jake: Gotcha. No, no, no. Hey, look, gabi got me hooked on the stuff too. You know, hot sauce is the one condiment you’re always gonna find in my fridge.

Ava: [Chuckles]

Jake: Well, our fridge.

Ava: Right. About that, um– you know, I was up early this morning, and I was thinking, um–

Jake: That sounds serious.

Ava: No, it’s just, you know, we were roommates, right? And then we were in bed together, and then… we were in bed together.

Jake: Yeah?

Ava: I just– I don’t know, I feel like we may have just skipped some steps along the way.

Jake: [Clears throat] You saying you have regrets about last night?

Ava: No. Absolutely not. But I do think I’m gonna move out.

Jan: Oh, shawn. These are all my favorites. I can’t believe you remembered.

Shawn: Yeah, well, we have spent a lot of time together over the years. Even if most of it was against my will.

Jan: This reminds me of the time that you took me in when I was pregnant in high school. You were even willing to say that the baby was yours because of what nicole’s father had put me through. Gosh, that was a terrible time in my life. I had almost given up on the idea of ever being a mother after that. And now… shawn, I already love this baby so much. Especially because we made it together.

Shawn: Oh, come on, jan.

Jan: I know, I know. I can’t get any ideas about us. And I’m not. I know how much you’ve given up to take care of me and the baby. And I just want you to know how grateful I am. Centrum multigummies aren’t just great tasting…

Jake: You want to move out? Was I that terrible last night?

Ava: Oh, no.

[Chuckles] No, you–you were amazing.

Jake: Good, ’cause you seemed to be enjoying yourself.

Ava: Oh, I was.

Both: [Chuckle]

Ava: A lot. Which is why I have to move out.

Jake: I don’t understand.

Ava: Look, um– I moved in with rafe, right? ‘Cause I didn’t have any place to go. And then we started sleeping together, and we were already living together, and the whole time he was in love with another woman. You know how that ended, and I really– I have no desire to get on that rollercoaster again.

Jake: I’m not in love with another woman.

Ava: Yeah, that’s debatable.

Jake: Wow.

Ava: Uh, look, I’m just saying I have gone from zero to 60 again. And, you know, if we’re gonna be in a relationship, I really don’t want to fast-track the living together part.

Jake: Ava, I–

Ava: Oh, if. If…you want to be in a relationship.

Jake: [Sighs]

Ava: Look, if you see this as, like, a friends with benefits sort of thing, that’s–

Jake: I don’T. Okay? Ava, I–

[Chuckles] Man, I like you. I like you–I like you a lot. And I– I’m sorry, but I– I just don’t know what’s changed since you moved in. I mean, you’re still unemployed. So how’re you gonna pay rent? Unless you have somewhere else to go?

Ava: No, not yet.

Jake: Okay. So how about we think of another plan that doesn’t involve leaving you homeless.

Ava: You got some ideas?

Jake: Well, I just started back up at dimera. And I’m making more money now, so maybe I can find a bigger apartment that has at least a second bedroom.

Ava: Yeah, but that’s gonna take a little time, isn’t it? What do you think we can do until then, hmm? You’re definitely not sleeping on the floor. Don’t say that.

Jake: No, that’s not gonna happen. My back still hasn’t recovered from that. But, look, if you want to put the brakes on the whole sleeping together thing–

Ava: The “sleeping together” thing? Hmm?

Jake: I’m just saying, if you want to, you know, take a step back, let me woo you with my culinary skills and my manly charm. We can catch up on all the steps that we skipped.

Ava: Yeah, I think it might be working already.

Jake: Mm. So you’ll stay?

Ava: Yeah, I’ll stay. Thanks for understanding.

Jake: Although I might to take a cold shower… or seven.

Both: [Chuckle]

Ava: Yeah, and I, uh– I might have to request that you put on a shirt. So, uh…

Jake: Oh.

Ava: I don’t lose my willpower.

Jake: Ah. So you want me to cover up? Is that it?

Ava: [Sighs] Not really.

Jake: What are you doing?

Ava: What am I doing? Hmm, well… I was thinking, maybe… we could wait on those steps…

[Chuckles] Maybe until this afternoon, or, I don’t know, maybe this evening?

Jake: Are you sure you want to?

Ava: Jake, stop talking. Mm.

Gabi: Uh, you want to stay in salem because of me?

Shin: Well, I have to admit, at first I was worried you might just be using me to make jake jealous.

Gabi: You mentioned that, yeah.

Shin: But last night… well, you were extremely…attentive.

Gabi: As were you.

Shin: I know some see it as bad form to be too forward. But I must admit… I woke up this morning thoroughly smitten. But if you don’t feel the same way, just say the word. There will be no awkwardness, no repercussions. We can forget last night ever happened.

Gabi: I don’t want to forget last night happened. In fact… I want to make it happen again.

Belle: [Clears throat]

Shawn: Belle?

Belle: What is going on here?

Jan: Relax, would you? It was just a hug. I was expressing my gratitude to shawn for how well he’s been treating me and the baby. Isn’t that right?

Shawn: Yeah. Yeah, it is right. And what the hell is he doing here?

Belle: He came to help me clean out my office per jan’s demand.

Ej: So let’s just get this over with, shall we?

Victor: You accepted a gift from leo stark? Are you stark raving mad?

Sonny: Okay, well, I didn’t exactly accept it.

Victor: Well, then what are they doing here?

Sonny: I don’t–I don’t know. Um…[Sighs] Okay, uh, leo showed up yesterday with the fruit bouquet.

Victor: Why?

Sonny: I don’t–I don’t know. Okay, he said– he said he wanted to congratulate me on my new job. And I thought the fruit was probably poisoned, so I didn’t eat any.

Victor: Well, I just had some.

Sonny: It–it’s fine, uncle vic, all right? It’s okay.

Victor: How is that fine?

