Days Short Recap Tuesday, July 11, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena hypnotized Harris. He said that Li was the one who gave him the order to shoot Stefan. Harris was mad that her treatment didn’t help him and he still wanted to kill Stefan. He wanted to get electroshock again because it helped him the last time. She thought that was too much of a risk. She wanted to try a new treatment first. He decided to trust her. He remembered that Rolf and Megan were the ones who programmed him and made him think Li did it. Marlena showed him a picture of Stefan. He let her know that he didn’t want to kill him anymore. He was happy that she helped him. Rafe was upset with Gabi for putting herself in danger to help Stefan. Stefan arrived and was upset with her too. Rafe defended Gabi even though he felt the same way. Later on, Stefan and Gabi continued to argue about what she did. They eventually made up when Rafe called her. He let her know that Harris had a breakthrough. Gabi still thought Li was involved. She and Stefan were determined to find out what happened. Melinda approached Shawn at the docks and wanted to know why the divers were leaving. He said they searched the water and didn’t find Rold or Megan. He decided to call off the search. She was upset with him because he didn’t have the authority to make that decision. She noticed alcohol on his breath while they were talking. He denied drinking, but she found a bottle of alcohol. He said it wasn’t his bottle.

Melinda was going to have the bottle dusted for prints. He admitted that the bottle was his. He didn’t think it was a big deal because he could still do his job. They argued about it. Melinda made a comment about what happened to Bo. He yelled at her and stormed off. Later, Melinda arrived at the station to talk to Rafe. She wanted him to fire Shawn for drinking on the job. Wendy confronted Li about trying to kill Stefan. He denied her accusation. She didn’t believe him. He tried to compare his situation to hers. They talked about her situation with Johnny and Tripp. He thought she should make a decision. She thought he should move on with his life. Shawn wanted to talk to Rafe in private. Melinda wanted him to fire Shawn. Rafe wanted her to focus on her job and he would do the same. Marlena called Rafe and told him that Li wasn’t behind Harris’ brainwashing. Rafe left the station to go to the hospital. He talked to Harris. After his conversation with Harris, Marlena wanted to know if Harris could go. She promised to vouch for Harris and Rafe agreed to it. Rafe warned him that he would be watching him. Harris asked Marlena to have him committed to Bayview. Melinda let Li know that he was free to go, but she believed he was involved in the shooting. She couldn’t prove it, but she was going to be watching him. Rafe returned to the station. Shawn thanked him for helping him. Rafe told him that he was suspended.

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