Days Short Recap Tuesday, January 17, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi went to the hospital to see Marlena. Gabi told Brady that she wanted Marlena to reverse Stefan’s brainwashing. Brady asked if something was wrong with her. He said Stefan wasn’t a priority right now. She said it affected him and Chloe. He wasn’t convinced. She asked if he loved Chloe. He said he did. Chloe showed up. Gabi told her that it was only a matter of time before Stefan walked away from her. Gabi said true love always wins in the end. Brady thought Chloe was there to see Marlena. She said she was there to see Marlena as well as check on him. He started to ask her if she changed her mind about them but stopped himself. He said he wouldn’t push her. He said it sounded like she still cared. She said she did, but she told him about the things that changed. She said she didn’t know what to think or feel. He kissed her. She stopped kissing him and ran to the elevator. Stephen went to see Li. Stefan punched him in the face. Li apologized for what he did to Stefan. Li said he was desperately in love with Gabi. He said he was afraid to lose her. Stefan said he didn’t just try brainwash him. He said Li tried to kill him. Li admitted that he tried to pull the plug on him., but he wasn’t in his right frame of mind. He said he wished he could make it up to Stefan.

Stefan said Li could make it up to him by helping him find Rolf. Li said he didn’t know where Rolf was. Stefan said if he found out he was lying, he would do worse than the punch he got. Stefan told Li to clear out his desk at DiMera. Li told him EJ was the only one who could fire him. Stefan said EJ would side with him because nothing was more important than family. Li called Rolf. Li told him Stefan thought he knew where Rolf was. He told Rolf to say he never heard of him if someone looks for him. After he got off the phone with Rolf, he called EJ. He told EJ not to fire him unless he wanted Stefano to find out what he did. Steve went to the DiMera mansion to see Kristen. He told her it was time for her to answer for what she did to Kayla. Kristen told him to calm down. He told her she took away the love of his life and the mother of his children. He told her she needed to pay. He grabbed her by the throat. Johnny walked in and stopped Steve from choking her. Johnny made Steve left the mansion. When Steve left, Kristen thanked Johnny for saving her. He said he didn’t do it for her. He said he didn’t want Steve to go to prison. He said after everything she did, she deserved for someone to hurt her back. She said she didn’t want to hurt anyone. She said she hid the orchid knowing they needed another dose, but she wasn’t going to withhold it if they got sick. He said she might not have wanted them to get hurt, but they did. Gabi and Stefan ran into each other at the Square. He told her Li was no help with Rolf. Stefan said he loved Chloe. He said finding Rolf wouldn’t change that. She told him she went to see Marlena so she could reverse the brainwashing. He thought she was selfish for expecting a dying woman to help her. She tried to justify her actions, but it made things worse. He told her to stay away from him.

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