Sonny: Because leo stark had some and he’s fine, okay? And you’re–you’re fine too. Right?

Victor: Well, as fine as I ever am these days.

Sonny: [Sighs] Weird part is, you know, even though I didn’t have any of the fruit and I didn’t drink anything, you know, and I feel so weird. I mean, the only thing I had last night was– was cookies.

Victor: What cookies?

Sonny: Oh, um– it was just some cookies that were delivered from will and arianna.

Victor: Are you sure they sent them?

Sonny: I can– I mean, I could text them. But… oh, my god.

Victor: What is it? I just remembered I asked– I asked will the same question last night. He said he didn’t send any cookies. Maybe leo did drug me.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Door unlocks]

Gwen: [Sighs] Leo.

Leo: Hello, guinevere. What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Gwen: [Sighs]

Leo: You look good.

Gwen: [Sighs] Come on, no I don’T.

Leo: Okay, you look awful. I mean, to me you always look beautiful, even when you look awful. But let’s just say, prison garb isn’t your most flattering look. I could maybe pull it off. Thank god I’ve never had to. Oh, there was that one night in istanbul–

Gwen: Okay, leo, what– what are you doing here?

Leo: [Sighs]

Victor: So leo stark poisoned you?

Sonny: I don’t know. I don’t know, but he– he definitely did something to me.

Victor: You better check your wallet.

Sonny: I mean, everything seems to be intact.

Victor: Including you?

Sonny: [Sighs] Yeah. No, I’m all in one piece, as far as I can tell. Jesus, what the hell did he do to me while I was unconscious?


Ava: Yeah, you wouldn’t expect a place like this to have such great water pressure.


Jake: We keep this up, we’re certainly gonna save a lot on our water bill.

Ava: Mm. So much for my grand plan to take things slowly, huh?

Jake: You still want to take a step back, all you gotta do is say the word.

Ava: You know, you are quite a gentleman, jake.

Jake: Wow. I haven’t heard that very often.

Ava: Mm. All right, you… have a wonderful day at work, mr. Boss man.

Jake: Thank you.

Ava: Mm. Yes, and when you come home, I will have a lovely dinner waiting for you. Something nice and spicy.

Gabi: I know last night I said I–I didn’t care if people at work talk, but now that we’re actually, you know–

Shin: A thing?

Gabi: Yeah, you know, I just think that we should be a little discreet about it, at least at first.

Shin: Of course. I’ll tell my father I’m staying in salem for business purposes.

Gabi: You think he’d be upset if he knew the truth?

Shin: Frankly, I don’t care. Besides, he keeps telling me I need to settle down with a nice girl.

Gabi: Ooh. I don’t think I match that description.

Shin: That’s exactly what I like about you.

Shawn: Look, I don’t get it, belle, I told you I didn’t want you to clear out your office.

Belle: Well, I’m doing it anyway.

Jan: Which is the best thing for all of us, if you ask me.

Belle: Which I did not.

Jan: And I’m feeling much better, by the way. Thank you for asking. So if you’re thinking about upsetting me again–

Ej: Sure, and I suppose that’s your cue to send your wife away, just like you did last night?

Shawn: What the hell is he talking about? No, I did nothing of the sort. What did you– what did you tell him?

Belle: I–I went over to talk about dimera business. I–I needed someone to talk to, okay? I was upset.

Shawn: Oh. Oh, let me guess. You, uh–you had a few drinks?

Ej: Do you have a problem with that?

Shawn: Yeah, I actually do have a problem with that. So what’s the deal, ej? Sammi doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, so, what, now you’re gonna go after her sister?

Belle: Shawn, stop it.

Shawn: That’s–I’m warning you, you stay the hell out of my marriage.

Ej: Well, maybe if you knew how to look after your wife properly, she wouldn’t need to turn to me for comfort.

Shawn: You shut the hell up.

Belle: Shawn, no. My moderate to severe plaque psoriasis…

Ej: You want to hit me? Bring it on.

Belle: No, come one. Stop it! Stop it, both of you.

Shawn: Then get the hell out of my house now.

Belle: Shawn, I just want to get my stuff. Please don’t make this worse than it already is.

Shawn: But belle, I told you, you didn’t have to move out. I don’t–I don’t want you to move out.

Belle: Okay, well, today made it very clear that I absolutely have to.

Ej: I’ll start getting the boxes, shall I?

Shawn: Look, what are you– what are you gonna do with all your things? Your–your parents don’t have enough room for everything.

Belle: Ej was kind enough to let me use some office space at dimera mansion.

Shawn: Oh, he did.

Ej: Mm-hmm.

Shawn: What, are you gonna be renting a room next?

Belle: Come on, ej, let’s just get this over with and go.

Ej: Yes, let’S.

Leo: Why do I feel like you’re disappointed to see me?

Gwen: Look, uh, no offense, matty, it’s just that when– when they told me to expect a visitor, I was– I was expecting jack, or maybe even xander.

Leo: Sorry. Just little old me.

Gwen: No, don’t be sorry. I’m so happy to see a friendly face.

Leo: I guess you don’t get too many of those here.

Gwen: No.

Leo: Is it that bad?

Gwen: I’m coping.

Leo: That’s not what I asked you.

Gwen: You know, I would really rather just not get into all the gory details. And, um, I’d rather just distract myself with what’s going on with you.

Leo: Well, I am happy to oblige. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I came here. I wanted to share with you my progress in my quest for revenge.

Gwen: I didn’t even know there was a quest.

Leo: Oh, there is. And it’s gonna cheer you up big time to hear about it.

Victor: Can’t believe you fell for the old bait and switch.

Sonny: Yeah, I was so careful about the fruit.

Victor: Yeah, and you completely ignored the cookies.

Sonny: Yeah, but the cookies showed up before leo did. I think? I don’t know. God, he set me up!

