GH Short Recap Wednesday, March 15, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Cameron tells Josslynn, Spencer, and Trina that he is leaving Port Charles because he has a full scholarship to play soccer for Stanford. Cameron tells Josslynn that he will miss her friendship. Cameron asks Josslynn to stay away from Dex because he will force her to live a mob life, which she has never liked ,and she shouldn’t have to change herself for Dex’s, sake.

Gregory tells Chase and Finn that he isn’t teaching at PCU because he needs time for himself. Chase and Finn persuade Gregory to talk to Alexis. Gregory talks to Alexis and then he trips and falls. Alexis wonders if Gregory is drunk because he also starts to slur his speech.

Sonny talks to Kristina and makes her realize that she doesn’t need to compete with Molly and Sam because she is happy with her life now. Laura and Kevin try and persuade Esme to let them take care of baby Ace but Esme tells them that Ace needs to stay with her because when she looks at Kevin she thinks of Ryan. Esme also tells Laura that when she looks at her she thinks of Nikolas and Spencer.

Trina sees how upset Spencer is about Esme keeping his baby brother at Spring Ridge so she decides to go to Spring Ridge to talk to Esme.

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