Days Short Recap Friday, November 24, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Harris called Ava and let her know that he couldn’t find his key. He wondered if she saw his keys. She looked at the table and saw the keys. She put the keys in her pocket when Stefan arrived at her apartment. He told her that he was her new partner. Ava pretended not to know what he meant. Stefan told her that Clyde blackmailed him with Gabi’s safety, so he had to help him. He asked her about the keys, and she showed it to him. Stefan was going to make copies of them so she could give them back to Harris. She wonders why she should trust him, and he told her they had to work together. He told her they had to protect the people they love, but he didn’t plan on being blackmailed for long. Stefan was about to leave when Harris arrived. He lied to Harris about why he was there. He wanted to talk to Wendy and Tripp about Li being killed. Harris warned him about interrogating witnesses. After Stefan left, Harris wondered why she didn’t return his call. She said she was about to call him when Stefan showed up. He asked her about his keys, and she said she didn’t see it. Sloan was on the phone with Melinda. She talked about the guilt she felt about the baby when Eric walked in the room. Sloan told him that she was on the phone with Melinda. She was happy and wondered if Eric was. He was happy too, but he kept thinking about Nicole’s baby. Melinda arrived with the baby. They were excited about the baby. Sloan was nervous because the baby cried with her and was calm with Eric. He thought she had to get used to the idea. He took the baby for a walk. After he left, Dimitri was at the door.

EJ arrived at the hospital to help Nicole get discharged. Dr. Pierce talked to them about the autopsy results from the baby. He said the baby died because of the car accident. Nicole didn’t understand so he explained it to her. She wanted to see her baby, but he didn’t think it was a good idea. Nicole refused to back down about that. He left to make the arrangements. She told EJ he didn’t have to stay, but she had to do it. He said he wanted to see the baby too. She apologized that he didn’t get a chance to hold the baby. Nicole thought they should hold him now. Harris talked to Leo at the police station. He told him that Nicole’s baby died, and he would be charged with murder. Leo didn’t understand since the baby seemed healthy. Harris told him that the baby died because of the accident. He left Leo alone so he could talk to his lawyer. Leo called Sloan and she said she would help him as soon as she could. Dr. Pierce went to see Melinda. He told her that Nicole and EJ wanted to see their baby. She told him that he took the money and he had to figure out what to do. He demanded more money from her. Dr. Pierce went back to the hospital. Nicole was upset when he didn’t have the baby with him. He told her the baby was accidentally cremated. He apologized to EJ and Nicole. EJ and Nicole were upset and yelled at him. He apologized again and offered to get the ashes. Dr. Pierce left the room and Nicole broke down in EJ’s arms. Later EJ took Nicole to the pub. She wanted to wait outside because she didn’t want to face anyone. Eric showed up with the baby. Nicole was surprised they already had the baby. He said he was bringing the baby there to meet his father. Nicole wanted to hold him.

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