GH Short Recap Friday, December 8, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Anna tells Valentin that Charlotte did not set fire to her house, but she can’t tell him who did it because that information is classified. Anna tells Valentin she hopes Charlotte gets the help she needs to realize that her actions have consequences.

Molly and TJ ask Kristina to be their surrogate and she gladly accepts and they toast with ginger ale.

Finn’s family decorates his apartment for Christmas. Chase tells his family he asked Brook Lynn to marry him and Violet makes her Uncle Chase get down on one knee and put the ring on Brook Lynn’s finger again. Violet wonders when Finn is going to give Elizabeth a ring. Violet sings a song she wrote for everyone while her Uncle Chase plays the guitar to accompany her.

Cody, Lois, and Olivia begin decorating the Quartermaine Mansion for Christmas, but Tracy arrives home and says the decorations will not do at all.

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