B&B Recap Tuesday, June 7, 2022

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Recap written by Suzanne

Brooke assures Ridge that she’ll make sure Deacon isn’t around any more. They’re in each other’s arms, and she’s looking forward to their future. She declares that nothing will stand in the way of their future life together. We see clips of them from the past.

Hope asks about Liam’s texts from Kelly, who’s with Steffy and Hayes in Europe. They think this will be a good distraction for them. They have beers but are kissing when Deacon walks in after barely knocking. He’s worried about Brooke. He talks about great she is and that she deserves to be with someone who treats her better than Ridge does. Liam asks with a smirk, “Like you?” Hope reminds Deacon that Brooke wants Ridge. Brooke returns, asking Deacon why he’s still there. She tells him that she wants him to leave and never come back.

Quinn is with Carter at his place. She’s worried because Eric’s heart rate and blood pressure are spiking. He has a ring that monitors these things, which she can check on her phone. She starts to freak out, so Carter suggests that she phone Eric, which she does. Eric and Donna have just had sex. They’re very cozy and flirt. Eric tells her that their affair has to end. He says that it’s not fair to either her or Quinn. Quinn phones, so they have an awkward conversation. After the call, Eric and Donna tell each other how much they care for each other. She’s sad because it’s ending, and she cries a little.

Quinn thanks Carter for his help. He says that Eric is a lucky man. After she leaves, Carter has flashbacks to his time with Quinn. Ridge comes in, so Carter asks how Steffy is. Ridge turns the conversation to him and Brooke. He’s confident that Brooke is getting rid of Deacon.

Quinn meets Eric at home with martinis. She tells him that she’s missed him lately. She praises his time at the club as being good for his health and easing his tension. He tells her how much he cherishes their time together, especially the creativity and love of art that they share. They compliment each other, but Eric looks guilty when Quinn says that he’s loyal.

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