Victor: This is all your fault, you know.

Sonny: I know. I know. I got careless.

Victor: No, because you poked the bear, or in this case the weasel.

Sonny: You know what? Even if the little creep was trying to freak me out, he didn’t succeed. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get to the office.

Victor: The hell you do.

Sonny: What are you talking– you were just complaining that I was late.

Victor: If you were drugged with an unknown substance, we have to find out what it was.

Sonny: What difference does it make? I’m fine now.

Victor: Leo stark committed a crime. You have to get a blood test so you can prove it.

[Knock at door]

Shin: Jake. What brings you here?

Jake: I, uh, hope I’m not coming at a bad time.

Shin: Not at all. What can I do for you?

Jake: Well, I just wanted to say thank you. You know– you’ve always had my back, ever since I got to dimera. Through all the hostile takeover attempts, the ups and downs.

Shin: I’m pleased to have your back.

Jake: I appreciate that. Anyway, just wanted to say goodbye before you head back to hong kong.

Shin: Actually, I’ve changed my plans. I’ve decided to stay in salem for a while.

Jake: Really? Why?

Gabi: Rafe, that is amazing. I am so happy for you.

[Chuckles] You know what? Yeah. I–I gotta call you back. I gotta go.

[Phone beeps] What the hell are you doing here?

Ava: Well, jake left these on the kitchen table this morning, and they are the documents that he had you sign.

Gabi: Okay, thank you.

Ava: I’ll be going.

Gabi: Oh, wait. Ava, hang on. I just got some news you’re gonna want to hear.

Ava: Oh?

Gabi: That was my brother on the phone. He proposed to nicole last night. And guess what? She said yes. Isn’t that wonderful? No matter who you are,

Ava: Rafe and nicole are getting married? How nice. I’m thrilled for them.

Gabi: Yeah, I’m sure.

Ava: I know you wish otherwise, that I would fly into a jealous rage, but I’m over rafe. Completely. Actually, I’ve moved on with someone new. Someone younger, smarter, sexier…ooh. And he’s definitely better suited for me. You will never, ever guess who.

Gabi: I really don’t care.

Ava: No? You don’t care that I slept with jake last night?

Shin: I’ve decided to stay in salem because…

Jake: Nevermind. You don’t, uh… need to explain. I know exactly why you’re sticking around.

Sonny: Okay. And thank you so much for fitting me in, kayla. All right, I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Oh, my god, will. Hi.

Will: Hi–hi.

Sonny: Hi.

Will: Are you okay?

Sonny: Yeah, I’m just– I’m really happy to see you.

Will: Yeah, you– what’s going on? You sent me some weird videos. You haven’t been answering my calls.

Sonny: Yeah, you know, just– what, you flew out here just to see me?

Will: Yeah, of course I did. And then I got this news alert.

Sonny: What–what news alert?

[Soft dramatic music]

Will: I’m guessing whatever went down last night, it had something to do with this?

Sonny: “My wild times with sonny kiriakis”?

Gwen: What did you do to sonny?

Leo: You don’t really care about the details, do you?

Gwen: Mm, no, not really. But I also know you didn’t come all this way to recount them.

Leo: I didn’T. I’m done with sonny– for the time being. So moving right along, guinivere, my knockout friend with chutzpah to burn and that limey accent that makes my heart go pitter-patter. How would you like to help me get revenge on somebody else?

Jan: I’m sorry. I’m sorry belle made you so upset.

Shawn: Look, it’s fine.

[Tray clatters] It’s fine.

Jan: Well, I–I can’t help feeling like this whole situation is my fault.

Shawn: Look, I don’t care whose fault it is anymore. I don’T.

Jan: Are you mad at me?

Shawn: [Sighs] No, I’m– I’m actually–I’m mad at the world right now. I’m mad at the devil. I’m mad at life for being so damn unfair. You know who I’m really mad at? I’m mad at ej for trying to steal my wife.

Belle: Are you sure the staff is okay unloading the car?

Ej: Yeah, it’s what we pay them to do.

Belle: Yeah, I guess I’m just not used to the whole servant thing.

Ej: [Chuckles] Samantha wasn’t either. But she adjusted eventually.

[Sighs] I, um… I’m very sorry, belle.

Belle: For what?

Ej: I shouldn’t have let my temper get the best of me with shawn.

Belle: No, you know what? He deserved it. He’s the one who let some psychotic, sadistic maniac move into our house and into our lives.

Ej: He’s an idiot to take you for granted. I would never do that.

Belle: Thank you for saying that.

Ej: I mean it, belle.

Belle: [Sniffles]

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Days Update Thursday, May 26, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Justin goes to see Paulina in the interrogation room. Paulina asks how it went in court. Justin responds that he’s sorry but they denied her bail again.

Eli visits Abe in the hospital. Eli reveals he’s been discharged and is just waiting on paper work, then Lani is picking him up. Abe notes that he shouldn’t be too far behind as he’s just waiting for Kayla to sign off on his discharge. Eli says that Lani mentioned that and brought clothes for him. Abe asks if he and Lani talked. Eli wants to wait until they are both discharged but Abe doesn’t want to wait. Abe asks if Paulina shot TR or not.

Lani sits in the town square, on the phone with Julie. Lani assures her it will be fine and says she is on her way to the hospital to pick up Eli. Lani promises to keep her posted and to have Eli call her. Lani thanks Julie for everything and hangs up. Lani then drops her phone and the sound startles her, causing her to have a flashback to shooting TR. Chanel approaches and asks if she’s okay.

Sarah sits in the Brady Pub. She gets a call from Xander and answers it. Xander is relieved that she answered. Xander offers to come to the Pub and says he needs to see her. Sarah says she only answered because he keeps calling and that has to stop. Xander argues that they have to talk. Sarah disagrees and says she has nothing to say to him. Sarah asks him to stop calling her and hangs up. Eric enters and asks if she’s sure that’s a good idea.

