B&B Short Recap Thursday, August 10, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Eric’s house, Liam continues to tell Steffy how much he still loves her and would never let her go again. Steffy is shocked at what he said but tells him that she’s surprised he said this to Finn.

At Finn’s office, Ridge keeps yelling at Finn for almost letting Kelly drown and for letting Sheila into his life. Finn insists that Liam is the real problem, but Ridge doesn’t buy it. He tells Finn to stop feeling sorry for himself and fix his marriage.

Hope works on one of her designs with a model, Sloane, who’s wearing it. Brooke is sitting nearby. Sloane mentions what a great time Hope and Thomas make. This makes Brooke wonder where things stand with Hope and Thomas. Hope tells her again that her work is her main focus. Brooke is amazed at how well she’s handling her divorce from Liam. They talk about Finn, Steffy and Liam briefly.

Liam reminisces about frolicking in the ocean with Steffy. Ridge arrives and confers with Liam about what’s going on with Steffy.

Finn goes to see Steffy, telling her how much he’s missed her and the kids. He tells her that Liam is trying to manipulate her and wreck their marriage, but he won’t ever let her go.

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