Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, December 26, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Nikki finds Jordan in a cabin where Eve used to take Cole on vacation when he was growing up.

B. tells Cole Nick and Victoria that Nate saw Nikki drinking at the Athletic club. Victor is afraid that Nikki might be drinking since she returned home from Oregon. Victoria finds Nikki’s purse and there is an address inside which Cole recognizes and Nick calls the police.

Nick and Victor head to the cabin while Cole and Victoria wait at the ranch. At the cabin Nikki pretends to be drunk while Jordan tells Nikki she can have one last request before she dies. Nikki asks to see Claire and for a drink. Jordan gives Nikki a bottle of vodka while she gets Claire. Jordan brings out a sedated Claire, and while Jordan is distracted, Claire wakes up Nikki, and hits Jordan in the head with the empty Vodka bottle. Nikki tries to help Claire stand up so they can escape. Jordan gets up knocks Nikki to the floor and they fight. Claire grabs Jordan’s gun and tells Jordan to let Nikki go because Jordan has Nikki pinned to the cabin door and is choking her. Jordan tells Claire she is too weak to kill her. Claire doesn’t know what to do as Jordan and Nikki both tell her what to do. Nikki tells Claire not to kill Jordan because she will go to jail. Jordan tells Claire to kill Nikki because the Newmans will never accept her as part of their family. Claire cries as Jordan continues to tell her that she will never be loved. Nikki pushes Jordan towards the fireplace and she falls to the floor. Nikki takes the gun away from Claire and the police arrive to arrest Jordan. Nick and Victor arrive to take Claire and Nikki home.

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