B&B Short Recap Monday, September 25, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Deacon and his old friend Judge Scott share a drink at Deacon’s restaurant, Il Giardino. Sheila listens in on them nearby. Deacon admits that he cares for Sheila. She looks very touched that Deacon cares about her and called in a favor to get her out of prison. Deacon talks about how not being loved can make you feel and turn you into a monster. Deacon tells Scott, after he asks, that only Ridge and Bill know that he has a relationship with Sheila. Scott warns him to be careful, since Sheila is dangerous. Deacon is surprised to find Sheila there after Scott leaves. She tells him that she overheard his conversation and wonders how she can ever thank him.

Li continues to pressure Finn to deal with Sheila so that he can have his family back. She’s worried that he’s too nice and won’t convince Sheila that he doesn’t love her and wants her gone. Li is still angry at Jack for lying to her about Finn being adopted instead of owning up to his infidelity with Sheila. Finn tells her how much he misses Steffy and the kids. He tries to phone Steffy, but she and the kids aren’t home. He promises that they’ll be together soon.

Hope and Thomas relax in each other’s arms after having sex. She worries more that she’ll hurt him, but she loves hearing that he loves her, only her, and always will. He tells her again how much he loves her; he feels like they’re Romeo and Juliet.

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