Paulina asks Justin what the hell happened since the whole point of the appeal was to set bail to get her out of here. Justin explains that the appeal was to determine if the decision to deny her bail was legally viable and it was. Paulina asks if it’s because she’s rich and they think she’s a flight risk. Justin states that he denied bail because she confessed to killing a man.

Eli tells Abe that they can talk about this later in private. Abe asks why he keeps trying to put him off. Abe reminds Eli that they both agreed that Lani could have something to do with this shooting. Abe asks if Eli talked to Lani. Eli confirms that he did. Abe demands to know what she said. Eli thinks back to Lani admitting that she shot TR. Eli then lies to Abe and tells him that Lani had nothing to do with it.

Lani tells Chanel that she’s fine. Chanel notes that she doesn’t look fine. Lani then complains that her mother is in jail while her husband and father are both in the hospital and her biological father was murdered. Lani then apologizes since Chanel is not the person that she should be dumping this on. Chanel tells her not to worry. Chanel notes that Lani didn’t look sad, mad, or overwhelmed, just lost. Chanel asks what she was thinking about. Lani responds that she was thinking about the shooting and watching TR die in front of her. Lani flashes back again and tells Chanel that she keeps hearing the last thing TR ever said. Chanel asks her what he said.

Rafe and Nicole lay in bed together and talk about when to tell Holly about their engagement. Nicole declares the time is right and she wants them to tell her together which Rafe calls really great. Rafe just doesn’t want Holly to think that he’s forcing his way in to her life. Nicole encourages that Holly wants him in her life. Nicole wants Holly to be part of a happy family and she wants that to start right away as they kiss.

Sarah tells Eric that she doesn’t want to talk about Xander. Sarah talks about not sleeping well. Eric talks about getting lost when everything blew up with he and Nicole until he found his way. Sarah tells Eric that she doesn’t really need a priest right now. Eric then reveals he’s not a priest anymore and jokes that they are a hell of a pair.

Paulina argues that she didn’t confess to anything and simply laid out the facts. Justin says that included shooting TR. Paulina complains that she’s being penalized for being honest. Justin complains that Paulina’s whole act might work great in real estate and sometimes in court, but trying to snow her own lawyer is stupid. Justin warns Paulina that her case isn’t hopeless, but it is serious, so she needs to level with him. Justin asks if Paulina was being honest when she confessed.

Eli claims to Abe that Lani didn’t shoot TR. Abe questions why Lani said that Paulina said she shot TR. Eli guesses it was a slip of the tongue since she was in shock. Abe states that he heard what he heard and Paulina said “what have you done”. Abe asks if Eli asked Lani what Paulina meant by that.

Lani informs Chanel that the last thing TR said to her was that he loved her. Chanel knows that’s a lot to deal with. Chanel asks how Lani is feeling about it. Lani calls it complicated. Chanel asks if she’s heard anything about Paulina as she’s so scared they might keep her in jail until her trial. Lani tells her that Justin is going to court this morning to appeal and see if he can get her released on bail. Chanel hopes it works since Paulina never did well in confined spaces. Chanel knows she has to be strong but cries that Paulina is the only parent she has left and she’s not ready to lose her. Lani then tells Chanel that there is something she has to tell her. Chanel asks Lani what it is, but Xander interrupts and says he was just about to come find Chanel at the Bakery. Chanel tells him that they are in the middle of something. Xander complains about Sarah hanging up on him. Chanel suggests he wasn’t getting the signal that she didn’t want to talk to him or he was interrupting. Xander agrees and says that’s why he needs Chanel to tell him what he has to do to get Sarah back.

Sarah asks Eric if had any luck with his Parish. Eric says no because he broke church protocol by performing exorcisms so he has to live with the consequences. Sarah argues that he was fighting the Devil and saving people. Sarah says they kicked him out of the priesthood for being too good of a priest. Eric says he took a vow of obedience. Sarah argues that he didn’t do anything wrong. Eric says she didn’t either but now they’re both back at square one. Sarah asks what he will do now.

Rafe and Nicole have waffles with Holly. Nicole tells Holly that they were waiting for the right time to talk to her about something. Nicole brings up her and Rafe being friends for a really long time. Nicole announces they have decided to get married and asks what Holly thinks about that. Rafe guesses it’s a surprise to her but Holly says it’s not. Holly says they are together all the time now and Nicole has been in a really good mood. Holly adds that she saw Nicole wearing her ring. Nicole asks if this makes her happy. Holly says it does as long as she can be their flower girl.

Eli tells Abe that he did ask Lani about Paulina saying “what have you done”. Abe questions what that could’ve meant except Lani shot TR. Eli claims that Lani doesn’t remember Paulina saying anything like that. Abe insists that he knows what he heard. Eli repeats that Lani doesn’t remember and says maybe Paulina said it to TR after what he did to Abe. Abe admit maybe it was but he feels like he heard Paulina say that much later, when Lani was already there.

Paulina asks if Justin wants to know if she was lying when she said she shot TR. Justin then tells her not to tell him because if he wants to get her confession thrown out, he needs every argument at his disposal and if he knows this is a fabrication then the ethics could get real murky. Justin says usually he’s pretty good at this but sometimes he has a client that has screwed things up before the lawyer shows up. Justin advises her to call a lawyer next time someone is shot to death in her apartment before she signs the statement, unless there’s a reason she doesn’t want her lawyer. Paulina asks why he says that. Justin brings up her statement and says he has questions about the accuracies. Justin goes over Paulina saying that she grabbed the gun from Lani and shot TR. Paulina insists that’s what happened. Justin then questions how she was able to get Lani’s gun out of it’s holster.

