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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Everyone at the Kiriakis mansion wanted Vivian to leave, but she refused to go. Vivian told them that she was released from prison early. Justin looked over the papers and said they looked legit. She planned on staying until Victor’s will is read. Kate told Philip that Victor set up a trust fund for him. She thought they should leave. Justin planned to get Victor’s will to prove that Vivian isn’t in it. He went to get Victor’s will out of the safe, but it was gone. Justin called the estate to find out what happened. He found out that Victor wanted his last will destroyed and that he died without a will. He told Maggie that she would get everything since there wasn’t a will. Vivian told him that he was wrong. She dropped the bomb on him that her and Victor’s divorce papers weren’t filed right and they never received a divorce decree. Vivian let Maggie know that her marriage to Victor was null and void. She announced that she was Victor’s widow and not Maggie. She said that she was the one who was entitled to everything. Sarah’s water broke and Rex wanted to get her to the hospital. She said that she wanted to push. She and Xander flashed back to when she was in labor with Mackenzie. Xander and Rex helped Sarah get to a lawn chair so she could relax. Rex wanted Chloe to go to the car to get his medical bag and sent Xander to get towels and blankets. Sarah told Rex that she was worried that the pain might make her accidentally tell Xander the truth about the baby. He assured her that it wouldn’t happen. Xander and Chloe helped coach Sarah through her labor. Rex finally delivered Sarah’s baby. She had a girl. Sarah was happy, but Rex noticed that she was shaking. Xander offered to hold the baby for her. After he took the baby, Sarah passed out.

Marlena told John Doe that his memory loss was triggered by a skull fracture he suffered years ago. She let him know that he was healthy besides that injury he suffered years ago. He was happy to hear that and wanted to look for his son. She let him know that her husband’s working on his case. John showed up so Marlena introduced him to John Doe. John talked to him about the Korean War. John Doe remembered the war. He told him that he served in the same unit as biological father Timothy Robicheaux. John Doe said the name sounded familiar. He talked about the type of person Timothy was. He said that Timothy switched their dog tags. John realized that John Doe was his biological father after all and that his name was Timothy. John realized that the villain was Joseph Bell. They had a touching moment together once they realized that were related. Timothy wanted to know why John was adopted and not with Maude. John let him know that it was a long story. John let Timothy know that Maude passed away. Timothy had a feeling that she was dead and realized that was why he needed to find his son. They couldn’t believe they found each other after all this time.

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