Days Short Recap Friday, May 5, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve told Chad it was up to them to come up with a plan to save Kate. When Harris showed up, Steve wanted to know what he was doing there. Harris said Andrew wanted him to help search for Kate. Steve thought Andrew was wrong. Steve said they didn’t need him there and didn’t need his help. A man brought Kate some food. She asked when she was going to get off the ship. He said he didn’t have the authority to answer her. She wanted him to bring the person who did have the authority. He said his boss didn’t meet people. He showed her her wedding ring. She put his hand to a table and put a knife to his finger. EJ was upset with Eric for sleeping with Nicole. Eric said they were high on biscuits. He said they didn’t tell him because they knew he would be upset. EJ punched him. Gabi accused Nicole of acting when she was in pain. Nicole said she needed to go to the hospital. When Gabi realized Nicole wasn’t lying, she helped her leave the mansion. Kayla and Stephanie went to Salem Hospital. Stephanie managed to get her reinstated. Alex showed up. He apologized for keeping Stephanie from saying goodbye to her. He said he would feel guilty for the rest of their lives. Kayla accepted her apology. Kayla got a page and had to leave. Alex told Stephanie he was there for a therapy session. She said it was a big step. When she was about to leave, he stopped her. He told her about Maggie leaving him in charge. He said he couldn’t afford to mess up. He asked her for her help at his client’s meeting. She agreed to help him.

Kayla went to see Nicole. Kayla wanted to talk to her about her cramps. Kayla asked her about her period. Nicole said it was late. She said her new birth control has been keeping things on schedule. Nicole started to get hot. Kayla said she might be entering menopause. Nicole didn’t like that idea. Kayla wanted to run some tests to find out what was going on. Eric told EJ that they were even from when he punched EJ weeks ago. EJ said they were far from even. Eric warned him that the next punch would cost him. Steve yelled at Harris for keeping the truth from Bo and Hope. He said if Harris came forward sooner, his best friend wouldn’t be in a coma. Harris was about to leave, but Chad stopped him. Chad said Harris could be their best chance at finding Kate. He said Harris saved him from Thomas Banks and was a Navy SEAL. Steve agreed to work with Harris. He said he would take Harris down if he tried anything. When Kate had the knife to the man’s hand, he asked what she wanted. She said she wanted an audience with his boss. He agreed and took her to the cabin. Kate was shocked at who she saw. EJ went back to the mansion and called out for Nicole. Gabi told him she was in the hospital. Eric called Nicole. She didn’t answer the phone because Kayla was back with her results. Kayla told her she wasn’t going through menopause. She told Nicole she was pregnant.

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