Abe swears when he heard Paulina say “what have you done”, he was coming to and Lani was in the room. Eli says there’s a reason they have kept Abe in the hospital this long. Abe asks if he’s saying he’s not in control. Eli says he is now, but that night, he was hit really hard and might not remember the timeline correctly. Eli questions who is a more reliable witness, someone with severe head trauma or someone without. Eli assures that he spoke to Lani and he’s confident on what really happened. Abe guesses it was Paulina then and they were wrong.

Paulina questions Justin not thinking she can pull a gun out of it’s holster. Justin argues that Paulina signed a statement, saying she took Lani’s gun and shot TR with it. Justin says he scanned the statement in five minutes, but right now there’s a whole time of assistant district attorneys going through her statement, so if she lied, it could be obstruction of justice and could have the whole statement thrown out which means the investigation goes back to the original suspects. Paulina asks if he found any discrepancy. Justin says he doesn’t know but something did catch his eye. Justin tells Paulina that a police officer’s weapon is secured in place with a snap, so Paulina would have to first unsnap it and then pull it out, but according to her statement, Lani didn’t notice her doing that. Paulina suggests that Lani came in with her gun drawn so maybe she forgot to snap it back in to place which means she could’ve done exactly what she said she did in her statement. Paulina asks Justin if there’s anything else.

Nicole and Rafe assure that Holly can be the flower girl so she asks when the wedding is. They say they haven’t talked about a date yet. Rafe jokes that they wanted to make sure Holly’s schedule was clear first. Holly thinks it should be soon and asks why wait around. Rafe agrees, so Nicole guesses they are getting married as soon as possible. Holly then asks to see the ring which Nicole shows her.

Chanel understands why Xander wants Sarah back, but she doesn’t understand what it has to do with her. Xander reminds Chanel that they were married after she tricked him in to it while he was drunk over losing Sarah. Lani asks what this has to do with Chanel. Xander says that she is a woman and he’s starting to realize he doesn’t know a lot about women. Xander says that Chanel got him to do what she wanted while he can’t get anyone to do what he wants unless he threatens them and he wouldn’t want to threaten Sarah. Xander adds that with Jack gone, he doesn’t have any friends, so he hoped maybe they were still kind of friends. Xander asks if Chanel can find it in her heart to help him figure out what to do.

Eric doesn’t know what he’s going to do next, so he has time to figure it out. Sarah reminds him there’s a village in Africa that would be happy to have him back. Eric tells her that he’s not going back as they were not very eager for his return after finding out members of his family were possessed by The Devil. Sarah says she’s sorry to hear that but Eric says it just means he gets to stick around for a little while. Sarah jokes that selfishly, she’s glad. Sarah adds that she should find somewhere else to stay, probably back to the Kiriakis Mansion. Eric suggests she think about going back to Xander.

Rafe tells Nicole that he has to get work and kisses her as he goes to get ready. Nicole tells Holly that she has to get ready for school. Holly tells Nicole that she’s glad she is getting married but asks if Eric is going to be sad.

Sarah reminds Eric that she doesn’t even want to talk about Xander, so she questions how she would go back to him. Eric says it’s because she loves him. Eric knows Xander hurt Sarah, but she got past it. Sarah admits that Xander said she forgave him, but she cannot figure out why. Eric acknowledges that Xander worked for it and says he still believes in forgiveness.

Xander asks if Chanel will help him. Lani says she has to go get Eli. Chanel reminds Lani that she had something to tell her. Lani just tells Chanel not to worry because Justin is a really good lawyer. Lani then walks away. Xander questions what that was all about. Chanel tells him it’s personal. Chanel gets that Xander is torn about what happened with Sarah and acknowledges that she’s a woman. Chanel recalls him saying before that Sarah said she wanted nothing to do with him on their wedding day and hooked up with Rex. Xander explains that it’s a long story but it turned out that it wasn’t Sarah that dumped him. Chanel asks if it was The Devil. Xander says it was Kristen DiMera in a Sarah mask. Chanel calls this town beyond weird. Xander asks if she can imagine getting dumped by someone, going through the pain of thinking they don’t want to be with you anymore, only to find out it wasn’t actually them who did it. Chanel responds that she actually can because the same thing happened to her, twice.

Paulina tells Justin that she told him what happened so now it’s his job to get them to drop the charges. Paulina orders him to tell the court whatever he has to, that she was an abused woman who had a delayed reaction to PTSD. Paulina asks him to just get her out of here. Justin responds that it will be a long, slow process. Paulina tells him to get started. Paulina then stops to thank him. Justin tells her not to expect miracles and not to make any more statements as he then exits the room.

Abe tells Eli that they will let this go. Eli says he already has. Abe assures that he didn’t mean to accuse Lani but he just wants to understand what happened. Abe guesses that what happened is that Paulina shot and killed TR, just like she said she did. Eli claims that’s right. Abe says that what gets him is that TR didn’t come here to find his family or make amends, but to make a buck and in his spare time, he screwed up the lives of so many people that he doesn’t even deserve to know. Abe adds that after all the pain and sorrow that TR put Paulina through, now she has to pay for what she did and that bastard deserved it. Eli comments that it sounds like Abe still really cares for Paulina. Abe admits that he told Julie that he loved Paulina and he was on his way to tell her. Eli asks why not tell her today. Eli encourages that there’s no time like the present. Abe jokes that he sounds like Julie. Eli asks what Abe is waiting for and tells him to get up, get dressed, and go tell Paulina.

Nicole asks why Holly thinks Eric would be sad. Holly points out that Nicole was married to Eric before and is now marrying Rafe. Nicole assures that Eric won’t be sad, but he will be happy for her, just like she is happy for him being a priest since that’s what makes him happy. Nicole tells Holly that she doesn’t have to worry about Eric, as even if they aren’t together, they are both really happy…

Eric informs Sarah that Xander did everything he could to prove himself to her and she took him back. Eric adds that they were planning on getting married and would’ve been if Kristen hadn’t intervened. Eric knows it will take Sarah time to get over what has happened to her, but maybe once she has, she could consider taking Xander back and forgiving him.

