Days Short Recap, Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny wanted to invite Wendy out to see a movie. She wasn’t sure if the timing was right for that. He wanted to know if she was having an issue because of Chanel. He called out to Chanel so they could clear things up, but Wendy told him that she moved out. He assured her that he wasn’t pressuring her. She agreed to go out with him. Her phone rang so she answered it. Joey let her know that Tripp was having a hard time over Ava. He asked her if she could keep him company while he helped his father with the funeral arrangements for his mother. She agreed to help him. She let Johnny know that Tripp was having a tough time. Johnny wasn’t happy about it, but he thought they could go another day. Tripp let Joey know that he talked to Steve and he sounded bad. He felt they should be with him. Joey stalled until Wendy arrived. Joey hugged her and asked her not to tell Tripp that he wanted her to stop by. They started talking about Ava. She assured Tripp that she would be there for him. He glared at Joey. Joey told her about Tripp being a doctor. Joey said he was going to help his father. Tripp followed him to the door and asked if he asked her to come over. He admitted it and left. Abe and Paulina were ready for a romantic evening when Chanel walked out of her room. She let them know what happened when she went to talk to Allie. They tried to justify what she saw, but she didn’t buy the explanation. She left so they could be alone.

Johnny ran into Chanel in the town square. She told him that she and Allie decided to take a break. She told him about finding Alex’s underwear in Allie’s apartment. He talked her into going to the movies with him. He told her about the movies, and she changed her mind. She offered to buy him a drink. Allie gave Alex his underwear. She told him that Chanel found his underwear at the apartment. They talked about how they didn’t sleep together, but still ended up making someone angry. He talked to her about how bad things were with Stephanie. He invited Allie to drink with him. They start drinking while Alex talked about what happened with Stephanie. He held a lemon wedge in his mouth. She drank a shot and sucked on the lemon wedge. Chanel and Johnny walked in a saw them together. Chanel was upset seeing them together. Stephanie showed up at the Horton house because Chad texted her. He let her know that Alex knew they slept together. She let him know that she knew that Alex found out. She said that she got closure and was ready to be with him. He was happy about that and kissed her. The kids came in the room and wanted to spend time with Chad. They saw Chad and Stephanie together and wondered if they were dating. Chad wanted to make sure that they weren’t upset about them dating. Thomas wondered if they were getting married. Chad thought it was too early for that. He wanted to know if they wanted to spend time with Stephanie. They hugged her and agreed to hang out with her. Stephanie left the house so Chad talked with the kids about his relationship with her. He was so happy they were sweet to Stephanie. He told them that he loved them more than anything in the world. He said he loved her, but she would never replace Abby in his heart.

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