Y&R Short Recap Friday, March 24, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

The Genoa City bicentennial gala continues where Genoa City residents gather at the Athletic Club to celebrate the place they call home. Leeanna Love crashes the party looking for juicy gossip for her column and she hopes to get enough stories for another book.

Abby, Nikki, and Victor dedicate the newly renovated Athletic Club lounge as the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge and a beautiful painting of Neil which captures his personality and characteristic smile hangs in the lounge hung in a place where it can be seen when people walk into the lounge. Devon and Lily are deeply moved by Nikki and Victor choosing to honor Neil in this special way. Victor tells Devon and Lily that he is sure Neil would want them to resolve the differences between them. Lily and Devon sit and look at their father’s painting and Lily asks Devon if they could try and fix their relationship.

Elena arrives at the gala and notices Nate and Victoria having a drink together and thinks that Audra might be right about their connection.

Jack and Diane decide not to announce their engagement at the gala.

Phyllis tells Daniel and Summer that no matter what happens she is proud of them.

Jeremy sets things up for their plan and tells Phyllis it’s time to get Diane up to the hotel room for the final stage of the plan.

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