Chanel tells Xander that she doesn’t get why Xander needs to win Sarah back. Xander explains that Kristen also drugged Sarah and a side effect is that Sarah now hates him for something he did a long time ago that she had forgave him for, but because of the drug, she remembers hating him but not the forgiveness part, so he needs to find a way to get her to remember.

Lani brings Eli a wheelchair and informs him that Kayla has signed his release papers so he’s good to go. Eli tells her that he talked to Abe and convinced him that Paulina is the one who shot TR.

Abe goes to the interrogation room to see Paulina. Paulina is excited to see him out of the hospital. Abe informs her that he was just discharged. Paulina says she’s been so worried about him. Abe says he’s been worried about her too. Paulina can’t believe she almost left town with TR while Abe was bleeding on the floor of her apartment. Paulina asks what Abe was doing there in the first place. Abe reveals that he came to tell her how he feels about her. Paulina says he didn’t have to since he made it very clear how he felt about her when he said he could never have a relationship with her because he could never really trust her. Abe knows what he said but announces that he’s changed his mind. Paulina asks what he means. Abe informs her that the night before he came to her apartment, he went to pick up the twins from Julie’s and she gave him an earful. Abe brings up Julie and Paulina getting off to a rocky start, but Julie is definitely in her corner now. Paulina asks what she said. Abe jokes that she told him to get over himself and to tell her how he felt about her. Abe says that is why he came, to tell Paulina that he wants to be with her and he loves her. Abe declares that what happened that night doesn’t change how he feels about her. Paulina assures that she loves him too and hearing him say these things is like a dream come true, but she’s probably going to prison. Abe states if there’s any justice in this world, that won’t happen, but if it does, it doesn’t change anything. Abe jokes that he’s afraid she is stuck with him.

Lani tells Eli that she ran in to Chanel on the way here and she was so upset about Paulina and scared. Lani says it took everything in her not to tell her the truth that Paulina shot TR and she did. Eli knows Lani feels guilty and he feels bad for Chanel too, but Chanel is a grown woman. Eli says that Chanel has had her mother for his entire life while their kids are going to need their mother for the next 17 years so he will do whatever it takes to make sure she has her.

Chanel tells Xander that she feels for him but doesn’t think she is the best person to be handing out romantic advice right now while her mother is in prison and she’s in love with twins that she thought both dumped her but they hadn’t. Xander says that’s why she is the perfect person because they are in the same boat. Chanel guesses that all she can say is to hang in there. Xander questions that being it. Chanel says that’s all she’s got and wishes him luck as she then walks away. Xander complains that he could’ve come up with that himself. Xander turns around and runs in to Sarah, who says she was just coming to find him as she was wondering if they could talk alone.

Eric cleans up his table at the Pub as Nicole arrives. Nicole is glad he’s there as she thought he might have left. Nicole informs Eric that she has some news that she wants him to hear from her. Nicole announces that she and Rafe are engaged. Eric is surprised but says it’s great. Eric congratulates her and hugs her. Eric then informs her that he has some news of his own. Eric announces he might not be going back to Africa as he got kicked out of the priesthood which shocks Nicole.

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Y&R Update Thursday, May 26, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, Diane told Victor that he’d just missed his charming family. Victor said he saw them leave. He told her that his family, and the rest of the town, didn’t want her here. She didn’t care – nobody’s opinion mattered to her except for Kyle’s. Victor said Kyle was smart, and he probably remembered Diane abandoning him. Diane said nobody was going to intimidate her into leaving until she knew what Kyle wanted. He said that was a dangerous choice. She ran away because of the hostility toward her, but running cost her the relationship with her son. She felt that Kyle’s forgiveness was worth anything that everyone else could put her through. He predicted that Kyle would realize what everyone else knew – that Diane was a narcissist and an incompetent mother.

Victor met Summer and Kyle at Society. Kyle and Summer shared their disgust about Ashland. Victor wanted to talk about a happier topic, and he asked about Harrison. Summer thought he was the sweetest cutest little boy on the planet. She thought he’d be a chess natural. Victor said he’d teach him. Victor told Kyle what Diane just said about waiting for his input before deciding what to do. Victor remembered when Diane abandoned Kyle. Kyle found Diane’s actions infuriating and hurtful, but you only got one mother, and he wasn’t sure he was prepared to cut her out of his life. Kyle stepped away to take a call. Victor told Summer that Diane angered a lot of people and traumatized Kyle when he was a boy. Summer said she’d heard all about Diane from her mother. Victor replied that Diane was the one thing he and Phyllis agreed on. Victor said Diane was dangerous, and she hadn’t changed. He wanted her to make Kyle aware of that.

By the time Kyle returned, Victor had left. Kyle had talked to Jabot’s CFO and learned that it could afford to purchase Marchetti, even with all its debts. Summer said they’d have a solid case to present to Jack, provided Kyle still wanted to move home. Kyle thought it’d be good for Harrison to grow up around his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins… Kyle lost his grandfather early on, and he didn’t get to know Dina until it was almost too late. Summer thought it would be great for Harrison to grow up with his extended family, but that didn’t have to include Diane. Kyle was sure Victor had something to say about that. He hated the position Summer was in, with people were pressuring her to pressure him. She said she could handle it, and she wasn’t trying to sway him, but she wanted to weigh all the factors. She could see he was hopeful Harrison could experience the best of Diane without suffering the worst, but was that possible, and was it worth the risk? All he knew was that he needed to make up his mind because it wasn’t fair to keep Summer and his mom in limbo.

