Days Short Recap Monday, July 17, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve and John broke in Jerry’s apartment. They noticed the window open. Jerry was gone. They searched Jerry’s apartment. They didn’t find any clues as to where he was. Steve called Jada. She agreed to help them check the airport and bus station. John and Steve talked about the information they had. They thought it didn’t make sense that Jerry would have kidnapped Abe and then reported seeing him go in the water without demanding a ransom. They knew they weren’t going to get the answers they wanted without finding Jerry. They heard a noise. Jerry’s printer was going off. They noticed that the printer was jammed. They fixed the printer. They saw that he printed out bus schedules. They went to the bus station before he left. Belle went to the police station to talk to Jada about Rachel. They talked about Shawn and how he felt guilty about Rafe getting fired. Jada said she felt guilty too. She said the department needed Rafe with everything going on. Rafe showed up at Paulina’s to escort Lani back to prison. Paulina told him Lani wasn’t there. Rafe and Paulina went to the park to look for Lani, but they didn’t find her. Paulina was getting upset and yelled at Rafe for being distracted by his relationship with Jada and not finding Abe. Paulina had a panic attack. Rafe took her to the hospital.

Whitley gave Kayla her two-week notice. Kayla tried to talk her out of quitting. Kayla asked her about saying she needed to put herself first. Whitley didn’t acknowledge Kayla’s question. She said she needed to leave Salem to look out for herself. Kayla asked her to go to her office to do her paperwork. Whitley told her she had to go home and pack. She said she would handle everything online. Kayla went to examine Paulina. Kalya told her she was fine. She said she had too much to handle at once. She told Paulina to rest and was going to check her numbers. When Kayla left, Paulina apologized to Rafe. He accepted her apology. They talked about Lani. They were both concerned about her.  The prison called Rafe, but he let it go to voicemail. He called them back and told them Lani was with him. He said he would have her back that night. When he got off the phone, he told Paulina that he bought them time but they had to find her quickly. Brady ripped up the custody agreement. He told Kristen to tell him where Rachel was. Kristen told him he wasn’t in charge. He pulled out a gun and said he was in charge. They started arguing. He had her pinned against a chair. Rachel came in and told him to leave her mother alone. He put the gun down and told Rachel to wait by the door. He told Kristen that she went too far. He said he was going to tell Rachel every horrible thing she has done. Rachel came back in the room and told him she didn’t want to go. He picked her up and carried her out. Kristen called Belle and wanted her to come over. When Belle showed up, Kristen asked her to talk to Brady because he would listen to her. Kristen said it was best for Rachel. Belle told her actions had consequences and refused to help her. Brady brought Rachel home. Someone knocked on the door. He told her to go to her room. He put John’s gun back. He opened the door. It was Jada. He was happy to see her. He said he was right about Kristen having Rachel. He asked her to arrest Kristen. Jada said she was there to arrest him. She asked if he pulled a gun out on Kristen. He was upset that Kristen called the police on him after kidnapping Rachel. Rachel came out and said she was the one who called the police. Lani talked to Abe and told him who she was. She tried to convince him Whitley wasn’t his wife. He was confused by the drugs and still had amnesia. When she was about to get him out, Whitley showed up. They ended up arguing. Lani told Whitley that she was Abe’s daughter. She said she was taking him home. She told Whitley that she was crazy and would be going to prison. When Lani turned his chair, Whitley stabbed her with a syringe.

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