Days Short Recap Wednesday, July 12, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla and Kate talked at the pub. Kayla told her that Marlena broke through Harris’ brainwashing. Kate was happy about it. She told Kayla that she wanted Harris to take care of Megan so she would be out of their lives. Kayla said she agreed with what she wanted to do to Megan. Kate was surprised she felt that way. Kate asked her not to tell Roman what she did. Kayla said Kate should tell him the truth. She said Roman would understand. Chanel was setting up her display for Sweet Bits. A man named Clint showed up to introduce himself. He said he is the deputy mayor. He said he was acting mayor now that Abe has died. While Chanel and Clint were talking, he insulted her and Paulina. He warned Chanel that he would make sure she never had a business again if something else goes wrong. Wendy told Tripp and Johnny that she made her decision. She asked Tripp if he could leave her alone with Johnny so they could talk. When Tripp left, Johnny assumed she picked him. She said he still had feelings for Chanel. She said that was part of the reason why she chose Tripp. She said it wasn’t the only reason. He said he was over Chanel but Wendy didn’t believe him. She said she was sure of her choice.

Jada went to Steve and Kayla’s place to offer her condolences over Abe’s death. They talked until Tripp showed up. She left them alone so they could talk. Tripp told Steve that Wendy chose Johnny and he wasn’t happy about it. Steve told him to fight for her if he wanted to be with her. Tripp left so he could fight for Wendy. He was happy when she told him she chose him. Johnny ran into  Chanel. He told her Wendy chose Tripp. Harris told Marlena that he felt like he was a danger to others. He said he was sure he needed to be committed. She said she didn’t think he did. She said he could commit himself if that was what he wanted. He said he wanted her to do it because he couldn’t commit himself without approval. She tried to convince him that he wasn’t a bad person. She decided to do what he wanted. When she left to do the paperwork, Kate showed up. He told her what he decided to do. She apologized for her role in what happened to him. He said it wasn’t her fault. Shawn and Rafe got in an argument over Shawn getting suspended. Shawn told him about sleeping with Jada. Rafe asked if she told him. Shawn said she didn’t exactly tell him. He said he overheard her talking to Kate about it. Rafe told him about listening to people’s private conversation. While they were talking, Clint overheard them. He wanted to ask his own questions. Shawn tried to backpedal about what he said, but Clint didn’t believe him. When Jada showed up, Clint wanted to talk to her. Shawn tried to apologize for what happened, but Rafe told him it was too late. Rafe told him he was suspended and had to turn in his badge and gun. Shawn went to the hospital. He ran into Marlena and told her what happened to him. He asked her for help. When Clint was finished talked to Jada, he said she admitted to having an affair with Rafe. Rafe said he didn’t have the authority to fire Jada. Clint said he wasn’t going to fire her. He said he had the authority to appoint the commissioner. He told Rafe he was fired.

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