Billy was happy to run into Chance at Crimson Lights. He’d been meaning to reach out and give his condolences on Rey. Chance said it was a void that you couldn’t fill, but you had to do your best. Chance congratulated Billy on being COO of Chancellor. He thought it was good that Jill would be able to enjoy life more. They laughed about a video Jill sent them of her learning to blow a conch shell in Bora Bora. Billy said things were going well at Chancellor – Lily had a lot of good things in the works. Chance was sure Devon was a good guy to work with. Chance had gotten to know Devon a lot better lately. Chance liked Billy’s podcast on insecurity. Billy wondered why Chance would listen to that, when he was a superhero. Chance said it wasn’t easy to adjust to civilian life after Spain; no one was immune to self doubt.

Devon ran into Abby, who was at the park with Dominic. Devon was concerned because the baby looked a little pale, and Abby said it was just the sunscreen. Devon apologized, but Abby didn’t think that was necessary because she knew his concern came from love. Abby told Devon that when she played Baby Shark for Dominic, he made a face that looked just like Devon. Devon scowled at the mention of that song, and Abby laughed and said that was the face the baby made. Devon joked that the baby didn’t want to hear that song either. Abby marveled that she never imagined she and Devon would end up in this place. Devon thought it was a great place. Chance came up and saw Abby and Devon.

Abby was pleasantly surprised to see Chance. He said he was at Crimson Lights when she texted him, so he brought her a drink. He was sorry he didn’t bring something for Devon. He didn’t know Devon would be there. Devon left for his meeting. Chance grinned when Dom threw cheerios in his face. He commented on how athletic Dom was, and Abby said he must get it from Devon, because he didn’t get it from her. She apologized, but Chance said that Devon was Dom’s biological father, so the baby inherited a lot of things from him that would be more clear as the baby aged. Chance said he was feeling a lot more confident in his role in Dom’s life. Abby had noticed the positive difference in the way Chance and Dom interacted, and she’d hoped it wasn’t just wishful thinking. She’d been hoping that Chance would share the same emotional bond with Dom that she did. Chance didn’t know if that was happening because of therapy or if it was just happening naturally, but it was happening. They hugged, and he looked uncertain. Chance had to work late again tonight, since a lot of paperwork had slipped through the cracks after Rey’s death. Abby understood. She wasn’t going to the restaurant tonight, so she said she and Dom would work on his pitching skills. Chance and Abby kissed, and he left for work.

Lily and Nate went to Crimson Lights and talked about the launch party. She asked if Elena would be there. Nate wasn’t sure – the downside to leaving Memorial was that he couldn’t set Elena’s schedule. He said she’d been very supportive of his career change, even though they were seeing less of each other. Lily said that was important to have in a partner. Nate said Lily knew, since Billy always seemed to have her back. She said it was a godsend to have Billy by her side. Imani walked up and asked if there was a meeting. Lily said it was only for her, Devon and Nate. Imani announced that she used her experience in the political world to quickly get photography releases from the VIPs who’d attend the party. Lily was impressed about Imani and Nate being able to use the skills they picked up outside of the business field for this job. Imani said she and Nate had all kinds of things in common. Imani excused herself to place an order, and Lily wondered where Devon was.

Devon arrived and talked about the party with Lily and Nate. Lily was flying to San Diego to see Jill tonight. Devon sent his love. Devon asked about music for the party, and Lily said Nate had a great idea. Nate thought they could feature some up and coming acts from Devon’s label. Devon was irritated that Nate didn’t run this idea by him before bringing it to Lily. Lily reiterated that it was a great idea. Devon said this was his area of expertise, and there could be some drawbacks Lily and Nate didn’t consider. Nate was sorry. Devon said it was fine – they were all still learning to work together. Imani was nearby, and she heard the whole thing.

Lily left for the airport, and Devon had a work meeting. Nate offered to attend too, but Devon said it wasn’t necessary. He told Nate to take some time to enjoy this nice weather. As soon as Nate was alone, Imani sidled up with a drink for him, saying they newbies needed to stick together. He guessed she heard him step in it earlier. She said the same thing happened to her more than once – she was eager to contribute at work, but then she’d get a look or a nudge from Amanda reining her in. Imani respected Amanda and was glad to have her as a mentor, but getting knocked down a few pegs took its toll. Nate said he and Imani just started out a bit behind the curve, but they’d figure it out. Imani didn’t think that was it.

Imani didn’t know a lot about Nate’s history with Devon, but she was sure he knew about her history with Amanda. He knew the broad strokes. Imani said there was a little friction between her and her sister that came out the other day, when they were worried about their mother. Imani said she was raised with two loving parents who gave her every advantage, and Amanda had a harder life. Imani admitted she’d been a brat when she first met Amanda. Imani stated that Amanda forgave, but she didn’t forget. Imani couldn’t help feeling there was some underlying resentment, though that could be too strong a word. Nate saw some similarities in his relationship with Devon. Nate grew up with a loving mom and with Lily and her family, while Devon was in and out of foster homes, like Amanda. Nate confessed he’d crossed a line with Elena. Imani said Elena told her all about that. Nate thought things worked out for the best, though. Imani wondered if Devon had a chip on his shoulder. Nate wouldn’t be surprised, but even if that was the case, he doubted Devon was consciously aware of it. Nate thought he and Devon were in a good place. Imani thought Devon valued having Nate in his life. She believed things would be fine between Devon and Nate and between her and her sister.

Lily went to work and talked to Billy. He was in a good mood because he talked to the marketing team, and awareness for the merger was up 7%, and because Chance liked his podcast. Lily claimed she was glad, but she didn’t look glad. He asked what was up. She said that when she asked him how he felt about the merger and working with her family, he said he had to work through it alone, but instead, he’d talked about it on his podcast instead of talking about it with her. Billy said the podcast was his form of journaling, and it was surprisingly effective. He didn’t intend to hurt Lily. Lily said she was hurt, and she was talking to him about it, instead of sharing it with an audience. She said he was giving her this happy-talk, then he was shutting her out. She said she’d listen to his podcast to hear his real feelings. He said that she was the most important person in his life, and maybe he wasn’t completely truthful, but that was because he hadn’t sorted out his feelings yet. He said his problems weren’t hers to solve. She understood and appreciated that, but they were in the middle of a huge project, and she was counting on him to keep things on track while she was out of town. He promised she had nothing to worry about – he’d dealt with his issues.

Ashland went to the Abbott house to see Harrison. Jack wouldn’t allow that without Kyle and Summer’s permission. He suspected that Ashland purposely came by when Kyle and Summer were out so he could get around their ban. Jack agreed with Kyle and Summer’s decision to bar Ashland from seeing Harrison. Ashland said Summer and Kyle were young and headstrong and they seemed to be forgetting they had a legally binding agreement. Jack said no judge would consider Ashland a good influence on a child. Ashland asked if Jack was saying he needed to go to a judge and get a court order to see his own son. Jack said yes, and Ashland left.

Ashland went to The Grand Phoenix, and he ran into Diane, who commented that his day didn’t seem to be going better than hers. He said Kyle and Summer weren’t letting him see Harrison. He was floored that people were acting like he was a threat to Harrison. He loved that boy from the moment he took his first breath, and finding out he wasn’t the biological father didn’t change that. Diane had met Harrison, and he was so sweet and trusting that she was sure he’d been surrounded by love from day one. “Of course you two would find each other. Game recognizes lying cheating game,” Phyllis said as she walked up. Ashland invited Diane to have coffee with him at the hotel restaurant. Phyllis said Diane couldn’t join him, because she needed to check out. Phyllis said she’d have a bellman throw Diane’s stuff on the sidewalk. Ashland said he and Diane could talk another time. She said that she was going to back to LA after she checked out, unless she heard from Kyle by then.

Diane was checking out of the hotel when Kyle showed up. He thought it was probably for the best for Diane and Phyllis to have some distance. Phyllis said the more the better. Kyle asked where Diane was going and offered to help with her bags. Diane wanted time alone with Kyle, so Phyllis grudgingly stepped away. Diane told Kyle she was going to leave town if he needed space. He asked her to stay in Genoa City. An annoyed Phyllis watched Diane and Kyle hug. Diane said she had an unfortunate run in with Victor this morning. Kyle heard about that. Diane said the Newmans and most of the Abbotts would give Kyle a hard time for asking her to stay. He knew that was probably true, but he needed more time to see if she’d changed. He asked if he should take her to the Athletic Club. That was too expensive for her, so he offered to cover the bill. She declined, but he wanted to, since he was the one asking her to stay. They hugged again, and he saw Phyllis watching him.

Kyle went back to Society and brought Summer up to speed. She understood why he chose to foot the hotel bill for Diane. He didn’t want his mom to feel desperate. Summer thought that was wise, because when Diane felt desperate, she tended to make bad choices. Kyle said it was more to it than that – when he was a kid, he wanted to give his mom money to solve her financial problems, and now he could. It felt good. Summer thought that was touching, but she warned him that the rest of the family would say Diane was using him. Kyle said Phyllis knew Diane was staying, and she didn’t look happy. Summer was surprised Phyllis wasn’t already blowing up her phone. Kyle said he’d go to Phyllis and explain his decision, and he’d take the heat. Summer said she could handle it. She’d let Phyllis know they’d be careful, and they wouldn’t let Diane get away with anything manipulative or sneaky. “That’s true, right?” she asked. Kyle said absolutely. He suggested she tell Phyllis they were thinking about moving back to town, because the excitement would distract her. Summer told Kyle not to underestimate how much her mother loathed his.

Phyllis showed up at Jack’s, ranting and raving about Diane. Jack reminded Phyllis that she was the one who insisted that Kyle needed to make his own decision. Phyllis had thought Kyle was smart enough to make a good decision, but clearly, she was wrong. Jack tried to get Phyllis to calm down and drink some water, but she snapped that she wasn’t going to calm down in the face of this disaster. He knew she wanted to protect the kids, and he did too, but they were adults. She demanded to know why he was so even-keeled. He didn’t have much choice not to be. He asked what she thought Diane was going to do. She didn’t know, because Diane was so unpredictable. Phyllis calmed herself down a bit and said she wasn’t doing well with this. She said things were finally going great between her and Jack. He thought she sounded impatient, and that startled him, because he was under the impression that they both wanted to take it slow. She replied that they had taken it slow, then they admitted their feelings for each other, and now things were good between them. He was very happy about the way things worked out. She didn’t want anyone to ruin this. He swore that no one would ruin things for them. She kissed him and thanked him for talking her off the ledge. He enjoyed the kiss and said she might have to talk him down. She flirtatiously refused to to that, then she made it clear she showed him she wanted to go upstairs.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, May 26, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Chance doesn’t tell Abby that he still feels insecure about his place in Dominic’s life, instead, he tells her he has worked through the problem in therapy. Nate and Imani talk about the fact that it is sometimes hard to work with family, but they wouldn’t trade it for anything because they enjoy their work.

Lily gets upset that Billy talked about his feelings of insecurity about his job on his podcast instead of talking to her. Billy tells Lily he is sorry and assures her he has worked out his problem and is happy to be her second in command.

Kyle asks his mother to stay in town and he will pay for a room for her at the Athletic club. Summer isn’t happy but she hides it well and supports Kyle in his decision. Kyle tells Summer that Jabot has the money to buy Marchetti to and it could even be a tax right off. Kyle and Summer decide to present the proposal to Jack because despite all the problems they want to move back home so Harrison can grow up around family.

Ashland asks Jack if he can visit with Harrison but Jack says she can’t allow him to see Harrison. Jack tells Ashland that he can’t go against Kyle and Summer’s wishes and advises Ashland to get a court order in order to see Harrison.

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